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  • Hi everyone, there are so many positive things here. Congratulations to Mariet on your achievements! Buone vacanze Wendy!
    I thoroughly enjoyed going to see MM on his tour this week, Prof Taylor was also onstage for a short time and I even had my question read out that I’d submitted during the interval, so I came away feeling quite optimistic about my efforts.
    I’m sticking a bit this week, but it’s because I’m not at work and my routines are out of sync, plus I barely sit down at work. I replaced my digital scales and I’m glad I did a side-by-side comparison – “gained” 0.6 pounds in 5 seconds! I’ll just absorb it into my data, but it looks like a gain today when I know it really isn’t, phew!

  • Hi Skittle, thought I had found it for you but turns out to be one from Woodieduck. I then typed your name into the search engine and no such post came up. What sometimes happens is that when someone finishes writing a post they click on the back arrow at the top left of the page. This takes you back to where you were BEFORE you wrote the post so – in the space continuum or whatever – your post never existed. To get it to stick you have to go back to the Forums button at the top of the page and click on anything. You can go to any place on the site i.e. Get Started etc as long as you dont touch the back button.

  • Skittle, posts sometimes disappear then reappear mysteriously. Onetowatch , come back !!

    I am in awe of Californiagirl and JGwen and their exercise regimes. I am very wary of weights as I had pevic floor surgery and have been told not to over do carrying heavy weights. I think that means kettle bells are out ! I do aqua gym and my exercise bike but can’t ever see me going to a gym. I reckon I could have a problem with muscle mas and tone at some point though. My flabby bingo wings are not pretty but my belly fat is shrinking.

    Are you feeling ok today Patricia1066? I will be walking a lot over the next week and it certainly helps when the sun shines.

    How is everyone doing ? Hi caronl ! I won’t be far away Allie !

  • Hi everyone and Happy Weekend ! I am on half term holiday !! I will be relying on my phone to check on the forum from tomorrow evening and will post as often as I can from the Bay of Naples πŸ˜‰ I will be leaving at just over 80kg ( that’ s a result for me !!) and intend to maintain . I will be targeting the fish/sea food options while hubby scoffs his Neapolitan pizza πŸ˜‰

    Welcome ahmed-1a. All the very best to you as you start out. I’m a big fan of fasting too and it is always a part of my Week.

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    Morning from France everyone. I am on holiday !!!! Oh bliss !!! This stretch at school has been challenging but it always gets easier as Spring arrives. We are off to Naples tomorrow for a Week but I will be checking the forum on my phone and posting when I can.

    I am now officially 80 kilos and a bit which is nice !! I don’t intend to eat any Napolitan pizza ( O/h definitely will !) so I will check out the fish/sea food options and maintain hopefully. So looking forward to discovering a new place and having a break from school reports !
    Lots of gardening positives. That is hubby’s domain here . I just reap the benefits of his veggie garden πŸ˜‰

    Duckie you have been very active and productive as usual ! Sun gets me motivated to spring clean. Need to get organised for tomorrow so we can come back to a tidy house ! I can leave my work dresses behind and pack comfy shoes and trousers.
    Have a great weekend everyone

  • Oh sunshine-girl, your daughter has been through the mill, I hope she is recovering well from the op.
    You and JGwen are so ambitious on your health and activity level, I have been a bit low par this week, nothing but a few walks to do shopping.

    I tried to skip breakfast, managed twice but had nothing to spare for exercise.
    I checked fatsecret which shows my potassium over last two weeks are far lower than rdi.

    Yesterday and today I had breakfast, had a smoothie with combination of almond milk, lemon juice, half an avocado, spinach leaves and mint that gives me a third of my requirements. That and 2 boiled eggs comes to 290 calories, 15 carbs.
    Feeling better, going to go out for a long walk today.

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    Hi five/six turkeys. Thanks for the warning. I tried the wild garlic in a pot last year and it failed miserably. So I’m taking the risk……. I have quite a small garden by UK standards, so the damage should be limited. Watch this space!! Actually as I write this, I suppose I should also think of the neighbours…….! Maybe a rethink….

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    I have just weighed & have lost 7lbs! that is one pound short of my gain but I feel very pleased that I am back on track.
    Sonia thank you for your posts & do keep going because you have had such a good result & I am sure your next diabetic check will be fine.
    Jennie I’m so sorry to hear of illness in your family & that you are all going through a tough the at the moment. I hope things are getting a little better now?
    Today our son is bringing our youngest granddaughter to lunch so it’s roast chicken for lunch & then he’s dashing back home to watch the rugbyπŸ˜‚
    Onwards we go & I am trying to get my calories down to 800 & did an enormous shop yesterday including some fruit & herb teas!
    On I go
    Margaret xx

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    Stilltrying . . .? youre most welcome πŸ™‚ The wordsmith within says Im glad youre still trying . . . show resolve and determination . . . but even more so on a positive note . . . you are actually/still “doing”! and need to just simply keep doing πŸ™‚ Its easier than trying! Hugs and good luck! We are all here urging you on πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  • Hi Sarah! Welcome aboard! And good on yu for aaking for assistance. There are loads of kind friendly people to help πŸ™‚ My suggestion to answer your question for tips is . . . . . . go through the list of permitted foods and write down what you like . . . that becomes your shopping list. Prepare your meals from that list . . . adding spices etc as desired. Right up front, do your best, to be close, but dont get too hung up on counting measuring weighing EXACTLY . . . – (unless that is how you operate best πŸ™‚ ) Get into the swing of things first, then tweak to suit your individuality πŸ™‚ I checked on line asking google . . “What does 100grms of (grams) look like?” Most tubs and containers say 500 grams or 250 grms . . . so thats easy . . . be careful of fruit . . . and basically above ground vege (with a few exceptions) are good and most below ground are no no’s or restricted. Proteins are all good . . . and fats need a little more attention to calories. Add the best amount of water you can manage and your all good to go! Its a fun ride not a chore . . . not a diet persay . . . but a new way of eating. All the best to you and we are here to help and support ALL THE WAY! Im the Cheer Leader and we have boppy music and knees up practice at 10am any morning you feel like it! Wave your pom poms as well . . . or if none at hand your teatowels! Here’s a bunch of my dried Lavender to welcome you to the forum πŸ™‚ Quack. Quack.

  • I came across a podcast which raises some thought provoking ideas on the importance of feast / famine to keep the body guessing. I have posted a link on the take a look at this thread. If you scroll down the page slightly you can find a list of the timing of different discussions on the podcast. I took some of the guys ideas with a pinch of salt, – but its interesting that there are a team of doctors running self experiments on different eating protocols and comparing results.

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    Good Saturday afternoon from downunder everyone.
    My positives! hmmm well . . . maybe a bit mundane . . BUT finally found the headspace from renewed mojo – (which after the heady elation of the successful endo visit – took a a pendalum swing and is now evening out again – THANKFULLY!!!)
    1. Found some ailing potted plants at a local nursery yesterday and have rehoused them in my (soon to be Autumn) garden . . . two should be ongoing for a while . . . (hardy happy gazanias!) – and the other two were rescued as they drew a nostalgic trip back to my nan’s garden . . . purple salvia – and tiny flowers like velvet. As children we girls used to strip the flowers from the stem and lovingly share a handful of “fairy flowers of deep purple velvet” – leaving the bush stems bare!! much to the disdain of nan! By the looks of the pictures, they could well finish up as low shrubs which would be a lovely compliment to my lavender bushes.
    2. FINALLY got around to tidying my car’s interior . . . (simply because I look like having a passenger for an outing!) As I normally live/drive/socialise alone, a collection of “stuff” usually accompanies me on that seat for convenience. Looks kinda bare now!
    3. Rearranged the freezer contents . . . have like things on the same shelf now rather than higgeldy piggeldy is a great move forward πŸ™‚
    4. Sewing, mending, ironing, all done . . . bathroom cleaned, laundry dry and away, plants watered and its only mid afternoon Saturday . . . so commencing with a nice creamy coffee – I think – a nice relaxing (rest of the weekend) can begin!!! And I wish the same to you all πŸ™‚ Quack Quack!!!

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    Hi there 8weeksof800! I know the feeling of waiting for that all important drop in the HbA1c . . . I have received two in the past 8 months! It was elation day when they were received! I hope you have that joy as well πŸ™‚ Quack. Quack.

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    Hi Claudia – I’m not subscribed to the online plan, I couldn’t see any value in it. For me the missing piece was some support and fellow travellers, so I posted here. If you post your question on the weekly thread you will probably get more replies πŸ™‚
    Thanks re the 10kg – I’m feeling really frustrated because while it’s great I’m sort of “back to base camp” as I’m now pre baby weight which I wasn’t too happy with. So it’s great to have lost the extra, but now I think begins the real slog to get my body down from a weight it has always seemed very happy to be -no matter what I ate or drank – a lot or a little – it never moved up or down on the scales. Now we shall see…

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    Hi Allie. I did wonder if you had gone a bit quiet – glad it was just IT issues!
    Some positives:
    1) I have had a good day foodwise, and am heading for bed before resolve weakens. For unknown reasons, I really went off the rails this week. So have given myself a good talking to and have got back on the wagon.
    2) Have assembled pots, compost etc ready to start a garden on our top balcony. All this talk of declining insect populations has led me to make the most of the sunny spots!
    3) Had a good natter with a close friend today, who kindly brought some wild garlic with her. That has gone straight in the garden. I love a few leaves in salads for a bit of a kick!

    Have a good weekend one and all. And Wendy have a lovely time in Naples. Bella Italia! Good Luck JGwen with the weights. I am in awe.

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    Allie, re plants/shade, have you looked at Heucheras? I love the zingy green foliage colour available in some examplars and these deliver in tidy shade loving plants.

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    Hello, friends! I’ve been limping along with only one device useable for posting, so it feels like I’ve been bound
    and gagged for awhile…O/H have been trying to “share”, but it feels like I’m getting the short end of that stick πŸ™‚
    At least I can keep up with all the news on an old laptop that is useless for everything but basic internet reading…
    Positive #1 is a window of opportunity tomorrow to have my laptop diagnosed at last! Anything is better than this
    state of limbo…
    Sunny, my imagination is working overtime, imagining 11 phaleonopsis in bloom at one time! It must look like a swarm
    of orchid pink and white butterflies fluttering at the windowsill…Beautiful! I would love to finally make arrangements
    for some skype time, and Kazz has once again kindly offered us the use of her dedicated BSD email address on which
    to exchange addresses. If you use it to forward your email address, she will forward it to me, and then I will
    happily contact you, and we will finally be ready to meet! That sounds like positive #2 for me πŸ™‚

    Spring won’t be making its presence known here until April, but I’ve amused myself today looking through garden
    catalogs, making lists of perrenials that I plan to use in my balcony planters this year. With the exception of
    an hour and a half of full sun between 2:30 and 4:00, the remainder of the time there is shade, so I’m focusing
    on contrasting textures and leaf shapes, with a few spots of brightly colored shade annuals tucked in. Far less
    dramatic than vibrant geraniums and petunias, but Mother Nature is ultimately in charge, and best to work with
    her than fight her πŸ™‚ Are any of you familiar with the large aubergine leaves of the Oxalis plant? I like the idea of
    pairing it with the lime green stems of Asparagus fern. In terms of fresh herbs, I may have to satisfy myself
    with a single pot of mint!

    Wishing you all a mild, sunny weekend πŸ™‚

    Oh yes, Kazzi’s address:

  • I have finished my first week. Amazing results, I’m quite surprised by the energy I have every day. I can see that our bodies like working on Ketones. I wake up immediately when the alarm goes off. I don’t if other people are experiencing the same. I only have two meals every day. Although I’m overweight I’m used to fasting, so I decided to start with the maximum fasting window suggested in the book Fast 800. Eating between 12pm and 8pm only. Two days of the past week I delayed my first meal, and I ended up only eating one meal on those days of about 350 Kcal only because I felt full for the rest of time. I know approximately what my weight was before I started, I don’t record my weight because I want to keep it a surprise. My colleagues at work have noticed a difference on my face (: which is a great sign.

  • Hello Manda, and welcome to the community! There are many very experienced BSDers here, and we are always
    delighted to make suggestions and share our experiences with anyone who will listen to us! πŸ™‚ If you feel comfortable
    sharing a bit more information about how you are doing the BSD, i.e., what your meal plan looks like, whether or
    not you are weighing and measuring and counting calories and even more importantly, carbs, we’d be in
    a better position to consider how to advise you. There are so many variables to consider, it’s rather like driving
    with a blindfold on, it would only be speculation, and of no real value to you. By far, most people feel fantastic
    and full of energy when they are fat adapted. It is a fact of life that all men lose weight at a faster rate than women
    do. Our hormones are responsible for this, I think, so please don’t compare your losses to your husband’s πŸ™‚ Another
    question that I have is how much water you are drinking each day? Lastly, what were your expectations in terms
    of your goals when you made the great decision to follow this way of life?

    The very best to you, Manda. This is a caring and kind community without judgement, and we’d be so very happy
    to help you diagnose what needs to be changed for you to know the success that so many of us have enjoyed.
    I hope to hear more from you!


  • Hi Manda. I think it is generally accepted that men may generally discard weight more “easily” than women, and that’s just down to basic genetics. So don’t compare yourself with him. If you are are losing weight, however slow you see it, then that is great (although you don’t give much away re starting point/where you are now). I think the general consensus on here both from those who are vastly more experienced but also me after just a few weeks, is that after initial carb flu, which not everyone gets, feelings of general wellness increase. I’ve “only” discarded ard 7 kgs since 6 Jan, which is actually not that bad at all, but inches have gone in addition, and my hips no longer ache every time I stand up – it can’t be the lesser weight load, because it is not that huge, I think it must be that what I eating before led to inflammation. I don’t know if your diagnosis might have picked up something else, or what other dynamics might be in play in your life, at home or at work, in terms of what you have to manage day to day. Or hormones (I remember those from my pre-menopause days)? Sorry you feel down. But please look out for other posts – which will come!

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    I started the BSD with my husband 5 weeks ago and he is loosing weight and feeling good. However I am loosing weight at a slower rate and am loosing energy every day, I feel tired and grumpy all the time and loosing motivation for everything. My husband did need to loose more weight than me but I have been diagnosed as prediabetic. Can anyone shed some light on what is happening to me?
    Thanks Manda

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    The psoriasis hasn’t massively improved – but I have much less joint pain. The tinnitus is pretty similar to before. –
    However I am looking forward to knowing if my all important HGB AC1 test changes positively!

  • Well done JGwen, I will be interested in how it goes. I have been trying to increase general muscle mass but seem to have gone the wrong way. I had it measured in September, then set about doing some arm weights, checked in December and had actually lost a small amount of mass. My doctor said it was because I was no longer swimming (winter months) and as I has started doing yoga, was not doing any heavier aerobic exercise. I thought yoga would be good for me but apparently not good enough. I am back doing a full 50 min full body aerobic session 3 times a week, arm weights 3 times and yoga once a week. Will find out in April if there has been any improvement. I must say that at 66 I dont expect the bingo wings to fly away but want an overall improvement.

  • Thanks for that info CaliforniaGirl,
    The local university is doing a study with women in the 50 to 65 age range to assess the benefits of doing weight training. – The study involves them doing a complete assessment of each person taking part, then one group does one supervised weight based workout a week for 3 months while the control doesn’t. Then they repeat the assessment to look for changes, and then they rerun the assessment 3 months later.
    I only heard they were looking for participants this morning so sent them an email, and have already been accepted on the research program. – People get to choose if they are on the workout or no workout program. – I have chosen to be on the workout program.

  • Thank you so much, Julia! Your fat summary is reassuring to hear, because we have been following the same
    research and guidelines here at home! Are you digging out from those 20 feet of snow? The reservoirs will
    certainly be full this year! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You must only take your skiis off to sleep! xxx

  • Hi JGwen, I’m responding to your weight lifting/muscle building question. I definitely GAINED muscle while I did the 800 for five months. Here’s my suggestions for success:
    1.) prioritize protein β€” increase your intake to 1.2-1.6 grams protein per pound of ACTUAL body weight. I know this is more than we usually do but it is necessary for muscle building. This is Dr Bikmans recommendation.
    2.) work out with challenging weights β€” you need to be pushing the muscle and so you can’t do small weights and properly challenge the muscle. Use weights that are β€œchallenging” for you and increase as you improve.
    3.) work SLOWLY β€” muscle work should be slow for best growth, too fast and you will β€œtone” but not build as much
    4.) 2-3 days per week is sufficient to gain muscle β€” the days in between are recovery days so you can work hard on workout days. You should feel the muscle (a bit sore) but if it hurts, back off, use lighter weights and just take time to build up.
    5.) do not expect immediate results. It will take about 12 weeks to get a response but if you keep it up, you will definitely get muscle growth.

  • Good morning from California! I like the discussion about fats β€” I thought you might like the research on them β€” I like Dr Perlmutters (US board-certified neurologist) books, Grain Brain and The Grain Brain cookbook so I just looked up his comments β€” (this is from the cookbook)
    Dietary fat is super-fuel for your brain.
    In the US, brain related diseases have increased almost 100% in women and 66% in men. A study reported in the highly-respected New England Journal of Medicine followed adults on different diets β€” low fat, low carb and Mediterranean. The low carb and Med diets had the highest levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and lowest levels of triglycerides (bad cholesterol).
    More importantly the bio-marker C-reactive protein, which is a marker for inflammation, was SIZEABLY (his emphasis) lower in the high fat low carb group.
    Another study at Mayo Clinic (highly regarded) showed dementia reduced 44% on a high fat diet. People with a high carb diet had 89% INCREASED risk for dementia.
    So fat is our friend! But only these good fats:
    Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (no chemical extraction)
    Pasture fed Butter
    Walnut oil
    Coconut oil

    You can use butter and olive oil together which raises the smoking point of the butter (your grandmother was right). Ghee doesn’t burn because the milk solids are removed (you can make your own ghee).
    I don’t think rapeseed oil is considered that healthy β€” I have read it is inflammatory but maybe there is more research on it?
    You want fats that are rich in brain-healthy omega-3 fats, not omega-6 fats which actually cause inflammation.
    So, eggs, butter and other yummy fatsβ€” good! I know fat is high in calories but it’s a good way to use your daily calories!

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    Another update…I am now 11st 11lbs, still 20lbs to go but losing about half a pound a day, unless I waver and have a sneaky glass or two or red. Dropped nearly two dress sizes and lost 5″ from my waist. i also find my weight loss slows when I fail to drink my litre or two of water. I don’t eat any more, so I don’t know why. I am on holiday for two weeks and going somewhere, where rice is staple. I’ll do my best but will get back on it as soon as I return. Best of luck with the tour.

  • Hey there Reducia πŸ™‚ So glad you like the coffee . . . variations are so nice for a change : And as our taste buds change . . . it seems so luxurious πŸ™‚ No sweeteners for me any more πŸ™‚ IN fact when Im out and have a coffee . . . its kinda dull in comparison! Maybe I can ask they put it on a menu . . . AND I wish more eateries would cater for our WoE. Yes whole we can usually find SOMETHING . . . it would just be nice to have a choice of two or three dishes, rather than leave half a meal πŸ™ To every one, good health, speedy recoveries, relaxation after life’s hurdles and curve balls . . . gathering/regaining of one’s self respect, joy and acceptance of what our bodies are delivering πŸ™‚ Quack. Quack.

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    Is there such a thing as a superfood. From the conclusion at the end of the course, the answer is no. There is no one food that has miraculous or medicinal properties. None will extend your life or give you wrinkle free skin. However, there are foods that are good for you. Foods full of antioxidants and flavonoids. A diet which includes such foods will be a healthier diet, however, eating more will not be even healthier and could have the opposite effect. For example, you can overdose on good nutrients so my husband has a current fad for oranges/satsumas/mandarins. He thinks because they are good for him he should eat 2 or 3 a day. He now has a build up of uric acid in the blood which can counter the good effects of flavonoids i.e. softening of the blood vessels from flavonoids, the increased rigidity of the vessels from the uric acid. In other words BALANCE is the key.

    I would say if you normally have cake after lunch and change to an apple or orange, common sense will tell you it is better for you. Eating goji berries or chia seeds is no better than eating raspberries or walnuts. So the superfood nutrients we pay a fortune for are readily available in spinach, kale, broccoli, berry fruits etc. Just try to eat a balanced diet of healthy foods.

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    Ziggy the idea of 5:2 is you eat normal for 5 days and fast for 2. What is normal might be still doing 800 cals and then eating nothing or very lightly on 2. Or it could be you eat what ever you like for 5 days but lets be sensible, not cake and pies, and then drop to 800 on the 2 fast days. As JGwen says you can do whatever suits you in whatever combination. Time restricted eating is becoming very popular as you can eat normally but just within a window. I am new to this (not the BSD being doing that for 3 years) so I am going to try 12/12. I am retired so will eat breakfast at 9.30am, lunch at 1.30pm and dinner at 7.30pm – then I have a snack at 9.30pm and nothing else. The theory is that because the body goes through a short period of semi starvation it starts to use up its reserves of fat quicker. The shorter the period of eating the better but, as I said, I am new. The book by DrM the Fast 800 is very good at explaining this and the many benefits.

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on feeling sweaty and bit light headed?
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    It could also be that your blood glucose has dropped quite low. If you are diabetic then you should know what to do or I would hope so, if you are not then dont worry as it will pass or treat as JGwen says.

  • posted by  JGwen on feeling sweaty and bit light headed?
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    When you are eating low carb your body releases fluid stored, which means that salt is also released. – Many people find they need to take in extra salt, just a pinch of salt helps prevent the carb flu that people can experience.

  • Oh Mariet, all of your news is so encouraging! A 2 year anniversary here is a BIG event, and I’m
    just delighted for you πŸ™‚ Be sure to post it on “Positives…”, too! It’s so nice to have you back.

    Hi, Caron!

    Patricia, your Mother is correct about butter added to olive oil. When I run out of avocado
    oil, I do the butter and oil trick, too!

    Wishing everyone a mild, sunny weekend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Have a fabulous week in Naples, Wendy! We will all miss you xxx

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    Good morning, lovely ladies! What fine progress, Mirella and Sixturkeys! Perhaps it’s time to
    invest in a packet of safety pins? πŸ™‚ I’ll do my best to add a few thoughts about carbs…They
    really are the linchpin that makes weight loss happen, and probably confusion about counting
    them is the biggest part of the learning curve that we must all get our heads around when it’s
    early days. The “quest” is to get our bodies “fat adapted”, where we are burning stored fat for
    fuel/energy. Some people manage this on <50g carbs per day, and others have to go as low
    as <20g. , and it’s known as ketosis. Carbs hide everywhere, and a zero carb diet is only possible
    if we only consume meat/fish and fat…Mirella, a glass of wine is 3.8-4g of carbs per glass, for
    example. Using one of the apps to count carbs and calories, is a really useful tool to learn the
    values of everything we eat and drink. Fruit is quite high, which is a real surprise to many of
    us! Plateaus can really be frustrating, but the usual remedy is to drop your carbs lower. Weighing
    and measuring everything is necessary to establish a baseline for yourself, and then you can
    tweak things as you see how insulin resistant you might be…I hope this helps πŸ™‚ Shout out with
    any questions or concerns you might have, and one of us will find you! Have a great weekend!