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  • Oh Hello66 you truly are amazing . I am in awe of your strength and resilience to be honest, and more fully understand your objectives and priorities now .
    Can you get hold of
    “The Ketogenic Kitchen ‘ by Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly ?
    Both are cancer survivors and you might find it useful

    “In The Ketogenic Kitchen they share with you exciting nutritional developments, which reveal that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat, in conjunction with the treatment recommended by medical professionals, offers new hope in the support of and protection against many chronic illnesses.

    Whether you are facing treatment, going through recovery or simply want to choose food that can keep you in long-term optimal health, The Ketogenic Kitchen offers advice and delicious recipes that will aid weight loss and leave you with higher energy levels and glowing good health.”

    As they say, we cannot underestimate the importance of a healthy way of eating . I’m no medical expert but I have often read about the importance of avoiding sugar in cancer patients and there has even been research aroud fasting .

    We are just happy to be able to offer you a bit of support from our humble weekly thread Hello66 . You WILL discard those kilos and you WILL celebrate your special wedding anniversary and many more !!!

    Have a great day Hello 66 and sending massive hugs your way xx

  • Hello to everyone , good to read how everyone is doing .
    Thank you Wendy for so many suggestions you have made which may be helpful , I’ll have a think about which way may be helpful 🙂
    A few questions you have asked me as well so I’ll answer those .
    I want to be the weight I was before my shock Cancer diagnosis November 2017 , hemi colectomy 2 days later , then 3 further surgeries since , New Years Eve my second op so that started 2018 in a bad way , followed by 3 rd op . in 2019 & 4 th mid year 2020 , & by year’s end after gaining weight at a rate of about a kilo a month , I just had this desire to start 2021 in a positive way , &
    get back to my pre Cancer weight , hope and Pray it will leave me alone !!!!
    I can’t help adding for now at least ( it’s hard not to allow Oncologist ‘s words to come into mind when I say things like hope Cancer leaves me alone , as he has told me on two seperate occasions that when it returns it will be terminal ! )
    I did tell him that I heard what he says the 1 st time but I wasn’t going to curl up in a foetal position and wait for it to get here ! That was my strong voice speaking , but then there’s that little inner voice that asks how I will cope when IT does return to my lungs and my liver as he predicts ??
    So I’ve answered that little voice with a plan , and my plan is to be as healthy and strong and positive as I can be , so I can fight on when I have to !!
    You asked how I feel about my body also Wendy , well on one hand I don’t like the scars that stretch from not far under my sternum right down to just above my pubic bone , and now the flab each side as I’ve gained weight isn’t pretty , but I wasn’t happy with a sunken in abdo. & chest either where hip bones & rib cage stuck out either !
    It was so necessary to gain weight I realise , but maybe I took the Dieticians words too literally & yes did enjoy all that comfort food & those carbs were comforting , & helped me gain weight & gave me back some energy , but now it’s time to say ‘ Au Revoir ‘ to so many of them Wendy . So yes I am reducing carbs , I’ve said Au Revoir to Bread , rice & potatoes & gravy as a start ( potatoes and gravy and rice dishes & custards were encouraged by the Dietician & yes I did enjoy them all until I now realise they are not my friends any more )
    I’m still in a pre diabetes state which is good , but 2020 may be the year that it progresses to Type 2 if my weight gain & high carb eating was to continue !
    I’m no longer weak and emaciated , I’m overweight and that’s not healthy as we know .
    You asked about medication & yes I’m on medication fairly often to ‘ quieten ‘ my the bowel urgency issues I’m left with , so these cause slowing of the bowel so could well cause slowing of weight loss , but are very necessary when I have to leave the house as there’s literally no time to lose , it’s a case of run to 🚽 or ! TMI I know !!
    Also I’m on thyroid meds which at times are hard to balance , thyroidectomy years ago for what turned out to be a benign tumour .
    I’ve started the day with blueberries & Greek yoghurt , so a good low carb meal , thin slices silverside in jarlsberg cheese slices lunch , & plan to have a home made burger , baby spinach & cucumber slices & radish finely sliced for dinner , so if I can get through today without being tempted I should see a loss tomorrow !
    Today I had gained 100 grams , one part of me needs to see what’s happening on the scales so I can make amends if there’s a gain , another part of me has that horrid little voice saying may as well have a piece of Xmas cake , you gained weight overnight anyway , even when you’d had that long walk yesterday & you were so happy last night when you checked Garmin & you had walked 13,867 steps for the day .
    Think I’ve answered your questions Wendy despite in a long winded way , I will try and incorporate the time restricted eating in as well , despite the long walk yesterday it was very late when we finally ate dinner , hence my decision to try and get by with just blueberries and Greek yoghurt for breakfast today ……
    it’s going to be trial and error I know & there will be frequent stalls , but I want 2020 to be the best it can be & Pray it will be a healthier one than the last 3 & it is an important one for me & my darling , 50 th Wedding Anniversary coming up so we both want to be Healthy for that Happy occasion .
    Thanks so much again for taking the time to support and help me Wendy , hope you enjoyed your walk in the fresh air , tired legs from yesterday ‘ s effort , but plan to get out for a walk today also , all the best to everyone , hope it’s a good day 🙂Hello 66

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    Thanks for your kind words, Sunshine girl
    The big test for my will power is this thurs when ‘my girls’ from work come round for the first time since I started, each bringing a plate OR TWO! They are all fantastic bakers. Imagine their faces when instead of the huge chocolate cake being centre place it will be herby wild rice, quinoa, slivered almonds, pomegranate seeds, falafels and hummus!

    Previously our picnic yesterday, would have been: white rolls, crisps, chunks of cheese, muffins, chocolate and ‘lettuce’ LOL
    Yesterday it was swapped for a gorgeous colourful salad, fruit, a mixed veggie sausage/beanburger. They had a little wholegrain wrap with theirs.

    Voting ended 4/4 in favour of the new regime! and I am now eating beetroot for the first time in 48 years. Grated, after all, I don’t want to run before I can walk!!!!! ha ha.

    My 19 year old son (slight additional needs) met grated beetroot on a picnic blanket for the first time too. He did quite well until: (he is petrified of birds that make noises) and a certain duck who, after telling my son (for the millionth time) that they are harmless and “you are fine” then decided to literally attack his plate of food. I kid you and exaggerate not! Attila the duck! You could have heard the commotion half a mile away. I will await the video of anyone who managed to record it!!!!!!!! as were not alone by the river. I obviously get the healthy vote from the ducks too as they were obviously sick of white rolls and crisps as well.

    Happy Sunday 🙂

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    Hello Yowser, like you a quiet day with not much to report, but there are a couple of positives nonetheless…..
    💉 covid vaccinations are starting in India… of particular interest to me, as I have friends there.
    🍽 the monk fish and prawn curry I made for dinner this evening, was well worth the effort. (Although the kitchen looks like a war zone as a result!)
    That’s me for today, hope your weekend is going well … don’t forget, we’d love to know about those positives.

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    HOWDY,Hope evbody ok today,Sensational Saturday!
    SUNNY its such a shame we cant put photos on here,wd love to see yr photos taken with yr mobile lens
    Hmmm do I have any positives?
    *~ Just enjoyed watching a programme called Beatles Stories. So much good stuff on Sky Arts!
    *~ Didnt sleep at all last night,but had a lovely afternoon nap!
    *~ Its been a quiet day,so no more positives really,except Im happy to be at home,we’ve had no snow or floods like some places. A big exciting storm last night and sunshine today,so cant complain.

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    Oh wow loads of interesting stuff to read here!
    We sure get to talk about a lot of good topics as we ride along the highway!
    The Midnight Library sounds great! Its fascinating to think of how different life may turn out depending on paths we took,didn’t take,decisions made,not made. Like SUNSHINEGIRL ive taken a few wrong turns,but sometimes we just dont know til later that we have made a bad choice. Wdnt it be great if we could do it all again with the benefit of hindsight,and avoid all those tricky times.
    SUNSHINE Im so sorry that awful job impacted so much on your mental health XXXX
    Disco Inferno is such a fun song! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
    DD used to make me tapes to listen to while i exercise favourite from then was Big Sur by The Thrills..upbeat lively sound to keep me pedalling!
    I also lasted just one Monday morning in a job. I had left my previous job on the Friday,complete with leaving do and gifts…hated the Monday morning job,a nasty atmosphere there. I called in to see my old colleagues Monday lunchtime. One of them said,Shall I ask the boss if you can have your old job back? Started back the following day,amongst lots of Who’s the new girl jokes!
    Enjoy the weekend,folks!❤️💜

  • Hi bee light, you make it sound so idyllic, sitting in the sunshine with your berries and apple, feeling in control of your future. Good for you, it is an adventure and your enthusiasm should bring your friends along with you – not doing the diet – supporting you. That is what you have to explain. You dont want them to understand you diet but you want them to support you in what you are doing for yourself and your well being.

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    First of all I want to congratulate Cathy for walking away from a really bad situation. Many years ago I worked for a man who’s sole purpose was to get rid of long serving staff because they were on the highest pay scale and bring in new people on basic pay. I didnt think it would affect me as I wasnt that high up but I slowly watched my own bosses and others either leave or get the sack. When he started on me no-one stood up for me, just like no-one stood up for the others. I ended up having a nervous breakdown and thought about suicide rather than go to work but I had all those thoughts like I needed the money, I had a family to support. If I had just walked away I might have been a different person, not so scare of authority and marched my own path. On top of that, I had made wrong turns in my life with ended up badly. Fortunately, I had a good doctor. But, not a bad ending, we had a man come to work with me and I knew he was still in prison and this was his day release leading up to parole. I used to give him a lift back to the prison each evening as it was on my way. One day I was getting very cross with my mother over something and I just said ‘oh I could gladly kill her’. He said ‘yes, I know what you mean, that’s what I did’. So he had murdered his mother. Didnt know any details but I felt a bit wary knowing he could do something like that in temper.

    We have had interesting lives and experiences. My family say I should write a book but it would bring back too many demons.
    Slightly off piste and getting a bit morbid.

    So how are we all getting on with our journey. I had a little blip on Thursday due to absolutely no reason and it nearly sent me off track but I held out. Next day I was back down and today lost even more. So it is worth sticking with it when the going gets tough. Only 1lb (0.4kg) to my pre-Christmas weight, taking my back under the 12 stone mark so something positive to aim for on my Tuesday weigh in on the Weekly thread.

    Keep on keeping on everyone and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Hi everyone and still sticking with it although I nearly caved in on Thursday after that little blip upwards. So glad I didnt as I am now just 0,4 kg away from my pre Christmas weight.

    Ems, strawberries are great, banana not so much but have one now and then on a day when you have kept your calories low and I know what you mean about a weetabix but try to resist and the name gives it away as being one of the bad carbs – wheat biscuit. But if you really must and it is just a one off it shouldnt do much harm. Note I say much as you might stall your progress for a couple of days. As Wendleg says, try doing this for a period of time, even if you do it in 2 week blocks. You say you like the food and are not hungry and you might find you dont crave the things you used to – weetabix. I loved bananas and still love the smell when hubby has one after his lunch but I really couldnt force myself to eat one. I dont know where you are living or what season it is but if you cant get fresh berries then frozen are great. They are nice heated in the microwave with a dash of cinnamon and a plain yoghurt on top and a sprinkle of almond flakes. Comes in at less than 120 cals.

    Enjoy the weekend if you can everyone.

  • So I was following the program Michael Moseley did – Lose a stone in 3 weeks, that’s why I was planning a day off after 3, I think I’ll stick to the day off after 3 weeks this time, as that’s what I’ve mentally engaged with, but move to 4 weeks/ a month next time. Ideally once I’m nearing my ideal weight I’ll switch to the 5:2 plan and these days off will help me prepare for how that’ll look long term.

  • I hope you are managing your pain EllieAllegra. . and well done you for sticking with the plan albeit with a few more calories . Jason Fung’s books were an eye opener for me too and smashed everything I thought I knew about diet and weight loss ( never succeeded in any of the many experiments !!!)

    I hope the weekend is going well for you all . Have a break from the home schooling ! I’m going to drag myself out for a walk to feel a bit more fresh air on my face.
    Hoping to hear from those who have gone a bit quiet… Busy and preoccupied with family and other concerns no doubt . Just hope you are all well xx

  • Just read your reply Em ! By all means see how that less restrictive day affects your progress ? It wouldn’t entail a lot of unhealthy foods for sure .
    The initial programme is 8 weeks . Could you not try to get to the end of that period before making any adjustments ? Only you know what works for you Em and I think you are doing very well so far xx

  • Hi LonelyAdipose ! I think you know what to do so just take it one day at a time . Plan as you say to remove foods which will derail you . It is tricky when you are catering for a family with different food choices but there are recipes you can adapt to allow more carbs and protein for the family. Do you have to eat with the family at every meal ? Can you skip breakfast for instance ? It’s about you, LA and your needs which matter .
    Stay with us for any support you need .
    Honey in tea… I fell into the trap of thinking that honey was healthy but remember it is sugar . I think removing sweeteners is a good idea as they just maintain the ‘sweet tooth’ urge . When I gave up sugar in tea, coffee etc many years ago it didn’t really take long before I was totally used to not having sugar . In fact the tiniest amount of sugar was revolting . It would make a massive difference to give up the sugars in tea etc . One change at a time LA ?

  • I envisaged my day off as still applying the principles, but loosening up on the carbs a little, probably not with refined products like bread and pasta, as I avoid them anyway as they do my Crohns no good. It was more that I would allow myself to go to about 1500 cals, have a drink, have some fruit, just a day off the restrictiveness of the 800! Though I have to say that I feel full and like I eat well even on the 800, it was just about a day off for a few treats! Strawberries, bananas and weetabix, was one of the meals I’m craving most!

  • Hi Emzijw ( tricky to type !! 🙂 ) I’m going to call you Em !!
    You have been following the plan since New Year so what 16 days ? You have had fantastic results so far so be proud of that ! You will inevitably see a slowing down of weight loss as you proceed . The 3rd /4th week is notorious for seeing a stall but just keep going ! There is no rush , see this as a long term, life time commitment in fact . You are already seeing the benefits of this way of eating on your health , increased energy and and particularly in managing your Crohns disease . All of that is fantastic Em !! It’s not just about seeing the numbers magically go down every week . It fluctuates but if you are following the principles of BSD /Fast 800 there is no reason why you won’t see the results you want ….in time .

    Your plan to do 3 weeks and have a day off before starting again …. hmmm that depends what your day off would involve . If you resort to eating lots of high carb foods you felt ‘deprived ‘ of during the 3 weeks then I think you are setting yourself up for a hard time as you will have to transition once again from the effects of the high carb day and the risk of a massive carb overload .
    This is only my opinion but I believe that the key is to find a way of eating which is satisfying and enjoyable where you don’ t feel in the least deprived because you have weaned yourself off the carbs and sugar . I don’t see this programme as a diet which you endure and then go back to ‘normal eating ‘ Low carb is the normal to sustain the weight loss .
    You will be motivated by feeling and looking so much better ,Em . You are doing brilliantly in my opinion !

  • Hi Hello66 . I understand your impatience to discard those 6 kilos but remember how far you have come !! Tell us why that number is important to you … did you have a target in mind which you want to achieve come what may ? How do you feel about your body now ?
    I haven’t got a quick fix . I know that I experienced frequent stalls on the road but it balanced out . Could your medication be having an effect ?
    Have you tried experimenting with intermittent fasting or time restricted eating ? Skipping breakfast so you eat your first meal around lunch time and with a shorter eating window ? Are you monitoring the carbs ? It’s easy for them to creep up especially with certain veg and fruit . How about protein ?
    I know those 6 kilos are a burden to you Hello66 but I am in awe of how you have coped with some very challenging health issues so be proud of yourself . Give it time .

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    DCT your post made me smile. I love all sorts of music, and I love dancing too. No wonder I was slim back in the day, I used to go out with my friends and we’d literally be dancing for 5 or 6 hours at least.
    I love Disco inferno – it’s one song that always makes me want to get up and move 🙂
    And I was just watching Love Actually (again!) last night and enjoyed watching Hugh Grant dancing down the stairs.
    And yes Saturday Night Fever – I was in high school when the movie came out and my friends and I were so excited when the local cinema screened a modified version of the movie that was suitable for under 15s 🙂 Disco music and music from the 80s is still my favourite.
    My favourite motivational song is St Elmos Fire – in the early 2000s I was on a health kick (one of numerous!) and I got a whizz-bang exercise bike. I put together a sound track on my MP3 player and used to ride the bike for 45 mins EVERY night – no excuses. Anyway St Elmos Fire was the last song on the playlist and just when I thought I had no energy left this song would spur me on 🙂

    Yowzer – wow what a story! I have many work stories where I have worked with different bullies and creeps but no murderers (to my knowledge!)

    Cathy – you did the right thing, life is too short to be spending it unhappy, and at least you gave it a week. I lasted just the morning in a job once – the lady I had to
    Work for was so rude and nasty and a horrible bully that after 3 or 4 hours I realised I just didn’t want to be there. So I walked out at lunch time, said I’d be back in an hour, then organised another job with a temp agency and that afternoon was sitting at a desk in a new workplace.
    I couldn’t help but wonder what the other place was thinking when I didn’t return from my lunch break!

    As to diet and this bus journey, I didn’t lose anything this week but wasn’t surprised after my off plan, 2nd Xmas last weekend. I think I’ve lost what I would have gained during those 2/3 days off plan. Anyway I’m still strapped into my seat on the bus and gripping tightly to the hand rail while we are all navigating these speed humps and pot holes!

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    DCT- we are definitely “sisters”, I was bought The Midnight Library for Christmas and like you really enjoyed it. It made me think about my choices and decisions too. I love reading and am a member of a book club that sadly hasn’t met since Christmas 2019! Like you, I have an eclectic taste in music- I love classical music playing the piano and the clarinet. I love the disco inferno tune but deep down I am a “rock chic”, loving guns n roses. I seem to remember you loved Marillion, Kayleigh being one of my favourite tunes of all time. So , we have a lot in common.

    Yowser, having intuition is a very useful and powerful super power! How shocking to read that you had been working alongside a murderer! I wonder what intuition is? Is it a sixth sense? Yowser, I will skip on the pancakes- I’ve always tried to like them but I really can’t stand their texture?

    Anyway, lovely to share this journey with so many lovely friends. Let’s crank the music up next week for this ride. I am already beginning to feel back to my normal self and am definitely ready to dust myself down and restart my weight loss journey.

    Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for your support and encouragement.

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    Yowzer how awful to have been working with a murderer! I’m so glad you had no problems from him. But what a shock. I’ve just finished reading a book called The Midnight Library which is a story about someone who gets the chance to go back to various points in life and see what would have happened if she’d made different choices from what she did at the time. It’s all made me think of the various “what ifs” we have in life, and how we got to be who and where we are today, and what dangers and pitfalls we – maybe unknowingly – avoided along the way.

    On a totally different topic, cuppa asked ages ago what music we most liked to dance to. I took so long to think about my answer that I then forgot to post anything. I love many types of music but, though I enjoy dancing, I don’t get to do it that much. But you know what, I think I’ll start doing some at home from next wee!. Good exercise and lifts the spirits. Anyway, on the radio this morning there was some kind of disco special and one of the requests was for Trammps Disco Inferno, which took me right back to my uni days when Saturday Night Fever was all the rage and we used to go to a little disco called The Merry Go Round and dance away. But one of my more recent favourite movie dance scenes is Hugh Grant in Love Actually, boogieing down the stairs of Number 10 to The Pointer Sisters’ Jump. Never fails to raise a smile!

    Anyway, am rambling on about nothing to do with our bus tour, although it’s nice to have a bit of philosophy and music along the way!

    Hope that everyone has a positive weekend and we can share various bits of good news on Monday. Belated shout out to Busybee. Love the quote, and keep on being kind to yourself. We’re here to hold your hand on this rickety bus ride. Also Dawn, I hope you get your mum sorted, and that you feel a bit more up to the bus ride next week.

    These are hard times in different ways for all of us, so sending a big hug to everyone reading this X

  • Hi all,
    Hope I’m okay to join this thread, it looks really supportive and inspiring, and I’m after a little guidance. I started the 800 fast on 1st Jan 21, I had previously read the BSD book and applied some of the principles, and had also been doing intermittent fasting for some time, as it helps control the symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease.
    I started with having 77lbs to lose, and have so far lost 10 of them – so only 67 to go which sounds really good.
    I currently eat between 12.00 and 18.00, low carb <30g and high protein. I only drink water, black tea and a cup of hot water, lemon juice and a slice of ginger first thing, I treat also treat myself to a zero-calorie soda a couple of times a week. I have completed a minimum of 10,000 steps a day and eaten no more than 850 calories a day. I’m really proud of how I’ve adapted to the diet, have no side effects, fab energy levels, my Crohn’s is in a really good place and I’m really pleased with my increase in exercise. However, the scales have not moved at all in nearly a week! I’ve been using ketosis strips and am measuring as moderate, but don’t understand why I’m not losing – any advice?
    In addition my plan was to stick religiously to plan for 3 weeks, take 1 day off and then back to plan for another 3 week, etc…as I think this will keep me motivated and be manageable for me. Any thoughts on whether this could be effective or not?

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    Cathy I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter and hope her recovery begins soon.As far as your new job goes,that Professor sounds absolutely awful and I’m so pleased you haven’t stayed there,I can’t imagine anyone putting up with that behaviour for long!
    Hope everyone has a good day,we are off to my mum’s this morning to see if my husband can fix her problematic kitchen tap,he’s not a plumber but has fixed stuff like that in the past so is going to give it a go🤞Dawn X

  • Hi all , have been reading all the posts & am amazed when I read of some of the weight losses on the forums when I struggle to lose a hundred grams & that’s not every day & it is a little disheartening, but when I read of some of the battles mentioned such as people with relatives & friends battling Covid I feel that I shouldn’t even comment , but I will because it is the primary reason I came onto the forum as I want support & help in losing 6.6 kilograms which I want to rid myself of .
    I’m wondering if there’s anyone with any handy hints that is boosting some & enabling them to lose pounds so quickly ??
    I’d appreciate any thoughts ?
    Aside from that can I just say my love and thoughts go out to all who know or have friends or relatives suffering Covid , & I Pray that they will be o.k. , and for those with long term symptoms, they will abate without leaving permanent damage .
    These Covid issues are horrendous & so wide spread , it’s still hard to comprehend how it has changed our World !
    I truly feel so lucky to be living in a place where we are fairly safe at this time , but it doesn’t stop me / us all feeling for those who are in lockdown & those suffering & living in fear !!
    Stay strong everyone ,
    🤗❤️ Hello66

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    Ps ?.Sorry but just got excited coz I got a message telling me pancake tuesday is feb 16 th this year..
    Mmmmmm..I cant wait! I reckon there’ll be a big plate of them getting passed round the bus! X

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    ( Gahhhhh…just lost a post! Try again)
    CCATHY, the Prof sounds like an absolute nightmare! Nobody should have to work alongside someone who’s obnoxious. You deserve better ❤️
    I’m glad youre giving yrself a few days TLC and hope Montys giving you plenty of cuddles xx!😻
    Gut feelings…I never used to trust mine,but over the years Ive learnt to.
    I think the creepiest one I had was living in London many years ago and taking temporary office jobs. For three weeks I worked with a seemingly inoffensive,mild mannered,quiet guy,but my antennae told me sthing was very wrong with him. I was actually scared of him,he chilled me to the bone, and I gave him a wide berth. A few years later,I saw his face splashed all over the front pages of the newspapers and in the TV news. He had been accused of a murder and went on to confess to many more.
    Always trust those feelings in your solar plexus and listen to that little inner voice. It always knows xx!
    DCT! Glad you have had a good week X Ive had a good five days that have shifted the Xmas pounds! SO i am actually on the roof of the bus tonight doing a little dance of joy! But I know exactly what you mean..I too am very capable of scuppering things ….we are only human,and lifes hard just now..a little drink is a great comfort at times! Or a few nibbles..😋 X

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    Cathy just want to send love and moral support. It’s funny: you talk about being intuitive and I think I am too. So when you related some of the “teething” issues earlier in the week I did want to ask you if you really wanted the job. Something just didn’t feel right. So I’m glad you did the brave thing and walked away from what sounds like a horrible situation.

    If you need another job then I’m sure something better will come your way. Meanwhile, enjoy your time with Monty!

    So sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter. Am hoping and praying that there is some positive improvement soon.

    Meanwhile do have a relaxing weekend to get over this week!

    Same to everyone else too. Happy weekend, and hope that there has been some progress this week? I’ve had a better week and am starting to see a downward trend on the scales. But have had far too much wine this evening so have probably scuppered that 🙀

    Love to you all and let’s keep this bus 🚌 moving! X

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    Thanks Freester! for your encouragement!
    First time EVER yesterday that I went out on a shopping/browsing trip and did not end up in a cafe eating a huge dish of fries, etc etc followed by a huge slab of chocolate cake and a bar of chocolate later to “keep me going”.

    I took a moment out for lunch as I sat in the sunshine, surrounded by flowers, listening to a great busker singing and playing guitar while thoroughly enjoying the blueberries, apple (only fruit of the day) and popcorn I had taken with me. There was a kind of glow around as I realised that I had preplanned, knowing I could easily stuff up the hard work. Had a giggle to myself that no one else knew what I was thinking and how irrationally (over the top, sickeningly, smugly, pleased with myself I was). I was literally laughing. It felt good after so much negativity surrounding, weight, food and previous advice.

    I know the long haul is harder and I have yet to survive my friends and colleagues while on this journey (on holiday at home). But I have plans, including gorgeous crockery to eat off at work rather than eating out of the plastic packed lunch boxes and having a small stash of pumpkin seeds and sparling water on hand (my current saviours) for THOSE moments.

    Happy Saturday 🙂

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    Hello everyone- for some reason I’ve not been getting any emails through this last day or so. I have to admit that I got off the bus yesterday because I’ve had a particularly upsetting and bad week. I am going to take myself away for a few days, give myself some space and jump back on again on Monday with renewed enthusiasm. My friend’s daughter is still in ICU with Covid and is particularly poorly. She has Downs Syndrome and I don’t know whether that will have any impact on her recovery. Very very sad, I’ve known her since she was a little girl and she is 33 so I am saying my prayers for her recovery.
    I quit my new job today- it was horrendous. The Professor I was working for was obnoxious. However, I have learnt so much about myself. I am still confident, I have not lost my skillset and the best thing of all is that my intuition radar is as reliable as ever! I have a special skill of being very intuitive and I wondered, if since I retired last March, whether I would have lost that special power- well I haven’t! I am very sad that things didn’t work out but would be sadder staying in a job working with someone so incredibly difficult to get on with. His language was grossly offensive and he was so rude and extremely angry. I cannot work with somebody like that. Monty, my rescue cat is so happy I am staying home with him now. Apparently, he waited in the hall for me coming home all day! That’s the problem with having a lockdown pet!
    So I will be dusting myself down after the weekend and I will buy a new bus ticket 🎫 and join in again. I don’t know where I am weight wise. I was being really good whilst at work last week but have had a little dalliance today with some Christmas cake and some chocolates I was bought for Christmas!

    Well done to those who are knuckling down and making progress. Keep going to those like me who are on and off the bus. Life is so difficult at the moment and we are doing our very best. Let’s be kind to ourselves.

  • posted by  SunnyB on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Yowser, good to see you posting …. well done on shifting the Xmas pounds and for keeping up the dressing smartly too.

    ☀️ for the second day running, there were sunny spells again today.
    💐 more blooms have appeared in my birthday bouquet …. yellow and white iris.
    🌹when I rearranged the flowers, I took some cuttings from the rose stems …. fingers crossed at least one will take.
    📸 have taken loads of photos of my flowers, using the mobile phone lenses which were also a birthday gift. Loving the arty results.

    Can hardly believe we’re at the start of another weekend … hope you all have a good one. Please try to pop in occasionally to let us know about your positives.

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Hi everyone! Heres the weekend! again! …comes round so quickly…
    My positives for today..
    *~ Since Monday 11th Jan, I’ve got back to pre Xmas weight( 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️!) I have shifted the lbs gained over Xmas..just shows how much is just retained water,rather than actual fat!
    *~ My scales have just died..they need a new battery..not getting one for a while as I seem to do better without the scales always trying to tempt me to jump on,but often with disappointing results!
    *~ This week have enjoyed dressing a bit more smartly than I did in previous lockos…really has lifted my spirits!
    🌼🌻 ~ Metta Prayer ~ May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be happy. May all beings be safe. May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature. May all beings be free. ~ 🌻🌼 xx

  • Hello! I’m here to try again and get myself together. I have exceeded my last man weight. 😭 But I really do want to work on myself. For now, my goal is to remove bad things from my diet before jumping into 800 calories. So junk food, grains, sweeteners. My hardest issues are not adding honey to my tea and finding a way to balance my family’s meals (my hubby is the opposite of me and is trying to gain weight). So for the rest of this week, I’ll try to remove the unhealthy choices from my menu and when the next post is up, I’ll include my weight and begin fast 800.

    Also, my name seems negative but it’s actually inspired by a doctor who episode.🤓

  • Hi all, as predicted my one pound gain has gone overnight. Sets me on a good path for the weekend as like you Tulip1, that is my downfall. Just like most people I am struggling with my emotions and feel up and down. I find exercise helps and also seeing a downward movement on the scales. So it is worth it to keep on keeping on…

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Hi all – so a very mixed bag since my last post. I had to increase my pain meds and have been told to up my calories so have been doing that. However, since joining the ‘Easter bus’ in early Jan, I’ve still managed to lose 6lbs 🙂 Clearly I can’t stay on the F800 plan atm, but I will continue with IF and low carb just the same. I also read The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung, which I had been meaning to do for ages….what a game changer!!! As someone with a background in clinical research, I think the book is absolutely amazing! Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll be trying to focus on pain management for a while but will pop in to read about how everyone is doing. Good luck on your journies and hope everyone is staying safe and well xx

  • posted by  RubyG on New, starting BSD TODAY!
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    Weigh-in today:
    He was 19st 0.8lb (starting weight on 26th Oct was 21st 8.0lb)
    I was 12st 7.0lb (only down 0.8lb from last week, but started at 13st 11.8lb on 26th Oct)
    Managed 10 minutes on the exercise bike yesterday (he hasn’t made it that far since before Christmas……)
    and went to the fishmonger this morning, so steamed mussels for supper tonight!

  • posted by  MarianneSolong on Week 2….zero weight loss / huh??!
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    Thanks, I may well give these a try!
    I need to do something….end week 2, same eating pattern as week 1 but only 3/4lb lost. At this rate I’d need to be on 800 cals for over 6 months and I’m fairly sure I won’t be able to keep it going for that long.

  • posted by  freester on A question re calories for you thanks :)
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    Congratulations and well done.

    To answer your question – yep if you make a meal just total up the calories of ingredients, then divide by the number of portions…

    Personally I wouldn’t recommend weighing every day. I did twice a week during the 800 cal a day phase (although now in maintenance I do weigh every day).

    During the 800 cals a day I wasn’t too rigorous about 800 cals a day. I had a weekly meal plan. I’d total daily calories then average (divide by 7). As long as it averaged around 800 I was happy.

    Don’t go buying any new clothes yet. Ones you buy now maybe too big by the time you’re done (I made that mistake after my 6 wk 800 cal phase but continued to lose in maintenance).

    Well done – you’ve got this!

  • posted by  Busybee on Easter Bus Tour
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    I’ve got off the bus a few times this week too!
    Little things in life have upset me and I gave in to the comfort of the white stuff!!
    Why oh why do I do this?
    Never mind, I am trying to be kinder to myself and ‘as tomorrow has gone, tomorrow never comes, I will deal on this today’.
    X B

  • I made this one Tulip/Clare
    2 tablespoons of poppy seeds and sesame seeds
    I tablespoon dried onion flakes
    2 teaspoons coarse Himalayan pink salt ( or less, check !)
    I teaspoon dried minced garlic;
    Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and store in an airtright container for up to 3 months

    I used it on chicken and it’s good to put on roasted cauliflower steaks too

  • SG, I am the same- I weigh daily and also take the average weight that fitbit gives me on a Saturday as my weight for the week, rather than my actual Saturday weight. It’s a habit that I picked up with RH fitness, the last unsuccessful diet I tried (did lose some, but gained it all back and various other reasons)- any how, that bit of advice was based on therefore you eliminate the daily fluctuation weight from your week’s total. Well, actually that’s not so important with this diet as there is less fluctuation, but like you, I find the daily weigh ins keep me on track whichever way the fluctuation goes. In fact the disadvantage is that by the end of the week I have probably lost more than my average tells me, but then weekends are dangerous beasts for me so it also helps me focus not to go too mad then because each day I weigh is important, I guess.
    Love to all xx

  • Hi everyone . Just checking in on you all . Don’t worry if you are feeling a bit despondent with lack of progress or off plan days, just keep going . It took us a long time to accumulate excess weight and it’s not going to be a quick fix. The most important thing is to not give up . Keep clearing the cupboards of poor quality , high carb foods. Plan ahead .
    Big hugs to those facing stress and fatigue whether from work or general anxiety . It’s hard not to be anxious right now . The vaccination programme is beginning here but it’s slow . It does seem the French are gradually becoming les reticent though , we’ll see . Good to hear elderly parents in the Uk are getting their appointments .
    My days seem to run into each other with nothing very exciting to report . I am not a daily weigher and won’t even think about looking at any numbers until the end of the month .
    I have been producing a few spice mixtures to put with fish or chicken to prevent boredom .
    Sorry I can’t help with any hormonal issues as ‘time of the month’ is a distant memory for me . Dietdoctor might have some info , I’ll check.
    Take care everyone . I hope EC is ok , articfox ? I am going to check my list xx

  • posted by  ADD6605 on Easter Bus Tour
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    Hi everyone.I rolled off the bus over the last few days but have clambered back on now and am hoping that I can sit firmly in my seat without too many bumps in the road. I haven’t weighed myself since Christmas Eve and there are only 17 days until I weigh myself again (I think I had been thinking February was still a full month away for some reason so was surprised when I realised it wasn’t,I’m so not with it at the moment!!! ) so I really want to make these next few weeks count.Well done everyone who is sitting firmly in their seat and to anyone like me who isn’t,let’s make the next 24 hours (no matter what time of day it is wherever you are) healthy eating ones😀 Dawn X

  • Hi everyone.I’m writing off last few days as I didn’t give healthy eating a thought🙁 and didn’t even look at the forum which I usually read daily.Have woken today feeling in a different frame of mind to the last few days thankfully.I last weighed myself on Christmas Eve and don’t intend weighing again until 1st Feb and I think I’ve been imagining that’s ages away so not really fully committing 100% to getting back into this woe.Knowing it’s only 17 days away now has made me realise I can put it off no longer!I seem to go from feeling very positive about it one day to not that bothered the next yet when I first did Fast800 in 2019 I was 100% into it.Obviously after the year we have all had it’s understandable but I am going to try my best to get that enthusiastic feeling back.Jgwen I will definitely watch the link you have posted which lots of people have found helpful.
    Tulip,I was sorry to hear your daughter has long COVID so I can imagine being in year 11 is extra hard.Let’s hope the research which is being done into long covid comes up with some answers soon.
    DCT thank you for your kind words and I hope your mum got her jab Ok.My dad had his last Friday and my mum on Wednesday so it’s good to know they are protected now.
    Hope everyone has a good day.

  • posted by  SueBlue on Easter Bus Tour
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    Hi Mariet
    I still use my 2017 Blood Sugar Diet recipe book, but also have the Fast 800
    main book, recipe book and now the new Fast and easy one.
    To be honest I wouldn’t worry about buying the Fast 800 main book as the principles are pretty similar to BSD.
    There is more emphasis on TRE, and some more flexibility with carb options, for example on non-fast (non 800 days) adding in brown rice, quinoa, sour dough bread etc. There is also a list of vegetables you can eat freely without counting calories.
    The Fast 800 recipe book (the original one) is fantastic. So many delicious recipes, I use it more often than I do the BSD one, so I definitely got my money’s worth with that one.
    Now the new one, the Fast 800 Easy, it has 130 new recipes that are mainly 7 ingredients or less and can be prepared in a shorter time frame. It also includes prep time in the recipe as well as cooking time, and is designed so that everyone in a household/family could eat the meal also. My book was delivered earlier this week but I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had a chance to look at it properly! And I haven’t made anything yet so can’t comment there!
    The part about the change to calorie allowance was in the meal plan section at the back of the new recipe book, it’s only a couple of paragraphs.
    Once I’ve made some recipes I’ll let you know 🙂
    Big W are selling the new recipe book for $22, and I think the Fast 800 recipe book cost around that much too.