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  • Hi kitty 🐱

    I started on 22nd May at 167 pounds (11stone 9) and ended the first 8 weeks at 145lbs (10 stone 3) I’m now in a normal weight range for my height and that’s a game changer for me. And my wardrobe πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 

    I drank once during that time during a trip back to Galway to see family at the start of this month and found that I really didn’t enjoy it or the way it upset my stomach the next day. I won’t say that I will never drink again but if I do it’s likely to be on an Ireland trip. We are quite a drinking family….

    I feel so much better living this way, I can’t ever imagine going back to the way I was.

    L xxx

  • posted by  Joes Nonna on New life choice for determined alcoholic
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    Kitty, I used to drink one to two bottles of wine a night….now nothing. I read the inspirational posts by Liz and knew I could do it. I have to say I am still amazed. I know I cannot say no to more than one, so it is better for me to abstain completely.
    This Tuesday will be the beginning of my 5th week. I was 18st 4 pounds when I started and lost 6 pounds in the first week. Then stalled. I have a few health conditions that hinder my progress but I am confident I will have lost some this week.
    I have to try not to measure my success by others. Some people will lose loads and others very little. I walk my own path and when I am down, my fellow BSDers lift me.
    You can do this. Good luck.

    Nonna Mary

  • posted by  Animalmad on Low carb bread?
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    May try the livelife seeded bread I’ve just read about on the forum. Be ideal for work lunches with baked beans. What do people think ? Will I get away with eating this ?

  • Hi Kitty

    Another brace post inspired by our guru Liz I’m sure….

    We all have addictions of some kind on here. For a while before I started this, I wanted a drink every day but never at weekends or on holiday, so it would seem that work was my trigger. Giving it up was the best thing I ever did. I genuinely haven’t missed it, nowhere near as much as bread anyhow!

    You have a very good reason to cut down. It may even make those menopause symptoms easier to bear. When I stopped, I slept so much better and that made my very stressful job much easier to cope with. It’s been a win win for me. My dad is poorly too but I used it as motivation to get as healthy as I could in order to be of some use to him.

    You will find everyone on here totally non judgmental and sooo supportive. We will hold your hand as ours have been held.

    Give it a go, you may just find a new you at the end of the path….

    L xxx

  • posted by  Joes Nonna on New life choice for determined alcoholic
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    Hiya Kitty,
    You have to be honest with yourself. Our Liz would say, what has alcohol ever done for you? All it has done for me is make me fat, I don’t really get hangovers, but I feel crappy, get depressed, need more food, eat while drinking etc. So I know it has done me no favours. If you are able to restrict your intake, then do that. Or just take one day at a time. I told myself I could have a drink on Saturday…I never thought I would make it from Tuesday! I got to Saturday and thought, I will have one on Tuesday, still didn’t. I am not going to say I feel totally changed and wonderful…but I do feel better and really really proud of myself.
    If you feel like a drink, paint your nails, or have a shower, or if you like it, knit or sew. I sew and it relaxes me. Although if you heard my language when I go wrong you wouldn’t think it.
    I am sorry you are going through the menopause, it’s shitty. You could try HRT? I am sorry your dad has problems too, be careful not to use that as an excuse.
    This is not your last shot either. You are only 52…that is really young! Give it a go and we will support you. If you fall down, we will pick you up again. You are not on your own. We have all been there.
    We all drink tea (virtually of course) with our Liz in Toronto, and we give the best hugs too!
    Lecture over,
    Take care,

    Nonna Mary xxx

  • posted by  Kitty Malne on New life choice for determined alcoholic
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    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading through this thread and to be honest most of the alcohol related ones could have been written by meπŸ™
    I’m 52, 5′ nothing, and drink everyday. I’m going through the menopause and I’m suffering with hot flushes, lethargy etc.
    My dad is T2 and has had a leg amputation . He has dialysis 3 times a week and it’s sadly looking very likely he will lose his other leg shortly.
    So early it’s a no brainer…quit the booze and carbs and shift the belly!!! BUT I’ve tried and failed so many times, this really has to be my last shot. Any advice for me?

  • posted by  Joes Nonna on New life choice for determined alcoholic
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    Aww Lee,
    How lovely of your dad. 852 is good I think. Glad your back is a little better, perhaps wearing the heels made you more aware of your posture? I wore 1 and half in heels the other day and crippled myself. Definitely need to lose weight before I try that again!
    Keep on keeping on.

    Nonna Mary

  • posted by  Leeleecheechee on Started 29th May 2017
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    Wow! Go you StJames.

    That shows incredible determination and resolve. You must be so proud!

    I’m starting my second cycle tomorrow. I lost 22lbs in the first cycle and I’m now officially a “normal” weight 😊 So I’m happy with that.

    I’ve slept better and definitely had more energy most of the time. Had a very lazy day today though 😈

    My goal for the second 8 weeks is 10lbs. That would get me below 10 stone. I started at 11 stone 9lbs and I’m now 10 stone 3lbs. I think the 10lbs is realistic in 8 weeks but we shall see. Have spent a fortune on some new work clothes. I was beginning to look like a bag lady and nowt wrong with celebrating my new shape either….πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 

    Would love to hear how others have done too.

    L xxx

  • Ended up with a protein bar and a coffee.

    My dad (recently diagnosed with heart failure) wanted a chat. He then gave me my mothers engagement and wedding rings (she died when I was 15)

    Didn’t feel like cooking 🍳 after that. Lazy I know but still only puts me at 852 for the day.

    Strange day xx

  • posted by  AnnieW on Started 17/7/17
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    You could do “overnight” oats – which I make early morning to eat at lunchtime – but you could do just before bed.

    13g oats, milk (or as I do Greek yoghurt) and then whatever you like. I use a few grams of chia seeds, 80g frozen berries, sprinkle of cinnamon, about 1/2 a grated apple and occasionally a couple of chopped nuts. It is a bit carby but as I don’t eat breakfast, or snack and have this for lunch it’s not too bad.

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    Happy Monday!! starting weight for the week is 125.75. Yes I have been procrastinating!! Time to stop and get my act together. Nearly a year since I first started. I know what I have to do, so have my salad ready to go in the fridge, even if it is the middle of winter here in NZ!! So look out – here we go!!
    Onwards and downwards!!

  • posted by  Animalmad on Started 17/7/17
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    Ok thanks, suppose if I added some nuts it may feel like muesli !! There is a banana pancake recipe on the recipe section, a mashed banana and 2 eggs made into a pancake. I may give that a go.
    I’ve just read the book and cut out as many carbs as I can. Not strictly counting calories yet but being very careful.
    I agree with the lengthy fast, I usually try to do 14 hours.

  • posted by  Theamazingshrinkingwoman on Started 17/7/17
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    No I actually just had it cold together. Eggs don’t work for me for breakfast either – I do best with full fat yoghurt and a little fruit. Seems to keep me full longer. I’m hoping to post my menu every Sunday night. Bit scared about the next week – two picnics and a 2 night camping trip. I’ve started planning on MFP already!

  • posted by  Animalmad on Started 17/7/17
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    Hi, I liked your daily menu, very useful. Can I just ask , the oats and milk was this porridge ? I’m not a massive egg fan and am looking for alternative but filling breakfasts.

  • posted by  Theamazingshrinkingwoman on Started 17/7/17
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    So meals this week have been as follows:

    Mon – 864
    B – oats and milk, orange
    L – tuna mayo salad, banana
    S – chicken, bacon & butterbean stew

    Tue – 885
    B – orange
    L – tuna mayo salad
    S – chicken, bacon & butterbean stew

    Wed – 756
    B – apple
    L – chicken
    S – saus casserole, brown rice & quinoa

    Thu – 840
    B – banana
    L – tuna salad
    S – bacon, mushroom, brown rice and quinoa risotto

    Fri – 946
    B – banana, apple
    L – tuna salad, hard boiled egg, 2 squares dark choc
    S – smoky bbq chicken slimming world ready meal

    Sat – 800
    B – Greek yoghurt and apple
    L – John dory fillets and salad
    S – beef and onion stew slimming world ready meal

    Sun – 776
    B – Greek yoghurt and apple
    L – chicken salad
    S – ham, cheese and 12 grapes

    Snacks have been almonds and hot blackcurrant squash (sugar free) in the evening if I’m craving food.

    I have averaged 838 cals a day.

    And yes I unashamedly have the occasional small banana when I need it. I have now reached the point where I do not feel hungry between meals and have heaps of energy. But I feel so much better than when I reached this point doing CWP. I’m not feeling the cold in the same way, I don’t have any nausea and I’ve managed to avoid headaches.

    Test of will tonight – off to the pub for a quiz. Luckily my team are all lovely supportive people so should make it easier. And I feel so good I have no desire to go off plan – exactly as Theodora said!

  • Hello all!

    So, after my small gain I’m refocusing. Have spent much of today planning my menus for the week but with the best will in the world I appear to be hitting 850 cals. Hopefully that will be enough! Typically I shall be “starting” again on Monday morning but have been sticking to principles over this weekend.

    Back has seemed better this weekend. Weirdly I wore high heels all day at work on Friday and it seemed to help. Sadly it meant I was fit enough to hoover and clean the bathroom and toilet today. Such a rock and roll weekend!!

    Now, had the new hovis low carb bread yesterday in a cheese toasty and it was bliss! It comes in at 85 cals per slice and 9g of carbs. It’s quite a small loaf which helps and I think I will have it weekly. I’ve missed my poached egg on toast, which I will be having tonight with a smile on my face!

    Well done FFBB for resisting the post work tipple. That’s always been a trigger for me when I’ve had a stressful day. It still whistles sometimes but so far I have been able to power through…

    Hunger pangs got the better of me last night though and I had a granola bar. I really appreciated it and have no regrets but hoping work will help me power through the hunger. It took me 3 weeks last time to get rid of them, so I’m not looking forward to August!

    Have a good week all xx

  • posted by  Theamazingshrinkingwoman on Started 17/7/17
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    Started eating my supper and didn’t fancy it at all. So didn’t eat it and had something else that I actually enjoyed instead. Bit of a revelation that.

  • posted by  Ancient Weaver on Night time leg cramps
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    I second Theodora, with a stock cube dissolved in a mug of hot water as my go to remedy.

    Other options are magnesium (and calcium? or zinc?) tablets, electrolyte, or if all else fails, my Mum’s remedy: tonic water.

  • Hi Marsie

    I’ve posted on ‘Serious 800’. I’m not doing this challenge because it’s half way through almost and my head’s been all over the place. Also I think I need to just concentrate on a couple of threads otherwise I get lost! I do read other thread and comment occasionally but don’t really participate.

    Glad you’re writing a plan too. I have found it has helped me concentrate my mind so thank you!

  • Day 29 in the BSD house.

    I was so tempted to buy alcohol after work…but I didn’t.

    I feel better than I did yesterday, the book and shower relaxed me last night.

    Gonna follow suit tonight as well because work was really annoying and I am a bit wound up.

    Still struggling with my appetite and wish I could experience the energy highs that others on this WOE experience but at least my overall mood is level (no emotional highs or lows……normally).

    FFBB X

  • posted by  SunnyB on 4th day, i have a couple of questions??
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    Well as I said, you can use any mince, as long as you account for the calories, so yes, the lean mince should work fine. If you want to reduce the calories further, you could use extra lean beef mince or even turkey mince.

    Think once you get down to goal weight, it’s a case of trial and error, to see how your body hands the increases. I have found in periods of maintenance along the way, that I can keep reasonable control, as long as I stick to the principles of the BSD and largely avoid the bad carbs. I admit though, that small increases in weight occurred and that I haven’t actually don’t a proper period of maintenance at goal weight yet, so can’t say for sure how things would work long term. I am close to goal and so hopefully will be in a position soon, to find out how things work longer term.

    There are lots of people on the forum who are in maintenance, so have a check around and see if you can glean a better answer from one of them. Try using the search box in the top right corner of the page, to look for specific topics.

    Good luck Claire.

  • posted by  SunnyB on 4th day, i have a couple of questions??
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    Hey Claire12345 – welcome to the forum and well done on that loss in just four days. Was a little confused by the question, by basically, you can use whatever mince you like, as long as you account for the calories in your daily allowance. The leaner the mince, the lower the calories will be, but remember that fat is no longer the baddy, so there is no need to go to the expense of extra lean mince.

    Keep up the good work and keep posting your results and questions.

  • posted by  Claire12345 on 4th day, i have a couple of questions??
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    Hi All,

    So far so good, after weighing myself, i have lost 6lbs!
    I made Bolognese with Quorn mince, bit what mince do i use? Ordinary, lean or extra lean?

    My tummy is shrinking & don’t feel as bloated. I did have a glass of wine & Chocolate on Saturday as a treat day.

    How is everyone else getting on?


  • posted by  Theamazingshrinkingwoman on Started 17/7/17
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    Oh my god lunch was fab (big fat show off alert). I did chicken and green beans on a big plate of salad. Chicken was marinated in olive oil, soy sauce, ginger, sesame seeds and honey. Came in at 271 calories. Will definitely be saving that recipe.

  • posted by  greenjanet on Weekly weigh in and target for the week
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    Happy Sunday
    DTNMore Bril work on the weight loss, and yes I have felt very lethargic the last three days also, okay today, but as I have been munching a few of the monster things, you know shhhh carbs, I am now craving them like crazy, although not really hungry. But been for a nice long 40 min walk around the village, so getting back on it.

    Hi verano lovey, you deserve to get to target, just for the fact of your dogged persistence, keep at it everything comes to those that wait.

    Hughsey well done coping with the migraine and keeping a loss going for the week. The migraines I used to have also made me eat carbs and sweet things, but keep at it soon we won’t look to carbs for comfort. Well that’s what I’m wishing for πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Just enjoyed some lovely sausages, because its sausage Sunday hehe
    Hope we all have an excellent week πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹jan

  • We talk a lot about drinking water with this WOE and of course I agree we should keep up a good level, but a few years ago my mother was warned by gp that she was drinking too much of it. Loss of minerals while peeing being the main issue, with lots of side-effects.

    There are, of course, lots of articles online and I’ve pulled this one out because it is recent (2017) and concise:

    Cheers all

  • KrysiaD, I agree with you entirely about the sauerkraut, both as part of a meal or a little on a fork for a snack. Plenty of crunch and flavour for “mouth feel”. I put kimchi in the same bracket although it seems a little more, I don’t know, rustic(?) perhaps – the one I have open now has ginger, miso and dried red pepper as seasoning. Add a definite biteπŸ˜₯lol

  • posted by  Theodora on Started 17/7/17
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    Amazing, you won’t need to “remember” the feeling – if you stick with it, you will feel amazing forever. I am almost 3 months into maintenance and I still look in the mirror every day and do a twirl, I feel so good and cannot believe I have dropped from a size 16 to a size 8(uk) and am so full of energy.

    This morning I walked (scrambled) up a long, really steep rocky slope with a friend who is 18 years younger than me, and quite fit (she is a gig rower) and who was the one who had to keep stopping and was breathing like a steam train by the time we got to the top? Let’s just say it wasn’t me……………………😜

  • Thanks, Sue – sadly I’m in for more than a “few” off plan days, in fact there will be only a few “on-plan” days between now and the end of September. And apart from the wine, I didn’t have any carbs yesterday – other than the normal veg ones. But hopefully, as Mnm suggests, the weight gain won’t continue at this rate, and I will throw in some fast days as and when I can. Nice to know that you dropped your 6lbs gain so quickly, well done.

    And as far as wine is concerned, I reintroduced it when I hit maintenance at the beginning of May and have been having a glass or two virtually every day since then, with no impact whatsoever on my weight. Really think this must just be a water gain, as you and Mnm say, and it will hopefully level out – already drunk 3 pints of water today, and it’s only 12.30, so will probably get in at least another 3pts 😝 which will hopefully help to flush the excess away.

  • posted by  Theamazingshrinkingwoman on Started 17/7/17
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    Another pound off this morning which makes 1/2 a stone so far in week one. Masses of energy and skin looks amazing! Love this!!!

    I am writing this down so I remember the feeling…

  • Theodora please don’t worry about a few excess pounds. Last week I put on 2.8kg – over 6lb – after a weekend of excess. Someone wrote on here about carbs holding onto water and that weight gain weight was temporary – and sure enough within a few days back on BSD the 6lb had gone again. The carbs I had were in a few slices of pizza and a sliver of pavlova BUT I also drank some
    Wine. Anyway the point is I’m sure any gains are temporary and easily reversed – you’ve come so far since we begun in January I’m sure a few “off-plan”
    Days won’t hurt long term πŸ™‚

  • posted by  StJames on Started 29th May 2017
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    So here we are everyone…. the end of our first round of BSD for those that started on the 29th

    Started the diet at 18.7stone and now 15stone 4

    Total loss in the 8 weeks – 45lbs (3 stone & 3lbs)
    15lbs off in the first week (WOW) and a rough average of 4lbs per week there after.

    Really have enjoyed the diet so far and feel a great deal better than I did before. More energy, better quality sleep, more confident etc etc. Iv stuck pretty religiously to the diet ensuring my intake was kept to as close to 800cals as possible with the odd exception of an extra bowl of full fat yogurt and a little fruit if I’m feeling peckish. Iv been 90% there on the water intake which has helped massively!

    Plan going forward for the next round of 8 weeks of BSD is to continue as I have done, I want to try and introduce some more physical activity (on top of a fairly physical part time job), I also want to take the advice of some other posters on here that physically count their intake to see if that will help to maximise my weight loss.

    I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the diet too! Everyone post your updates so we can all celebrate our wins and share our experiences over the last 8 weeks.

    SJ x

  • Have read through recent posts and there is – as usual – a lot of sound advice and wisdom here.

    Personally had a rather disastrous day yesterday. Attended a wedding and ended up eating cr*p and drinking too much wine for someone not used to drinking anymore. Upshot was, that my body did something quite strange. It protested by having the hangover right there and then – pounding head, bilious stomach and what can only politely be described as enthusiastic bowel evacuation. I felt so wretched, we left the party at 20.00, got home, took painkillers, drank some water and went straight to bed.

    So anyway, note to self – NEVER start drinking before you have eaten, even if it is only half a glass of wine and DO NOT compromise your way of eating, no matter how tempting the offering might appear. There really was no good reason to eat the carb based snacks yesterday, as I had eaten enough to feel full during the main meal and had manage to avoid the bad carbs in the process – wine notwithstanding.

    That’s it – venting over – current status, is I feel a little delicate this morning, not quite 100%, but have been able to eat and drink BSD normally this morning and the scales came in at just half a pound off my target weight, so no damage from yesterday. I’m hoping to hit target in the next few days and with luck will be able to drop a little more too.

    Right now, I need to do a little straightening up, as we have guests arriving later and our youngest grand daughter will be staying with us for the coming week.

    Have a good Sunday everyone. Hope everyone will be able to post something positive on Tuesday.

  • Hi Verano

    I make it very occasionally as an alternative to bread/pasta with Italian recipes. To be honest it’s a bit more like a pancake than a traditional flatbread and benefits from some herbs or spices to give it a bit of oomph.

    It’s also good with a bit of ratatouille to use up any left-over veg, salad stuff.

  • posted by  Theodora on Night time leg cramps
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    Hi Pompom – being woken at night by leg cramps is horrid – been there, done that – my suggestion, and what helped me, would be to increase your salt intake. If you are drinking extra water (which you should be) and losing water, which is highly likely in the early stages, you are probably washing away salt. Try adding a bit more to your diet and see if it helps.

    No doubt others may come up with additional ideas.

  • Thanks for those very encouraging words Mnm. I hope you are right.

    My plan is to stay off refined carbs (probably forever as I don’t find I miss them much anymore) and to throw in a fast day every time one lot of guests depart and before the next arrive 😊 Hoping that will mitigate the damage somewhat – as you say, there is no way the 2.5lbs I have gained since yesterday can possibly be fat.

    Already been for a 5 mile coastal path walk before brunch (full English for everyone else, yoghurt and blueberries for me – much nicer IMO). Then we will be heading down to the waterside pub for a quick pint before an afternoon of sailing, so plenty of exercise to use up some of the excess calories 😜 Dinner at home this evening so I am in charge – sea bream is on the menu, so very bsd friendly 😊

    Thanks again Mnm – your support and experience really helps.

    Enjoy rest of weekend everyone – after the torrential rain of the past couple of days, the sun is shining here so I hope it is for everyone else.🌞

  • posted by  Pompom60 on Night time leg cramps
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    Hi all. I’ve recently restarted the BS diet and I’ve been getting terrible leg cramps at night. Has anybody else had this and anyone got any suggestions for maybe a supplement to take? Thank you