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  • Oh ladies, you are such gossip hungry mares!
    Ok, so confession time, I did appear to have another cougar moment 🤣🤣🤣 It’s so bloody good for the ego quite frankly!

    As for leg, it’s still bad. It’s like walking as though I’ve had a stroke. It gets heavy and clumpy when I’m fatigued or stressed. Funny, it was pretty good in Ireland, so maybe I’m just allergic to work…. Exercise definitely helps, much as I loathe making the effort, once I do it, I feel great. First day back at work was genuinely horrendous and this time last year I would have been in the off licence. This week I went for a swim and then treated myself to a coffee with cream. BSD truly has changed and saved my life.

    CT scan next Wednesday. They are looking to see if adenoma has grown and then I guess the decision will be taken about it coming out. I have neurologist for manky leg in May and back to Endocrinologist in June. Wonder if I will get a hospital loyalty bonus at this rate? Will update you all as I get news.

    Mary! Whoop whoop, I’m so chuffed for you with hitting such a major milestone. I’m proud of all of us xxx

  • Thank you Allie for your helpful response! I was worried you’d all thing I was a BSD idiot and banish me!!

    JGwen – sorry should have included the numbers, though they don’t mean much to me!
    LDL 5.51 (should be 3 or under)
    Non HDL cholesterol 5.94 (should be 4 or under)
    Triglycerides 0.94 (normal)
    HDL 1.63 (normal)
    Cholesterol ratio 21.53% (normal)
    Cholesterol 7.57 (should be 5 or under)

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    Hi Gattina
    Curing pre diabetics from personal experience is just a temporary cessation of high blood sugars, I reversed my pre diabetes also symptoms of S.L.E. Using the fast 800 but due to including refined carbs again all my bloods reverted back again.
    Now I’m back on strict 800 my symptoms of SLE are abating again and in a few weeks my bloods should be reversed back again this time for life.
    I consider myself a carb addict and I never assume now I am cured, my monster appetite is always lurking to get switched back on again.
    In time it will be recognised how the anti inflammatory effects of this plan and the gut diet, are revolutionary
    I’m so relieved I found it and have all you guys to share it with 💃💃💃

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    Hi everyone today is day 1 of fast800 and so far so good…..I’m a type 2 diabetic and was wondering how many grams of carbs should I be aiming for…today I have stuck to just under 800 cals with 48g carbs is this about right??

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    Hello everyone been quiet for a couple of days as it is rather hectic with building work in the house. But going ok – meals working out and increased my water consumption. One pound down and hoping I see another. Good to read everyone’s posts and interested in the 101 ways with cauliflower 😉

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    Thank you Tilly. Well done on the steps…and good that that it’s spritzers not pure wine. You will be fine, you know what to do…we have been on here long enough haven’t we?

    Enjoy the sun. Keep well.

    lots of love
    Nonna Mary

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    Well done nonna Mary! What an achievement. KOKO and things sort out eventually. I have no way of weighing this week but I am soaking up the sun and walking lots 18500 steps yesterday. A record! Had some wine (spritzers) and crisps/nuts but not mega. Don’t think I’ll gain a lot but don’t think I’ll be lose any either!
    LeeLee so glad you enjoyed Galway. you didnt mention either your admirers or your leg so just wondering if they’re both newsworthy??

    Hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine boost. KOKO. See you on the new thread for May.
    Tilly x

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    Thank you Mixnmatch. The strange thing is…I measure myself and my numbers haven’t moved since February! I must have a load of internal fat. I am happy to use NSVs whenever possible. I keep expecting my rings to become loose, after all I was 20 stone when they were bought, but they still fit really well. Not as snug, but nowhere needing resizing. I have had to adjust my watch 3 times…so I tend to lose in weird place. I am confident it will all work itself out.

    Leelee, how is your leg now? Any improvement?

    Nonna Mary

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    Fantastic news Nonna Mary, the reboot clearly did something good. Try tracking more mini-goals like the pounds that Allie mentioned, I used to track in pounds and kilos lost, going past milestones in pounds, stones and kilos, and of course the size related non scale victories, so the celebrations could keep coming (and more importantly the motivation to continue).

  • JGwen apparently the ratio of the two numbers is most important. I have always had a cholesterol level of 5.2 but since following this WOE it dropped down to mid 4’s. My last test showed it had gone back up to 5.2 but apparently the ratio between HDL and LDL was only 2.1 and anything less than 3 is good. Sure somebody will correct me if my figures are out. Anyway, my diabetic nurse was ecstatic with my cholesterol so maybe it’s not quite so simple as we’ve been led to believe in the past.

  • Hi!
    I started at the same time as Millie Moo and have also lost 6lbs.
    At the moment my life is up in the air with where I’m living and I can’t often get on the internet, so my posts may not be frequent but I’ll be sending ‘good luck vibes’ to you all!
    I probably need to lose 3 stone but would be happy with 2 stone. I joined SWorld recently and thought there was far too much food, more than I normally eat (i have insulin resistance and PCOS and have struggled with my weight all my life, could never eat the same as my friends without gaining weight rapidly) and sure enough I put on half to a pound of weight each week. Was advised to stick with it but after a month and gaining 5 lbs over that time, I dug out my old book about this diet. Started Sunday and am pleased I’ve lost the weight I put on at SW!
    I’d like to lose 10lbs over this month’s challenge to add to the 6 I’ve lost … good luck everyone, will check in here when I can! x

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    Hi Millie Moo and Pancita!
    I didn’t think I could get online til the weekend, but have cheekily popped into a cafe – for mineral water! – and have got online.
    Thanks for the tip about the yoghurt. I have bought some today! I guess I went with the Mullerlite because I know the calories and it is a bit of a sweet treat at the end of the day. I have got to work out how much of the Greek yoghurt I can have and stay within 800 calories.
    Well done on your loss Millie – I hopped on the scales this morning and was pleased to see I’ve lost 6lbs since Sunday. I have been just under 800 calories each day, but today may go slightly over as I’ve planned salmon for dinner which is a little higher in calories than my normal meals – but it says in the recipe book that it’s an average we’re looking for not an exact amount of calories so it should even out.


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    Oh, drat, was just checking whether any new posts had arrived while I was slowly tapping out my contribution. Managed to hit the back button which took me off the page – lost the lot😑
    Summarising, a couple of small dips, too small to be called a whoosh, I think. Tomorrow may be different. School holidays/Grandson/movie/burger lunch. A so called very low carb chickenburger (bun made from almond flour, coconut milk, egg etc). Checked nutrient panel online when home: 400cal, 20g carb, 18g fat, 39g protein. Wow. Didn’t it all, but still…. small salad for dinner tonight.
    Thanks for the reminder re the cauli thread Verano. Must re-check it for some ideas.
    BTW, it’s nice sharing a thread with KrysiaD again. Always valued your posts Krysia and your Blood Sugar readings look wonderful☺
    What an interesting conversation, Gattina, a real boost for you. JGwen, it’s good information and could well help. Luckily, my GP seems to be on side with the low cal but is silent about low carb.
    Good evening, one weekers, from this side of the world.

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    Hi Jillie
    That is a good idea – and I hope it helps. I didn’t see the letter in the Sunday times – what did it say?
    I have been working in healthcare for many years now – I’m not a healthcare professional myself but work with them – and what happens is that clinicians talk to other clinicians and rarely listen to guidance from lay people/patients. Getting lay representation on some of the projects I’ve worked on has been a battle as clinicians are only just beginning to see the value.
    Having said that – it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Your own practice is a good place to start and maybe linking in with the patient participation group as a way of identifying how your letter will be taken seriously and not just filed as a nice letter.
    Maybe talking to organisations such as the British Diatetic Association would also have value. It feels as thought there is a germ of something growing here – not sure what it is but let’s keep it alive…

  • Hi All – thanks to JGwen for looking into the science and the research.
    Gatinna – have harped on about a Tanzanite for some time so hopefully that’s what could be coming my way. The bracelet and charms is a lovely idea because I think we need to reward ourselves as an incentive – it doesn’t have to be jewellery it could be anything. It would be nice to hear how others have treated themselves. Overall I don’t need to lose too much about a stone and a half and maybe fingers crossed the half might be gone this week, but it’s still a challange and impressed with all those ladies out there who have lost loads. Xx

  • Hi Nicola12,
    I was reading about cholesterol this morning, on my fathers side of the family all the males in the last 3 generations died of heart attacks when they were in their late 50’s. Could you supply a little more information – the numbers for HDL and LDL levels?

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    Hi Gattina,
    What an interesting conversation with that GP.
    I have been wondering if there is anything that those of us who have found the benefits of this WoE can do to help others? I am getting within touching distance of my initial target weight which was the weight my GP recorded when I first joined that practice. They know I have been trying to fight the weight growth for years and the ups and downs from counting cals.
    I have been wondering if there would be any advantage in writing to them once I hit my target and including in the letter recommendations on the books including isbn numbers so that they can look into the principles further along with a copy of the most recent article in the Sunday Times reflecting that’s an idea gaining ground within the NHS. I finally came to the conclusion that it would make me feel good, and maybe it will help tip the balance.

  • Hi 4-weekers
    MtM – 1 inch loss is a great result. Our bodies do strange things sometimes, no idea why inches go but weight doesn’t but it does show this is working for you.
    Millie Moo – there are already lots of helpful posts on this thread and I can’t add to it. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I love the idea of a stone for a stone – I like your husband! Now… did he specify what kind of stone… 😉
    I tried to do something similar for myself – I like jewellery too so I bought myself a new charm bracelet and decided to add a new charm for every half stone I lost. I bought the bracelet and 5 charms. But sadly – my self sabotage got the better of me and I had to remove one of the charms – I’m looking forward to putting it back on – hopefully when I weigh-in next week. It acts as a visual reminder of what I’m doing every day as I wear it all the time. I felt rotten removing the charms so I’m glad I’m back on track.
    ClarinetCathy – thanks for sharing your story – it’s always good to hear from those who have been doing this a while. We all have our own journey but it is inspiring to hear how others have succeeded – those 4lbs will soon be gone. I’m a veggie too and a GP told me should give that up if I want to eat low carb – I’ve been vegetarian for 24 years – I don’t think I could eat meat/fish if I tried.
    Mylastrolo – sunshine in Scotland – good news. We all have days when we struggle – I’ve had 6 weeks of struggling! But back on track now – there really isn’t any value in feeling guilty. Sounds like you’re having a lovely day today – keep at it – you can do this 🙂

    I have a weekend away to look forward to – I’m going to an 80s themed party. I can’t wait. The menu is full of carbs but I’m just going to do my best and dance away any extra calories I eat. I’m very excited about it and can’t wait – I was a teenager in the 80s, so it’s my era 🙂 big hair, shoulder pads – what’s not to like 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your day all

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    Hi Gattina

    Thank you for giving me your thoughts. Staying on the 800 cals is an option, i would imagine staying away from carbs and following the 5:2 Med diet, it is difficult to increase you cal intake.


  • You are NOT foolish, Nicki! There is a profound learning curve to master with low carb, moderate protein and a healthy
    fat diet. My husband and I had very high chloesterol readings when we embarked on this WOE, and we were able to
    reverse that and reach optimal levels within 6 months. Wild fish, free range chicken breast for our proteins, as well as
    the elimination of all cheese (ouch!) seemed to be the changes that were the most beneficial for us. O/h has advanced
    coronary artery disease, so this fact was foremost in my mind when making changes. Research on eggs has reversed
    previous recommendations, and we continue to include them on most days. I’ve also seen research on the benefit of
    exercise. There is a lot of new thinking with respect to what actually causes elevated chloresterol, as well as the
    significance of HDL and LDL in the equation. We currently follow the advice of the cardiologist, who has told us “no
    processed meats”, so we are too afraid to experiment on this score. I’m sure that others will chime in with their
    advice, too. Good luck,


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    Hi all! I meant to join this at the start as I’m also in the 4 week thread. I’m aiming for around 2.5lb loss per week. At the start of this week I was 149.6lb, I’ve dropped a pound since then but didn’t have time to weigh myself again today! Fingers crossed for the rest of the week x

  • Mylastrolo – Sister – it’s out of the fridge and looking fabulous! – my advice would be to try and not have anything naughty in the fridge if poss. I have always been a great hooverer so training myself to throw away is difficult but did it last night and really tested the will power. Have made the tuna,butter bean salad for lunch then realised that the cal measurement was per portion ! so have divided it into 3 portions it was really tasty so I would recommend it. Because it is so warm (I’ m not complaining!) it is easier to drink the water so keep it flowing ladies and thank you to all you ‘Old timers’ – for your wisdom xx

  • Hi all, I’ve always found these threads super supportive and so today I’m looking for some help! I had some blood tests done and got the results yesterday, they’re all good except cholesterol. I was vegetarian (with periods of being vegan) for 12 years and only started eating meat again last summer. I’ve never really worries about cholesterol and this is the first time I’ve had it tested. I have searched the forums for cholesterol and have read a lot of posts.

    From reflecting on my own diet, I think I had completely missed the point about good v bad fat. I’ve been eating a lot of meat (making up for lost time!) and as long as I’ve been on target with calories and carbs, and eating lots of veggies, I haven’t given anything else much thought.

    What I think has been the problem is that I’m eating the fat on meat, and probably too much processed meat (sausages and bacon). I also need to start exercising whichbwas recommended to me with my results.

    I’m basically just looking for some clarification that I’m on the right track now. I have to say I feel pretty foolish for getting the whole ‘fat’ thing so wrong 🙁

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    Hi one-weekers – hope all are well
    Allie – your salad sounds nice. let me know how it turns out and I’ll give it a go.
    Verano – who knew there were 101 ways with cauliflower!? I’ll have to check out the thread. I’m sure that your top will help keep you focused – a clear out is always therapeutic – it can be so depressing wearing clothes that don’t fit properly, big or small.
    Krysia – Amazing readings for your blood glucose – proof that this woe does work at curing T2 diabetes.

    I’ve just had an interesting conversation with a GP – I work with healthcare professionals and I was concerned that he hadn’t gone to lunch with the others in his meeting. He explained that he rarely eats lunch and often tries to go from tea-time to tea-time only eating his tea. He’s from the north so his tea is my dinner 🙂
    He was singing the praises of eating a low carb diet and periods of fasting. He hadn’t heard of the bsd but when I explained the principles he recognized it was based on the Prof. Roy Taylor research and agreed it would cure diabetes. He used the word cure! I’ve always been reticent of using that word – in my mind you can’t cure diabetes only put it into remission but he definitely said cure!

    He was critical of organizations like the British Diatetic Association and Diabetes UK who have not changed their recommendations and still advise people to eat complex carbs at every meal. It’s so good to know things are slowly changing – there are people in the NHS who recognize the benefits. It’s just a shame things move so slowly that people who would benefit don’t have the information that would help them and it seems that it’s only by chance that they come across the MM book/Newcastle diet/Gary Taubes or any of the others advocating low carb eating.

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    JG, I am so impressed with your work ethic! You must be profoundly fit, and put this girl to shame 🙂 Happy news about
    the jodpurs, too. You painted such a wonderfully visual picture of the “pile” on your bedroom floor some months ago,
    and I’m thinking today that it must be all but gone now! The wonderful stone for a stone idea was brought to us by a
    new member, Milliemoo. I like it too 🙂 You better get to thinking about what kind of necklace would please you, because
    that day will dawn before you know it. I decided on a bottle of essence of rose fragrance to celebrate reaching my
    1 year anniversary, but haven’t had the opportunity to pick it up as of yet. I won’t be forgetting about it, however! Have
    you gotten all of the storm damage cleared away? Having roofs blow off and endangering your animals sounded so
    treacherous, especially the exposed nails….

    Verano, what a wonderful idea to reboot the cauliflower thread! I recently discovered some packages of pesto
    (without the cheese) in my freezer, and one packet added to cauli rice is delicious!



  • Hi all

    I struggled yesterday, not really sure why – but there I was hiding in the fridge eating. Why do I do this, I only end up feeling worse. And guilty which I do not like at all lol.

    Anyway today is a new day and the sun is finally shining in Scotland and that always makes me feel brighter. So I planned and prepped my meals today, so I could potter in the garden, and now I’m going to read in the sunshine. I will WI tomorrow even though I started Monday as I like Friday’s for WI day.

    And to have patience – I find this such good advice, as it took years to get to this weight therefore it won’t be lost in a short space of time. This I often forget.

    Enjoy your day😊

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    Positives for today.

    I spent yesterday filling pot holes in the drive, shovelling 3/4 of a ton of chippings and 8 bags of cement into the holes. – ably assisted first by the dog, who thought that running over the cement carrying a branch as a stick for me to throw would be something I wanted, followed by the cats deciding to come over to nag me that it was tea time. So plenty of options for grip for vehicles. 🙂

    I think I have sussed the cause of the emphasised whooshes for me, my tastes have changed and just recently I have been seeking out more salty food than normal. I think its just a balancing act as well moving from most fluid intake coming from coffee to adding soda water to the mix.

    I had thought that the very expensive jodhpurs I bought to celebrate progress on a previous calorie counting diet were going to be a waste of money because they wouldn’t fit and had ignored them. Having a clear out I just dusted them off, and actually they will fit. – Best get some wear out of them quick.

    I love the idea someone else mentioned of a stone for a stone. I am going to look for a nice necklace for my reward to myself for reaching my initial target which is just 1.8kg away now.

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    Allie – yes that exactly describes it – as though I am on an illicit drug or natural high – and it does feel really good. As well as the extra energy my brain feels as though it is working really well – it feels as though I am firing on all cylinders. I hadn’t thought that I must have gone into ketosis. Really good that there is no downside to it – not like there is to illicit drugs.

    Also – I think that the BSD book would definitely not have resonated with you in the same way as confirming the research in your own has done. You would probably have read the book and then continued to confirm the research in your own – so you actually did save time.

  • ClarinetCathy, your post today illustrates my point that old timers have so much to offer this community in terms of
    wisdom, knowledge and experience. Great post!! I couldn’t possibly agree more that this is a WOL, and not another
    diet 🙂 I’ve had 22 months to consider it all, and the conclusion I’ve reached is that what is “normal” eating eludes some
    of us, and there are also others who define “normal” as that which is normal for friends and family that are blessedly
    free from insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or diabetes issues. We have to find what the “new normal” is for
    us to be successful, and those tools are all readily available in MMosley’s books and on this forum. There is more
    than enough flexibility to suit any lifestyle with this WOE, and anything is possible 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Great day, all


  • This is the most positive I’ve felt for quite a few weeks! I am 100% focused on getting back to goal! Yesterday I drank four litres of water. This morning I have been for a very very long walk without any breakfast and my legs are actually aching. It is 65 days until my son gets married and I plan to be below goal weight for his wedding day. I have maintained my weight since November last year but slowly and surely the odd pound has crept on. When I saw that I was 4lb over goal I knew I had to go back to basics and hence have joined in with this challenge. Like many on here I am a strict vegetarian and although my weight loss wasn’t as fast as others, I did lose 3 stone in 11 months and that was without any exercise. My top tip for this way of eating is not to be inpatient with your weight loss. I often compared myself to others and felt disappointed when I didn’t have a loss on the scales. Often, the scales didn’t move but my clothes felt loose. As a dieter of 30 unsuccessful years with the usual WW and SW I can tell you that with patience this way of eating definitely works for those of us who have struggled to lose weight. I still weigh myself every morning and that keeps me in check. Good luck to everyone who is on this thread whether you are beginners to this way of eating or long timers who are still plodding on with our success, Patience is a virtue and I am a prime example of the tortoise who kept on going and did eventually reach the end. My journey was definitely slow. This is not a diet but a way of life now and that’s where so many of us went wrong over the years by thinking we could go back to “normal” once we had lost our weight and ended up even bigger.

    Thanks Allie for being our guru and inspiring us all on our journey.

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    I think facing reality can be a strong motivator, Luv, my “BSD zealot” friend! 🙂 We’ve found the answer to the eternal
    question, and that feels like a GRAND positive for me, too!

    It is CRAZY, Krysia! Leave it to me to always take “the long way round”…I could have saved so much research time if
    I had spotted this site first. However, since I’m not usually amenable to taking instruction, I don’t know if a weight
    loss book would have resonated with me in quite the same way as confirming the research on my own. You are
    doing great with the new low BSL reported on another thread. Congratulations! It sounds as if you are solidly in
    ketosis at the moment. All the extra energy would seem to confirm it. I know that that feels amazing! Enjoy it!
    Kind of like an illicit drug, or a natural high, don’t you agree? Best of all, there is no downside to it 🙂

    You’ve made fast work of dispatching your minimal holiday gain, V. Being in control of the mysteries of our
    bodies is a confident place to arrive at, and nothing short of life changing. And this is even before the monumental
    benefits to pre diabetes and T2D that you and Krysia have well in hand. Much respect for you both!!!


  • Good morning, everyone! Milliemoo and Amarella, we’ve all faced the dilemna of how to manage this WOE in a professional
    setting/social setting, not wanting to feel that “all eyes” are on us 🙂 I do agree with Verano (Hi V.!), most are too involved
    in conversation and what’s on their own plate to notice what may be on yours! “Food allergies” sometimes works, but
    “Antibiotics” is always a reliable standby, particularly when used to explain why you aren’t drinking. It may sound
    counter intuitive, but alcohol can cause some nasty surprises on the scales because it precipitates fluid retention. I
    did a very strict 10 months on the Fast800, and on the 2 holidays where I did drink wine, next weigh in showed a gain
    of 1.5 – 2lbs, and it took 5-7 days to shift. Basically, I had lost an entire week of progress each time! Lesson learned,
    and I didn’t do that again 🙂 🙂 🙂 Millie, I just love the concept of a stone for a stone! Having the support of loved
    ones makes a big difference. So much easier when you can just sweep the house clean of the “bad stuff”, par-
    ticularly when it’s early days. You are both already on the right track in bringing your concerns here, so try and
    enjoy the weekend, and most importantly, let us know how your strategies work for you!
    Sueblue, I’m very happy that you’ll be with us! You, too, clarinetcathy and greenjanet. These threads “sing” when
    more experienced BSDers participate in the 4 wk. challenges! Please forgive me if I’ve left anyone out, old timers
    or new members to our community. When I began this thread, I never imagined it would be this popular, but I’m
    very excited to see what we can accomplish together!
    Have a great day, all


  • Thanks great advice – fingers crossed!
    Kirstily I think the secret is to drink loads and also try just before you eat also try eating no later than 6pm if you can and eat slowly so your brain can catch up with the hunger pains. Also don’t lose heart it could be that your body is getting rid of the fat floating in your bloodstream before it moves onto the ‘hardcore stuff’. Keep at it and the weight will start to come off. X

  • Hi Millie Moo! I’m in the exact same position as I’m away on a work conference this weekend and also dreading it… I’m going with a few colleagues and really don’t want to discuss my eating/not eating with them.
    So far my plan of action is to skip breakfast both days and try to pick the least damaging options for lunch and dinner. Hoping at least lunch will be buffet style.

    Nothing to report here weight wise but will step on the scales tomorrow morning to check on the progress.

  • Millie Moo … don’t worry too much we are all very self conscious about this way of eating when we first start. Saying you don’t eat potatoes etc. often gets a response such as …. how can you live without bread, or potatoes or whatever…. but we all do! The reality is that most people are so engrossed in what they are eating and drinking themselves they won’t even notice that you are leaving anything on your plate. You can always ask not to be served potatoes or whatever if you don’t feel strong enough to push them to one side. This is a whole new way of eating/living just enjoy!

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    Had another really good day yesterday. The one week challenge really works for me and keeps me focused for the whole week and it looks much more likely that I will hit my 4 week goal this time.

    I am trying to get my head round what is happening to my blood sugars. Morning blood sugars 4.6 or lower and before meals around 4.3. After meals no higher than 5.5. They have never been so low – either on the BSD weight loss phase or since December 2016 when I started maintenance. Did the dropping calories and carbs kick start my pancreas to work more effectively, or after nearly 2 years of carbs most days staying below 30g has my pancreas been very slowly regenerating and is now suddenly working much more efficiently. I just don’t have a clue what is going on. It’s really weird.

    The other strange thing is that my energy levels have suddenly increased and I seem to have boundless energy. Very useful as work is particularly manic at the moment.

  • Dear All – some help needed here I am away this weekend of my first week on the challange and so far I feel really pleased 6lb off in 5 days ( I started on Sunday) I am now scared that I will put this weight back on – disaster! I am wondering whether to take my 0.5 litre drink bottle in my handbag so I can keep a tab on how much I drink – hope nobody thinks it’s all Vodka!! Can I sit there and pick at my food without appearing rude? It’s a corporate ‘do’ with my husband’s company so lots of food and drink. Any advice?
    I think this thread is fab – so motivational and emotional we are all on this journey together because losing weight is soooo hard, but as I look like an ‘Umpaloompa’ something needed to happen. My husband has been great and because I love jewellery he has promised me a ‘stone for a stone’ so really need to knuckle down and stick with this.
    Good luck all and have a great day! Xx

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    Well week 2 ended with just a 2lb loss for both of us, which is still very good, 13lb and 7lb over 2 weeks isn’t to be sniffed at. My BS is staying the same though, back into the mid 8’s again… still early days though, it’ll come down as I’m determined to reverse the diabetes before our trip to Cyprus in mid August.

  • Hi M2M
    I’m not participating in this challenge, having a bit of a rest, but just read your post. Don’t worry too much about being stuck, pretty much everyone experiences plateaus of some length or other. It’ll all come right in the end. Great news about the inch loss . My measurements are still the same as the last time I measured, but if and when they change I’ll post them on your thread.

    Hope you, and everyone else, has a great day. xx

  • Hello all – another beautiful day, Gattina, to keep us Brits encouraged!
    I have weighed the same since this time last week and am feeling a bit confused as I am doing what I can. I drink more than 3ltrs of water a day and can’t really see how I can do much more. I am really keen not to give up as I feel so unwell when I eat too many of the bad carbs.
    I did measure myself this morning and do seem to have lost an inch round my waist, nowhere else. Isn’t it strange how you can loose an inch but no weight? To make sure I measure seems to be my way of KOKO.
    Hope everyone is doing well xx

  • Hi Hollivale

    I have Type II diabetes and mine has also gone into remission through following the BSD. You don’t say how many grams of carbs you have each day but as Californiagirl and KrysiaD advise keeping the carbs as low as possible (I also keep <20g of carbs) seems to be a key element in getting your blood sugar levels down – that bit I picked up from others experience on this forum more than in the BSD book itself.

    I was also super strict on portion size and weighing out everything so I stuck rigidly to the 800 cals which meant I lost quite a bit of weight quickly (although I still had weight loss plateaus etc). Losing a stone already is great and 4ins off your waist is a great sign that your losing weight from the right area.

    When I first came on the Forum I read the thread started by Bill1954. (It’s called something like ‘This has to work’). If I recall he’d had diabetes for many years (maybe 20) and yet the BSD worked for him. If you haven’t read it already it’s worth a read, it’s quite inspirational, as is Captain Lynne’s story (another previous poster) and currently people like KrysiaD, Verano and sunshine-girl (and others). It does work but everyone’s different – it can just take a while.

    About when you go back to the GP, one tip from me is if you are in the UK it might be worth seeing if you can get online access to your medical records, which would include your Hba1c results. (Many GP practices offer this now and its fairly straightforward to do). I found it invaluable as you can see your Hba1c results before your GP/practice nurse appointment. It gives you time to consider the result and prepare what you want to say (and/or any questions you want to ask) when you see your GP or practice nurse.
    Best wishes – let us know how you go.
    Marie xx