Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?

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  • posted by caronl

    Hi all positive thinkers and lurkers!!
    1) Another gorgeous sunny day. Have just enjoyed half an hour in the garden – soaking up the sun and trying to breathe more deeply..
    2) Had a good walk in the woods this morning, and almost everyone was sensible in keeping their distance. I’m quite conscious that the woods and beach will close soon, and somehow that makes me appreciate them even more. I have taken some lovely photos over the last few days to savour.
    3) Have revived a couple of old favourite lunches – smoked trout with red cabbage/a little carrot and apple/walnut coleslaw with a lime and mayo sauce. And smoked trout, bacon cubes with warm green French beans.

    Keep well everyone. Nice to see you ScottishGal and sixturkeys!

  • posted by Verano

    Hi so heartened by all the positives here.
    Yowzer great video … just makes you smile.
    Wendy, a plethora of positives again, wonderful! Could you point me in the direction of a decent Drink Water app please.
    Unkindness….. people are being really kind and supportive at the moment or the exact opposite, being downright selfish and unkind to their fellow human beings.
    It’s so sad to see so many people completely ignoring the guidelines to socially distance themselves from others. Why? They are either totally selfish or completely delusional. Unfortunately, the consequence, in the not too distant future, will be lockdown for us all.
    But on a brighter note …. phone calls. I’ve noticed far more over the past few days. So much better to have a good old chat than a quick shorthand message!
    I reorganised my towels yesterday and so now using a whole batch of a different colour. Brightens up my bathroom.
    This morning by accident I got a shopping spot for a delivery tomorrow which is extra to my weekly one. Hope I’m not being greedy. Anyway, I ordered a few things like milk and apples that we will run short of before next Sunday. Did order some treats though …… chilli olives, smoked mackerel, raspberries, strawberries and steak. I used to take these treats so much for granted but no more. Of course I have no idea how much of the order will turn up but it’s great looking forward to it.
    Made some stewed rhubarb yesterday so have an extra 12 portions to have with yogurt for breakfast.
    I hadn’t noticed how light it was last night until I read this thread and looked out of the window. Not long now until the clocks spring forward …. whooppee!
    Have a good evening full of positives.

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone
    Major positive is that our school system is still holding up so I can get work on line. I never seem to stop though, so have to curb that.
    I am still stubbornly continuing to stay focused , not letting the stress get to me . So far so good .
    A kind friend went shopping today and brought us a few things we needed…milk, butter and Greek yoghurt, Nothing excessive. We don’t have a delivery service available here as we are 25 km from the biggest town but we have everything we need close to hand. I can’t wait for the farm up the road to start producing lettuce and spinach again !

    I am also stubbornly sticking to my Monday fast . I suppose it’s a sort of control thing but I do feel a sense of achievement when Tuesday Morning arrives and I look forward to something nourishing and delicious, having also saved precious food !

    V, the app I use on my phone is simply called DRINK WATER REMINDER and it does just that. I think if I remember rightly I had to enter a few details to register a daily target and there are regular prompts ( a tinkly water sound) to get me to drink my water and record it on the app.
    It’s easy to use and suits me and I can definitely say that without the regular reminders I would not be so conscientous.

    Have a good evening everyone and look after yourselves xx

  • posted by wendleg

    Sunny, I wonder if we could use this thread to recommend uplifting reading material ? I have lots of books on nutrition on my Kindle but I felt last night it was time for some lighter reading. My search led me to download
    ” A Man called Ove ”
    I would love to hear if you have any other recommendations to keep us all positive and uplifted


  • posted by SunnyB

    Caronl, those smoked trout combos sound yum!
    V, it will be a bit like Christmas, not knowing exactly what you’ll receive in this extra delivery.
    Wendy, well done on sticking to your normal eating patterns and not allowing the upheaval to knock you off course. And yes, if anyone has anything uplifting to recommend, why not include it here to be shared with others. We need all the positivity we can get. Will have a think and try to offer some uplifting reading suggestion later.

    My positives for today are ….
    1 Lovely first day with grand daughter. We haven’t done anything earth shattering, but it’s lovely to have her here.
    2 Good chat with friend who had surgery on her foot last week. She’s recovering well so far.
    3 Have made cauli cheese for GD and I this evening. Don’t usually make it, as OH hates cauli, so something of a treat for me.
    4 Had time for a short meditation this afternoon. It’s becoming an important main stay for me, especially given all the stress and uncertainty pervading our world right now.
    5 Another day of sunshine and if we have another tomorrow, GD and I will get some gardening done, including planting up a pot of plants for her to give her other grandma at the w/e.
    That’s me for now. Will try to come up with inspiring and uplifting reading soon and let you know. Meanwhile, please tell us about any little positive that has come your way.

  • posted by Verano

    Thanks Wendy I’ll try that app.
    Books ….. well one almost mad book I read was
    ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared”
    Jonas Jonasson
    Another by the same author that which I’ve not read is….
    “The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden”
    Sorry if they are a bit nutty!

  • posted by wendleg

    Nutty sounds just about right, V !

    Thank you for the recommendations which I will definitely follow up!
    Thank you x

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Ooh what a nice cheery get together on here!it all helps with keeping the spirits up doesnt it!
    Feels so good.
    VERANO, I think of you now every time I look at my batch of towels,deffo a good idea to ring some changes. I’m going to get some from the bottom of the pile and put them on the top,and start using them
    WENDY Well done on keeping up with yr monday fasts x ooh and do you have a farm shop,thats ideal.
    Im v much missing having as much fresh stuff like lettuce and watercress.
    SUNNY so glad to hear youre enjoying time with GD! And great idea to keep up with meditations,v much needed now to help keep mind,body and soul as serene as possible.
    * Already enjoying looking round my home and seeing rooms looking better organised,cleaner. Still plenty to be getting on with tho!
    * More lovely weather today! Yippeee! Took a very short walk and passers by were careful to keep their healthy distance but shouting a cheery hello. As I passed DDs home,her hubby came out holding a cuppa, and we chatted from one end of the path to the other…DD was working in the study upstairs and hung out of the window to join in. Despite everything,its a real treat to have them at home 24/7
    * Took an inventory of fridge,freezer and cupboards and v thankful for whats within..mainly coz a while back i did a wintry shop to keep stocked up in case of snow. Little did i know they wd be needed for a very different reason.
    VERANO, v happy for you for that extra delivery! Enjoy those treats,we need them more than ever.
    WENDY Am glad yr kind neighbour topped up yr HF needs! Xxx
    Keep smiling everyone! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 laughter is the best medicine xxxxx

  • posted by SunnyB

    V, yes that is a brilliant book, very enjoyable.
    Yowser, it sounds like you are staying is high spirits. Your foresight in stocking up seems to be paying off and I’m feeling I should take a leaf from your book and get some cupboards organised. …… May be next week!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Overnight, the book Secret Garden came to mind as an uplifting read. I loved it as a child and reread it a couple of years ago and found it just as beautiful and inspiring.

  • posted by wendleg

    Thanks Verano and Sunny.I have downloaded 3 uplifting books based on your recommendations ! I am starting with “My name is Ove.”
    Let’s have a few positives
    1) My family in the Uk are understandably unsettled after the lockdown announcement but we are all in touch constantly to share our thoughts and a few jokes.We often just send a photo of happy times when we were all together to keep those lovely memores alive

    2) I am going to use up some veg and make a soup for lunch .Probably with courgette , broccoli stalks and celery . I am so mindful of avoiding waste now.

    3)I am still drinking lots of water which must be doing me good

    4) Tuesday is a feeding day and I have a delicious meal to look forward to

    5) Kids at school have calmed down a bit and am not bombarding me with messages which is a relief

    6) Betty loves me ! Especially in the morning she wants breakfast !

    7) Hubby is pottering about in the garden and is happy .We make sure we share any anxieties and we are fortunate in that we don’t get on each other’s nerves 😉

    8) We are saving money , certainly on petrol, no bad thing

    9) Feeling grateful to have good friends in my life, and also getting to know you all more and more on here .It’s amazing how a forum can bring people together and create bonds.

    10) I can get out for a short walk and I have my exercise bike ready and waiting

    Have the best day you can everyone
    lots of love xx

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Hi all. Folks in the Uk,well it looks like we’re more or less in lockdown after BJs speech last night.
    After all the weekend photos of folk not social distancing,it was inevitable,but like many people,I am relieved its happening at last. Good luck everyone.
    SUNNYB! Secret Garden is fantastic! Just come out as a film as well! And also SUNNY,dont know if you’re a Deepak Chopra fan,but he is doing a 21 day Hope in Uncertain Times free meditation. Its Day 2 today,but Day 1 is still available to catch up on,if you fancy it. Hope this link works.. https://chopracentermeditation.com/experience
    My positives this beautiful morning…!
    * One of the lovely ways people are coming together. …..
    They are putting pictures of rainbows in their windows. Nice way to cheer each other up!
    My friend’s grandkids are busily drawing rainbows right now for their windows.
    * I must say I rather like being in leisure wear all day. Im wearing all my pyjamas.( not all at the same time hehe!)
    DD gives me really nice pyjamas every Christmas Eve,and I cant wear them for bed,too constricting,I feel much more comfortable in big tee-shirty type nighties. All my pjs are smart,so I dont feel scruffy wearing them in the day.Making a big effort to look colourful too-by combining pjs with bright socks 😁
    * Im leaving my bra off too- sooo comfy!Its bliss!
    * Enjoying leaving my make up off. Back in the days – that already seem far away -when I went out most days,I always had foundation and mascara and lippy on,even if only out for an hour or two…At 70,probably looked like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Now its just plenty of moisturiser and a slick of lip gloss. Probably look like the Wreck of the Hesperus instead now… 😄😄😄😄
    Big hugs to everyone,have a fab day xxx

  • posted by Verano

    Good morning!
    Wonderful to see you have so many positives so early in the day Wendy.
    I have started to read “The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden” , just ten pages so far but I’m not sure I should have recommended it. It is MAD! Sorry if you find just too bizarre!
    We were just talking about saving money this morning ….. no going out so no petrol, no eating out or takeaways, no cinema or theatre and definitely no holidays! Bank balances should improve because we can’t even food-shop! When we do get a delivery spot not everything is available either!
    But on the positive side I have so much time on my hands I’ve hunted out some old recipes so it’ll be homemade Indian, Chinese and Thai. It will probably be a bit hit and miss but at least we’ll get a spice hit. Even after just a week I’m missing popping out for that missing vital ingredient so guess improvisation will be the new buzz word.
    Sunny you made me feel guilty for letting my meditation fall by the wayside these last couple of months but this morning I did a session and feel much calmer for it. I really do recommend meditation especially at the moment.
    Yowzer at least we’ve got another great day full of sunshine today!
    Wendy next time you are in touch with Allie and Kazz could you send my good wishes for them to stay safe and well.
    Sunshine-girl if you do dip in and read this hope all is well with you and yours.
    Julia hope California isn’t too badly hit. Wonder when we will ever come out of lockdown?
    To those I haven’t named I hope all is well and keep safe.
    Going to read a few more pages now……

  • posted by wendleg

    Don’t worry V, I can manage a bit of wacky reading material right now ! I got all three books and so feel uplifted just knowing I am stocked up !
    I passed on your good wishes to Allie and Kazz. Both are well and coping . Allie can get her groceries delivered or they have a time slot allocated to go food shopping. Kazz is enjoying working from home and not having to negotiate the train service with all the delays and crowds
    I have just whipped up another of my green soups with celery stalks and leaves, broccoli and cauliflower stalks ( never throw them away) courgette and a handful of spinach. A bit of veg stock and any herbs..chives, oregano and garlic cloves.It’s never a recipe as such but it always turns out creamy and foamy after a good blend.
    Yes, V , I do wonder about sunshine girl and hope she is ok . I haven’t seen Julia/California girl for ages . We miss you xx
    Indeed I feel a lot of old friends are missing, no doubt preoccupied right now and I hope they pop in again one day

  • posted by wendleg

    Oh Yowzer the rainbow windows is a lovely idea.My brother sent me a photo of a butterfly he coaxed onto his hand into the sunshine..just lovely. I love that our wildlife is getting a rest from all the pollutions and aggressions right now.

    Oh you are so like me..! I have been known to spend all day in my comfy, fluffy onesie. Definitely no bra and as you know, just a good moisturiser, make up free.So my skin gets a rest too. I am sure you look lovely Yowzer xx I also love colour..the brighter the better.I am favouring orange right now and my yoga pants which have coloured spots all over them.
    I also have neon pink Crocs.I am such a style icon !!! 😉 🙂

    Have a good day everyone xxx

  • posted by Gill33UK

    Afternoon, today I have emptied the washing basket and have a full washing line, cleaned out the knicker draw and a got rid of half my husbands clothes while he is out the way!! It’s a beautiful day, took my two dogs out at 7am for an hour and going again as soon as the washing machine finishes. Stay safe one and all, nice to have time to declutter and leisurely walks with my labs, it’s keeping me busy, now no work!! Stay safe all xx

  • posted by wendleg

    Just had to share !!!!!!!! The lady from the bio farm up the road just dropped off a bag of lettuce !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plenty more whenever I need it as they have loads in their polytunnels. I just have to drop my bag off, she will fill it up and pop it down to us .She wouldn’t take any payment . Such neighbourly kindnes warms the cockles of my heart !!

    So happy .

  • posted by Yowzer49

    GILL im laughing about you throwing out some of OH’s clothes while he is out of the way!
    And thats lovely WENDY re the butterfly 🦋 and wearing yr spotty pants. I LOVE anything spotty! Oh and good news re lettuce!
    My mum used to joke..Lovers Salad..let us alone!
    VERANO,yes!isnt it a great feeling saving money..hurrahhh! all the more cash for us to celebrate with when all this is over.
    Just seen a nice quote
    Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you 🌞🌞🌞 xxx

  • posted by Verano

    Thank you for all the wonderful positives…. they always put a smile on my face!
    Ahh Wendy, lettuce, how nice of your neighbour. It’s so good to see the generosity of spirit of people just now, let’s hope it lasts after this is all over.
    Yowzer I’m saving so much I’m becoming frugal! For the first time ever, like you Wendy, I don’t want to waste anything , so the woody bits of my asparagus have been frozen to be thrown in with my next ‘green soup’!
    So glad Allie is managing to get groceries and that both she and Kazz are well.
    Gill I’m still plodding through my ironing mountain! I really must make some headway with it …… tomorrow!
    I’m turning my face to the sun………

  • posted by SunnyB

    So many brilliant positives…. Thank you all for sharing them.
    Yowser, I loved the quote – will be passing that one on to others for sure. Thanks for the Deepak link, will be dipping into that one too.
    Wendy, you have become the champion finder of positives, just goes to show there more out there than we might think.
    V, have a feeling you might stumble on an excellent as yet unknown flavour combination.
    Quite envious of you being able to see the bottom of your laundry basket, Gill! Might get there by the end of the week with luck.

    My positives for today are ….
    1 Two meditation sessions today – bliss!
    2 Bud on my new camels is completely open and it’s so beautiful.
    3 Has been another sunny day.
    4 Have decided I can get to Thursday, without the need to shop for veg.
    5 Making baked miso glazed pak choi as part of dinner tonight … looking forward to sampling that, as I haven’t done this before.
    6 When GD’s mum came to collect her, she brought their crazy cockapoo with her. They didn’t stay long, but was lovely to have that energy in the house even briefly.
    Whatever your positive is for today, please take a moment to share it with us here.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Just a quicky for now…
    Thanks to all those keeping this world turning right now..the doctors,nurses,volunteers,,shopworkers,bus and train drivers,delivery drivers etc etc etc
    And thanks for the good weather here in the uk,helps keep spirits high
    Juts seen something funny from a yoga studio..Nama-stay home! 🙂🙃 xxxx

  • posted by WindyJulz

    All about the positives…..
    1. isnt it nice to see those on the front line who often lack in recognition, filling the role of hero and (mostly) getting the love and appreciation they deserve! As Yowser49 remarked – much love and thanks to the shop workers, nurses, cleaners, vehicle maintenance guys, vehicle drivers, food processors and all the other heroes who walk among us! And to the guys on the ground at my work who are still there, keeping the business ticking as best as it can and helping us all have jobs at the end. (oil and gas service co)
    2. potentially controversial but still – there has been far less bickering, mud slinging and nonsense from the politicians…..maybe they will realise that in reality we all want and need the same basic needs meeting and actually left and right are not so far apart, and look at what can be achieved if we all pull together.
    3. Day 2 working from home and me and the hubby are still friends!! Who would have thought!!
    4. Mild day today and lots of birds chirping….. it will be a different spring, but spring will happen regardless.
    5. Im heartened to realise that through this, I work for some top guys. Even the execs are feeling the strain and primarily focused on keeping people, safe, mentally healthy and in work.

  • posted by wendleg

    I am finding myself gravitating to this thread daily …………..hello everyone
    So for today…..
    1) Working from home means I am able to contact my boys in Australia at a suitable time rather than having to wait for the weekends to ring them in the mornings
    2) Mastered a three way Whatsapp call ! So I could see my two boys at the same time and they could see each other. ! It was lovely and we will do that from now on.
    3) They are both well.I worry but seeing and hearing them albeit on a screen is reassuring
    4) I had to manage a tricky phone call with a difficult parent this morning . I got there …we had a sensible conversation and the outcome was satisfactory for both of us.
    5) Getting recognition from other parents is nice
    6) I am up to date with work and even ahead on some parts so it’s ok.
    7) I truly enjoyed my salad with my gift of lettuce from the farm , with toasted seeds and some tuna
    I still have lots left and can easily get more…makes me happy !
    8) I have been mithering about needing to go to the shop for hair colour . We have enough food so I have felt comfortable avoiding any trips out ( increasig restrictions here ) . I considered the tip about putting brown eyeshadow on my roots but finally gave in and ordered some stuff on line. Our post is a bit erratic right now but hopefully it will arrive in time for when I get desperate.It seems a bit vain when we have other more pressing needs but I don’t want to look too yucky 😉 even if noone will see me apart from hubby and he is never judgemental !! He will be rocking the shaggy dog look soon anyway !
    9) Lots of humour circulating and shared on social media , silly stuff that makes me smile
    10) Today has been another feeding day and tonight I start my second 36 hour fast this week.It works me for me..it’s my established routine….I reckon I am a bit of a control freak !
    11) Articfox reminded me about sprouting seeds and I am going to set up my kit tonight and look forward to a little crop in a few days.
    12) Most importantly we are well, our families are well and coping despite the inevitable anxiety. I have a lovely supportive family and we all look out for each other despite being spread over 4 countries !
    13) I am enjoying reading ‘ My name is Ove’ .It’s not great literature but just having an easy , engaging read is just fine right now
    14) Just one last one ..I am enjoying being part of this supportive community !!

  • posted by sixturkeys

    I am really relating to the no food wasting; not that I was a huge culprit but in hindsight….I did a quick shop for a very elderly (95) neighbour today; local Tesco’s was not at all crowded, but I did find myself holding my breath when passing other customers, even at a distance, and then breathing in a bit more deeply..eek… It was difficult to explain to my neighbour that I couldn’t come in for a chat, and that she should stand in her sitting room while I just ran in and put bag in her kitchen…We need to replace the expression “rare as hens’ teeth” with just “rare as hens’ eggs” – I am so looking forward to supper of half of what looked like a passed it endive – bit of a rinse, fine; few cherry toms, bit of tinned tuna and HARD BOILED EGG! I only got the pack a few days ago because of a nice lady at Tesco’s who had confiscated a pack from a customer who had put 3 packs in their trolley… These times are so unprecedented – and actually I think some unicorns would be great! Tho I am so lucky to have two mini dachshunds and a very fluffy cat to keep me company. Don’t get me started tho on Prince Charles and his “in accordance with usual clinical guidance testing”…
    I love The Secret Garden! I am going to dig out my ancient copy of Bocaccio’s Decameron, bought years ago when R4 did a very good serialisation but not touched since. We are so lucky to be able to communicate so easily with family; but it will be so good when we can give them a proper hug. Take care all!

  • posted by Verano

    Don’t know what I’d do without this thread at the moment ….. it’s so uplifting.
    I started an online shopping basket today, even though I don’t have a delivery spot, and looked through the ‘specials’. I can’t quite believe how my shopping trolley has changed. The offers consisted of cakes, biscuits, lots of chocolate and Easter eggs, crisps, yogurts apart from Greek, ready made meals ….. pizzas, lasagne, cottage pies, pies, breads of every type and fizzy drinks. It’s only when these no longer form part of your shopping list that you realise just how much of this food is the ‘norm’. Even though my diet is a bit carby at the moment at least it’s good carbs like chickpeas and butter beans. Don’t know about you but I very much need ‘comfort’ food just now.
    Well almost 7pm and still just about light ….. roll on Saturday/Sunday. I always feel brighter when the clocks spring forward.
    Yes, it really will be good when messaging becomes hugs and kisses, we just have to hang on in there ….. our day will come!
    Have a good evening, stay well.

  • posted by SunnyB

    A huge thank you to everyone whose been contributing positives to this thread today and I’m loving the diverse range too. As you say V, it’s really uplifting to read what positives people are finding, even when life is more difficult than it might be.

    So, what positives can I find for today, let’s see ….
    1 After much hunting, managed to track down my kindle, which had been swallowed up in the chaos of the spare room, where still resides half of the contents of our bedroom!
    2 Finally got around to defrosting the 2nd freezer. Now have space for some frozen veg – if I can get some – to hold as back up for fresh veg in these uncertain times.
    3 Made miso glazed roasted pak choi again this evening …. Think it’s going to become a fairly frequent feature on the menu now I’ve discovered it.
    4 More meditation today and experimented with recording my own guided meditation too. Needs refining but an interesting exercise.
    5 Saw a huge bumble bee in the garden, flitting around on the sunshine.
    6 Quite a long WhatsApp chat with G in India. He has been asked if he will agree to provide accommodation for a Doctor, being brought in to help with the C19 cases in Jodhpur. I think G is going to agree, as he can arrange things to keep his guest quite isolated, whilst still providing them with comfortable accommodation.
    7 Lovely conversation with Mum and Dad, who are still well and coping with this altered existence which we are all having to live right now. Going to her allotment is keeping her sane I think.
    I’m sure there are many more positives I should be able to identify, but they illude me right now. I will close with rjis quote though – “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
    Keep posting those positives folks😊

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Love this thread 💖💖💖💖💖💖! Thank you,people! X
    WINDYJULZ I love your words….”it will be a different spring, but spring will happen regardless.“ Fab!
    And like VERANO said…the clocks change this weekend wooooooohoooooo 😘😘😘
    I agree V,a little comfort food goes a looooooong way these days!
    SIXTURKEYS..I am the same..Prince Charles..grrr….!
    Love the sound of yr pets,dachshunds are so sweet,wish we could do photos on here ,and good on ya shopping for yr v elderly neighbour
    Well thats all from me folks today,except this.. made me cry…so gorgeous..! So many good things coming despite thhe bad…

    Big virtual hugs to all xxxx

  • posted by sixturkeys

    2nd freezer? Crikey, in London I’m happy with 3 drawers under the fridge..and 6 EGGS! One for Wendleg, we have had Jamie Oliver on the telly doing some “Keep cooking and carry on” (why the WW2 references?? We are so lucky to have lots of food, no merchant shipping running the gauntlet of U boats in the North Atlantic…); he has done some veg chillis; various basic pasta sauces etc….I read that the equivalent in France supposed viewers had fresh veal fillets and whole Rebluchons just sitting there in their pantries (garde-manger…).

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Happy Thursday everyone x 💜🌷💜🌷💜🌷
    * Woke about five o clock this morning. Enjoyed watching the day start to come alive.
    Looks like being another gorgeous sunny and bright day.
    * Waiting for the kettle to boil for a cuppa,I looked out of the kitchen window and glorious blossom has sprung overnight onto the tree in a neighbour’s garden.
    *All the birds are singing,I put out some bird food and lots of tiny birds tucking in.
    * Heard on the radio news about the many people who have signed up to help the NHS.
    God bless them.
    * this is fab,so funny! X

    * And this is the most positive thing Ive had in my inbox all week! Reasons for hope…

  • posted by caronl

    Yowzer you are a ray of sunshine. I loved your Fab Four “I want to wash my hands…””! A bit early for positives but will give it a go..
    1) This thread really lifts my spiritis. Thanks everyone for keeping it going – particularly Sunny of course.
    2) Just back from a lovely walk in the woods. This gorgeous weather is a real godsend in so much gloomy news. Spring just keeps on coming, so like others I was really appreciating the blossom and – perhaps even more – the bright green leaves unfurling on the horse chestnut and even the humble sycamore. My labrador found a soul mate and played with complete abandon. Thank goodness dogs don’t need to practise social distancing!
    3) My thumping headache from yesterday has not returned. Perhaps what I feared was the start of something else was just carb flu?! I have had a run of four “better” days – no wine, 16:8. Really trying to stop the rot, rather than lose anything. But it’s nice to feel a bit more in control.

    Have a good Thursday one and all. xx

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi folks, I am feeling really positive at present.
    I was able to break my work this morning walking down to the bottom of the drive with the rubbish bags , just enough that I could carry them without having to get the car out to drive them down. – But its little things like this which help me remember how much my health and life has improved thanks to this way of eating.

    First lambs born this week. So positive to watch them running around as I feed their mums.

    I have some lovely sunny weather to work away on fencing work before the deadline on hedge trimming so that nesting birds are not disturbed.

    Making plans to enlist my nephews advice on social media for renovating my old 3 wheel bike so I can head out on the bike into the nearby forest.

  • posted by Bryla

    Hi everyone! I’m overdue for posting some positives but have been uplifted by reading all of yours the last couple of days.

    Yesterday I made the journey (an hourish) to my senior parents’ home to deliver groceries and collect their prescriptions. The countryside was beautiful. Feel real relief that they have everything they need for another week and was able to get them plenty of healthy fresh produce. It was great to see them and chat to them at a distance through the window. I feel so lucky that they are relatively nearby.

    I’m still drinking in spring. Rescued two huge bumble bees from the house this morning. Finding it hard only being able to take the dog out once a day (she lives to run) , but feel very lucky to have a garden. Nature can be cruel, but it’s full to bursting with little miracles that I’m taking the time to notice all of a sudden.

    Really enjoying my food and embracing flavours that I didn’t pay enough attention to before. Particularly relishing goat’s cheese and mackerel lately.

    Like others I love not feeling I have to put make-up on.

    Looking forward to all the positives that I know are going to keep coming!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Yowser, thank you for the inspiring links.
    Caronl, nature is such a balm to the soul, especially at the moment.
    JGwen, happy lambing. I’m sure it’s tiring, but I’m guessing very rewarding too.
    Bryla, lively that you have been able to check in with your parents.

    My positives for the day are ….
    1 Lovely long Skype chat with a friend.
    2 Successful trip to the supermarket. It was amazingly quiet, no queues and most of the shelves held stock (no toilet rolls though!). There wasn’t anything we needed, that we couldn’t get …. who could ask for more.
    3 Checked in with my son and his company closed yesterday, so he’s now able to follow guidelines more closely.
    If you have experienced a positive, we’d love to read about it.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Thanks for the pozzs BRYLA! Well done sorting yr parents needs out and helping the bees!Bumble bees are just so sweet arent they 🐝 🐝 🐝 And I love how you said you’re drinking in the springtime ..its fantastic isnt it,just drink-it-all-in!💜
    SUNNY Great news about the supermarket! Maybe things are calming down at last,provisionwise,do you think?
    * My walk was at 5 pm today,and it was so balmy and bright,it felt like July. Saw a middle aged male neighbour of mine..he shouted cheerfully,ive only just got up!😄😄😄 5 PM! guess that he is enjoying his time off work in his own special way!
    * Was out clapping at 8 pm to thank the NHS! Lots of cheers,applause,cars beeping,fireworks..and all and much more deserved by all our brave NHS staff
    * I dont know who wrote this but it is fab..and spot on ..
    “It’s a big eye-opener all of this, isn’t it?

    We are finally realizing that money has no value.

    Your amazing job is no longer an amazing job, your expensive clothes now have no worth and no one gives a shit how you look anymore.

    Your big house is just 4 empty walls like everyone else’s.

    Your nice car is running on 4 tyres, the same as everyone else’s.

    We are finally seeing who the important people are, the ones who make a difference in our lives and are doing the crucial jobs we need.

    Shopworkers ✔️
    Care workers ✔️
    NHS staff ✔️
    Emergency services ✔️
    Farmers ✔️
    Teachers ✔️
    Lorry drivers/delivery people ✔️
    Cleaners ✔️
    Refuse workers ✔️

    These people are the ones who keep our country ticking over, the core of our daily lives, the people who regularly go unnoticed and are often frowned upon but keep working hard, generally on a low income.
    People constantly look down on them and gloat that they earn more money than them.

    But what worth does your money have now?
    How secure is your job in the real world when we take a step back to reality?

    I’m proud of all of these people, they don’t earn enough for what they do, and they’re never appreciated for what they contribute.

    Be kind to them, thank them, go out your way to tell them what an amazing job they’re doing.

    Could you imagine how shit this would be without them??

    Be thankful for all these amazing people 👍♥️“

  • posted by Verano

    Reading your posts …. Thank you!
    Keep well…..

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Howdy cool dudes! How you all today?
    My positives..
    * I love the rainbows and teddies in windows,All the clapping last night,and all the feelgood stuff,funny vids,etc etc which people are using to keep ebody’s spirits up
    * While clapping last night, i saw neighbours new rescue dog for the first time! (from a distance of course!) he is lovely,looks a bit like a springer spaniel
    * What really has made me laugh today is two photos DD sent me..of her cat happily sitting on the fence,then he spies the new rescue dog over the fence! I wish we could post photos….the expressive look on his face!! …looks like he is thinking
    O-M-G! I-can’t- believe-my- eyes..!!!
    * Great Corona song to the tune of My Sharona….xxx!


    “~Hope is being able to see that there is light,despite all of the darkness~” (Desmond Tutu) 🌞🦋🌞🦋🌞🦋

  • posted by Verano

    Good evening! Hope everyone is coping and finding new and wonderful ways to fill in all this ‘free time’!
    Well, I had a 24hr ‘what is life all about’ period but, that’s over, life must go on and we must cope …. scream when you need to!
    I wake up in the mornings and think that this isn’t reality, but of course when I open my eyes properly I realise it is , and all we can do is keep ourselves as safe as possible.
    So yes we still can have positives …..
    1. The clocks spring forward tonight so that means one less hour of tossing and turning! …… but really it means an extra hour of daylight.
    2. Had a lovely curry tonight, the second half of one I made last week and I sooo enjoyed it. I’m really missing Indian food.
    3. Spent one hour ironing. I am going to limit myself to one hour a day ….. bit like limiting wine to just one bottle just so we can enjoy the pleasure again tomorrow!!!
    Hope you are all well and thriving ……

  • posted by SunnyB

    Snap V, I put together bits of leftover Indian dishes this evening to make up a thali. Really hooked on Indian food!

    Okay, so positives from me are….
    1 Very pleasant evening with OH yesterday. I cooked us a special meal, we had cocktails, some wine and danced in the living room.
    2 Moved spare duvets and pillows, cabin cases and backpacks, to their new home in our new build in bedroom cupboard.
    3 Got our headboard recovered and OH installed it …. looks good.
    4 Car passed it’s MOT.
    5 OH has finished installing a new ‘gizmo’ on his Land Rover.
    6 Got out my braceket making kit, for the first time a long while and made a bracelet for a friend.
    7 Despite some bad news yesterday, which rather unsettled me for awhile, managed to bring things back into balance with some meditation.
    Whatever your positive is, we hope to read about it soon.

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Verano, I can completely relate to much of what you say….
    I had bought a pork joint for mother’s day supper, which was cancelled because son was in lockdown with a cough (now all fine) and I forbade my daughter to come over on the tube…I roasted it a cple of nights ago so have eaten nothing but since then for lunch and supper. That’s not a negative, it’s delicious! I might though curry the rest and freeze. Too much of a good thing and all that.
    I am also going to stop checking news/newsfeeds so often.
    I also have ironing. And gardening. And sorting.
    So not short of useful occupations.

  • posted by wendleg

    I am here V ! Hello Sunny , Hi 6T ! So glad your son is Ok..
    I have some positives to report and first of all I refuse to let this situation get me down for too long.
    So here goes

    1) Parents are expressing thanks and recognition of our efforts to support their kids with ongoing distance teaching
    2) I am up to date with work so not feeling any pressure
    3) I am getting fewer queries from kids as they gradually adapt to new ways
    4) We have had some lovely sunny days to allow a bit of garden relaxation.
    5) The garden is looking lovely, hubby has cut the grass and tidied up generally
    6) I picked some more nettles for nettle crisps
    7) My lovely yoga teacher was going to one of our local farms and asked if we wanted anything and returned with eggs, spinach, chard and leeks so we have plentiful veg
    8) I know I can get more lettuce when I need it
    9) Hubby looked after a friend’s house when they were away and he receievd a gift of red wine and a premium bottle of olive oil so we are stocked up there too
    10) I continue to use leftover veggies . I added eggs today and nutritional yeast to make a sort of frittata which was very nice.
    11) I discovered a really interesting bio /organic health food shop on line. They keep costs low compared to normal outlets by asking for a small annual subscripition. They do home deliveres at very reasonable rates so I placed my first trial order to stock up on seeds, nuts, sauerkraut, dark choc ( nobody wanted the 98% !!) and a few household products. They recycle everything and offer special deals for low income families.
    12) I have been a bit anxious about not being able to go to the hairdressers for months and sourced some root colour so I don’t look too horrendous.
    13) I realised yesterday that I will never have to drive to work in the dark ever again
    14) I enjoyed ‘ My Name Is Ove’ .It was an engaging read, did not tax my brain too much, made me cry at times and also laugh.
    15) I have several other books waiting
    16) Have loved chatting to my boys and my family on Whatsapp, doing 3 or even 4 way calls which I only recently discovered
    17) My brother sent me a link to a 15 minute video of a Qigong routine which I have watched.It is relaxing and energising and I plan to make it my morning routine. I could do it in the garden but it might be difficult to follow on my phone screen . If anyone wants to have a look it is here
    18) I am certainly reassessing what is important in life….and that we don’t really need that much ‘stuff’
    19) I got a full reimbursement for our cancelled train tickets to Lyon in April
    20) I am detemined to get to 20………….. ! Maybe just feeling that we have everything we need and don’t need to go out at all …and hubby and I are lucky to have each other ..and to be healthy.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Hi everyone,super duper lovely positives from lovely people Thank you
    WENDY you are our Queen of the Positives 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽…thunderous applause!X
    And thank you for the Qigong link x! I really want to have a go at that,have wanted to for ages.
    * I’m feeling relaxed and contented. Despite all the bad news,I feel theres no pressure at the moment to get things done.Everything has slowed down and am living more in the moment.
    This quote makes sense to me..
    “I felt in need of a great pilgrimage so I sat still for three days” ( Fariz of Persia)
    * Earth Night tonight..sat in the dark for an hour,just candles on. People saving eleccy all over the world! 💖💖💖
    * Got a call from a friend’s lovely son,checking if me and Beau are ok. So sweet and kind of the young ones to think of us old codgers xx

  • posted by Bryla

    Hi all! Feeling so grateful that I have everything I need. There is fresh food in the fridge, I have a roof over my head and a garden and all my loved ones are doing their utmost to keep safe and well. Technology means that we are not isolated in the way we might have been not too long ago.
    There are books to read, podcasts to listen to and beautiful birds in the garden to watch. I am far fitter and healthier than I was when I found BSD in January, both physically and mentally. I am a little sad the sun has gone for now, but am holding onto nearly a week of beautiful weather as a promise of what is to come.
    I am reminding myself that while it is difficult for us all to temporarily give up some freedoms, I can still make so many choices.
    Lots of love to everyone

  • posted by SunnyB

    It almost seems as if the more adverse things are, the more positives people manage to identify.
    Thank you to all those who are posting their positives, as it really does lift the spirits of all who read them and inspires them to seek the positives in their own lives too.

    Here are mine for today …..
    1 Wendy kindly forwarded a link for Qi Gong to me and having had a go, I’m pretty certain this is going to become as habit forming for me as meditation has recently.
    2 Lazy day today, lots of kicking back and relaxing.
    3 Actually starting some long overdue reading.
    Bit tired and additional positives aren’t immediately coming to mind, so I’ll leave it there for this time.
    Have a think about the positives that have come yoir way and let us know about them …. Please.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Hi folks!
    BRYLA,loved reading yr uplifting post x
    SUNNY ..YES! wendys qigong routine looks good doesnt it! Might give it a go tomorrow.x
    My positives

    * LIke SUNNY,a day of relaxing,trotters up…watched a film,watched an episode of a new tv series ( The Nest) and looking forward to watching another episode when it comes online,had a little walk,telephone convo with DD.,numerous emails received and sent.Cant complain at all. Quite slothful today but thats ok once in a while! 🦥
    * Found £16 I didnt know I had..In a tin…every little helps! its always nice isnt it when you come across a few quid that you had forgotten about! But I won’t let it alter my way of life hehe!😁😁😁
    * A friend sent me a little vid of her one year old niece waking up,and on seeing her mum,breaking out into an enormous smile. Heartwarming! Such a beautiful baby ( arent they all) Hoping she will grow up into a better world,if we all learn from whats happening right now,and make some big changes.
    The words of Jimi Hendrix sum up for me what needs to happen…….
    “ When the love of power turns to the power of love,then the world will know peace “ ..Amen brother! Maybe that time is coming soon,who knows,we can only hope X

  • posted by caronl

    Hi all,
    Sometimes it feels like an act of will, but at the moment i am sitting here with (sympathetic) tears of laughter, having read this article. Not sure if you can open it, but nothing ventured….https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/mar/30/astrophysicist-gets-magnets-stuck-up-nose-while-inventing-coronavirus-device?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Oth

    2) another lovely walk in the wood. There was a shower of rain while I was there, and the earthy smell with fresh rain was delightful.
    3) Had a good WhatsApp video call with a friend across the road.
    4) Waitrose seem to be introducing a priority delivery service for the elderly, so praying that my 90+ aged parents will finally get a slot!

    Keep well everyone. x

  • posted by Verano

    Good afternoon!
    Thank you so much for all your positives. This thread is the one thing that’s guaranteed to make me smile at the moment and make me thankful that I still have positives…..
    1. Checked through my freezer today and found some space.
    2. Made a huge pan of lentil soup to fill the space in the freezer!
    3. Made a lovely frittata for lunch with red onions, peppers and mushrooms.
    4. Had a delivery from Waitrose yesterday but probably won’t get another slot, so it was a real treat.
    5. Started my jigsaw again yesterday. It’s amazing how much time can be wasted with a jigsaw!!
    6. Enjoying cooking every night but can’t wait for the restaurants to reopen …. not sure what the positive is!
    7. So many friends have started to phone instead of texting and that really is positive.
    8. Children both seem to be settling in their respective lockdown homes without too much trouble, but then it is only the start of Week 2.
    9. Have two weeks of my Covid-19 course to work through so will start that tomorrow.
    Determined to find a number 10, well if Wendy can do 20 , we should all be able to manage a few more than 3.
    10. My ironing board collapsed yesterday …. so no ironing could be done today!
    Do have another one on the way as we speak so back to the grindstone tomorrow!
    Hope you are well, stay safe and keep smiling!

  • posted by SunnyB

    It’s so wonderful to see all of these fabulous positives being posted. V, I feel guilty having not even looked at my ironing pile …. maybe tomorrow!

    Positives from my little corner of the world …
    1 Moved more ‘stuff’ from the spare room to our newly decorated one. It’s slowly becoming more organised.
    2 Pinned down what to cook for OH’s birthday on Wednesday. Will make a start on a couple of dishes tomorrow.
    3 Long chat with friend who is recovering from foot surgery.
    4 Another dry day, even if blue sky was a little scarce and it was decidedly chilly.
    5 Reading all the lovely positives here.
    6 Enjoyed another dose of meditation and some Qi Gong again this morning.
    7 Sleeping so much better since I started meditation.
    8 Another flower is opening on my new camelia.
    9 More lovely roasted cauli and pak choi this evening.
    10 Checked in with some neighbours and everyone is well.

    What positives have popped into your life?

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Hiiiiii guys! Thanks for yr cheery news!
    VERANO,what is your Covid course?

    * Today…drum roll !..My first experience of coronatime supermarket shopping!!
    I was excited to be outdoors!after many days of only walking to the end of my road and back.
    Didnt have to queue long at the s’ market and passed the waiting time looking into a furnitureshop window and mentally refurbishing my lounge.
    It was worth the wait – only about ten mins – as once inside,with only a handful of fellow shoppers browsing round,meant no queues at the tills.
    There wasnt much green veg left,but was able to get lettuce,broc..been longing for some greenery..
    Also got berries and other low carb supplies.
    * My prescription ready at the pharmacy,which normally i pick up. Was told today they wd prefer to deliver it,which I’m grateful for just now,plus v thankful that the necessary medications are available.
    * Still loving the rainbows and comforting messages in windows! Joined now by teddybears 🐻🐻🐻🐻
    * Tried the qigong vid! Love it and love the qigong ladys grace and her colourful outfit..she goes thru the movements a bit too quickly for me,cdntquite keep up,but it did help me feel good! Got my Chi going! Grrrrreat way to start the day!
    Keep well chickadees! 😻😻😻xxxx

  • posted by Verano

    Yowzer hopefully this link will take you to the course. Future Learn run courses from various Universities, most of them are free. Just need to sign up. This course is run by the London School of Tropical Medicine so I guess it will be without sensationalism!

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Thanks for the link V! xxx
    This is the funniest thing ive seen in my whole life!!Just a very short vid to give everyone a chuckle.
    The world is divided into music lovers and music haters! X


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