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    I’m having a blast of the BSD. All going so well. Thanks Michael. I have one question though. Q. some of the recipes are for 6 people. Can i freeze some, or do i need to re-calculate ingredient needs, for 1 or 2 people.

  • Hi all. It is lovely to read all your posts. Wendleg you sound as if you have this nailed. Well done! I am approaching Christmas by joining Allie and SunnyB in getting some wriggle room. And then I shall have a few mindful treats. I’m lucky that the thing I really enjoy is the turkey and lots of veg, so hopeful that will work out alright. My conclusion from last Christmas was that the pudding was not worth the heartburn, I would have been happier with half the wine, and the mince pie was worth the carbs. I shall draw some lessons for this year!

    I love the ideas of cheese souffle and the red pepper and cauli soup. Our normal starter is tomatoes stuffed with shredded iceberg, North Sea shrimps (a bit like potted shrimps – really tasty), and lemon mayo. But the souffles might seduce me. So SunnyB we are waiting for you!

    Have a good week one and all. And very best wishes to Reducia for a speedy recovery from your fall.

  • So many people posting! I will try to remember it all — I’m going to have to start taking notes!
    Hi Butterlover! I saw you had returned but I haven’t said hi — I know you say you are “struggling along” but here you are back on the forums, so as Allie says, “progress not perfection”! I hope it is going easier for you. Just stay on course, for better or worse, it will not fail you.
    Allie, you came up with the perfect solution to my Christmas dinner dilemma — my son and daughter in law and adorable granddaughters (Penelope and Eleanor) are all “pescatarian/vegetarians”. I will do a big bouillabaisse with fish and clams and crab and shrimp! We can add some bread for them and salad for us!
    Also, SunnyB, will you please post your twice baked cheese soufflé recipe? That is also perfect for my family — I have a lot of trouble with day to day vegetarian ideas!
    Gangrene heart, AKA Good Heart, you are doing great! I think your MIL should not bring up your weight (especially as it annoys your OH). Can you invite her out for a coffee, just the two of you, and tell her gently to “lay off”? It truly is only YOUR business (not even your OH’s) so having them duke it out is just not fair. I would probably walk out.
    But maybe try the gentle approach first!
    Jennie, good to hear you want to avoid recriminations in the new year — ugh, last year it wS awful, we lost so many!
    And Wendleg, thank you for your continued energy hosting — you sound like carbs are no longer the siren call — so good to hear your changing tastes!
    Aaaagh, this just keeps going, sorry if you have to read this novel —we are enjoying LOTS of early snow at Lake Tahoe, skiing under blue skies. OH and I are going to pick up a Christmas tree this afternoon in preparation of the arrival of the granddaughters.
    This is honestly one of my very favorite times of year —not the Christmas craziness, but the quiet, dark underbelly of the solstice.
    If you have a minute to unplug the “season of lights”, take some time to contemplate the sun dipping lower and lower and the quiet darkness of the solstice, and on December 22, nature will again turn on the lights.

  • Back home .Only one more report meeting to do. It’s fantastic to see all the activity on the thread. I really like the idea of ‘mindful eating’ I think that’s what happened at my Brits Brunch the other day. There was nothing for me to eat as I don’ t do bacon and sausage butties and croissants but I did enjoy my square of Christmas cake and I didn’t have the urge to scoff the whole cake !! Thanks for that tip, Verano !

    Allie and SunnyB you are absolutely right. Planning is the key. I think we should try not to endow food with so much power. We don’t have to eat everything we are offered. Food will be available again. Trust that you can say no because you want to choose foods that will nourish you not just fill you up . It’s liberating to be strong and not feel ‘controlled’ by food.

    Ewey …..what about having something to eat before one of these festive feasts so you are not absolutely starving when you arrive and grab any carbage going ? You can easily dodge any carby pre dinner snacks and crisps saying you don’t want to ‘spoil your meal’ You then don’t have to eat everything on your plate. Bless you, I don’t like the idea of you feeling stressed and under pressure.

    It’s important not to feel you have lost control to the extent that you decide you might as well hoover up any last carby crumb going because you will ultimately feel awful and the risk is you will struggle to get back on track. Try to limit the damage by keeping your portions small . Tell your friends your doctor wants you to lose weight etc etc or you will have to start meds. Hopefully they will be sympathetic and noone will force feed you !
    It doesn’t work for everyone but is there an opportunity to have a post feast fasting day to balance things out ?

    Keep focused on how you want to feel in January . My life has been peppered with some pretty grim January self récriminations . It’s so destructive and all for the sake of making the right choices for a few days/meals . You can do it Ewey !! Keep planning Butterlover !

    This just makes sense to me but I think I have reached a point 3 months down the line where I can resist the temptations of carbs. My cravings are no longer .It really does happen and there are so many delicious alternatives .

    We can do this . We are stronger than the buns, chocs, puds, crisps, etc etc !!!! We are going to be feeling fa…bu..lous in January !!

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    Good evening!
    Ok, so out to eat this evening but not really a problem, although I think the menu may be a bit ‘arty farty’!
    Anyway after a mad day, losing the information for a flight I have booked and general panic, I do have some positives……
    1. Friend came around this afternoon forcing me to be calm and chat.
    2. Still managing really well on two meals a day … lunch and dinner… although lunch is sometimes breakfast …. yogurt, nuts and berries.
    3. Still writing lists but they are getting shorter and shorter and shorter ….. am I panicked ….. no ….. just 30 people for lunch this Sunday …. but I’m not cookIng …. so all is well!!!
    Hope everyone is keeping positive.

  • Hi Al
    Wow, you’re doing so fantastically well. You must be so pleased with how you’ve done – and rightly so! Wasn’t your original target to get to 15st 5lbs? So you’re going to surpass that by Christmas. Well done that man.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about maintenance right now. There’s plenty of time for that and a lot of people on here who can give you advice on maintenance – not me, I’m afraid as I’m a re-gainer, although I could probably write a book on what not to do

    As for me, no, I’m not giving up. I’m still going to follow my BSD plan as rigorously as I can but I’m just going to let go of my Christmas 11st target. Over the last week I was beginning to eat a little erratically – over my 800 cals for a few days, then well under 800 for a couple of days – just to try to lose in order to reach that target. So for me the target is just getting in the way of the lifestyle change right now, if that makes sense. For the next 2 weeks I’m going to concentrate on getting what I do right – if I lose a few more lbs great, if not that’s OK too. And relax……

    Will update next week. Thanks for the support. x

  • Hey Allie – yes they will be individual souffles made in ramekins, then tipped out and frozen. When you want them, you defrost, top with a mix of cream and cheese and rebake. Thought I’d make a batch and use as many as needed on the day – don’t think grandson will want one and not sure about daughter’s partner, so will also be providing an antipasto platter.

    We should be able to grab back a bit of wriggle room over the next 12 days, as long as we apply ourselves.

  • posted by  alliecat on Starting 2019 with a new mindset
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    Determined, what a beautiful new experience to be looking forward to. A new life, which will change
    yours forever! Much happiness, and let us know if we can be of any help.


  • HaHaa, Sunny! I think you’re “messing with my head” a bit. The cheese souffles that can be made ahead
    and frozen, are speaking to me! Are they in individual portions? Or are you expecting a big gathering at
    home on Christmas Day? Again, I’m very happy for you that youngest daughter and grandson will be
    with you to light up your day. Bring on the sexy red dress 🙂 I see that we both are resting at target, and
    want our wriggle room back! I must be more vigilant about the dreaded “wine creep”. Food is never
    the problem..We certainly know what to do, so I just need to do it! Hmmm, a cheese souffle? Lovely!
    I’m not eating for 4 more hrs, so I need to get that image out of my thoughts for now 🙂

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    Sonia – Ouch, that sounds like a nasty fall. I had something similar a few years ago and I remember being quite shook up by it. Hope you’re taking things a bit slowly – although I appreciate it’s probably difficult with everything you’ve got going on. My very best wishes to your daughter-in-law. Yes, that would be fun if we were all doing the Jane Fonda exercise DVD. We might get that good that Jane will insist we appear with her in her next Prime Time DVD (oops, almost said video). Of course we’d have to deal with Margaret outshining us as she’s been doing them for longer.
    You’re right, I was a bit fed up yesterday with my single solitary 1lb off after so much effort but I’m back on it today – 7,680 steps so far and salmon for tea!

    hadenough – 18.2lbs in just over 5 weeks is a great result – I do admire you for sticking to it so successfully. Hurray.

    As Violinist says – keep it going – we’re all going to do this.

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    Hi Allie,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch so quickly!

    The simple answer to why I’m not starting for 3 weeks is that it is Xmas coming up, as well as leaving drinks for starting a new job etc. However I completely take your very wise advice to slowly cut the carbs out now on board. I have already cut out bread and pasta. As much as I would like to start right away I can’t in good faith commit to not having my mum’s goose fat roast potatoes on Xmas day.

    I would add that I am not taking on this diet as I am in danger of any weight related condition, and my BMI is healthy (although at the upper end of the scale). Two people at my place of work have both completed the initial 8 weeks and have been raving about it.

    My husband and I are looking to start a family in a year or so and I want to get my body in to the best possible condition I can!

  • posted by  SunnyB on Day 3
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    Many find that if they pull the carbs down low, the calories are not so important. Following an 18:6 eating pattern will definitely help as well. I’d say that following a Med diet, you can probably up your cals at least to 1000 a day and still see some weight loss, as long as you hold the carb level down. It is weird that once your body no longer craves carbs, the hunger seems to largely disappear. It is a rare event for me to be really hungry too.

    Best wishes for every success …

  • Sounds like everyone is focused and determined to meet the festive season with their BSD heads firmly screwed on. Some excellent advice and ideas being offered too. Ewe2lambs, take it a day or indeed a meal at a time and try to make BSD friendly choices wherever possible. Have a glass of bubbly if you really want one and don’t stress about it. If you’re mindful about your choices, you will minimise any potential damage from increased carbs.

    I’m dead on target weight today, which means I have no wriggle room, so hoping to come by some of that before the main festive season kicks in. On track today and hoping to stay that way at least through to Friday. Your festive meal plan sounds interesting Allie. I’m hoping to start the Christmas cooking this week – double baked double cheese souffles for Christmas Day starters and some chocolate fondants as standby desserts. Both these dishes can be frozen, so I want to get ahead of the game.

    Stick with it everyone and you’ll survive the festive season just fine.

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    Bit early today but am off to college this evening for my course.
    Positives today so far….
    1. Experimental almond shortbread cookies in the oven. They look good. If they work I was thinking they could be the base of a cheesecake for Christmas day. Luckily my husband and sister in law are doing the BSD so they’ll appreciate it.
    2. Feel a bit better about my homework for my accountancy course today. After getting in a flap yesterday and sprouting a few years!
    3. Got some Christmas music on and I love singing so have been getting in the mood today.
    4. Did a bit of pruning in the garden.

    Kazz, I love that your bathsheet overlaps, good for you! Well done x

  • posted by  alliecat on Starting 2019 with a new mindset
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    Welcome, Determined! You haven’t mentioned why you are waiting 3 weeks to begin, so the very best advice
    I have to offer as a very experienced BSDer is to begin reducing the bad carbs now, even though you
    won’t be starting for awhile. Read the book, and then read it again 🙂 To start off this way reduces the
    possibility/probability of “carb flu” being part of your journey. If you haven’t received the book, bad carbs
    would be rice, potatoes, pasta, grains, bread, and anything with sugar. Below ground root vegetables are
    higher in carbs, and fruit can come as a surprise too, when you start actually counting carbs and
    calories. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day is very important, so if you can start upping your consumption
    now, I think this will be very helpful to you too 🙂 I know others will be along soon to welcome you and
    offer their “solid advice” too. The very best to you!


  • Holiday greetings, everyone! I’m really appreciating this thread with “festive focus” in the title…Positivity
    with a plan, it’s definitely in the air, and it should see everyone through to fewer recriminations at the
    start of the new year.

    Kit, I’m delighted that you have decided to join us! (this is what I meant by a “lively” thread 🙂 ) Any day
    is a good one to start making healthy changes. This community abounds with all or nothing, black
    and white thinkers, so hopefully you will feel right at home here! Sincere wishes for much success.

    Butterlover, you are positioned to begin the New Year in a very good place..”Progress, not perfection”.
    Christmas in a warm climate is hard for me to imagine, as I keep an eye on the forecast for snow
    accumulation! Your warm weather menu sounds lovely. I love hearing about the holiday food culture
    in different countries, and family traditions. I’m thinking in terms of not preparing a full dinner, since
    it will only be my husband and me this year. I’m doing scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a bit
    of cream cheese and fresh dillweed, and some cooked greens for brunch, and then Verano’s excellent
    cauliflower and roasted red pepper soup with a salad, for the dinner hour. In America, college football
    games are a feauture, so it will be an afternoon following this pursuit, fire blazing, and no stress about
    preparing a full course evening meal. If guilt strikes that I’m not making enough of an effort, I may
    prepare a favorite holiday seafood and shellfish stew, which I believe is posted on the “GOOD EATS”
    thread from last Christmas! No desserts, however.. We never give them a thought now, unless I have
    to scramble to put something together if we are expecting guests. There is such liberation in no longer
    thinking that celebrations are all about the food. Creating memories and being fully present in the moment
    means much more to me now.

    Keep sharing your strategies and family traditions 🙂 So enjoyable to read!


  • posted by  KrysiaD on Experience with insulin sought
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    So pleased you found it helpful. Please do feel free to ask any questions – you may find that you do have quite a lot. Also – there is so much support on this forum from members with immense knowledge of this way of eating. I certainly couldn’t have achieved what I did without the support of members. Please feel free to join any thread – there are some very good threads which will help get you over this very high carb time of year.

    I do hope that your diabetes nurse here in the UK is OK with this way of eating. I am very lucky that I have a brilliant nurse who supports my low carb efforts absolutely 100%. Unfortunately not all doctors and diabetes nurses do.

  • Hi Everyone.Im struggling along.I had a couple of unexpected eating events so still not completely back on track. Last year I gave up the plan for a couple of weeks and never really got back to it.So this year its one meal at a time.If I have a function Ill miss a meal before and try to be fluids only the next day.I want to enjoy the best food in a mindful way , the problem is the smell of hot chips and KfC sometimes gets the better of me.Also my family eats a lot of asian food and its hard to be low carb in asian restaurants.Ive prepared my christmas lunch.Turkey and Ham.with caesar salad.potato salad and rocket and beetroot salad.seafood for starters and panna cotta with strawberries. Frash fruit and icecream.
    .its a lot of food. I can stay off the white stuff. And most of the deserts.I will have a glass of wine.I intend to send any left overs home with the guests.Im alllowing a 0.5kg increase for the christmas week.then back on track.Im hopi g a lot of planning is the key to success
    Stay positive everyone

  • posted by  DeterminedNewbie_AC on Starting 2019 with a new mindset
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    Hi all!

    I am starting the BSD on 2nd January and am wondering if any others are doing the same. Also if there are some folks out there who have any solid advice for carb addicted newbies I would be most grateful!

    Thanks 🙂

  • posted by  Reducia on 1st October Starters Support Group
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    Hi all – hope all is well with everyone.
    I have slightly been brought to a halt by falling over in the street at the weekend – with my grandchildren in tow, poor things – and damaging my head really quite badly. My partner came and took the kids and I spent the night in A&E where at least my BP was still ‘perfect’ but – sadly my blood results for the pre-diabetes check are postponed for a week – don’t feel I can go with my forehead superglued and huge black eyes – looking like Dracula’s Mother. Annoying – just wanted it over!

    Margaret – Christmas pounds are a pain – I’ve always hated the fact that losing weight causes such a conflict – joining in the fun vs keeping up the loss. Sure your holiday will be enjoyable despite the remaining weight – I always find that holidays help with weightloss cos I’m always running around trying to see as much as possible – though dinners (and wine!) are always a problem. I hope your change in food tastes will stand you in good stead. Wish you all the best for a good time – which is, after all, also important.

    Jennie – hope your tummy is better and things are OK. Sorry to hear you seem disappointed with your 1lb loss – better than nothing tho as you were aiming at 5lb by Christmas I guess it’s annoying for you. Good luck with the exercise/walking – AND with Jane Fonda – I may try to join you and Margaret with that after Christmas. Not up to even gentle stuff right now – hurts my head dammit! My DIL, as you kindly ask, has shown remarkable improvement in the last week – open heart surgery just not at all easy of course and takes a long time.

    Hadenough – sounds like you’re still doing well despite only a small loss – right direction at least. Keep at it – you’re doing so well that that merry-go-round may soon just be a distant memory.

    .Good luck all – if we stick together we can make it to where we want to be. SoniaX

  • GHeart/Amz – you are doing REALLY REALLY well! I’m a bit behind with all threads so apologies for not having read all of your posts but I remember when you first joined and what you wrote. You have really turned things around despite difficulties with family support on occasions! You’re getting tough and resolute, Amz! Love it! 🙂
    Welcome to Alice and Kit – plenty of support here!

  • I must admit, as a normally calm and laid back person, I’m feeling so stressed about the festive season, have a do on Friday night, early yule dinner with my bestie on Saturday and that’s just this weekend. Friday night is a night with the rugby club so I’ll have to bring a my water as they only serve beer (LOL) it’ll be the first time I’ll be going out now that I’m on the BSD800 and I am putting so much pressure on myself that I cannot allow myself to make any mistakes, otherwise there is completely the risk that I give up completely and that means medication, arghh, I know that it doesn’t help, but is everyone feeling cool calm and collected about all the parties coming up, it must be said that I am more partial to a glass of bubbly than a handful of crisps.

  • posted by  KazzUK on Verano and Kazzee's Road Trip to Christmas!
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    I totally understand that, Verano – you know what works best and I do have times like that myself where you have to get off the carousel and give yourself a mindful break, tread water for a bit. I shall now go off and check out your mindful coffee and cake post! 🙂

  • posted by  Verano on Verano and Kazzee's Road Trip to Christmas!
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    Hi Kazz can I decide in a few weeks. Sometimes I find long journeys counterproductive. If I’m standing still and all around me are losing I don’t find it motivating just the opposite. I’m sure there are others who feel similar. So I’ll see where my head is after Christmas and then decide.
    I’ve just posted on another thread ….. for those in a dilemma about seasonal foods it might be worth reading ‘Mindful coffee and cake’ above in ‘The BSD’ section. It might just concentrate the mind.

  • posted by  KrysiaD on Experience with insulin sought
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    That’s great to hear that you are adjusting to the amount of carbs you are eating and testing with a meter. It makes it a lot easier to manage going lower carb.

    What I found was that I was initially injecting one fast acting insulin unit for every 6 grams of carbs. I very quickly had to adjust the ratios to one unit for every 8 grams of carbs then 10. Then it was 1 unit for every 12 grams then 15. Then it became to dangerous to inject any fast acting insulin because of the hypos. I also cut down on my evening slow acting insulin. Basically my diabetes team left it up to me to manage the insulin doses but were always there for me if I needed to ask questions.

    It looks from what I have written – that I had an orderly and controlled reduction of insulin. Actually it wasn’t quite like that and I did have a few wild swings of blood sugars and had to ring my diabetes nurse for advice. My two biggest mistakes were:
    1 – staying in the same ratio of insulin to carbs too long.
    2 – getting in a panic and stopping fast acting and slow acting insulin too soon (even though my diabetes team said it was ok to do so).

    I came off all insulin but had to go back on it. I then was only on the slow acting Lantus and found that if I kept my carbs at 20g I didn’t need the Lantus either. While I was doing this the diabetic neuropathy, macular oedema and retinopathy reversed. So eyes and feet have been saved.

    Because my HB1aC was 125 on diagnosis and the T2 was very severe I think that I am very lucky that I am “in remission” as it states on my medical records. If I went back to my old way of eating the diabetes would come back – without a doubt. However, I do love this way of eating and I would hate to go back to the old way.

    Sorry this is such a long post – but I do hope that it is helpful.

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    That’s great to know, Wendy and Dreams. 🙂 Dreams – great news on the NSVs! I must admit, I avoid the mirror apart from the neck up and looking slightly upwards! haha, but JGwen has written about the dimple effect. It’s a fascinating thing the way our bodies target specific areas when losing fat! I’ve revised revised revised also and am just aiming to get as close to 15 stone as I can but realistically, I think it will be around 15.5. I thought about you the other day, JGwen, when I was following a hay lorry! It was like being in a hay storm with it swirling everywhere! Sue – good luck on the stay the same aim with 3 Xmas meals – that sounds sensible to me.
    Denise – that’s a fabulous result – sorry, must have missed your post earlier. Verano – are you joining us on our next trip? 🙂

  • Hi Wendy I do still need crunch but now it’s ‘mindful’ crunch. No longer eating crisps and biscuits but I am eating the odd crispbread and weighed portions of nuts. So that to me is being in control.
    For anybody undecided about seasonal goodies it might be an idea to read ‘Mindful Coffee and Cake’ in The BSD section above. It’s probably better to have a piece of cake ‘mindfully’ and really enjoy it without guilt, than having cake and then saying …”blow it I might as well eat everything now”!

  • posted by  JGwen on Verano and Kazzee's Road Trip to Christmas!
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    I have to report a revised, revised, revised progress as well. – I am not going to get into the party / princess / black dress by Christmas. Still half a dress size to go. But I am not downhearted. I am starting to rock the jeans have to be held up with a belt, tee shirt which looks like an American footballer wearing their sport shirt without the padding, and jumper which is clearly too large (along with the leaving a scattering of hay every time you take anything out of a pocket) look which is much more practical on a daily basis.
    My next aim is to get down another couple of kg which will take me comfortably into the double digit world. I do envy those who talk about much lower weights, but I know that my so skinny you could play a tune on your ribs weight is around the 90kg mark for me.

  • posted by  ewe2lambs on One week in using Apps for calorie counting
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    Just wondering who uses the Myfitnesspal as an App and if you do, have you/would you upgrade to the paying app its 50€ a year, wondering if its worth it, or is it just as good to stick with the free part of the app, some of the ‘extras’ look quite interesting, I definitely need this to keep me on the straight and narrow, but wondering if its really worth the dosh to pay the little bit more.

    Thanking you…..

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Verano and Kazzee's Road Trip to Christmas!
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    Morning trippers!

    SO glad you will be starting another thread Kazz – I was beginning to get a bit worried as I really love this thread and don’t want it to stop until we are all where we want to be!

    Am playing a cat and mouse game with the scales – they seem to be creeping down then bounce annoyingly up again. But the overall trend is gradually heading downwards which is great. I also noticed a small NSV yesterday: the dimples above my bum – which I’m sure have been MIA for ages – appear to be back again! So seems like I’m losing fat from behind my waist though the scales haven’t got that message yet 😉

    Belated well done to Denise Susan! Like you said, we’re all cheering on each others triumphs even if we don’t get chance to post, and commiserating with the inevitable setbacks.

    Have a good week everyone X

  • posted by  KazzUK on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Some fantastic positives!
    1 – no Xmas meals or lunches this week to negotiate!
    2 – Bought some new boots yesterday in the sale – Reiker – wool lining and good grip for when it gets frosty. 🙂
    3 – Bath sheet towel not only meets now, but there’s about 8″ of overlap! Yey!
    Onwards and downwards!

  • posted by  KazzUK on Verano and Kazzee's Road Trip to Christmas!
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    Good morning, Roadtrippers!
    Some great results from Friday’s weigh in. 🙂 Gosh, 2 weeks today will be Christmas day. I’m not in the least organised yet, time to make lists! 🙂 I had lunch out on Saturday at an Italian called Ask. Started with olives and bread with oil and balsamic. I didn’t touch the bread, just a few olives. Then I had the chicken breast and extra broccoli minus the potato element and a mushroom sauce served in a jug on the side. My old (boy) friend had a big gooey chocolate dome thing balanced on top of a choc sponge base and poured hot caramel sauce over it… and added cream! I had black coffee! 🙂 His dad has T2 so I was telling him about this WOE! Going to lend him the book.
    Well done everyone, not long to go now – 14 of 16 weeks gone since we started this trip! 🙂 I plan to start a new road trip in the New Year to Easter! 2019 will be our year!
    Keep dancing!

  • Welcome Kit! Look forward to getting to know you.
    Thanks for the kind words, Eclectic! I’m going to keep marching forward.
    Today I was 167.6. My goal is 160 by the end of the month so I’m hopeful.
    Went to mother-in-law’s house for dinner. She made checken soup…. I did my best to just have the broth but one chunk of potato and some corn / green beans also made their way into my bowl. 😞 but I think the damage will be minimal. She made a big deal about my weight loss…… But she does that every time she sees me…. Even when I know myself that I’ve gained weight. I feel like in being roasted sometimes. She kept trying to guess my weight 120 or 110 lbs, which is no where near my actual weight! When I told her how much I really was, she said I didn’t look it and should stop my diet, which my husband passionately disagreed with. I just let them talk, because I am doing well with my diet right now and I’m trying to get to my own goals so they can just have their opinions. I want to be happy during and after my weight loss journey so I am going to just focus on my desires.

  • posted by  JaneAkshar on Experience with insulin sought
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    I take according to the amount of carbs I am eating but since having test strips also to the amount of my current blood sugar. It is all a bit hit and miss as my body requirements change so much which is why I wanted to see someones experieince

  • posted by  alliecat on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Come on now, V.! We don’t think of you as the school ma’am…Just the voice of kindness and reason
    when one of us takes a trip to “crazy town” and loses our perspective for a moment. I not only appreciate
    that both you and Sunny recognize my perfectionist tendencies, but I now very much count on you both
    to point them out so I can make a course correction 🙂

    Thank you Nellie! You sound so vibrant and bursting with energy. Do you feel as well as you sound?
    It’s great to hear, little “Cat”!

  • posted by  KrysiaD on Experience with insulin sought
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    Hi JaneAkshar
    You have done really well by cutting down on your carbs. I think that humanlog is a fast acting insulin – do you take a set amount with each meal or adjust it depending on how many carbs you eat at each meal?

    I am actually really concerned about the hypos that you are experiencing and believe that it is not OK to experience lots of hypos. It means you are injecting too much insulin for the amount of carbs you are eating. Injecting too much insulin is a very dangerous thing to do. What if a hypo happened while you were asleep?

    I am sorry to sound so negative but I do feel that I need to warn you of the danger. As you cut the carbs your body will become less insulin resistant and much more sensitive to insulin – both the insulin your own body produces and the insulin you are injecting.

    I was on insulin for 4 years and through cutting carbs have been able to come off all insulin (I was on Novarapid and Lantus).

  • posted by  Nelliecat on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
    on in Fast 800

    Evening everyone, lots of lovely things going on… Allie, that’s brilliant news about your husband, you must have been so worried…
    Red dresses and red hair – beautiful! And babies to cuddle, there’s nothing lovelier than a family baby coming to visit, especially now mine are grown up.
    And freshly ironed linen – I love seeing linen on the washing line, roll on spring when I can get mine out again.

    My day started fairly well with decorating the tree. It’s a sort of ‘throw every colour at it sort of affair. It looks cosy and warm I hope.
    Vacuumed and mopped the floors downstairs, tidied after the weekend and did some washing so feel quite accomplished.
    Tried to do some of my bookkeeping homework (I’m doing an evening course at college) but am struggling a bit. Actually struggling a lot. Spoke to my Dad who is an accountant and got a bit upset but he reassured me. I get in a bit of a flap when I don’t understand something, I start in on the negative self talk and make myself believe I’m stupid… Going to give it another go tomorrow though. Maybe I’m just overtired.
    Got to end on a positive! I tried making some chocolate muffins that just contain eggs, vanilla extract, salt and 70% chocolate and they turned out well. Experimenting for Christmas you see. I am going to try and make a cheesecake of some sort next. Let’s hope that goes well and I can restrain myself from munching through the whole thing myself 😶

  • Hi Jennie

    Don’t give up! I bet you can do it. One last push?

    I’m at 15.5 today from a 17.8 start 6 weeks ago. The target is 15.0 by Xmas eve. Really happy so far although the work Xmas party gave me a 3lb increase overnight!!

    Still no booze, bread, pasta or potatoes which seems to make a difference. Lots of veg and meat.

    Not changed what I do at all since the start – no food until 7pm when I have my 500-800 calorie meal. For the first 4 weeks it was 1lb a day loss but then it became 0.5 per day.

    I’m a bit of an all or nothing person which worries me. I can be strict and committed on this diet but the worry is once it’s over…….

    Anyone else wanting to check in as we head into the last 2 weeks?

    Keep the faith! 🙂