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  • Good morning ladies, I have a conundrum and want some advice. First a bit of background information. For reasons I won’t go into when I was first with my OH I wasn’t accepted by his family and I felt like I was kept a secret. Things are good now. I have always made a very good Christmas pudding, which I have made every year for his mum and her sister as part of their Christmas present even when I was a secret. They have also been in high demand by work colleagues to whom I have sold them. Now this year because of my diabetes diagnosis I have made the decision not to make them anymore. I have taken MM’s and my Dr’s advice and cleared out my cupboards. Now I hear that other OH’s aunt is very disappointed and was so looking forward to getting her Christmas pudding. I don’t really want to make them, it’s not that they are difficult it’s more that I now have a new way of life and woe and after having made them I will be left with extra store cupboard ingredients which I won’t use and will have to bin. Now I thought of a compromise of giving them both the recipe so they could make it themselves, I would also go to her house and help if required. OH thinks she won’t want to make it herself, he has said he will buy the ingredients and if there are leftovers I could make an extra one. The will never be an exact match with ingredients and recipe so there will always be leftovers. Now am I being selfish in not wanting to make them or am I putting myself first, I can’t decide. I realise that I don’t have any close friends with whom to discuss this so I am asking you all what do you think?

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    CCATHY so sorry to hear about yr friend. You’re right,we have to make the most of every single moment.
    Good luck for tomorrow’s weigh in x
    Oh gosh DAWN,a holiday in Florida! And plenty of time to get beach ready 👏👏👏👏 That will be a lovely break for you.
    Hugs to Mum and DD X
    DCT glad you enjoyed yr meal out.I lived in London in the 70s and remember Fitzrovia well and Carnaby Street. I still love and miss London.x
    Hope you get yr booster soon Beau has his next week,pretty much exactly 6 months after he got his second one. I shd be a week or two behind him. X
    Anyhoo,I just popped up to see if anyone fancies a singsong on the coach?How about ..ten green bottles hanging on the wall ..or how about I Spy ! 😀😀x

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    Good day ladies ( and gents if any are around!)
    100 pages! That deserves a big fanfare!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
    I remember IZZY,she was a crafty person ..craft-y rather than crafty…creative if I remember rightly! Isn’t that lovely,100 pages of positive vibes!
    V I’m sorry two more family members with covid,hope they’ll soon be well
    SUNNY I love reading about your holiday,no wonder you love Turkey,you have such a good time there!
    My Thursday positives,bit early for any so far,tho as always,v glad to wake up to another day,able to breathe,see,hear,get out of bed unaided! And love that first cuppa of the day!
    *~ Beau has appt for his booster next week and I have my flu jab tomorrow
    *~ Hairdressers yesterday, my hairdressers throwing a Surprise Beatles party for her Dad..loved hearing all about her plans….afterwards the World Peace cafe for a coffee. Was given a bite size Cadbury’s fudge with my drink. Think they’re about 60 cals and 5 carbs. Was going to eat it as a celebration of 100 days low carb,but after one bite it was too sweet,and Beau had the rest. ( Along with the round Lindor choc he was given which disappeared in one gulp- I always think one of those should be savoured. And he’s one of the annoying people who can eat and not gain 🙄)
    *~ Later I got a stitch in my side which was uncomfortable and meant I didn’t want my dinner..every cloud etc…Carbs and cal count v low for the day..Woke up stitch free I’m relieved to say
    Enjoy the day wherever you are and whatever you’re’s to the next 100 pages 👍👍👍👍 xx
    ⭐️🍁 May your troubles be less and your blessings be more,And nothing but happiness come through your door 🍁⭐️

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    Thank you Sue and DCT.

    Sue, here in the Uk we are giving Pfizer vaccines at no sooner than six months following your second vaccination. Everyone is getting Pfizer irrespective of what your first vaccines were unless you had anaphylactic reaction to Pfizer. Everyone over 50 will be notified when it’s your turn to book your booster appointment. Those who are younger and fall into certain health conditions will also receive a booster.

    I’ll be back on here tomorrow with a weight update. Even if I haven’t lost weight (I feel heavier) I am happy that there is no sugar in my body and am enjoying not feeling hungry or having cravings.

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    Cathy I’m so sorry to hear about your friend – sending you some virtual hugs 🤗
    I did want to ask you a quick off topic question about the booster shots you are giving – approx how long after peoples 2nd jab are they having a 3rd booster?
    Our govt has recently approved boosters for the group I’m in (compromised immunity) and they are saying 2-5 months after the 2nd. I do have an appointment with my doctor on Monday to discuss, just interested in what you are doing in the UK.
    Take care Cathy x

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    I had similar issues during the initial days of my IF. Brain fog was so weird that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Then I learned that adding some herbs to your daily diet can actually take care of that issue while fasting. So I followed and came to know herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Guduchi, and Shankhapushpi work great to prevent brain fog, and it did work for me.

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    Hi sixturkeys, good to see you here. I predate 2019, but we still overlapped. My favourite meal for batch cooking and freezing is ratatouille – I often do a tray bake of chicken portions on top of a mix of courgette, aubergine, a little onion, red peppers, garlic, and a tin – or so – of tomatoes. Roast for an hour at 180c.. I freeze the left overs, or sometimes whizz the vegetables to make a thick winter soup. Take care.

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    Izzy kicked this thread off in June 2016, which means between us, we have kept this thread running for well over 5yrs! That means there have been a whole ocean of positives recorded here and I know there are as many again, waiting to be added on … what are yours?

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    Yowser, so impressed with your 100 days low carb, think I need to set myself a similar challenge once I’m back in the UK.
    V, sorry you have 2 more family members tested covid positive, hope they’ll make a speedy recovery.

    Okay, what positives can I find….
    👓 ordered a pair of prescription reading glasses today, for approx £22, including anti glare, anti scratch and blue light protective coatings.
    😌 lovely relaxing day with OH

    You know, think that will do for me today, feeling chilled and don’t feel like taxing myself to identify any other specific positives🤭, but if you have one or two to share, please i tell us about them.

  • Elle- Just some people I work with because I am tall and busty, supposedly I now have curves 😆 which is fine I don’t mind but not going to stop yet as I’m not happy yet but want to be a healthy bmi, I don’t think I’ve ever been there!
    That’s fantastic you are so close to target, you’ve got your eyes on the prize! 5:2 is a bit of a learning curve as I slip back into 800 mode but gradually settling.
    I’ve been discussing with my hubby about what treat shall we have when at target, think I’d like a sunny holiday, got to have some good motivation

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    Yowzer you are doing brilliantly, and 100 low carb days is marvellous. Sunny lovely to hear you are still enjoying relaxing in the sunshine…. how could you not!!
    So the bad news first …. other grandson and their father now covid positive but not too unwell fortunately.
    The rest is good ….
    1🧼🚿🛠 New steam shower cabinet finally fitted today. I ordered it last April, arrived August and finally got it fitted today! Who would have believed it would be so difficult to get equipment and then even more difficult to get it fitted. Sunny I know your OH is very handy about the house ….. unfortunately mine isn’t!
    2. 😀👍 👶 Seeing son tonight for the first time in over two months so cooking lots of nice food …. all BSD friendly of course!
    Sorry not mentioned all the posters but frightened to flip back in case I lose my post! But, good to see are little band expanding, the more the merrier!
    Well that’s me for today but hope Thursday is a positive day for everyone.

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    Thanks for the support.
    I read all the way back through this post, to remind myself how far I have come and stop beating myself up.
    I also felt determined yesterday, and had a busy but not stressy day in virtual meetings all day, so did a 24hr fast and OMAD yesterday, with a smaller portion for supper last night.
    I don’t fast often, but really felt my body needed a reset.
    It has helped, I have felt better again today and managed to avoid any snacking, with my trusty water bottle by my side.

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    Hi everyone

    Just checking in particularly to send Cathy my love and best wishes. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. So sad, and just wish there was something more we could all do to help. I agree that we should make the most of every minute. I’m so glad that your eating is going really well at the moment and that you are managing to keep positive. Well done!!

    Yowzer I had a lovely time on Monday thank. you. We had a wonderful tapas lunch in Fitzrovia (an area where I used to live many years ago) then onto somewhere near Carnaby Street for drinks. Totally blew the carbs and cals but had a fab time and am trying to make up for it now!

    Dawn I’m glad your mum and daughter are both improving. And it’s great that you have a wonderful holiday to look forward to next year.

    I have to say I’m not doing well on eBay at the moment. No-one seems to buy any of my clutter, which is a shame. But I’ll keep plugging away and see how it goes. Will keep you posted!

    Take care everyone, and keep in touch X

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    Thanks Both !
    Yesterday’s 8.1 dropped to 7.9 at noon – Still disappointing (I’m not a breakfast person and never was)
    I plan to do a similar check on this morning’s reading then put the meter in a drawer. I’ll do one reading a week going forward.
    I’m realistic about the weight loss. I guess the first week is the easy week and it’s largely water loss. The next two weeks will be more difficult.

  • One-step who is telling you not to lose anymore? I had a work colleague who I haven’t seen in ages due to the WFH saying how much weight I have lost and didn’t my OH think I was getting too thin. I know she does SW. It is unconscious jealousy/sabotage over us being so successful. Only you know where you want to be.
    I am now finding it harder and want to eat more, not bad things just more of the good. I only have 2 3/4 lbs to target and it has slowed down. I hold the meals I want in my mind for a few weeks (hopefully) time when I plan to start 5:2

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    Hello everyone
    I am enjoying some really lovely and delicious food on the reboot. I have gone back to basics with my way of eating, I’ve just made an omelette wrap which is cooling and I’ll be having hummus and a little carrot in that. I made the ratatouille and Halloumi bake last night and I’m going to make mushroom soup later with milk not cream (still careful about my cholesterol after the raised count earlier this year). Nobody would guess I am “dieting”and I’m not feeling any hunger. I am still firmly in ketosis and although I am hoping for a loss on Friday, I won’t be surprised if this week I don’t lose but hopefully, I will next week, I have got used to how my body “performs”. I am having simple lunches, a couple of babybel cheeses and some pecans, broccoli and stilton soup. No refined carbs have passed my lips. I watched a Jason Fung clip yesterday to remind me that fasting and low carb is the way to lose weight and not calorie deficit. Even if I don’t lose every week, I should still see the fat melt away over the next few weeks.
    On a rather sad note, my lovely friend who had brain surgery two weeks ago has been given devastating news and a dreadful prognosis. It has been a lot to take on board and so very unexpected. 2021 has not been a good year at all but I am still here, still positive, still trying and still hoping. Reminds me of the song “I get knocked down but I get up again”. It has given me a lot to think about and when my husband comes back from his retreat, we need to sit down and have a good chat about how we plan to enjoy our life together over the next few years. I’ve always assumed I wouldn’t get old because my mum died very young and now with this blow it has made me realise we have to grab every opportunity to enjoy life now.
    Have a good week everyone, do your best every day. Weigh day is Friday for me and I’d love to be able to report a loss.

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all having a good week,
    so sorry to hear about your horse Julz x

    The recommended books I haven’t read so must try and read some, was looking at meditation as struggle to sleep on a Sunday night, usually because of the impending doom of Monday! 😆 but thought it might help.
    Had a funny week so far, got tempted by cake on Monday and a glass of wine, which then went into a few days of occasional poor choices, all meals were on track but really needed something naughty (probably due to late work nights and end of term tiredness) but pleased as it was a great learning curve, I felt I’d eaten too much and wasn’t comfortable in my clothes, and I got a spot! I’d only put half a pound on, it’s goes to show how after the first 800 really does reset your mind and shrinks your tummy, so back on the smaller portions and no off track to get me back in the loosing zone as still got I recon 2 stone to go even though I’m being told not too loose anymore but I’m not in a healthy bmi yet.

    Here’s to the rest of a good week xx

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    I can empathise, I think its quite common after a long while on a WOE; generally we have forged new habits and adapted well but struggle for the motivation to to stay strict and new little habits sneak in – wee snacks, bigger portions, on plan puddings…… you are not alone! But isnt it great that you can have a week or 2 more relaxed, basically maintain, recognise where you could be better, understand the learnings and then move on when you are ready!
    What a good year you have had though, good discard, still here, still accountable and still keeping on! Go you!!

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    Hi Wavecrest, all good information from Verano. I notice that your finger pricking is being done on waking which isn’t the best time to do it as your numbers maybe due to the dawn phenomenon. There have been many posts about it over the years; put it into the search box at the very top of this page to find out about it if this is a new phrase to you. Best wishes

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    Antigone you are doing well keeping to 800 calories. I’m averaging around 1000-1100 on 5 days a week, and keep to 800 calories on 2 days. I may try a week or 2 of 800 calories every day again soon though.
    I had a good online shopping experience this week – for the past few months there have been out of stock items, or wrong items delivered, and this week I had 2 beautiful pieces of fresh salmon fillets in with my groceries that I hadn’t ordered – a delicious bonus 🙂 I cooked some of it last night in my air fryer just with a Dukkah crust and really enjoyed it, I had it with broccolini and cherry tomatoes.
    Tonight I’m going to make the salmon salad bowl recipe from the Fast 800 recipe book and have it for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.
    For lunch today I had some broccoli soup , I had loads of broccoli in my crisper so it was a good way of using it up. Although it is Spring here we are having a cool, rainy spell so it’s good soup weather 🙂
    I had some oranges too that had been in the fridge for a few weeks so made the Fast 800 orange and almond loaf. This is really lovely. I cut it up and freeze slices then warm in the microwave when I feel like a piece – I have it for lunch sometimes with some Greek yoghurt.
    Although it was raining quite heavily this afternoon I still went out for a 90 minute walk, I really miss it when I don’t go out some days, it’s certainly become a habit for me now.
    I enjoyed reading everyone’s eBay stories – I used to sell on eBay, when it first started in Australia. At one point I was selling craft supplies and was doing so well I was able to cut down my hours at work and go part time. Then eBay started charging higher fees, postage rates went up a lot too and it became mandatory to take PayPal as payment which again involved more fees – when I worked out the hours I was putting in it worked out that I was earning $3 or $4 an hour so I packed it in and went back to being a full time wage earner 🙂 it was good while it lasted though.
    I hadn’t thought of selling my old clothes, if I had anything of value I would, but many are pieces I bought ages ago from chain stores, or they are charity shop buys. I keep promising myself a new wardrobe when I get to goal weight… one thing I am liking about being able to fit into size 16 again is that almost all clothes ranges go up to 16, whereas when I was a size 18 or 20 not everything was available in the “plus size” range.
    Dawn, I hope your mum is doing a bit better now, how awful for her being ill while recovering from surgery.
    Hope everyone else is doing well. I’ll check in again at the end of the week when hopefully I’ll be reporting a loss 🙂

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    So we’ve reached our first ‘Century’! Thanks for letting us know Sunny I would never have noticed, but hey what an achievement…. goes well with my 52nd! Thank you all for the good wishes.
    So my positives for the day …..
    1. 🚗🌦🌲Drove through Delamere Forest and even though it was drizzly and mizzly it was a lovely scenic drive.
    2. 🍽🍸🌶 Lovely lunch at the Fishpool Inn, very carb friendly prawn starter followed by pan fried salmon on a bed of puy lentil dhal which was really lovely. As it was a special day we shared a dessert …. I had two dessert spoons of mocha creme brûlée with the sugar topping scraped off! Anyway, lovely day.
    No more for me today but hope Wednesday, middle of the week, is a good day for everyone.

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    Ahh I like that positive WINDY about you and hub! Also,lovely that you treated yr Dad to a fab bday!
    Cats eating spidies..yes ours too and likes catching flies! X
    VERANO hope yr special days going well and SUNNY,hope you’re still enjoying sun and R and R X
    My positives…
    *~ Wore a jacket just now to go out and feed the foxes…it’s gone roomy! Really put a spring in my step!
    *~ Today have done 100 days low carb without a slip up,didn’t get weighed on day one but thinking about roughly what I weighed last weigh in,I reckon I’m two stone and a bit down! Heading back now towards July 2017 weight! Yipppeee!
    *~ Senior moment!.I made a food delivery order for Thursday AND for Friday! Wdnt have been pleased to have two deliveries within 24 hours of each other.🙄 So glad I noticed in time!🙄🙂🙃
    Take care everyone and keep smiling,it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!xxx

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    Hi sixturkeys I wasn’t part of the class of 2019 but I do remember you. I love cooking so am always up for new tips. Sorry I can’t help with the feta but I do make a broccoli soup with Stilton which I freeze so maybe a tomato soup with feta????? Not sure but I’m sure somebody will comment.
    I’m with you when it comes to food waste and I’m really doing my best not to throw anything out.
    Recently I’ve been making cottage pie with a cauliflower topping instead of potatoes or even a cauliflower and broccoli mash which has far more ‘texture’. I add lots of spices and Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste and chilli to the meat to make it really savoury and must admit it’s better than the original full of potatoes! It’s great to freeze in portions as well.
    Hope some of your ‘pals’ from the class of 2019, or earlier, join in.
    In the meantime, welcome back, have a good journey.

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    Hi waveCrest
    1. Typically….. there is no typical we are all individuals. In my experience the amount of carbs I eat are the crucial factor…. less than 50g a day and I’m usually fine.
    2. How long is a piece of string? Finger prick tests are really unreliable they depend on what you have eaten, how much, when ……
    3. The only reliable blood test is the HbA1c. I finger prick at odd times but have a wide range for example anything in the high 7’s is a warning sign for me but in the last four years, without medication, my HbA1c has been in the low 5’s and even lower.
    I use finger prick tests just as a very, very rough guide. If I have something unusually carby I test the next morning purely as a guide.
    BTW your weight loss is great, keep going and don’t worry too much about your blood sugar….. if you stay away from processed foods, starches …bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, you are pretty much there. Processed foods are particularly bad. Recently I heard … ‘if it wasn’t in your grandma’s cupboard then don’t eat it” . So many processed foods have weird ‘additives’ just start to be aware of labels.
    Good luck on your journey.

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    I have been having an occasional read of the forum posts. Many familiar names but equally a number who were of the crew in 2019/2020 but now absent. They may have cracked it and be happily maintaining (bravo!), but I’m half hoping some like me might have “regressed” or still not quite be there…We are all different in what spurs us on and I do not feel drawn to the current regular threads. Really each to their own so whatever works but I do look back fondly to what seemed much more practical posts – ie meal plans, recipes, hints and tips, which all of course came with encouragement but with a different “vibe”. So anyone wanting to focus on that kind of thing and who has been more off than on the forum, maybe here is a space? Starters for 10 from me are some suggestions for meals for one or which can be portioned up and frozen. I want to banish food waste as well as kgs. For example, how to use feta that can then be frozen. In soup?

  • Sorry for your loss Julz. It is always incredibly tough when you loose a member of your family. But be proud of yourself for the strength you have shown to keep up the determination to improve your health.
    I have had a busy week with my youngest’s birthday (yes I did forget myself and ate way too much cake and other carbs)
    However I felt so rough (bloated / sick) that evening it has given me a wake up call for when I go into the sustain phase.
    Anyway having started dieting at the end of August and setting myself a target of loosing 3 stone I am now officially over the half way point (weight loss wise anyway). I was doing the 5/2 500Kcal at the start and loosing around 2lb a week. In September I switched to 800Kcal everyday and my weight loss doubled (Apart from last week with the birthday party). Anyway I am now officially in the healthy BMI range however my waist measurement is still significantly larger than my hips and so I aim to continue to loose another 1.5 stone which will put me in the center of the range.
    My learnings so far:
    Cheat days and exceptions don’t work for me as my body is still not telling me when I have had enough to eat and going through Keto flu for a second time was not worth it.
    I have to work to keep to a Mediterranean style diet as I tend to gravitate towards meals that are within the rules in terms of low carb and cal but not within the spirit of the rules.
    Setting myself weekly targets works better for me than looking at the final goal.
    Protein is my biggest challenge I really struggle to get enough in and as a result have probably ended up eating too much meat. I am in awe of any vegetarians / vegans who have managed this and kept up their protein intake.
    Anyway good luck all for the rest of the week

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    Oh, and an additional positive, we’ve just rolled over on to the 100th page of positives!!! Well done to all of us for making this happen …. here’s to the next 100!!!

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    How lovely to see so many positives bring contributed by a variety of posters, thank you all for sharing with us, especially those of you who only occasionally post here.

    A few positives from me ….
    ⛱ we had a beach day yesterday and are planning the same for tomorrow. We rarely go to the beach while here, but to get away from the noise of work being done on the complex, we escaped to the beach and had a really good time.
    🚗 hiring a car for a few days, so we can go a bit further afield … looking forward to visiting some favourite locations and catching up with a friend who lives some miles away too.
    ⛈ had an impressive thunderstorm including hail today, which we unfortunately got caught out in. The positives though, are that they really need the rain here at the moment AND we were able to simple come home, take a warm shower and cosy up in jumpers with a nice hot drink. Simple creature comforts.
    Hope you can find a positive or two to share with us … we’d love to read them.

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    Hi all, I started the diet exactly a week ago and lost 5.9 kilos (starting baseline was 136kg).
    I bought a meter to measure my blood glucose and the results have been:
    9.0 8.8 8.8 7.8 7.1 7.8 8.0 8.1
    (All in mmol/L and measured about 10 mins after waking)

    Can anyone help me with these questions? :
    1 … Typically, How long does it take to get into the green zone? (<5.5mmol/L)
    2 … To what extent do these readings bounce about?
    3 … Am I being too analytical? Should I just do a single reading each week?

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    Oh congratulations Verano! 52 years is great! I hope you have a lovely day!
    We just celebrated our 11 year anniversary, but more excitingly, just before christmas it will be 20 years since we met, which is half of my life time! There we go – a positive from me!
    Next one….. sun is due to shine today….. beginning to think i should do this at the end of the day rather than the beginning…..but I’ll just reflect on yesterday!
    Went for a lovely walk in the dark with hubby, was nice to get back to doing that, get some good focused catching up time.
    My dad turned 86 on Friday just past – we took him for his first ever afternoon tea (I joined in and did not feel good for it – another real opportunity to recognise that i really do not get on with sugar!) But dad had a good time and is looking rather good! Also managed to get him a visit to a friend who has vintage cars, he got a wee run out in a very fancy 1920’s number. Love being able to find ‘experiences’ for him rather than material gifts.
    The talk of spiders has made be smile – we have similar problems, although vey kindly one of the cats quite enjoys eating them….. I just leave him to it, its disgusting but he is happy and it solves a problem!!

  • Hello good BSD peoples.
    I’ve struggled a bit over the past few week (well months but few weeks especially). We lost one of our horses on 30th September and then had a week off work. The loss of the horse was ‘expected’ in he had a lot of issues and we knew it was a probability, the vet saw him 2 weeks before and said we really had come to the end of the road and that we should call it a day before he deteriorated further. Very sad, but i now realise how much having the prospect in the back of my mind (since March) has drained me. I had a good chance during my week off to be mindful, reflective and recognise what i need to do to get my health back on track. I ate quite freely during that time and just made sure i did so mindfully and i sure could see the negative effects of carbs and sugar, and took time to recognise the lack of ‘satisfaction’ eating them gave me.
    So here I am, sad to have lost my horse (we bred him too) but at peace with him being in a better place, back to work and ready to focus on ‘me’ for a bit. Making time for good food, skin care, meditation and walking with the hubby. Hoping i can keep the focus, I know I’ll struggle on Thursday and Friday as days 4 & 5 but really need to get over the hump.
    Thanks for the list of reading Wendy, I’m going to go back to some books i think, try and drop the TV habit a bit – after all i cant really snack while i read the same as i can watching telly!

    Nice to see everyone posting, whether its about struggles or successes, it is good to share and feel supported.. Lets make this week a good one!


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    Weigh-in this morning
    Hubby – 16st 6.4lb
    Me – 11st 12.6lb
    Not good numbers, and reading back it’s largely the same reason for previous gains – portion sizes, cheese and nuts as snacks between meals.
    While I have learned the lessons, I’m still not very good at applying them – I know I fare better with no between-meal snacking, so why do I do it?
    I’m not going to beat myself up though, I can only look forward and lose the recently-acquired baggage.
    Keeping on keeping on as SG would say, as we head to our 1 year anniversary on this WOE.

  • RubyG and hubby sheepishly reporting in – we have both found 3lb over the past 10 days of being away – mostly portion size and stress eating, i.e. constant grazing on nuts and cheese.
    In a good way, I can feel the excess, even if I am at my lowest weight range in many years – my freshly-laundered jeans yesterday felt tighter than I would like, and I’d like to shed it before an event I’m going to next month.
    In a couple of weeks it’ll be a year since we started this WOE, and I need to reconnect with those first 8 weeks again and get back to the basics.
    I think I’ll have a look at some of the resources about emotional eating.
    Have a good week everyone 🙂

  • Amz…those moments happen but don’t let them hold you back .Put it behind you and keep going,which you are doing.

    Maybe look at books dealing with emotional eating ? I think you know the basic principles of BSD and Fast 800.

    Here are a few recommendations..
    1) Jason Fung …The Diabetes Code, The Obesity Code,The Complete guide to fasting,

    2) Zoé Harcombe….Why do you overeat when all you want is to be slim ?

    The Diet Fix.How to lose weight and keep it off

    3) Vera Tarman…Food Junkies. Recivery from food addiction

    4 )Eric Westman…Keto Clarity

    That’s for starters,Amz. You can do this Amz…and as Lauren says…you are not alone. We are all with you.

    Lauren up now.

    I’m off to do a bit of relaxing colouring watching Carol Drinkwater in Provence !

    My table easel is set up in the kitchen !

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
    on in Fast 800

    VERANO! Happy Anniversary! Congrats to you and D! Yes! It was deffo a positive move! You are still together 52 years later 💜❤️ 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 enjoy lunch tomozz..where are you going? 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
    Sorry to hear about the grandchildren,but v relieved for you that both are doing ok. Kids are very resilient X

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Countdown to Christmas reboot
    on in Fast 800

    HIIIIIIII there ReBooters! Keep doing it!
    ANTIGONE very well done on the 800 cals! I usually can’t quite manage it,but I am keeping to around 1000 cals. Damage limitation! Great that you are reaping the rewards for being so good! Sorry about yr sweet potato shock,but you have the right attitude,knowing that you can average it out later in the week. It took me a long time to change panicky thinking “I’ve blown it” to thinking “I can sort that out “…X
    DCT and LINDA! We are three of a kind on EBay! I start typing in my bid at the 20+ sec mark,then when it’s getting down to 10 secs I quickly put in my max bid! Like LINDA said,if sbody else puts in a higher max bid that theyre happy with,good luck to them! I love the thrill of that last minute gamble! And so often as L said,you get the item at well below the max bid you offered!
    Makes me wonder tho,what wd we three be like, gambling in a casino!😀😀😀
    DCT!Hope you’re having / had lovely time in London ! Where did you go? X
    SUEBLUE I ‘m like you,still cautious,still getting online food deliveries ( tho the last couple of weeks I’ve ventured into smarket for things missing from orders..very fast in and out tho! Far too many people no longer taking the very simple steps to keep each other safe. I want to shout “ It hasn’t gone away”.)
    I’m glad you’re enjoying yr walking…it feels good to walk and feel energetic while doing so doesnt it! X
    LINDA a farm shop! Wd love to have one of those nearby! 💜 X
    Well guys I’ve rambled on too long and some of the passengers have fallen asleep because the seats on our coach are so comfy!
    Keep going will be so worth it when Christmas comes and we’re all in our sparkly party frocks,singing all the festive songs! Everyone will want to kiss us underneath the mistletoe 🙂🙃

  • Hello. Amz here. The last ten days or so were a wash. I was thinking I need to work on my dedication, and that made me think that my basic knowledge in this WOE is lacking. I randomly found this site s couple years ago, and just clung to it like a lifetime for a few months before drowning myself again in depression-fueled binging. As I have returned and am trying to reclaim my life for my own, I was considering going to the basics, reading the literature that is essential to understanding and sticking to BSD. So along with fasting from Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon this week and my workouts, my goal is to pick one from the many books you all recommend and make the time to read it. Hopefully that will help me change my mindset from being a diet to a lifestyle.

  • posted by  Verano on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
    on in Fast 800

    Hello and a special ‘hello’ to our new & returning posters, it’s always good to have new ‘faces’!
    Dawn thanks for the conker tip, I seem to have lots of ‘young’ creatures gathering in the corners of my home!
    My day has been the usual sort of day I suppose but just with a few ups and a few downs ……
    1. 🎀👧🎠 The not so good …..Beautiful granddaughter had near miss on her ‘horse’ not the living breathing type, but the positive ….. all was well, a little shocked but not hurt.
    2.👨🏻‍🎓👨‍🌾📖 The not so good ….. Wonderful eldest grandson has covid, school is rife, but the positive is he’s well with very few symptoms apart from a cough. Have sent my soup recipe!!!
    3. 🍸🍷🥜 And as for me, drinks and nibbles with friends late Sunday afternoon that turned into evening …. nothing beats good company!
    Hope everyone is well and there are positives, even if we have to dig deep sometimes .
    So tomorrow is our wedding anniversary…… 52 years …. even I can’t believe it …. a young immature girl marring a ‘man’ over 7 years older ….unthinkable …. but time has passed and I think it was probably a ‘positive’ move! First positive for tomorrow…. lunch out!
    Have a good evening!

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
    on in Fast 800

    hiiiii DAWN I’m glad you’re spidey proof now! I’ve just been putting some conkers along my window ledge!
    Hope everyone is feeling fine and dandy!
    My small positives to share…
    *~ Been to two parks today. Lovely sunny afternoon,so fortunate to have these nice days in October
    *~ Made the mistake of missing lunch before we went out,leading to me being hungry and wanting cake from the delicious looking display when we had a coffee,but resisted. So pleased that I did..about 12 weeks in now with no slip ups!
    *~ Bought some beautiful Christmas cards and very festive wrapping paper,just looking at it makes me feel happy!
    A great thought…
    Don’t treat people as bad as they act..Treat them as good as you are xxxx

  • THE LIST !!

    Wendleg /Wendy
    Sunshine girl/Denise
    Florab85 /Lauren
    Orange Panda Momma/Amz
    RubyG and hubby
    California girl/Julia
    Merry melba
    Annie W

  • The weeks are flying by at the moment . It has been another busy week ending with a friend’s birthday celebration on Friday and the menu was a bit more than I would normally have consumed but I will try to compensate this week .

    Sunny and Sunshine Girl are living the life in Turkey and the UK ! Thinking of you ladies !!!

    I hope everyone is feeling ok and motivated for this coming week .Welcome to GAD and Julinka !

    I hope anyone who has been a bit quiet can find time to pop in this week …..Julz, articfox ??

    I know some of you are stll struggling but remember you truly are amazing and superwomen like Lauren !!!

  • posted by  ADD6605 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
    on in Fast 800

    Hi all,have been enjoying reading your positives,Yowzer thank goodness the cyclist didn’t collide with you!Sunny,lying in the sun reading sounds blissful to me🌞I haven’t watched A House Through Time for ages but used to really enjoy it so going to see if I can download some on sky to watch.Some positivess from me:
    🌞 Lovely Sunny,crisp Autumn day here
    🙂 DH came home from cycle ride yesterday with tub full of conkers so I’ve distributed them throughout the house to help prevent spider visits,it does seem to work!
    🙂 Have bought brand new Kim and Co cardigan on eBay for half the price it is normally
    Hope everyone has a good day.Dawn X