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    Californiagirl is right FIB, there are few of us who haven’t had blips, slip-ups or even huge falls from grace. The secret is not to waste time beating yourself up, as this is counterproductive. Allow yourself to be fallible, acknowledge it, refocus and move on. As long as you can keep getting back on track, you should see success like the rest of us.

    Make sure you keep with it, just refuse to quit until you get to your goal and keep posting.

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    Good morning FiB, welcome to the BIGGEST group on these forums — the “fell-off-the-diet-for-lordy-only-knows-what-reason” group — and now you can climb back on the NEXT biggest group on these forums — the “started-back-up-again” group — and I’m here to tell you that it is STILL going to work if you keep getting back on the wagon. My motto has been and continues to be (and I am unanimous in this 😜) that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly! Even doing it about as badly as anyone can possibly do it, I have lost the weight, reached goal and am only six weeks from my one year mark. So don’t despair, just start again. It is the keeping on that will do the trick. Just don’t quit!!!

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    Hi Cassandra – sorry to hear you are struggling too. Do you track your carb intake? If not, I would recommend do so. I was advised to do this and it has certainly helped me to get things tracking in the right direction.

    Hope you manage to get things sorted and can report a good result when you do your end of week weigh-in, whenever that might be. Good Luck!

  • Well each to their own.

    SSG – what can one say about someone who “smuggles” English cheese into the home of Les Grands Fromages…..;)

    Bought myself a cheap potato peeler (25p at Morrisons) and it makes lovely, thin slices of Fennel and then use the tops in a cup of green tea…Mmmmm

    On Courgettes – we grew some in the back hedge of the garden about 10 years ago and now every year we get a mega-harvest, the only bad thing is that they all appear at once.

  • Oh NO! A courgette shortage…. aaargh! Apparently the shortage is due to snow in Spain! I have to admit that all kinds of songs are coming to mind… Just one courgetti, give it to meeee; or, The snow in Spain falls mainly on the -ah, courgette doesn’t rhyme! Don’t worry too much about the shortage, the supermarkets are seeking out suppliers and assure us it’ll be back in store soon. Phew! πŸ™‚

  • I am definitely over the 800 this week too SunnyB. I went back exercising, running at lunchtime (running is a gross exaggeration) and pilates but I weighed myself this morning and I am 3 lbs up since last Sunday. Think I have been overdoing it on the carbs.

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    Struggling a bit this week. Keeping control of carbs just fine, but have been over the 800cals each day – not by much, less that 100cals extra each day – still it’s frustrating and I’m hoping it won’t come back to kick me, when I do my end of week weigh-in on Monday morning. So far it doesn’t seem to be making any difference and I seem to be losing still – and of course, I have time to reign it in over the next few days.

    How is everyone else doing at the moment?

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    Thanks sunnyB

    Clearly I’m not alone. Maybe I’m normal after all!
    I’m a huge binger though and am hoping the BSD will also help with this ‘little’ problem.

    Hope your weigh in on Monday is positive πŸ™‚

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    Well done on getting right back to it after the blip WOL. Know what you mean about a carb overload making one feel ill. Did that to myself at the beginning of our first holiday, when I had been on the BSD for 7wks. I think it was a valuable lessons learnt the hard way though, as it certainly encouraged me to evaluate what I consumed going forward.

    I’ve been struggling to keep under the 800 this week – not sure why exactly. Not had any days drastically over, but a little annoyed not to have kept tighter control – that said, I have been keeping carbs well under the 50g mark, so hopefully there shouldn’t be a problem come my end of week weigh-in on Monday. Tracking so far this week, I am down by a pound – just hope that is the case when I do the final weight check for the week.

    Good luck – keep going and let us know hoe things go.

  • Thanks for your reply and advice, Chrysalis.

    The funny thing is, even on only 660 calories a day, I haven’t been feeling hungry (just weak and cold) – I think the reason it is so low is that I’ve always walked the dogs first thing, so don’t eat breakfast until about 11am, so I’ve never had lunch, and just wait for supper. Pre-BSD I would, however, snack on biscuits or crumpets etc mid afternoon, and I have cut that out completely. So I am only eating twice a day – I will try to do better.

  • I agree about how logging everything helps, it also stops me from snacking, as whenever i think I might have a couple of brazil nuts, or macadamias when I am feeling peckish/bored/emotional i then think about logging them and how much that reduces my available calories for the day, it FORCES me to stop and be mindful and think about what I really want to spend my daily allowance of calories on and often I either think, yes I am really hungry, or no, I would rather save my calories for something else.

    I definitely *need* to think more about what I shove in my face!

  • Hi Summermoonstone. Welcome and good luck on your BSD journey.

    I started on Monday too, and I’m with you on the Greek yoghurt and berries – absolutely delicious and tastes too decadent for a diet. I have it for breakfast every morning (used to have buttered toast and marmite) and really enjoy it.

    Going back to the subject of carb flu, I forgot to mention that, apart from the side effect of weakness, I am feeling incredibly cold all the time, just cannot seem to get warm. Guess this is relatively normal and also due to the low carbs? I really hope my body adapts soon – sitting here with heating on full blast, wearing 2 jumpers and a fleece jacket, and a fleece blanket over my knees, and still cold!!! I must look like an old granny – well I am a granny, but hope I don’t look old enough to need a knee rug yet!

  • Hi Summermoonstone and welcome. This way of eating seems a bit counterintuitive, but it really works😊 I find fat secret works for me as it measures calories and carbs. I have to agree that greek yoghurt and blueberries is also my go to snack…barely a day without…Fage yoghurt is amazing if you haven’t tried it!

  • Hi Theodora, well done, sounds like you are doing really well 😊 The general rule I try to stick to is 50 grams of carbs and under as that is what seems to be generally recommended on here, but make sure you keep the calories at a manageable level to be sure you can sustain this in the longer term 😊

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    Forgot to mention butter, no margarine as it contains 16 separate chemicals and absolutely NO low fat alternative, same as margarine, only they add sugar to make low fat taste better. Fat as in good fats are allowed here.

  • Hi Everyone,I haven’t posted for a while. I’m massively impressed with all the amazing results,well done to all. Im not giving up but Im not really progressing I’m back at work, so now needing to reorganize my routine.I had some success by missing breakfast but I seem to lack energy in the afternoons and I eat too many snacks. Its all BSD but the calories are high.I also forget to drink water when I’m working. On the plus side I’m walking a lot. I could say that I lost 2-3 kg but the truth is I lost and gained the same kgs. so today I’m still 83.6 Kg and my fasting sugar is still 6.0 and higher. Today I was ok until the BBQ lamb chops were so good and I had no portion control .Regarding the corgettes and zuchinni , I threw some seeds into the garden and with very little effort I have a whole crop almost ready to harvest. Also tried cucumbers and its surprising how much nicer they taste straight from the garden.I will do my final weigh in on tuesday.Is any one starting the next 4 weeks goals? cheers to everyone keep going.

  • Hello
    I too am new to this 8 week BS Diet. My GP is so enthusiastic about it! I have Type 2 Diabetes on insulin (which in itself increases weight) and have difficulty walking due to PAD so have a battle on my hands. I have battled my weight all my life and had given up tbh entering the “Third Age” but the claims of this regime enabling me to go off insulin have motivated me
    It is certainly different to other diets I’ve tried .. simple calorie counting, low-fat, WW points etc!
    Butter! Eggs! Dairy! Wine! Full fat yoghurt! I’m still trying to get my head around the mix of carbs/calories and constantly reading/re-reading the 8-week BSD book or on this and other similar sites – Fat Secret and My Fitness Pal (which to be honest I find even more confusing as they just seem simply to Calorie Count).
    I only started on Monday so this is my 4th day but already have lost weight and my readings have improved (as they improve I can reduce my insulin which in itself will help my weight loss)
    I have a lot of weight to lose so expect to be around for a long time. Already have found my go-to snack food is Greek yoghurt and blueberries .

  • Jules, I will fight you to the death for the last fennel bulb. I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid and my favorite salad was just thinly sliced fennel, olive oil, salt and pepper. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day. I also discovered a couple of years ago that if you peel the stalks with a potato peeler, you can use them like celery in soups, sauces, chicken salad etc. I dislike celery, so I replace it with peeled fennel stalk in everything.

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    Good morning Angela! I woke up to see you have posted during the night while I was sleeping. Yay! Our 9 hour difference works out well for something like this :–). I would have never guessed that just adding healthy lentils to your diet leads to carb cravings the next day! Lentils are supposed to add lots of fiber to your diet and be slowly metabolized. I guess you are eating low carb enough on most days that your body really notices the jump in carbs on the days you eat those; then it craves more (just a thought–I’m no expert)! I notice on the days I eat fage yogurt which has 18 grams of protein and has 7 grams of carbs, that I feel hungry within a couple hours of eating it. I have half and half in my coffee and it doesn’t seem to do that . So what’s nice is that you’ve identified the effect the lentils are having on your cravings and you know what to expect when you eat them.
    I’m doing okay so far with not eating a lot of carbs–no serious craving yet–but I’m eating too many calories to lose weight very quickly. That is the beauty of eating 800 calories. The weight drops pretty quickly! For some reason I am having a very difficult time eating that low. The days I try and don’t make it, I tend to eat even more food, after I go over the 800. Probably because mentally I feel like I’ve failed. So I have to reassess! I need to continue to keep the nice amount of weight off that I’ve lost and slowly keep it moving down until I am at the weight I want to be. It will for sure go a lot slower but I won’t feel like I’ve failed when I go over 800 calories. Failure for me will be regaining the weight and I don’t want to do that.

    Angela, my 4 granddaughters are age 10 (11 next week), 6 (turns 7 in March), 7 (turns 8 in June), and 2 (turns 3 in September). 10 yr. old Ava loves Art and when we spend time together, we usually paint. Kayla, who is 6, has the most energy. She sounds a lot like your granddaughter; a very busy girl! I am worn out when she goes home!
    For me, one wonderful part of being a grandparent is spending time with them, spoiling them a bit and then sending them home. We usually watch Ava and her sister, 7 yr. old Abbie for a couple weeks in the summer since they live in North Carolina now. I love those times but I feel more like their parent during those visits instead of their grandparent. I clearly don’t have the energy like I did when I was a parent and honestly I look forward to not having to take care of someone 24/7. It is a lot of work! When I think back to all the years I did that when our kids were growing up, I’m amazed that I got through it. I actually loved being a parent but being a grandparent is the whipped cream with a cherry on top of the ice cream sundae of raising children. So nice that you get to spend quality time with your grandchildren but it isn’t full time. The best of both worlds!

    Today I have the day off and I still have to drive almost to the area where I work to see the dermatologist. It is raining and I am dreading it! I’m hoping the roads aren’t snarled with traffic accidents. The appointment is at 11:15 am so I’ll have to leave the house about 10 am. I should miss most of the morning commute! I’m not sure what I want to do with my day after that. I for sure have to make sure the house is in order for my weekend guests, but I also want to do something fun too!

    I hope you’ll go get your pedicure Angela. It is so relaxing and my feet are so much softer now with the pampering that was done to them. :–)

    I’ll check back in later to write my PEAK and PIT for today!

  • Aww, thanks for your encouraging words Topcac. Having sat down for a couple of hours now, I am feeling much better, but I really should be up and doing stuff! But, unlike the dogs, I guess most “stuff” will wait (the dust and the ironing will certainly still be there next week πŸ˜‰ ) and you have now given me permission to sit and do nothing all day πŸ˜‰ Thank you. πŸ™‚

    I have actually made use of my laziness and joined Fatsecret, and have logged every single thing I have eaten this week and was astonished to find that I am averaging well under 800 calories (660) and 33g of carbs a day!! No idea how I’ve managed that, but it will no doubt be contributing to the weakness. (I have forgotten how many carbs I should be aiming for – can anyone enlighten me please?) I will allow myself a handful of nuts to compensate – or maybe even a glass of wine?????

    Onwards and, hopefully, downwards…..

  • Krysia, I am going to grow my own this year, I am told 2 plants will yield hundreds of the blighters. When juicing become popular in France there was a shortage of fresh spinach but it didn’t last long. Now, Jules, dont get me started on fennel, tastes like perfume to me, sorry you can keep it, although there are lots of things I wouldn’t eat in my younger days that I now love (asparagus, aubergine).

  • Hi Bloke41, My grandmother used to drink cider vinegar every morning claiming it helped her arthritis and that her mother had done the same. She also had whisky on her porridge morning, so probably best not regarded as the fount of dietary advice.

    Before the “beware Big Cider” brigade leap in, I do not endorse or recommend this product or any other similar one. Other condiments are available.

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    Best thing to do is to make up your own. Go through the recipes and/or the menu plans, decide what you are going to eat and make a list. I always have lots of veg on my list so spinach, courgette, cauliflower, red pappers, spring onions, mushrooms are my go to veg. Also have you got some rapeseed oil (for cooking) and olive oil for dressings. Plenty of eggs, fish, chicken and some cheese. Full fat Greek yoghurt, almond milk, some nuts like almonds and pistachio, careful with cashews they are higher calories, good for nibbles but again, watch the calories. Fresh or frozen berries to have on your yoghurt.

    Hope that starts you off. Good luck.

  • Hi Verano, interesting stats. I’m not posting so regularly as I’ve been ill, then busy, and now just settled in to this way of eating. Plateau has started moving and I’m back to steady loss of 1 or 2 lbs every 3 or 4 days, which will do for me.. Exercise is getting there. BS is stable, fasting at around 4.8 on minimum meds which I never thought would happen! Struggling to maintain water intake when it’s so cold, but aware of it. Congrats to everyone who’s keeping on keeping on. Thank goodness for bsd. MKx

  • hello all, I know yesterday was just a glitch. This morning I am 2.5 lbs down. I will trust that around the 16th of the month I will gain fluid – funny thing bodies, not had a period for 15 years but my body still behaves like I have.

    Still, I am not going to be complacent and everything will be measured and accounted for and definitely no alcohol over the weekend. It is only 2 days, surely I can manage without, and think of the rewards.

    Also, as usual my BG has shot up but only to 6.3. I remember a time I would have been so happy with 6.3 when I was normally around 8 or 9 and 7 on a good day. So, I also know from experience on this plan that it will drop back down to around 5 by tomorrow. Nothing to worry about. Total weight loss in 2 and a bit weeks is just under 4 lbs.

    Hope you are all doing well and getting back into it, it is really worth it.

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    Just to back Bloke41 up, I too have lost 34kg since September in my case. I’m 52 and have started to notice some looser skin under/ around my shoulder blades. I have been doing some resistance and core exercise (as well as the face stretches, which I’m guessing seem to work) but am moving onto more weight-based training just to keep the muscle density up. The skin around my waist (I’ve lost over 8 inches, probably more as I missed the bit about measuring yourself at the start!) seems to have just contracted.

  • Hi Theodora

    Carb flu is great!!! Let me rephrase – carb flu means that your body is switching from burning carbs to burning fat and that’s great! – it does take a few days to adjust and through that time you may feel a little dizzy, lightheaded and weak – Yes, the dogs need to be walked, but if you were planning on doing anything else ‘exercisey’ just don’t…until you feel better. I suspect by the weekend you will be full of beans again but it may take a few days. Hang in there, drink plenty of water, eat enough fat and you should be fine and rolling on with some fabulous weight loss next week πŸ™‚

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    Congratulations – you are human πŸ™‚

    I fell off the wagon spectacularly right at the end of week 2 and stuffed a huge piece of chocolate fudge cake into my gob before I could stop myself, then set about devouring all I could for the rest of the day – I put on 1.5lbs that week and went on to lose 23lbs in 15 weeks. It happens to us all – we are no angels – but it’s what you do afterwards that counts – get back to it – give yourself a talking too and forgive yourself – like Theodora say…we do!

    It’s not about the number of times you fall, it’s about the number of times you get up again…

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    Hey, don’t beat yourself up! You’ve not been well and that’s bound to weaken your resistance. I daresay everyone falls off the wagon once in a while (I haven’t yet, but I’m only on day 4, so I’m sure I will sooner or later – though later would be good πŸ˜‰ ). You know you CAN do it so, just get back on the wagon – not tomorrow, but NOW. πŸ™‚ Good luck, and hope you are feeling better soon.

    Oh, and by the way, we forgive you πŸ™‚

  • Morning all.

    Day 4 for me too, Rhodie, but unlike you I succumbed and weighed myself – 1lb off since Tuesday morning. Not amazing, but at least going in the right direction. I’m going to try to only weigh myself twice a week – ideally I’d only do it once a week, but it’s difficult enough resisting carbs, let alone resisting the scales too! πŸ˜‰ You can only expect so much from a girl! πŸ™‚

    Again, unlike you, I am sleeping much better than usual but I suspect that is the no alcohol aspect of the diet, rather than the diet itself!

    However, I am feeling pretty rough today, not ill or headachey, but very weak. Really struggled with the dogs’ usual 3 mile walk this morning, which I normally really enjoy. Felt weak with very wobbly legs, and even had to rest twice!! . Have been home an hour, had something to eat (yoghurt and blueberries), a glass of water and a coffee but still feeling weak – not tired, just weak, my legs in particular. Hope this isn’t the beginnings of the dreaded carb flu I keep reading about? How long will it take for my body to learn to burn fat instead of carbs? Sadly, the dogs have to be walked – they’d be bouncing off the walls otherwise – so I have no choice regardless of how I feel, so really hope it’s not too long, as I really struggled this morning. Any tips to rectify/alleviate this would be very welcome please.

    I looked at the recipe book in Smiths yesterday and it does seem to have some good recipes, so may invest in it in a week or two, if I get bored but so far I am enjoying the food.

    Hope you all have a good day.

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    You all seem so good at this – I did great 11lbs in 2 weeks then I got hit by a bad cold and a serious asthma attack and a sweet craving. So yesterday I demolished biscuits and chocolate and today started well and have just finished the chocolates.

    In my defence less than I normally would have but very cross with myself at this self destruction,

    So hopefully by publically acknowledging it I will get my head back into the right space and back on the BSD with vigour!


  • Just catching up with yesterday’s ‘I’ newspaper. Have just read 3 things that really cheered me up.

    1. Diabetes will take nearly 10 years off your life a study of more than half a million Chinese people has found. The rise in diabetes in China is attributed to an increasingly westernized diet and sedentary lifestyle. I was happy to read this because following BSD guidelines on diet and exercise means that this is no longer us and that we are on the right track by following a diet that is not a typical western high carb high sugar diet. Even if we don’t come completely off our meds our blood sugar levels are so good that we are no longer at risk.

    2. Key to a longer life is smaller portions. Eat less and live longer. Isn’t this just what we are doing on the BSD and then on maintenance. Maintenance for me is not eating my ‘normal’ diet because my normal diet is probably 1000 calories a day more than will maintain my weight loss (according to the Keto calculator). So again we are doing something very positive for our health.

    3. Probably only relates to me as husband is always grumbling about how much coffee I drink and how 4 or 5 coffees a day can’t be good for me. So I quite enjoyed showing him the article about how a Stamford University study has shown that an inflammatory mechanism associated with ageing and increased mortality was dormant in people who drank more caffeinated drinks.

    So a good news day.

    Congratulations Norfolkgal on reaching your target weight – a very good news day today.

  • Morning all – hope all is going well with everyone. Day 4 for me and I am resisting the urge to weigh myself daily – think for me it’s going to be better. Having been a bit of a yoyo dieter in the past the main downfall was getting on the scales when I’ve been “good” only to find I’d stayed the same or put on weight. I’m not sleeping too well at the moment (worse than normal) – is this usual in the early days? Hubby surprised me yesterday with the Recipe book so shall enjoy trying out some new healthy, low cal meals. Have a great day everyone.

  • I wrote a massive long winded post about ten minutes ago but it’s not posted – probably just as well (maybe the administrator saw what a rant I was having an deleted it). It was all about the fact that I’ve gained weight again in my mid week weigh in – just feel pants as REALLY no idea why – have lost weight fabulously all the way through this plan – that about covers it…

    Congratulations cleverblonde – you really are clever πŸ™‚

    To all strugglers out there – hang on in there – spring is on its way and with that, all the lovely walks, the light evenings, the fresh veg you can grow, and the urge to eat salad again….!

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    Hi all, I lost about 12KG on this diet , (and kept it off), whilst initially my BG levels dropped, they shot straight back up within 2 months, often to levels higher than they were previously !. gutted

  • @mumofcrazynamedkids – Hi!!

    Yes, we are similar aren’t we! Same age, very similar weight and I am also taking almost the same dose of thyroxine as you! (I take 100 micrograms 4 days a week and 125 micrograms 3 days a week). My dosage went up to 3 days of 125 just before Christmas and I feel like a new woman!! Before then I was suffering symptoms so badly that my weight piled on and I had zero motivation to do anything about it. Really happy that the slightly raised dose coupled with the eating plan seems to be working for me a treat. I started at just a little lower than you 12stone 12 lbs and I was 12stone 5.5 lbs yesterday which was the same as the day before so the weight lose is certainly slowing but to have lost nearly half a stone in less that 2 weeks with a thyroid condition is nothing short of a miracle!

    I am not yet feeling my clothes be much looser but I work from home most of the time and when doing that i wear a tracksuit so not the best for noticing weight loss but I am away for the weekend this weekend staying with my best friend and I will be putting on much nicer clothes so hoping that my jeans are a little less tight.

    I am finding the WOE really easy to manage and I am not hungry or craving at all really so no problems there but it will be harder when I go away this weekend or am out and about generally. I am doing dry January at the moment which works as a good excuse but it will be more difficult when I get into February (my birthday month and a business trip to South Africa) and March but I find that my friends are generally really supportive – especially when I explain that I am mainly trying to do this to make my thyroid symptoms a bit easier to manage.

    Got an instant pot of home made chicken stock downstairs which I am about to turn into some chicken soup so hoping for a lovely lunch when I break my fast at 1-ish!

    Hope you have a great day!

  • Just to report in, I have lost another pound this week which brings me to within 1 lb of my target weight of 9st 7lb!! Total of 3 lbs lost over the 4 week fix to date. I am not being ultra strict but trying to keep the carbs around 60 -70g (not diabetic), and cals under 1200. So gradually working up to maintenance I think. I cooked a new recipe last night, a warm chicken and butternut squash salad with a tahini dressing, which was yummy. OH enjoyed it as well, which was a bonus – he is half-heartedly trying to lose a bit of weight, but enjoys his beer and chips too much to go permanently low carb.

    We are off to Jamaica in Feb, on an all-inclusive hol, it will be a test of my will power I think. Looking forward to some sea and sun, its the first foreign holiday we’ve had together as OH had a dog who could not be left, until we lost him just before Xmas. Shopping this weekend for shorts – my favourites from last year have to go to the charity shop – much too big!

    Congratulations to everyone on these forums, its great to read of your successes and the tips and recipes are all very helpful.

  • Raintoday, sorry to hear about your poor cat, so heartbreaking losing a friend.

    Natalie, with you on the heights thing, so can appreciate the effort it took for you to do that, well done.

    Feeling good today, positive. Can’t keep up with all the posts now, so am concentrating on our merry band. Keep me focused on the task in hand.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Thank you Annie W and others for your welcome.
    I am aiming not to weigh myself everyday. Will weigh every Sunday.
    Will certainly come back after my appointment tomorrow. Interesting that other have found their eyesight improve too.
    Will certainly look at note from Krysia D. How amazing too. Well done.
    Hope everyone has a good day.

  • FRAGGLE257 how you doing? you and I are similar weights, same age and both have hypothyroidism, you had a great first week like me, just wondering how you are finding week 2?

    I have lost another pound today, so now 12 6, I am planning on doing lots of lovely cooking this week and getting food all sorted for the next couple of weeks.

    Motivation still high and clothes feeling looser, even managed to go out to a movie with my friend (who is also on the BSD) last night and we didn’t go for a drink afterwards! very proud of ourselves and that little NSV !

    I bought a lovely tartan size 14 skirt in the sale, that I can put on and fasten, but is still too tight to wear, that is my mini goal, to get into that comfortably within the next 2 weeks (need to get some wear out of it before the summer!

    has anyone else set any mini goals? or treats for reaching milestones?

    Getting under 12 stone is a significant one for me, all my size 14 clothes will fit comfortably again then, which gives me many more wardrobe options. I really need to get on the exercise thing and start working my muscles.

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    This thread is really helping me getting to grips with this new way of eating. Thank you all!
    I’ve just done my one week weigh in and lost 5.5lb and 2 inches off my waist. I’m thrilled with this and finding it fairly easy to stick to. There has obviously been the odd moment, but as a total chocoholic I am amazed that I haven’t really struggled as much as I thought I would.
    I’m logging everything I eat on the Fitbit app and I think the discipline of writing everything down and trying to up my daily steps is really helping.
    Continued success to all the January starters!