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  • posted by  SueBlue on 2.1.2019 Weekly weigh in and motivation to self
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    How is everyone going? Well done on your smidge Magicbean, I’ve had a small loss too this week, 750g/1.65lb. At least the scales are moving in the right direction and I’m finally under 210 pounds. I use both kilos and pounds/stone because it helps keep me motivated. When I have small losses they can seem insignificant, but then I realise it’s moved me into a different stone bracket, or there’s a different starting number in kilos… My next mini goal is to get under 205lb, but along the way I’ll appreciate getting to say 208lb as that will mean I’m under 95kg; my weight would be 94. something – this probably sounds crazy 😜 but as I lose weight so slowly I need to do something to keep motivated!
    I managed an unintentional fast yesterday, no food between dinner at 6pm on Monday night until 2pm
    On Tuesday when I had breakfast instead of lunch, so it was about 20 hours. I just wasn’t hungry so thought it was silly to eat. Anyway we’ll see if it makes any difference on the scales. At the moment I’m mainly following a 14:10 pattern, but will try to do 16:8 on the weekend, it’s easier on non-work days. Off to make my lunch to take to work now, chicken salad. I had wanted to try some of the soups in the new book but with temps around 35-38 this week it’s jist too hot, definitely salad weather 🙂

  • Happy Birthday JGwen and really sorry to read that you’ve had a difficult time trying to deal with thoughtless comments from people. You’re such an inspiration to us all and it sounds to me as if you handled the difficult situation perfectly by biting your tongue.

    Enjoy a birthday cuddle with your lovely dog and know that you have a lot of friends here to support you. Have as much time as you need to get yourself in the right frame of mind and see you back here when you’re balanced and ready to join us for the next lap.

  • Happy birthday JGwen 🙂
    All this talk of snow is making me feel envious, it was 35 degrees here yesterday and more hot weather forecast for today. We have the Australia Day long weekend coming up this weekend and it’s going to be hot too. It makes it so difficult to do anything – all you can do is stay inside in front of the air conditioner!
    It’s the start of week 4 for me today on my BSD restart. I lost 750g (1.65lb) over the last week. Not a huge amount, but it all adds up !

  • posted by  Violinist on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    Yikes! You guys are actually looking for me? I am here and currently preoccupied with climbing blood pressure issues. I get all these forums in my email so am keeping up with all of your great progress. I have stalled, but am still on it. Trying to get happy hour completely out of my sights, which makes me want to eat instead. I WIIL BE DONE BY FEB 1 with this struggle for wine!!!

    I have had to go on bp meds and back and forth with doc and readings that won’t go down.

    You guys rock!!!

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    Yes, V. We have been wondering about Violinist . Hope you are well and can check in soon, Violinist.
    Julia/California girl is in New Zealand. Sigh …that sounds wonderful !! Hope you are having the time of your life, Julia !

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    NEE !
    Step away from the champers ! Pour it into a plant pot , take it to the loo with you, give it to the cat/dog/hamster. No, don’t do that but…..don’t drink it !

    You have had a magnificent start to BSD . It would be such a shame to hamper your progress . Maybe one drink won’t make a massive difference but it will stimulate your hunger for carbs.

    It’s easy for me to say as I can’ t handle alcohol but yes, get O/H on board so you won’t be put into a situation where you offend by refusing to share.

    Do you really want that glass of bubbly more than you want to be healthy ?

    Sending positive teetotal thoughts 😉

  • Alas, Redkidneybean_mama, the snow quickly turned to sleet/rain and that was the end of the promise of a magical winter wonderland (for now!) I suppose it is for the best when you have the practicalities of the school run and a rear wheel drive vehicle to consider 😄

  • posted by  alliecat on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    Day 1, and one full of new beginnings for us all. Wiping the slate clean is always full of promise! 🙂
    Sunny, we are always walking about in each others shoes…I’m still looking for extra wriggle room, too! Knowing
    you will be with us always fills me with good cheer. And I’m glad that you and O/H are now feeling more like yourselves!

    Butterlover, walking in the mall is something I used to do! We live in a new area now, but no reason why we can’t get
    more organized and return to this habit 3 x a week. Thank you for jogging my memory…I will do it!

    Wendy, the apron is all but gone now! Have another look in the mirror, and see what I see…It’s always hard to be
    anything but subjective about ourselves..I see only my defects too…But there is a totally different reality looking
    back at you from the mirror. Look more closely! xxx

  • posted by  Verano on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning JANUARY 15, 2019
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    Nee you have great advice from Allie and a real insight from sixturkeys! It’s happened, past, gone, draw a line and move over to the new thread. New week new start.
    Does your OH know what you are trying to do. If not tell him. If you don’t want to, and I didn’t for ages, then ask him to only bring champagne home for a celebration or maybe the weekend if you want to keep sharing.
    As a point of interest the liver will process alcohol before anything else so if you have alcohol then fat burning is literally left on the back burner. I don’t know all the science but I’m sure somebody else will fill in the gaps in my knowledge.
    Keep your eyes on the prize!

  • posted by  alliecat on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning JANUARY 15, 2019
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    Nee, 20lbs in 2 weeks is outstanding! I never ran at a monthly deficit of more than a stone a month, so really rather
    average, I think. You’ve succeeded at walking past the pub, but it’s harder when O/H brings the contraband into
    the house. We’ll have to come up with strategies for counteracting that! Have you shared with him your desire to
    leave the alcohol behind during this period of dedicated weight loss? I know you can do this 🙂 You will find much
    company here from those that were once in that place. Sadly, wine is a real impediment to consistent weight loss.
    There is no way around that reality, as much as we would like it to be otherwise! Just keep focusing on each new will get easier. Imagine that glass as containing liquid sugar…You don’t need it! xxx

  • posted by  sixturkeys on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning JANUARY 15, 2019
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    That’s strange, we seem to have two Nees on this thread. One who told me just a bit earlier not to beat myself up after I slipped up on the alcohol front, and another one who has just posted that she is doing exactly the same to herself. Fancy!

  • Hi Rogueone wow you do sound determined, good on you! I see what you mean about the eating window, mine is currently 10 hours-ish so I could bring it down to fewer gradually, see if that might help.
    Snow in Surrey sounds delightful! Hehe it is exciting and magical, probably not so magical for anyone doing a commute tomorrow!

  • posted by  Nee on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning JANUARY 15, 2019
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    Thank you Kazzuk!
    But I’ve faltered, himself brought home a bottle of champagne-and I shared. Still under carbs and calories but it’s a pattern with me-kinda feel like sabotage but that might be the champagne talking. I’m back in tho-not giving in.
    Help Allie, Wendleg, Verano

  • posted by  wendleg on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    aaaw don’t be grumpy for long, Nelliecat. We are always here for moral support. Being cold is not nice but it makes us appreciate the warmth of the sun so much more ! Who wants to live in a place where it is warm all year round ?? 😉 😉 Don’t answer that 😉

    You have been very productive ! Well done you !
    You have done well to prepare your cooking and keep on track/lose despite dealing with exam stress. Massive positives !

    Believe in yourself, Nelliecat.You did well in your mock exam !

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    Happy Birthday JGwen !!!
    Just do whatever feels right for you today. Hibernation mode in front of the fire sounds perfect to me !
    I hope you manage to find your personal strategy for dealing with rude males ( I assume it was male condescending behaviour that upset you ?)

    You are a true inspiration in your achievements and you are held in VERY HIGH REGARD on here .

  • posted by  Nelliecat on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Hi all, been lurking for the last week or so. Feeling the cold and am grumpy so really need to post positives. Sorry to not be so active, you’re all so lovely and your posts so helpful, I feel guilty not interacting more….

    Here goes…
    1. Lost a few lbs (feeling hungry though)
    2. Crocheting a lovely blanket and it’s now big enough to cover me which means while I’m working on it I can also keep warm!
    3. Batch cooked some dinners at the weekend and it is so great not to have to do everything from scratch every day. Only took a couple of hours and I managed to produce 4 dinners for 5 people and a load of soups 😊
    4. Step count has been good recently, although not today as have an exam this evening and have been poring over my books in preparation.

    Hope you’re all ok, you’re in my mind even if I don’t post often.

  • JGwen – A very Happy Birthday to you. I read what you wrote and I’m sorry your special day didn’t turn out as you had planned. When I want a non-food pick-me-up I think of perfume. Scent has such a powerful influence on mood and emotion. I have no idea if you like perfume as well or even if you live near London, but for me, one of the pleasures in life is spending hours in a perfume boutique. This is as far removed from the fragrance department of department store as you can get. One of my favourites in London is called Les Senteurs. This is perfume nirvana if you like niche fragrances. You can try any of their perfumes and they give free samples. It’s a wonderful place to learn about perfume as well.

    Red kidneybean_mama – I’m a newbie as well! I struggled with my weight loss on week 3, so hang in there. For me, I increased the time spent in the gym, ate within a 6 hour interval and that did the trick. I’m on week 4 and the weight is going down daily, but I work very hard for each 100g loss! (I’m sure the diet alone yields results as a lot of people here are testament to that).

    Ooh, a few snow flurries in my part of Surrey🙂

  • posted by  wendleg on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Oooh Mariet ! I am so envious .. my dream of having grandchildren, sigh !!! What a fabulous moment to anticipate and your being a midwife too ….! I would have loved to have made a career out of having children ! Love it ! I so admire your work.

    Good planning to have your op at this moment so you can snuggle your little grandchild !

    Glad you are feeling better SunnyB. I think I am immune many kids splutter and cough all over me at school !

    My positives? The weeks are flying by now the routine is established again. About a month to go before we go to Naples with trips to Procida and Sorrento planned.
    My 2 sons are both well and happy and that is a massive positive for me.
    It’s cold but I know that Spring is coming xx

  • posted by  SunnyB on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Oh Allie! I really feel for you, having to cope with such bitterly cold weather. Here it has been cold enough for me to light the log burner again today, but it’s no where near as cold as you are experiencing – really don’t think I could endure it. I am essentially cold blooded taking on the prevailing temp, which means warmth is really essential for me, preferably in the form of sunshine (hence SunnyB). While we were in Marrakech, OH told me that he can see I need the sun, as I’m a different person in warmer climes. Oh to feel the sun on my face … and I’m sure you that’s your sentiment right now too, Allie! So glad you still have power, as that is keeping you here with us, fingers crossed it stays that way and for higher temps tomorrow too.

    Mariet – well done on braving the surgery and I’m pleased you’re not in pain as a result. Hope that your grandchild puts in an appearance soon, so you get some time to get to know each other, before you have to go back to work.

    For our trip to India, we are travelling around Rajasthan, Verano – is that an area you are familiar with? When my folks went last year, their visit was around the Jaipur and Agra area, but we are also going to Jodhpur and Udaipur. We have an elephant sanctury, tiger safaris and leopard safaris on the itinerary, which I’m very excited about. It sounds like you have a wealth of travel memories to draw on, but I hope you will be able to make many more in the future, V.

    Positives from me today are ….
    1) Apart from a bit of a cough, I’m feeling almost back to normal and OH is recovered enough to go out and work again this morning.
    2) Have spent the morning compiling our village newsletter for February and just have a little tweaking to do, before printing it up.
    3) Grey, damp and miserable day today, but a cosy log fire and online friends to ‘chat’ with … that’s good enough for me!

    Keep posting your positives people!

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    It’s great reading that everyone is in a positive frame of mind whether continuing or starting out.This way of eating requires commitment and determination and we’ve got that !
    Welcome Ollie34 ! Stay with us .Those kilos will soon be history. Shout out if you need any advice. Allie wll take you by the hand. She has a special affinity with anyone who is looking to discard a lot of weight. I am adopting ‘discard’ too, thank you WoodDuckie !

    All the best Marsie .Are you looking for a target weight or maintaining ?

    Well done caron ! I think I can just about remember being 70kg ( 11 stone) I will see how I feel at 12 stone to start with .That is a stone plus away. I sometimes wonder if I will recognise myself when I am substantially lighter. I like the way my dresses look, for sure but what I will look like in a couple of months ?? I am still very attached to my pesky “apron” !!

    Keep going Nee. You have definitely got the right mind set ! Keep avoiding the pub 😉

    Interesting what you said about superfoods sunshine -girl. I must admit I am a bit gullible and easily seduced by the term ‘superfoods’ ! I hope my antioxidant rich green tea is as good for me as I think !

    You are determined too, Butterlover.I wish I coud motivate myself to get out walking but it’s too cold. I have re started aqua gym in a warm pool 😉

    SunnyB…I am also interested to read how people who are at target or close to target still need to be very vigilant. I can’t imagine ever going back to high carb, processed foods but I can see how it is easy to over indulge even on ‘healthy’ foods.I used to make the most stupendous smoothies with frozen banana, oats, almond milk, nut butter, berries and seeds and any other fruits I had to hand ! I was not losing weight…funny that 😉 😉
    It’s really good to see you back with us V and I hope your mobility is improving so you won’t be tetering precariously on the scales !

    I hope BSDers from last week’s thread come over to join us. We will be looking out for you !
    All the very best to one and all xx

  • posted by  SunnyB on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
    on in Fast 800

    Firstly, thanks to our powerhouse double act – Wendleg and Allie – for hosting this wonderful weekly thread again. Welcome to those new to the BSD and/or this thread and congrats to those who saw a loss last week and plan on building on that and to those not blessed with a loss last week, this is a new start and anything is possible.

    Just wanted to say that I will be on board properly again from tomorrow, when I can weigh in and provide a starting point. Last week was a disrupted and iffy one for me and I’m not expecting to see a loss on the scales tomorrow. I am hoping I will be on or close to target weight though, so that last week wasn’t a complete write off.

    As a plan going forward though, I plan to take it back to basics, weighing, measuring and recording all consumed. Have been coasting too long and I want to get serious about getting back that lost wriggle room again.

    Here’s to a great BSD week for one and all ….

  • What a wonderful thread the “road trip” is turning out to be! Thank you, Kazz 🙂 I see we have another kaz as well.
    Welcome, and best to you!

    JGwen, I simply had to stop by and wish you a wonderful birthday! It must look entirely different to you from
    Jan. 22, 2018 🙂 I remember when you first joined us last year, and you’re now in a completely different place,
    having discarded in the vicinity of 100lbs. We are so completely overjoyed to celebrate your successes with you,
    and to see what your next year will bring. I see you riding in competition looming large on the horizon..How
    exciting! Happy Happy Birthday!


  • posted by  SunnyB on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning JANUARY 15, 2019
    on in Fast 800

    Some brilliant results being posted – Nee, simply amazing and well done to SG and ST to – every loss is a loss to be celebrated! I have no idea where I am weight wise, as the battery in my scales gave up a few days ago and I’ve only felt well enough today to do anything about that. So, my weigh in will have to be tomorrow morning now. I’m not expecting a loss, but as long as I’m on or around target weight I’ll take it. Will report back tomorrow and move over to the new thread.

    Best wishes to all for another good BSD week.

  • Hi Kaz62 – well done on a 2 lb loss! Glad we’ve been spared so far but I know it’s only a matter of time!
    Granny = thank you for missing me! 🙂
    Rose – don’t worry – dealing with unplanned things is just as important and all part of the learning curve. Main thing is to get back on track as soon as possible. I just focus on how good I feel regardless of my size and reducing inflammation is a big thing for me too.
    JGwen – happy birthday. Well, sounds like a box set and a real fire plus the dog to me! I had to look that word up! I agree, it is rude. I like WoodDuckie’s suggestion of typing it all out! You could even pound the keyboard – but not enough to damage it!
    Hi Redkidneybean-mama – welcome, welcome! Just shout out if you need to know anything. We’re all at different stages in our journey. That sounds like you are well on track – it’s quite common to experience a slow down as you approach week 3 – it’s just your body adjusting.
    Enjoy the rest of your day, morning, evening!

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
    on in Fast 800

    Started my Superfoods: Myths and Truth today. First quote ‘in scientific and medical terms there is no such thing as a superfood’. It is a marketing term used in the advertising industry. There are functional foods i.e. those that contain certain nutrients like berries contain antioxidants, foods containing iron etc. There is also a third category called nutraceuticals – manufactured food nutrients like vitamin C tablets, iron capsules. But, there is no such thing as a superfood.

  • posted by  Butterlover on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    HI Everyone.Im at 86.5 kg today and Im really wanting to do 2 weeks strictly on plan as per MMs new book. The last two days I have been recording and measuring. Trying to keep my carbs under 50.I met an inspiring lady today when I joined some local people to start a walking group.This lady lost 18kg since last september using weight watchers online program. I was impressed with her positive attitude.So I will be walking with this group a few times a week.Also wanted to suggest to anyone feeling cabin fever from cold or in my case 40 degree heat.Go to your local shopping mall and stroll .Start on one side and walk to the end on all directions. use stairs if there is any just keep moving at any pace for a while you feel much better and comfortable in airconditioning/heating.Have a great week

  • posted by  Nee on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    Hi Ollie,
    I started at 133kg two weeks ago-on a hangover mind. I’ve lost 9kg and a bit so far. So it can be done but your no stranger to that. You have already dropped so much weight and kept it off, that is soooo encouraging.
    Stick to it, and keep reading the forum -it is essential for me, keeps me on track!


  • Hello JGwen! Im reading and feeling your frustrations and have a idea which I have fund to be very helpful. I KNOW there are time when we need to shut our mouths . . . it isnt feasible, possible nor appropriate to retaliate or respond and sometimes we just simply dont have the words at our disposal to deliver – masking whatever fear may be driving it. So thats when I head for my keyboard!!! I WRITE it all down in a word doc . . . dont re-read it . . . and then delete it! It EXPRESSES ALL we need to offload and hurts no one. BUT it sure eases the stress we are feeling. Just a thought which may help and it cant hurt to give to a go 🙂 Thoughts are with you xxx

  • Hello everyone,
    Newbie here, I have been following this thread and you are all so positive I would love to join you. I have been following the 800diet for 2 weeks now and lost about 4.5kgs but it seems to be slowing down for no foreseeable reason even though I’m following the plan. I have already done this diet about 3 years ago with a lot of success and now this time round I need it to work well again – I have about 30kgs to lose in total which is masses!

  • Hi everyone, I am planning to be back after having been missing in action for a little while as well. – I have been reading the new posts on the forum every day, but was busy over the festive season with work and then had a period of not being in the right head space to reply. – I have been going through the process of trying to deal with emotions without my usual self comforting routine of shutting out the world for a period by curling up under a blanket with the dog beside me and either binge watching TV or reading combined with a carb fest. –

    I have been quite frustrated by a number of mansplaining experiences recently. Without shutting myself away for a few hours with carbs after each one so I don’t feel as stressed, its been harder to respond. Its taken days of playing over and over in my head what I would like to say in private so that the steam isn’t coming out of my ears and I feel balanced again.

    I think its a stage I need to go through in my journey, to build into my life alternatives to comfort eating, as well as working out some standard phrases / scripts that I can fall back on in the future. – It me it is plain rude to start a conversation off by telling someone they are wrong to have decided on X rather than Y. The polite option is to assume they had made their decision for a reason, and to explore how much background knowledge they have and why they reached that decision before putting forward your suggestions for an alternative.

    Hi Kazz, its snowing here. Its my birthday and I had decided to take some time for myself. I was planning to spend part of today treating myself to a trip to the gym and a wander around the shops in town. Its been snowing steadily for a couple of hours so will drop that idea.

  • posted by  Jennie10 on TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ……
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    Thankyou SSB – that’s interesting. It’s really helpful to hear your thoughts. I also debated whether to buy it. I do like the way he writes and it would be the new science I’d also be interested in. But, then I decided to see him live – a different experience for me.

    So, the book does sound like its worth buying – but I’ll now wait until its heavily discounted I think!

  • posted by  Jennie10 on Dr MM Theatre Shows – Anyone Going?
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    Hi AuroraMagic,
    Just thought I’d let you know I’ve just booked a ticket for one of his February shows. I did hum and haa about it, but decided in the end to go. I’m going on my own and I get a concession ticket so the ticket was £23-ish. I hope people are able to ask questions at the end because I’d be interested to hear what people ask. Are you still thinking about going?

    By the way, I’ve just seen a review of the new book on Take A Look At This thread (by salty sea bird I think) and that was positive. Lots of new research – maybe that would have been the better option!!!

  • posted by  caronl on ONE WEEK AT A TIME – Beginning Jan. 22, 2019
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    Hello everyone Thank you Allie and Wendy for hosting again. And keep warm Allie! Sorry for being so quiet last week – I was lurking, and enjoying the posts and – in particular – Verano’s return home from hospital. Welcome Ollie and other newcomers.

    I can report a 1.1kg loss last week, so now have 2 kilos to go to get back to my lowest weight, achieved with BSD last year. Ever since my BSD-starting-anniversary in late October I have been wrestling with a pesky couple of kilos that have taken the glitter off my BSD discard (thanks WoodDucky for the new vocab). So I shall press on this week with the goal of losing a bit more, drinking lots of water, and going to bed earlier! My aim is to be back in the 71 kilos by the end of February – back to my lowest weight in over 30 years….
    Wishing everyone lots of success in your goals this week.

  • posted by  Nee on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning JANUARY 15, 2019
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    Thank you Verano!
    And Sixturkeys well done! Also great that your back on! Forget those 2 days, no point in adding guilt. The guilt after the drink is me all over and it is not worth it. Your doing excellent!