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  • what a vibrant thread!
    Maassive thank you to Wendy and SG for keeping it going.
    Been a tough few days….. I am weighing 7lbs lighter still but have hit a plateau….however! I received some health news this week that was quite shocking – I mean, I knew there was a problem but not that bad- severe obstructive sleep apnoea….I have been referred for a trial of CPAP, but this is also another massive incentive to get my weight back down into normal BMI….
    So, full speed ahead with this WOE.
    My son (youngest child) had CAMHS assessment and lots of advice and a plan (he’s not been in school for most of the last term with mental health issues).
    Daughter no.2 (middle child) is in the middle e of GCSEs and the anxiety has set off severe vomiting….as in hours and hours prior to each exam and yesterday she spent almost a third of one exam out in the corridor vomiting…..anti -emetics aren’t helping…… 🙁
    Err…..good news?….we have lovely weather atm! Dry, so a lot of watering, but lovely to be out in the warm.
    Thanks Merry, I have got to keep it going 😚
    Lovely to hear everyones news and NSV…..wish I had morw time to reply to everyone.
    Love to all,
    Tulip xxxxxxx

  • Gosh a lot you are dealing with at the moment S-G I hope your Doctor is able to help!
    I am pleased to be able to say I have shed 4.25lbs in weight which includes last weekends & my lunch out gain, so no doubt lots of fluid loss but also a little more fat as well from when I last weighed. It’s the short mat bowls competition this morning followed by a brunch when I will eat bacon, sausages, eggs & some baked beans that I’ve worked out to be about 700 calories but mainly protein apart from the beans which will all keep me going until a light supper this evening. So eating to my BMR calorie level today.
    It’s already warming up here & we will go into town afterwards because I am returning some clothes I bought that are not flattering on me. I’ve also managed to book a hair appointment next week to have my hair cut back to jaw length to try to look smarter before our Yorkshire family gathering next weekend. Things feel more positive with me now & the sun is shining 😀🌞🌞
    I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!
    Margaret xx

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    Ive Just finished my first week, and not sure how I feel about it
    Lost just under 1Kg
    Spent most of the week with a headache, had very low energy and not feeling motivated to work out which is not like me. and a thrust to drink water like I was in the desert!
    is this normal?

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    Hi Dobson, I dont think there is such a book. If you look on some of the sites they do just call this the blood sugar diet way of life. If you look in the forums tab at the top of the page the phrase you are using is just one of the off-shoot forums along with Starting BSD, 5:2 BSD, BSD Med Style Diet etc but definitely no new book. Have you already got the booked called The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet.

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    Hi, where can I find the book blood sugar diet way of life? The recipes in the diet book are all great, I would love more when I reach maintenance.

  • Hi all, hope you are having a good day. Nurse came this morning so I have been waiting for my blood results before posting. All is normal except triglycerides, which do go up and down and I have been overdoing the alcohol during my 2 recent holidays so I am not worried. I am also seeing some problems with creatinine, uric acid and another one which are all to do with kidneys. Funnily enough it is something I was going to talk to Dr about as I am sure I have a bladder/urinary tract infection. Constantly going to the toilet to pee and not being able to do anything then needed to go straight after I have left the loo. At least all the diagnostics have been done so I think it is obvious. Seeing doctor on Wednesday.

    As I was up early I had an early breakfast and went for a swim. Good job as it has rained all day and down to 23 degrees. Nice to feel cooler and to have some rain. We are forecast for storms over the weekend so they may well be heading to the UK as they usually follow the coast upwards – so you are now getting the hot weather we have had.

    Nice some of you have NSV’s, slimmer ankles or better mobility.

    Arctic, in the UK a smallholder is someone who has just a few acres or a field and grows enough veg etc to have a market stall and feed themselves. Usually the only livestock would be some chickens for eggs and/or a goat or two for milk. Sounds like you have a bit more. Me, I just has a small allotment i.e. a cottage garden just for home use.

    Oh, just remembered. Still sticking to around 800 cals but today I had watermelon and cucumber salad for lunch and was shocked to see the amount I had was around 26g of carbs. It is less if I have gala melon – only 5g. So what is going on here, I thought it was just water.

  • Good morning everyone & S-G I didn’t say I liked going to the gym 😂 but will try to do it & keep on going because I apparently now have a stronger left leg from stepping forward on it to bowl that has made my bad right leg even weaker! It seems my bowling has not helped & with losing weight I’m increasingly looking as though my skin is too big for my body 🙁🙀so I don’t know if toning my muscles will help but I’m hopeful. My main enjoyable exercise was moving with music & dancercise which I can no longer do so have to resort to more static exercises🙁
    I use quite a lot of courgettes in making ratatouille with tinned tomatoes & also baking/roasting the same mix of vegetables with cherry tomatoes, tossed in olive oil with more garlic & fresh fish can be added on top covered in pesto or garlic purée to cook for a further 15 minutes. I also often make the chunky courgette & leek soup with prawns from the Keto 800 book which is delicious very fast to make & low calorie 😀
    Arcticfox you are so energetic & hardworking & it’s lovely you are noticing skinnier parts of yourself & you are a wonderful example of keeping on going 👏👏
    I’ve just weighed myself after a very enjoyable catch up & lunch with friends yesterday & have gained 0.5 lb but hope fasting since 7-30pm last night until supper tonight will lose that & I will weigh on Saturday before playing in the bowls matches & “enjoying” the calorific cooked breakfast brunch! I’m off to play Mahjong this afternoon keeping my brain ticking over & have just received two books recommended to me called Sod 70! & Sod Sitting that I bought from Amazon which are helpful & amusing motivational lifestyle books😀
    I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend & we have a heat health alert here in the south of a weekend with temperatures reaching 28-30c degrees so we will be getting our fans out!🌞🌞
    Margaret xx

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    DAWN lovely to hear from you and I’m so glad that there are some more positive things beginning to happen for you. Welcome back on board! There are still 3 weeks to go on this leg of the journey so enough time to regroup and start moving forward again.

    I plan to do likewise. Am testing negative for Covid now and am back at work, but still feel very tired. We’re away this weekend for lots of belated celebrations. 3 days in a country hotel; just me, hubby and the dog. There are some lovely walks round there so I hope to be able to start gently upping the exercise again even if I do cut myself some slack in terms of the diet. But Monday is D-Day!! We’ve been talking about clothes not fitting and my situation came to a crisis yesterday when I was almost late for work because I couldn’t find anything that met all the criteria of summer / fitting / smart. So after work I dropped into our local garden centre which, bizarrely, has a huge clothes section. And managed to pick up some stretchy cropped trousers and a smock top. Which is good . . . but finally the penny dropped in terms of my weight gain. I tried on various other things, including a nice double-layered shift dress which just clung to all my bulges rather than flowing gracefully as it was meant to. It looked – and I felt – awful. I think I’ve been playing the numbers game far too much, and have been reasonably content – complacent? – as long as my weight is within a certain range (albeit around a stone heavier than I want to be). But I’ve neglected to really look and measure what’s been happening to my body. Given I keep going off-piste, and have all but given up on any significant exercise, there’s a huge difference from where I was a couple of years ago. And it’s time to stop!!

    So Monday I’m back to the beginning again and as NOKIE said earlier, am going to do exactly what I did when I very first started. Recipes from the. BSD book, and recoding all calories and carbs. As well as upping the exercise which, for me, is important for all kinds of reasons. Wish me luck, and I’ll report in on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

    Hope everyone else is ok? CATHY, SUE, JGWEN, MARIET, YOWZER, DERMA and anyone else I’ve managed to miss. KEV how are you getting on? Hope you find a way to bring your numbers under control.

    Have a great weekend everyone X

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    Hello all, today is the first day In ages I actually feel able to think about sitting in my bus seat again so I’ve been catching up properly on posts.JGwen, well done on your 8 day fast and sounds as though you had good results.Nokie I hope you had a lovely time at your Mum’s 90th birthday celebrations.Mariet, congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter and what a gorgeous name!DCT I hope you are over Covid by now.Yowzer, I too have a wardrobe full of lovely Summer clothes, few of which fit.Countless Summers have passed and I have been in this exact position every time and I am so cross with myself for letting it happen again, in fact the clothes are further out of reach of wearing than ever!!!!So, in the hope of salvaging this Summer’s wardrobe to some extent, I am going to try to make the last few weeks of this journey healthy ones and a good springboard for starting our next trip.It was DD’s last A level yesterday so that is one less stress, she turned 18 this week and we are having a family party a week on Sunday but, even if I come off plan that day, I won’t let it affect how I eat on other days.My lovely F-i-l finally came out of hospital last week, after about 13 weeks in there.He is unfortunately not well enough to go home yet so is in a nursing home at present but it is much nearer to home than the hospital was so that’s great and the hope is that he will eventually be able to go home.So, after quite a stressful few months, I feel I’m finally in the right frame of mind to concentrate on getting myself healthy.I’m hoping my first NSV will be an easing of the aches and pains in my feet/knees/back which are probably the worst they’ve ever been.I’ve written a food plan for the next few days and have a bottle of water at my side.I’ve told myself not to care that I’ve restarted this journey countless times, what is important is that I haven’t given up.I know with the support of you all I will get there in the end.Dawn X

  • Hi everyone,
    I am exhausted after a week off work and working out in the hot sun instead during our heat wave (35 C here today), but I have a small NSV to report. JGwen always talks about collar bones reappearing, etc. but for me it is my shin bones that have reappeared! My ankles are definitely looking skinnier too. I haven’t measured my waist, but I went for a swim at my parents place this afternoon and when I looked in the mirror my stomach area looked flatter and not so distended. I am only wearing my compression tights for as long as I can in the morning and then taking them off when it gets too hot, so to be getting less puffy during a heat wave while wearing my compression less is a major win. I have my next lymphatic drainage massage tomorrow, so we’ll see what the therapist has to say. She took very thorough measurements of my legs a few weeks ago (every 5 cm from top to bottom), so I’m motivated to keep going and see how much more I can shrink before she measures again in a couple of months.
    Margaret, well done on joining the gym. I used to go frequently several years ago as I was in a bootcamp class that I really enjoyed. Not since moving though, as I moved to the farm during Covid and there is less opportunity in this rural area. I’ve been slowly getting stronger each year though just from farm chores, so I think that should count for something. I can walk a short distance while carrying a 50 lb hay bale in each hand, and that’s something I couldn’t do even when I was younger. In looking up Ted Naiman for his take on protein, I came across his video again about training muscle to failure. Very interesting and something I’ll keep in the back of my mind for winter.
    S-g – I’m not sure what the definition of a smallholder is as it is not a term we use here, but I think I might fall into that category? I have 18 acres, but 4 of them are across a creek and up a cliff and completely inaccessible. The property has been very neglected and same with the creek and dyking system that holds it back, so a large portion of my 10 acre hayfield is too wet to get much off other than a very poor crop of hay. A local farmer cuts it and buys it from me to feed to his dry cows as my horses won’t touch it. I just had some good news last night though that work on the creek will commence in August, so with any luck my field will be drier and at less risk of flooding next year. The horses are on about an acre, but I run them out onto the hayfield once the hay is cut. I have over 2 acres in lawn that I would like to convert to something more productive in the future, and 1/3 of an acre is where I produce my cut flowers, veggies and garlic that are my main cash crops. Normally I have quite a lot of veggies for my personal use as well, but I’m a bit slow off the mark this year in that regard. So far I’ve had asparagus, spinach and a few strawberries. It’s probably just as well though. My neighbour planted out all her tomatoes and then she had to go away last weekend and the deer ate them all while she was gone. My parents normally put up loads of cherries off their trees every year, but we had such a severe winter that there will be next to nothing this year. Even the commercial cherry farmers have lots of damaged trees, so it will be a small crop overall. I am clearing an area of weeds (hopefully I will finish tomorrow) and I will plant squash and corgettes there into landscape fabric to keep the weeds down and to conserve moisture. We are so very dry this year and it is getting quite concerning. We were originally forecasted to get 15mm of rain over the weekend, but they’ve downgraded it to 1-3 mm. I nearly cried when I saw that!

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    Just have Wi-Fi connection so striking whilst the iron is hot!
    S-g WOW!
    We have travelled to many places but the Norwegian Fjords are something extra, extra, special! We have been blessed with wonderful weather, apart from two cloudy, cold days when we travelled north. Now we have hit sunshine … who would have thought! But, this trip is about the phenomenal and astounding beauty, the sheer peace and quiet and the
    cleanest freshest air ever. Yes…. if anyone ever gets the chance to visit this part of the world then it’s a MUST!
    S-g hope you are all sorted out soon then you can plan, plan, plan …. and you must! Life is too short to ‘wait until next week, month, year!’
    So I think you know all my positives for the moment …. hope you have some too!

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    Hi folks, positives for today

    Sun is shining and I can swim most days
    Veg patch is doing great
    Had a lovely week with daughter and one grandson – too much food BUT…

    V, the day our cruise ship docked in Stravanger it was 25 degrees. They had had snow the day before. Still needed a jacket to visit a glacier. Enjoy, it is so beautiful that will be my next destination when I get all my medical worries out of the way.

  • Hi all, well done for signing up at the gym. Not my cup of tea but I do go sometimes with my daughter. Dont mind the walking machine but cant manage the high steppers or the ones that move like you are skiing.

    I’m still doing well and tonight I will be nil by mouth from 8pm for blood tests tomorrow. The nurse is coming to the house. Discovered I can do this as I am classed as being at risk of falling down with hunger if I have to go to the lab. Only taken 18 years for them to realise, but I think it is a lot to do with my age. Swam for 30 mins yesterday.

    Have forgotten to mention I bought some super hi tech scales which measure everything. Only thing is I have to remember to take my phone into the bathroom each morning. Not far to walk to get it.

    Courgettes are starting to come in one big rush so I will be searching interesting recipes, not sure I like courgette soup. I could do some fritters but I am trying not to have snacks – maybe for lunch.

  • Well for better or worse I have just signed with the village gym to use their machines to strengthen my legs & hopefully tone me up as well. It’s for three months so I will see how I get on & I have booked an appointment next Tuesday to start using the machines with some guidance on how many reps etc 🤔
    The sun is still shining here which is lovely & my runner beans & tomato plants seem to be doing well which is encouraging since I’m not green fingered.
    I hope you are all having a good day! I will try to do a 24 hour fast on Friday starting on Thursday evening after our lunch with friends.

  • Hi everyone and a special welcome back to caronl – sorry you have been having difficulties, hope things are getting better for you.

    Elle, it can seem pointless to post if all you are saying is the same old, same old and especially if it is not good news. I always know when there is something wrong with my friends when they dont get in touch for ages. That is the time to reach out. We think we are going to bring others down if we share our problems but people don’t absorb problems like that. It can help you get rid of it from your mind but also help others to feel the gratitude and share their caring for you. You dont have to tell anyone what is going on but we are a community and we can at least be there as a shoulder and a hug.

    Arctic, you are always working so hard. I imagine you in the Canadian countryside in your farmers gear – are you actually a farmer or smallholder – you probably have to be hard at work. I have 2 very small veggie plots about 6ft x 6ft although one is taken up by some herbs that have got out of hand, I now have a bay tree rather than a bush. I am growing 12 tomato plants, 6 courgettes, several lettuces and I have a separate strawberry patch. But once the initial planting has been done I really just potter and prune and pick. I plant 6 courgettes every year because they come in trays of 6. Normally I lose 4 for various reasons, slugs, ants, moles, rabbits. However, this year they are rampant and I have just picked 4 medium ones today, one for lunch already. I wont be buying any cucumber or lettuce as the courgettes will be my greens for a while. I am also madly picking cherries (very small ones) in the hopes of getting hubby to make some cherry jam for his own use – not for me. I have to do a few each day as they are tiny and it is quite hot here now.

    Wendy1947, you said at the start of your journey that you very often give up after a few weeks. Well you are still here and still with goals and motivated. I think you have settled into allowing yourself to have the occasional treat or meal out and not letting it ruin things for your diet as it might have in the past. Maybe I could aim for 7lbs with you and see how we get on.

    My diet is going very well (only 2 days but….) I have gone right back to basics and making meals based on week 1 menu in the back of the MM BSD book. Sticking to 800 cals and 30g carbs – that is about as low as I can go on carbs – managing 33 today after calculating everything in advance. Had a swim on Tuesday, 30 mins but only managed 15 yesterday as a storm came over. I dont mind swimming in the rain but I do draw the line at lightening.

    Well, I have gone on a bit. See you all tomorrow.

  • I’m ok,folks ….it’s just that I seemed to have more free time when I was working ! It sounds mad but I suppose my hours were fixed ..?
    I do feel guilty when I can’t support the thread as I would like to. I know though that we are all busy with stuff going on.
    Thanks SG. I will definitely need you to take over when I disappear to Australia this autumn…woo hoo !

    Let’s just do our best folks. The sun is shining here…life is good 😚😚

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    Sounds like you are doing well. Don’t let the cravings ruin what you have achieved. Try to have a few more proteins in the diet, boiled eggs are a great standby. As I have discovered this week after having more carbs than I have for years, it is not the craving that is bad it is that carbs also increase the appetite and then the cravings kick in. Keep on keeping on…

  • Sorry for not posting last week. I was a bit overwhelmed with work and all the work needing to be done on the farm. I was falling way behind. I’m off work this week, so attempting to catch up.
    Merry – I freqently feel that I’ve taken on too much, and so I envy your 1 hour of weeding. I did another 4 hours this morning and have only managed to get 1.5 50 ft beds done. So much more to go. We are so dry right now, so if you get enough rain to get tired of it, please send some my way!
    I have at least managed to continue with my higher protein experiment and it seems to be going well. At the very least my carb cravings have dropped substantially. My legs do not seem to be swelling up as much in the heat either, although I have been able to go swimming in my parents pool so that could be helping as well.

  • Hello everyone & thank you for setting it up again Wendy & I hope this next week will be a better one for you!
    I’m trying to be back on track again & hoping to lose seven pounds in June but it’s lunch at a friends house on Thursday & a bowls breakfast brunch on Saturday this weekend.
    Let’s all just keep soldiering on & heaven knows when I will be able to fit in a fast but Hey Ho I will keep trying to at least get to my having lost two stone since last Christmas!
    Margaret xx

  • Sorry you’ve struggling Wendy. Sending hugs.
    I’ve just been plateauing for the last few weeks, can’t get any weight to shift. So big effort this week the plan is 2 meals a day for 4 days this week and then only a very small 3rd meal for the other 3 meals so 🤞 this works. Fiance has booked us to take his parents to a grand buffet Sunday lunch on the 25th where the food is amazing so must be good until then.

  • Hi Wendy, sorry you are feeling the strain. I am going to be back on board 100% for the foreseeable so if you want me to take over and give you a break that’s fine with me.

    I will say though that if people want the thread to continue, you know the old saying, use it or lose it. We will see how it goes for the next couple of weeks but I did feel like I had to jump in to prop it us last week. Without the 2 Wendy’s and Tulip it would have been a wash out but while people are still posting I will stay.

    That said, I really need it right now. One week of eating absolute crap while trying not to has led to a 5.7lb increase. However, it has reminded me of something. Why do we give up carbs completely (almost) and that it because carbs drive hunger and it seems it can only be relieved by more carbs. That’s when it gets out of control. I have actually been snacking on bread and butter late at night. I don’t normally eat after 8pm but found myself with my head in the fridge at just before midnight last night. All that stops now.

    Merrymelba, you must have posted while I was still typing. Great to see you. Hope we can all get back on the right track.

    I know I wont suffer from carb flu or withdrawal but I am going to feel the hunger. My goal for June is to ditch the 5.7lbs I have gained, no carbs and no alcohol for the whole of June. That is my pledge.

    Do come and join us, even if you are struggling. Even after all this time I still have my own struggles. Just keep on keeping on…

  • Thank you so much Wendy and SG for keeping this thread going. I love the June title, but I’m afraid I’ve been doing too much of the joyful, and not enough judicious!
    I pay attention to the food I’m eating but it’s after dinner when I pop into the kitchen for cheese, dark choc etc – when I am already full. I really need to crack down on this habit! Where’s the wet lettuce leaves. 😀
    I’ve got Tim Spector’s Food for Life from the library, so I need to read through that to get myself re-energised.
    You’re going well Tulip. Very inspiring.
    Your gardening exploits are amazing Articfox. Makes my hour or so of weeding look small, but I do enjoy getting it done. A rainy day tomorrow – it’s the start of our winter, so housework it is!

  • I will be honest, I am struggling a bit to keep up and properly supporting the thread .SG …..HELP ! Glad you had some special family time .Don’t worry about the food truck choices , you will soon sort that .

    Another week begins . I am just plodding on and adjusting according to what is going on . Fasting when I can

    Yes we are a bit ‘thin on the ground’ but I always feel bad letting anyone down so as long as you want the weekly thread to continue, we will be here xx

    Wendy and sunshine girl xxx

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    Hi there, I think there might have been a few people in the past. Especially trying to lose weight to undergo IVF and succeeding in losing the amount of weight needed. Dont know how they got on from there as it is not something you ask if you dont really know them. I do know you are not supposed to do this diet if you are pregnant. There are a list of things on the Blood Sugar Diet page on the top bar, after the Home page, it is called who should do it and by implication, who shouldnt, if you want to check if it is okay.

    EDIT, just looked and it is not very helpful. I have the book and I think there is a list of do’s and don’ts in that. I will get back to you later.

  • Hi all, sorry I havent been around to help Wendleg to support you. Seem a bit thin on the ground – excuse the pun.

    Great you are still around Wendy1947. I had the same problem, things tend to scupper your losses when you are not in control. Example, spend a day in Rocamador, a beautiful hill top village and ate a rather touristy based meal of confit duck with chips – bleh…. Then went to visit a cave which is 75 metres underground so lots of stairs and steps. Arrived home at around 9pm with nothing prepared. Oh but there is the Asian food van in our village. Get there hoping for a healthy stirfry but he has sold out. Saw another van at the side of the road so stopped there (by now it is neary 10pm) all he sells are burgers, pizza and chips. So thats what I had.

    I will declare my new weight and goals on the new thread but Tulip, I think I know where that 7lbs you lost has gone – straight to my boobs and midriff. Only good thing is a did lots of walking, climbing stairs and swimming. Bad thing is for 2 days after the cave visit I was practically unable to walk.

    Will see you all tomorrow.

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    Congratulations on the safe arrival of Eleanor Ivy. How wonderful. Your grandsons name for his baby sister made me smile!
    Lovely news and like Yowser said, a great big cheer of happiness from us all.
    DCT- get well soon. My son said his second dose of covid was bad but from what you’ve said you’re doing Ok.- thank goodness for vaccines!

  • I’ve been away for the weekend & have gained 3.5 lbs in weight which doesn’t surprise me because I always gain weight the moment I eat away from home. The diet starts again! June is going to be very difficult with more family & social events awaiting me that enjoyable they will be but despite my best food & drink choices will sabotage my weight loss efforts!

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    I wondered if anyone else is doing or has done the fast 800 whilst trying to conceive. Interested to understand the impact to cycles, if any?

    Needing to lose some weight before going down the IVF route but also don’t want to waste the next three cycles if I can help it.


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    Hi YOWZER thanks for asking x. I’m ok during the day as long as I don’t do too much. Took the dog out this morning and was feeling quite weak by the end. So just need to let myself be “lazy” and relax – which doesn’t come easy! Coughing a lot during the night though, so I do need to catch up rest during the day. But could be so much worse, for which I’m very grateful.

    Stay well everyone, and here’s hoping we all have a positive week X

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    Lovely news MARIET! Many congratulations. Sending love to you all .

    NOKIE hope you are having a lovely family celebration x

    Continuing the theme of clothes not fitting I had a dress arrive from a brand and size I use regularly. A lovely loose fitting button through summer dress that I thought would be perfect to get me through the summer. Tried it on last night and to my horror it did not fit at all. The back looked lovely but only the top front button fastened and then there was a gap of about 6 inches between each button and hole for the next 6 buttons or so. Ironically once it got back to the lower belly (my bete noire!) it was fine again. I was about to start the beating up self process when something made me think, this isn’t right. Yes I’ve put on a few pounds recently but we’re talking about several dress sizes here. So as a test I tried on a jumpsuit in the same size / brand that I wore to my hen do a couple of years ago. And it still fit!! A bit more breathing in needed than before maybe, but everything fastened up fine without a fight. So just a word of encouragement, don’t despair if any aspect of your weight / size loss seem unexpectedly bad. There may be another explanation. Just keep on keeping on, and you WILL see results!

    (And that dress is going back first thing tomorrow!)

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    What lovely news MARIET! Congratulations to you all x I really love her name!
    NOKIE have an amazing day with yr mum! We have two ends of the spectrum today,a brand new baby girl and a noctogenarian lady! Not sure if I spelt that correctly,but anyway…👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Huge cheers resounding around the bus!X

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    Hi mariet 🩵
    Congratulations on your little granddaughter you must all be thrilled 😄
    I am just off to my mums 90th bday celebrations
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lv nokie x🩵

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    Hi everyone! Commiserations to everyone who’s struggling at the moment. I’m kind of marking time just now but I’ve been too busy to really think about it.

    We have a new baby girl in the family, born last Tuesday after a short labour and rapid birth. She is 2.9kg, lots of dark hair and quite beautiful. She’sa very settled little thing, has to be women for feeds and woken up during feeds as well! It’s going to be a shock when she’s more wide awake. Her name is Eleanor Ivy and everyone is besotted with her.

    Well, big brother is not quite besotted. He isn’t really interested in her at all. When she cries he comes running to say that baby is crying, that’s about it. When I asked what baby’s name is, he told me it’s Baby Crocodile Monster, which isn’t exactly what we had in mind. He is 2 so a bit young to really understand what’s going on.

    I’ve been on Nana duty with Archie (exhausting) for a lot of the week and really, I’ve no clue where my weight etc are up to. Diet hasn’t been too wonderful but lots and lots of activity so I’ll see on Tuesday hope bad it all is 🥹

    Thanks for asking for news, it’s been a very exciting and happy week.

  • Hi all,

    Well, 7lbs down, settled in at around this for about 5 days…..still not super low on the calories every day but recording everything most days….also NO off-plan snacks or meals…..I feel better and all that water bloat has gone…..another stone and a half to go in total, but I guess I am aiming for another half stone by my July hol and about another 5lbs to my August hol…..errr….yup, got to really work on it.

    Hope everyone’s ok, loving this warm sunshine, altho lots of plant watering to do!!

    Love to all,
    Clare xxx

  • posted by  JGwen on Healthy New Me – Part 3 – May & June
    on in Fast 800

    Hi CC, I think you mis-understood. My plan was a 10 day fast (240 hours) and I achieved only 8 and a bit days (210 hours). Thats the second time I have had to end a 10 day fast at 8 ish days. I think its a consequence of the drug that the hospital prescribed for blood pressure, it had a side effect of causing acid reflux and vomiting if you bend over. I never had acid reflux before taking it so I think I need to call in to a pharmacist to ask advice on what would get me back to normal.

    There is one sudden benefit from the last fast, I didn’t even fancy buying a bar of chocolate to have during my eating window, instead a jar of chilli flavour Marmite called to me as my treat.

    Nokie, your mothers birthday is one day to join in the celebrations. We have to have a life.

    Hope everything went well with your daughter and grandchild Mariet.

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Healthy New Me – Part 3 – May & June
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    Thanks YOWZER and NOKIE, and I agree what a great group this is! I’ve been up north this week sorting out my mum’s flat and living on more junk food than I should as I now have no fridge or cooking utensils there. Amazingly I’d maintained my weight when I checked this morning, but was coughing all during the long drive back yesterday and awake a lot of the night. So hubby suggested I did a test this morning before going to see Mum and it came up positive. Second time having Covid for me and I’m just going to rest up the next few days. Will also get out in the sun a bit as there was very little this week where I was but frustratingly it was baking hot at home!

    Keep smiling everyone xx

  • posted by  Nokie on Healthy New Me – Part 3 – May & June
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    Dct get better soon 🩵
    Thanku all for your replies I knew there was a reason I was on this bus 🚌 journey with you all what a great group we are I will enjoy mums special day this afternoon I am going to go through all my notes I still have the whole 8 week plan as I printed it off and will start Monday
    Thanks again everyone
    Lv nokie xx🩵

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Healthy New Me – Part 3 – May & June
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    DCT Covid? hope you will feel better very soon!xx i could have written yr words below,word for word. Theres some comfort knowing I am not alone ❤️
    “I’m annoyed with myself that yet again, we’re into summer and I have a cupboard full of lovely clothes but so very few fit. I got rid of my bigger clothes when I was smaller, and bought new ones, which now don’t fit. But am determined not to get rid of them because I WANT to fit into them! I just get frustrated with myself that I can’t seem to get sufficiently motivated to really make it happen. Anyway, once I’m better that is my plan!”

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Healthy New Me – Part 3 – May & June
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    Hi everyone. Don’t despair. We still have 4 weeks to go on this journey and then I’m sure the trusty bus will head off somewhere else exciting.

    I’m in the same place as many of you and NOKIE I’m also thinking about going back to the start and doing exactly what I did before when I first started this journey. I know in my own case I’ve got so used to doing my own variants of BSD that I may well have inadvertently discarded some of the “magic” along the way. So that is my plan, although this morning I tested positive for Covid so am going to be kind to myself for the next few days.

    And NOKIE I agree with what others have said about your mum’s 90th. It’s one day only. Go enjoy yourself, eat what you want, and get yourself in a positive frame of mind for a reboot on Monday. Have a lovely time.

    JGWEN, CATHY and others who have mentioned the importance of NSVs (Non Scale Victories) I completely agree. Whilst I have a target weight, I’m more bothered about how my body looks in terms of fat distribution, and how clothes fit. I’m annoyed with myself that yet again, we’re into summer and I have a cupboard full of lovely clothes but so very few fit. I got rid of my bigger clothes when I was smaller, and bought new ones, which now don’t fit. But am determined not to get rid of them because I WANT to fit into them! I just get frustrated with myself that I can’t seem to get sufficiently motivated to really make it happen. Anyway, once I’m better that is my plan!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone, and wishing you lots of positive happenings!