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  • posted by  sunshine-girl on Is it possible to GAIN weight at first?!
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    Hi Fffff, sorry to hear of your dilemma, it is common for men to lose weight quicker than women for some reason. However, I cannot understand you actually gaining. There might be a few things you could look into. Are there any womens issues like periods, menopause etc. What about your portion control, are you weighing and measuring everything. That includes yourself as well as your food as you could have lost inches. Are you having too much of the good stuff like fruits and nuts, careful with some fruits as they are high in carbs and others are high in calories, same with nuts a small handful (6 to 10 almonds or pistachios or 3 to 5 brazils). Which carbs are you eating, squashes and root veg are quite high in carbs. I assume you are having the same as your husband and he is going off plan now and then so is he eating more calories and you are serving yourself a similar portion. Just a few things to think about.

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    Great news, Theodora! Getting to that original target is a brilliant achievement. Step by step, we all get there. You should be reporting great things by the end of the week. Just keep focused and stick with the basics.

    I came in bang on target this morning, but not counting chickens yet. I want to see what the weekly weigh-in will declare on Monday. Have started to pack for our holiday and tried on some linen trousers this morning – had to reject them as they are too big – yippee!! Historically I’ve had to leave stuff out because it’s too small – or would be after I gained a few pounds while away.

    Stick with it everyone, looking forward to reading lots of good results soon.

  • Just reporting in that on Week 11, Day 3 I have finally gone below my original target weight (2st gone). However, I did revise my target down by 4lbs half way through, so now only have 3.75lbs to go! 🙂 That will give me a weight I would be very comfortable with, and a BMI of 22.5 but I may go for another half stone or so, just to give me some wriggle room in maintenance. Feeling good:-)

    Really hope everyone else is still doing ok?

  • posted by  Theodora on Starting the last push to ultimate goal today ….
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    WooHoo – pleased to report that goal is definitely getting closer now – a whole 1lb dropped overnight so only 3.75lbs to go to reach my revised target weight – and I have gone below my original target! Feeling good 🙂

    Do hope all the rest of you ultimate goal pushers are dong ok?

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    Hi, the plateau you have hit will pass, you just have to keep going and have faith that the plan works, you might want to reduce your carbs a bit but you sound as though you are struggling over what carbs to have. Have you cut out all starchy carbs, besides the obvious like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and cereals (breakfast and wheat type) are you eating other starchy carbs like squashes or root veg. You say you are juggling with 20 to 50 grams per day and to be honest I find that so difficult. I plan my meals then say, oh I cant have that it is too high in carbs then I omit it and I am too low on calories. I just try to keep to 800 calories and let the carbs take care of themselves as long as you have cut out the demon ones. What about fruit, you probably have some lovely tropical fruit in Asia but they are high in sugars.

    I cant understand how your meals are boring unless it is the matter (as above) of getting the carbs right down messing up your meal times. Try looking on line at or the site for nom nom paleo for recipe ideas, there is also the official BSD recipe book by Dr Mosleys wife, Dr Clare Bailey. I have never eaten such a varied diet. Tell me what is in your fridge and I will tell you what you can make with it.

    Are you diagnosed diabetic because the diet should not make you thirsty. Maybe it is because you are in hot weather, I dont know but it is a major symptom of diabetes. You should be drinking around 8 large glasses of liquid per day, adding lemon or lime is okay as long as it is not cordial. Around 2 litres if you include teas and coffees etc.

    As for the 12 week paid plan, and I will probably get thrown off Michaels site for this, but I wouldn’t bother, so many of us are managing quite well on our own and with forum help and support, for me it would not be worth it. Also because you are in Asia there are probably things you cannot get so would not benefit from the site. Maybe when you get back to Europe (where will you be) you will be more in control or can take up the 12 week plan then.

    Good luck, let me know if you want specific ideas for meals.

  • WooHoo – at last that pesky 1.5lbs gained on our trip last week has gone, and another 0.75lbs as well 🙂 Jumped on the scales this morning – and these days I actually have enough energy to jump – and they showed 1lb gone overnight. Feeling much more positive – only 3.75lbs to go, and 13 days left to do it (my personal challenge end). As we are on an Easter theme, I’m a Happy Bunny today 🙂

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    Hi Lebatsirk – whilst I have no experience of this, I would imagine that there shouldn’t be any problem, as long as you make sure you are very well hydrated beforehand, and drink plenty or fluids afterwards. I know they give you tea and biscuits etc afterwards, but if doners feel at all dizzy post-donation, I believe it is through lack of fluids, not lack of sugar.

    I would be interested to hear what MM says on the issue, if and when he responds.

  • posted by  Firecrest on Motivated March'ers
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    Hello all.

    fletchrf, I have always understood that men can lose weight more easily than women. Men have more muscle mass, approx 40%, than women, approx 30%. Women have more essential fat, 10-13% whereas men have about 2-5%. Muscle burns up more body fat even when resting. I have read that men (researched on men and women of same height) can lose about 20% more calories just doing nothing. I looked up the figures but have always believed men lose faster than women…….I may be wrong of course as do not know the latest research results, if any. I will make no comment except to say you lucky …………..

    (Only joking, I know it is equally difficult, mentally, for both genders, and that is where it counts!)

    Went on a 6 mile walk yesterday, gorgeous weather, with a lovely group of people. Exercise class after then homemade lentil soup. A bit hungry so had some brazil and walnuts. I have always loved non salted nuts but not as keen on pistachios or cashews, which is really lucky for me as I find they are higher carb. Back to work today, must drink at least 2 litres of water!!!!!!

    Hope you all do well this week.

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    Oops, sorry, just noticed my typo in the above post. Obviously BSD food is NOT scummy!!! Of course, I meant to type scrummy – what a difference an R makes! 😉

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    Hi, I’ve actually tweeted this question to Mr M but not had a reply yet so I thought I’d ask on here in case anyone else has already dealt with this issue.

    I’m giving blood next week and will be on week 6 by then. Obviously I need to be safe and not cause myself any harm, but I also don’t want to come off the plan for the day. To be honest, the idea of making myself eat more makes me feel sick cos I’m doing really well on this plan and I’m so used to it now.

    Anyone else had to deal with this and if so, what did you do on donation day in terms of food?


  • posted by  fletchrf on Motivated March'ers
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    Hi folks,
    Been through a bit of a plateau but now losing again. It was 3 weeks yesterday for me and this morning another pound gone so that’s 18lb in 22 days. Some slight loss on the belly, but not dramatic.
    I wonder if blokes lose easier than females? We have it easier in most things so why not losing? I’ve had some virally thing the past few days, and things have been a bit haphazard. I just get so confused.
    How much is a handful? Can anyone tell me? I have big hands (my dad used to hide them under the cover when he took me out in the pram), but I seem to be over-ordering with my on-line shop.
    Everyone else seems to be making steady progress

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    Hi all,
    I’ve been on the fast 800 for about 5 weeks and did very well until the last two 1/2 weeks – 6.5-7.4 kilos lost but it yoyos a bit and I’ve stalled – I’ve heard stalling is normal though . I explained on a different post I’m severely limited by the recipes I can cook as am in Asia and don’t get many ingredients or have an oven. I take everything from the new recipe book and only have about 15-18 (if that recipes) I rotate my menus picked solely on my ability to get the ingredients ( I have a 3 week plan that I rotate) but some of them I don’t like ! So I’m bored of my menus .

    I’m terrified of getting the carbs/sugars wrong if I go off the book . How can I improve our meals ?
    Are the recipes on the site suitable for the fast 800 – seem to be yummy but not have much nutrional info ?

    Do I need to recheck how I’ve put my meals together – all selected from the cookbook but could certain combinations still mean I end up with more than the target 20-50 carbs a day ? I’ve rejigged these so many times I might cry if I have to do it again ! I literally planned by going oh yeah can shop for that and by totaling calories to be around 800 per day. Didn’t pay too much attention to what sections of the book they were in .

    I want to keep going but just need some fresh ideas and recipes without getting it all wrong and halting the weight loss(any further !!!).
    I would sign up to the 12 week online programme but it just won’t help me as won’t be able to do half of it due to not being able to get ingredients .

    Also what’s the thirst about – constant and never ending ! I drink tons of water ??

    If it becomes that weight loss stall for a really long time and (as has happened recently I gain ) what would anyone do to get it going again or what do I need to check ?

    How much does adding extra veg do to upset the balance as we do sometimes do that or we have to substitute one for another because we can’t get hold of it ?

    I’ve also been squeezing a lime here or there into cold water to create a thirst quenching drink – is that ok ?

    After the summer I move to Europe so hopefully things will get easier !

    To summarise I started this – well me and hubbie did (he stalled but now has overtaken by nearly 2 KG ) and it went so well. I’ve not really got too many hunger or craving issues but am fed up with not seeing progress now and also am starting to prefer to not eat then eat things on my plan so getting bored and finding it hard ! I know no one can wave a magic wand and ease my sourcing ingredients problem but any help appreciated and also other cookbooks or places to source recipes that will fit with the fast 800 stage one part would be appreciated .

    Thank-you !

  • posted by  Burtie on fell off wagon once after 5 weeks – feel horrible
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    Thanks everyone for great encouragement – all you say is quite correct . Esnecca I have taken option 2! Sue Blue I’d been considering a slow cooker for some time and now you’ve given me the push to get one , Many Thanks !

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    Hi everyone – I’m finding it hard to stay motivated as I’m seemingly gaining weight on just 800 calories a day?! My husband and I are doing the diet together and this is Day 9 for us. My husband has lost 7 pounds in that time – I have gained 5 1/2!! We are sticking to the diet completely – my only lapse was one glass of wine on Mother’s Day (my husband has had a few other lapses and takes on regular carbs with it too).
    I feel like I have a bit more energy but I am just so fed up with seeing my weight increasing day on day when I’m trying so hard! What am I doing wrong? I’m sticking to the diet plan completely. Any advice would be great!! Thank you!

  • Theadora – you are right about the 4 months on maintenance is something to be celebrated. After yo yo dieting since 1969 this is the first time I have ever maintained my weight for more than a couple of weeks. The moment I went back to ‘normal eating’ the weight just piled back on.

    Mixnmatch – you did so well with the demon Cadbury mini eggs. They used to be one of my favourites also.

    Maharani kitten – how did you dispose of the ‘radioactive’ maltesers Easter egg? The carb monster is definitely trying new tactics to lure you back into the land of the carb demons.

  • posted by  Mariet on 20th Feb Starters
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    Thanks Luckylinda, feeling good! I’d love to see your list if you feel like sharing. Nice to focus on the good things that have come our way 🙂

  • posted by  Luckylinda on 20th Feb Starters
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    You have achieved so much in such a short time – every single one of that list is brilliant and something to celebrate – I think sometimes we are conditioned to only focus on the end goal and miss all the milestones on the way. What a great attitude and its a good way to remind ourselves just how far we have come. Thanks for this post – I am reminded of how far I’ve come also despite the stall this week.

  • posted by  DebT on 1st week on bsd
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    Hi, I am new to BSD and I too am wondering about what to eat. Full fat yoghurt, berries and nuts will probably be around 200, then there is lunch, say another 200 calories, that only leaves 400 for supper. I guess my question is — do you spread out your calories? skip lunch? eat more calories early in the day? I would love to know what people eat in a day and what seems to work the best for you.

    I haven’t been on a forum before, my apologizes if this wasn’t an appropriate to ask a question for myself on hopetobeslim777’s question.

    Thanks so much.

  • posted by  DebT on Not feeling so great – Week 5
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    Thanks again. It is harder than I expected. I sure hope you can get off of the insulin, that would be really great. I am confused because I thought we should carry on for more than 2 months. You aren’t worried about any kind of deficiency?

  • posted by  Mariet on 20th Feb Starters
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    I was feeling down yesterday about my slow week last week and in the end gave myself a shake and a good talking to and decided to write down the results of my first 5 weeks living this way. I thought I’d post them here to look back on when I feel disappointed with progress again (as I know I will!).

    It’s really opened my eyes about what I’ve achieved

    I’ve lost 7 kg, 9.5% of my start weight

    In total I’ve lost 11 inches from various places

    My Rosacea has cleared up completely and stopped medication after being on low dose antibiotics and creams for 5 years

    I am sleeping all night after 30 years of waking 4 or 5 times each night

    I’ve tried heaps of recipes I never would have thought of and love the food

    I’m able to feel the sensation of hunger without needing to eat

    I’m very well hydrated!

    Only 5 articles of clothing in my wardrobe are still too small

    I ‘ve gone from BMI 31.8 to 28.7

    I’ve dropped 2 sizes in my work uniform and am now wearing the one I bought 5 years ago as an encouragement to lose weight (didn’t work…)

    My mother has joined me and has lost 4kg in 4 weeks, a great feat at 83years old! Hopefully at her next test she won’t be pre-diabetic any more.

     Others wlli have different ones but these are mine☺

    Sorry for the long post. I’m feeling encouraged again and ready to keep on keeping on

  • posted by  hopetobeslim777 on 1st week on bsd
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    I think I have confused a few on here i am eating protein but am also eating lots of veg fruit yoghurt oily fish nuts eggs the main carbs are bread rice pasta and potatoes which are off limits for me

  • Dear all,

    What a pleasure to see a flurry of emails on the message board.

    First: Congratulations to all of us who started on the 30th January and are still here, because that’s great!!

    Second: No matter what we have lost (BTW from just three posts I make it nearly 100 pounds of fat shed between three of us and over 65 pounds by LindaA.) To be frank, that’s bloody amazing and we are all doing really well 🙂

    I have just over a week to go on the 800 cals and I might just hit three stone off in time to see my daughter this weekend, as I was 17st 3lb this morning, so fingers crossed still.

    I am going to experiment with a few ways to keep losing weight and maintaining my resolve and see how I go.

    For example: Once my visit to my daughter is done, I have a repeat blood glucose test to aim at in May, then a long business trip on a plane in June that I want to comfortable on by being slimmer and then a family holiday in Canada flying economy where I want to easily fit in my seat, etc……

    I think what I am saying and maybe it’s a bloke thing, but I like having a target to shoot for, along with a reason for the target. This combined target approach is working for me, so if I combine it with continued low carb living, I hope to stay on track to my goal of a 5 stone weight loss at least by the summer.

    It’s great to know that a bunch of us are keeping going, as this message board has become very important to me and I thank you for your continued support.

    Have a great next few days and keep going. It’s good for us all and our families and loved ones will thank us for our efforts.

    All the best,


  • posted by  LindaA on 2nd time's the charm
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    Well done Athorn223
    Keep it up, although perhaps without anything that contains honey! It has the same effect as sugar on your body.
    Are you drinking heaps?
    Are you going for a walk everyday?
    Are you getting enough salt?
    Salt will help with the Keto flu when it hits this week as will the extra water. The big thing is ride through it and be kind to yourself. Take some panadol if you have to. It will get better.
    Just don’t give up.

  • Hi Shanshu
    I think you are being too hard on yourself. You have done incredibly well and your body is not a machine and doesn’t always do what you want it to do.
    Losing weight and getting healthy is a process that involves all sorts of things but especially your hormones and sometimes they need to get used to the ‘new’ you before they kick in again.
    Don’t worry, you won’t have to stay on 800 calls for the rest of your life to maintain.
    Check out this article, it will help you get back to basics.

    Keto "my way" – a simple, easy-to-follow TL;DR guide from a 4-year vet from keto

    Keto is very similar to the BSD with the exception that you don’t count the cals.
    This is how I now eat since reaching my goal.

    I don’t think of sugars, carbs and starches as treats, I think of them as poison and I no longer want to put poison in my body as I know where I’ll end up – in hospital!

    Again, you are doing incredibly well and I think you expecting too much of your body. This is a journey that you will be on for a long time, not a transition until you can go back to eating the way you did before. Chill and let your body do its thing!
    Let us know how you go.

  • posted by  Theodora on WAS doing so well!!
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    Eileen I think it’s Einstein who is credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”, and maybe this forum should adopt it as our motto, because I think we have all been guilty in the past of going on diets, losing weight, thinking “job done” and returning to our old way of eating and wondering why we get fat again!! 😞😜😔😲

    So, yes, you are right – this diet has to become a way of life, and it’s really not too much of a hardship when one considers the scummy food it consists of and the health benefits we gain. So back on the wagon – you can do this, and we are all here to support you if / when you need it. Looking forward to hearing of your progress. 😃

  • posted by  Eileen27 on WAS doing so well!!
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    This forum was made for me! I felt I was doing so well too. After years of every diet under the sun I thought I had really found THE ONE this time. I am still sure I have but it’s still tough.
    I’ve been on and off the BSD since the new year and lost just 9lbs. It was 11 lbs but I haven’t maintained that even. Too many ‘dos’, lunches and weekends away and other various excuses. What I haven’t got into my head is that it has to be a way of life as you say. I’m still in that frame of mind which says when I lose the weight I will be able to have this and this and this. The posts on this forum tell me this is the wrong way round. It has to be a new way for the rest of my life.
    Even writing this has helped. Even if no one reads it. I will be in a stronger frame of mind tomorrow to have another try – and do it this time. I will post my progress tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for being there! X

  • posted by  Radia on First Day
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    I managed to get though the first day, but had a terrible second day. I just did not plan my meals, so ending up having bread which I love and then it was a downwards spiral from them. I am so upset with myself.
    Thank you so much fro you words of encouragement and support, I am going to be back on it tomorrow. I now have a meal plan.
    Will keep you updated.

  • We are surrounded by temptation, Mixnmatch, so well done for sticking with only 2 mini-eggs.
    My downfall would have been the buns I think, the lovely yeasty, spicey smell of them would have been my undoing and, sadly, hot-cross buns don’t tend to be “mini” 🙁 I think I may have to refuse to have them in the house over Easter – at least chocolate doesn’t call out to me with it’s enticing smell, so I can manage to resist the eggs (I think – though I may just have uttered my famous last words!! 😉 )

  • posted by  Theodora on DAILY PEAK AND PIT 2017
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    Oops, forgot to list my Peaks and Pits.

    PEAK :- Going to a concert this evening to hear my gorgeous granddaughter sing Gershwin. Just wonderful 🙂

    PIT:- Nearly setting fire to the house by putting rice on to boil for o/h’s early supper this evening, forgetting about it and going off to shower and wash / dry my hair. Came down 45 mins later to a kitchen full of black smoke, rice one solid black lump totally welded to the bottom of the pan! Cleaned up and aired the place as best I could, but came home after the concert to find the house still REEKING!!! Think it will smell for days, weeks, months………………………………

  • posted by  Theodora on 1st October Starters Support Group
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    Fairyface, thank you for your rather inspiring post. I am so pleased that you son is improving, and that you are feeling so well (notwithstanding all the stress you are under at the moment) and sticking with BSD as a way of life, for life. How funny that the receptionist was looking enviously at your BSD salads, whilst eating all the rubbish that used to form part of our diets.

    Coming from a family of doctors (late Father, daughter, son-in-law, No.1 son and daughter-in-law) could I also thank you for your praise of the NHS? My family, and the vast majority of doctors and nurses in the NHS, work long, often thankless, hours, all too frequently in difficult and stressful conditions, just doing the very best, and in the most caring way, they can. The NHS gets a very bad rap at times, and it can be very demoralising for them, but in times of crisis it definitely comes into it’s own and I doubt you could find better anywhere in the world. So, on behalf of my family, may I thank you for publicly for acknowledging this? OK, off my soapbox now!!

    Please keep us updated with your son’s progress – we are all rooting for his complete recovery.

  • I had a brief encounter with the demons of the thread title today in the staff room. I managed to resist the apple and cinnamon flavoured hot cross buns, but had two out of the bowl of Cadbury mini-eggs someone had thoughtfully provided. Made sure to log them as well though, and quite pleased with limiting the damage to two, as I have always loved them.

  • posted by  Theodora on DAILY PEAK AND PIT 2017
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    Janet, so pleased my PEAKS cheered you up – they cheered me up too! 🙂

    Isn’t is amazing that we have been carrying huge amounts of excess weight around for years without really noticing but now, after doing BSD, even though we are so much slimmer than we used to be, we put on a pound or two and we feel FAT! Hopefully that will come into its own and prove really useful for maintenance. So, as for feeling fat, join the club, but I’m sure any little gains you have made will melt away once you are back home, if not before.

    I think it is so lovely that you have managed to spend some special time with your husband – in the rush of modern life it is so easy not to make time for each other. But I can understand how tired you are feeling – travelling, whilst being great fun and very life-enhancing, is really, really tiring, particularly at our age. However, all tiredness will be forgotten when the new arrival makes her debut. Only 2 days to go before the BIG day, you must be sooo excited. Heck, I’m excited for you and I am on the other side of the Pond, and she’s not my grandchild. 😉 Don’t forget to let us know as soon as she is born – now that will be a PEAK to beat all other PEAKS 🙂

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on LESSONS LEARNT AT 16 WEEKS
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    Thank you for sharing your personal lessons learnt Davidh. I have been following the plan for 10 weeks now and have lost 19.5lb. I am in the second week of round 2 and plan to do three rounds to try and get me to a healthy BMI. LIke you I am learning lessons about this way of eating and nuts are on my watch list! . I am going to stick with the Greek Yoghurt because I really enjoy it and it feels like a treat! The plateau problem is a big one for me and I am losing weight very, very slowly. I am going to dust down the exercise bike that has been in the loft for many years and give it a go. I think your point number 7 really resonated with me and I liken this way of eating to being a vegetarian (which I have been for over 25 years) in that I would never ever think of eating meat or fish and so now with this new way of eating I would never ever think of eating bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etc and I can honestly say that I don’t feel like I am on a diet! You have done so well losing two and a half stone in 16 weeks. Another lesson I am learning is that this doesn’t have to be a quick fix and I am enjoying the journey a lot more than any previous “diet” I have been on and I’ve been on a lot over many years.

  • My weight has been up and down too this week. At one point this week I was almost a kilo heavier, and a few days ago I was 800g lighter than I am now – so almost a 2kg range! Overall though I am down 200g, so about 1/2 lb I guess.
    My other goal was to walk 75,000 steps. I almost got there – step count came in at 73,500.
    I did have a few small victories this week – saying no to a piece of gorgeous looking Black Forest cake for one! And fitting into a shirt I bought a while ago but was too tight across the bust.
    This week I am going to be “off plan” for 5 days as I will be away from home, although planning to stick to the principles, and definitely no bread or wheat products as I’m sure they contribute to RA flares.
    So I guess my goals for this week are to reach 75,000 steps, and to not gain any weight – if I lose it will be a bonus!

  • posted by  Fairyface on 1st October Starters Support Group
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    Hi folks, thanks you for your kind words. I really do appreciate them.
    Nicki please don’t be ashamed. There is absolutely no reason for you to be.
    This way of eating is a lifestyle change and it has taken months for it to click with me, but I am in the zone now and not going back to my old ways. How can I when I feel well. Yes a bit put off because I am now on tablets for my thyroid and my hair is really is thinner and I have hardly lost weigh since Christmas. But like I keep saying its a way of life.
    KrysiaD, you are so right about the food outlets and the bad sugary and starch carbs. There is a fruit stall outside the hospital but about three Costa Coffee shops and a Subway. We have found it much easier to prep salads and take them with us. The unit receptionist has made me laugh because she has been drooling over our salads whilst eating her Subway, crisps and Costa coffee she has come over most days to see what we have to eat. It has only been simple feta, chicken or ham salads. Either with lettuce or watercress.
    I am so grateful for the NHS and all they have done for our son. They have kept us informed whats going on and why and answered our questions even if we have asked the same one six times.
    Can I add I started on the BSD because last year I thought I was heading for an early grave. Not able to move or walk far, legs swelling up during the day ads of fat around my waist. But six months later and about 3.5stones down I can keep up with my husband walking, I want to walk which I did not last year as it was so painful and such an effort. How can I ever want to go back to living like that again? I don’t! Onwards and downwards girls however long it takes:-)

  • posted by  jmarie41 on DAILY PEAK AND PIT 2017
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    Theodora~ Thank you for your PEAK! It really cheered me up and made me giggle too! I loved your story about shopping for clothes and also loved your story about your granddaughter wearing your retro clothes for her party.
    My husband and I flew from Amsterdam to Washington, D.C. and are currently waiting for our final flight to North Carolina. I am so tired and feel dehydrated. I am drinking lots of water! Hopefully it helps.

    I feel FAT and am going to really cut back during my two weeks with my daughter and family so that when I return home, some of the damage will be undone by then. I really, really, really don’t want to get home to find out I’ve gained 5 pounds. That is how I feel right now and I don’t like it.

    PEAK: Feeling grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to the Netherland’s and Belgium with my husband. I’m also getting excited to meet my newest granddaughter. She’ll be delivered on March 30th unless she decides to come earlier.

    PIT: So tired and feeling fat!

  • posted by  Athorn223 on 2nd time's the charm
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    It’s day 2 and I’m overall proud of myself, although I did go a little overboard on some honey roasted peanuts when a trip out of state went longer than expected.

    Day 2 weight 236

    I’ve been dieting long enough to know that the first week you shed a lot of water weight, but I can’t say that I’m mad at progress. Surprisingly not terribly hungry. I”m motivated to keep going.

  • posted by  Nettle on LESSONS LEARNT AT 16 WEEKS
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    Hi David

    An image of Michelin Man on bike. 😆

    I rode a bike in my youth, wanted to get back into it when we arrived in a wonderful part of the world with miles (kms) of tracks so at the tender age of 60, Santa delivered a bike to our house….it is fun but these off road models are much heavier than I was used to. The tracks are fine but quite bumpy in parts so I’ve learned not to take those sections while seated, suspension is only good to a point as you have found. I’m 18 kg lighter which makes life sweeter but the seat no softer.

    When I walk the tracks I bemoan the mad cyclists cruising up on me… a bell people!

  • Similar story for me ClarinetCathy.
    Down 1lb on Tuesday weigh in last week but up 1lb from where I’ve been for 5 days! Oh well still down one pound. Think I had too little water yesterday. I was so cold for some reason so couldn’t drink as much water as I normally would. Hoping all back on track today. Weight today 10st 11lbs.
    Good luck everyone heading into week 2 of the challenge.

  • Thanks Shanshu.
    Start weight: 17st 8lb
    Weight now: 16st 2lb
    Weight loss for this final week of the 800 BSD is 1.5lb – a total loss of 1st 6lb for the 8 weeks. Not nearly as much as I had hoped to lose at the start of the diet, but it’s still a good 20lb loss.
    Plan now is to keep going, walking more and cutting back on the booze.
    Perhaps I’ll be a normal weight and in size 14 jeans by Christmas!!!
    Good luck everybody – keep going!!
    Nancy x

  • Weighed in this morning and I was 1lb down from this time last week althougn1lb up from my weigh in on Saturday! I have two weekly weigh days. Saturday is my own official, personal weigh day and Tuesday is my “challenge” weigh day. Anyway, both positive results despite the slight increase in weight since Saturday which may be attributed be the lovely glass of red wine I had with my son on Mother’s Day. Am taking on board all the advice from the interesting and informative posts. Thank you everyone. We are all in this together.

  • Quick one only for now as just heading out to badminton. 2 pounds up from last Tuesday, but not concerned. I was unprepared for losing any more weight and my reaction to Saturday’s lowest ever weight was to stick in two indulgent days (BBQ weather also helped). I also began my period today, so am fairly sure I will be carrying some water. Had my delayed by one day fast day today, so will see how the rest of the reverse diet goes. Up to 1700 calories tomorrow.

  • posted by  Snowdrop78 on WAS doing so well!!
    on in Fast 800

    Thanks SunnyB. I appreciate your concern and truth be told I did google ‘diets to loose weight fast’ when deciding to do a diet. The BSD came up first and it resonated with me because my husband is at risk of type 2 with being over weight and father being diagnosed in recent years. In the very distant past I tried Atkins and did well but to me that isn’t a life style change, I also tried Slimming World and whilst it’s a what I call ‘friendly’ diet it just doesn’t give the satisfaction of loosing weight at a decent pace for me. I totally agree with you that the BSD is a lifestyle choice and I’m totally up for it, I enjoy the food choices and have no real craving for carbs, however I do enjoy them when I eat them. I know I can maintain with this diet and I guess I’ve allowed myself to do that over the last few weeks and felt like my momentum had stalled. Will get back on it today and be strong at the weekend 🙂

  • posted by  Davidh on LESSONS LEARNT AT 16 WEEKS
    on in BSD Med Style Low Carb

    Hi Nettle. That’s funny! At one time, I had a gel seat, a gel seat cover and, wore two pairs of seriously padded shorts! I even invested in a suspension seat post which, as I left the cycle shop depressed with my weight and never came up again! At the end of the day, I learnt just to get on with it and stop being a 62 year old wimp! No pain….no gain.. David

  • Hi, so my first post, and looking for advice on this subject, about me – diagnosed in December 2016, with levels in the 11, I am 6ft 4 and weighed 19st,- so a big bloke. I was put on 4 metformin and sent on my way with some advice on dieting. I picked up the books and started reading, and have followed as close as i can to the dieting regime, 2 months post diagnosis my levels were 6.8, Dr dropped my metformin to 3, and last week at my 3 month check i am at 5.7 and I am down to 16st 4lbs. Hence i am looking for feedback for other users of metformin who have reduced their dosage or dropped them completely as my GP advice is that i am on these for life and we may reduce longer term but for the time being i need to be on them, this kind of is the opposite to where i would like to be longer term.