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    Nokie – so sorry to hear you’ve got covid; hope you feel better soon.

    Yowzer49 – my rebounder sessions are usually 2 x 15 mins and I tailor the intensity to how I’m feeling at the time so could be anything from a gentle bounce to something more energetic; I work from home so fit the first one into a break in the morning and then the second one between finishing work and picking the kids up from school! It’s not much, but it’s pretty much all I have time for at the moment unfortunately. I aim for Monday to Friday and have weekends off, but it doesn’t always work out if I’m away for work or similar; do what I can and don’t worry too much if I can’t as no need to sweat the small stuff in life! I do find it helps actually (improves my flexibility, strength and balance for sure), plus I enjoy it – bit of music and a bounce wakes me up and lifts my mood. I used to be a bit of a gym bunny and a runner 15 years or so ago (for a brief time – got over the fitness bug pretty quick!) so it’s nice to feel I’m doing something, even if it’s only a little bit – reminds me of when I was fit. I don’t think my tendons will ever take distance running again, so jogging on the rebounder is as close as I’m likely to get to a half marathon again 😂 I always ice my ankles after my morning session too, for 20 mins or so, which I think helps as well.

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    Good morning from rainy Sydney! So tired of rain.
    I’m feeling cheery this morning, 400g gone this week which is hardly earth shattering I suppose but at least it’s downward progression and it has been consistently downward though (very) slow since I restarted at the beginning of September.
    Good luck to everyone for the one stone challenge! I am hesitant to put a figure on my contribution but a pound (800g) would be nice 🙂
    CC, I am sorry your job didn’t work out. It’s disappointing after your prep for it.
    Linda, I envy you your cruise! I am going on a one week cruise at the end of the month, just to Melbourne and back for the Melbourne Cup and to see friends in Melbourne that I haven’t seen for nearly 10 years. I am looking forward to it but it doesn’t compare with your transatlantic trip! The Tasman sea is often rough, on one trip I did with my mother just down the coast and back a few years ago the seas were so high we couldn’t leave the ship for shore visits and one unfortunate lady broke her leg falling down stairs and had an emergency evac at sea. I watched them trying to line up the rescue boat and the cruise ship to shoot a gangway across, I didn’t think they could possibly manage it but they are such skilled sailors, it all happened very efficiently and quickly.
    Nokie I am sorry you’re feeling sick. Hope you recover before long.
    Yowser, thank you for all your encouraging comments! It’s always great to read your posts.
    Good luck everyone for the coming week, keep going!

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    Oh NOKIE im so sorry ….look after yourselves and get well soon. Sending very gentle hugs to you both XX
    Linda,great to see you,just been reading the fishy thing you mention,im not very fishy but Beau loves it so will deffo buy. We havent been in Aldi for a while so its high time we went!XX hugs to hub and you also xx

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    Hi all😷
    I am sorry I cannot write ✍️ much but I have the dreaded covid and feel terrible thanks for all the posts they cheered me up I will be in contact soon when I feel bit better my husband just took test he has it now too😕
    We both had flu and booster jabs on sat as well😪😪
    Take care everyone have a good week not sure what I sm going to eat

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    Hi All
    I too have been meaning to post for ages BUT things got away from me. The transatlantic we’re on in March we just had a $2 deposit on & prices had gone down so I’ve been trying to get a good deal on a brand new booking. We normally go for a balcony but the inside cabins were a steal at just $750 each so we plumped for those. We can go through an American Agency as Carl still travels on a US passport & also has a valid US drivers licence at a friends address in MS. Anyways we also bought future cruise deposits for £75 each which hopefully they’ll covert to the US equivalent of $100 each which give us $100 of On Board Credit (OBC) too. We also each have $250 Casino Credit from the last cruise – which we desperately hope they’ll accept (the terms say Europe & that’s where we’re headed to from the US) On top of that they are offering $260 OBC per cabin. Then shareholder credit of $250$ I’ve been amazed at the potential saving especially on the well priced 15 day cruise. $1500 in total less a grand total of $1210 means we get a 15 day cruise for $290 for both of us!!! No wonder Americans seem to cruise all the time! OK you have gratuities to pay of $435 for both of us but it works out at a daily rate of just $48 for the 2 of us. Well actually it will cost us $1935 in total but we’ll have (hopefully) $1210 to spend onboard & for excursions, a few drinks & also hopefully we’ll win at the casino. Beats a long flight any day! As we’re on the American site they also usually have offers to upgrade& you can bid for an upgrade too. I had to phone Princess UK as US Princess can’t see the credits from the last cruise on their site, then I have phone the US agency tomorrow to see if the lady did put it on the new booking & if we can use ALL of them. Fingers crossed! Just put this on here in case anyone else can get an American address & et the bargains too. (many people do this (illegally really) pretty easily using relatives or friends address). We used (easiest to see what cruises are available) but Americandiscountcruises also offer great deals & you can easily see on there the final prices (which vacationstogo will match). We saved over $1300 on having an inside cabin & we’re also hoping they’ll offer us a cheap upgrade later on. Doesn’t matter if we just end up staying there as we enjoyed being out on the decks socialising rather than using the balcony. We met some lovely people on the last cruise. Hope some of you can use this information. Shame about the horrendously low £ to $ rate though since Truss’s brainwave (NOT!)

    I’ve been & still am trying to lose the weight gained. Total loss just 2.6lbs since we came back Going to start making huge pans of soups again (2-3litres) from all my veggie scraps, as the weather is SO cold now. I’ve hated throwing out the cauliflower leaves & stalk, the broccoli stalks & the leek tops that aren’t too green. Such a waste not to use them & for those of you who don’t know the bits you throw away are full of more vits & minerals, not to mention fibre than the parts we usually all eat. Add a parsnip & spinach(for taste) also some cheap cream cheese then whizz them all up with a hand blender. Better than anything you can buy in a supermarket at high cost & my soups are better than anything you can get in a restaurant too. We LOVE them!

    We are REALLY pleased that our nearest shop is now an Aldi, we have no corner shops or anything & nearest towns are 1.5 miles & 2 miles further than the Aldi. It opened on September 15th & I was boasting to Molly & Sarah that it’s now our closest shop. Prices for groceries are pretty horrendous in the US, making it cheaper often to eat out. Both girls raved about Aldi after they made the long trips to them, there weren’t many in their part. Believe it or not they BOTH had Aldis open up in their towns in FL & MS on the exact same day. What a coincidence YAY!

    Talking of Aldi, they now have that wonderful 3 fish roast in stock at all stores. They were supposed to have it in ours on 15th too BUT we think they sent it all out to London restaurants etc. because of the many dignitaries that made it there for the Queens funeral. If you haven’t tried it then you REALLY should as it’s excellent quality & it’s something that anyone would be amazed to have in a restaurant. It’s now 650gms instead of i think 800gms but at £5.99 it’s an absolute treat for 2 people. Cod, Salmon & smoked Haddock make up 51% of the weight so about 330gms & the cheese & wine sauce is divine. OK tiny bits of potato (you won’t see them) & breadcrumbs top it but no way am i taking those off. 1/2 a pack is 493 cals with carbs of 29.4 – I know most of us try to keep under 50gms BUT even if you try to keep under 20gms this is a superb treat. Put it on top of cauli, leeks & broccoli & it’s a delight. You won’t need anything further on top of the veg. say YUM YUM! Going to try & pick up the salmon & Prawn Wellington too in about 10mins as this is I think 60% or so fish & prawns with cheese/wine sauce. Just ditch the pastry & that’s £4.29 for 750gms I think. IF you do buy it let it thaw out for FAR better results. If you cook from fozen at the temp they suggest on the packet it dries the lovely sauce out. We let it thaw then bung it in the air fryer (ours is a large 2,000W pan style) You then just cook it at a low 155C for 22 mins & it’s perfection.Gotta go shop folks, just 2 miles up the road. YAY!

    Take care all, hugs to everyone.
    Onwards & downwards peeps. Just keep on keeping off.
    Linda XXXX

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    Howdy chums,happy Thurs/ Fri…nearly the weekend wooohoo!
    My positives for today..
    *~ DD has gone to visit her Dad in Hull for a long weekend… arrived safely after a smooth journey…,im always grateful for that.
    *~ Saw sniffer dogs training in a local,not training to be baristas! to sniff out drugs. Theyre taken to drug free venues as well as more suspicious places. Its part of them learning is that not everywhere they investigate will get a result. Gorgeous springer spaniels!💜
    *~ Bought our pusscat a clockwork mouse 😁😄….enjoyed watching him chasing it! …so cute 💜

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    Hi all and LITTLEDRUMMER! I empathise with you re walking,standing..i get tired very fast,not much stamina..i go on my rebounder but not as often as you. How long do you stay on it? Hopefully it does us some good!
    Good luck with seeing the specialist,hope he’s helpful.
    Guilt Monkey made me have a Carb Monster and an Inner Chimp always hanging around me,trying to get me into bad ways and often succeeding! 😁
    Cant believe Friday is around the corner,time goes so fast…wishing everyone bussing on here a great weekend as we chug along,theu hills and dales! XX🌷🍁🍁🌷XX
    PS NEVER GIVE UP..nearly a stone off 👏👏👏👏👏👏 very well done! X

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    Evening all!
    Late check in for me this week – lost 1.8lb when I weighed on Tuesday. Quite pleased with that given I’d had one day very over calories and had a head cold for most of the week and know I was retaining some fluid. That was the good bit – after WI on Tuesday I had to be away for two nights for work and got back this afternoon. Suffice to say, my calorie intake over the last three days as been very non-compliant to Fast 800! Haven’t even attempted to calculate the food and the booze would probably double it unfortunately! Only saving grace was I did quite a bit of walking and played a lot of table tennis while drinking, so my Fitbit reckons I had a 4K+ calorie expenditure on Tuesday and 5K+ yesterday, which might take the edge off some of the damage with a bit of luck! Will be back on plan from tomorrow and see if I can minimise the damage by WI next week! To be honest, I don’t feel bad about the calories, which is odd, I would usually be beating myself up about it, so I wonder whether I am finally adapting to treating this as a lifestyle, where I have the opportunity to celebrate with food and drink now and then, but return to my Fast 800 / low carb baseline. Hope so, as it’s a healthier approach than feeding the guilt monkey and keeping him sat on my shoulder! What I do regret is all the walking and standing – it’s really aggravated the achillies tendon issues I’ve been managing for the last several months, so I’m back to square one with a fair amount of pain and unable to walk properly when I get up the last couple of days; hoping my appointment with an specialist next week can shed some light on it. I can use my rebounder trampoline twice a day, five days a week with no problems, discomfort at a manageable base level, but lots of walking or standing and all the good work is undone. So frustrating.
    Anyway – hope everyone has a good week and I’ll keep reading everyones updates.

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    Hello all! I haven’t had time to post much recently but enjoyed all of your updates, thank you. Well done everyone on losses, and efforts, ClarinetCathy – a loss is a loss – last week I somehow gained 4lb but lost 6lb again this week so that balances out at a 2lb loss over the last 2 weeks, and overall 12lb since I joined so I’m very happy with that.
    2lb more will be a stone so I would like to contribute 2lb towards next Wednesday if possible – count me in 🙂 A collective stone sounds good!
    Life seems so busy these days with different things cropping up each week. I find that if I can pencil in at least 2 days each week for an 800kcal day, it’s great, and then a third or fourth is a good bonus. The other days where it might not be possible to count everything, I do damage limitation with very low carbs and it’s going in the right direction overall.

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    Oh wow that IS bliss SUNNY! Enjoy! X
    My positive for today…
    *~ I am slowly moving into the 21 century! Got a contactless bank card today!😄 heehee! Maybe i should go crazy and get a decent phone! Ive had an old Nokia for many years,really basic?! XX

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    Hi folks,yes CCATHY,will join in seeing what we cal lose by next Wednesday!
    Im sorry the flu job didnt workout after your 15 hours training,also sorry about yr sons mortgage appl..very difficult frustrating and worrying time for him,same for my young hairdresser ❤️
    SUE is it just over 2 weeks..oct 14 the Big Day! X
    Love to you all and hugs,life is trying our patience at the moment in several ways,so lets have a singsong…
    Any suggestions..
    “If youre happy and you know it clap your hands! “…🤨😄🙄

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    Hello everyone
    It’s been a hectic week for me. The flu job didn’t work out- it was too chaotic and disorganised for me! The guy I was meeting last Wednesday for training at 9.30 am didn’t even show up and I was told “you can go home if you want”! I decided that I am better off staying at the vaccination centre where we are busy doing the autumnal boosters. I was sad and disappointed because I did 15 hours online training that I won’t get paid for but I’ve drawn a line under the disappointment.
    Weight wise I am 0.2 lb lighter than last week! Rubbish really but still a little loss and I did host book club where I served up the ratatouille and halloumi bake (they loved it) and also it was my 38th wedding anniversary so we went for Sunday lunch (no pudding)!
    Slow and steady wins the race! I feel better now that I am not stressing about a new job. I’m worrying about my son and his wife who have just applied for a mortgage for their first house – what a terrible economic mess we are in! Always something to worry about! Anyway, I am trying to keep healthy food wise and I am going to try and lose 2lb this week.
    DCT – I want to see you at the front of the bus this week! I’m keeping my eye on you! 👁
    SueBlue- not long now until the big day. I bet you’re so excited.
    Have a good week everyone. Let’s just do our best every day. It’s as much as we can do.
    Let’s see if we can collectively lose one stone between us between now and next Wednesday. I hope to contribute 2lb towards it. What are you going to aim for?

  • Hi everyone, thank you for all the info on drugs. I have looked into them quite carefully and noticed one drug is not suitable for people with breathing difficulties, which I have, and one was not suitable for people with low blood pressure, which I also have. Not to rule them out as doctor will know how significant the risks are. Anyway thank you all for your help – I have something to go on now and will stop talking about it because not everyone is interested. On with the diet.

    Although, welcome to Ani74, I notice you are pre-diabetic and you have come to the right place to kick that into touch. What to nibble on – my answer is always protein – some cold cooked chicken, slice of ham, piece of cheese, a few nuts (careful with the calories with nuts or cheese), carrot sticks, a plain yoghurt with some berries, a boiled egg. Hope that helps to be going on with.

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    HI Sue, I know exactly how you feel! Been meaning to post for days.Belated birthday greetings and I hope you had a lovely celebration? and it must only be a couple of weeks to the wedding now? If you want to go on a quick weight loss blitz I’ll happily join you to spur you on – I’ve not only stalled recently but been piling weight on. Not happy! But still determined to lose a stone by Christmas so I’d better get my skates on!

    How is everyone else doing? I meant to say LittleDrummerGirl a very well done for your 17lb so far! That’s incredible 👏 and is a real inspiration. I hope to report at least some loss again when I next post. Which will be SOON!! X

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    Yowser, you’ve rolled us on to a new page!!! Thanks so much for keep the thread current and V, good to see you popping in here too. We’re thinking of going back to Jim’s on our return trip through Singapore.

    My positives today are …
    🌴🌴arrived safely on the Maldives yesterday, first day on the beach today🌞🙂
    🛖🌴 sitting in our separate little hut behind our beach villa first thing this morning, sipping tea and watching a crab scuttling along the shore line.
    🙂 no necessity to do anything or be anywhere… bliss!!!

  • It’s already Wednesday here – and I am off to a slow start this week. I had a good week last week and my jeans are feeling a little less tight. Then a long weekend and an excursion to a Regional art gallery yesterday meant that I didn’t stay on plan. But that is fine!
    Back on track today 🌼
    That’s great news on your insulin S-G – and I hope you and your doc can find the best medication for you.
    My sympathies to you Verano – take care of yourself. And we will embrace October with open arms 🤗
    RubyG – someone will appreciate all your charity shop donations. I bet hubby is enjoying his “make over” and new threads!

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    Hiiii V,glad to see you,its been kinda lonely 🙂🙃😁 mmmm soup! Just the thing in the autumn!
    Not much news here but had a lovely breezy sunny avvo out,and tho it rained heavily a few times,we were lucky enough not to get caught in it xx

    Ooh we ve popped over onto a new page! ❤️💜💚

  • Hi Verano, sorry to hear of your loss but thank you for thinking of me at this time.

    I am looking at the site right now and so far it is looking good so I can learn about the flozin family of drugs

    Thank you Elle for your PM. I will get around to reading it. The more I know the better I am able to discuss the subject and maybe know what wont suit me as well as what will.

    I reduced insulin to 7 units last night – that is the lowest I have ever gone. My BG this morning was still 90 or 4.8 which is on the low of side of acceptable (between 80 and 120 is good control). I will stay at 7 units for the time being but if I have to go lower it will be more evidence to say I can do this. And I can.

    Love to all.

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    Yowzer just had to ‘pop in’!
    You’re doing a great job at keeping this thread going all by yourself …. is there a song somewhere there !!!
    Anyway, just wanted to pop in with just one positive ….
    Autumn is here so made my first pan of soup today for the freezer.
    Sunny so glad you enjoyed Jim Thomsons …. always a risk when you recommend somewhere. Anyway, keep enjoying.
    Yowser you’re a star for keeping this thread going!!
    I’ll try and post a little more.
    Keep well and enjoy

  • Hi again.
    We’ve had a family bereavement so I’m just popping in briefly but probably won’t add much more this week.
    Just want to echo sunshine-girls mantra of ‘keep on keeping on’ in what ever way we can, and how ever well we can keep to it. At the end of the day we all want to be as healthy as we can be but we also have to have a ‘life’! Choices are ours!
    Anyway, have a good week and welcome October with open arms ……..we just have to each keep doing what’s best for ME!

  • That must feel so good for your hubby Ruby. I have one dress that I tried on before the wedding and it was at least 2 sizes too big. I dont want to discard it as I have only worn it once. At the moment it will sit there until I lose more weight and then we have a lady in the next town who does alterations. But need to wait until I am sure it is never going to fit at current size again.

    Weigh in this morning shows half a pound loss – better than nothing – however, after a flexible weekend drinkwise I always seem to show my losses on a Wednesday so maybe that should be my weekly weigh date. My final diet date before the ‘C’ word will be a Tuesday so will keep it the same. So now need to lose 12lbs in 11 weeks. Still doable.

    Feeling good, had my hair done today and a good laugh with my hairdresser – cant tell you the joke, it is too rude for here 🙂

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    Before I talk about money saving tips, I notice there is a programme on UK TV (think it is channel 4 or 5) called 30 Money Saving tips.
    I am recording it.

    Sounds a bit extreme Elle but I bet it looks lovely. We have lamps all around the living room and dining room (open plan) and I must admit we have stopped having all 4 on and only use the one next to us. Also I have put a washing up bowl in the shower stall so while I am waiting for the shower to warm up it is collecting. Used it for the pot plants but not necessary now. Will use it when I clean the bathroom.

    I know I said my non use of the oven for cooking would only save 25p, if you used the oven daily that is a saving £91 per year. I must admit to cooking in the oven 2 or 3 times a week – hubby likes oven chips with his omelette and the Friday fish with chips. So that makes a difference of around £30 a year. Not much. Can I say, if you live in the UK you will save more. Our electricity is a lot cheaper than yours but not complacent, it is bound to go up at some time.

    We have stopped putting the dishwasher on every night and wait until it is completely full so it now goes on around 4 times a week. Cooking from scratch creates quite a bit of washing up so we soon get a full load. Now if we can get maybe the breakfast things in so leave it until the next morning then it has the knock on effect of being even emptier that evening and so on. So if we use it 5 times a week it will save us around again, 25p per week – around £30 per year. So you can see it is adding up, we have now saved £60 just on those 2 tips.

    To add to food tips, when I cooked the bolognaise sauce last might I substituted 50g of mince with 50g of red lentils. So 50g lentils plus 150g mince and a couple of slices of bacon cut into lardons. Always make a bit too much and have a tub in the freezer. After 3 or 4 mince meals we have a full meal in the freezer. Gives me a night off from cooking plus saves on food and fuel.

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    Our money saving is we have a string of solar lights for the garden that we have hung on the ceiling in the lounge with the charging unit outside on the windowsill so we don’t use the room lights in the evening. We will also use logs on the fire Ruby, I have resisted it so far and have used a fleece throw over me.

  • I forgot to mention on the previous thread that we finally took all of hubby’s size 42-44 trousers to the charity shop over the weekend, some pairs I don’t think had ever been worn, so they were happy.
    Next trip will be all of his smart work shirts which look like clown clothes on him, the larger casual shirts can probably still be worn (he has a few favourites).
    Not a bad day today with food choices, although I did have to have a mid-afternoon snack of some Greek yoghurt, nothing else added though.
    Have a good week all.

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    25p for a meal you enjoy is worth it, in my opinion!
    My moneysaving adventure at the moment is to use the gas central heating in the morning only, otherwise showering is not an option in a baltic bathroom. This afternoon the real-feel was 6 degrees C (north east coast) and windy and rainy, so about 2.30pm I lit the log burner and rather than the raging inferno hubby so enjoys I am just keeping it ticking over and the open-plan downstairs area is comfortable (I am wearing a fleece top and tracky bottoms and socks).
    Although logs by the bag are stupidly expensive, we found a product which is compressed wood shavings (no glues added) which are a by-product of horse bedding, and they burn long, hot and clean and cost less than £10 for a 20kg bag, so we’re trialling those for the evening house warming and so far so good.
    Today’s lunch was chicken broth in the slow cooker, which will feed us for 3 days in total, just microwave it to reheat tomorrow and Wednesday.

  • I know we still have a few days left in September but I wanted to keep the theme going ! On we go !!

    I hope September was successful , not just on the scales but in self confidence and motivation .
    If it didn’t go totally to plan, that’s ok. Put September behind you and move on, ONWARDS . That’s what matters .

    All the best everyone for this coming week and for a new month .
    SG we are all behind you as you continue your research into alternative diabetes medication !

    Wendy, sunshine-girl and SunnyB (in Singapore !) xxx

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    Hi RubyG to be honest using the oven for a couple of hours on a Sunday takes my daily usage from 12 KwH to 13.5. That in France is less than 25p. So I figure I would rather have food I enjoy. I dont often have a Sunday roast and mainly eat things like steak or a chicken casserole or even for a treat, confit de canard – comes in a tin and only needs 20 mins in the oven to warm it through. Yum yum, I am fancying that for Sunday.

    Tonight I am making a mince dish but I have supplemented the meat with 50g of red lentils. Saved me 50g of mince – counting the pennies but not because of the price of electricity or the cost of living but because I need 2000€ to get my pool surround re-pointed 🙂

  • Good luck with the quest to find a new oral medication S-G, the industry must have moved on in 16 years! Although most of the UK advice is still to eat carbs at every meal, so maybe not.

    The Scandi food was mostly awesome, good breakfast of far too many calories (portion of yoghurt and berries followed by herring, cream cheese and salad-y vegetables and then topped off with scrambled egg and bacon!) but low carbs. Lunch was a buffet, so cured meats and salads, ignored the cake. Supper was supposed to be when I got home, but………….a 3 hour delay of my flight led to 2 smorrebrod at the airport (rye bread so could have been worse).

    I have been slightly more mindful about food the past couple of days, and will weigh at the end of the week.

  • Hey Wendy that has gone quickly or has it not seemed like that for you.

    I do have a friendly pharmacist but he also doesn’t speak English. I can manage perfectly well in French but I would have to go through all my history, my numbers etc and my doctor already knows all that. Also, when I go pick up my meds I get questioned when I say I don’t want the insulin because I am only using 7 units – yes 7 units tonight – they can’t advise me as they know nothing about me except my current meds. As an example, I am going for an angiogram at the end of November and a full cardiac consultation in January. Whatever happens at these might change my other meds (BP, Cholesterol etc) and my doctor is fully aware of this and it might influence his treatments.

    For anyone in the know, my fasting BG this morning was down to 51 mg/dl or 2.7 mmol/L, so dangerously low which is why I am dropping down to 7 units tonight. Someone even suggested I eat more. Doh, so the doctor tells me to lose weight and I am expected to eat more. I always compare it to an alcoholic who gets withdrawal and they are told to drink more. Pointless. No, I will just keep reducing the insulin.

    Did my usual weekend treat thing and it is showing on the scales. I really must stop faffing around now and get serious. I will probably be doing sober October so wont have any excuse to have a Saturday night drink.

    Another week, so just keep on keeping on…

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    Hi S-G, sorry that the microwave experiment didn’t work for the Sunday roast. I have vague recollections as a poor newlywed with no oven of some very dubious microwave meals. I do use the microwave a lot, mostly for steaming vegetables, making my cauli mash and cauli rice (I steam rather than cooking in the oven), but not for meat/chicken/any protein.
    I know some people swear by a slow cooker, but again I have had mixed experiences – stews taste odd and even if they are not actually watery they taste like they are. If I do use a slow cooker for a stew or pot-roast, I tend to brown the meat and veg first, then slow cook, although a slow cooker for soup seems to work OK. Alternatively, pressure cookers will reduce the cooking time for meat, and in my view give a better tasting stew or curry.
    I haven’t taken note yet of the rising energy costs in relation to my cooking methods, and I know I am fortunate in many ways, but I would like to still be able to use my oven for a roast dinner, if not every week then maybe once a fortnight, and maybe do some batch cooking on the second shelf for a quick reheat through the week.
    Also, very BSD friendly as well as energy friendly are quick one-pan suppers like stir-fries – tonight’s offering will be a piece of cod loin cooked with some peppers and chorizo, served on cauli rice (microwaved), about 10 minutes worth of cooking on the stove-top.

  • Hi everyone
    Sorry I can’t help with the diabetes medication, SG (apart from the French if need be ?) You are like a dog with a bone ( well, you know what I mean !!) and you will be well armed with info by the time you see your doc . Have you got a friendly pharmacist who could talk to you about medication before your appointment? They are always very knowledgeable .

    I had a bit of a wobbly over the weekend .I don’t know what started me off ( can hardly blame time of the month 😉 ) I think I do know … I added a bit of fruit compote to my Greek yoghurt and it set off the sugar monsters which I tried to control with a handful of nuts….and more nuts .It just shows that sugar is still a fatal attraction for me and I have to be very careful.
    I fought to do my fast yesterday especially because hubby was home for the weekend but I managed it and I am ( hopefully) back on track today .
    Hubby is still in the physio clinic and will hopefully be discharged sometime this week as that will make 3 weeks in there.His physio programme is ongoing though and it is still pretty painful at times.

    I will set up the new thread in a while xx

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on Money Saving Tips and Suggestions
    on in Welcome to the BSD

    In my opinion the microwave joint of pork was an epic failure. Yes it cooked and so did the veg, and I had a ready made gravy but it just didnt taste the same. No crunchy bits on the meat or flavour in the meat tray to make a tasty gravy. Not only that but looking at my Linky account the amount of electricity used was the same as every Sunday.

    Next time I am going to do a pot roast on the stove top, but then I wont be able to judge how much gas I have used instead of electricity.

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Happy Monday and happy week to all!
    Just one positve ( apart from it being a nice breezy sunny day)
    *~ Won £30 on lottery…”dont spend it all in one shop “ my Mum used to say whenever you had a small win 😁🥰
    V happy to have it though!

  • Hi all, well I went on the Diabetes UK site and it really did my head in. I gave a bit of background about 17 years diabetic, 16 years on insulin, 6 years ago found this diet and numbers going down (slowly) but now using only 8 units of insulin and dont want to inject any more. My questions was – in the 16 years since I went onto insulin have their been any improvements in oral meds so they dont cause stomach problems.

    Well I have had answers about how I dont know how to measure the difference between mmol/mol and mmol/ml or Dl or whatever blah blah blah – and I was assured he was a scientist. I have been told I might not be T2 but have LADA, I have been told my pen should be able to go lower than 8 units – yes I know but is it worth the pain. I had to go back on and say STOP – here is my question again. Anyway, I had a couple of people come up with some interesting suggestions for medications in the Flozin family which I have looked at. I just need to have some knowledge about what is available before I have ‘that’ chat with my doctor. He might say I am better off staying on insulin even at a very small dose and that is okay. I just want to know what my options are. Plus I have to do it all in French so need time to look at what I am going to say and hopefully, understand what he says to me.

    Had a small treat last night of a couple of vodka tonics to no bad effect this morning. Although I am aware that alcohol can cause dehydration and you weigh less and when the fluids return your weight can go up. Fingers crossed for my weigh in on Tuesday.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on Week 12 ??
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    Hi there C9018, congrats on managing to complete the 12 weeks. They do say you shouldn’t stick to 800 cals for longer than 12 weeks but, in all honesty, even when we are being strict we all slip over that number now and then. However, given that those in the know have made that rule and the fact your losses have slowed right down – but great you are still losing – why not give the 5:2 a go for perhaps a week or two. Monitor your weight and if it starts to creep up, go back to the Fast800. Sometimes it does the body good to let it have a bit extra and you can once again see good losses when you return to the full diet.

    I personally have been on the BSD very low carb and 800 cals for over 6 years. I do come off now and then and only stick to 800 if I want to lose more weight (which I need to but not desperately). The reason I do this is because I am diabetic and I know the vl carb helps me control my blood glucose. So it is possible to stay on the diet but, as stated above, we dont always stick with the 800 all the time.

  • G’day all
    On my 4th day of a 5 day fast. Struggled yesterday, thankfully better today. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow. I’m working up to a 7 day fast, hoping to try that next year, ideally do that couple times a year.
    Week 35 of my journey, weighed in at 105.2kg, 2.3 kg loss for the week, 59.6kg loss to date.
    Did a couple of big walks this weekend, spa afterwards was fab. Have a good one keep on keeping!

  • posted by  SueBlue on High days and holidays
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    Morning everyone, I feel like I’ve been MIA over the past few weeks! I do read all of your posts, compile replies in my head – but then don’t get around to posting!
    Nokie – my advice would be to just keep going, one step at a time, and do what you can. I’m terrible at sticking to plan, and have far more “off plan” days than on BUT by keeping low carb/more protein in mind, portion control and moving more I have been losing weight, albeit slowly. The small losses gradually add up. It was my birthday this week and while I was disappointed I wasn’t at my goal weight, I realised that I weighed 4kg (9lb?) less than this time last year, so eas happy with that.
    I have the wedding in less than 3 weeks now but still can’t get motivated/in the right head space to stay on plan! We have a family lunch today for my birthday which will Involve drinks, but I’m thinking of having vodka and soda water as it is lower carb than wine, and alternating with water. Then I’m going out for dinner on Wednesday for our anniversary and next weekend I’m going to a High Tea my daughter is having as a bridal shower/hens party. But I guess there’s still 4 days over the next week where I CAN stick to plan 🙂 I didn’t weigh in on Friday but will be on Monday morning so will update then, although to be honest I’m NOT expecting a loss this week.

    Cathy – I hope your new job is going well, good on you for taking up a new challenge at 60!

    Yowser – thank you for your encouraging words and quotes, they always make me smile.

    And to everyone else who’s finding it hard to get motivated – this article from the CSIRO is interesting:

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Hi SUNNY,mmmm you made me hungry..pibeapple fried rice…heaven!
    A couple of positives from me today..
    *~ Visited sister today,great to see her surrounded by her books,photos etc after all the weeks in a rather soulless room in rehab
    ~ Fasting,21 hours in,think can keep this going til tomorrow ( if i dont think about pineapple fried rice! 😄 )

  • posted by  SunnyB on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Just a quick drop by, mainly to say thank you V for the recommendation to dine at Jim Thompson’s at Dempsey Hill. We had a lovely meal there this evening and OH was especially happy with the pineapple fried rice with prawns … reminded him of a dish he had several times when we visited Phuhet a few years back. The taxi driver who took us to the restaurant, was interested to know how we knew about it, as he said not many tourists know it’s there.

    Should post positives while I’m here, so ….
    🍽🥣 met a friend for an informal dinner last evening, great food and good to catch up on news in person.
    🙂👍🏻 friend in France has completed his first week in his new job and it’s gone really well. So pleased for him, as his had a rough ride the last 18mths or so.
    🚉🎫 did battle with the Singaporean metro ticketing system today and after several tries, eventually won! After which, got out there for a little retail therapy … two pairs of shoes so far🤭

    Hope you are clocking up some positives, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this weekend.

  • posted by  C9018 on Week 12 ??
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    Hi All
    I have completed week 12 of the Fast 800 and feeling good to continue on this, so my question is would I be ok to continue or should I move to the 5:2 diet?
    The weight has been slow coming off and for the last 4 weeks only losing half a pound each week, so I’m worried I will gain weight if I move to the 5:2.
    Any advice?