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  • Falldoen 7 times, I hear you with the cheese! I’ve resorted to freezing it! I was cutting myself a ‘sliver’ far too often. The opaque container is a good idea.

    I was horrified last night to realise that the calories I was recording for my coffee was way under estimated. I used a generic single cream that was already in the calculator but when I actually looked at the carton it was way more. I’ve been recording 80 cal for 2 coffees but it’s actually 99 cal for one 😒. Maybe I’ll go back to the splash of milk, more carbs but fewer cals. My carbs are averaging 25 a day so I can cope with a little more. I do love the cream though.

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    Luckylinda, I leave for the cruise on 16 the of June. 2 days in Singapore and then 21 days going to Thailand, Hong Kong, south china, Taiwan, Japan, south Korea and finishing in Shanghai. I think I’ve forgotten a port but you get the idea ☺ I love cruising, first one was in the Mediterranean then later in the Caribbean, another one through the Panama Canal which was really amazing. In fact the only one that was less than stellar was the short one earlier this year here at home, on the east coast of Australia. The Pacific is notoriously rough and though I wasn’t ill there were vomit bags tied to every railing and people dropping like flies.

    I’ve done lots of travelling over the last 20 years and was a reluctant cruiser the first time but moving from place to place without messing around with airports and transfers and packing/unpacking all the time really sold me. The service has always been fantastic, there’s lots or little to do as you prefer and it’s way more cost effective, even with the drinks card that we always get!

    Reporting on my magnesium tablets and I’d just like to say that they are MAGICAL!! I am back to my normal self again. 2 days to my proper weigh in and I think I’m on track for a loss. The only thing that’s different is those tablets so I’m really pleased.

    I hoe everyone’s having a great weekend.

  • Evening everyone.

    Happy Spring Bank Holiday to us all. Like you Lindarina I am not feeling as hungry on the BSD, but as it is our wedding anniversary I took myself off (unfortunately husband not well) to the coffee shop for a cappucchino as a treat but avoided all cakes, pastries etc. I too am looking forward to Monday’s weigh in as good things should happen!
    Yesterday I made a birthday cake for grandson and didn’t even want to eat any of it. Amazing! My taste buds are already changing.
    Keep going everyone don’t let the munchies take over on this holiday weekend.

  • Do any of you lovely people have any tips for me? I seem not tempted at all by ice cream and crackers and cake, because in my mind they are completely out of the question. My problem is the foods that I think are “ok”. So yesterday my OH served up a platter before dinner and I gorged on olives and cheese. Worse than this, pretty much every time I go into the pantry and see the nuts I have a handful of nuts, gobbled down standing up. I think it might help to put the nuts in an opaque container! I would like a better habit, like every time I go into the kitchen I have a glass of water .

    Moving the fruit bowl off the dining table completely solved my after dinner fruit problem btw. It’s like I don’t have a brain and just react to my environment, like some kind of horror movie blob that just consumes everything in its path.

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    Hi and welcome. Swap the fat free yoghurt for full fat – yes, that’s right full fat. This way of eating is full fat – butter, yoghurt, cheese, cream etc and good oils which can take some getting used to if you’ve been following the low fat everything we’ve been told is best.. If you’re doing this to lose weight and are not diabetic, the oatcakes are ok (and better than white sliced πŸ˜€). Keep your veggies to those grown above ground, with the exception of sweetcorn and you won’t go far wrong.

    Lots of people use MyFitnessPal or Fatsecret, other sites available πŸ˜„, to log their intake. Good luck with following this way of eating – it really is brilliant.

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    Carb _Addict how lovely to ‘see’ you back. How awful you have been poorly but I really hope you are
    on the right side of depression. It must have been really frightening for you to be tested for MS etc.
    You will be on a long journey to get well but it sounds as though you are well on the way. We are here for

    You have just reminded me to update about our son. He started back at work last Tuesday just for four hours a
    day increasing over the next couple of months. He is now desk bound for a couple of months on another job but I think his company are looking after him.

    Onwards and downwards folk.

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    Hi all

    This has been a revelation for me!

    For a bit of background, I am 42 with a history of T2 in the family and have battled with my weight since I was a child. I could see the writing on the wall for me, especially as I carry a lot of excess weight.

    I was almost resigned to it, when I “gave up” dieting around 3 years ago. Since then I have lost four stone (15 st 7 to 11st 13) and thought I was doing well. I didn’t realise I had a ticking time bomb round my middle.

    I’ve been having tingling in my feet for about a year with chronic fatigue and despite knowing in my heart what it was, I buried my head in the sand and did nothing. Eventually I asked the gp for a glucose test and last week it came back at 14! Gp will be retesting on 8th June but I immediately came home, bought a glucose tester and found this diet.

    I started it on Monday with a fasting bs of 14.3. I haven’t quite kept to 800 calories a day and totally cocked up with my carbs (thinking I was ok with couscous etc. Trust me for jumping in and not reading properly) but have at least cut out simple carbs and for a white bread, potato and rice fiend like me it has been hard. Yes, I’ve had headaches, light headed moments and been tired. Goodness knows what I will be like when I get my carb levels right as I go through full withdrawal.

    Today I woke up with a burst of energy (considering I’m usually quite the sloth at the weekend this was amazing) I’m also sleeping better after years of insomnia. I’m also enjoying the food. Forcing myself to try new things and surprisingly enjoying it! Have to say boiled egg has been a saviour for me!

    Today my fasting bs was 11.1. Still way too high, but a real motivation to keep going. It’s going in the right direction at least.

    I really think this is a lifestyle I will be able to maintain. It’s going to take a lot of planning in the early days but what better reason to do it.

    Good Luck to all of us starting or on this journey. I think I have become an evangelist…

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    Hi I’m new to this. I shall be 5 2 ing and then 800 cals on other days . My diet has been carb heavy so am changing does this seem OK for 800 cal days? Breakfast Greek yoghurt fat free plus berries…lunch 3 oatcakes plus bowl home made soup …supper protein and veggies or salade. Does this seem OK?

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    Thanks Linda – yes I found Jason Fung’s explanation brilliant – have tried the bedtime snack but no improvement and even read that low carb diets can CAUSE the high fasting sugars once one reaches quite a lean weight because the muscles spare the glucose to be used by the brain but increasing carbs a little didn’t solve it either. Think it may simply be a case of patience – as my bmi is pretty low now there can’t be a great deal of visceral fat left and maybe my body is just taking a while to adjust. Hopefully the hba1c will give a bit more info or I may have to accept it might be late onset type 1. Will keep you posted! Well done again on your magnificent results!

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    thanks guys for well wishes – it really does help seeing the results in black and white and just hardens my resolve to lose the rest of the weight. I’ve seen a decreased fat % and increased muscle and water % so that is also good. I’ve been reading a lot on food as medicine and hoping by changing what I eat may help also with my autoimmune issues. TofiEm have you read this article?

    The Dawn Phenomenon – T2D 8

    It appears that sometimes the liver still has some work to do – perhaps that is all that is happening to you. My fingers, toes, and everything else πŸ™‚ crossed for your results next week.

    Hope everyone is keeping well and remember I got this result even tho I fell down, got up again and fell down again. Guess what I’m trying to say is that if you have a ‘blip’ just dust yourself off and start again. It really works!

  • Joining a week late but I’m in! I started my second round of Fast800 today, having attempted my first round last October. (I managed three strict weeks, two not-so-strict weeks and then fell off the wagon – but had lost a stone in that period and felt great.

    So I’m back for Round 2 knowing it’s hard but it works. I have around 4.5 stone to lose to be in the middle of the ‘healthy’ range for my height. My BMI is at 32. I’m female, about to turn 42, non-diabetic but have struggled with my weight since I was in my late teens.

    The secret for me last year was being single minded about it: meal planning like a demon, logging everything on MyFitnessPal (often in advance) to see the kcal/carb content and drinking enough water. Good luck everyone!!

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    Hello lovely ladies – I’m back.

    Have just been catching up with the messages – good to see some of you are still here. Fairy face: am so sorry to have read about your traumatic time with your son. So pleased to hear he has been on the mend, but what a shock. Margaret, good to see you too.

    To cut a long story short, I dropped off the radar some months back after having been diagnosed with borderline severe depression. It was a shock at the time but, looking back, I was pushing myself so hard and was under so much stress that perhaps it was inevitable. Due to the physical symptoms I was experiencing I underwent tests for MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and a brain tumour before they were all ruled out. I lost the ability to read, kept dropping things, became forgetful, was sleeping 18 hrs a day etc: I had no idea depression was so ‘physical’. Since then I have started medication (didn’t want to but it works…), have got a great doctor and have been taking better care of myself. Current day, I feel pretty great but it will be a continuing journey for sure.

    So today I started back on BSD. Am using the first day of Ramadan here in Dubai as my kickstart and re-set button. (Am not Muslim but I love the spiritual concept behind it.) My weight has been pretty stable since I stopped (thank goodness) but I still have a long way to go. However I feel strong enough to re-embark on the journey so here we go again. Meal plans mapped out and food cupboard stocked. It looks like I will be giving up my little business and returning to a full-time job in the coming weeks, so I have the added incentive of needing to get back into my work clothes for the first time in over a year!

    Love to everyone and Ramadan Kareem if any of you reading this are celebrating it.
    Sarah xxx

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    1.10.16 – 114k
    27.5.16 – 94.5k

    which is 500g more than the last time I put my weight on here on the 15th April.

    I have decided Monday and Tuesday next week I am going to try and fast most of the day
    with perhaps just a bullet coffee to keep me going and then low cal dinner at night or even just salad.

    Apparently my blood test is okay with no change in my thyroid but I did have a tablet before the blood test.
    Anyway not going to use it as an excuse I need to try a different take to try and get some weight off. I will
    also try and get out for a walk . and drink more than my two litres of water plus tea and coffee. Fingers crossed
    I can do what I have planned.

    Hope everyone else is well.

  • Hi All ,Ive not posted for a while but I’m still reading all the posts .Its good to see everyone moving forward each in their own way.Ive got into a habit of not measuring and not recording on the weekends.last couple of weeks we have been out to eat a few times and of course some wine ,So I have been up and down by as much as 1kg. Overall, I’m slowly loosing. today was 1kg down but as soon as I say that I usually put on, so I’m waiting to see on Tuesday.
    I have been quite upset by the bad news all over the TV. I’m not religious but I’m praying for peace as I can’t think of anything practical that would help.I hope we can all stay positive and continue the BSD journey,life must go on. best wishes to all

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    Hi I read the article about the testing of tumeric taken as a supplement and was curious as to whether the supplements in the test also contained black pepper. Does anyone know the answer to this?

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    No weight loss to report this morning- scales say exactly the same as last Saturday. Not as disappointed as I used to be when I saw no weight loss, am getting used to the ebb and flow of BSD. Have been good as gold this week and have done a couple of long fasts but I am sure it will happen as it eventually does.

    Dreamscometrue- we are at similar stages. I am 10.5 and my target is 9.4. I am not in a rush to get the weight off. To be honest I don’t know what I will do when I get to my goal weight- will need to research about maintenance nearer the time. I go on holiday in two weeks and I think having a week of being less strict will do me good and when I get back I will go straight back onto BSD. I definitely won’t be eating the wrong things because I actually don’t want to as there is nothing I miss. There will be plenty of salad, hummus, aubergine dishes. I am vegetarian so choices are a little limited. I am sure I will put on about 5lb or so but I am just happy to weigh 2 stone lighter than I did last year in Turkey.

    My next mini goal is to get to get to the 10 stone marker and a massive goal will be to see a 9 at the start of my weight- not see one of them for twenty odd years! So less than half a stone to see a 9- that is incentive.

    Have a good week everyone. Hope to report a loss next week!

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    Hi everyone – hope all is well? Seasidenana sorry to hear about your father and hope he is improving?

    My latest 8-weeker has not got off to a good start! Rather kaiboshed by the onset of hot sunny weather in the UK which rather necessitates a glass of something crisp and cold in the garden after work (yes I know I could do water but it’s not quite the same!). Anyway, today is another day so we’ll see how it goes. Fortunately am not putting weight back on, just unsurprisingly not seeing the rate of weight loss I’d like. I have no problems now with the WOE, it’s becoming second nature to have smaller portions and healthy low carb options, and I just don’t really feel hungry any more or get the sugar or snack cravings I used to. But wine is my downfall πŸ™

    I’m currently 10 stone 6 and my overall target is still 9 stone 7 by 21st July – when I go on holiday. I’ve got interim mini goals of 10 stone 2 by 10th June (that’ll be 2 stone off); 10 stone by 23rdJune (into next stone bracket) then as near to my target of 9 stone 7 as I can get by 21st July. Though we know with this diet the weight loss is not linear so it may not be as clear cut as that! Anyway here’s hoping for some whooshes heading our direction!!

    Happy weekend everyone xx

  • Hi all. I’ve been so busy with work I’ve just read all of this thread this morning. I’m continuing with the med plan as I’ve always done, no counting cals or carbs (I’m not diabetic, this way really works for me). Being away from home with work has led me to larger quantity of food than normal so I put on approx 5 lbs but they have come off over the past week when I got home into my usual routine. Back to 10st 4lbs. I’m not sure I remember being lower than this in my adult life. Short (ish) term commitment to myself is to be 9st anything by 08.08. Thanks for all the inspiring posts. Continued success everyone.

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    Hi all. Excellent comment about choosing weight loss greenjanet! I shall try to remember that one next time I get tempted! And well done for losing 7lbs Maisie! Impressed! See it as 7lbs over 3weeks which sounds pretty good. I lost 4lbs in my first week and I’m pleased with that considering I couldn’t resist a glass of wine to celebrate half term(I’m a teacher!). Also I’ve been going over 800 most days although still eating the right things (apart from the wine….) Back on the straight and narrow today and still determined to do this. Good luck all for the weekend πŸ˜€

  • I read some of the book last night as well and I have to step up the exercises for toning as I don’t want to be flabby.
    Really pleased with weight loss so far in fact I can’t believe it as I’ve never found such a good diet. Best not to eat any biscuits or sweet things as that will start the craving for sugar again.
    Unfortunately I have not had time to do the Mindfulness yet although I have downloaded the app – I have not found the time to do it!
    I can’t wait until Monday to see how much weight I have lost in a week.
    Happy Saturday everyone and good luck with the weight loss.

  • Can I please join your lovely group as well? πŸ™‚ I started on the 22nd too. So far I’ve lost 2.6kg, although I’m sure that’s mostly water and my starting weight was a big high as I’d eaten way too much for dinner the night before and really late at night as well. I’ve found it pretty easy so far, but it’s now Saturday and I always find weekends really challenging when I’m trying to lose weight.
    I hope you’re all doing well, Tattiescone – I love your idea of keeping the book next to your bed!

  • Hi everyone
    Great to see us all helping each other along the way.
    Today I was hot in the weather. For about the 10th year in a row I thought..oh I wish I was 5 stone lighter. Anyway..I’m trying now.
    I’ve a day out tomorrow with the kids and shall avoid the burger vans!!!
    I have pre made my salad in a wee pink box.
    I did eat 1 x tiny homemade empire biscuit tonight. But och it’s Friday!
    I keep the bsd800 book by my bed rather like a bible and have a wee read at it last thing and first thing in the day. Just to keep me on track.
    Let’s get shrinking.

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    Don’t give up Luella….I actually went up last week for a while….very depressing!
    Cals for last days 760 and 810..but still hungry all the time….the book says this should get better after 2 weeks…I hope so!
    Good luck over the weekend everyone !

  • Hi everybody, can I join too?
    I started on the Monday 22nd and was reading this thread but didn’t register. I have not posted on a forum before.
    Suddenly realised that I can’t get in my clothes! Yikes!! The lovely hot weather this week has reinforced the problem.
    I have two hungry menfolk, my sons, needing food all the time so it going to be tough but I really want to succeed. It was so nice to read all the posts and see that I am not alone!

  • I’ve got the 5:2 diet recipe book. There’s a brilliant chilli in it for 241 calories. I eat it with salad. At the moment, I mostly finding it easier to not do much cooking though. So, I’m buying pre-cooked chicken and plonking it on salad and using soy sauce to make it more interesting! I’ve also bung salmon in foil in the oven with a bit of lemon and olive oil and had that with salad. I’ve lost 11lbs in 2.5 weeks now. Not bad. Desperate to hit the full stone!!! A real milestone!

  • Robonamission – you are doing really well on this diet. Maybe you will have some tips for us in due course. 36lb gone never to return you will be a great incentive to Fattoslim and all of us.
    Fattoslim – you are being very brave to try and get your life together after the sad loss of your wife. My condolences to you and your family. I wish you the very best of luck with this challenge and we are all here for you

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    Hi, Sara18. I’ve been on the BSD for 2.5 weeks and have lost 11lbs so far. I had spent nearly 3 months doing the 5:2 (most of the time, the 4:3) and just kept losing and gaining the same 6lbs. The weight just didn’t shift. I’ve got about 3.5 stone to lose (minimum). I think I’ll see how I feel after the 8 weeks is up. My intention is to go back to the 5:2 because my stomach will have shrunk so I’m less likely to eat as much on non fast days. But, if i’ve lost 2 stone, I may just take a short break and resume the BSD to lose the next 1.5 stone. I think my system was shot. It needed a severe shock in order to lose significant weight. But I wouldn’t find 800 calories a day sustainable. I do feel quite hungry!!!!

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    Well done Linda! I started on 9th Feb and have my second hba1c next week so fingers crossed! Have you been testing your sugars throughout the twelve weeks? My fasting sugars are still a little high but waist can’t get a great deal smaller so I’ll be really interested to see the result. It’s so lovely to hear about people it has worked for.

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    Don Pedro my experience of this recipe is exactly the sane as yours! I have been very pleased with the diet and tge recipes, now almost ending week2 with 10lbs weight loss so far. All going well until tonight – as i tyoe i am feeling decidedly nauseous – the skinny chilli smelt and tasted great UNTIL I stupidly followed the final part of the recipe and added the chocolate. My husband and i had to eat it as it was our supper but it was revolting and sadly i am going to throw the remaining 6 portions away – a waste of time and money as well as being dusappointing. Think i shall be losing more weight as i am now completely off all food ….

  • posted by  TofiEm on HbA1c Results
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    PS My mother in law is a nurse and has seen three or four patients reverse their diagnosis using this diet so it is clearly gaining a bit of momentum and may well mean GPs are becoming more aware too.

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    My GP was very supportive – starting BMI was 24 so everyone was convinced she wouldn’t be as 800 calories seems so low etc and as I was pretty slim with a waist measurement of 31 inches. However, we agreed it was worth a go for three months at least and far easier to tell if it is working when you haven’t got medication to take into the equation. My result was 54 but her approach was that it really wasn’t that high as lots of patients had them in the 100s (clearly not something to aim for but quite heartening when it seemed to me I was well over the threshold) so expect being in the 60s you should have a similar response. If you are willing to reassess after 12 weeks if required I can’t see why they would argue it with you as opting for a healthier lifestyle is always going to be a good approach. I am due to have my second hba1c next week so slightly on tenterhooks – most of my readings are now absolutely fine, just the fasting sugars which I can’t seem to bring down any further (usually in the 6’s) but hba1c will reveal if that is a problem as it can be caused by a few different factors. Agree with what everyone has said here about the first couple of weeks being tough – once your body kicks into ketosis and works out it can burn fat as a fuel instead, it suddenly becomes very straightforward and I found snacking on fats (full fat Greek yoghurt, flaked almonds, cheese) if not too much of it seemed to help with that. Not for everyone but I used diet shakes for the first three weeks to get myself out of my usual eating routine and because I didn’t have to think about it too much, that helped. Moving onto real food then felt like such a treat! BMI is now 20 and waist 27 inches so if hba1c comes back with little change, I’ll have to accept that it may in fact be late onset type 1 and will have a blood test for the antibody to confirm that. In hindsight I probably should have had that done earlier on and I think that would have been the next step in my GP’s mind because I was already fairly slim but the amount I have learned about my body and how it works in the last 12 weeks has been so educational and (even though I say so myself!) I look better than I ever have, both in physique and looking younger so whatever the outcome next week, it will have been worthwhile.

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    Sara18 there are many of us still on 800 after months and months, obviously we do have little breaks like when we are on holiday. For me it is not the weight but I have 1.5 st to lose but it is my diabetes that keeps me going and lowering my blood glucose month after month. Read the thread NO CARBS IN OUR MOUTHS, we are mainly old timers and some on maintenance.

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    You may find it a lot easier to go back to 5:2 than you think, any experience with intermittent fasting makes the next stage easier. I went to a reverse diet, increasing my calories by 50 a day to readjust my metabolism as I was very close to my target, but others have just continued the 800 calories straight through with no ill effects. If you struggle on fast days try incorporating a 16:8 intermittent fast on fast days to limit the damage.

  • Not a lot happening on the scales for me again this week. It’s up and down the same half pound. Have done a couple of longish fasts to try and boost things on a bit. Have stuck to the plan as per usual but it just takes time and patience. Was happy to be wearing size 12 trousers at work this week. I posted on another thread that the scales don’t appear to be moving but the fat does! It’s a very strange science weight loss! Two weeks to go to my one week holiday to Olu Deniz and ideally I wanted to be 10 stone but there is no way I can lose 5lb in two weeks so I will try to be as near as I can by 10th June. Son coming home this weekend for his 30th birthday party. I will be staying low carb but will be having a celebratory drink or two (Mediterranean BSD!). Hope to report a loss at Tuesday’s weigh in. It’s been glorious weather today in Manchester- have put a pair of shorts on! That wouldn’t have happened a few months ago! Onwards and downwards everyone. Good luck for the weekend and see all here on Tuesday for your updates!

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    RobOAM, thanks for the support and advice; I have printed the information for GP’s and will tell mine that this is what I want to try first or ask to try another GP.

    I’ll post back with how I get on next Thursday :-).


  • Hi Everyone,
    Haven’t had time to do a real catch up on all the posts of the last couple of days, just to say I’ve been close to my aims for wed &Thurs, hadn’t set anything here for today, Friday, and I haven’t gone too far over i think. Tomorrow, Saturday, is an unknown quantity as we are meeting acquaintances from Queensland, on a cruise, in port (Fremantle)for one day and we are showing them around. Bound to take in morning tea and lunch. Morning tea will be ok as I don’t do cake anymore, lunch I’ll just do what I can.
    16yo Granddaughter staying overnight tonight, talk about screen time ….OH watching tv, GD & I heads down over tablet & phone …😨

    Goodnight, sleep tight xx

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    Hi, a friend does deep water walking or gentle swimming with a noodle and this was more effective than a vibration platform. Its gentler on your body but it depends on what what you can handle.Good luck with the surgery!

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    Gill, sorry misread. What about Jerusalem artichokes, they pass through the gut without breaking down fully, there are lots of high fibre foods. Personally never take pills, when you are already on 9 a day plus injections it can put you off taking anything else.

  • It’s great more people are on this really good eating plan and we are giving each other support. I too tried Slimming World and found it really hard to lose weight.
    I started on Monday and feel very focussed especially with the help of the recipe book which gives me inspiration. Must ensure I don’t get into a rut with eating the same things each week. At the moment I am feeling like Popeye as I am eating so much spinach!!
    However, I am not feeling hungry which I am surprised about.
    Lunch today was houmus with roasted red pepper and pine nuts wrapped in Lettuce.
    Everyone at work is now eating ice cream and my will power is STRONG. I just want to lose up to 2 stone and feel great again

  • If you like eggs but can be bothered cooking them I’ve found a great little poacher/scrambler for 1 or 2 eggs. Its made by systema and looks like a tiny Tupperware container with a vent in the lid. I paid Β£3.99 for mine and its great. Crack an egg in it, mix with a fork, add a drop of milk, then add a cheese triangle if you like and microwave for 1.30 to 1.50 mins. Lovely for breakfast or anytime. Also scrambles 2 eggs to put on portobello mushrooms.