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  • posted by  EllieAllegra on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 22nd 2020
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    Hi everyone, the last 3 weeks have been a massive fail for me…I went on holiday for a week, which was great and I actually didn’t do too badly with low carb (although daily calories overall were high). When we came back I’d put on 3 pounds…which I figured was mainly replenished glycogen and not too bad. Two days after we returned my health problems hit with a vengeance and I was incapacitated and in a lot of pain. Cooking and meal planning went out of the window. Several hospital trips has meant a very stressful few days. Thankfully, all is now well. Anyway, enough drama – I’m now trying to get myself back on track. I’m now 7lbs up from where I was and I’m desperate to start going back in the right direction. I’ve started re-reading the BSD book again. Although I don’t have blood sugar issues (yet), I have extensive health problems and a BMI of 40+ … so, definitely time to make some lasting changes. Annoyingly, I’d allowed myself a few carby treats whilst recovering, which has set off lots of cravings that hadn’t bothered me at all when I was eating low carb….lesson learned…it’s easier all round to keep away from processed carbs! Anyway, I’m going to see this week as an adjustment to pave the way back to how I was doing. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe xx

  • posted by  JGwen on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hi CC,

    I didn’t forward the link to suggest you should move to fasting. – My point was that the scale is not the only marker of success.

    Please be kinder on yourself, please just stop and look at where you are now in terms of fitness, size, other health issues against when you started and when you were your lightest.

    Please take into account your quality of life not just the reading on the scales. Remember, it is possible to drop dress sizes and at the same time increase the reading on the scales.

  • posted by  lil_Sprocket on What sort of excersise?
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    In the fast excersise book, they recommend running or an excersise bike. I don’t want to buy a piece of equipment. And there are no good places to run fast around me without running into people, and definatly no hills.

    The book seems to frown on using a skipping rope? Is it really not as good? I’ve seen allot of hiit apps using jumping jacks and such excersise? Can they be used?

    Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  • posted by  ADD6605 on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 22nd 2020
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    Hi everyone,not sure if anyone has already mentioned this but MM and CB did a Mail+ hour long talk about Fast800 last week and I’ve just watched it on MM Twitter a/c link(which was on bottom right of forum page)It was interesting and they had 2 people on who have been having success following the plan which was good to see too.Food wise I could have had a better weekend but I’m back on track today.Hope everyone is having a good day.Dawn

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 22nd 2020
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    ABSOLUTELY Amz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No judgement here.
    So happy to see you ! NO WAY are you failing….something is holding you back ….but no matter…you are here Amz. You are brave and resilient and you never give up . Don’t TRY to restart..just do it.You can ! Believe in yourself !
    Pledge to check in with us daily so you can have some support with whatever challenges your day brings. We know it’s difficult and you struggle focusing on yourself and your needs but you are so worth it. I think you know what to do ..clear those cupboards of junk, plan ahead and get in the nutritious food that does you good. Just one day at a time.xx
    Massive hugs Amz xx

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Countdown to Christmas
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    Thank you so much for posting a link to that very interesting article. The article has definitely given me food for thought! Can I just clarify , as someone who always does 16:8, I’d be better to do a longer fast once a week say 36 or even 42 hours. I do have the intermittent fasting book by Jason Fung and I have fasted for 42 hours and not found it too difficult after the first 24 hours! Maybe my next experiment will be doing one long fast per week to optimise my health and rather than weighing myself I’d be better just try on my too tight jeans regularly. It seems that the scales are definitely not telling me the full story! Definitely more food for thought! I am actually enjoying my weekly experiments! Hopefully I will get a eureka moment sometime soon!

  • posted by  Rainey on I wanna but…
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    OK. You’ve convinced me. I set up a spreadsheet to monitor my calorie and carb intake.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for a month and I’ve already cut out all the sugar and grain-based carbs. All of them, even the whole grain carbs. …tho there’s no denying they were a way of life for me for nearly 70 years.

    I’ll start cutting down to 50gm of carbs and work to 20. I’ll look for the app you recommended. I’ll see what I can do.

    Thanks for the help getting started.

  • posted by  arcticfox on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Hi Caronl – yes I do have bppv, but it has been very difficult to resolve. I have it in both ears and the Epley manuver only relives it if my canaliths go into my posterior semi-circular canal. I have other manuvers that I have to do if they go into the horizontal or anterior canals, and they have gone everywhere which is really unusual! I even once had them go into my horizontal canal in my right ear and the posterior canal in my left ear at the same time which rendered me completely non-functional and took several appointments with my physio to resolve. My case is really complicated and so far it has been a 2 year process to try to get it sorted. It is coming along well and I just have some residual problems with my right ear at the moment. My ear specialist was really confused by it and thought it might actually be central vertigo, i.e. caused by my brain as a result of my head injury, rather than bppv, but my neurologist didn’t think so, but he sent me for the MRI just to be sure. I’m just waiting on the results now.

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 22nd 2020
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    You know I have to do this …..and I am still worried about absent members.

    Niamh and Dean ( Neegan)
    Clarinet cathy
    Olive 1

    Double Dutch
    JGwen (of course !!)

    Tulip1 (Clare)

    Jeremy Fisher
    Kevlondon and Mrs Kev
    sunshine-girl !!!
    Violinist ( Catherine)
    Sarah 1968
    Delabodge( Clive)
    Calliope Swan
    EclecticRajistani !!!
    Mumof4in France
    Squidge !!
    No more banquets
    The other me
    AMZ !!!!!!!
    Stephen J
    Nhatha 3432 (Nick)

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 22nd 2020
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    Well folks I sense there was a drop off in contributions last week. How is everyone ? This year has been difficult but there are still a little over 3 months left before we see the end of 2020. Let’s make them count .Don’t give up.
    I am back from my break and will be checking in daily, hoping to see as many of you as possible . Sunny will check in as often as she can too.
    All the very best everyone. However you are feeling, come and share xx
    Wendy x

  • posted by  JGwen on I wanna but…
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    I would suggest that you start off by cutting out the “big white” flour, pastry, bread, pizza, pasta , sugar., potato and also cut out the fruit. Spend a couple of weeks getting used to that routine.

    Then install the app fatsecret on your mobile phone.(or use on its website) Start off with the aim of 50g of carbs per day. – Enter all you plan to eat that day and see what the carb intake is.

    After a couple of weeks then go lower to 20g. – At 20g you are certain that your body will have low enough insulin levels to force it to burn fat for fuel. – If you have been eating high carbs for a long time its likely that you are Insulin Resistant and even at 50g of carbs your insulin levels will be too high for your body to be in fat burning mode.

    Once you are in fat burning mode the craving for carbs reduces as your body has unlimited fuel available in the form of body fat.

  • posted by  Rainey on I wanna but…
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    Thanks for those thoughts of easing in, JGwen.

    How do you go about counting carbs? What would be the limit I should aim for? If I do that I could continue eating a volume of well chosen appropriate foods? That sounds more doable for me.

  • posted by  Rainey on I wanna but…
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    “However before I started I read the BSD book recipes and the recipe book and ticked every meal I fancied. Which was a lot. Cheese, Eggs, Meat, Fresh and Cooked Veg, Curries, Dahls. A little Dark Chocolate. Yoghurt and Fruit. My first meal was the fry up brunch from the recipe book. Really nothing you fancy?”

    Thank you for the input and encouragement, freester.

    I don’t have the book. I’ve just been looking at recipes online. Of the foods you list I couldn’t eat cheese, chocolate, yogurt or fruit. Any one of those would trigger my cravings. That leaves eggs and meat, which are good but I’m afraid about half of the vegetables I’m most fond of butt up on the no-no limits too like winter squashes, carrots, peas and corn and more. Oh and I think garbanzo beans (chick peas/cecii), canellni and black beans are my present mainstays too but they rank high on the carbo load lists.

    I’m just terrified 800 calories won’t allow me to eat a volume of food that satisfies and then I won’t be able to stick to the plan.

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Countdown to Christmas
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    Mariet – I’ve shared the journey with you for a few years now and your post really resonated with me. Like you, I seem only to be maintaining despite my efforts. . I am hoping by walking more and more, I’m building muscle and bone density so that might be the reason I am not losing weight On the scales!! . I enjoyed reading your interesting and informative post JGwen this morning and hold my hand up to years of dieting and messing up of my metabolic rate. I definitely agree With Mariet that it is more difficult this time round than initially but I guess we made a radical dietary change when we embarked on this way of life and our bodies are used to a low carb WOE now. I feel well and I am fit and healthy and I wonder whether I am seeking the impossible! I know I reached 133 in 2017 and I honestly don’t know what I did differently then. It just doesn’t seem to want to come off now and this morning I weighed 150 lb so I won’t be doing 5:2 again.

    JGwen- I did appreciate your reality check and it has definitely got me thinking! I wonder if I need to have a complete rethink about my weight and my expectations and maybe reflect on being as healthy as possible and not being obsessed with a number on the scales! Food for thought (no pun intended).

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Hi everyone, another weekend over and done with. Not quite damage free but still the same weight as on Friday. Another week to sort my head out AGAIN. Hi to Wendy, lovely to meet you and your hubby. We don’t live close to each other, Wendy just happened to be holidaying near where I live so a great opportunity to meet a real live person from the site.
    Not much to say. We finally got some rain but not enough though forecast for more. Which means I am going to have to swim between showers and the weather is starting to cool down. Autumn has to arrive some day so I will have to get my YouTube videos dusted off before the end of the month.
    Have a good week everyone.

  • posted by  JGwen on I wanna but…
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    The drive to eat comes with eating a high carb diet, you are not giving your body the nutrition it needs. As you change to low carbs you will not need to eat as much.

    I think the key is to spend some time thinking about your WHY. You have to have a reason that you want to discard weight or recover health / fitmess which means more to your than eating. When you have a good WHY, you will be able to overcome the carb cravings, then it gets simpler. – Another way is to start off by counting carbs, and not calories, after a bit of time your carb cravings will reduce an you can then start to control the calories.

  • posted by  caronl on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Hi ArcticFox. I’m glad you are feeling a bit brighter. Moving is a dreadful experience – I am so pleased that we have been able to stay in one place for almost 10 years. At one stage we moved 5 times in 4 years…
    Love the idea of your cheesecake. And I am seriously jealous of your plum tree. I honestly think it is the best fruit on the planet. My local source is a huge open air market and I haven’t dared to go since corona started. But perhaps it is time…..
    You mentioned dizziness when tipping your head back. Has it been properly diagnosed? It might be bpps/”top shelf syndrome”, which can be alleviated relatively easily with the Epley manoeuvre. I wouldn’t normally venture into a medical area, since I have no qualifications just experience of it, but I understand that it is often mis-diagnosed. Just might be worth asking your doctor about it.

  • posted by  WindyJulz on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Jeremy, here’s a bit of my story…..

    Would you mind sharing:
    – How long you’ve been dieting or on a low-carb approach
    I’d been toying with low carb probably from Oct 2018, but i didnt quite get it and i ate plenty of oats and a lot of fruit, I think i did 9
    weeks in the run up to christmas that year. I discovered BSD / Fast 800 in April this year and did a good 10 weeks at the start….
    – What progress you’ve made weight-wise
    From 12st 10 to 11st 2….. would LOVE to see 10st something some day but I’ve been a bit stuck.
    – What progress you’ve made in other ways (e.g. blood pressure/blood sugar)
    I dont monitor BS or anything but there have been SO MANY other benefits……. I used to love a nap and have felt no need to nap at all since this WOE, I have more energy, I have a better relationship with myself, I have learned and am learning so much about my own psychology (so of which is very difficult but worth doing) I am fitter (I now run and dont hate every step. Only little 5ks, but still, and sorry Jeremy, I dont struggle with fatigue when running the same way as you seem to, but then my distances are modest), and I sleep well, other than often needing to pee – so much water drinking!! LOL

    And if you’ve got the time (but don’t worry if you haven’t).
    – What are your goals and why
    Be healthy – my mum was obese most of her life, developed type 2 (lost weight, never took med, looked fabulous) and then suddenly died aged 67. I also said at the start of this i just wanted to be a “normal” size – I’ve always been the tubby one, always made my mates look small and slim and I just wanted to be normal. I now fit comfortably in a size 12 and that is a whole new thing for me – been a size 14 ever since i started wearing dress sizes I think….so aged 13? I also have a driver in that i ‘rescued’ a wee horse who really was too small for me, and I love him dearly and despite the fact i was never going to keep him (he was too small, I was too fat) he wants to stay and I now look ok on him….. but if i could drop a bit more he would be appreciative I’m sure!

    – What’s your biggest challenge in doing this?”
    My headspace – I seem to always be at war with myself, and finding some inner peace has been important. And when I have a day or 2 where I struggle I am very hard on myself. I think about food far too much of the time and realise I am a food addict and I need to wrestle that demon to get my head to the right place. In terms of actual struggles with the WOE rather than with myself…… I like a ‘pudding’ even an on plan one, but it becomes habit and takes calories and carbs up; I miss snacking, especially in the evening and especially crunchy salty snacks (god bless the cabbage leaf crisp) and I guess I struggled with keeping the calories low enough after the initial 12 weeks…… got a bit too lax, then felt “hard done to” for a while as husband can eat pretty much anything he likes and is pretty lean; watching other people eat cake / pizza is tough, I manage at the time then feel some kind of relief / release after and sneak off to find on plan to treat myself with and then over eat…. and situations where i have less control over what and when I eat are difficult, recognising my levels of food anxiety are high – struggled working in Norway for a week and struggled a little with a day in a field on Saturday where lunch and cake boxes were provided….knowing it is there and I shouldnt touch it is difficult – thankfully i had prepped adn had some good stuff with me….. made it all the way through until after dinner where I had a brownie from the cake box…… would never have missed it if it hadnt been there – I now know the right answer is “no thank you” when offered cake box, not “thanks i’ll take it home for my husband!”

    Wow – thought provoking questions Jeremy – I only meant to post a quick reply….. seems i do like a self-reflective waffly post!

  • posted by  freester on I wanna but…
    on in Starting the BSD

    I read your post and thought a lot of similarities with me before I embarked on this journey. I had no ‘off button’, no ‘brakes’ could just eat and eat and eat and a lot of it was bread, pasta, potatoes and rice.

    However before I started I read the BSD book recipes and the recipe book and ticked every meal I fancied. Which was a lot. Cheese, Eggs, Meat, Fresh and Cooked Veg, Curries, Dahls. A little Dark Chocolate. Yoghurt and Fruit. My first meal was the fry up brunch from the recipe book. Really nothing you fancy?

    I guess I can’t tell you how to approach this, My approach was don’t miss what I can’t eat, enjoy what I can. Clear the cupboards of all the naughty stuff. Plan a week’s meals. The measuring isn’t onerous you just need a set of scales and measuring spoons and stick to the recipes the calorie counts aren’t that far out.

    One of the points of the strong start is to ‘break’ the craving cycle. A reset if you will. The cravings won’t (and didn’t for me) last forever.

    And if you really need some encouragement… I’ve been successfully maintaining since I started in Jan. 3 stone + lost. Borderline hypertension sorted within the first week. Less tired, fitter and happier than ever…

    Get your head right the rest will follow…

  • posted by  fattystar on Day 1 – 7/9/20
    on in Welcome to the BSD

    thanks @mssmad9 – sometimes it does feel like its just me feeling the way I do while the rest of the world carries on as it wants.

    Anyway, I’ve lost another couple of lbs so 8.5lbs in 2 weeks – would like to make it 10lbs by the end of week 3 (as I have a weigh-in at the gym – extra accountability!). So will need to be extra vigilant on the size of my dinner portions – mostly ok but have sometimes had some bites of cheese as I have been so hungry waiting for my dinner to cook.

    10kg to get my ‘ok’ weight and then I can reassess how I feel. Have my husbands birthday and a weekend away at the beginning of November – so something to look forward to over the coming weeks.

    Exercise – last week managed 6 sessions – more than planned but was very tired. Will aim for the same this week as well and maybe add some online yoga in as well.

  • posted by  Logie on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hello JGwen Many thanks for taking the time to write that
    It was very interesting and I know that I have lost inches on various parts of the body. I lost weight very quickly in the first 6 weeks ( 5 kilos and have remained static going up and down a pound or two . Now on my 10th week
    So now you have explained so thoroughly I think I should stick to fast 800 and wait and see and not be impatient
    Welcome to AltumIt’s never too late to join the party !

  • posted by  fattystar on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Morning all – just checking in as my week 2 has finished. Its not been a bad week although my mood has been low for most of it for other reasons. However, have lost another 1.4 kg which is 3lbs – which I am happy with. Was hoping for 4lbs but your body does loses it as it wants! Hopefully this week, I will feel more upbeat – still feeling incredibly cold all the time – so even though it has been warm here – I’ve been pootling about in my husband’s big walking fleece – which is looking more and more ridiculous on me as I seem to be shrinking more in size than in weight! Hope everyone else has had a good week – I was planning to add fasting in this week but have an exam later so have had some breakfast. I’ll see if I want to add that later this week. 🙂

  • posted by  JGwen on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hi Logie,

    Its only a stall if you have not lost any inches, from anywhere on your body. –

    I am going to walk my well trod path now to my soap box. – When we eat a diet which keeps insulin levels high it does not just control the hormone systems which control fat storage and block fat burning when we cut calories shorter. – It also blocks the hormone systems which control other aspects of our health. The strength of our bones, and our muscles. As soon as you get your insulin levels low enough your body will rush to catch up with long overdue repairs. – Stronger bones and muscles both weigh more. So you may not see any change in the scales. But you may see inch losses.

    Also don’t just look for changes in your waist and hip measurements. Look for changes in your face, the emergence of your collar bones, a change in shoe size. – A lot of us have found those sorts of changes occur before we discard inches.

    Finally a note on reality. – We think with wonder about the rapid weight loss at the start. – And look to see lbs lost each week. – But thats not reasonable Each lb of fat = 3500 calories. If you have been yo yo dieting while still keepig up with the carbs for decades you will have trained your metabolic rate to get by on a low number of calories. Apparently 1400 to 1600 is not unusual. . = So if you are eating 800 calories, that’s just 600 calories to come out of that fat store each day. – So over a course of a week thats about a lb of fat maximum.

  • posted by  alturn on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hello all, mind if I join this thread? A bit late to the party I know!
    I’m new to the forum. This is my second attempt at the BSD – I lost nearly a stone on it back in June, but didn’t stick to it and slipped back into carb addiction. I’m now my heaviest EVER (including just after having a baby) and I’m determined to get the weight off this time. My BMI is well into the overweight, I’m ashamed to say. It’s a challenge dieting whilst also catering for a dairy-allergic toddler and a fussy, carb addicted OH, but I have done my planning this time and I’m going to make it work!
    I need somewhere like this for a bit of accountability, so thanks for starting this thread DCT 🙂

    Start weight: 12 stone (168lbs)
    End goal weight: 9.5 stone (133lbs)
    Goal by Christmas: 10 stone (140lbs)
    Does that sound realistic?

    Food: 800 cal for 8 weeks; reassess at 8 weeks.
    Exercise: 30 mins Pilates every morning, walk the dog 30 mins minimum daily, 3 x per week Couch to 5k run.

    Good luck everyone, and well done to those already shedding the lbs!

  • posted by  Jeremy Fisher on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Thanks to everyone for sharing your progress stories. It’s been really good finding out about you all. There’s been some amazing progress made.

    As this thread comes to the end – I’ll put one final call out to everyone that perhaps didn’t spot my post at the start of the thread where I asked if you’d mind sharing…

    “Would you mind sharing:
    – How long you’ve been dieting or on a low-carb approach
    – What progress you’ve made weight-wise
    – What progress you’ve made in other ways (e.g. blood pressure/blood sugar)

    And if you’ve got the time (but don’t worry if you haven’t).
    – What are your goals and why
    – What’s your biggest challenge in doing this?”

  • posted by  EC on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Hi team
    Apologies for the radio silence. It’s been a funny week of on-off plan for me, but my OH is away for a few days so I have a good opportunity to get seriously back on track starting NOW!!-I haven’t budged weight wise for weeks now (all my own doing) but grateful not to have seen an increase
    arcticfox-I agree with Jenny and SunnySU that moving is SO stressful-we moved frequently when our kids were small and we were renting-SO glad to be done with that!! I’ve been doing the antipodean version of your tasks….preparing and planting all the spring veggie beds-we’ve ha some glorious Spring weather (and some of the usual awful winds) so it’s been great to get into the garden

    Wendy and SG-so lovely you got to meet up!
    and Wendy-I had meant to respond to your (ages ago)comment on kookaburras here. They are not endemic to Tasmania and coming originally from NSW, I missed their hearty chuckles when we first moved down here. No one knows how they got into Tasmania, but they’re here to stay it seems (apparently they do compete with some native birds, but I don’t think it’s too bad an issue)

    JGwen-thanks for sharing your story. AS a child, I always cursed my muscular calves (also from my dad) but I’m so grateful now that they can carry me up hill and down dale for days at a time if needs be….and I still have excellent balance so feel I can head into older age with confidence on that score!

    I’ve started including flaxseed (linseed) daily as I read it can be very good for hypertension, but I also came by this on it’s use for weight loss

    See you all on the new thread

  • posted by  Rainey on I wanna but…
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    I’m a veteran of 5:2. I did it once with great success until something came along and blew it for me. It’s taken 3 years and many, many, many attempts but I’ve finally got a month under my belt again and I’m feeling confident.

    Now I’d like to take advantage of the strong start of the BSD diet but I’ve got a lot of apprehensions. For one thing I’m totally addicted to carbs. Can’t manage my cravings if I have *any* at all. Secondly, I’m a compulsive eater with an enormous appetite. I can’t stop eating even “good” foods and I’d better have a full belly or I’m going to go for the “bad” foods. Thirdly, the way I got competent at 5:2 was I didn’t have to weigh or measure or stop eating until I felt full and satisfied. Finally, I’ll eat all sorts of foods and be experimental but I’m not sure that’s gonna continue to be true if I have to eat things like kale on a continuing basis for 8 weeks.

    I’ve looked through the recipes and I can’t say there was anything there I’d be excited about cooking or eating and there are many things that would trip my cravings.

    Is there any hope for me? How should I approach this?

  • posted by  arcticfox on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
    on in Fast 800

    Thanks so much for the kind words and cheerleading, Jennie, SunnySideUp and Wendy. My internet was down yesterday, so just checking back in now that it is up and running again. I am feeling a bit better about things now and trying to strategize to get back on track. I likely was being super hard on myself and feeling stressed because I’ve knocked my pelvis out of line again and that only really happens when I’m under stress. Of course it was precipitated by sowing a 50 foot (15m) row of winter veg all by myself in a 4 hour straight session yesterday. Physio exercises are helping though so hopefully it will come right soon. So glad I got the work done though because it rained overnight and that should help the germination. I have 1 more row to do but it will be for transplants so it can wait a bit and will be a bit easier. I have also ordered garlic which will be my commercial crop for next summer, but even though they shipped it on Friday, it won’t need to go in for several more weeks, and is also easier than sowing seeds.
    My dad came over today with his ladder and we stripped the plum tree bare of fruit. I felt a bit bad because he is 79 and I had to let him do the high parts as my balance still isn’t quite what it should be. At least I’m not getting dizzy anymore when I put my head back, so big improvement over this time last year. We have to strip the trees once the fruit comes ripe as there are bears in the area and we don’t want to encourage them to come into the garden! I gave him over 5kg of plums to take home because his 2 trees did not do so well this year, and still had enough fruit to completely fill the drawers in my fridge. I will slice them and freeze them over the coming days so I will have lots for winter.
    I was definitely in ketosis for a good part of the day today. I’ve decided to try OMAD, but to make it a more substantial meal than when I’m doing a 24hr fast that I break with just a normal meal. This way I hope to keep my insulin level low for most of the day but still get enough protein and nutrients to keep me going for working the farm. Felt pretty good today. If I don’t eat breakfast I find I can keep going by burning fat for quite some time. I think the need to eat is often more psychological because I clearly have enough fuel to keep me going for months. If I feel really hungry on a particular day I will allow myself to eat another meal, but today I was just fine, although it was a bit of an easier day physically. I had the savoury cheesecake from the recipe section for part of my meal today, which I have enjoyed in the past. This time I made it with roasted broccoli and cauliflower though and it was delicious. Lots left over for tomorrow as well!
    Wendy and S-g – so glad you were able to meet in person. How nice to have a BSD friend so close by!

  • posted by  Mariet on Countdown to Christmas
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    Somehow I have stopped receiving the notifications, I thought the thread was very quiet!
    I am still plugging away but I seem only to be maintaining- just what I don’t want, though of course better than gaining. I am hoping for some good news by weigh in on Thursday- after that I will be away for 2 weeks, doing my best to follow the WOE while camping with people who are not.
    It’s delightful to see so many having such good results and I have so much fellow feeling with those who are struggling. The months are whizzing away and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere- I don’t know how I managed it so easily last time.

  • posted by  ADD6605 on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hi everyone and thank you for all of your congratulations on my weight loss over last few weeks😊I haven’t had best weekend food wise (have been feeling bit under the weather but that’s no excuse really) I could have done a lot worse though and I have been making the effort to drink more water.My next Countdown weigh in is on 1st October and I would love to lose another 7lbs by then so I’m going to GO FOR IT BIG STYLE!!!!! Keep going everyone😃 Dawn

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Articfox this is a tough time and it was inevitable that as you were less in control of the preparation of food with your family you could not track all the time and that’s ok….don’t panic. You have been working so hard and it’s normal to feel tired.
    I totally understand how someone being unkind to you can make you feel you need some form of comforting food …but that didn’t happen and you can celebrate that.
    Accept that this is a stressful time and that it will have an effect on your discard . You are physically active and that in itself is a major victory given your serious accident.
    You will get through this as work on your property progresses. Cut yourself some slack.You are not resorting to really unhealthy eating. You maybe need to set a bit of time aside for meal planning and prep but until that’s possible just do what you can.As Jennie and SunnySideUp have said you can go back to counting and tracking when the time is right. Be kind to yourself articfox and you know we are always here when you feel a bit down xx

  • posted by  wendleg on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Hi everyone ! Back home after a lovely few days away in the Dordogne. It was a very relaxing break .Lots of pretty villages and markets to discover , brilliant weather and the opportunity to have a swim …and……YES SunnySideUp….Wendleg and SunshineGirl met in a café on a lovely market on Saturday !!!. I had sent a photo of myself and hubby so it wasn’t a totally random encounter 😉 and it was delightful . It really is wonderful to put a face to a name and be able to meet someone I have been ‘chatting’ to on this forum since 2018 !! Our respective hubbies got on very well too ! It is an absolute privilege to be part of a forum which in itself creates tight bonds but to actually meet likeminded people is an unexpected pleasure ! Really happy ! 🙂

  • posted by  Logie on Countdown to Christmas
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    Well done everyone for all the positive thoughts this week and the lovely quotes Especially liked the one about the tree bending in the wind. Well done Dawn for losing a colossal 7 pounds
    I have plateaued for three weeks on week 8 of the BSD doing 800 calories I was feeling a bit down so decided to change to 1000 calories for a week in order to have a few treats like a glass of wine I will let you know if it works
    I already lost a couple of pounds on the 2nd day. Read somewhere in all the literature on the BSD that sometimes you have to trick your body Into thinking you are are not starving it ???? Any thoughts ? Not sure if this is going to work but will keep you posted and will definitely join you guys again on the Fast800 as I want to be part of that glorious Countdown !
    Agree with you Cathy about the 5.2 . It just confused me I think we all have to find a way that suits us but the fact that we all have the same goal and knowing someone out there is rooting for you gives a nice warm feeling inside

  • posted by  SunnySideUp on ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning September 15th 2020
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    Arcticfox, I’m sorry that you’re feeling down.
    Jennie is right that moving is very stressful. I totally get that you’re disappointed in your weight gain and that your hard work couldn’t stop it. However, I’m sure you’ll turn it around soon now when you are in full control of your diet again! It must have been hard when you stayed with family and had all those temptations.
    From what you wrote earlier, your new home sounds amazing! Good luck with the renovations!

    Well done, Riccoh!

    Were you able to meet up, Wendy and Sunshine-girl? I hope you had a nice time!

    See you all in the next weekly thread!

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    Yay well deserved award to DAWN!!!! playing a fanfare on my imaginary bugle! 🎺🎺🎺 x
    Congrats on yr upcoming anniversary CC and good luck for Tuesday 💖
    My humble opinion on yr reaction to the self compassion message….could be barking up the wrong tree…
    As kids,most of us were given a biscuit after we fell over and scraped our knees,ice cream when we had been brave at the doctors,chocolate for doing well at school.
    So its ingrained in many of us in adult life,“Be kind to yrself,reward yrself with something sweet“. No surprise then that you thought of a fivers worth of yummy chocco when reading about self compassion..
    If we had been fed oranges and apples as our childhood treats,I guess thats what we would look to for comfort now.
    Just my thoughts, 🤔🤔
    By the way,have you been to the World Peace Cafe in M/C ? We have one here,run by Buddhists,one of the most serene places I know,and the coffees really good! X

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    SUNNY! Lovely to hear from you x
    So many great positives in yr news..and Turquoise waters,how idyllic! X
    Yes good news re negative tests..ony time a negative is a positive! Boooooooo to covid!
    My positives on this sunny Sunday..
    *~ Its a sunny Sunday! Wooooo Hoooooooo! 🥰 🎉
    *~ Over to DD and SILs garden shortly for Sunday lunch.yummers…theyre both lovely cooks!
    *~ Heard from friend in Holland..he’s lost almost three stone this year 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 He made a good point.not one we can take on board every day but..he’s breaking his diet today with a small foody treat..and he said,
    I wont let a milestone become a millstone.
    I really like that sentence! Reminds me of the saying, the tree that bends with the wind wont break 💖

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hello countdowners

    Don’t think I’ll be doing 5:2 again as the scales are up again. It didn’t work for me a few years ago so why I hoped it would help this week is beyond me. I think I thought that by mixing things up it would get my metabolism confused and working again. I have to admit to being a little lax this week Which was the idea behind the 5:2 week but it hasn’t worked and I am heavier than last week at the moment although I will work hard until weigh day on Tuesday to see if I can make a difference and have a loss! I have been reading a book about self compassion recommended to me by my Buddhist husband and I am aware that I have been hard on myself for so long. Ive only read a few chapters so far but the book made me want to do something I’ve not done for years. I wanted to go into to a sweet shop and buy £5 worth of chocolate bars! What on earth is all that about. I didn’t do it but I wanted to. The psychology of my reaction To self compassion is very interesting isn’t it? I will continue to read the book and hope it helps me feel better about myself and I’ll keep my inner strength for resisting the urges it has awoken!

    I’ll do a weigh in on Tuesday but I fear another week of disappointment following this week’s experiment with 5:2 and I am going away on Thursday for a couple of nights to York as it is my 36 wedding anniversary! Another bad week on the scales looming!

    I am going to nominate Dawn for the prize this week as she has lost 7lb which is phenomenal! Well done Dawn you’ve had a fantastic result this week.

    I am loving this thread. I love Yowser’s inspiring quotes and I love the enthusiasm but most of all I like the honesty which we are all bringing to the thread. Losing weight is hard. Keeping going is hard and living in a Covid pandemic is hard. We are doing all three and that is HARD!

    If I learn any top tips from the book then I will pass them on!

    Keep going everyone! Even if it don’t lose the weight I want to, I know I am amongst a great group of friends! I’ll keep digging deep!


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    Hiiiiii to all and welcome SHOEGIRL to our happy band..
    JENNIE hows yr ankle today,hope responding to rest and plenty of TLC
    DCTRUE,I totally get what you said about being indoctrinated and yet also being a rebel
    I deffo got indoctrinated when I did low carb for a year without veering off it
    These days tho,I too rebel,yet my heart’s still faithful to low carb,coz it seems to be the only way that works efficiently for me ..i.e., gives good weight loss results and quickly reduces bloating ( if I stick to it!)
    I can easily resist rice,spuds,pasta,but these days my Carb Monster keeps beckoning to me,holding out a loaf and pointing to the toaster!😋
    Plus since lockdown,my sweet tooth has gone thru the roof! 🙄🙄🙄
    Anyhoo,a new week is whizzing ever closer,so CrimboCountdowners,get on yr horses,and enjoy the ride!
    Clippety Clop,Onwards and downwards!

  • posted by  Jennie10 on My wife's weight loss has stopped
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    Hi findme
    Just seen your post and wanted to reassure your wife. It’s quite common to have plateaus in weight loss on this way of eating (like lots of diets, I guess.) It’s also very common for the first one to be around about week 3. My first plateau started in week 3 and lasted 2 weeks even though, like your wife, I had done everything by the book. I did one of his earlier diets – the Blood Sugar Diet 800 – but I think the Fast 800 is very similar just with updated evidence. I’ve certainly heard MM himself talking about the issue of plateaus. So, please tell your wife not to be dispirited it happens to most of us.

    It’s great to hear about the initial weight loss (and the inch loss). It will continue, promise. Take care and let us know how you both go on.
    Jennie xx

    I’m an older woman so for me one of the great things about this way of eating is how much it improves your health. My BMI is now in the healthy range, my blood sugar levels are in the normal range, my BP is normal (my BP was only ever pre-high, but my husband’s was high and is now normal – no meds), my fatty liver disappeared, my cholesterol improved and my arthritic pain has pretty much disappeared. Just thought it might help, when the weight loss sticks, to think of all those other good things that are happening internally. xx

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    Hi lil, there are no calories in black coffee, drink as much as you like within safe measure i.e. not too much that you shake or if you have a heart condition, in which case, decaff is better. 3 is fine.

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    Hi everyone and welcome shoegirl! Good to see you on here. The Michael Mosley programme was on UK TV (Channel 4) called Lose a Stone in 21 Days. It followed the progress of five participants who needed to lose weight and went on Fast 800, and also gave helpful information and recipes etc along the way.

    Some amazing losses on this forum too. Well done particularly to Dawn and Sunshine Girl! Great news and very inspiring.

    Jennie I hope you are soon feeling completely better: what a week you’ve had!

    Yowser I love your quotes as well – do keep them coming! I’m at a similar place to you, maintaining but not losing. Mind you this week that is all my own fault. With the hot weather we’ve had here in the UK I relocated to the garden every afternoon, but somehow that always then seems to involve wine for me. Not only that, but I started having sandwiches for lunch. Just to make something quick and easy really, but felt guilty. I got into a bit of a bad mood about it all, wondering if I really can stick long term to a WOE where even a sandwich is off the agenda. But the funny thing was I rarely eat bread so ended up feeling very bloated and horrible. Not only that, but the combined effects of bread and wine slapped over a pound back on, and with being bloated, the recent inch loss from my waist and tummy temporarily returned.

    Then I had a couple of on plan days and everything has come back down again. So if I can do at least 5:2 every week, hopefully I’ll begin to see some loss. I think in one way I’m struggling (rebelling?!) a bit with the limitations of this WoE, but in another way it’s now so ingrained in me that I don’t like lots of other things any more anyway. For example, today I bought some egg custard tarts as they were reduced (pathetic excuse I know!). Had one “as a treat” when I got back (why?!) and you know what, I felt the sugar hit as soon as I took the first mouthful. It tasted horrible and I didn’t want it. I honestly think I’m getting more sensitive to sugar and carbs and my body doesn’t want them any more. All I need to do is listen 😉

    Take care fellow Countdownwers and here’s hoping we all have a fab week X

  • posted by  shoegirl on Countdown to Christmas
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    Hi everyone, I’m a belated joiner to this thread, thanks for setting it up DCT! I’m hoping to maintain my weight up to Christmas with a 5:2, also doing TRE on those days, then low-carb healthy fats on the other days. So far so good. My problem is that I’m not sure what my goal weight should be? I watch my waist/stomach measurements and make sure they’re safely under 80cm (I’ve got them down to 74cm) and my weight is in a mid-healthy range. If I aim for a lower weight I’m worried I may not be able to sustain it. I went “sugar free” about 8 years ago and gave up alcohol last year, so I feel fairly healthy. Any thoughts? Also, DCT, you mentioned watching Michael Mosley’s 3 part series – could you please give me the title? I may have seen it, but always good to have a reboot of inspiration! Well done to everyone for committing to this WOE. Keep on to Christmas!