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    For some reason I thought that carrots would have negligible carbs so I was muching away on them to fill the void after I had eaten my carbs. Low and behold they are about 10% carbs for 2 small medium carrots has about 10grams carbs – crickey! If you are trying to stay under 50 it is not too hard to blow past that easily!

    Just a word of warning

  • Hey sugar sarah,

    Yes I am still going but I did have to take a lot of medication quickly to suppress the attack. Gout can be triggered by different things such as shell fish but I did not even think that it would be brought on by this diet, its a fast right? Might have been a lack of water even though I thought I was drinking a lot and also the switching. In the end the weight loss is probably much more significant than those side effects. Hope your Dad gives it another crack, I do see a lot of benefits!

  • Hi everyone,
    I finished my second fast of the week at 26 hours today. It was amazing because at that point I started to feel like I could just keep going, but I chose to break the fast, partly because it was lunch time and I knew that I wouldn’t get a chance to eat all afternoon. Even though I probably could have made it all the way to dinner without eating, I didn’t want to risk it. I was in meetings all afternoon and sometimes I don’t drink enough when that is the case, so I didn’t want to get dehydrated. But I’m very happy about 26 hours as that is the longest I have done in a while. I can always try again on the weekend and see if I can go a bit longer. I am finding I am being quite productive at work these days. Fasting makes me go to bed a bit earlier than I would otherwise, so I seem to be more rested, and maybe getting some of the clarity in the mind that happens. My weight was up again just a little this morning, but I put that down to transit issues. Here’s hoping that results will start showing up on the scales again soon. In the meantime, I’m enjoying feeling comfortable in my clothes and an overall feeling of wellness and strength.

  • JGwen,thank you. Your post did make me reflect. My “prize” will be to trim down my middle a bit. Which will be more down to exercise than anything. You do always surprise me; the what I thought was a “little smallholding” turned out to be 60 acres and now you tell us about your thoroughbred cross horse which you ride across said acres…How are your naughty goats and your lovely dogs?

  • Hi Barfly,
    Not talking from personal experience exactly, but my dad suffers from gout. I had so much success with the bsd that I persuaded him to give it a go. He got a dreadful gout attack after 3 days. Left him in agony and unable to walk. I think the increase in protein makes it worse too. Very interesting what you say about the switching to and fro rather than the diet itself. I may research this and pass it on to my dad.
    Are you persevering? How’s the gout?

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    Thank you SUNNY for yr positives and yes thank you,a fab day!
    Things to be grateful for today….! 💕
    * Lovely weather sunny and mild,perfect for going out for lunch.
    I had Breton chicken and salad and a few frites ..dessert was apple crumble ( only a v small portion,but definitely not worth the cals/ carbs)BUT the ice cream that came with it was stupendous! 😋
    Beau had a traditional French fishy stew – he loved every mouthful 🥰
    * Then,a coffee in our favourite cafe in the park,enjoying the very tame squirrels coming up to be fed by hand,and then feeding the ducks and Canada geese on the lake
    * Later, a glass of chianti and a catch up with DD
    Feeling very fortunate and blessed. 💖💖💖💖

  • Oh I am so pleased that my post was received positively as I only ever aim to help in any way I can. I tend to be a bit ‘evangelical’ and I sometimes risk sounding slightly bossy ( I have been a teacher for nearly 40 years ..might have something to do with it !!! 😉

    Most definitely NOONE judges or criticizes on this thread…as SunnyB has confirmed. Have no fear MumofStig, you are safe here and I so hope this way of eating will give you relief from the pain and inflammation you are suffering.
    I would like to think there is no pressure to compare progress with others either. And definitely , V…our WHYS are personal to ourselves and it isn’t helpful to measure ourselves against others. It’s not a competition. Our goals are ours alone .
    Celebrating your mini goals is really important as JGwen says and those little victories can be tremendously motivating . Also… even if you think nothing is happening, noone is noticing your diminishing size, there will come a moment when it all slots into place, where all of a sudden you look different, most obviously leaner with clothes fitting better. Just remember it takes time and that varies for all of us.
    I used the excuse for years that as a menopausal woman , weight gain was inevitable and would take a mammouth effort to shift. In fact it probably could never be shifted . That way it wasn’t my fault .….Little did I know it was the carbs and a completely diiferent set of hormones that were keeping me fat.!
    I am never going back to those days. I would never risk undoing the hard work of the last year or so. In time my attitude to food underwent a profound change and I believe that is what will make this sustainable for me. It’s about seeing foods as good for me and totally rejecting sugar as a treat.

    I am going to say something which might be perceived as ‘tough talking ‘ again but I have another solid belief that it is easier to resist temptation ( certainly from toxic sugar) than to manage the fallout from an excess of carb-loaded foods which ultimately do you no good. I kept reading and reading and just became convinced that food is for nourishment , less for comfort

    It ‘s lovely seeing you all popping in and I really hope that we can continue to support each other and share what has worked for us. My way isn’t the only way and I respect we each have to find out what works best for us .
    Let’s just stay focused and believe we can get where we want to be xx

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    To bring this thread back up the listing, I’ll post some positives for today …..
    1 OH made it home early today and much less drained than he was yesterday.
    2 Lovely pan fried duck breast for dinner this evening.
    3 Another dry day today.
    Yowser, hope you had a lovely anniversary celebration day. Looking forward to hearing about it. Hope others will also be sharing a positive or two with us as well.

  • Great post Wendy!
    I wonder if I might just add that your ‘WHY’ is your own and yours only ! Please don’t be carried away by how others are doing just keep remembering your own’WHY’.
    I think I have been guilty of getting carried away by other people’s progress in the past and have felt wanting or even a failure. When I look back my WHY was to reverse my T2 and be drug free. I did that within six months but then set myself targets that didn’t really fit into my lifestyle, had periods when I became despondent when I wasn’t reaching my unrealistic goals, and even started going backwards. But I never gave up and never will because this WOE keeps my T2 at bay.
    Have your ‘WHY’, and as Wendy says, just keep your ‘WHY’ visible and never forget where you are going …. but ….. when you ‘arrive’ still keep your ‘WHY’ in the forefront of your mind and that way you won’t slip back again.

  • Thanks Wendleg, thats a great post on the importance of WHY,
    My why is the same as Articfox, having a horse that you need a step ladder to get back on if you get off to do a gate is no fun. – I
    may have solved the problem at home (15hh Shire x TB) but I want to get down so that I can go on some of the better riding holidays where they set weight limits.

    I completely understand the point you are at 6turkeys. My initial target was to get down to the weight I was traditionally at as an adult so I could get back to enjoying life. Even the simple benefits that its easier to do so many things if you are not physically limited by the size of the spare tyre are positives.. – Having achieved that I felt a need to maintain for a while. so I am just coming out of spending a few months maintaining that body shape and not being proactively trying to loose weight / counting calories I think I just needed to have a period enjoying an active life during which time I pondered if I wanted to do more and if so what my WHY would be during which time I l learnt more about my own mental issues with food and body shape and worked on plans for the next couple of decades.

    One thing from my experience that I wanted to share with those who have a lot of weight to discard is the importance of celebrating mini goals. If you focus too much on the total weight loss / new size you want to achieve it can seem like a very big hill to climb. But if you focus on celebrating steps along the way, it gets easier. For example, I needed to replace my car, so I promised myself when I had discarded 3 stone I would get myself a car I felt proud off. – Which meant as I approached that milestone I had the incentive from researching options, and once past that milestone each time I got into that car I had a reminder of my achievement, which helped me keep on going heading for the next milestone.

    I do have my next what and why. I have reached the point where if I continue to want to change shape I need to partner it with autophagy to prevent loose skin whcih means regular 36 to 42 hour fasts. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go that far, I am not into looking at myself in mirrors or being too concerned with looks, it seemed foolish as a middle aged woman to want to have a “beach ready body.”. But I have changed my mind. Its not forever, just as long as it takes to heal my Insulin Resistance, and hopefully it will lead to a longer and better quality of life.

  • posted by  Janetguida on Inno Gialuron Peru
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  • posted by  SunnyB on substitution for coconut milk?
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    Welcome Gwynne, I personally don’t use the recipes in the book, but I see no reason why you can’t swap one milk substitute for another. Just check the calorie and carb content in you chosen product, so you can calculate them in the bircher you make.

    Do join in on other threads, the weekly one is a good one to be part of, as it’s populated by old hands and newcomers. Good place to ask questions and gain advice, encouragement and support.
    Best wishes and hope to see you out and about on the forum.

  • posted by  JGwen on Doing the Fat 800 and going to the gym= calorie deficit!
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    Hitting a wall is what happens when you are fueling your body with carbs, when you run out of carbs you run out of energy. Hence all the “energy” drinks and work that endurance athletes have to do to carb load before an event.

    Once you are fat adapted, when your body runs out of fuel that you have recently eaten it can turn to stored fat without any problem so there;s no wall to hit. You are back to your body working as it was designed to do. –

    It does take time to adapt if you have been eating a carb high diet, which is why someone else on the forum noticed that having just started this way of eating he was fine with weight lifting, but was struggling with hill walking. How much time depends on your start point.

    I found it very interesting when I started to incorporate fasting into week to realise how much my hunger wasn’t physical hunger but was driven by my thought processes of …..have been physically active doing X, or time for a break so time to have a meal. Its all an interesting learning curve to get in touch with how our bodies are actually feeling.

  • No judgement here Mumofstig. We are here to support and encourage, share experience and knowledge, not to judge or critisis.

    All of us are human and most of us transgress at some point and it’s then that this community is so important. It’s then that we need this safe place so that we can be honest about the errors and where we go next.

    So, please don’t ever be fearful of being open about any slips or trips, because here you’ll definitely be offered a hand back up.

  • posted by  Capricornia on Journey through January
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    Hello! I have just joined. Just turned 49, diabetic, NAFL, high bloods when I even look at a carbohydrate! I started the diet on Monday, weighed in at 13 stone exactly. This morning (Thursday) 13.3. I have been religiously counting every calorie. But my blood sugar is 7.5 without gliclazide and I seem to have a ton of energy all of a sudden.

  • posted by  Bryla on Journey through January
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    Hi everyone. Just wanted to share a bit of a high this morning. Yesterday, only 11 days in, I was feeling utterly fed up of having to think about food so much, shop so often and of weighing every last gram. I had felt positively murderous towards the man in front of me at the corner shop buying a Double Decker and a bunch of bananas. However, this morning I weighed in at a smidge under 10st for the first time in a decade. What a boost! So that’s just over 7lb so far which I know is modest for many in the first 2 weeks, but something I didn’t really believe I could achieve.
    So far I have learned that I have more self-control than I knew, but also that carb addiction has been calling the shots for years and I was constantly giving my body the wrong fuel, even though most of it was ‘healthy’. Also that a splash of cream in my coffee once a day is bliss and I love boiled eggs. Everything tastes better and even if I never lost another ounce I would still feel so much better in myself. I’m determined to hang on to that and remember that’s not anything a chocolate bar or ginger biscuits can give me, but still full of self-doubt about what’s ahead.
    Thanks for all the info and encouragement so far!

  • posted by  chrissierichards on Journey through January
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    Hi arcticfox

    That’s really interesting about the glucose monitor. Yesterday I ate between 7-7 and only had mint tea afterwards, lost .2 of a kilo this morning and felt better for it last night. I mentioned to my husband last night (who is also doing this with me ) how it has become so much easier to tune into what my body wants and what makes it feel good. Think I can only manage 12:12 at the moment but that’s a good start. Have a good day.

  • posted by  shoegirl on Journey through January
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    Hi all,
    Great to see everyone posting through January and experiencing some positive approaches to eating and some body/weight changes. For the last few weeks I’ve been overseas and so gave myself permission to relax this WOE a little, here’s what I noticed;
    1. Actively choosing to not be so strict on my low-carb eating removed all feelings of guilt, so no usual beating myself up for food choices, I owned up to what I was eating and enjoyed it!
    2. I really noticed the effect carbs had on my body – bloating, lethargy, over-eating at times – not pleasant, so I felt totally ready to resume this WOE
    3. 3 days in to the Fast 800 lifestyle I can already feel that I’ve lost my stomach bloating, I look a little brighter and it felt easier to resume it.

    I gained 3 kg and 7cm around my waist during my ‘break’ so I’ll keep posting as to how the fasting weeks go. As many have said before (especially JGwen and DCT) this is a very forgiving way to eat/live, fairly easy to jump back in after a break. Good luck to all for the last week of journeying through January!

  • posted by  arcticfox on Journey through January
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    Hi chrissierichards, I used to eat between 8 and 9pm simply because I was getting home late and was having dinner then. I had a chance to wear a continuous glucose monitor for a month and I realized that when I was doing that, it was sending my blood glucose completely haywire overnight. I’m not diabetic, but reactive hypoglycemic, and I was getting some fairly significant hypos overnight, not in the super dangerous range, but enough to scare me out of the habit of eating so late. I’m not saying that everybody would react the same way as me as we’re all different, but I think it is fairly common to have bigger glucose spikes and insulin responses to foods in the evening/night than if you had the same foods earlier in the day. Now I make sure I have at least 12 hours free of food overnight, and over the last week and a bit I have been experimenting with 16:8 and 18:6, and it seems to be going well. I am finally losing some inches around my waist, for example.

  • Your body will start converting fat to energy but it takes a while for it to adapt. Athletes talk about 3 months before they shoudl do a competitive event. Personally, I am in week 2 and found week 1 hard with gym – doing HIT for 45 mins x 3 but second week is much better. I have not taken any extra carbs and don’t recommend doing so. You will kick your body out of ketosis.

  • Thank you Wendy! And great WHY responses from everyone 💃💃 And yes mumofstig – we all fall off – so just jump back on 😃 No judgements here.
    My WHY is a bit like yours Wendy – to have a healthy retirement. I see friends who have health issues, and I know that could be my future too – but want to stay lively and active for as long as I can! I do have less inflammation when I am keeping my carbs low and if I am in keto I do feel less sluggish. Thanks for the Pep Talk Wendy 🐶

  • posted by  MelBelle on Journey through January
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    Hi all! It’s been a couple of months since I popped in.
    @slimmykim – is there any chance you’re iron deficient? That’s always worth considering for women. Being iron deficient blocks weight loss.
    @clarinetcathy – *hello!* I’m fasting with Zero and using ketostix too. I let being keto slide for a few weeks, but got back into it this week.
    @denise susan – isn’t it hot here today! Avocado is a great healthy-fat food to help you to stay full. There’s also fabulous hot-smoked salmon portions at Woolworths that I love. They are $7 each. Maybe you can sneak out and have those sometimes?

    For anyone who doesn’t know about the ketogenic diet, it just means really low carb. I started with Fast 800, but being a small framed person, I needed to go low carb to really shift my fat.

    I ate lots of carbs over Christmas. Did a 36 hour water fast to accelerate getting back into ketosis (lost 3 pounds of water weight/glycogen stores, like when you first start Fast 800). Now I’m nearly back to goal weight, so close, just 100g, and hoping to lose a couple of extra pounds this time before I go hormonal/pre-menstrual. Mostly 16:8 intermittent fasting. I might pull off another 36 hour. Anyone curious about 36 hour fasts should check out videos by Dr Jason Fung on YouTube. I highly recommend the “Two Compartment Model” one.

  • Hi everyone,
    I have had a couple of busy and stressful days, but I have stayed on track. As predicted my weight popped back up by more than 1kg from a couple of higher calorie days. Amazingly, I feel smaller though finally. I fit very comfortably into my best trousers today and they do not have any stretch. I could not do that before Christmas.
    I was planning on eating breakfast and lunch today and then starting another 24 hour fast, but lunch simply didn’t happen, so I am now already in the middle of the fast. I am managing clean fasting quite well. Just salt and water and the odd cup of tea.
    I have a couple of WHY’s. I really do want to get back to looking good like I did when I was in bootcamp. I just don’t want to get there again through extreme exercise and daily calorie restriction. It was just plain hard and probably dropped my metabolism to the point where I now put on weight at the drop of a hat.
    I also would like to get back down below 75kg so I can participate in a therapeutic riding program, and that will also allow me to ride smaller horses again. As I get older, riding the big, strong horses gets more challenging, and 17hh or 18hh or even 18.3hh (biggest horse I’ve ever ridden) is such a long way off the ground. It would be nice to be a bit safer and be closer to the ground in case of a fall/bailout.
    I’m going to dig out my next pair of goal trousers this evening and use that as motivation to keep going and not slack off.

  • posted by  MerryMelba on Keeping up momentum
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    Hi Mr.b
    Great going so far – and you too Gill. 🥇🥇
    Mr.b – good that you are logging everything in MyFP. I logged everything too in my first 10 weeks – and I found that after the first week or two that I got better results by keeping my carbs low – about 20g per day worked for me. That also meant I was in keto – which spurred me on as I felt better and had less inflammation. So that may help you with your losses. Also JGwens advice about not watching the scales is so true – NSVs (non scale victories) are more noticeable – looser clothes etc.
    The recipe ideas in the books are great, but sometimes their carb count can be a bit high. Lots of recipe ideas on the Dietdoctor site and also one called What the fat?
    You are going well on the alcohol front. 🎈🎈🎈 For me a drink led to the temptation to find a snack – so I found it easier to cut it completely for the 8 weeks. A glass of soda water with a slice of lemon and/or ginger was my evening tipple 😋

  • Wendy is great! Personally, i’m not so much wobbling on the long term “Why?” but “the keeping my eye on the prize” bit,because I’m not sure what prize I’m after. I set a quite random “six turkeys” target in Jan 2019; I’ve discarded 4 of those (ie 16kgs) , and gone from size 18 to size 12 in the same M&S jeans. My knees and hips no longer ache. Crumpets and big bowls of pasta hold no appeal. I still have a “sporran”. I still like some red wine. My BMI is still “overweight”, but no longer “obese”. There has been discussion here of the Prof Taylor regime – he also says no one should exceed the weight they were at 21 – I’d need to add several more turkeys to get back to that…So, do I just keep to where I am, much better than 12 mths ago, or do I still aspire to the size 10 jeans?

  • Yes, we all need a peptalk sometimes, don’t we?
    I’m just hoping people aren’t too judgemental if someone falls off the wagon from time to time, as nobody can walk in someone else’s shoes and know what they are coping with. As long as we get back to the diet, we’ll still be winning won’t we? It’ll maybe take longer than it could, but as long as we’re getting there – that’s what counts isn’t it?
    My WHY – I have a degenerative spine and hope losing weight will help me to cut down on painkillers, and that the fasting hours can ease some of the inflammation, so I can walk easier.

  • Fantastic! Another great post from Wendy!
    Really struck a chord with me…….in fact it felt like I was reading about myself, it’s all so very true.
    Thank you once again Wendy. You really are great at explaining things and making me see things from a different angle…..I’m always using excuses.
    My long term WHY is to keep my diabetes under control and not have to increase meds or eventually go onto insulin.
    My short term WHY is to lose weight for my holiday abroad on 1st May. It will be my first sunshine holiday in years and I would love to feel confident in a swimsuit (a bikini is a definite no lol) rather than hiding under loose clothing.

  • WOW Wendy, that was a truly inspirational post!!!

    Even those of us that have been here for a very long time stray occasionally and need reminding that falling into old patterns will ultimately result in a return to old problems.

    My ‘why’ for being here and staying with this way of life, is to be healthy and the best I can be. (And I can’t afford another new wardrobe of clothes!)

  • Thanks for your reply. Most appreciated!
    My only concern was going mega into deficit. Obviously a deficit is good but to have used my daily 800 before I got to work was a concern that I’d hit a wall.
    I was tired this afternoon but that I imagine was getting up and going to the gym this morning rather than food etc.

    Will crack on then and see where we get to! Thanks again


    Gill 33Uk wrote “I wish motivation was available in bottles so I could store some for a little later down the line if it starts to waiver, not that I am at the moment! ”

    Hi Gill ! Motivation is such a big deal. It’s key. Nobody can do this for us, it’s down to us and basically if we want it enough we will succeed.
    I have constantly read of struggles with motivation, giving in to temptation , feeling bad , overeating as a consequence etc , and the infernal cycle goes on….
    I read this recently too (from

    “If you truly want something, you’ll find a way.
    If you don’t , you’ll find an excuse ”

    It’s tough talking but it’s true. We have got to want to be healthier, free of cravings and addictions more than we want those snacks and other foods that make us feel c**p.
    I always remember JGwen talking about finding your WHY. We don’t all have the same WHY ….it could be avoiding or reversing diabetes, discarding weight to feel and look better for a special occasion, for life !! , helping with inflammatory issues, ending the infernal binges and cravings ?
    Objectives can differ but we have to keep that WHY in mind at all times and not allow ourselves to make excuses because that diminishes our motivation and just means that ultimately we will give up.

    I don’t want anyone to give up. I feel passionately about the long term benefits of this way of eating. It’s not a quick fix. It needs commitment, determination and belief.What is important is to stay the course and never waver from your WHY.
    Here’s an idea ………….
    Come and tell us your WHY on here , then write it down and keep it visible at all times . Refer to it whenever you feel a bit fragile and tempted.
    I will record everything, copy and paste it and save it and keep reminding you !

    My WHY is to be healthy in retirement, so I can have a good, long life with my hubby and happily run after any grandkiddies that arrive. … You know I started in September 2018 . I had a moment when I feared I would run out of time to sort out myself out. Too many false starts, I had had enough so I knuckled down…that was a pretty powerful WHY.

    There have been some brilliant results on the thread ! Be proud, very proud !!! 😉 There will also be some moments when things feel a bit flat and less exciting. There will be times when progress slows a bit, when a weekend binge feels irresistible because ‘ you deserve it’ . We have to learn to manage those danger times and stay focused. You can get through those tricky moments by thinking long term. Breaking long established habits is not going to happen overnight. Give it time and keep focused on your reasons for doing this.

    I have seen people posting time and time again and then disappearing and I don’t want that to be the pattern on our thread. Please keep posting, stay with us , voice your fears and victories and keep your eye on the prize.

    I don’t know how this post will be received but I honestly don’t think I can help unless I speak honestly and directly. I want you all to feel great and free from the

  • posted by  JGwen on Keeping up momentum
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    Hi MrB.
    When we eat a high carb diet our body needs to store water to help in processing the carbs. When you go to a low carb diet our bodies release that stored water. Hence the large initial weight loss.

    One lb of fat equals 3500 cals. If you have been counting calories in the past without keeping carbs low you may have damaged your metabolism so reducing the number of calories you burn each day. But expect if you fast (as in no food) for 24 hours do not expect to loose more than 0.5 lbs.

    However, weight loss isn’t linear. and the scales are not a good method of measuring progress for a number of reasons.

    We are advised to drink 2 ltrs of water a day, a ltr of water weighs 1 kilo. So depending on where we are at in our water in / out cycle our weight can fluctuate by up to 2 kilos over the course of a day. .

    Then there is the weight of what you have in your digestive system. 800 calories of cheese weighs a lot less than 800 calories of celery.

    If you keen your carb intake down, so your insulin levels remain low then other hormones can also function correctly. That includes growth hormone, which is responsible for bone density, and muscle growth. Improving both will increase weight, so you will have periods where you have inch loss but no change in the reading of the scales.

    Finally there is the whoosh effect. – Scientists are not sure why this happens. but what happens is that there is no change in the reading on the scales for a few days or weeks and then suddenly you release a lot of water and see a weight drop as a result. (the presumption that fat cells are filled with water as they are emptied with fat and then collapse releasing the water has been proved to not be accurate, but they don’t know what the real reason is. .)

    So all told, taking lots of measurements and getting comfortable looking in the mirror for changes is much more effective method of monitoring progress than the scales.

  • posted by  SunnyB on Keeping up momentum
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    Welcome both, weight loss is never linear, so there will be weeks when inexplicably the loss will be much smaller and even on occasion stall, or there might even be a small blip upward. Both of you had a really impressive loss in the first week and in reality, some of that will have been water weight, so continuing to lose at the same rate can’t be expected. The good news is that you both seem to be really focused and determined, with plenty of drive to keep you questing for you goal.

    Do feel free to join in on any thread that feels relevant to you, as this is a friendly community and you’ll definitely receive a warm welcome. Having said that, I think I have seen you ‘out and about’ already Gill33UK. Best wishes to you both …

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    Yowser, sorry I missed you post, I got interrupted while typing my post and somehow missed including a response. It sounds like you have got a good handle on your approach to this way of life. Have a wonderful day of celebration tomorrow and come and tell us about it when you have time.

  • posted by  JGwen on Doing the Fat 800 and going to the gym= calorie deficit!
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    Hi George, if your carb intake is low enough so that your body can use your fat stores as energy there is no need to increase the number of calories you eat if you are exercising. I find it helps to think in terms that our fat is meals we have eaten previously and haven’t burnt yet.

    Do ensure you have enough salt in your diet as moving from a high carb diet to a low carb diet. Our body stores water to help it process carbs, but releases that water when you move to a low carb diet, which causes the kidneys to release electrolytes with the water released.

  • Did someone mention Galaxy. Oh my, my ears perked up at that! Tee hee.
    Always a temptation for me but thankfully I have managed to keep to a snack free week and avoided most, but not all, carb danger zones resulting in a 4lb loss. Phew.
    This week, I have promised my body that I will be kinder to it, by drinking more water and reducing carbs to 20-50g (which I know works for me).
    Happy healthy eating everyone. X

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    So pleased this thread is still part of your social media, Verano. You are right, we all need to find away to blend this way of eating into our life style and your approach sounds similar to mine. Enjoy your travels.

    Merry, finally got around to your link. It was very powerful … had a lump in my throat it was so poyniant and very moving.

    My positives for today are ….
    1 Have almost finished compiling this month’s village news sheet.
    2 Slow cooked ox cheek casserole for dinner tonight.
    3 Daughter had a wobble about the wedding dress she’s chosen, but I think I’ve ‘talked her of the ledge’ …. fingers crossed.
    Keep posting those positives everyone.

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Aw SUNNYB how lovely that the dress has now been chosen! So exciting!💜💜💜💜
    What ideas have you got for yr Mother of the Bride outfit?
    VERANO Thats a really good place to be ..” have come to terms with life as it is and am no longer chasing unattainable goals.” …Im not quite there yet,but I know its where I need to get to,to make life more contented and peaceful. 🌷🌷🌷
    My pozzos today…
    * Its my second fast day of Alternate Fast Days. Have fasted on and off since 2013 so I know what to do to make it as easy as I can.i know I have to keep busy ..i often declutter on a fast day which makes me feel good inside and out.
    Also,keep it simple. This first week,dindins is a below 400 cals ready meal with some veg or salad and a ten calorie jelly.
    Healthier choices in the weeks to come.
    * Have hidden my body weighing scales. 🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈
    Kristin Varaday recommends weighing daily while ADF ing,but you know what..I realised it makes me miserable,seeing how the numbers have climbed up over the last two and a half years.
    I actually already feel lighter and clothes already looser,so Im gonna stay with that good feeling!
    Some day in the future I will get that same good feeling from stepping on my scales again,but for now..ignorance is bliss!,
    * out for lunch tomozzz..nonfast day yippee,tho wont be going mad. My beau and I have been going out with each other ten years today. He had grandkid duties today,but of course that suited me,as its my fast day. So we will celebrate tomorrow hurrah! 🍾🍾🍾
    Love to all xxx 😘

  • Great determination and focus here, it so good to see everyone so enthusiastic! I’m quietly confident that things are consistently rolling in the right direction, just hope that continues to be the case when it comes to my next weekly weigh-in.
    Rarely eat anything before 2.30pm, making it a approx a 18:6 split these days and then it will just be a little yogurt with berries, nuts etc or a small salad. Like you ScottishGal, I’m so enjoying being in control again!
    Keep on keeping on folks.

  • Thanks Wendy, it’s good to be back.
    I’m actually enjoying eating “normally” again after all the junk I ate over Christmas and New Year.
    This is now my third day without ANY chocolate. And I’m not missing it……….yet.
    Also, my bg is finally back in control too (it was continually high over Christmas)

  • posted by  Verano on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Sunny how wonderful to be involved with your daughters wedding plans. Nothing is more positive than a joyful occasion to look forward to.
    I do have a few positives ……
    1. Finding my social media ‘cleanse’ easier than I thought it would be and it gives me much more time for other things!
    2. Found some old photos of me ‘looking the best I can be’ and have put them in my journal as a constant reminder of where I’m headed!
    3. Feeling quite positive at the moment. I know that this way of eating has to fit into my lifestyle rather than the other way around. I have actually come to terms with the fact that when I’m away I need to enjoy but don’t need ‘gay abandon’! In truth, even when we are eating out, or are away, I am at a point where high carb foods hold no attraction. I might have a couple of crackers with cheese or an occasional chocolate mousse, but never a full on carby dessert. I doubt I will ever reach my ‘healthy’ BMI but as long as my T2 stays in remission I’ll be happy.
    So yes I have come to terms with life as it is and am no longer chasing unattainable goals.
    Hope everyone us well and keeping positive.

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    The recipe book is great, I’ve been using it every day. Good luck to you too!

  • posted by  Gill33UK on Keeping up momentum
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    Thanks, just the boost I need to keep going with my positive mental attitude!

    Red wine WAS my thing, madness that I am pleased to not have drank a whole bottle of vodka (should have joined AA) over the weekend but it’s a huge improvement that can only get better!

    I have bought the new journal and the recipe book, new night-time reading so fully armed to succeed! Good luck.

  • posted by  mr.b on Keeping up momentum
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    Thank you! And well done to you too!

    I think getting into the frame of mind is the hardest part – once there it has just clicked. I have found it useful to be a bit obsessive, recording everything I eat in MyFitnessPal and weighing myself every day. Maybe that is why I’ve been discouraged by the slowdown.

    I’ve really cut down on alcohol. Weekends only have been having white wine spritzers (with soda), but containing only a small splash of wine. I just tell myself it is cheap prosecco and it keeps me happy! 😉

  • Hi
    1st time poster 1st time on the fast 800/ BSD

    I’ve been doing it for around a week since being recommended it by my GP.

    I have High Blood pressure and am overweight mainly due to beer & Wine i think!

    So have cut the beers/ wine and am doing the BSD

    I also joined a gym and have started going which is good- i used to go a lot then gave up and got fat!

    However did a session today with a heart rate monitor on and it looks like i burnt 814 cals in the session.

    If i’m on only 800 cals should i up the 800 intake slightly on the days i plan to go to the gym?

    whats your experience of this situation ?

    so far in my 4 or 5 days doing it have lost nearly 4kg! & feel good!!

    Thanks in advance


  • posted by  Gill33UK on Keeping up momentum
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    Hi mr.b, well done! Almost 1 stone in two week’s is great. I am just starting week two today, I lost 8lb the first week and like you I have found it easier than I thought, I think it’s all down to state of mind!
    Booze at weekends will be my downfall if I let it, although I am doing much better on the wine front than I imagined, usually at least one bottle a night, if I am honest two and more at weekends, well I haven’t had a drop since last Tuesday, I have had a few vodka’s over the weekend but still have the same bottle for this weekend and am eeking it out!
    Best of luck and don’t be disappointed.