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  • Hopefully Margaret you will get some good weather starting from Wednesday should be in the mid 20’s. Although Paris is on the same weather line as London. Just enjoy – are you planning any excursions?

    No news here as I haven’t been weighed today. Daughter said she wasn’t weighing until Friday and I thought she was trying not to keep jumping on and off the scales. Turns out she is in Madrid on business. Funny story, her much loved by all boss is retiring so while there will be several 100 people at the conference she is running she thought it as good time to do his leaving event. Unfortunately, the British customs took her fluffy pink handcuffs off her. She tried to explain that they were for her boss and you can imagine the response she got. She is also carrying a rubber turkey for him to wear on his head (as in Friends) and a milk maids costume – not sure who is wearing that. Nice to have a boss who has inspired people but sad he is leaving.

    Have a good week everyone.

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    Hello everyone
    Not a lot to report at the moment from here. Book club weekend in Abersoch was good and I gained 4lb which is now off! It was water weight. I was careful what I ate and drank. Had my toes injected last week and hoping to get some steps in from this week. My heel is feeling better too so onwards and upwards steps wise hopefully
    I am fasting today and I am hoping that before the end of the month I can dip under 150lb. That is my goal for 1st June. It’s a slow process losing weight but I do feel better in myself and I can see my face is beginning to look slimmer.
    My cat Monty had to have five teeth out this week! His face is looking slimmer too!
    Have a good week everyone. Keep strong and keep trying. I’m eating whole food and trying to eat only healthy food and unprocessed food and I do feel better!

  • We were very lucky with a lovely sunny day here yesterday for my family coming to lunch. The rest of this week includes some showers & I hope the weather will get better next week here & in France 🤞🤞😀🌝 I’m now going to clear up the mess from yesterday with toys still spread all over the conservatory & the dishes & wine glasses that need hand washing!
    I hope everyone has a good week.
    Margaret xx

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    V, really hope you got away on your trip and that you’ll have a wonderful time.
    smp, hope you’ve found your groove and managed to stay BSD motivated.

    Thought I was overdue making a positive post, so here I am with a few ….
    🏖🚘 enjoyed our few days away from our usual location in Turkiye …. some enforced relaxation for OH and chill-out time together.
    👍🏻☀️ proper summer weather has set in here, such that a blanket is not needed on the bed now.
    🍓🥕 off to market today, to stock up on some lovely fresh fruit and veg.

    Whatever you are doing, I hope life is bringing lots of positives your way and that you might have a moment to tell us about one or a few.

  • No let up in the rain and forecast for the next week. Went and bought 30 geraniums to put in pots but it might have to wait until the skys clear.

    1960smp I have just remembered I bought some Purition shakes for those days when I don’t feel like having anything. They are simple and tasty. I have mine with almond milk which is very low in calories.

    No news here as not weighing and hoping I won’t be disappointed on Tuesday. The weekend is nearly over for have a good week.

  • I hope you are feeling better now S-G & sorry to hear about your diagnosis happy snap & hope this way of eating will help👍
    I’ve just weighed & Ive lost 1.5 lbs & am pleased that I have finally lost my Christmas weight gain & I am back to having lost two stone. I have a further 1.5 stones to lose now & less than two weeks to lose more weight until my Seine cruise. I’m preparing food for my family coming on Sunday plus making a carrot chocolate birthday cake. I will have courgetti not spaghetti with the bolognese sauce & a favourite side salad of baby spinach, mushroom, avocado & bacon & fruit salad as a pud but the wine & garlic bread will tempt me!
    I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

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    Hi everyone,
    I’ve had a busy, stressful, but otherwise decent week life-wise. Food-wise, not so much. But not beating myself up about it as I know it was to deal with the stress. I’ve come off an enforced fast this evening due to a gastroscopy today. Being used to IF certainly makes fasting for a medical procedure a piece of cake! Luckily no physical signs of anything wrong, but they did take a couple of biopsies and I won’t hear back about that for a couple of weeks.
    I also had an interview on Wednesday for that job competition I was in. I wasn’t really sure how it went, but they called back on Thursday and wanted to check my references, so that’s positive. I think I’ll be quite disappointed if I end up not getting it now after having got this far. I was sobbing in the shower last night, but that was just a release of all the pent up emotion from the week.
    Therapist at my last session was expressing concern over my lack of support network. So, I reached out to one of my friends in Norway and had an online catch-up chat which was nice. I haven’t made any friends locally other than some work acquaintances since I moved here though. I suddenly remembered that a person I used to compete in sport with and whose company I enjoyed was from this area, and looked her up on social media. Turns out she had moved away but is back in the area now. I reached out and she has said she would love to meet up. We haven’t seen each other in over 30 years! So, slowly trying to improve and heal. Of course, all of you have been great support as well!

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    Hi everyone, I’m home!
    Cathy, I am so glad to see you’ve been having some happy results, you deserve it after all your hard work! Glad your ‘Fat group’ is helping- so hard for me to write that!
    I weighed myself a week after getting home from the cruise and was 2kg more than when I left. I thought it would go quickly but it really isn’t 🙁
    So I must work harder.
    To be fair I had three birthday parties in the last week, one at my place for 3yo GS and the others big O-birthdays, as in Oh Dear am I really this old. Time to knuckle under now and get some solid results in while this challenge lasts. Good to soo so many on the bust and best wishes for the weeks ahead!

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    CCATH you are doing soooo well,despite all the obstacles youve had to navigate!
    Im sorry to hear about the heel atrophy x how was yr book club trip?X
    Well done too NOKIE! X You and ARCTIC and DCT sound so motivated and you are inspiring me ( i was doing well until the last few days when i fell off the bus,got a bug and feeling sorry for myself led to mindless eating..but heyho,tomorrow is a new day)
    Hiii SUEBLUE sounds like youre super busy but have stayed sensible foodwise. I didnt realise you grew up in England! When did you move to Oz?
    Calling in DAWN and MARIET! Yoohoo girlies! how are you doing? XX
    Love to all and keep moving onwards and downwards 🌻🤞🏻🙏🌻🥰😜🙂🙃

  • Hi all, welcome back happysnap, stay with us to keep on track. Sorry about your diagnosis but look at it as a strong motivator for weight loss. Also sorry your doctor is a dick. Most are, even my Dr Gorgeous who doesn’t believe in my diet. When I had a slight blip up on my HbA1c 6 months ago (only went from 6.0 to 6.3) and I said I was disappointed he told me I am getting older and things are only going to get worse. I was pleased on my next test to be down to 5.9 and weighed in at 2kgs less. So much for me getting old.

    1960smp, I quite often go off some foods and sometimes off all foods – just want something really nice to eat. That for me is something like strawberries – memories of childhood illness and mum buying them for me. Treat yourself kindly and have some nibbles to hand.

    I personally am not feeling great today. Constipated (return to a different diet), queasy, weak and dizzy. I did a BG test and it was very high 179 so that could be the cause of the symptoms but don’t know why it is so high as I only had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Fortunately, I can take it easy until I feel better. Not checking my weight as it might impact on my weekend resolve so I will leave it until my weigh in on Tuesday.

    Just hung out some heavy washing – jeans – and within 5 mins I had to bring them back in as black clouds are coming over. We seem to be having a lot of rain right now. Still waiting to get into the pool – maybe next week.

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    Hi VMHuck, my assumption was because you were struggling with the 800 cals and people on that low a cal diet (most of us here) want to see quick weight loss. If you are happy at 1lb a week and it is something you feel you could achieve then make that your aim. I too am a very slow loser as I am on insulin injections which make it very difficult to lose weight.

    Come and join us on Staying Mindful in May – we are a mixed bunch. Some returners, some fast losers most doing it slowly because it is bloody hard day in day out.

  • Hi everyone!

    I’m back here again, determined to stay the course and actually lose the weight this time!
    I need to be here to help me stay on track, because in the last while since I’ve stopped checking in (I don’t even know why I stopped- life just happened I suppose!) I’ve gained back most of what I had lost… which is depressing but on the other hand, I’ve done it once and I can do it again.

    I just read “Life in the Fasting lane” by Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos and Jason Fung, and found it super motivational and helpful for IF and longer term fasting, which I want to give another try.

    I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, which is most common in women age 30-40 (which I am), and overweight /obese(ditto). Most people who have lost 15% or more of their body weight were able to put the IIH into remission, I’ve learned from my research. I do not want to have to repeat the Lumbar Puncture i’ve just had, and of course I don’t want to lose my vision- so I know what i’ve gotta do…
    And i’m super grateful to all the members on this site for offering support and friendship on this journey. (My GP has unhelpfully referred me for weight management where the advice is to eat- what else? carbs… so I know I am on my own- no support from the GP or any other medical establishment, but I gotta do what I gotta do and I know this is the way to do it)

    So- weight loss- here I come!!!

  • Morning!
    Good to have you back SG, sorry you relaised corners have been but on the cruise…I watched a few youtube vids and seems a few lines have done so, for whatever reason but most absolutely praise the Royal Caribbean, which was our 1st cruise years back. Who knows, my hubs cousin (88) just came off a Princess one and was horrified at the change, not only in standards but in passengers….

    Anyway, seems we are all losing some this week so great news!

    Actually, I wanted to mention, not sure if my hormones messing about but this last few weeks I have sort of developed an aversion to some foods….eg/ quiche, eggs and cheese , meat with veg, or full meals and can happily sit with a chunk of cheese and a tangerine…I have even gotten out of planning ahead as when it comes to it I don’t fancy the planned meal, so bizarre YET give me sweets I can lives on them lol…Obv not a good idea.

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    I know this is a really old thread but ….. tonight I added Greek yogurt to my cauliflower purée and it was really beautiful.
    I apologise if this has already been mentioned I’ve not read through the previous posts!

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    Thank you, Sunshinegirl. I agree with everything you wrote—-but you seem to think I would be disappointed in 1 lb a week. I would be ecstatic with a 1 lb-a-week loss. It feels like I have to starve to get even that. My metabolism is glacial—and this is despite exercising EVERY day (combo of walking, Tabata, weights, etc.—I mix it up). I know that’s hard to believe. About 7-10 years ago, if I had read that on anyone’s social media, I would have assumed they were lying or mistaken. But it’s the truth. Even when I was 100% on Fast800, I only lost about 1 1/2 lbs a week.
    I’m going to keep plugging away. I’m just disappointed in myself as summer is here now, and I can’t fit into any of my clothes 🙁

  • Welcome back S-G & well done already also losing weight 👏👏
    I hadn’t ever considered swollen ankles & legs because of an increase in salt intake with cruise food 🙀I’m hoping French food might be better on my Seine cruise but it will be interesting finding out. I’m almost back to my pre-Christmas weight & hope that will be so when I weigh myself on Saturday. On the cruise I fully expect to gain weight but I will eat a protein rich breakfast although I don’t usually eat any & before on a river cruise I had a daily omelette. I will also try to have salad as an entree & stick mainly with protein & vegetables & try to choose wise desserts😀but I know that wine will be my downfall as an aperitif & with a meal 🍷🙀
    Keep on going everyone I have two more weighings before my cruise on 30th May 🙂
    Margaret xx

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    Welcome aboard SueBlue. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on at the moment but it’s impressive that your clothes are still comfortable. The scales don’t really give us the full picture. You’ll soon be back to meal prepping and back on plan.

  • Hi all, yes Tulip1 remember that feeling. I tell myself that every time I do some exercise, remember how good I feel. It doesn’t always work but I try my best to keep going.

    Your stomach is your second brain and shares control over things like hormones and those releases of ghrelin telling us we are hungry. It is up to us to give it some good gut microbes which repress the ghrelin. If you starve your gut of the sweet stuff it quickly forgets about its cravings. Watch the glucose goddess on YouTube.

    I have made a good start and already lost 1.5lbs since yesterday – yes, mainly fluid – but enough to spur me on even though it did fancy a drink which is a habit that has crept in on holiday. I resisted and felt better for it. Not yet got back into exercise but did a few reps of arms with weights just to get the muscles going. It is raining constantly right now so not in the mood for doing much except wading through my washing and unpacking.

    Have a good week.

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    Hi there VMHuck, I know you don’t want advice but it does seem like you want a quick fix so pushing yourself too hard. First don’t be so hard on yourself and second, you don’t have to be perfect on the diet all the time.

    My (unwanted) advice is, if you are struggling with 800 (you are on the Fast800), then do 1000 or 1200 or 1500. You decide even if it is a slower loss but it might just get you into the swing of things and you can reduce as your body gets used to it. I too am small at 4’11” so know how a bit of extra food can impact. If you really cannot get through the hunger with all the usual tricks like have a glass of water, go for a walk, do something with your hands, then have a snack. Just make sure it is diet friendly and easily to hand – some ham, chicken, carrot sticks, hummus, olives (my favourite go to), a yoghurt with seeds, something you like which will satisfy your craving.

    Set yourself small goals like 4lbs in a month – that’s around one pound a week. After 2 months you will have lost 8lbs. Incentive to carry on. You have proved you can do it so just get yourself in the right head space. Plan a menu, do a shop and then start as you mean to go on. If you slip up it is not the end of the world, just get back on track IMMEDIATELY and there you go.

    Join one of our threads where you can just jump in when and where you want to. Ask for advice or just get some motivation going from all the good people who are also trying so hard. If dieting was easy we would all be stick thin.

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    Hello all I’m joining this bus trip very late – but better late than never 🙂
    I have no idea what I currently weigh as haven’t been on the scales for a few weeks. Things have been very hectic at work and I’ve been working extra hours, in addition to that we’ve been preparing my MILs house for sale and dealing with agents, buyers, solicitors etc, hopefully we’ll be able to sell it in the next few weeks, as it’s a lot of work keeping her garden maintained as well as ours.
    I have been fairly active and eating reasonably well, and my clothes fit so I know I haven’t put on weight which is something I guess! I will weigh myself in the next few days so I can set a goal.
    My goal at the moment is to get back into meal planning and setting goals.
    We are in Autumn here now, with winter beginning in 2 weeks, although you wouldn’t have known it today, it was a warm 22 deg C and sunny, perfect drying weather as we’ve just been through about 10 days of rain – it felt a lot like the English weather I remember as a child!
    Well done Cathy on your 10lb loss and I’m glad your ‘fat club’ is going well.
    I need to catch up on everyone’s posts – take care all 🙂

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    The purpose of this post is just to mildly vent. I guess I’m hoping that I’ll feel better if I get it out. Last year I was planning a trip to Greece. As part of that, I wanted to lose the 20-25 lbs I had put on during lockdowns (prior to that, I had successfully maintained a 40lb weight loss for NINE YEARS!). Tried Fast800 from mid-Jan. 2023 – June. Lost about 18 lbs.
    Gained it back when I came back from my trip.

    I think I’m hopeless. I really do. It’s like I just cannot stick with a plan long enough for it to make a difference. That ~18 lbs I lost was a struggle. I actually cried at times because I was so hungry. I only got through it because I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I’d never forgive myself if I was fat when I went to there.

    Food has an emotional pull. It’s my comfort. Without it, I have to sit with my feelings, and sometimes, those aren’t pleasant.

    Now, I’m moving into summer and am right back where I was in Jan. 2023. I can’t wear any of my summer clothes. I’m so disappointed in myself. It feels like some sort of moral failing. I’ll do okay for a day or two (at most), and then, I’ll go off the rails. And by “off the rails” I mean eat about 2000 calories in a day. But I’m short, middle-aged, & have thyroid issues, so 2000 calories is a lot for me. But my appetite can handle 3000 calories.

    Not sure I’m looking for advice. I just wanted to get it out. I’m sad.

  • Lovely to hear everyone’s news….I am really working hard to get back into the swing of the WOE this week, and already feel less lethargic just from dropping the carbs again (I keep saying to myself, remember how it feels, you feel so much better when you are on plan, but white carbs are so addicitive and tempting it’s easy to get off track, until you are properly in the habit, but this is the tricky bit at the start before the habit’s fully formed, isn’t it, and those pesky gut microbes that crave sweet things are still very numerous 😅😅😅)….so, I’m trying!!
    Love to all xxx

  • Welcome home s-g!

    We have sailed on three different lines over the last two years and all were ‘disappointing’ compared to pre 2020. I just think that most, if not all, lines are trying to recoup their vast loses during their non-operational years. In saying that lots of cruise lines have upped their prices for this year and further on. Maybe there will come a time when ‘pent up travel’ is finished and the prices have to be lowered again but who knows.

    I have to agree with you about eating on a cruise s-g. I never eat three meals a day at home but on a cruise I have yogurt/berries or eggs no bread for breakfast. Lunch is often a burger or prawns with salad, no bread, and dinner, depending on the restaurant, meat and vegetables. If there is a soufflé I try that occasionally!

    We have to ‘live life’ so the odd ‘delights’ on holiday aren’t really a major concern in the grand scheme of things. I’ve always found the 3 or 4 extra cruise pounds disappear really quickly!

  • Hi everyone, back from my holidays and looking at your postings. Glad some of you are doing so well, the main thing is you are here and sticking with us.

    I won’t talk about the cruise so much, we were a little disappointed as standards seemed to have dropped and corners cut since our last cruise before Covid. We might try a different cruise line next time but not really thinking that far ahead.

    First thing is my weight. I kept an eye on things at my daughters but she eats out at every opportunity. I managed to keep to my cruise gain and not put on any more weight. So I have gained 1.9kgs or 4.25lbs which I am quite happy about. It takes me to 73,9kgs and I want to be just under 72kgs by the end of May so a loss of 2kgs is my goal starting today.

    For anyone who is going on a cruise for the first time I have a few food related tips. First of all you will very quickly become bloated and possibly have swollen feet and ankles. This is due to the amount of salt used in the meals. You can ask for a salt free diet but it is such a faff as you have to pick your meal from the menu the night before and we don’t always know what we will fancy or on a big ship, which restaurant you will be eating in. Just put up with it but make sure you have some comfortable shoes that you can get into even if you swell up. Also, you will put on weight so make sure you have an outfit that will still fit at the end of the cruise, even if you have a weight gain.

    Food will be a big thing on the cruise, it is one of the pleasures of luxury travel and you should enjoy it, realising it is not a long term event and you have looked forward to it and spent a lot of money. If you do want to ‘try’ to be a bit healthy this is what I do. Always have a savoury breakfast or fruit like melon, stay away from the cereals so, as a diabetic, I still want to keep within a reasonable carb level. Next I always say no when the bread comes around, or save it until later in the meal. I ask for a small green salad for my starter if possible. I almost never have a dessert but if you want one, don’t fret over it – as I said above, just enjoy. When I did have an end course I sometimes had a cheese plate or fruit based desert. However, when I had a real dessert I choose something like a mousse or creme brulee rather than sticky toffee pudding or – as was on one menu – treacle sponge and custard.

    All in all accept that you will put on weight and if you have a medical issue you might have to (in my case) increase your meds. Just do what is right for you. Most of all enjoy the experience and worry about diet when you get home and get straight back on plan. Bon voyage.

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    Hi Ninara, a good site to log your food is It starts slow as you will have to search for the foods to put into your daily log but it will remember what you eat so you can find those foods quickly. It shows carbs, cals, fats etc. You can tell it your goals, i.e. 800 cals / 50g carbs and it will alert you if you go over. Also, don’t worry if it tells you you havent eaten enough or it changes your goals if you add in exercise – we dont allow more food to compensate for exercise but the site does. Just ignore what you dont want to use.

    Good luck and join us in other threads.

  • Just listened to this (it was uploaded a few hours ago) and it was interesting. 56 minutes long and covering some old ground but was well worth the listen. It confirmed that dr’s are paid, in part, to prescribe drugs. Dr Unwin’s connection was a bit “laggy” but the sound was mostly ok, it was mainly the visual that was affected. I will try and post a link below but if you’re interested look for Dr Eric Westman – Adapt your Life. Unveiling the truth: why you can’t trust your doctor about medication with Dr David Unwin

    Dr Westman’s channel is well worth a look in any case.

  • posted by  Ninara on Rising Fasting Blood Glucose Levels
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    Thank you for your reply, I will now concentrate on the the Carbs and find a way to count more accurately. I will also look for a more recent thread. New to all of this. Thanks again

  • Very well done 1960smp for your inspirational weight loss. It really does feel encouraging & motivating to lose some weight & I am also trying hard to keep focused this week eating low carb although I’m going to have to sort out some meal planning for each day.
    Let us all keep going 🤞👍
    Margaret xx

  • Morning!
    I am late to the new thread for May but do love the appropriate title!
    I am chuffed as my weigh in this morning showed another 2.2kg loss which is remarkable for me. It does create a motivation emotion to keep going and just do what I know to do.
    My goal this week is to cut out bread even gluten free stuff and try the other versions such as like a thin rolled omelette or cloud bread using eggs and cream cheese.. it is just the effort of doing and preparing..
    Looking forward to hearing about your cruise SG, an d if you are presently in the UK, we have had some lovely weather this past week!!
    It seems 2 of my 3 daughters are also embarking on a healthy eating regime so that inspires me a lot, too.
    Have a great week everyone!

  • Well the warmer weather is a great incentive to tuck into healthy salads, Tulip and start back on the right track. When I got rid of my larger clothes, I allowed myself to keep a very limited number of items one size up, so if I get to the point only those fit me, I know I have to knuckle down and trim off weight and inches.

    I’m sure your exercise will help with toning, so now you just need to refocus and refresh your food approach. All sorts of things can knock us off track, so don’t waste time and energy beating yourself up, just use the tools you now have to do something positive about those extra pounds. We’ll be here to offer support and help keep you accountable, so don’t forget to keep us posted on progress. You’ll soon be getting into those smaller summer clothes.

  • Hiya, love the new thread title! It’s sunny here….just tried to find some Summer clothes that fit….errr…..minimal success……I wonder if I was rash when I got rid of all my bigger clothes a couple of years ago at target? But it felt/ feels like it’s an extra source of encouragement to not go back there….unfortunately I am 2/3 of the way/ weight back there 😳….just a slow slip over time….I know I can rationalise it with stress etc, but, I really do need to urgently lose the weight….!!! Mmmmmm……it would be sensible, right, to really get back on track……all encouragement welcome! xxx

    p.s. one thing that IS going well is I am really upping the exercise, so that’s good 😁…..but that won’t lose the weight!!

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    I’m still reading, V. Got everything crossed that you’ll get away on your trip this time. Doubts like your garden is giving a lot of pleasure. I’m missing my garden back home and wondering what lovely blooms are putting in an appearance.

    Still, plenty of positives here, so here are a few ….
    🙂👍🏻 got a surprisingly good deal on some kitchen equipment for our new villa
    😍🙂 have friends visiting us this weekend, so looking forward to catching up on news in person
    🧳💕 next week, we’re going to visit another area in Turkey for a few days … this means OH will have to take time out and relax and we’ll get to spend uninterrupted time together, as he won’t be able to scurry off to work on the villa.

    Hope if you’ve noticed some positives, you’ll take some few minutes to let us know about them.

  • I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise S-G 👍& thank you cruise eating tips will be helpful😀
    I am pleased to say that I have just weighed & have lost 3lbs in weight. I know a lot of that must be fluid because I have tried to go back low carb & eating less than 900 calories for the last five days. I know that weekends are my real challenge because I relax & have a glass of wine 🙀however I will keep a close eye on my calories & try to increase my exercise until I go on holiday on 30th May. I am also sorting out some summer clothes now & it’s nice that they fit well now but because a lot are linen I have lots of ironing to do!
    I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend in this lovely sunshine at least here in England 🌝
    Margaret xx

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    Hadn’t realised it was so long since I last posted. Hope everyone (if there is anybody out there!) is well.

    So to my positives ….

    🌲🪵☘️ My garden became so overgrown with weeds over the winter which I’m sure was due to all the rain we’ve had over the last 8 months. BUT… weeds are almost gone, water feature almost up and running, just needs a new pump, moss killed and fences repainted. Feels almost like a new garden

    ✈️🧳🛳️ Starting to pack for trip next week. OH seems ‘normal’ so barring any last minute glitches seems like we might actually make it third time lucky and get away next Thursday!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    🥦🥑🍓 Eating really well. I’ve found a great source for grass fed meat but as it’s expensive we just eat less. Also found a wonderful brand of beans (red, white), chickpeas & butterbeans. I actually made a bean stew which was wonderful and even OH, a more or less meat and two veg man, enjoyed it! As it happens we do love fish but still trying to eat less meat and more legumes.

    Have a good weekend whatever you plan to do. Stay positive no matter what!

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    Hello Ninara.
    Firstly this is a very old thread (2020) so not really active there are newer threads which you can post on and may get more help.

    Well done on your weight loss. However it’s not weight loss per se that is the secret to keeping blood sugars in check. Have you heard of TOFI, thin on the outside fat on the inside? There are slim people who also have T2. The real secret to lowering your HbA1C is to restrict carbs.

    I see from your profile that you are eating ‘low carb’ How low!

    Finger prick testing is really quite random and depends very much on what you have eaten, Tim elf day etc. and also I think it’s a ‘personal’ measure but it’s certainly not that accurate it really is only a guide. Blood sugars between 4 & 7 maybe your ‘norm’. By the way, metformin only reduces BS by roughly 10% so don’t get too worried.

    I was diagnosed with T2 back in 2011 and found this way of eating in 2016. At that time I was on the highest dose of Metformin . I lost some weight, not a great deal, but did keep my carbs at less that 50g a day and within three months my BS was in the ‘normal’ range. I reduced my Metformin over the next 6 months and it has stayed in the normal range ever since without medication. My last HbA1c was 39 but it has been in the low 30’s and my random finger prick tests are usually between 4.5 & 6.5. If I go above 7 it’s because I’ve had a carb heavy day the day before.

    Please don’t feel despondent. Please don’t take finger prick results at face value they really are only a guide. This way of eating does work to reduce blood sugar. I don’t know how you count your carbs or how accurately. For most people around 50g a day works but you may need to go lower.

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Marvellous May and Joyful June!
    on in Fast 800

    Hi everyone. The sun is shining here in the UK (finally!). Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful weekend wherever we are in the world.

    CATHY I’m so proud of you losing 10lb since January. That’s brilliant! Well done. And even better about the jeans too. That’s my main aim for this journey – to slim down (whatever the scales are telling me) and get into some of the clothes I love. I hope the foot improves soon too : at least you now have a proper diagnosis.

    NOKIE I’m so pleased you’ve seen a loss too. That’s great news and I hope will continue. Have a lovely time with the family this weekend, and I’m sure if you eat moderately you won’t regain the weight.

    ARCTIC FOX you sound very determined and I’m sure will soon see results. Your meals sound lovely : I love it when we put together some kind of combination of food we have around and it turns out to be a delicious – and nutritious – meal. I think when we are eating reduced portions and low carb, the more interest / flavour / colour / texture we can put into a meal, the better. I hope that your legs remain comfortable as the heat rises.

    Friday is my day of reckoning. I’ve not made my target weight of 140 this week, though was nearly there mid-week. But overall I’m maintaining, with a very slow downward trajectory. But I’m doing more exercise than before and, as I said earlier, my main goal is to trim down, firm up, and fit into my summer clothes again! Here’s hoping 🤞

    Have a great weekend everyone X

  • posted by  Ninara on Rising Fasting Blood Glucose Levels
    on in Fast 800

    I am newly diagnosed January 20024 Type 2.
    I have managed to lose 14.5 kg since diagnosis. Slowed down a few weeks because of influenza.
    Now I feel great the weight loss from 98 kg to around 84 kg I have energy back.
    The nurse in March put me on a daily Metformin tablet to be taken in the evening as my morning blood sugars are between 6-8
    However it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. if anything I am now higher than before and slower to go down.
    I am now not eating before at least mid day in an effort to get them down. Previously they reduced in a couple of hours.
    I have tried taking the Metformin in the early hours as it is a slow release that made things worse. Blood sugars before bed are between 4-7 mmol two hours post meal. When at 4.4 mmol I was frightened to take the Metformin so missed it out. morning blood sugar was still in the 7 mmol range.
    HbA1 Jan. 64 mmol in March when I saw the nurse 53 mmol
    Has anyone had a similar experience , now feeling very despondent and waiting to see the nurse again.

  • posted by  Nokie on Marvellous May and Joyful June!
    on in Fast 800

    Hi everyone 💕
    Well done Cathy keep going!! And Artic fox I have lost 2 pds this week so am feeling happy 😊 I have cut down on my carbs as well strange I fancy doughnuts 🍩 and I don’t usually like them 🤣
    I am away at the weekend seeing my grandchildren we normally have a Chinese meal as I don’t see them very often and they love it I hope I don’t regain my weight!!
    Keep going every one I have a feeling this 🚌 journey is going to be good 👍
    Have a nice weekend
    Lv nokie x🥰

  • posted by  arcticfox on Marvellous May and Joyful June!
    on in Fast 800

    Hi everyone,
    I am also sticking to mostly low carb this week, and also fasting at least 15-17 hours each day. It hasn’t been perfect, but much better than I’ve been lately. I’m still allowing myself some fruit with yogurt every other day. My NSV today is that I am noticing less pain in my legs. I’ve been pretty good about wearing my compression as well. I may have to ditch it later this week though as we may hit 30 C by the weekend. I had a bit of carb flu on Monday and I’ve been craving weird things like croissants and cakes – things that I don’t normally eat in any case. But I feel that I may have broken through it a bit this evening as I wasn’t very hungry. I ended up having some bell peppers, courgette and a chopped kale salad mix stirfried with paneer and curry powder. It was very satisfying. I’ve got lots of salad ingredients in and will have salad with sardines for lunch tomorrow as that is easy for when I come back from the office over the noon hour.
    Hope everyone is doing well.
    Keep going Cathy, you sound on the right track!

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Marvellous May and Joyful June!
    on in Fast 800

    Hello everyone
    Hope you’re all enjoying marvellous May. I’m sticking to low carb and trying to keep active. It turns out I don’t have plantar fasciitis but fat pad atrophy on my heels which is why they’re so painful when I walk. I’ve got belly fat but no fat padding on my heels! The podiatrist has made some insoles for me but they’re putting pressure on my toes! Nothing is simple. I’ve got a non scale victory to report. I got into my smaller sized jeans today and they’re comfy! I’ve lost about 10lb since January but was pleased when I tried on my jeans and they fit. I’m chipping away slowly. Hoping to get to 149 during this month but it might e too much of an ask to lose 4 lb before the end of the month.
    Have a good week everyone .

  • Hi everyone ! Looking forward to hearing about your cruise experience, SG ! Enjoy your time in the UK. Hopefully you will return to brighter weather. It has been a bit wet and gloomy here but due to improve from tomorrow..fingers crossed !

    Yes V. It’s easy to get bored and then the doldrums set in but your choices are pretty healthy .We need sunshine and salad !

    I’m focusing on our upcoming trip to Greece,trying to sort through my summer outfits,selling a few and resisting the temptation to buy!

    Keep on doing your best everyone!

  • S-g hope you enjoyed your cruise. Funny thing about carbs is that I can resist them relatively easily now. But, on Sunday I made roast lamb and made the choice to cook a small handful of new potatoes with the meal. I had two and the next day my blood sugar had shot up from a mid 5 average to 6.9.! I was really quite shocked. Anyway it had righted itself by this morning.

    I seem to be in the doldrums at the moment. Not really sure why I’m floundering but it’s back to that I/2 pound down/up/ down scenario. Probably need to juggle my food choices around again. I think I get stuck in a rut almost having the same brunches and dinners again and again. Maybe time for a change to more seasonal foods.

    Hope everyone is having a good week.

  • Hi everyone, we are not home yet but thought I would log in so I can ‘subscribe’ and keep up with the thread. We are currently at our daughters and will probably be eating healthier than on the cruise, more about that later. I did get weighed this morning but my daughters scales are always a kilo heavier than ours but it gives me something to help me keep track. We had a pub lunch today and I was very disconcerted at the amount of carbs on my plate that I left most of the food.

    Margaret, I am sure you will get to your goal before the cruise and I will tell you what I do on a cruise to keep within a reasonable limit but still allow myself some enjoyment.

    I will be back home on Monday 13 when I will be looking at getting back on track.