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  • posted by  JGwen on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Hi Sunshine-girl.

    We have all talked in the past about how insulin levels block our body from maintaining strong bones and muscles by blocking growth hormone. – Could it be that your experiment of TRE and reduction in insulin taken means that your are having periods where your insulin levels are low enough for that process to resume for you and you need to start including taking measurements as well as the reading on the scales to measure progress?

  • posted by  JGwen on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Hi HopefulinOz,

    I don’t think it is about the meal being filling, but its about reconnecting with genuine hunger signals.

    If you eat a meal which triggers insulin, then our body works hard to get the sugar eaten out of the blood stream, which results in a dip in energy levels which we have got used to viewing as being hungry because our body is signalling we need fuel. – The reality is that our body can not access our fat stores because of the high insulin levels so needs us to give it more carbs.

    When you keep insulin levels low, your body can access your fat stores, so has access to fuel without you eating. – Then you start to encounter the issue of is your desire to eat due to emotional hunger rather than physical hunger or habit.

    I heard Dr MM talking on Radio 4 on Saturday evening in an interview. – One of the questions was about the criticism of his 800 calorie recommendations. It came across clearly that the 800 calories came from NHS policies / and was set at a level to deflect criticism rather than for a reason on what is physically needed.

    Its taken me a few years of eating low carb to get there, but I have been at the point of not feeling hungry when I keep my carbs low for a few months now and I view it as being a successful step in the process of healing my body. – I also describe it to anyone who is concerned about my not having meals that I am simply completing the digestion of a meal I ate earlier, and depending on the person / mood, may highlight the size of my spare tyre.

  • Evening everybody (morning for some?),

    I hope your weeks are off to a good start. I was wondering if I could ask a question about fat?

    I have been monitoring MFP and noticed that my protein levels were still a bit high – receommendations vary, but seem to average approximately 1g per ideal body weight at my age (mid 40’s) and exercise levels (dog walking one to two times every day, strength training a couple of days a week). So in aid of trying to bring my protein levels down, and keeping carbs low, I naturally increased fat today. I love fat. I am a cheese lover and nut lover and always have been. So lunch was a bowl of baby spinach leaves (which I also happen to love ), 40g of a really good quality vintage cheddar, and 55g of macadamias. Needless to say, I don’t really feel like any dinner, and could probably go through the night without (but do wonder if I should make myself eat as I am only up to about 400 calories so far as I have had coffees as well).

    So here is my question – have you found that you bodies adapt more to the fat, or is it always this filling? And if it is always this filling, how do manage to eat enough, especially once you go into maintenance? I am aware that I chose quite rich fats, and I could have chosen extra virgin olive oil, or avocados instead…but I am assuming that all fats have the same affect…….

    Britta – the easter eggs got me too. Never mind…. one day at a time, we just have to get back on that horse. Now, if only they were an allowed fat 🙂

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    Oh Sunshine-girl, bless ya, it all happens at one doesnt it. I wouldnt worry about the scales too much – you’ve seen a positive trend with the TRE and know your body can handle it….and well you’ve had a ham-related-blip…. thats ok, bet it comes off again just as quick! I do hope your car is ok – we are the same, live so remotely it would be a bit of a disaster…. we are nearly 2 miles from the only bus stop and there is one bus a day to and from the City!

    Britta, i bet you always got the tiredness thing before, you just didnt realise it as it was “normal”!! Your body got used to a healthier way of being and now you really feel the slump. Just get through the tough sugar beastie days and you’ll be winning.

    Nic – I’m totally with you, alcohol now makes me feel pretty crummy, I dont sleep well at all for it but thankfully never have enough to feel too bad the next day. Really isnt worth it though is it. I’m also thinking its great your readymeal has put you off pasta! ITs such a pointless slimy thing anyway, i haven’t eaten it for years now and dont miss it at all. I had a food poisoning situation involving fish n chips a number of years ago, the benefit is now that i really never fancy anything battered and deep fried….gadz, turns my stomach! I see this as a good thing! Now just to find a way to put me off bread and chips and chocolate! I do believe there are some NLP techniques that can be used for mental associations…..might look into that again….hmmmm…!

    Wendy – think we are brain twins in relation to food. Totally with you on everything!!

    I made it though day 4….. i had to swerve a migraine at 4pm yesterday, triggered by light but i managed to get some painkillers in which stopped the headache and allowed me to have a positive evening, but once the wore off i felt pretty terrible. First time in forever i wasnt very hungry and didnt eat all my dinner, then got an early night and feel better this morning….. though i was hungry when i got up so I’ve had a carb free protein pancake with yogurt. Hopefully thats me past the hardest part!! Roll on the rest of the week!


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    Hi Dominic,

    The AT6000 is the model of cheap breathalyser that you will find people have tested against more expensive options. – If you search on the take a look at this thread you will find links I have posted to articles on how to use it and how the results compare to other testers.

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    Look at that Yowser, you’ve rolled us on to another page! Great news about your pampering ….lucky girl!!
    Julz, so sad to read the news about your horse, such a shame after all the effort to bring him back to health.
    My positives are …..
    👩‍👧visit from granddaughter and her mum was such a joy! Sun and dry weather, allowed us to sit outside as per restrictions and had the fire pit burning as the evening drew closer.
    🌳 the bluebells in the woods are just beginning to open. Planning a return visit next week, when they should be in full bloom.
    🐑 unexpected exercise … part of a flock of sheep had found their way from their field into the woods, so OH and I had to do some energetic sheep rangling! Managed to get them back into their field after some effort and block the gap, to hopefully stop them sneaking back again.
    🌞 the better weather today, allowed me the chance to spray and drench the roses. More buds are developing …. soooooo looking forward to having roses blooming in the garden again.

    Keep looking for those positives folks!

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    Ronin, SunshineGirl’s words of caution are just, but as long as you’re mindful and approach any planned transgression with caution and control, you’ll likely find any damage is minimal. What’s important, is not to allow this deviation to become permission to let things go completely. Getting straight back on track is essential to making ensuring any gain is minimal and short lived.

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    Thanks so much for the response.

    I’ve just looked on the internet at how many calories the meal might be and it’s actually more like 800 – 1,000 for the meal and then the 400 for the day’s shakes…so maybe an extra 600-700 calories for the day rather than an extra 2,000+. Even pigging out on junk food would only be 1,600 so I am not sure where I got 2,500 calories for a plate of food from…!

    Thanks again


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    Hi Ronin, the simple answer is possibly yes. Do you have to go the whole 9 yards and have that many calories in one meal, or is that the whole number for the day. If you really want a treat then have one in the knowledge you might mess up the diet a bit. Then get straight back on the next day, no waiting for Monday. It is my wedding anniversary on Friday and we will be having a proper meal and wine but that will be it. Can I also say that any gain will be partly food in the digestive system, fluid retained due to carbs dragging it in and just your body hanging on having not seen much food lately. It would only take a couple of days to get back on track if you have the motivation to get back on it.

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    Britta, I’m not an expert but the tiredness is maybe the reaction of carb overload causing a rise in blood sugar and then the dreaded slump ? I suggest just staying really low carb for a while and the symptoms of fatigue should ease as long as you don’t feed the carb monsters .
    Eat foods which are good for your gut too …

    If you are worried you could ask for a blood glucose check at a pharmacy or the full blood works at your doctors to ease or confirm any worries of pre diabetes ?

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    Btw, those of you with pre-diabetes and insulin resistance experience – am I right in thinking that getting tired from eating sugar is likely somewhere in that ballpark? I’ve just done a bit of googling and I don’t seem to hit many of the ‘symptoms’ people mention, but this is definitely not something I used to get?

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    Cheers everyone, I’ve looked up the Food Junkies, looks like I can get it on Kindle, so might do that. I do of course know exactly what goes wrong and what I need to do, but I’m really clever when it comes to tricking myself 😀
    Like you say Jules, it will get a lot easier again once the sugar beasties have calmed down in a few days. It’s all or nothing with me too, I don’t do moderation well. But Easter is technically over, and I’ve eaten all the kids’ sweets anyway, so time to get on with it!

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    @freester and @sunshine-girl,
    Thanks a lot for your advice, I am thinking of doing some weight training once I start getting my weight down further as a few years ago I installed a gym in my home and although I went mad with training, doing 2 hours each night after a 14 hour work day, I shed lots of weight in an incredible amount of time, but it was not sustainable. But I know you burn fat even when you are sleeping by doing weight training. So at some point will be introducing it into my regime.
    I am guessing I will also hit the 10% weight lost in around another 5 to 6 weeks, that would put me at around week 7/8 I suppose depends how much I push the exercise in the next few weeks, but would be really happy if the 3kg a week continues!! I am looking for a big weight lose, so may push it to the 12 week program before switching.
    But will definitely be watching my ketone levels over this time. Once again thanks so much everyone.

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    I’ve been following the Fast800 for a month, using Huel in the daytime and then having a 400-calorie meal at night. It’s really worked and I have lost 1.5 stone (21lbs/10kg).

    I want to have a ‘treat’ day on Friday where I consume something like 2,500 calories in a meal with my wife – will this completely throw my diet off and lead to instant weight gain?

    Thanks, R

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    Hi Dominic, I think the secret to maintaining your metabolic health after the BSD is to reintroduce calories gently and maybe even some carbs but more as a treat or a very small part of your diet. Also I think strength training or weights is a good way to not lose muscle mass (I know that is not what concerned you) and increases your metabolism.

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    Hello fellow Jivers!
    CCATHY,hope your hard work will be rewarded next time you weigh in X
    SUEBLUE thats marvellous,lowest weight in over 2 years! And well done with the walking! X
    Having a lovely day today,had my hair cut,looked in shop windows,and was super excited to be out!
    DAWN,Im not in full swing yet either…Struggling a bit with 800 cals,finding Im a bit hungry, and today went off the deep end and bought biscuits!( brushes crumbs off face)
    I couldnt resist the temptation,I was dizzy with the excitement of entering a supermarket,having had mainly deliveries for the past 13 months..
    Well ,at least Ive confessed, but any more of this rashness and I’ll have to get out the wet lettuce and give self a jolly good smacking round the chops.
    MARIET well done for doing so well (weekends are difficult,I always somehow feel I deserve treats on Sat/ Sunday) and for staying in ketosis 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    Keep dancing round your handbags girls!No treading on each others toes! X

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    Hi everyone
    After a binge over Easter (lots of fat and sugar and wine), I’m back on track this week.

    Today I weigh 12.10 and have lost 2 stone since 1st Feb. I am really chuffed about this and it just goes to show that this works and even after a hiccup, if you put it behind you and carry on, you will lose weight.
    Whilst I’m not diabetic, my mum and brother both have type2 so I’m trying to make sure that I don’t.

    Had my 2nd jab today so planning for feeling a bit meh over the next few days but will make sure I’m ready for it! I had a ready meal early last week (least said..) and I fear I won’t ever be able to eat white pasta again……

    I had stopped drinking since 1st Feb and the Easter holidays made me realise how badly I feel after drinking too much.

    Re: above, it’s interesting to see just how your body adjusts to a healthier diet and lifestyle isn’t it?

    Good luck everyone this week. Sending a hug if you need it
    Nic xxx

  • Hi everyone, thank you Wendy for a new thread this week.

    Must say I am having a bit of a mare. Weighed in on Friday at 75.6kg, continued TRE Friday, Saturday relaxed and had 2 vodka tonics, Sunday weigh 75.7, so okay no problem there. Continued TRE Sunday night, Monday weigh 75.9. This morning (still strict TRE 15 hours) 76.5 kgs. Where has that come from. I know we all look for reasons and I think I know what did it. On Sunday I cooked ham hoch, salted, soaked, rinsed, boiled. Decided not to roast it as that tends to dry out so I boiled with onion, celery, small carrot, spices etc. Monday I went to the fridge for lunch and thought I would have the broth from the ham hock. It was jellified, no fat, and soon became broth again. Then I just felt sick and bloated and like I had drunk a load of fat. So I am thinking it was a very fatty lunch. Last night had usual mince dish BUT with sweet potato topping (very small amount of potato) and voila, 76.5. That is nearly a kilo in just a couple of days. Anyway, I am very upset (that is not the word I was going to use) and will just have to ride it out and hope it sorts itself out and hope it is a blip. It has happened around the time I have my female bloated time even though I am long past periods, my body still acts like I do. We will see.

    For our anniversary on Friday, when I wanted to have lost 3 kgs grrrrrrrrr. I have ordered from our favourite Michelin star restaurant but from their bistro menu. Then realised we are not allowed to go an collect it due to 10km travel restrictions. They are delivering for free but they can only come 10 kms so I asked them if they will meet us in a car park at a pharmacy at a village between us. They said yes. So we are collecting on Friday morning to have in the evening.

    Then, set off to buy some bits for the garden and the car automatic emergency signal came on and wouldnt go off. Tried to drive with the intention of heading for the garage but there was no power. So a few phone calls later and a man has just taken it away. Waiting to hear from the garage but without a car we are totally stuck. If they wont give us a courtesy car I think we will rent from the local supermarket but just waiting to see. My stress levels are surprising low on my fitbit with only a one minute blip up to high. Hey ho. Not going to get upset until we know what is happening. Remember, there is no public transport around here so we really are stuck.

    Thats it for today folks.

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    Good to see you checking in !
    RubyG we often open a tin of confit de canard here for a quick meal . we don’t do the goose fat potatoes any more, just some green beans or broccoli but you can’t go wrong . I have never tried making my own confit even though my boys’ grandmother used to make it every year along with other magic preserves. We have lots of duck produce here in the SW . I have never had cold-smoked brisket . That sounds very posh !

    Britta ! I am glad you are back . Easter eggs are evil I think . Yes, definitely avoid . Can you gently transition to very dark choc , cacao nibs etc ? Yes I would definitely , seriously cut back on the sugar as you have experienced how it is affecting you. You could try reading FOOD JUNKIES by Vera Tarman ? She discusses sugar addiction and recovery in a very accessible way.

    As Julz has said, my experience is basically to not risk any attempt at moderation . It just doesn’t work for me as I am a chronic over eater . I could easily trick myself into thinking I’m Ok, have discarded a bit of weight, it won’t do any harm etc etc but I know that would be VERY dangerous for me . So I have accepted that some foods will just never be part of my life any more and I honestly don’t miss most of them . I am talking about bread, pasta, rice etc . I can handle the temptation of buns and cakes because I have a little alarm bell that goes off when food is in any way processed or contains wheat flour . In the same way I can’t make keto bread, low carb ‘treats” or fat bombs etc because I would just scoff the lot .

    However as I keep chuntering on about I still have to manage the ‘healthy ‘ foods which I can over eat if I allow myself too much tolerance !
    I am generally finding some form of peace with this as I think my way of eating really is healthy now and I don’t take any meds. I can’t afford to take my eye off the ball though .

    I totally agree Julz, we have to find a balance that works for us and yes, boundaries for sure !

    Remember we are not doing any daft fad diet , we are on a sustainable healthy eating program but it is a learning curve . Even if it is a bit bumpy at times and we veer off the route slightly, we can get back and it most definitely is worth it .

    So on we go !
    I am still supping my rooibos and Puerh teas . No need for milk in those xx

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    SUNNY Happy bluebell time!💛
    WINDY so sad about your lame horse,poor darling ❤️
    My positives…
    *~ Just one today and a massive one! Had a haircut! So thankful for the whole thing! A lovely sunny morning,seeing hairdresser and manicurist again,first time since December,catching up on their news and laughing,feeling so much better with my hair done! Back home now with feet up and a cuppa. Life is sweet! X

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    Britta – you got this – maybes try my tactic of fighting through the first 5 days – accept it will be hard….and know that it is easier on the otherside! It wont be this hard for long!! Booo to the sabotaging easter eggs….. I fell victim to the same!

    Oh Ruby I can almost smell it from here!! Its great having something pre-cooked for dinner but resisting the smell is hard!! Just pick one – make the decision now and stick to it!!!! And dont forget the broccoli……i mean its the best bit, you dont need both bits of meat…. just ALL of the broccoli….

    I’m peckish but thankfully actually in the office today so nothing i can do about it! And have a run planned for this evening….

    Hope everyone else is having a good day!

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    I am torturing myself and hubby!
    I have 2 duck legs confit-ing in goose fat, plus 2 pieces of cured and cold-smoked brisket (for pastrami) pot-roasting at 120°C in the oven – I am drowning 😉
    One of the 2 will be supper tonight with a side salad, but at the moment I could eat both!
    What was I saying about restraint?

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    The Easter egg started it! But I’m back now. Lets call it another week 2. Sugar cravings are obviously worse than ever, and I’ve discovered something slightly worrying which is that sugar doesn’t seem to give me energy any more, I just go straight to the bit where you get tired. So I have self-diagnosed as pre-diabetic (!) as another bit of motivation. I will do this!

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    Hey it’s a friendly forum here so no need to request ‘go easy’ 🙂 – oh and welcome.

    I guess I can only reply from my own experiences. When I embarked on this diet I struggled to really find anyone who was into serious running / cycling who could give me any advice on exercise / fuelling etc. I’m a keen club level cyclist.

    So I followed the BSD 800 cals a day. I used recipes from the book and the Recipe book. These certainly allow a few of the ‘good carbs’, but no added sugar, no starches etc. I was 6’4 and 17.5 stone so had some weight to lose (no diabetes but had BP that needed sorting or medication would be administered).

    Initially I felt really tired, my first bike ride after 2 weeks of 800 cals I remember was 1.5 hours (short by my standards) and I felt like I’d done 40 miles before I even got on the bike. I persevered and slowly built the time / miles back up. As I lost weight I got quicker especially up the hills…

    So a year later I would say, your body will adjust but there will be a transition period. You will certainly lose the belly fat if you stick to it.

    Personally I stay away from all the foods not recommended even now. I haven’t reintroduced any carbs apart from the good ones. I still don’t eat bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. Certainly no Mars Bars!!!

    From an exercise point of view my body has certainly adjusted. Before I had to keep fuelling for anything longer than 2 hours. Now I can go 3-4 hours before I feel the dreaded bonk. Now for fuel I’ll stick to nuts / seeds a few raisins etc.

    PS from porridge oats point of view interesting discussion in the BSD recipe book, steel cut oats best, jumbo oats OK, rolled oats less OK instant oats bad from a processed carbs point of view. Personally I rarely have porridge these days if I do – from steel cut oats. It’s a mindset to move away from carb loading / fuelling up to exercise.
    PPS Dave Brailsford and low carb…

  • posted by  freester on After the blood sugar diet…
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    Hey – and welcome.

    The book reckons stop the 800 calories a day when you lose 10% or 12 weeks, whichever is sooner. I personally don’t believe it will ‘destroy’ your metabolism. However there is plenty of anecdotal evidence (more in the facebook groups) that a second round of 800 cals a day is NOT recommended for metabolism reasons.

    Glad you are doing well! You are probably noticing differences already!

    Personally I hit my 10% in 6 weeks. I went 5:2 for a few weeks. On the ‘5’ days just ate to satiety, and continued to lose weight. More slowly but a downward trend for about a year when i decided I’d lost enough. I don’t recommend this now – but when you are ‘maintaining’ or at least off the 800 cals a day – I weighed every day. I can pretty much tell if I lose or gain based on what I’ve eaten the day before without tracking calores.

    Well done, keep it up, hope this helps!

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    @hopefulinoz and @jgwen,
    Thanks so much for your information, I am sure it will prove useful once I stop the Blood sugar diet. I have lost just under 3kg in 1 week on the diet and light exercise so will definitely be seeing it through for the 12 week period. Don’t think it is water weight as before the diet over a 3 month period I lost 22kg. So I am extremely happy with these results on my first week. I will definitely look into buying a breathalyser to track my carb tolerance (if you could suggest one on amazon, that would be great).
    Many many thanks.

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    My first post, so go easy!

    I exercise a good amount, about 30/40km a week i run. I gym and cycle a bit too. I have about an inch of fat around my waist which I really want rid of! I entirely believe the philosophy in the 8 week blood sugar diet book. If i could train my body to burn fat not sugar, then i might stand a chance of reaching my goal and actually lose the belly fat.

    Can i burn the belly fat by reducing the quantity or carbs and eliminating the refined carbs? Can i train my body to use it own fat resource as fuel instead, whilst still eating a suitable portion of low GI carbs? Or do i need to completely cut all carbs so i burn the body fat? What then happens when i reintroduce carbs, will i die if i eat a Mars bar?

    Typically my breakfast is 55g porridge oats with protein powder (no sugar), blueberries and pumpkin seeds. I think tomorrow i might try salmon and eggs with avocado and just go steady on the exercise.

    Im about 6ft tall and weigh approx 14stone 6. I have no history of diabetes

    Your comments would be greatly received.

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    Morning Jivers

    Well done Dawn on your loss and you’re not even into full swing yet! That is a fantastic swaying loss!!
    Weighed myself this morning and my weight was 148.2 lb which means a loss of 1.4 lb since 1st April when I last got weighed. Slightly disappointed, can’t lie! I have been doing 800 calories since last Tuesday so had expected to be 146 or thereabouts. I was hoping to lose 4lb per month but it doesn’t look as though that will be a possibility. Anyhow, I won’t reduce my food any further for the sake of nutrition so it is what it is. I will continue with the shakes for lunch until the end of April and then reassess to see what the plan will be for May.

    Looking forward to seeing how everyone else has done this week.

    Keeeeeeeep jiving!

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    RubyG and hubby back for another week – in 2 weeks it’ll be 6 months since we started this WOE.
    True to form, I have a small weekend gain since Friday, and he has a small loss, but week-on-week Friday-to-Friday we always show a loss, so the relaxation over the weekend is not doing any major damage to the plan.
    I too understand the boundaries concept, and find it easier to avoid something totally than show restraint. Nuts are an example, but I have found that pistachios are OK as I have to work for them (like a lab subject in some behavioural experiment?) and I can feel satisfied after a small ramekin – other nuts just get devoured out of the bag until they’re gone, which isn’t good.
    Cheese – I’m better not eating it every day, but planning a meal with cheese as a major component that I can look forward to and enjoy. Every Friday we have a cheese omelette for breakfast, feels like a real treat.
    I agree that something as a treat easily becomes a habit, so dessert of yoghurt and figs or berries is a weekend treat, no dessert on a school night!
    Have a good week everyone, wherever in the world you are.

  • posted by  RubyG on New, starting BSD TODAY!
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    Weigh-in today:
    Hubby – 17st 3.6lb
    Me – 11st 10.0lb
    So, a small loss for him and a small gain for me – Friday week-on-week will be a loss again – she says with determination!
    I don’t track or measure anything on a weekend, which may run 3 days from Friday through Sunday, and we aim to keep low carb but increase the cals. Saturday we did have carbs at all 3 meals though – our one allowable slice of wholemeal sourdough with poached egg for breakfast, a Scotch egg each for lunch, and 3 Jersey Royals each with supper – compared to the pre-BSD that is almost nothing, but not to be a frequent occurrence.

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    Aw Sunny I hope you have a lovely day with granddaughter seeking out the bluebells!!

    I have some Tuesday morning positiives……
    – I made it through day 3 on plan – i’ve been failing at day three for weeks!!
    – New fridge freezer arrived yesterday, old one is 18 years old and was emitting a scary amount of heat from the internal light! I’ve gone to work today with the hope OH has new fridge up and running by this evening! We did a great job of eating down all the food – it probably helped my Day 3 issues as there was nothing to snack on!
    – oh I discovered a new butcher on Saturday, they were very helpful, sorted me out with a lovely piece of lamb for Saturday night and i went a bit crazy with the meat shopping. So have some very nice mince to make burgers this evening!
    – horse stuff – good news on one horse front, he’s ready to start again and see if he will cope with some work (it was in doubt) other horse who has be rehabbing is still lame, sadly its time to give up as we’ve spent 5 years trying to sort him and he’s still unhappy in work. He will have a short retirement and we will call it time before winter. Although its devastating, there is a sense of relief as i have known hes unhappy and its made it very difficult to keep trying to get him right. My vet has been magic.
    – Sun is out and with a bit of luck we might get toward some warmer temperatures – its been so cold! Also means a chance to get going on the garden again, and Ive been donated some new plants! exciting.

  • posted by  WindyJulz on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Thanks Wendy. As always, appreciate the effort.
    Day 4 of my renewed motivation and i’m hoping if i make it through today and tomorrow with no cheats I’ll be back in the game! Whoop.

    Feel i need to continue my chat with Tulip from the previous weekly thread…… the hotcross bun thing – totally empathise, its exactly what would happen to me! I love the things, lashings of butter too, so i steer clear otherwise it would just awaken those senses and would go wild. Finding your own boundaries is hard…..and thats why i think of this way of life as a journey of self discovery….. you will find what knocks you off course, what can be done in moderation and what you need to give a very wide birth to! You will find your way, try and enjoy the somewhat frustrating process of working it out. For me its habits….. can easily get into the habit of a “pudding” even if its only yogurt and berries it becomes an issue when its after every meal…..and milk chocolate was a mistake. I can add some jumbo oats and it doesnt throw me off as long as it doesnt become a habit. I do find it easy to up my calories and still eat BSD foods (cheeeeeese and cream!) and i think that has to be my normal. For now tho – another stint of 800 adn tight on the carbs. I know i feel so good when im in the zone…. heres hoping i can stay in it for a few weeks!

  • posted by  ADD6605 on Jive to July
    on in Fast 800

    Hi all,haven’t got full swing into my jive yet but have been swaying gently all week and have a 1 and a half pound loss.Have lost 2 inches of bloat off my waist which I’m pleased with.I know that is water but eventually it will hopefully be fat🤞DD has week of tests at school (GCSE’s cancelled but still 3 weeks of tests over next 7 weeks so just as stressful as if they hadn’t been cancelled! ) so tensions may be high but I will try my best not to turn to unhealthy food to get through it😇 DH on holiday from work for rest of this week so we will hopefully get some nice long walks in.Jive on everyone😀 Dawn X

  • posted by  ADD6605 on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Thanks for including me on this week’s list Wendy.I’ve lost 1 and a half pounds(am easing myself gently back into this woe so hoping for a bigger loss next week) but happy with 2 inches less bloating on my waist.It proves what a negative effect carbs have on me if reducing them for just one week can decrease my bloating by that much.Will try to post more regularly this week,I have been enjoying reading posts,just haven’t got around to posting myself😀 Dawn X

  • posted by  HopefulinOz on After the blood sugar diet…
    on in Welcome to the BSD

    Hi Dominic,
    JGwen, who is very intelligent and very well researched, gave some great information about this just recently. I am copying and pasting her information below (JGwen, I hope that is okay?).
    The BSD book does not give any guidance on carb levels, and it also makes it clear that this is an eating plan for an 8 or at a stretch 12 week program. – It recommends that we should not follow this way of eating for longer. So those of us with a lot of weight to discard have to make our own decisions on where to go after that 8 or 12 week program.

    Many of us who have been on the forum for a long time have been inspired to read the research and work out a program that fits with their specific personal situations. However, there is one fundamental fact. that we need to incorporate into our plans. Insulin is like a switch, when insulin levels are high our bodies can not access our fat stores and is trying to push excess sugar out of our blood streams into storage. When insulin levels are low then our body can access our fat stores for fuel. If we keep calories low and at the same time insulin levels are high our body is put into a situation where it has to adapt and reduce our metabolic rate. – That’s not good. So we don’t want to try to combine 800 calories and high insulin for any period of time. – Read the research into the impact on the metabolic rate of the Greatest loser program, I think they followed all the contestants on the 16th series.

    Which raises the question if we have a lot of weight to discard, what level of carbs can we tolerate and still have insulin levels low.

    – There is no one answer that fits all. – Elite sporting cyclists can be in ketosis on an eating program which includes 100g of carbs a day, while those who are very insulin resistant have to be under 20g of carbs a day and a single day above that means it will take 3 or 4 days of being below 20g of carbs to return to ketosis.

    Personally I have used one of the cheap breathalysers to work out where I am on the scale of carb tolerance After following this way of eating for a couple of years and at the point of having discarded over 40kg, I was still at the point that 26g of carbs a day was my limit, any more than that and I was out of ketosis and even with time restricted eating and being under 20g of carbs it took me upto 3 days to return to ketosis depending on the level of physical activity.

    Can that be improved, can you in time support your body in healing and tolerate a higher level of carbs. I believe so, I believe that by staying in ketosis for extended periods of time, and by increasing periods of fasting you can help your body to heal. By improving the mixture of gut bacteria (reducing the percentage of carb digesting bacteria through not feeding them) and helping the body to improve on insulin sensitivity. one cell at a time as the body renews cells.

    So in summary, I think, that the best for anyone to do is to measure their response to carbs and make a plan for themselves.
    I hope that helps answer your question. In short, you need to keep carb levels low to ensure you don’t harm your metabolism.

  • Hi Julz- yes, boundaries would help- the problem is, I’ve been rather woolly on what the boundaries should be, because, well….I don’t really exactly know what they should be….and if I don’t know what I am doing, my naturally large appetite kicks in and says, eat all the things, nibble nibble- mostly BSD, 5 somewhat milky coffees a day etc, but then the odd naughty carby treat slips in, and because I am not counting calories, one hot cross bun on Good Friday became….let me count a minute….mmmm, I’m not even sure, at least 7 over the Easter weekend….I bought loads of different flavours then felt like I had to sample them all, and the ones I liked, at least twice, and all with LASHINGS of butter….I mean, we are talking doorstops…then hubby and eldest daughter went off to this village church service yesterday where they give out…yes, more hot cross buns! It’s literally called The Bun Service and is a village tradition…well, we had the 4 they brought back between 3 (because 2 out of my 3 kids don’t like them)….sigh.

    So yes, I think you are right…I need some boundaries…..and I need a few reset days before that too I think!! Whilst I consider what my boundaries should be…a bit like when you got sent to your room as a kid….”Go and think about your actions, and don’t come back down until you have found a new attitude” kinda thing: Yes, I’m putting myself on the naughty step, in a more modern twist on that theme 😂😂.

    Clare xx.

  • posted by  florob85 on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Hi all!

    I am indeed blissful in my treehouse! We have birds and sheep and nature and it’s really lovely, we arrived at 5pm and my partner jumped in the hot tub straight away, it’s now 8pm and he hasn’t really moved! I’ve been pottering and reading on the deck etc.

    Anyway hope all have a good week, I’ll be keeping up and will pop in with wisdom if I have any!

    Pip pip

    Lauren xx

  • posted by  SunnyB on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Time for positives, having been AWOL over the weekend.
    🙂 productive weekend, polishing metal staircase spindles with blacking, which OH started to install …. they look great!
    🌸 lilac in the front garden is just beginning to bloom … another day or two and it should be quite a show.
    👩‍👧youngest granddaughter and ex-DIL visiting tomorrow … soooooo excited! Planning to visit the woods, to see if the bluebells are out yet.

    Hope you are finding some positives too and might take a moment to tell us about them 🙂

  • posted by  SunnyB on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Can’t believe another week has evaporated and a new thread is again needed! Thanks for setting us up for the week Wendy, for me like many others, having the weekly thread helps keep me focused …. even when I’m not in the right headspace to fully commit and so maintaining rather than losing.

    So, no matter where you’re on your BSD journey, feel free to jump in here and be part of the weekly thread … vent if you need to, ask questions, let us know about your frustrations and wins and be part of our little tribe of supportive BSDers.

    Personal sit rep: no loss no gain …. marking time, but with the full intention of a better effort this week.

  • posted by  wendleg on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
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    Here it is , the updated list

    Please check in when you can

    wendleg, Sunny B, sunshine girl
    ADD6605 ( Dawn)
    Tulip1 ( Clare)
    Maryanne Carlos-Mascarenhas
    Marsie (Marilyn)
    RubyG and hubby
    Barefoot girl
    Life Diet
    allicat1A ( Allie, formerly alliecat !)
    workingfromthe fridge
    SummerTwinkles/ Summer
    Sheila Canning
    Smead01 ( Samantha)

  • posted by  wendleg on One week at a time beginning 13th APRIL 2021…….!
    on in Fast 800

    However many false starts you have had, or if you are tentatively starting out , what matters is that you are here, the fruit of your experience and knowledge .

    It can be hard to stay motivated especially as lockdown eases ( in the UK anyway) with the promise of long awaited treats and socialising in pub gardens !!!

    That’s where we can help, offering support and tips if you need a reset, a post lockdown reboot or just a wake up call for better health .

    We are learning all the time. Someone has ‘been there ,done that ‘ and is willing to share their experience .

    So as always, feel free to join our merry band of followers . We work on a week at a time to give you a manageable target .
    We look forward to welcoming you and adding you to our ever growing list of contributors !

    Wendy, SunnyB and sunshinegirl

  • posted by  Dominic71 on After the blood sugar diet…
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    Hi I started the BSD 6 days ago and I am doing great, I am either going to do the 8 week plan or the 12 week, haven’t fully decided yet. The only issue is that after seeing a few youtube videos there seems to be a lot of concern over destroying your metabolism. At the moment I am doing a 16 hour fast and then have one 400 calorie meal and then at the end of the eight hours I have a Huel shake which is another 400 cals. Which finishing with this 800cal diet I was planning on doing a 5:2 diet. 1600 and 800 cals. so I can continue to lose weight. I am also exercising at the moment and burning around 350cals per day.
    Can anyone tell me if they have had issues with their metabolism after this diet and if so what did they do?
    Many Thanks

  • Oh Tulip-clare I much much prefer running fasted. Best runs are weekends at 10am powered only by 2 cups of coffee with milk. Todays cheeky 5k was powered on a black coffee, a white coffee and 8 wee pickled onions! Interestingly, when ive done a full fast day, even if i eat before i run i find it so so difficult – i think its electrolyte issues but still, running on 14hr fast is good.
    Would it help if you set ‘boundaries’ on your non-fast days just to stop you going wild? I basically just upped the quantity of what i ate and had 2 substantial meals a day but still BSD friendly and kept carbs as low as i could – worked August to Dec last year for maintenance….. i just went a bit off course since January…..

    Ruby – yup distraction all the way! another 30 mins of work, then will go ride a horse or two….. then dinner, then maybe a wee walk…..
    LOL at the sugarsnaps and blueberries….. bless. Crackers it is then! You could do cheese n chilli ones and maybe date and coconut ones….bit of a ‘sweet’ option!? Good challenge. Your trip sounds lovely. Hope you have a great time.

  • Hi Again everyone,
    Well, I did gain a 2 lbs over easter instead of buying chocolate for the family I went to the boulangerie and got strawberry tarts and mini eclairs for dessert! It was a choice to relax for a few days so getting back in the swing of things but feeling very tired and finding it hard to get motivated to exercise! Has anyone else experienced tiredness in the early weeks of embarking on this?
    Anyway, I am determined to keep going and good luck to everyone else too, my skirt is hanging up where I can see it every time I to the bathroom and I want to get back into it properly {without leaving three top buttons undone and wearing a long top to cover it !} by June.
    Summer is coming……………………………………………..

  • Hi Everyone,

    Loving all the posts, epiphanies etc we have along the way- I definitely struggle with moderation too (Julz I think mentioned this), which is where my ‘5’ days are a bit of a struggle, and pretty much negating any loss I get on my ‘2’ days, and I’m generally feeling a bit yuk, which I don’t think some extra sneaky carbs have been helping….so, I was thinking yesterday that perhaps rather than my 2 days, Mon and Thurs, this week, I should maybe do an extra day or 2 up until my parents visit for the day on Friday and then the weekend, when I prefer things a bit more relaxed. Just feel my body needs a bit of a reset and would be nice to work on those few pounds I need to get more comfortably into normal BMI (I am right at the top of normal BMI- a major feat in itself which I am thrilled with- having lost 3 stone 3 lbs on this WOE since last June). So the question I am working on, is do I do Mon- Thurs, for a good reset, or maybe 3 days…..there is a wee issue with a possible slice of lemon drizzle cake at work tomorrow- it’s my favourite cake, and my colleague, who is an excellent baker, brought some in today- so I cut a little slice and wrapped it to eat tomorrow, because today is an 800 cal day- it’s one of those treats that I allow occasionally- homemade really excellent cake- BUT, I feel like this is bad for my body right now….maybe I should freeze it and save it for another time?!!

    I am off for a run this afternoon Julz- sometimes I think I run better on a low cal day, powered by a snack of one brazil nut- and sometimes I feel like my body is failing to get the energy from where it should!! We will see how today goes 😂😂. I think my runs are not as long as yours tho- generally between 2 and 8k at the moment.

    Love to all, Clare xxxxx

  • Seed crackers – Tom Kerridge recipe for linseed crackers made with egg whites – they were good! That’ll help with texture changes too.
    Sugarsnap peas and blueberries ain’t gonna cut it with the driver 😉 – navigator maybe…..
    Planet Rock is our music of choice, so that’s covered, but he prefers to do a +200-miler with no stops – we will be visiting our cottage for the first time in 6 months and visiting family (outdoors of course) oop north.

    Can you distract yourself until supper time? The hours between finishing work and supper are my danger time too.

  • Hey, RubyG, great how much things have changed for the positive.
    How about making some seed crackers for the car journey? And a wee bag of sugarsnap peas and maybe some blueberries. along with your egg muffins you’ll be sorted for all eventualities. Then maybe focus more on music or podcasts you can listen to so its not all food focused? Love looking at it as a challenge rather than a problem, you can work it out and make it through the journey.

    I’m so looking forward to being able to do some cross border travel. Scotland is being pretty slow about it all and we are only supposed to stay in our local authority boundaries, so being allowed to visit friends and family in England looks a long way off! I was planning a wee trip to a friend and to my brother last october but that didnt get to happen. Maybe this year.

    Snacky craving time of day approaching….. now is the dig deep few hours til dinner time!