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  • Thanks for the new thread SunshineGirl. I am joining in and intend to be more intentional at doing the low carb diet, than I have been.
    Tonight, we were invited to go eat at this place, not even thinking, I dived into ordering a burger and potato tots! In my mouth I suddenly thought, o no! so, am up late sorting myself out and intend to make a go of this month but starting with this week…

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    Fab news Sunny! I pray her recovery and healing continues..
    My positive today is I was able to encourage someone struggling with a personal problem and was glad I had some personal experience to help her..
    I am also grateful for family

  • Tulip, that is so worrying and especially how ll your daughter was, may she recover quickly!!
    Wendy, your plans sound lovely! Christmas in oz is so enviable ( warm weather) hope all goes well for mum to be …
    Glad you’re home safe, too SG!
    I am glad a new month has started. I need this to refocus and get started properly…

  • Hi everyone,
    Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts- my middle child (2nd daughter, aged 16) has been ill for almost 2 weeks now- it wasn’t obvious initially but she had appendicitis which turned into a really bad perforated appendix- she then had it removed but had post-op/ illness complications and has been really poorly on paediatric HDU since the op…finally she is improving and starting to eat and drink….perhaps we will even get home this week (I’ve been living at the hospital with her) 🙏🙏.
    Love and hugs, and safe travels granny-to-be!
    Tulip xxxxx

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    Good to see people dropping on with positives … thought it time I contributed, so here goes …….
    🙂🥳💖 my mum came though breast cancer surgery safely on Friday and is home to recover

    Really, that’s all I need in the way of positives right now🎊🥳🎉

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    Only one really positive for me today.
    Woke up this morning and weighted 1lb more! Could have sent me into ‘I don’t care’ mode or ‘I’m never going to do this ‘ mode but I’ve overcome both and just hoping that tomorrow will see results.
    New day tomorrow, new week, new start. The past is gone, the future is before us but we only have TODAY!

  • S-g glad you’ve ordered some shakes. I found 3 in the back of my cupboard today with best before dates in 2021!!! Anyway I’m going to use them after all they are all dry ingredients. I do hope you enjoy them. I was keeping a list of my favourites but can’t find it now.
    Will be really interested to see what you think.

  • Hello s-g!
    Yes I’ll be here for a while …. not the whole month but certainly the first three weeks. You might be counting 12 weeks but I’m counting 17 until our next ‘big’ trip! One pound a week sounds doable to me but not sure if that allows me to be a bit too lax. Although, this week, with my 1lb loss target, I’ve actually gained 1lb! Taken myself in hand today drinking more warter and less food so fingers crossed!
    Looking forward to October with much Optimism!

  • V, I have looked at the Purition site and reviews. Some are bad but mainly to do with taste or smell. I was impressed by the ingredients and the 2% carb value and the no sugar. I have ordered their sample pack of 14 individual sachets but only things that shouldn’t taste sweet or give much of an insulin response like coconut or almond, macadamia etc. I will let you know how I get on.

    Speedy, seems to me like this would be a good change up for you if you want to continue with the shake meal replacements rather than real food. Always remember you can ask for advice if you want to try a few recipes to give you some variety. Don’t for goodness sake get fed up with the shakes and give up, this is not a one size fits everyone diet – we are allowed to mix and match.

  • Hello everyone !!!!

    I’m still here, just !!

    We are presently in Paris having a peaceful weekend getting sorted before we fly out on Monday 2nd October… to Singapore from Charles de Gaulle with a few hours stop over before we fly to Melbourne where we stay for a week with hubby’s daughter and grandkiddies .From there we go back with them to Tasmania for 10 days ( awaiting the birth of my grandson !!!!)
    Then we fly up to Cairns !!!!

    It sounds a bit mad when I type it but it will all be fine !!!

    I am staying in Australia until mid December, hubby returns earlier in November .

    As you can imagine I am in expectant granny, nanny, nana, mamie mode and VERY excited ! The only other time I went to Australia was when I was still working and had just 3 weeks so this is very special.

    I have my laptop with me and will check in when I can but realistically I have no idea how things will go food wise and I may have to put things on hold until after Christmas .

    In the meantime MANY THANKS to SG for taking over the thread and motivating the troops.Even when things slow down a bit and there are fewer contributors, SG is always there .

    Take care everyone .Clare/ Tulip ..How is your daughter ??

    Wendy xx

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    Happy optimistic October everyone.

    For me
    1. the sun is still shining here in France with 30 degrees today although it is different from summer heat as the sun doesn’t reach the heights so is very pleasant.
    2. still warm enough to have a swim.
    3. No medical appointments for the whole month of October.

  • My first post on this October thread is to look at where I am. I lost 6lbs in August and I am only 2.5lbs up on that so still a loss of 3.5lbs overall. Looking at todays actual weight I want to lose 10lbs over the next 12 weeks. Not too much pressure at less than 1lb a week but we all know how life can throw things at us. After the excesses of the past 10 days (mainly alcohol) I am ready to really put my mind to this. On top of my normal dieting routine I am also doing Sober October.

    For the month of October I am pleased to say I have NO medical appointments – just the hairdressers on the 19th.

    Have a great month everyone.

    Forgot to sign off the starting page with – Wendleg/Sunshine-girl and SunnyB.

  • Sorry I am late people. I have been trying to set up this new thread then realised I had to be logged in.

    Well here we are in October, how did that come around so quickly. We hope you are all joining us for another months push to reaching our goals. You are going to hate me for this but I am going to tell you we have only 12 weeks to the dreaded ‘C’ word. I know this is a thread for the month but lets see how much progress we can make before the celebrations.

    Going to start the month off with a motivational quote – If you kind of do it, it kind of works – if you really do it, it really works.

    Lets make this optimistic October and really do it.

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    Well it’s October where has this year gone?

    Julz glad you’re still on plan.

    1960 years ago I did WW and had that same weekend mindset but the ‘treats’ really aren’t ‘treats’ ! I know it’s not easy but keep trying.

    Well I’m having a funny few days. My goal was very modest with just 1lb a week loss but this morning I’ve woken up to find the exact opposite … 1lb gain! I have no idea why so back to the drawing board for me. Think it’s time to get out the stop watch again to remind me to drink water!
    So here goes …. have a good Sunday

  • Hi, what brand do you use Verano? Do they also have complete vitamins etc? At the moment I am just sticking tightly to the Newcastle diet. I have also other eating issues so I know that if I start tweaking it will be the slippery slope to cheese sandwiches and Ferrio Rocher! But would be useful for after the initial phase. Thanks.

  • Hi Sunshine-girl,
    I remember you from many years ago on here!
    I wrote a detailed reply to Verano, but for some reason, it’s waiting for the technical people to approve it? I had some modem problems this week so might be that.
    Yes, Type 2 and been on Metformin for a year but I’m sure I have been over the limit much longer.
    I really can’t recommend these shakes enough. I’d love to read your opinion on them. Not supersweet as I remember shakes being in the past. Though still with some sugar.
    They are from Shake That Weight in the UK. I won’t put a link as I suspect that was what scuppered my previous post. I looked at Huel too, but I found it overpriced really.
    The Newcastle Diet, is first shakes and veggie 200 cal meal. Then reduce the shakes, then you are supposed to go on to a maintenance plan of your own chosing. For me that will be IF and somewhat low carb I expect.
    I’m not a shake fan but I have to interrupt my dreadful eating pattern. 🙁
    What do you think of the ingredients?
    Best wishes 🙂

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    Just thought that whilst I was on these boards I would post here.

    So yes, despite the miserable weather, very wet here, I do have positives ….

    🌶️🍗🧄I made an amazing chicken tikka last night . A bit of an experiment using a recipe I’ve not used before and without yogurt. It was AMAZING! even if I do say so myself. Definitely one to make again!

    🥗🥑🥦 Have been back on low carb eating for 12days now. I know this is only a short time, but with one day at a time it will soon add up and become second nature again very quickly.

    👩‍🦳👨🏼☀️ Arranged to meet friends, who we’ve not seen for four years. We live on opposite coasts so not easy to meet, but we are going to a hotel pretty close to them for a few nights, so perfect time to catch up.

    Hope anybody reading has at least one positive … please post.
    Keep positive!

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    Hi s-g yes please do join in.
    I started this thread as a place for myself, and anybody else who just wants to be accountable to themselves, no competition, no pressure, just companionship, one week, one day at a time!
    I’m half way through my second week and am managing to stay on track with a day-by-day approach. I’m no where near as strict as I was when we first started but at least that gives me room to be more strict!
    BTW I have used purition shakes in the past. They’re low sugar/carb all natural ingredients. Take a look at their website but not sure if they will deliver to France.

  • Hi V, Wendy will be well settled in Oz right now. Left for Paris on Thursday although I don’t know if onward flight was a direct connection or the next day.

    I am doing Sober October but won’t be calling the new thread that as it doesn’t apply to everyone. As part of my 12 weeks to the C word I will be setting out my new goals etc after I weigh on Tuesday as I have a night out on Monday (but wont drink).

  • Welcome home s-g!

    Wendy not sure if you’ve left yet but if not have a safe journey and either way have a wonderful time with your son and family. Hope all goes well. Enjoy!

    S-g I find that when I put weight on on holiday if I get straight back to low carb then it seems to disappear quite quickly. This year has been a bit of a mess for me and at the moment am about 4lbs above my January 1st weight. Not good but then given the number of holidays I’ve had this year, with more food/carbs than usual, it could be much worse! Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to report a loss for 2023!

    Margaret glad you’re losing. Maybe not as much as you had wanted but a loss is a loss, grab it with both hands!
    Will join in the new thread tomorrow.
    Anybody doing ‘Sober October’?

  • I forgot to ask which shakes you are using. I was in the UK last week and looked at several, thinking I might substitute one meal a day with a shake to shake things up again – sorry for the pun. Unfortunately, they were all so high in sugars and preservatives that I gave up the idea. Especially the SlimFast which appear to be terrible for T2’s. The best one I found was high protein Huel but it was so expensive. I have managed this diet using real food for the past 7 years (Verano and I started at about the same time) and I know it works for me so will stick with what I know.

  • Hi Speedy, as Verano asked about T2, it would be of interest to us other T2s to know so we can help you more accurately. On the question of metabolism my own experience is that I am almost constantly on very low calorie low carb diet and can quickly put weight on if I go off course (like a recently holiday). However, I also notice that just one day back into ‘normal’ eating – not even fully back on the diet – I have already lost 1lb. There is also the theory that as you lose weight your body needs less to function so your metabolism is naturally slower. Some rather large people state slow metabolism as a reason for their weight when in fact it has been proved they probably have a very high metabolism. As Verano says this has to be eating as a way of life and a lot of people lose a little weight and when they fall off the diet they go back to their old ways which is only going to give them back the weight.

    I would say dont worry about the what ifs, just do it.

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    Hi Verano, I will probably be joining you on one week at a time as I want to get rid of around 12 lbs in the 12 weeks before our next trip. Still in holiday mode although I have lost 1lb since yesterday, just different food at home. Will be serious on Tuesday as we have a night out on Monday. See ya.

  • Hi all, glad you are seeing good results Margaret. I came back from holiday yesterday and already seen a 1lb loss even though I havent actually started my October diet. We just eat totally different at home. Looking forward to seeing you all in the October thread which I will set up tomorrow.

    Today it is unpacking, washing and trying to shake off the cold I caught from one grandson. It is very hot here today and for the next few days, however, the pool temperature has fallen so I am putting on the summer cover tonight and hope to be able to have a swim tomorrow. Seems strange on Thursday it was 13 degrees in Birmingham and today it is 29 in France.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Hello & I’m pleased to say I had lost 1.25lbs when I weighed this morning which was not as much as I wanted but at least my body seems to be cooperating now. I still haven’t managed to get down to 800 calories every day probably averaging 900 through the past five days but I’m trying harder over the weekend to keep to my BMR calories about 1300! If I can relax a bit over the weekend I feel more able to be stricter during weekdays.
    I hope you are all having a good weekend? It’s been warm & lovely & sunny today which has really helped my mood because with so many recent greyish days I seem again to be dipping in & out of SAD which affects my energy levels, mood & motivation 🙁 However I will keep plodding on!
    Margaret xx

  • Hi Speedy,

    I think that the evidence is quite clear that counting calories while you have raised insulin levels does reduce your metabolism. – They did extensive research following the outcome of a program called The greatest looser which was an american tv program where people had a low calorie but did not monitor carb intake diet an competed to be the one who lost the most weight. They did loose the weight on the program, but subsequently regained it all plus some . (The only one from series 16 that kept the weight off had an operation to close up his stomach after regaining some of the weight.)

    I have heard a lot of positive recommendations of using a fat fast to get eating patterns under control. It means you are not limited on the number of calories, can eat whenever you want, but the carbs are cut right out. The advice is to do this for a few days which will help improve your gut bacteria. (The bad bacteria which digest sugar depend on you eating carbs for their existence and because they are able to signal to your brain that they want feeding it makes it hard to break bad habits.) Once you don’t feel like eating, carry on for a couple of days further and then your body will be used to using fat for fuel so it makes it much much easier to work on reducing insulin resistance though better eating habits.

  • Hello Speedy.

    I think lots of us have been there and done that.
    Very few people have a ‘smooth path’ in life

    Breaking old eating patterns is never easy and I think it’s a very individual choice as to how you go about changing that. If shakes help you then why not. My only concern would be that it’s a very, very stringent way of eating (well drinking really!), and you might just not have the willpower to last 8 or 12 weeks. It will take a lot of willpower.

    Maybe you should a little easier on yourself and have a ‘Plan B’ just in case. Shakes can never taste as good as ‘real food’. So if shakes get too boring maybe intersperse the shakes days with low carb healthy eating days?

    Low carb is generally thought of as less than 50g a day and Keto no more than 20g.

    On the metabolism question I think the jury is still out. The one thing that is certain is that in the long term this has to become a ‘Way of Life’ to be successful, rather than just a quick fix.

    BTW you don’t mention whether you are T2 or not but good luck anyway.

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    1960 been there done that!
    I always think of something I read and jotted down ages ago ….’Coming last is better than never ran’!
    At least you are trying and even if you haven’t completed you goal for a whole day you keep trying. You will succeed.
    As s-g says “just keep on keeping on …….”

    Well yesterday was my ‘nibbly’ day for the week! I seem to have these days when I’m just ‘hungry’ and need to munch on bits. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets the munchies.
    Today will be better.
    I’m making chicken tikka tonight, from a new non-yogurt recipe, with some home made chana masala and a green vegetable. So although the chickpeas are a bit carby they are a great legume. I crave spicy food and at least I know what ingredients are in my own!

    Have a good weekend,

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    1960 we are non of us saints!
    It is difficult at first because it goes against the grain of the ‘brainwashing’ we have all suffered over the years. Fat is not bad, eggs are good, eating small meals six times a day isn’t good etc etc.
    When we start any new regime it takes time to master it. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
    As you say ‘new day’ today!

  • Hi Articfox.

    I will post this link on a couple of the threads I know that you follow. I came across a podcast specifically on Lipedema and the lymph system by Dr Fungs team and thought you may find it useful. Its podcast 21 of the podcasts on the fasting method podcasts. At the bottom of the podcast there are some useful links to a conference specifically on resources for the The Lipedema Project. but unfortunately the link shared on the Dr fung facebook group is to spotify and it will not let me do a cut and paste of the links.

  • Hello!
    I joined this forum ages ago, often read, sometimes dabbled, lost some weight but never kept it off.
    So here I am again, back at near highest weight – asking for advice / views. 🙂
    So, I started The Newcastle Diet 2 days ago using shakes. I feel that low-carbers will want to scream at me to do low carb not shakes. But, like many I have terrible eating habits that I have not been able to break. Really terrible habits so I am using the shakes as a dramatic intervention to try to break my terrible eating habits and make quick inroads to my morbid obesity.. After 8 or 12 weeks I plan to step the shakes down and move over to IF plus lowish vegetarian carb.
    Anyway. lately been reading Roy Taylor, Dr Unwin, Jason Fung on top of MM and Fast 800 of course.
    Sorry, long introduction but my question is: will following a 3x day shake plus 1 vege / salad dish a day, will that slow down my metabolism I used to read a lot about that but less so recently. Is it a myth By the way, the shakes are low cal (800 a day) but also fairly low carb at around 80 a day.
    Any thoughts? Thank you.

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    Hello everyone

    I’m back from what was an extremely wet and windy Brighton. We had a nice girly few days. Ate at some lovely places and had some good laughs. We are all ex NHS. One a dentist, one a nurse and me so we put the world to rights!
    DCT I am happy that you’ve secured a beautiful outfit for your daughters wedding and I’m glad you’ve not put pressure on yourself by getting one that’s too small that you aim to squeeze into. Very sensible to get one that is perfect now but will be enhanced by a few pounds lost.
    Yowser- you should be given a prize for your incredible weight loss so far on this journey- I’m so happy for you- excellent work!
    Dawn so sorry to hear about your father in law being poorly with covid. Thinking of you and him. So many people are testing positive who haven’t had covid previously. I am back in the vaccination centre on Monday. I decided to go back next week for a few shifts to take my mind off worrying!!! I am seeing the surgical oncologist on Thursday and I have done nothing but worry and ruminate for the last two weeks so I think putting in a few shifts next week with the boosters might help me. My colleagues are happy I am helping them out. If I can’t manage then I’ll just come home.
    1960 – glad you got a good couple of sleeps -and I like your story of eating one plum!
    I have not seen SueBlue post for a little while- I hope you are OK Sue. Let us know how you are doing- you might be like me and not actively taking part in the journey but it would be good to hear that you are ok.
    I put 2lb on after my trip to Brighton- was happy with that. If I am having surgery then that will be a massive incentive to get as fit and as well as possible pre operatively. I’ll see what she has to say on Thursday and I’ll report back. I have been told I have two Schwannomas – one on my psoas muscle on the femoral nerve (that is where my previous one was in 1999) and one bear my ovary. I’ll know more when I see the oncology surgeon on Thursday- all very daunting.
    Have a good weekend everyone.

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    Hello everyone in the 🚌
    Sorry I haven’t been posting I have read all your posts but been so busy visiting my dear old dad in hospital and trying to sort mum out I just haven’t had the time
    Diet has gone out of window 🪟 as I just been eating when I could also had my sons wedding last week and ate all the wrong things 🤣
    I am going to try and sort myself out this Sunday as it’s 1 st o October!!
    I have flu jab tomorrow then covid jabthe following week also my blood test they want to give me a higher dose of statins which I am not happy about but I am going to talk to doctor about it but can’t get an appointment until Friday 13th!!
    I am going to sit down and work out my food for the week do will post next Friday
    Keep going everyone
    Lv nokie x😘

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    Can’t say am doing good..
    It only takes a minor something to knock me off track and so here we are, Friday and this week, I have restarted each morning!!
    I aim to check my menus again today, shop accordingly, and try to deal with this mindset of I can have a treat at weekends….
    I am watching the Dr becky youtube vids and learning some more about low carb eating, makes sense but I actually need to APPLY it…

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    I am glad to report that for the past couple of nights I have actually not had to get up!! I have slept better but still felt drowsy in the day, am thankful for small mercies tho so a bit more and longer sleep helps!! I hope you got to sleep more Yowzer!
    I do hope everyone else is doing ok…

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    Gosh! I missed these very inspiring and informative posts of you both! Great info JGwen and makes perfect sense..
    V am afraid I have a huge lack of control on every level so cannot lie and say I have controlled myself re Coeliac either.
    Today is a new day and I have been intensely watching the videos mentioned by SG (I think) Dr Becky and it all makes sense but now its down to me..