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  • posted by  SueBlue on Marching on through 2024
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    Hello everyone I’ve jumped aboard 🙂 Thanks DCT for setting our latest journey up.
    I braved the scales yesterday and weighed in at 93.9 kilos 🙁 I added an extra 2-3 kilos during the last journey (as I mentioned in my other post, I’m going the wrong way!).
    Anyway I’ve drawn a line under that. It’s not a mystery as to how I put it on – I’ve been less active and had got into some bad eating habits – eating more fast food and having irregular meal times due to a variety of reasons.
    Happy Scales is telling me i could be at goal weight (80kg) in September, which is my birthday month, so that’s the goal I’m working towards.
    My first mini goal is to get to under 90kg again.
    I’ve decided to start this week by doing a couple of small things – eating 16:8, and nourishing home cooked/prepped meals. Next week I’ll add in exercise and focus on lowering carbs. In week 3 I’ll focus on keeping calories to under 1000 a day, and so on. I’m trusting this will work better for me
    than an all or nothing approach!
    I had yogurt, berries and low sugar granola for breakfast yesterday, a yummy sweet potato, spinach and feta salad for lunch, and lentil Dahl for dinner. Today iim having overnight oats at 10am during my morning break at work, then leftover curry for lunch and corned beef salad for dinner – I cooked some corned beef silverside in my slow cooker on the weekend.
    I’m typing this on the train on the way to work so will leave this here but hope everyone else is off to a good start 🙂

  • Thanks for the new thread, Wendy and huge congrats on your excellent results. Sounds like you are doing really well too, SG. Apologies for not responding to everyone else, but good to see there is plenty of positivity here again. If it’s going well just keep fingers what you’re doing and if things haven’t worked out, make tomorrow a fresh start … you CAN do this!

    SunshineOrange, good to have you join us. Lots of solid advice has already been offered, for what it’s worth, mine is to keep things simple. There’s no need to buy lots of different foods / ingredients, just make simple meals with a protein element and plenty of above ground veggies / salad. Oh, and always opt for full fat options …. so no low fat spreads, yogurts etc. And as someone else said, don’t wait jump right in, d just make a start now, even if it’s only by cutting out the obviously carby stuff. Keep us posted on progress and be sure to shout out if you need encouragement or support.

    Finally, I’ve stumbled this week, so not seeing the results I was hoping for, however my official weigh-in day is tomorrow so will report in properly then.

    Have a good week everyone 😊

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    SMP … thanks for sharing your positives, good news about the eye appointment, bet that was a huge relief. Also, thank you for flipping this thread on to a new page!

    I should have posted positives over the weekend, but better late than never, so here goes ….
    🌸🌸 saw two huge and beautiful magnolia trees smothered in blooms today, looking magnificent in the spring sunshine
    📱📱 chats and messaging today, with friends in Turkiye, India and Sri Lankan …. we’re so lucky to have the tech for instant communication
    🎂🎁 have made a solid start on sorting out cards and gifts for birthdays and anniversaries happening while we’ll be away on our next trip

    If you have a moment, please share one or your positives with us

  • Hi everyone ,me again!
    I feel like am in and out, sorry I am not in a continuous flow. Am sure it’s a mindset but for now, the desire to crack on and make a dent is back and am embarking on this journey with you all…
    I am slowly moving away from carbs and finding other replacements. I am Coeliac as well so it is helpful as some of the gluten free bread / crackers etc is YUK!!
    Recently, I have also purchased an instant pot and Ninja airfryers. Love both! Intention was to find planning meals easier but not sure lol
    Was also hoping to get on a cruise for hubbys 70th but we have to rethink at mo due to ill health. Maybe later in the year….

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    Good evening, I somehow got off the bus before the end of its last journey but here I am again, joining in …
    Thanks DCT for helping us keep on this lovely bus.
    Well done to those who are enjoying weight loss, it does inspire us!
    I shall weigh in the morning and am doing an online shop after I end on here..

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    Good evening everyone. I know I’ve not been posting but I felt I can add to this thread…
    I, too, love the daffs! Spring is on its way and a reminder that new beginnings start and there is hope…

    ** thankful my husband hit 70 on Saturday
    ** youngest daughter hit 30 today!
    **my eye appointment was good as no injections in eyes required ( hippy dance)

  • Welcome SunshineOrange! This works so give it your best shot and just shout out if you need help.

    S-g seven years ago your tastebuds were still being ‘refined’. I’m sure you will find that now those creamy, sweet, chocolaty carbs are just too ‘sweet’! I find when we cruise I have an odd dark chocolate mousse here and there but anything other than that is too sweet! Anyway, no point in going on a cruise and being in ‘deprivation’ mode! Just have to ENJOY!

    I’ve had a relatively good week so far. I made a breakthrough this week. I tend to finish eating around 7pm and have lunch around 12-12.30pm. Some days I feel really hungry after I’ve eaten lunch so I start ‘picking’ and sometimes carry on for the rest of the afternoon. In the middle of last week I was really hungry about 10.30am and I had breakfast. I wasn’t hungry then until dinner 6.30 ish. So this week I have eaten brunch between 11 & 12 and I’ve found that I’m not hungry the rest of the day. So I’m still doing TRE but I’m listening to my ‘stomach’ rather watching the clock! Let’s hope this is a breakthrough for me.

    Hope March is going to be a productive month for us all.

  • Welcome SunshineOrange ! Lots of sunshine on here. Good to see you posting. You have already had some useful pointers as you start out . Noone will tell you it will be easy but determination goes a long way. If you get down,feel a bit lost with it all just give us a shout. Concentrate on whole foods,getting rid of the ultra processed stuff ( not easy because carbage is cheap) but we will help. Keep things simple so you don’t get overwhelmed. You can do it !

    SG…I am also tempted to say let go à bit and enjoy a few treats on your well deserved cruise break. You don’t have to go berserk ( I doubt you ever would) but you are unlikely to mess your weight targets too drastically if you have a few tasty morsels.

    Have a good week everyone. I have just booked a beautiful place in Nafplio where we are spending 2 nights when we leave the wedding venue on Spetses island. I love Greek salads ,feta cheese etc and I will indulge for sure in a few treats. Have to resist baklava though 😱

  • Just gone back over some old stats and photos I took on my earlier journey. A year after starting this diet I lost 26lbs and got down to 11 stone exactly. Today I am 11st 4lbs, so hoping to lose that 4lbs before the cruise. The only problem is I went on the exact same cruise 7 years ago and gained 7lbs so hoping I have learnt something and can do better this time around. This time I know what is more important and will be watching out for the luxury carbs that can be so tempting.

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    Hello everyone
    I did my official Sunday weigh this morning and worked out the average for the week and I weighed 156. I’ve decided on a weight countdown to my September Cruise and I am going to aim for the following weights which I think are doable over the next six months. Three pounds a month apart from this month where I am going to aim to lose 6lb! No pressure! Maybe a couple of extended fasts will help.
    1st April – 150
    1st May – 147
    1st June 144
    1st July – 141
    1sr August- 138
    1st Sept – 135
    Breaking it down doesn’t look too daunting. Let’s see what reality is like. I am the world’s slowest loser!
    Here’s to a good week ahead everyone. I’m going to be mindfully eating nutritious food, low carb and throwing in a couple of fasts. I’m meeting a friend on Wednesday for lunch and am out for a curry on Thursday with some of my old vaccination team colleagues but we have to factor in that life carries on when we are losing weight.
    What are your plans and goals?

  • Hi everyone, welcome to Sunshineorange. You don’t say if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. You don’t have to be but it would help in your choice of Michael Mosley books. The Blood Sugar Diet book spends a lot of time talking about diabetes and how it affects the body. You might be better with one of his other books like the Fast800 which is basically the same diet but with more general information. However, there is always the possibility you might be pre-diabetic as about 2 million people in the UK are living with undiagnosed diabetes. Either way, this is a diet for weight loss as much as diabetes. Hope you can quickly get rid of the left over food and make a start. The first step is the hardest.

    The advice is good to start by cutting out what we call white foods like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and definitely breakfast cereal – except oats. You can eat your normal meals but leave out the carbs so I have a meaty bolognaise sauce without the pasta or a chicken curry without the rice. You are going low calorie so you will get used to doing without that extra stodge. You could make fine ribbons of courgette to serve instead of pasta (known as courgetti spaghetti) or grated cauliflower instead of rice just to fill up your plate. Anyway, shout out if you need any help. If you google low carb meals on a budget you will get lots of ideas. There is one called We are looking forward to having you on this journey.

    I am doing okay with no loss over this weekend but that’s also no gain. Will weight in on Tuesday and then try to do it once a week.

    Yes, Margaret, we forget an infection is something attacking our body and can lead to something more serious, especially if you have other medical problems.

  • Oh good I’ve found this thread & thank you Wendy for setting it up!
    Pleased you finally got your UTI sorted S-G mine I think is mild & I also had it last year when the GP then described it as chronic so I suppose this better way of eating does help infections but my healthy diet was not enough alone for my body to fight it off just let it in an irritating fashion tick along until I had my urine test to confirm an infection. However a close friend died from an untreated UTI that changed to sepsis & she lived alone & was found dead in her bed so a salutary but very sad lesson.
    You all seem to be making good progress & I am still catching up reading all your messages. I feel quite cheerful & positive today with the sun shining here & my husband & I will go out for a walk this afternoon 👍🌝. I always give myself a bit of a calorie increase over the weekend eating to my BMR to allow a large glass of wine & possibly a dessert as a treat 😀. I also have to break TRE to hava a glass of milk first thing to take my antibiotics but will return to my usual routine of 18-20 hour overnight fast with no more calorie intake after supper & not eating until lunch the next day which works for me.
    We can all do this & make March a positive month 🍀🍀
    Margaret xx

  • Welcome Sunshine Orange!
    I’m so glad you are here and please do not worry about any personal failings — believe me, everyone here has plenty of those but we have all decided to simply ignore them on our quest for true health.
    There’s a great quote that I like, “fall down seven times, stand up eight” — that’s pretty much everyone here, so you are in great company!
    It would be incredibly useful for you to get a copy of Dr. Mosely’s book “The Blood Sugar Diet” because it will give you the basic understanding of why this works (and it works brilliantly).
    Then you can move on to Dr. Fung’s work online (just Google Dr. Fung diabetes to watch his podcasts) and then Dr. Benjamin Bikman (also has excellent podcasts). I know it seems like a lot but the knowledge of what is actually going on in your body makes all the difference to your mindset).
    And while you learn, just START!
    It’s easy to do what I consider a “rolling start” — immediately cut out your white carbohydrates — that is sugar, bread, potatoes, rice and replace with green vegetables and other good choices (see book for details). Then roll on into more of the recommendations and just go on from there.
    It is a learning process here — you can’t expect to do it perfectly at first — you learned to drive a car over weeks and months, and this is the same kind of thing so don’t give up — just keep choosing good foods — fall down seven times but stand up eight.
    Your body is going to become your friend instead of your enemy. I know it happens because it happened to me.

  • Hello. I’m an eternal lurker, perpetual quitter, and procrastination expert. I would like to try to join everyone in the quest to become healthy despite my personal failings.
    I’m 276 lbs, I would like to be under 200.
    I suffer from depression and extreme insomnia.
    I haven’t been regularly active in a few years.
    I haven’t read any of the books I’ve seen mentioned and casually stumbled across this website.
    I loved everyone’s supportive attitude. I have literally one person in my life who agrees with my desire to lose weight, but she is taking a very different path.
    I will be switching over to the BSD way of eating next week after I finish the food I currently have in stock. I’m a single mom of a low income family so if anyone has affordable recipes they love, let me know! I have a teenage girl who is rather picky but I plan to pull her along with my new food plan.
    I thank everyone in advance for their support, and I’ll do the best to offer encouragement as well.

  • Hi all, thank you for your comments. Besides the joke about fish, no I don’t like fish except canned tuna or white fish like haddock or cod. We have fish almost every Friday. In fact hubby had fish and chips and I had grilled fish with a massive salad and didn’t even steal one of his chips. I have to hold my nose when cooking it as I hate the feel, smell and taste yet put up with it for the sake of so called health benefits.

    As for becoming a veggie. It started with my daughter becoming a vegan in the New Year. She has many health problems that are related to food like her skin rash (still undiagnosed), irritable bowel brought on by eggs, dairy, wheat and whatever else just happens to upset her at the time i.e. it can be something different each day. After becoming vegan she has no problems with her bowels and her skin is showing improvement – might be she has also stopped the massive doses of antihistamines. So she put me onto a website called food revolution and I watched a video which was a masterclass in tackling T2. The conclusion was to eat a plant based diet (not vegan). I also did the 9 week course on InsulinIQ on beating insulin resistance and they came to the same conclusion. However, it would be easy if I could replace the meat with pulses, beans, chickpeas etc but they send my BG up and also increase my weight. Can I also say my daughter is low carb as she cannot eat bread or cereals or pasta and also no rice but she manages to have a filling diet. I will find out more when I visit her. So, not having all those other things (carby) I would be stuck with a plate of veg. Yes, I know veggies eat veg but they can also eat other things that I cannot.

    I think you are right Californiagirl, I know what has been working for me and what to do so will carry on although I am looking at 2 solutions. I am going to use the site and make maybe 3 veggie main meals a week (lunches are not a problem as I have soups or salads). I am going on a cruise at the end of April and I am going to eat from the veggie selection as much as I can and I am sure it will be wonderful as long as it isn’t carb based. Tonight we are having cauliflower and broccoli gratin. The veg is par boiled then mixed in with creme fraiche, cream cheese, some spices. Piled into an oven proof dish, topped with sliced tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. It is surprisingly filling. So no meat but also no carbs.

    Anyway, I have a joint of beef in the fridge which I am going to braise tomorrow because, honestly, French beef is as tough as old boots most of the time. So not going veggie.

    Weighing daily. Well, I have already said it is a habit because of changes in weight affecting my insulin injections but I could go a week without that having any impact. Like Verano, I might give it a try starting after my weigh in on Tuesday. If I have gained I don’t let it get me down but it makes me more determined so it is not having a negative effect on my food choices or my mood.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Hello March!

    Wendy thanks for the new thread and a great result for you so far this year.

    I read your post yesterday and it really made me sit down and think. I think in an earlier post you mentioned that you only weight very rarely. I weigh everyday so have all the ups and downs of putting on 0.1 of a pound etc. etc. I realise that I’m not weighing everyday to see how well my eating (dieting) is going but rather to see how much damage the previous days eating has done! Not good.

    I realise that if I’m eating well I don’t need to see the number on a scale because it will be going in the right direction. It’s just force of habit but habits can be broken. Anyway, January was a good month for me but February was a bit of a wash out. Nonetheless, overall I’ve lost some weight and I have the power to make March mine! Going forward I’m going to just take one day of ‘eating well’ at a time and try and stay focused on staying away from the scales.

    S-g why are you considering vegetation when you know the real secret for T2 is low carb? Meat is not so bad, especially as Julia says, when it’s grass fed or good quality and in moderation. If I’m correct, and I may not be, all lamb is ‘grass fed’ as they graze! I think why red meat gets a bad name is because lots of people class poor quality sausages, bacon and other processed meat products as ‘meat’, which if eaten in quantity is not good for health. I’m not sure that you like fish but I don’t think there’s much wrong with chicken or duck. We probably have red meat twice a week at the most, with fish or chicken the rest of the week. Then of course there are always eggs … fried, poached, scrambled, baked in a sakshuka, in a frittata or just plain boiled! I think finding protein from purely plant based foods is quite difficult. I think you may miss out on vital proteins, vitamins and minerals which may be more essential as we get older.

    So March is here. New month at the end of which the clocks jump forward and out come the spring clothes. There never was a better time than now to jump into action.
    Hope March is all you wish for it to be.

  • Hi all,
    I thought I might just comment on the “going vegetarian” idea that has been floated…
    I have tried both vegetarian and vegan — neither worked for me and I am pretty sure it is because I have a body that simply does not like a carby diet — this is something I have discovered as I have worked through eight years of eating, starting with my eye-opening book “Good Calories Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes and moving on through the “Blood Sugar Diet” and then to Dr. Benjamin Bikman’s books and suggestions. I believe I have a metabolism, most likely from my genetics, that just doesn’t respond well to carbohydrates and sugars. It could be from my family history or my mother’s diet while pregnant or something else but MY body gains weight quickly and easily when I am eating carbohydrates.
    My solution, and it is a solution supported by evidence, is that I must eat mostly meat (fish, beef, lamb, chicken etc) and low carbohydrate vegetables (green ones — although I can handle some potatoes and sweet potatoes and a bit of fresh corn and a moderate amount of wine and even some beer). I can easily maintain my weight eating this kind of diet and if I wish to lose more, just cutting back a bit does it.
    My diet is high fat, but I have stopped worrying about that because my blood work is excellent and the fat doesn’t pile on the pounds. Fat ends up being your friend, tastes great, satiates your appetite.
    Sunshine girl, why would you jump to a vegetarian diet now, after all you have read and absorbed? Such a diet will be higher in carbohydrates and you wanted to stop your insulin injections. I think vegetarians do struggle a bit with a higher carbohydrate diet when they are trying to lose weight.
    I urge anyone still thinking this way to reread Dr. Bikman’s book, “Why We Get Sick” — high levels of insulin drive several bad-health outcomes so the lower our insulin, the healthier we will remain. There is nothing wrong with well-raised meats, buy grass-fed or organic and maybe source them from a local farmer who you can trust. A little extra cost is worth our future health.
    I know we are endlessly bombarded by the media propagandist message that “vegetarian” is healthy and the best for our planet but there is lots of evidence that both of those points of view are incorrect.

  • I get that, SG . I also like the idea of a plant based way of eating but I don’t think I could add in all those healthy pulses and grains just yet as they are very carb heavy .Something to look forward to in the future . What about fish ? Sardines are supposed to be very good for us . Halloumi ? Feta cheese ? I haven’t really experimented enough with tofu and tempeh remains a mystery to me !

    I am pondering what other protiens we could try ? I like edamame beans from Picard and I think they are protein rich and modest carbs ?

  • Hi Wendleg, thank you for the March thread. You should be well pleased with your discard of5kgs. Mine was 3kgs so I am not too unhappy. I wanted to reach the magic number of 72kgs but missed it by 0.3 but now re-setting my goal for March to 71kgs.

    I am dithering about going vegitarian and trying to look at the problems and solutions. Watching a video about reversing T2 says a plant based diet is the way to go. My problem is carbs. I cant and wont eat rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc so tend to have a meat based meal with lots of veg. I have found a great website called and it shows 7 days of any diet you fancy trying. So there are complete menues and meal plans for vegan, veggie, Mediterannean, diabetes, low carb etc. But haven’t found a veggie that cuts the carbs or a diabetes that cuts out meat. So I am going to work my way through the recipes. I tried butternut squash and chickpea curry but it sent my blood glucose sky high and also I gained weight too – although it was only fluid and went the next day. Maybe more beans than chickpeas as like Wendy, the keto substitutes are too carby for me. Anyone got any ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat but think I should eat a lot less of it.

    Margaret, great to get back on track. Can I also say, I put up with a UTI for about 2 months before I finally mentioned it to the doctor. I didn’t like to bother the doctor with something so minor I left it to my 3 monthly appointment so put up with multi peeing and lots of discomfort. It was a substitute doctor and she sent me off for a urine test, whereas my GP would have treated it on the basis of what I told him and also sent for a test. So I had to wait nearly 2 weeks to do test, get results, get another appointment etc. Then she gave me one tablet and said it worked like a miracle. It didn’t and I end up having to go back again and got different medication. Fortunately, we can get GP appointments here in as little as 2 or 3 days so I should have just got it sorted.

    Hope you are all going to join us for another month and hopefully have new enthusiasm for the diet.

    We are all winners when we lose but we are not losers if we gain. Be kind to yourselves.

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    Hi everyone,
    Well I’m strapped in and raring to go, let’s hope I can stay that way!I wasted most of our last trip so feel determined not to do the same on this one.I’m 12 stone 4 now and can’t believe I got down to around 10 st 10 lb (about a stone from my goal)then stopped and put it back on and more.I know I could lose a stone and a half on this trip if I really gave it my all and stuck 100% to food plans(which I know I must start completing weekly again as they really help me) but I would be happy with a stone loss.I think I will create another sparkly chart as I haven’t used one for a while and hopefully it will be another tool to stop me rolling off the bus!Good luck everyone🎉🚌🎉 Dawn X

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    Hi everyone and well done Cathy, Mariet, Yowzer and DCT for your weight losses, sorry if I’ve missed anyone.Sue Blue I too chuckled at your Planes Trains image, it’s one of my husband’s favourite movies.I can’t remember what I weighed at the start of this trip! so I’ve just taken the heaviest I’ve weighed on this trip and counted from there and have lost 5lbs.That’s been in the last two weeks as I have lost and regained throughout the past 8 weeks.I’m definitely on board for the next trip, thanks for setting that up DCT, I’m heading over there now. Dawn X

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Marching on through 2024
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    Thank you DCT for setting up another bus trip,good luck gang! Be there or be square! X
    Ps dont forget to tick “ notify” like i just nearly did x

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Leap into 2024
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    Great weight loss Mariet! Well done! Your comment about being fed up of weight being the focus of your thoughts really resonates with me! I’ve felt quite down at times during February when nothing much seems to have happened weight wise despite my efforts. Its felt all consuming trying to lose weight. I hope if and when I get to goal this will be my lesson- I cant keep dieting all my life! I need to get to goal and maintain once and for all. See you on the marching on thread.

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Marching on through 2024
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    Hello and thank you for setting up the Marching on thread DCT.
    My aim for this journey is to get below 150 lb. I weighed 155 lb this morning and so I think it’s a reasonable aim to get to 149 lb I’ve not been in the 140s for a fair while. My journey is slow and I’m tweaking all the time to get the best outcomes. Our Mediterranean cruise is scheduled for 1st September and I bought a lovely dress from Vinted which won’t even zip up even thought it says it’s a size 14. I am determined to get into that dress and all my lovely summer clothes so I’m marching on to victory.
    Because my weight fluctuates up and down I weigh every morning now and divide by 7 on a Sunday and that gives me my weight. I can see my chart heading in the right direction.
    Looking forward to sharing some success this time round.
    DCT you’re not far from your goal weight now!

  • My weight discard since January is 5 kilos which I am happy about but I seem to be stalling .I reckon nuts are an issue for me so have to ban them for a while . I am not bored with my food choices and I am resisting all of the keto ‘treats’ I keep seeing with all sorts of fake sweetners and nut flours.I reckon that would be a slippery slope for me .It wouldn’t take much sugar to kick off the cravings .
    I am happy with my clothes feeling more comfortable but I would like to drop a few more pounds .
    That’s where I am as March begins and so on I go xx

  • This is the ongoing reset thread which began in January and due to end March 2024 .

    If you are familiar with the thread then just keep going.If you are new, then just jump in and join us .

    If motivation is flagging , if you are struggling, with health issues or if life has just got in the way, that’s ok . Dust yourself off and look forward to this month. It’s not a competition, it’s YOUR experience and we are all different .

    Some of us have upcoming celebrations to look forward to .Others want to improve health and fitness . We are all here to help and encourage and to find our own way .

    So let’s keep going .There is still time to make a massive difference in March !

  • A good idea S-G to weigh rounding off February & I have lost 2.25lbs no doubt due also to my UTI & all the pennies I’ve been spending despite now having a glass of milk to take antibiotics in the morning instead of fasting until midday. It’s an encouraging start for me now to go on into March & get back on track hopefully losing more weight until my cruise at the end of May 🤞🤞

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    Thanks again, DCT, for continuing to set up these threads. It’s a lot in your busy life and I appreciate it.

    Hoping to drop 2 or 3 kilos this go round- in April I have a cruise from Sydney to Hawaii via Tahiti so no promises for that time!

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    Hi everyone, checking in at the end of this challenge. I’ve done better than I expected with a 6.5kg (1 stone) loss. Little progress the past couple of weeks but that seems to be my pattern, nothing for a while then a drop then static. Still a way to go and to be honest I am losing enthusiasm. I am just so tired of my weight being the focus of my thoughts.
    I will be part of the next challenge. I’ve got to have blood done in March and I am really hopeful that this loss will have had a good impact on my non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    Wishing you all the best as we move on into March and beyond!

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    I’ve just spent a very enjoyable half hour getting myself organised for this journey. Sad I know, but I love spreadsheets! So have just been setting mine up with weekly targets, colour coding etc. My hope is to get to my long term weight goal of 133lb this journey, but as I managed to lose half a stone on the last journey I realise this may slow : so any further weight loss would be very welcome. And the bottom line is I don’t want to see any regain!

    On a positive note, I seem to be on a bit of a weight loss roll, and am learning what does and does not work for me at the moment. I’m also hoping that life will be less chaotic and stressful during the next journey, so I’ll have more time for regular exercise – particularly with the (hopefully!) better weather and lighter days. My danger zone is likely to be the last week in March when I’m away with my hubby and dog for a few indulgent days in a country house hotel. I know in advance I’m likely to eat and drink too much, and do want to enjoy my time away, but also want to gear up for damage limitation!!

    How about you? What are your goals for this journey?

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    Hi everyone just to let you know the new thread – Marching on through 2024 – is now up and running.

    See you all there! x

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    So here we are, 1st March already! 2024 is beginning to fly past but there is still plenty of time to achieve your weight loss goals for the year. This thread is a continuation of the Leap into 2024 thread which ran from New Year to Leap Day, and newcomers are more than welcome. We’re an honest, realistic, supportive and friendly bunch and do our best to keep each other moving forward.

    This thread – which we often refer to as a bus 🚌 journey for reasons long since forgotten! – will run until the end of April. So it’s a great opportunity to make a significant difference to your weight and health. Hope you can join us 😀

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Leap into 2024
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    DCT…I like Marching on,but will be happy to join in,whatever we call it xxx 🥳

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Leap into 2024
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    CATHY very well done for your recent loss! I know you say your weight fluctuates but that’s a fabulous leap in the right direction. So pleased for you!

    Talking of directions SUE BLUE your post really made me smile. Planes Trains and Automobiles is one of my very favourite films and I’ve seen it more times than I dare to count. But this next journey I’m sure you’ll be back on track again.

    So that’s it for Leap into 2024. I’ll set the new thread up tomorrow morning UK time. Cathy I love your name idea about Marching. So am thinking something like Marching Forward in 2024, or Marching On through 2024. More ideas very welcome and I’ll do that tomorrow.

    Very tired now so off to bed but see you all in March! X

  • Will do a final weigh in tomorrow for February (still one day to go). Managed to lose most of the 2lb I gained. Had a decision made for me. I decided not to go to the quiz on Monday but now it has been cancelled anyway as the restaurant are taking their annual holiday for 3 weeks. Looking forward to the new thread for March.

    Not much else to say. Hope you are all keeping on….

  • posted by  SueBlue on Leap into 2024
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    Well done DCT and Cathy on your losses.
    Thanks Yowzer too for your wise words – they always help me stay on track, or remind me why I should stay on track!
    I was actually too scared to weigh myself today! I just KNOW I’ve put on weight this journey. Every time I stand on the scales lately I hear the words “You’re going the wrong way!” I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles but there’s a scene where John Candy and Steve Martin are driving down a free way in the wrong direction and other drivers are winding down their windows and yelling “You’re going the wrong way!!!’” – well it’s those voices I’m hearing when I stand on the scales lately!
    Anyway tomorrow it’s a new month and a new re-start for me. At last summer is over, I really detest summer here, it’s so hot and humid. I feel so much better in the cooler months.
    So after this long post – my point is I’ll definitely be on the next bus! 🚎

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Leap into 2024
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    Happy Leap Day Everyone
    Congratulations on your great news DCT being your lowest weight since 2021 and getting under 140’ . That’s so inspiring. Well done to you. You’ve had a particularly difficult journey this time.
    Yowser I loved your quote about six months. I want my six months to be progress! I’ve just completed another 36 hour fast and this morning I weigh 154.2. I started at 161.4 so I’ve lost 7.2 lbs. My actual weigh day is a Sunday when I work out the average loss per week because my weight goes up and down during the week. I am happy with my loss and my graph is heading in the right direction. My plan for the next leg is to get to 149. So if I can lose another 7lb then I will be in the 140s- I’ve not been there for a long time. I’ll look back at my stats and post them in the next thread. I am sure there will be a full bus heading off towards our next destination. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone is and I’ll be at the bus stop bright and early tomorrow morning. I was thinking we could call it Marching On or something along those lines.
    Lots of love to everyone. It has been a challenging journey. Let’s dust ourselves down and prepare for our next adventure.

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Leap into 2024
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    Brilliant news DCT! Very very well done! 🥳 and,you CAN make that long term goal,Im sure of it 👍👍👍 !!
    I deffo want anther thread please! XXX
    (ps and just noticed in my post re in 6 months time,it should read end August,not end Nov..silly me!)
    Happy Leap Year day to everyone xx

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Leap into 2024
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    Hello all

    Well here we are – Leap Day! Our journey is at an end.

    As YOWZER said, it’s been a really difficult time for many of us and I’m so glad that we are all still here and that this forum is so supportive and caring.

    Thanks for all the recent posts. Big cheers for those who have lost and big hugs for those who are not seeing the results they would want to. The big question now is do we want another thread? I definitely want to keep on. I’m delighted that my end of journey weight this morning is 139.4lb – my lowest weight since 2021. I’ve lost almost half a stone this journey, and if I can keep that going (and yes, with me, it’s a BIG if!!) I might even make my long term goal of 133lb in another 8 weeks. Who knows?! But I’m up for another journey.

    Let me know if anyone wants to join me? No idea of a name or anything but as long as a few of us are willing to keep going then let’s do this!!

    Love to you all, and hope to continue travelling with you into March and April X

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    I just adore daffodils, V, they are so cheery. I’ve quite a good display of the dwarf ones in a couple of places in my garden at present.
    Positives from me today are ….
    🤞🏻🤞🏻 OH has had a stomach bug, but recovering and managed some soup and a roll … his first ‘meal’ in about 48hrs.
    🌱🌿 jumbo container of plant food arrived, looking forward to spring and putting it to good use.
    🌱🌹 also on the plant front, think I have two rose cuttings rooted🤞🏻took them from a bouquet I had for my birthday last month.
    🚗📝 finished planning our next road trip to Turkiye today, including booking hotels …. 6wks ’til we hit the road🙂
    🏥🏨 friend in Turkiye went home from hospital today, his problems are not completely resolved, but he now has an action plan going forward.

    Take a moment to share one or two of your positives, we love to read them.

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Leap into 2024
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    Hola,guys! Well it looks like we will soon be pulling in at the terminus,and our bus will be ready to rest,then eager to set off on its next journey!
    I havent been weighed recently,but I know by what ive been eating and how I feel that I may have, just by the skin of my teeth, managed to get back to just before xmas weight.
    Anyhoo,i just saw this,which has really inspired me a lot,and made me think about what i want to see,end of Nov 2024…excuse the caps,but i think its so important!
    Never has truer words been said! It really hit home,so Im going to keep it right at the front of my mind from now on XX
    PS CCATHY..ouch plantar fascitis..ouch,its so painful! Similar to,DCT,I found buying some special rubbery insoles from Boots really helped me with walking,and helped the attack pass quickly x
    SUEBLUE hope DD enjoyed the concert! TS is appearing in UK,but only in London and my home town Liverpool. Tickets are like gold dust I hear!
    NOKIE any news on hubbys surgery? so sorry about yr cat,its heartbreaking to let them go,but the biggest kindness we can give them if its their time x
    Several people have been having such a rough time lately and I send my love to all of you,and hope the year gets better for us all,in every way !💜
    PPS …good luck to any ladies go8ng to propose tomorrow! 🤞🏻💕

  • Hi all, one of the things I love about this diet is it pays you back when you get back onto it. I had a break over the weekend, back on Monday, gained 2lbs, now Wednesday lost 1.5lbs so well back on track. Only thing is, after a break you have to come back determined and not half-hearted.

    Yes, V, I too have given up on the journal. We had to move the office desk for a ceiling repair and because it is no longer right next to the bookshelf where I keep the journal, I totally forgot about it for a few days. All I log is weight, fasting hours and blood glucose. So no writing about my feelings – I have a daughter for that and we share everything with honesty.

    Looking forward to the March challenge. Hoping to complete to goal of 10lbs although I do keep dithering between 6 and 7 lbs loss it should still be do-able. After watching the podcast yesterday on T2 I am going to re-do the InsulinIQ course on tackling insulin resistance and try to get my head back around it.

    Half way through the week and the sun is shining although it is quite cold at 7 degrees. Back into exercise so will do 30 mins later.