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  • Hi everyone ! I have been allowed back on the forum !!

    Welcome back Russianroulade !
    Great news about your son Margaret .We never stop worrying about our kids whatever age they are .Let’s hope this eases some stress on you too . Hopefully the antibiotocs will do the trick too . Never ignore our bodies and the messages they are trying to tell us !

    Yes, we are almost into March and Week 9 of the reset is beginning .I will set up a new monthly thread tomorrow . So if you need a new month to reboot this is the moment .However if you need a break that’s ok too .I wonder sometimes if the key is to just feel at peace with our food choices and way of eating so we don’t ‘ obsess’ all the time ? I understand what you are saying V … thinking about food all the time is not a healthy approach .Maybe just excluding any ultra/processed foods from the shopping trolley, eating whole foods and keeping as low carb as possible can be acceptable ? I do sometimes question when to include healthy grains and pulses which are a major ingredient in a plant based diet but I am avoiding them right now . Same with fruit but I am being disciplined there too … for now anyway ;

    I think it gets difficult to maintain motivation , especially if weight stalls, if the weather is gloomy , if we are not feeling well , if a life event throws us and I do agree it’s ok to have a break when times are tough . Our experiences are all different.We don’t all discard weight at the same rate. We have different amounts we want to lose, different stresses and struggles etc etc .

    The bottom line is don’t beat yourself up . Any small step is a victory xx

  • Well done everyone managing to keep on track. Well it’s a good day today for me because my son is starting his new job & I’ve finally jumped through the hoops of contacting my GP surgery, taking in a sample & having my UTI confirmed & starting my course of antibiotics. Don’t do what I did & hope spending loads of pennies & feeling slightly uncomfortable is nothing & will go away!
    I’m going to put February behind me & start afresh trying to lose some weight in March 🤞🤞
    Margaret xx

  • Evening all!
    Well, this week has been quite the struggle! Cold carried on from last week through most of the week and my breathing still isn’t back to normal, plus I have a head full of mucus – lovely!
    Trip away with work resulted in two days of utter alcohol and carb abomination and two days of my son’s birthday celebrations also wasn’t pretty (although they were at least alcohol free!) – so the week was two really dreadful days, three days of lowish carb but over calories and two days on track.
    Result this morning is 0.4lb gain, which I am more than happy with! The interesting point for me was that I didn’t just throw my hands in the air and land face first in a plate of toast with the usual ‘might as well, since the week is lost’ attitude. Even when I couldn’t stick to 800 cals due to feeling rough with a cold and lack of sleep, or being out with family, I still tried to choose low carb food and keep things as sensible as possible. It felt the natural choice, which is unusual for me, despite the number of years I’ve been trying to eat healthily. Something to ponder and see if it happens next time! Maybe if I don’t think about it too much and sneak up on the habit, it’ll stick!
    Just been for my first swim in two weeks and my instructor said he’d go easy on me – he didn’t have much choice as I appear to have lost all my fitness and stamina with this cold! I am absolutely shattered after just half an hour – 5k in eight weeks time looks bonkers right now! Still, I’m sure the fitness will come back – hopefully! I’ll do an hour or two on Thursday and assess from there.
    So, onward to week nine – and my husband’s birthday weekend; after this weekend I get a four week run until we visit family at Easter, so hoping to do as well as possible this week given probable meal out and booze, and then have a solid month!
    Good luck to everyone for this week; I always think that the time will pass regardless, so I might as well make the best use of it I can to head towards my goal – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I hope all goes well for everyone else 😊

  • Hi Russianroulade and welcome back.

    Well, what a week! Despite being away for a few days I’ve actually had a miniscule loss.

    After two months I’ve decided that note books aren’t working for me because I end up spending my whole day thinking about ‘food’. So, it’s back to the drawing board.

    Delighted for all of you who are still on track just keep on keeping on……. as s-g says.

    For any ‘waverers’ like me, tomorrow can either be ‘DAY 1’ or One day………

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    Welcome home Sunny!
    Sorry I’ve not posted more but such is life! So no thanks needed really I did a shabby job Sunny!

    🥂🍓🍉 lunch on Sunday with friends was ‘joyous’. So good to spend time with life-long friends.
    🌷🌷🌷 No daffodil emojis but mine are blooming beautifully. Outside the front of our home we have a patch of grass, very very small field, with some mature trees. We planted daffodils many years ago beneath one of the trees. Every year they flower and we know spring is just around the corner. Because it’s ‘common’ land everybody else gets to enjoy them too.

    Think that’s about it for me today. So glad you’re back Sunny to remind us to post!

  • Hi All …. I’ve occasionally viewed posts whilst away the last couple of weeks, but confess to not having kept abreast of all that’s been going on. However, I hope everyone is doing okay and managing to stick with it and “keep on keeping on”, as SG says.

    I climbed back on the wagon properly yesterday with a fast, broken today midafternoon. At weigh-in this morning (my usual weekly weigh-in day), my gain for the time I’ve been away is 5lb, but I think a big contributing factor is that the last few days were a bit carb heavy. Fingers crossed I can get things properly heading in the right direction again, now I’m getting back to a more normal routine.

    Will be paying more attention to the thread again and look forward to catching up on everyone’s progress.

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    SG and Verano, thank you for keeping the positives thread active whilst I’ve been away and taking a bit of a tech break.
    Figured it’s past time I contributed some positives, so here’s what I have at present…
    📝📝 while we were away, we got the final legal stuff for the villa completed …. has only taken 3yrs!
    🙂🥂 on our return to the UK, we had a couple of days with my folks and took them out for a meal to celebrate Mum’s birthday. Pleased to say they are both well and mobile.
    🥂🎉 went to eldest GD’s 18th birthday bash … lovely evening, but we left when the karaoke started!

    Hope your days are bringing positives your way too, do share one or two if you have a moment.

  • Hi russianroulade, yes I remember you, welcome back. Glad to hear to are starting before your holiday. Most people would use that as a reason to delay the start date. You have already made great progress and will see a difference on the holiday.

    Lost 1lb of my 2lb gain so very confident I can get rid of a further 4lbs before the end of this challenge. I am watching yet another study on reversing diabetes but not sure it is telling me anything new. Except that lowering my BG on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily mean I have reduced insulin resistance. Which I guess why we are not actually cured until we can get our insulin production back to ‘normal’ behaviour and still get high BG levels as soon as we have any carbs. It is so complicated. I would watch the video again but the woman has such an annoying voice 🙂 For those who want to watch the video it is called Tackling Type 2 Masterclass with Brenda Davis on the Food Revolution site.

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    I’ll report my progress on Thursday! I’m not giving up! My weight is heading
    S-L-O-W-L-Y in the right direction. I will definitely be boarding the next bus. I have been feeling very disappointed at my lack of progress because I’ve been totally committed. I think my body is messed up! I am going to focus on cutting calories/carbs. I’m eating more healthy, whole food for nourishment. I hope when my feet get better (awaiting further toe steroid injections) and my plantar fasciitis settles down i can do daily walks. It’s only February so we have plenty of time to make progress in 2024. I am determined to reach my goal weight this year. It’s been a slow, disappointing start but hopefully I’ll be a few pounds down on Thursday.
    Well done to everyone who has had success on leg 1 of the 2024 journey. To those like me who are not happy with their progress we must keep going. Life is full of ups and downs.
    Looking forward to catching up with how everyone has done.

  • Evening all
    Some of you will remember me. Great to see some familiar faces SG, Wendy, verano, ruby and hubby. Hope you are all well.
    I seem to do well each year until about June and then the temptation of bbqs and rose price too much….
    Am back. Started last Weds and have pleasingly lost 5.25 pounds already which is a good start. I’ve purchased myself a second hand spin bike which is fantastic as I used to love spin and now can do it in the comfort of my own home.
    I have two goals. A birthday party in June and then a girls holiday in July . Beyond that I’d just like to sustain any weight loss.
    Am off on holiday next Friday, but didn’t want to put off starting, so am here checking in and holding myself to account.

  • I have just taken a leaf out of my own advice to Margaret and decided to have a weekend off. Up 2lbs as it is so easy to do but back now with renewed enthusiasm and hoping for a biggish loss this week. Just seemed as though I was waiting for future things and not living in the now. Okay, so I want to be slim on my cruise but not by making myself miserable. Must say my break does not include eating carbs and my blood glucose is still good. No events now until 18th March when we are going for a lunch with our hairdresser and it falls the same week as hubby’s birthday.

    This 12 week reset plan takes us to the end of March and I said I would lose 10lbs. That is still my goal.

    Have a good week everyone and be kind to yourselves.

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    Hello Cathy and DCT and all, I’m checking in. I wish I had progress to report but sadly I dont! I really don’t know what has happened this time around, but the scales are going the wrong way! I think I’ve put on at least 2 kilos since the beginning of the year 🙁 I really don’t understand why, as I’m not doing or eating anything different to what I’ve been doing for the past few years (where I maintained), with the exception maybe or walking less. I do have a bit of a stressful situation going on at work, but hopefully that will be resolved soon. I just can’t seem to get into the swing of this WOE this time around sadly! I’m going to regroup though and try again on the next bus 🙂
    Tonight I’m at the Taylor Swift concert in Sydney.
    Well not at it, but waiting outside while my daughter attends – we were only able to get 1 ticket! There’s loads of food venues and trucks here but I’ve brought a salad, fruit and nuts from
    home and am drinking water and tea only, so I’m not tempted to eat unhealthy food! It’s a pleasant evening weather wise and I’m enjoying walking around and taking in the atmosphere. Not looking forward to the trip home though when 80,000 fans all exit at the end!
    Hope everyone else is keeping well. Hang in there Cathy – I do admire your determination, but perhaps it’s time to mix things up a bit? I can only imagine how frustrated you feel, it’s bad enough for me but to be honest I haven’t really been trying very hard to stay on track!

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    CATHY good to hear from you but I’m sorry your weight loss plan is not going well. And also the plantar fasciitis which I’ve had before as well and it really does interfere with walking. I got some compression socks from Boots that did help, particularly in. my case by adding more support to the arches of my feet. May be worth looking at something like that if you haven’t already.

    As for your weight loss it’s so frustrating for you. I wish I could help! My only thought is whether extended fasting is perhaps not the right thing for you – I’ve read that in some cases it can encourage the body to store fat because it goes into starvation mode. But I’m no expert, and know that many on these forums do extended fasting and benefit from it. All I can do is wish you well and hope that you see some progress soon.

    How is everyone else doing? We have 4 days left until our journey ends on Leap Day. I hope you all have a positive week and we can then decide where to go next!

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    Hello everyone
    I’m still here and still plodding away and making little progress! I started at 161 lb and now I am 157 lb. I have started weighing daily and dividing by 7 to get my average weekly weight loss. This week I lost 1.1 lb and last week I lost 1.1 lb. I got down to 154 lb on Tuesday after a 36 hour fast and this morning i weighed 160 lb! I’m totally fed up of trying hard to lose weight and making slow if any progress .
    Hope you are doing better than I am. I’m going to fast tomorrow and Wednesday and will do a mixture of shorter 19 hour fasts all week. I honestly don’t know why I am not losing more weight than I am. I can’t walk as I have what I think is plantar fasciitis – an extremely painful heel so I can’t weight bear. Am waiting for a podiatry appt . I’ve put in 100% effort since 1st January. I was so excited to see 154 on Tuesday and distraught today to see 160! Trying to lose weight is starting to get on my nerves! This is not what I hoped I would be reporting at the end of my first 8 weeks.
    Onwards and hopefully downwards!!!

  • Hi Articfox,
    Not fasting chat, just carrying on our smallholder chat. In the UK there is a strong demand for fertile eggs and with special packaging these can be posted. Chicken poo is a useful fertiliser. So I am thinking slightly out of the box, learning wood working skills and constructing chicken tractors. Units which can be moved on a daily basis onto fresh grass (keeps feed bills down, fertilises the land) and each tractor can hold a breeding flock of 7 birds (6 hens) of a specific breed where the eggs sell for £1 plus per egg.)

    Bees fly for up to 3 miles to gather nectar and pollen. I have been reading a book on how bees communicate, they have organs that produce a scent on their feet and when they get to a hive having found a good source of resources they share the location with the other bees in the hive. The angle of the line reflects the direction relative to the suns position, straight up is fly to the sun. The length of the line indicates the distance. I didn’t realise that flowers don’t last as long once pollinated a quick search online and I found articles on how with some flowers their colour fades after pollination so that bees will be attracted to visit the new flowers that need to be pollinated. Isn’t nature wonderful? I will ask on the forums for advice on what plants can be incorporated in hedges that the bees would prefer rather than flying on past the hedge to your flowers.

    I have been to a couple of talks about making bee keeping profitable in the last month and thought it worth sharing. The money to be made from bee keeping is not just the sale of honey. – A percentage of bee colonies do not survive winter and there are always people starting out in bee keeping, so there is a market for starter colony’s. Each nucleus of bees sells for around £200, and you will easily get 2 or 3 from a hive each year. You would want to keep one per two hives for yourself to replace your losses over the winter, but even so you are looking at around £500 profit per hive per year once you have built up the skills to look after 10 plus hives. The workload is spread with winter being the time to maintain and make hive parts, and the management of the hives in the summer. Once you are experienced you are looking at 10 to 20 hours of work per year per hive.

    I would be interested to hear how that compares with the income from plants and flowers. I have wondered about fruit tree grafting. – Heritage apple and pear trees sell well for quite a lot, I just need to learn the skills to keep the root stocks going for a year after the graft so I have something to sell.

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    Well two weeks have passed since my last post so have popped in just to say ‘hello’ hope you’re all well.

    My positives ….

    ☔️🏨 Had a few soggy days in East Yorkshire. The weather might have been iffy but being waited on was lovely.

    👦🏻👩🏻🧒👱🏻‍♂️friends joining us for lunch tomorrow which is always lovely.

    📖📚✍️ Reorganising my three ‘journals’ tomorrow to make life simpler and less reliant on ‘counting and keeping tabs’ on everything I do. It’s not been working for me this year!

    Have a good week and if you have a positive please share.

  • Hi all. Glad you are feeling better Margaret and now have a plan. We are thinking about, planning and worrying about food for such a great deal of out time it is good to just give yourself a break. If, like me, this is a lifelong thing, I can only ‘cheat’ to a small extent so no cake for me but I might allow myself a square of chocolate or a small bread roll with a meal. But just one and that’s it. So don’t go too mad and be mindful.

    I weigh myself daily. Mainly to be able to calculate my medication. Although a pound here or there would make little difference. If I only weighed once a week and there was a change of a couple of pounds, then I should be reducing my insulin. It has just become a habit like checking my BG daily. I do, however, use the ups and downs more as motivation. That is, I don’t get upset with a small blip up but just feel glad I have stuck to it. If I lose I don’t go on a binge but motivated to do better. So, either way is a win win for me. The emotional attachment is all positive. It also gives me something to think about, what did I have or do or was it just fluid or whatever. Like today a slight (0.03kg) up but I hadn’t had a good toilet movement since Wednesday so it was a yoghurt and chia seed breakfast. That did the trick and I am hopeful for a loss tomorrow. I guess it depends on how it affects your mood and motivation. Just do what is best for you but if you feel you are getting upset by the scales then give them a rest. Put them in a cupboard for a week. Whatever helps you.

    Have a good weekend. Looking forward to the 1% Club on TV tonight. Love testing my brain.

  • Thank you S-G & Wendy for your supportive & wise messages & when I weighed today I had gained 0.25 lbs so not bad at all.
    I have had some brilliant news that my son is waiting to sign a new work contract so I can stop worrying so much about him now & perhaps focus more on myself. The competitive bowls match I was in today my team won so I am feeling good about that & the sun actually shone for a short time this morning.
    I will try to refocus in March & lose the rest of my Christmas weight gain which is now 4.5 lbs to get back to having lost two stone then 1.5 stones more to lose this year. I hope I can lose at least seven pounds by the end of May before my Seine cruise.
    I hope everyone has a good week.
    Margaret xx

  • Hi happysnap and JGwen,
    I’ve been doing ok this week. I managed a 30 hour fast Tues evening through Wednesday, but only because a stressful work week made my appetite completely disappear. I’m so fed up with dealing with workplace drama and ours seems particularly bad at the moment. But at least I’m back on track. I’ve done 16:8 Thursday and today, so will look at doing another fast on the weekend.
    JGwen – I’ve been concentrating on cut flowers and garlic for now. Chickens can be quite profitable here, but growing meat would push my insurance rates way up, so I haven’t ventured into that. Bees are interesting. There is a honey producer up the hill from me and I think their bees come down to pollinate my flowers. As much as I like seeing them in the garden, it is tricky with the flowers because once they are pollinated they don’t last as long in the vase. So I’m constantly trying to get to the flowers before the bees do!

  • Hi everyone. I am still having difficulties logging on to the forum on my laptop so I am back on my phone.
    I’m still motivated…I have my goal for the May wedding in Greece and the carb cravings are still in check. My clothes feel much looser and that is one of my tracking strategies. I know I have lost inches.
    But….I also know that may not show up immediately on the I don’t look!
    I am the other extreme. I weigh at most once every 2 weeks but mostly once a month. Plateaus happen and stalls or slight increases can be demoralising and demotivating.

    I can’t say DON’T weigh every day if that is a long established habit but maybe put the scales away for a week. Nothing terrible will happen! Weight tends to even out in time . That’s my strategy anyway
    Margaret the main thing is to ease the pressure a bit. If you need a break that’s ok. Check your motivation. Read a few things, look at a few videos when
    you are ready. That often kick starts motivation but focus on your health above all. Weight loss can take time as you know with highs and lows. It’s different for everyone. Don’t let this spoil your joy xx

  • Sorry s-g I attributed your ‘keep on keeping on’ to Sunny.

    Sunny hope you’re having a good trip.

    Ups and downs well that’s the norm with weighting every day. We all want the graph to keep going down but there are so many variables. The downs are great but the ups are disheartening..

    I always weigh every day so am stuck on the merry-go-round. I really wish I could just keep eating well and weighing once a week. All helpful suggestions to achieve that accepted with open arms!

  • Hi all, Margaret, why don’t you have a short break where you don’t go completely off the rails but eat mindfully and think about what you want to attain. Then come back with renewed motivation.

    I was considering having a drink last night. Just a bit fed up. Weight blipped up by 0.3kgs which I know is nothing but fed up of it going up and down. Anyway, I held firm and this morning I have lost half a kilo. My goal for February was to get to a certain number and I am now just 0.2kg from that, so no way am I going to mess this up.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • Hi happysnap,
    I find including coconut in my eating window helpful at controlling the hunger. – Some of it is caused by the gut bacteria which digest sugar using their link into our brain to try to nudge us into feeding them. – Coconut is really good for balancing the gut bacteria by both killing off the bacteria which cause inflammation and balancing the ph of the gut. I buy a couple of coconuts from a local fruit and veg shop at a time when I feel I need to. I find its a good way of getting back on track after eating carbs.

    Do take care, half a coconut in the course of a day can trigger a bit of a gut clearout. as in a “never trust a fart” experience.

  • How is everyone doing?

    I am really, really hungry and finding it hard to ignore…
    Hope I won’t give in to temptation.
    I really, really want to do this…

    BTW on the topic of acid reflux, I find that for me personally fasting makes it the worst- I don’t know why, but as soon as i’ve passed the 10-12 hour mark I have terrible heartburn. Not sure why. But anyway hopefully you’re all doing well.

  • Hi all, feeling good as my weight is on the downward move and I am hoping to reach my next kilo point by next Tuesday. I should be going to a quiz in a couple of weeks but I am more determined not to interrupt my regime as the 12 weeks is not too long to make a sacrifice of a night out with rubbish food and alcohol that I wouldn’t be able to resist. I have my 3 monthly appt with Dr on 12th March and I really want to be down another 1.5kgs by then. Besides that, this is all for my cruise in late April when I want to look gorgeous is some lovely new clothes or even old ones that fit better than the last time I wore them.

    Just had my sleep apnea test results back from the pneumonologist. No sign of apnea, no sign of hypoxia and only light snoring. Yeah, tell my husband that last one, I am sure he will disagree :):)

    Hoping to do 30 mins aerobics this afternoon but we have to go out to get some computer components which will be interesting. I don’t understand computer speak in any language never mind French.

    Have a good week.

  • Well done LDG, that is a great loss. Just be a carb dodger at your meeting. Enjoy your sons birthday.

    Still sticking to the plan with 9 weeks to go lose 4 lbs but I am aiming to do that by the end of February. Basically wasted 2 weeks but now moving down again. Although, this is a 12 week challenge so running to end of March. I know I will do it, and more.

    Back on with exercise but have had an upset tummy for the last 2 days so not been much good at jumping up and down but doing some weights on arms and chest.

    Nothing much else to report. Chiropodist on Thursday but I don’t count that as medical, just a relaxing half hour being pampered and chatting away in French.

  • Morning!
    Dropping by to report week seven weigh in: -6.4lb this week. Suspect a good half of that is the delayed loss from last week, so I’m more than happy to see it show up. Now at my lightest since March 2022, so that’s good progress.
    Having a week off swimming and music lessons this week as I have a rotten cold – started with a shocking sore throat on Sunday (which has fortunately mostly retreated) and now my sinuses are bunged up and I have a raging headache – no chance am I being able to breathe if I swim 😂 Unfortunately, I do have to travel for a work meeting, which means a night away tomorrow, with associated food and drink. And I’m really not in the mood for it! Still, if I keep on track the rest of the time I will hopefully limit damage – then I have younger son’s birthday on Saturday, so if I get through the week without a gain I’ll be amazed 😂
    Onward to week eight. Good luck everyone, hope your week’s going well and your heads are less stuffy than mine!

  • I completely understand how the acid reflux feels ArcticFox – I was getting it when bending down, made making up the 22 beds in the bunkhouse “fun”.

    I am back after an intensive day, yesterday feed round and then leaving the house by 4.30 am, 212 miles driven in rough conditions with lots of water on the road after very heavy rain. A day of talks on bee keeping, then head home via calling in to visit a friend for a couple of hours. I did pull into a layby a couple of times for a snooze on the way home, and got home in the early hours this morning, so alarm switched off this morning. . After lots of time research ways of making a living from the land bee keeping seems to be the best option, have you thought about doing this yourself? In the UK, if you are both making and selling a couple of nucleus of bees from each hive to sell as well as taking the surplus honey you can be making a reasonable profit per hive and can be doing the wood working / maintenance of hive parts indoors in the winter and longer days working the hives when the weather improves.
    Happysnap. I think that IR is the next issue I really need to focus on. I was inspired by a post I saw last week. where someone is not thinking about the full length of the journey, just focusing a a short three months program. I heard the Archers last night as I drove and one of the themes was a character giving another a pep talk on how a mountain is climbed by focusing on moving from base camp to the next camp, and then the next. It made sense to me, a couple of months of focusing on reversing IR. not thinking about weight loss, building muscle. Just make improvements in Insulin sensitivity.

  • Hi again!

    JGwen, I also fell off the bandwagon over xmas and just could not get back onto this WOE. But thankfully I seem to be back now. 30 hour fast went well, meal wasn’t too carb heavy and now i’m 15 hours into my hopefully 72 hour fast- with the purpose of starting to reverse insulin resistance.

    Arcticfox, I hope you are not too stressed out about your business planning. I know that could derail me very easily so lets hope you’re managing to stay on track!

    Wishing you both a good day whether you’re fasting, TRE or just low carb!

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    MARIET just reading older posts and saw the news about your sister. What a shock! How is she doing? I do hope that she’s recovering, and that you and your mother managed to visit as planned. Also hope that your next blood tests show good results. Busy times, and hope you stay well and on track xx

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    NOKIE I’m sorry to hear about your husband.s surgery. Any idea when it will be? I know you will be a strong source of support to him at this time, but make sure you look after yourself too. We’re always here for you! And so sorry about your cat too 🥲 One of mine had to be pts over Christmas so I can really identify with you there. I hope you enjoy the show on Wednesday. You must tell us all about it. I’ve not yet jumped on the air fryer bandwagon but would be interested to know Clare’s thoughts, and how it fits into our way of eating.

    DAWN I hope that the last 10 days of this journey will be positive for you. It’s so hard to get back in the groove but as you say, when you do, you realise how much better you feel. A bit like a light bulb going on in your head. I hope you can find that switch again!

    On which point, I must admit I’m really cross with myself at the moment. Things were going really well until a few days ago. I’m on half term from school and had to fit in lots of “sadmin” stuff, which I somehow then used to justify eating and drinking far too much. Coupled with also doing less exercise, I’ve managed to regain 3lb since Wednesday!! Now, hopefully most of that is water weight, but I do feel disappointed in myself. Never mind . . . we still have another 10 days left. I’m going to have a restful day today, then get back on my (hopefully!) winning combination tomorrow of either 18:6/OMAD, no wine and lots more walking. If I can just get back to the 139s/140s – where I’d been consistently settled for the last couple of weeks before this week’s lapse – by the end of this journey I’ll be satisfied.

    Hope everyone else is ok, and let’s make the most of these last 10 days!!

    DCT xx

  • Thanks JGwen – good to see you back btw! I have been trying apple cider vinegar in my water and that seems to help too. Interesting about the lemon and lime juice as I was told to avoid citrus. So interesting how what actually works is opposite of the standard medical advice. Dr. Bikman was showing the corelation between acid reflux and insulin resistance in his book. And yet the standard medical advice is to eat little and often and low fat. Sometimes it’s like the people who are supposed to be supporting our health are just making stuff up as they go along! I am really motivated to try to make some progress in the next few weeks before my outdoor growing season kicks off. The reflux makes things much more difficult. Even pushing a wheelbarrow when I’m mucking out the horses can cause me to reflux. Standard medical advice is also to not do any heavy lifting or physical work within 3 hours of eating. I just laughed when I saw that – so I guess I’m full-time fasting then? And it doesn’t even help. I muck out the horses first thing in the morning when I’m more than 12 hours fasted and I still reflux when pushing the wheelbarrow or lifting water buckets.
    Lunch at the professional meeting went well. There was some very nice cod and salads, so I managed just fine. Skipping the chocolate brownies for dessert was easy as I was full from lunch and knew I couldn’t eat anymore of anything without triggering the reflux.
    Today I’m fasting and we’ll see how far I get. I need a lot of mental focus this weekend as I’m down to the final crunch on my business planning and need to have my documents completed by Monday. So I’m hoping the fasting will also improve my mental clarity and help me push through.

  • Hi all, weight back on track after a 600 calorie day (from the 5:2 plan) and BG back down to normal (my normal is under 100).

    Margaret, forget about it. Back on track and no looking back.

    Wendy, it seems us long term users are quickly blocked yet the scammers manage to get through even though they are so obvious. Looks like we are both the same with beans and pulses. I am okay if I have small amounts like some hummus dip with carrots or even chickpeas in my favourite Spanish Chickpea and Spinach soup. Just the curry we had called for a large tin and I had half so probably around 200g. Too much.

    We don’t have any daffs or tulips as the moles ate all our bulbs as soon as they went in. Although we did have a few in a pot I don’t know where it has disappeared to. Just had a look outside and seen we have a clump of daffs but still in leaf.

    I said earlier in the week my only downfall right now is lack of exercise. Well I gave myself a talking to – get your backside out of that chair – and did aerobics twice during the week and will again today. I look at it as 30 mins out of 1440 mins in my day, so not too much to ask.

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on Lost 6lb in 3 weeks……………
    on in Welcome to the BSD

    Glad you enjoyed. I have to be very careful with my carbs as a diabetic but you don’t seem to have any medical conditions. I made a cauliflower and chickpea curry (google) and it was delicious but it sent my blood glucose soaring.

    Yes, rice cakes are a very bad idea. I personally go for Ryvita dark rye. It is a carb and grain but one of the better ones. I think one biscuit is 37 calories or the Original which is 27 but very bland.

  • posted by  saffy007 on Lost 6lb in 3 weeks……………
    on in Welcome to the BSD

    Hi, just picked up, yea it was lovely will defo make it again, and the baked beans (drained) 1/2 a tin worked well.
    And i didnt put on any extra pounds, although the last few days I have, i bought some rice cakes (bad idea) for snacking, so i was wondering if there is a low carb crispbread/cracker around.

  • posted by  saffy007 on Lost 6lb in 3 weeks……………
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    Hi All, rathehar pleased so far, I do enjoy my treats of cheddar cheese, but does anyone know of a crispbread/cracker that is suitable I have rice cakes in but they are full of carbs, please advise, thankyou.

  • posted by  Loobybeanie on Newbie: 2 weeks weight loss, 2 weeks no loss
    on in Fast 800

    Hi Sunshine girl,
    Thanks so much for your encouragement and advice. It’s just what I needed today. I’ll get my fitness pal and will have a look for the videos.
    It’s reassuring to hear that this seems normal. I’ll navigate my way around and find those others threads. Thank you 😊

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on Newbie: 2 weeks weight loss, 2 weeks no loss
    on in Fast 800

    Hi there, it seems you are doing the right thing – firstly by not giving up at this stage. It is normal for a bit of a plateau after such a big weight loss, your body tries to remain stable so it will hang onto what weight it has left. When it sees you are not going to starve it, it will kick start back into loss. This is the time most people get fed up but believe me it will be worth it.

    Maybe being a bit stricter on the cals. Also, don’t use the calories count for the recipes, they are so often way off being correct – log into something like Myfitnesspal or some other site that will give you a more accurate count. Also, the walking will do you good in so many ways as long as you dont try to compensate with more calories. Our bodies don’t work like that – calories in calories out is such outdated thinking. Try watching some videos with either Dr Jason Fung or Dr Bikman.

    Also, have a look at the weekly or monthly threads currently running where a lot of members hang out. You will be made welcome.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Both,

    Articfox I really struggled with acid reflux for the first time in my life with Long Covid, the advice to add a drop of lemon or lime juice to my water when fasting has worked well for me.

    Fasting has really helped me get on top of Long Covid, getting some energy back. I had some good success with longer fasts last year, but had struggled to get back on the wagon after Xmas. I didn’t buy lots of goodies, but did buy my first loaf of bread for months so indulged with a sandwich or something on toast for a few days in a row. It was surprising how much the long covid fatigue returned just in response to a handful of days. I have to admit that if I don’t stick to TRE and low carb I can struggle with brain fog and periods where I start to nod off at the drop of a hat

    I have been feeling a bit lost, I have got to that time of life where I am questioning what life s about, when I want to retire, how I can change my life to be more joy and less “should do” Sometimes its the little decisions, but I am also thinking about the bigger issues like when to sell the farm and move to a smaller property, and how it will hit my finances. –

    I have a bit of a busy weekend, as well as a busy day on Saturday I also have a bee keeping training day to attend in the Midlands on Sunday. So A 4am start and driving back over night. because of the difficulties in arranging for cover around the farm for an overnight stay away. – I can see me needing a few coffees. So no fasting for me for the weekend, leave that to next week.

    I think I need to focus on reversing Insulin Resistance, which is a mnimum of 72 hour fasts. I also am on a waiting list for a 2nd echocardiogram. I really really, really want to sock it to the sceptic nurse in the cardio team who informed me that its nor possible to reverse damage to the heart and I should take my medication and have multiple small meals a day. I need to maximise autophagy, get weight and blood pressure down before the echocardiogram. No idea how long the waiting list is, but I have my list of treats as I hit targets along the way and if I get to target (dress size 16) before my appointment I plan to go private as my poor result when tested during covid is going to make travel insurance expensive.

  • posted by  JGwen on BSD
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    Hi FannyP.

    I would suggest having a look on the latest forum posts section to locate one of the group chats that you will find most people are members of. – Its just the way that regular members of the forum have organised themselves, some prefer to start a new thread each week some prefer a 4 week or a 8 week chat.

    Dr M M recommends that no one tries to follow this way of eating for more than 8 weeks. There is a good scientific reason for this. – If we count calories for more than 8 weeks while having raised insulin levels that block our body from accessing our fat stores our body will slow down our metabolic rate. – If you work to be in ketosis all the time then your body can access your fat stores so there is no need to reduce your metabolic rate.

    You may find the work of Dr Fung worth researching to inform you on options after the end of the 8 weeks.

  • Hi everyone.
    I tried to log in yesterday to wish Tulip/ Clare a happy birthday but I somehow got blocked from the forum…go figure ? So I am sending this from my phone. Hope you has a good day Tulip 🌷!
    Talking of tulips…our daffodils are already in bloom here. I hope they don’t get zapped by any frost.
    Still on track here…well into our 7th week, feeling comfortable in my clothes which is one of my markers.
    I understand about légumes and beans SG which are off bounds for me at the moment. My blood sugars/ ketones are still stable. I thought of you as hubby has made a chickpea and spinach curry for when our friends come to lunch tomorrow. I eat my food and nobody cares !
    Have a good weekend everyone xx