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  • posted by  Theodora on After reaching your target, what next?
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    Allie, my friend – and I really feel you are my friend – I’d like to put 10 thumbs up but sadly, last time I looked, I only had 2😢 Maybe you are better endowed than me?😉

    Frankly, Allie, I have no idea how you achieved what you have without this forum. All power to you and I, for one, am grateful that you found us and are generous enough to share your experiences with us.

    Go girl – I really consider you a “best mate”. Really hope that doesn’t sound too needy? Certainly not meant to be, just kind of feel we are kindred spirits.

    PS Will answer your post on refocusing topic when I have enough time to answer judicially. Xxxx

  • Posting my final result a day late, sorry. This has been an excercise in maintenance for me though that wasn’t my plan😨 I’m still 3lb from goal and it’s my own fault. A few months ago I seemed to handle social events much better than I am now, when my calendar has so many looming! I don’t know why my headspace has gone from committed to oh well a little more won’t hurt! Like you Allie, my O/H says I’ve lost enough and am looking drawn though unlike you I still have a BMI of 25.1.

    Sunshine-girl, I am feeling for you. Over the 9 months I’ve been on this forum I have loved reading your posts and the thoughtful, considered advice you’ve given others. I know that feeling of dreading going to bed although I don’t have the same demons lying in wait. I hope your mindfulness exercises help you back out of this place.

  • posted by  alliecat on After reaching your target, what next?
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    Thank you, Theodora! 10 thumbs up, you’ve expressed exactly how I feel
    about this extraordinary forum and all of the exceptional, supportive people
    on it. It’s brought an otherwise unknown joy to my life, and I’m grateful
    to everyone here for adding a new dimension to my days. I’ve only been
    here for a little over 3 months, but I now can’t imagine my days without
    the laughter and the occasional tears that we share.


  • posted by  Theodora on After reaching your target, what next?
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    Sunny, I truly don’t think anyone took your comments as an attack – we are all too caring and supportive of each other for that. I understand exactly where you are coming from, when losses are hard won, one should be grateful for every pound lost and not stress about more.

    Obviously Allie and I seem to be in a rather unique position, where our metabolism seems to have gone into overdrive and we are both struggling NOT to lose more weight.

    But we know that no offence was meant, and certainly none was taken. We are all in this together and each of our experiences is valid and hopefully will be of some help to others who are not so far along in their BSD journeys.

    This is such a caring forum that, despite only having the written word, I’m sure we all know that no comment is ever meant other than in a supportive way. So thank you. X

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    Sunny, PLEASE, no offense taken, I assure you 🙂 🙂 🙂 I freely stated that I
    may have misunderstood. I do occasionally get it wrong. Just looking for
    a better understanding of what you had to say. In fact, I agree with you!
    I’m having a more difficult time with maintenance than I ever did with weight
    loss. I knew what I had to do and just did it. This maintenance stuff has so
    many more variables to it. I’m trying so hard to have a more relaxed attitude
    about it. You can help me with this, and I hope that you will!


  • My dear sunshinegirl- We haven’t exchanged posts, but I always read what
    you have to say and appreciate your knowledge and advice. I can very
    much relate to the pain that has gained an advantage over you now, as well as
    what we hear on the news be it the U.S. or the UK. These are just triggers. We
    all have developed defense mechanisms to deal with childhood abuse/trauma.
    Sometimes these things stay safely tucked away in the closet, at other times
    they make an untimely appearance. Please give yourself the nurturing and
    love you may have never received. This is a very safe place, and we all care
    very much about your welfare. Stay with us, you are not a downer in any way,
    and all we want to do is help.

    Love xxx

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    Apologies, I seem to have inadvertently nudged a hornets nest! I wasn’t intending any slight to those who have more wriggle room than they might like. You have it right Theodora, all I meant was for those of us who lose slowly and have struggled to get to target and then on top of that any kind of wriggle room, perhaps we should take the time to just enjoy the fact we hit our original goals and not stress all the time about losing still more.

    It is definitely a comfort factor having some wriggle room, but maybe for those who find this hard won, we shouldn’t make it our life’s focus and take time to enjoy the fact we have achieved so much already. It’s a personal thing though and not intended as an attack on anyone.

  • posted by  Theodora on After reaching your target, what next?
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    Allie, being in a similar position to yourself, I understand fully how you (mis)read Sunny’s post.

    You and I have too much wriggle room, and we really are struggling not to lose any more. However, I think Sunny meant that, once we are at target, maybe we (general term we, not you and I) should be content and not be stressing about losing any more just to gain wriggle room? Correct me if I’m wrong, Sunny. As Jackie says, wriggle room is great, but not worth stressing over. As you and I both know, wriggle room is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.

    Do hope I haven’t misread posts here? If I have, please ignore me xxx

  • Wow Eliza52, what amazing progress! I definitely think you should go to the ‘advice’ session – give them your stats and show them how, in real life, the BSD is soooooo much better than ‘traditional’ advice.
    Have a fabulous and healthy Christmas

  • S-G, couldn’t put it any more eloquently than Esnecca.

    My darling daughter has recently been diagnosed with PTSD after 12 years of struggling (though for totally different reasons, and manifesting itself in totally different ways from yours) but now her mantra is…….

    I can’t change my past, I CAN take control of my future.

    She is getting there, but it’s been a long haul. Thank God she has a supportive family and, in particular the most amazing husband, and from reading your posts , it would appear you have a close family too.

    Please feel free to vent on here as often as you want to. … are among friends xx

  • posted by  Theodora on Using My Fitness Pal
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    Hi Brava
    Enjoy the 2% but once you’ve used it, my advice would be full fat.

    You sound as if you have a good handle on this, but as Allie says, if you need any help, just shout.

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    Just past noon here, so good afternoon to you all! My hardboiled egg and
    serving of kimchi is at the ready….

    Mary, I didn’t buy any clothes for years either. I got by with 3 shirts and 1
    pair of cropped pants in the summer, and 3 shirts, 1 sweater, and 2 pairs
    of trousers in the winter. There just aren’t any well made clothing available
    for obese women, and none of them would have looked good on me anyway!
    I’m so frugal that I still use cotton oversized tunics for sleep shirts today,
    who cares if my shoulder sticks out of the head hole? Sorry to hear that
    infections are still active in the house of Grandies. It must be hard for
    your daughter.

    We are on the eve of the first big holiday of the season, Thanksgiving Day.
    Already been to the market to pick up the turkey breast. Tomorrow will be
    bedlam, though today was bad enough! Crowds make me claustrophobic.
    Julia, Esnecca, Luvtcook, wishing you all a blessed day spent with those
    that you cherish. Now it’s time to get serious about planning in advance
    for Christmas and making up a few things for the freezer and unplanned
    for guests. Does anyone have any ideas or holiday recipes to share?
    In my family we have a tradition of reuben sandwiches on Christmas eve,
    which we avoided last year. Haven’t made any decisions about this year
    as of yet. My paternal grandmother and her sister were exceedingly proud
    of their English roots, so always had a Christmas Day feast for 25 of us
    with roast beef, yorkshire pudding, and a flaming plum pudding (with the
    lights dimmed!) and hard sauce. All 10 of us grandchildren used to run
    wild. Happy Days! I’d love to hear about your traditions, social or gastro-
    nomically, if you have time to share!!!!

    Have a great evening, all 🙂


  • s-g, you aren’t bringing the mood down and you have nothing to apologize for. You’re speaking the truth without wallowing or dissembling and you know that’s an important, powerful thing to do when addressing past trauma and the role it plays in any current hardships we’re experiencing.

    I read an article the other day written by a woman who was sexually assaulted as a girl and she said the same thing you did. She’s glad that these issues have come to the fore and that so many women feel empowered to tell their stories, but she just can’t take it anymore. It’s so painful to see it in the headlines every single day a hundred times a day. She said she wished they could have just one day a week to call a moratorium on rape/harassment/molestation stories so at least for one day she didn’t have feel like she was in a neverending prizefight dodging blows from the newspapers, TV and social media.

    This constant drumbeat has to have driven your stress levels through the roof. Cortisol could be having an effect on your weight loss progress. Is there any way you could take a day or two, a weekend maybe, and go somewhere peaceful where you don’t have to do anything but relax? You could easily pack your own food (frittata time!) or if it’s a nice spa, they’ll accomodate your dietary restrictions.

    Please do not even think about leaving the forum, even temporarily. One of the ways depression twists us up is making us feel like we’re buzzkills and everyone else would be better off without us. But withdrawing only leads to increasing isolation and makes you even more prey to your mind’s attempts to drag you down into the abyss. Our moods are not your responsibility. If we are concerned about you, that’s because we give a damn, not because you did something wrong. It’s a good thing.

  • posted by  Eliza52 on Depressing advice from our NHS 'experts' 😡
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    Reading over some of the posts, I came across my own from about a month ago (with all the stats, which is useful as I never write anything down!) At that point (about four weeks ago) I’d already lost two stone, and now I’ve lost almost another stone (I started at 14 st 2 lbs, was 12 st 5 lb in Oct, and now 11st 7 lb. I’m still basically doing the BSD 800 – I don’t find I get hungry at all. I don’t write anything down, because having worked out a variety of dishes/menus that work, I tend to rotate them, and I figure the odd 20 cals here and there isn’t going to make much difference (the weight’s coming off, so it can’t be). I’ve had to go out and shop for clothes – TWO sizes smaller, which is great! Still hoping to make it to 11 st by Christmas.

    I share a house with my sister, who isn’t diabetic, but who is happy to lose a bit of weight, so we more or less eat the same things (except she has a huge bowl of porridge and fresh fruit for breakfast, while I have mushrooms/tomatoes/aubergines and an egg and sometimes a slice of ham – 27 cals, so MUCH better to put your egg on than an slice of toast!) We’ve already decided that Christmas lunch will be slightly indulgent in the sense that we’ll eat a bit more, but not the wrong things. So no roast and trimmings, but steak with celery and pepper caponata (it’s in the recipe section, and tastes fantastic). Maybe some smoked salmon to start, or a prawn and avocado salad with a yogurty dressing. No chocolate yule logs…maybe ONE box of mince pies for the whole holiday – so one each (my daughter and a friend will be home with us). No cake (we don’t like it anyway) no Xmas pud (not keen on that either). And no alcohol (again, we rarely do – haven’t had any for the last three months, and before that it was a G&T about once a month!)

    I have received my appointment for “diabetic education” for February (if I really needed info, and I was diagnosed in September, this seems quite a while to have to wait!). I was inclined not to go as I am reasonably well informed about diabetes (my uncle had type 1 and his wife was in charge of nursing for an entire county, and I worked in a GP practice for several years, not to mention having researched the internet before and after my own diagnosis) and have no intention of following the NHS dietary advice. But then I figured I should go so I can encourage others to at least try the BSD plan – and show them that it CAN work! I do appreciate that it may not work for everyone, but surely everyone (type 2) should be encouraged to TRY it before filling up on pasta and wholemeal bread.

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    Hey there SunnyB. I think it would be silly to fret I about getting more wiggle room but I think it is still worth aiming for it, in a relaxed and happy manner. Of course, this may be why it’s taking me so long! But as long as I stay below 63kg I won’t get stressed I don’t think. Am convinced 60kg will happen, just not sure when. Maybe when the cream runs out (January?!?!) Meanwhile I am very much enjoying the journey, though it smells more like wet dog than roses here at the mo.😂😂


  • posted by  SunnyB on After reaching your target, what next?
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    Just meant that as we are below target, putting pressure on ourselves to push even lower seems – for want of a better word – silly. We have already achieved our goal and now we are seeking still more and stressing about it. Seems to me, we should maybe remember what we have achieved and just try to enjoy what we have for awhile.

    Sorry, that sounds stodgy and a bit preachy doesn’t it? I know having that wriggle room is a nice feeling, but I’m not sure how healthy it is to be almost punishing ourselves for not having it. Does that make sense? Beginning to doubt myself now.

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    Hi, Jackie! We did have a completely goofy day yesterday, didn’t we? I was
    giggling throughout. It does my heart good to hear Esnecca having so much
    fun with her new wardrobe! I don’t really understand why it is silly to be worried
    about being substantially under target, SunnyB. Perhaps I have misread your
    comment, however? I love these forums, but unfortunately sometimes,
    because we can’t see each other or hear each others voice, I may get it wrong.

    Have a great day, everyone!!!


  • Thank you for your concern. I will be okay when the bl—-dy news stops talking about it. I have had counselling, several times. I get over it until it gets stirred up. I even joke about a certain person with my daughter and hold him in contempt, as he is nothing to me anymore. Counselling is also a very painful event and can cause more harm and I am not willing to go that way again. Dont worry about me I will be okay, I am not suicidal or anything. It manifests in that I dont like going to bed in case I cant sleep for thinking and not being able to shut down my brain so I sit up watching rubbish films and eating and drinking. Surely if I can recognise it I can stop doing it, I just need to GO TO BED.

    I am doing something on my own and that is the Mindfulness course. Week 2 started yesterday and I need to practice regularly just to reduce feelings of stress and tension. Today is a new day and I will keep on keeping on… I’m not known as sunshine for nothing.

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    Ha, Esnecca, no, I hadn’t seen your fruit based paranoia! I think I was trying to be a fanatical 20 grammer though, when I shouldn’t have worried.

    Found out why I was finding yesterday so difficult – flippin PMS and subsequent migraine. I get really mad carb cravings when I’m building up to a migraine, and I mean really mad – I can’t think about anything else. But here’s the thing – my migraines when I get them tend to hang around for five or six days, but I manage them with triptans. Got the beginnings of one last night, took the usual meds, woke up this morning fuzzy headed but then that gradually lifted and no more migraine. Completely lifted. I know there is a school of thought that migraines and epilepsy are related, and I know that kids with epilepsy are sometimes put on a low carb diet, so I wonder if another positive of doing this way of eating is that it will lessen my migraines? I’m not going to count my chickens but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.It gets better and better doesn’t it?

    And lo and behold today the carb flu has lifted! What a relief! I can see how easy it is to forget feeling that bad, because I feel great now. So all you newbies desperately searching for any crumb of comfort if you’re going through the carb withdrawal, it does stop! The best thing I found was a high fat snack like a bit of cheese, or warm up some full fat milk and have a pinch of cinnamon in it.Be nice to yourself, but do try and at least get out for a walk. If nothing else, it speeds the day up!

    So I’m going to stop obsessively reading everything written on here – but thank you, it’s been a great help for a beginner like me. I feel like I’ve got a bit of normal life back, so I’ll chip in with the other forums and the 4 week challenges and hope to share everyone’s journeys with them.

    Onwards and downwards.

    Ali x

  • posted by  AngS on Starting Today ! Anyone with me ? (October 2017)
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    AnneF, you sound so happy! Well done to you! I too am not looking forward to coming off these recipes. They are so delicious, we are certainly going to incorporate them into our every day way of eating now.

    I am stuck this week (week 8 too) at 8st 12 lbs. Still just 1 pound to lose, but a few more days to do it in. I’ve lost 3 inches off my bust and hips and 4 inches off my waist. Mine goes in too! Hurray!

    Looking forward to treating ourselves to an all inclusive week in Lanzarote, where with the buffet food on offer, I can still avoid carbs. Not long to go now. So pleased I’ve managed to stick to it. I couldn’t have done it without my husband’s support, but luckily he’s really enjoyed cooking. He’s eating for England now, but still losing weight!!!! Mince pies, potatoes, puddings! Pah! I’m being strict on 800calories and staying the same! Never mind.

  • posted by  SunnyB on After reaching your target, what next?
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    Silly isn’t it JackieM, to be fretting about managing to losing more weight when we’re already below target weight, but there is something very comforting about having that extra leeway, just in case. I’m keen to get back to my lowest weight before Christmas and am hoping to be able to post success in the next couple of weeks, despite the social occasions already starting to pop up – two meals out early December arranged in the last two days and a potential third to be confirmed! I guess it just means I need to be mindful of what I do the rest of the time and make sure I reign things back to keep control.

    Hope you will succeed in dropping that extra 2.2kg JackieM and best of luck with avoiding those middle day ‘treats’. It’s the evenings that I’m most likely to experience temptation, but managing not to give in to more than the occasional square of v. dark chocolate. Actually, eating to a 16:8 pattern means temptation doesn’t strike too often, as I have no problem stretching the overnight fast in the mornings.

    Anyway, best of luck to you JackieM. Keep us posted on progress.

  • posted by  AnneF on Starting Today ! Anyone with me ? (October 2017)
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    Oh and thank you Verano for the link to the article. So succinct – really explained things easily. I have directed several people to it and saved it to share with my doctor in case it’s helpful on my next appointment.

    And congrats on your lowered blood results – bet you are really chuffed and probably still skipping everytime you think about it!!

  • posted by  AnneF on Starting Today ! Anyone with me ? (October 2017)
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    How are we all doing out there, never thought I would be reaching the end of week 8 and still be enthusiastic for this way of eating. Was expecting to be desperate for it to end so that I could go back to my porridge and bread and mash and chips. But I’m not!

    I am loving the new way of eating, I am sleeping better, I have as much energy as ever (I buzz through life at a zillion miles an hour – running on the pure adrenaline of loving life!!) I am the thinnest I have ever been since leaving school – not skinny and gaunt, just looking good – I actually go in at the waist! Am off to a clothes swap tomorrow evening and taking nearly all of my trousers – someone gave me 4 ‘new’ pairs of size 10 skinny jeans (I even need a belt with one of them!!). I need a new swimming cozzy and new undies.

    And the best bit…the bestest bestest bit in the whole world…I don’t take medication every day for diabetes any more. I have a Hb1Ac blood test next week to confirm, but i have been monitoring my fasting blood sugar levels and although a bit random (as discussed previously here) they show consistently that I am no longer diabetic!! Happy, healthy and looking forward to dinner (always!!)

  • Luvtcook there will be another December challenge starting next Tuesday not sure of the title but look at the Remember remember thread.

    Thank you for joining me Allie and Theo and Caron and anybody else who is still reading! I’m not going anywhere just taking a short break. Sometimes we need a change but I’ll be back!

  • Sunshine-girl I’m not sure what to say to you. Firstly though never think of stopping posting and ‘venting’ if it helps you. We have been through a lot together here and I would hate to lose you …. sorry for being selfish when you are the one feeling low.

    I can’t imagine what you are feeling but I’m sure having all this ‘news’ day after day can’t be helping you. I think Marilyn may have a point if it’s not a route you’ve been down before.

    Sometimes life throws curved balls at us but try not to be too hard on yourself. You have to do what’s best for you and that may just be taking the pressure of yourself for a while by taking a back seat here. Alternatively it could be that more posting will help you to think of other things. Trial and error. In the meantime my heart goes out to you and I hope that this black phase ends quickly. May the ‘sunshine’ on you again soon.

  • posted by  alliecat on Using My Fitness Pal
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    You’re very welcome, Brava – Keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing.
    Any other questions, and we’ve probably been there, so just ask. A very happy
    BSD journey to you! 🙂


  • posted by  Brava on Using My Fitness Pal
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    Unsweetened almond milk plus Total 2% yogurt are now in my fridge and I hope will help. Thank you to everyone for such helpful and encouraging posts.

  • Verano, great job hosting the challenge for NOV. I am hoping someone picks up the batton to do a DEC challenge, because lord knows DECs are always challenging.

    Enjoy your day of pampering.

    I am off to pick up turkey, then home to clean house and start prepping veges for THE FEAST.

    Actually my feast starts tomrrow. End my 4 day fast at 7 pm tonight. I am planning a light supper tonight….but tomorrow night will avail myself of a local restaurant’s WED Lobster Special…option of a 1.5 – 2 lbs, or the 2 lbs. I am going for the 2 pounder….with all the drawn butter the poor thing can sop up. Salad on the side. It comes with a baked potato. Usually I take it and scoop out all the inner fluff and just eat the skin with some butter, salt and pepper. Potato skins without the crisping, but very good and you get all the vitamins and minerals in the skin anyway. Does the trick. Counting the hours.

    Ta ta all.

  • posted by  JackieM on After reaching your target, what next?
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    I am up and down the 62.x kg all this and last week. This I my wiggle room, so I don’t mind too much. Currently 62.2kg, so nearly back at my lowest. Find not eating til near midday helps me go down (no time today til gone 11am, so did gym on empty but was fine). That plus a dog walk and an hour of puppy class in a field (definitely me that needs training not the dog!)

    Have to try and remember I am still trying to lose 2.2kg (same number SunnyB but a bit more in lbs I am afraid) in the middle of the day, which is when the (low carb) treats come in, which are strictly not necessary but pass the time. Today I am going to go have a shower and read my book instead, before First child pick up and the evening chores kick in.

    Hope everyone’s day is going well, you giddy lot! I enjoyed reading the fun yesterday.

  • sunshine-girl, you have not brought the mood down, except that we’re feeling your pain. A couple of days ago you apologised for your rant but, as I said to someone else sometime back “it’s not ranting, it’s venting”, and that is absolutely allowed here in this safe space. Without wanting in any way to interfere, I wonder if you have thought of some counselling … could you have a little Traumatic Stress Disorder around you earlier experiences? If so, it’s not so easy to overcome without a sounding board and perhaps guidance. I’ll say no more other than that you’re in my thoughts and have my best wishes xx Marilyn

  • posted by  SunnyB on Hello all! Starting today
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    Hi Traveling Rose – welcome aboard! Lots of us on here have been in it mainly to lose weight, but it will inevitably improve your health and wellbeing too. Like you, I found my at menopause my weight crept up and ended up with about 30lb to lose. Happy to say that’s done now, but I am still here on maintenance, so that I don’t slip back.

    The BSD is very doable and once you have got your head around to low carb, full fat thing, it becomes second nature as a way of eating. Look out for the four week challenges on the forum. They are worth joining and make the eight week stints feel less daunting. The current challenge has only a week to run, but there will be a new one starting next Tuesday.

    I’d recommend setting mini goals to hit along the way, as this gives a sense of achievement and helps keep you focused. Maybe make your first one getting to 140lb? Make good use of the forum for advise, support and encouragement – it got me to the end goal and many others too.

    Best of luck to you on your BSD journey.

  • posted by  SunnyB on totally confused as to where to begin
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    Okay, well firstly well done on your decision to make a positive life change. My advise would be to follow the BSD way of eating, adding in some of the Clever Guts stuff as well. This way, you should see the pounds decrease quite quickly, whilst building up your gut biome.

    Eggs are fine, but in moderation, so you need to find other foods to add in, which won’t cause weight increase. How about quorn and tofu – it’s easy to make your own and it’s tastier than the shop stuff. Also, take a look at what veggies you are eating and in what quantities. Root veg need to be limited and legumes and pulses reduced too, as these are carb heavy, so better to have lots of green and leafy veg. And of course, you need to ditch the sugary stuff too!! Those cereal bars are an absolutely no, no! The good news is once you are properly into the BSD way of eating, that desire for the sweet stuff will markedly reduce. For some it never completely goes, but it becomes much more manageable.

    As for the Clever Gut aspect, look to include sauerkraut and kimchi to your menu, but make sure it’s live stuff and not pasteurised. It can be bought commercially, but the best way of ensuring it’s live, is to make it yourself.

    I hope some of the above might be of some help and that you will soon be adjusting your way of eating to improve your weight, health and wellbeing. To search for particular topics on the forum, use the search box in the top right hand corner and make good use of the forum for advice, encouragement and support, we’re a friendly crown and love to share our knowledge offer assistance where we can. Just shout out if you have any issues, someone will respond for sure.

    Best of luck to you on your quest and I’ll look forward to reading of your progress.

  • Hi Theo! You aren’t being in the least too personal. I enjoy our daily
    banter enormously, but I also know that you recognize exactly where I am
    with respect to maintenance. Uniquely so, in fact! 🙂 I’d truly welcome your
    opinion! I’m 5’7″ tall, current BMI 21.46, current weight 137lbs. The range
    for my height is 118.5 – 159.6. I set my target at 150lbs. (I like round numbers!).
    Since reaching that goal I’ve basically been losing about 2 lbs. a month, getting
    me to 13lbs. under. I feel extremely well, better than at any time since my 40’s!
    O/H has seen me at this weight before, @ age 50, and never thought I was too
    thin before. What is hard to calculate, though, is how much the loose skin
    weighs. He thinks it’s probably 10-15 lbs, so I actually appear to look about
    125lbs, give or take. I would describe my bone structure as slender to average.
    I don’t know how U.S. sizing correlates with yours, but I’m wearing a U.S.
    size 6/8 at the moment. When I look at sizing charts to order clothing though,
    my hip measurement is closer to size 4. I think I need a 6 to accomodate
    this waist size where I have, ahem! some loose skin. So, that’s IT, in a
    nutshell! Your concern means a great deal to me, so thank you. I’ll be
    looking forward to your perspective on it!



  • Hi all. Well, for Nov challenge, I had lost 4 lb – from 17.2 to 16.12 (goal was to lose 6lb) however, fell off the wagon a bit at the end of my week off last week and gained the 4lb back again! So damage limitation now. Intermittent fasting will be the order of every day between now and 30th! It was enjoyable at the time, but I’m itching to concentrate on getting as close to 16 stone by the end of the year as I can. Good luck to everyone else. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one to having a blip. The name for the December challenge is brilliant!

    Good luck to everyone else.
    Kazzeee xx

  • First off, if you can’t open up and vent here where can you, sunshine-girl? It’s absolutely the place to come and be honest about what is happening with you. Secondly, I won’t say I understand what you are going through right now, but I will say that my heart goes out to you as you struggle with your personal demons.

    Looking for the positive in your post, even given your current headspace you have achieved a lose this week, which is a plus. Use you lower weight photo, to spur you on – you know you can do it, ‘cos you’ve done it before and I’m confident you will do it again. None of us mind if you need to offload here, as long as it helps you to move past your current malaise and achieve you goal.

    Big Hugs to you sunshine, you CAN do this!

  • posted by  SunnyB on After reaching your target, what next?
    on in BSD Way of Life

    Just 0.4lb down this week, which increases my wriggle room to 1.8lb – not great but better than nothing. Still looking to build my wriggle room to 4lb, so still a way to go. As a slow loser, it could still take a while to shift that extra 2.2lb – hopefully by the festive season though. Meanwhile, I’m sticking with the 800/20 and 16:8 for a minimum of five days a week, as anything else leaves me static.

    Yes, feet do expand with the extra weigh, just like one finds during pregnancy – a mix of fat, poss water retention and spreading from the additional weight carried I guess. Whatever the reason is, mine have shrunk too, though not as much as yours Theodora, but they are definitely smaller. I have shoes that now fall off and others that fit more comfortably, making them wearable where before they had to be side lined. It’s just another bonus courtesy of the BSD!

    I bought some fab shoes when we were in Singapore last month – a pair of point toe sparkly ones in a champagne colour and a pair of green sued with silver heels. Both pairs with heels only a little higher than kitten heels. I love the shoes out there, as they aren’t all stilts. Haven’t been able to wear serious heels since putting them at the back of the cupboard during my first pregnancy 35 years ago! Have one or two pairs of higher heels I can manage for a few hours for a dinner out, but can’t wear them for any prolonged period or walking very far. I’m only 5’1″, so have just had to accept being vertically challenged as the way it has to be for me – at least I found a way to deal with the weight issue though!

  • Hi everyone. You are all doing so well. I dont want to bring the mood down but my situation has only got worse. I lost 3.5lbs and now I have regained 2lb of that. So I still have a loss but my head is all over the place. I got out my fat photo and there are three in succession, 1 at heaviest, one at a stone lost and one at a lower weight although not my lowest. I am now back to that middle photo so I can take some consolation that I have not gone back to square one, just stuck in the middle. I have worked out what the problem is and will not bore you with the details but quite simply I am depressed or heading that way. I also know the cause and it has nothing to do with my weight gain. Just briefly, throughout my childhood I was abused and all these revelations on the TV news are making me dwell on what ifs and the whys. No more to be said, I just have to get my head out of my own backend and get on with things. Make things better for myself in the here and now and not let myself sink because of the past.

    Sorry to lower the mood. Maybe I should go away until I am sorted. I will keep going and not let anything stand in my way of future health and happiness. Sorry.

  • My goodness Allie – 13lbs under target is a huge amount! No wonder he’s worried! Well, depending upon how realistic your target was, of course. Do you mind me asking how tall you are, and how much you actually weigh? And your BMI? Forgive me if I’m being too personal, feel free to tell me to go to hell on a bicycle 😉

    I know I’m 11lbs under target, but only because I’m just completing a 40 odd hour fast – wanted to rehydrate, not lose weight, but ended up doing both.

    Maybe you should let him persuade you to have that wine, if it makes him feel happier? Like you, I abstained totally whilst wanting to lose, but since reaching maintenance I drink wine 3 days a week and it does have the effect of keeping my weight more or less stable, within a pound or two. Ideally I’ll keep between 5 – 7lbs wriggle room.

    I’m worried that your o/h thinks you look unwell! What do others think? Mine at least keeps telling me I look great. I certainly feel great. How do you feel? Have you had a check up? Sorry to be so nosey, it’s done out of love and concern by someone who is/has been in similar position, ie losing too much.

    Love Theo xx

  • Well done to everyone posting losses, regardless of how much it is – any loss is a loss. I’m reporting a smaller loss than I had hoped – 0.4lb. Had I posted yesterday, it would have been more and I’m a bit puzzled why things skipped up and not down, but hey ho! Not going to whinge, as I am still under target weight and regaining wriggle room – albeit slowly.

    If you find yourself having to post a gain, don’t be disheartened, it will come right. Don’t let a small setback derail you, just refocus and press ahead. And if you’ve stayed the same that’s a plus, as it’s not a gain.

    Think you are right Theodora, it’s probably time we bowed out of the challenges and used the After Target Weight thread to bemoan our maintenance issues. Like you, I will see this challenge out, but not join the next one – unless anything goes horribly wrong and I suddenly find myself over target weight! Will probably pop in to see how people are doing though, even though I’ll not be posting any results. However, have to say that title sounds like a good one, Marsie, it would get my vote.

    Best of luck to those yet to weigh-in and to all of us for a very successful final week of this challenge.

  • posted by  Joes Nonna on New life choice for determined alcoholic
    on in Welcome to the BSD

    Good morning Everyone!

    Weigh in today and as expected no weight loss. I am beginning to think I hallucinated the scale measurement of 16:6…as it would mean I gained 4 pounds in as many days. Going to attempt a 24 hour fast…so far…15 hours and ok…some of them sleeping.

    Kazz sorry meant to answer your questions re grandies….little ones chickenpox is evident, but not sore/itchy and she is recovering. Her brother has visited Doctor today as he spent the night coughing…I have skyped and it is nasty. Doctor says to wait and see how he gets on. They do not like giving out antibiotics. I asked once how they know if its viral or bacterial and was told they don’t. Without taking a specimen for culture…they have no way of knowing. So they advise to wait it out. If it gets better fine…if it doesn’t then they will try antibiotics.
    The sinusitis comes and goes. I think I had it last week because it was so cold and I wasn’t wearing a hat (as is my way). I need to wrap up more.

    Allie…lovely that you have so many clothes choices. I am loathe to buy new clothes at the moment as my weight doesn’t conform to the rules. (see above). I so dearly wanted to be below 16 stone before Christmas, but it doesn’t look very likely. Will have to settle for by my birthday in January (some hope after Christmas when I intend to relax a little and go over 800 cals). I hate to keep moving the goalposts!

    Erin, pop in when you can and remember too much work is bad for you! The poor collies…I don’t think dogs like walking in the heat any more than humans do. My Akita hates it, and dislikes walking in the rain. The Labrador will walk anytime, but he is proper daft.

    So good luck and much love from
    Nonna Mary

    That’s all folks!

  • Well V, can we really be at the end of our 4 weeks? It’s been a pleasure to be
    a guest on your thread, you really do “host” it like we have been invited into
    your home, where you look after us all! Many thanks for allowing me to be
    a part of it. I hope you truly enjoy your time away, and I’ll be looking forward to
    your posts when you return. I know it will be a challenge with the water while
    away, that’s always an issue for me too. (I hate using public washrooms,
    and I don’t have the mobility issues you do). You can get back to it when
    you return, no worries. Just have a great time!!!!
    ‘Morning Theodora, All! I hope all of you fasters are almost thru your
    3-4 days. I can’t do this at all, so I tip my hat to you! Theo, o/h thinks
    I’ve gone too far below my target (13lbs) and believes that I look unwell.
    The word “scared” isn’t part of his vocabulary, so when he used it recently
    to tell me that “I’m scaring him” he succeeded in getting my attention 🙂
    The wine (and I’m NOT advocating for it as a weight maintenance tool, either!)
    he keeps on hand is his best effort at preventing me from further losses. I
    think I may be responsible for planting this idea in his head because I totally
    abstained for the 10 months it took to get to target. Does this make any
    sense? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Catch you later, luvtcook. I need coffee, NOW


  • Well done on an, on the whole, successful month V. But if you’re not starting another, does that mean I have to put my pompoms away now? 😢

    38 hours into my fast and I have lost a whopping 4lbs 😱 That wasn’t the intention at all, though I knew I’d lose a pound, maybe 2. But FOUR??

    On the plus side, body water percentage has clawed back 2 whole points and I an feeling much better, rehydrated and raring to go.

    How are you doing luvtcook? Not sure exactly when your fast is due to finish? Hope it’s going well anyway.

    Off for family lunch today so will hopefully claw back a pound or two. Have a good day everyone. Bye bye pompoms 😢

  • Great going everyone – all doing really well on this challenge. Sue, I’m so pleased you are in a better place than this time last year. Not all our victories are of the scale variety, our health and wellbeing is paramount, and that’s obviously been a huge improvement for you, which is a powerful incentive to keep going. Well done.

    I’m managing to maintain, maybe a little too well, as I am a whole 2lbs down since the start of the challenge, despite time away with friends last week..Sigh – so failing in my challenge so far.😢 I’ll finish this challenge but won’t be joining the next (though great title Marsie ) because it hardly seems fair to be complaining of weight loss when you are all trying so hard to lose.

    Hoping to read great results from everyone else too – oh, and happy belated birthday Marsie.

  • LAST DAY………………

    So we’ve almost made it to the end of another challenge. My aim has been to refocus and in the main it has worked. In the last four weeks I have only eaten biscuits a handful of times and crisps once. I have been more conscious of drinking water and I do have more now. I gave up on giving up Lindt 90%, a girl has to have some pleasure in life! Unfortunately wine didn’t take a back seat as planned but hey there’s still time to address that.

    I am away very early tomorrow so won’t weigh-in but I have had a small loss so far over the four weeks. I’m off for a bit of pampering today, hair and nails. I think I may have a break from ‘hosting’ a thread for a while but I will be around. I hope this challenge has been useful for everyone and so it’s onwards towards the next challenge, the silly season and the New Year…..