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    Hi RubyG, just popped back to say you are both doing great. It must be so satisfying to see those numbers falling for you both. Keep going and keep reporting your progress, I love reading it.

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    Thank you for your insights ruby and JGwen- it’s starting to make more sense to me. I definitely do my research and take a look at the threads!

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    Hi Scott, I have just done a long response and done the stupid thing of hitting the back key and deleting it, so I will paraphrase what I have said.
    Firstly, great losses and great results with the BG. You have discovered why this diet is so good for diabetics. As for the small gain, you are right, it might be the lack of movement. On the subject of Robinsons etc… sweeteners fool the body into thinking it is getting sugar so it pumps out insulin to combat that. Then it realises there is no sugar so the liver has to do a job of neutralising the insulin thereby causing a BG spike. Also, have you heard of the Dawn Phenonomen – put it in the search engine.

    Asparteme can also have the effect of causing diarrhea. Have a look on You Tube at the spoof letter to Haribo about the lady who ate a whole bag of sugar free gummy bears just before getting on a plane. It is hilarious.

  • Hi everyone, still pootling along aiming for my 1lb a week loss and so far so good. But 1lb a week might be disappointing to some but if I can make 13 lbs by Easter I will be very happy.

    Barefoot Girl, I am sorry if you felt my reply to you was disrespectful of your efforts. I never said 4.5lbs was disappointing, you said that. You also pointed out where you felt you had gone wrong and I just gave some advice to help avoid similar events or situations. Yes you can have treats on any diet but then dont expect to lose as much weight as you would if you had stuck 100%, you know yourself you can only get away with so much and not derail your efforts. I for one ruin my diet most weekends by losing 2 to 3 lbs during the week and then having just a couple of glasses of wine to put me back to square one with no loss for that week. I dont think your family will try to derail you on purpose but even my husband sometimes has a pizza in front of me and cant understand why I am upset. Also, sometimes people just love you as you are and cant understand why you would want to do this and it is helpful to get peoples support. I dont know what is wrong for me saying that. I gave you some hints and tips that might help (you asked for help) but it is perfectly okay for you to ignore all, some or those that dont suit your circumstances. I hate it when people come on and try so hard then give up because they are disappointed (your word not mine) when all they need is a nudge in the right direction. I love it when I hear that they have got the diet sussed out in a way that suit them and stick with it and us. There are so many of us here that have been there and done it so we know what the pitfalls and difficulties are. This diet is tough to get those amazing results some people do get but there is no harm in easing yourself into it and taking it at your own pace. I did say you were on the right track. I really cant see what I have said that has upset you. I can only apologise and hope that you find the right way to do this and get great results and stay with us for support.

  • Hi Barefoot girl, I also totally understand the confusion after you lost so much weight on SW. I too lost a lot, 7st on WW (and found half of that back over 5 years), and in UK lockdown 1 my hubby and I started following the WW way again, eating very “healthily”, but with a carb at every meal (toast and poached egg for breakfast, bread and soup for lunch, pasta, rice or potato with supper). My hubby lost half a stone, but his annual blood tests put him into the pre-diabetic range!
    This is what triggered us to start the BSD 8 weeks before Christmas. He has now lost 3st and I have lost just under 2st.
    Last night we had a pork chop with mushrooms and a mustard and cream sauce for supper – no way would that have worked on WW, but it is working on BSD. His BP has dropped to about normal or a bit low some days (he is still on 5mg ramipiril for now) and he is losing weight where it matters – around his middle. Theoretically, his HbA1c should be normal again this year, and he really is motivated. He is enjoying his food, mostly not missing the carbs (except his beloved sourdough bread) and eating to satisfaction and leaving food on his plate, instead of being ravenously hungry all the time as he was previously.
    I think for some people, it’s what you eat as much as how much you eat.

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    Hi Scott
    I’ve just sent a long response to one of your other posts so won’t say too much here but one of the things I left out was that I found when I exercised more I didn’t lose as much weight. I never really worked out why that should be but I know other people have sometimes commented on it. It might just be worth throttling back a little bit on the exercise at points and see if that makes a difference.
    Jennie xx

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    Hi Scott
    I’ve just read your post and thought I’d add my experience in as I started in a similar place to you.
    I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes in 2016. My hba1c on diagnosis was close to yours – 106 or 112 (I can’t quite remember). I started the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet pretty much straight away and, like you, I bought a blood sugar home monitor and started testing so I could monitor what was happening.
    I read some posters on here and on a diabetes site who kept their carbs very low so I kept mine at around 20g carbs per day (but others have also normalised their blood sugar with higher daily carbs, often e.g. 50g per day). I’d done no exercise previously so I started walking each day building up to 10,000 steps a day and three months in I joined a gym and started exercise classes.
    As sunshine-girl describes my blood sugar levels started going down pretty quickly – within days and certainly within a couple of weeks – and continued falling as I went. My daily test numbers did bump up and down a bit but the weekly trend was pretty much always downwards (like a few past posters, I did have a couple of weeks at about week 5 or 6 when the numbers went up and stayed up for a couple of weeks so if that happens don’t worry, they do go down again). My first post-diagnosis hba1c 4 months later was 35 – so back in the normal range. They’ve stayed at that level ever since
    When I started the BSD I was 5ft 3ins (still am!) and weighed just below 15 stone. At the point where my hba1c was back in the normal range I’d lost about 2 and a half stone so my hba1c was back in the normal range well before I was at my healthy weight. This diet’s great and it does work. Also, lots of people come off Metformin.
    My first tip would be to keep track of your daily carbohydrate intake (you can use one of the free food trackers e.g. or myfitnesspal which do it for you). Then, if your next hba1c number isn’t as low as you would like, you know how many you’ve been having and can try reducing your daily carbs intake a bit. (Apologies if I’m teaching granny to suck eggs, but carbs convert really quickly into sugar in the body so that’s why reducing your carbs is so important).
    My other tip, if your GP does it (I know many in England do now) , is sign up to access your medical records, including your hba1c test results online. You can access your results really quickly (often next day) For me, it’s so helpful to get my results this way because it means I’ve got time to look at them and work out any questions I want to ask before I have my meeting with the GP (well, practice nurse in my case).
    As well as Michael Mosely the other person I came across really early on and I’d recommend searching out is a guy called Jason Fung. He’s a nephrologist who treats people with Type II Diabetes. He has a book called The Diabetes Code but he is also on YouTube which is where I came across him. His thing is Fasting but it was really his explanation of Type II diabetes, its causes, and how you can reverse things which really helped me when I was first diagnosed.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean it to be such a long post but hope it helps. Brilliant start by the way.
    Jennie xx

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    Your question makes perfect sense.

    The aim of the BSD was to give people an 8 week eating program to help with weight loss. – It was never intended to be more than an 8 week program. And the official advice is to not do more than 12 weeks at any one time.

    Many of us who have had a lot of weight to loose have gone on to research for ourselves the science behind this way of eating to work out a plan for continuing.

    Basically insulin levels are like a switch, if insulin is high our body can not access our fat stores for fuel, and so after a few weeks of counting calories, if we don’t keep our carb levels low enough to enable insulin to stay low our bodies will reduce our metabolic rate. – If you keep your carbs low enough to be in ketosis then your body can access your fat stores and can make up the difference between calories eaten and calories burnt from your fat stores.

    I would recommend going to the Take a Look at this thread, where people have shared articles and links to youtube talks that they have found helpful. I would suggest starting from the earliest posts and working forward in time.

  • Hi Barefoot Girl,

    The bacteria in our gut which digest carbs are capable of sending signals to our brain to get us to feed them. – When you stay low carb for a while you are starving them and causing a change in your gut bacteria. As you get used to not having carbs for a while it will get easier.

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    Hi Scott.

    Just to add to the other comments, our bodies are made up of 60% water. –
    We are advised to drink 2 litres of water a day, each litre weighs 1kg. = 2.2 lbs.
    Professional jockeys can discard upto 5lbs on the day of a race to reach target weight just by using a sauna (to levels outside those recommended by the medical profession).

    The scales are really not a good way to track progress.

  • Hi sunshine-girl
    Thanks for the care you took to offer me advice and reply to my long epistle, I appreciate it. I know I haven’t quite got it right, which is why it’s frustrating me. To me though, the essence of losing weight is that if every now and then you have to or need to eat something that isn’t allowed, it shouldn’t make such a difference that you can never have the occasional treat. For me, I knew when I started at the beginning of January that my son’s birthday was coming up, my daughter’s birthday is in Feb and my own is early March, and my husband’s is April… but for once, I didn’t let this be excuses to only start in April, as I knew that by then I could have done a lot more damage, and if I started I could be well on the way to a good loss, with the occasional hiccup, if that makes sense.

    My family is not out to derail me, they are totally on board with what I’m doing, they know I’m doing it for ME, to get healthier, my husband is cooking a lot of the evening meals for us from the BSD recipe book and trying as best as he can to support me, but I also have to be careful not to show too much obsession over it all, as my soon-to-be 9 year old girl is at a very influential stage in her life where watching her mum obsess over food or the lack of could set anything off in her system, and my son is totally on board with it, but just wants me to have fun too. So I guess I ate the tiniest slice of cake I could, partly because I wanted to join in and partly because I wanted to taste my creation. My motivation is completely there, otherwise I wouldn’t be joining this forum, I would have just given up!! And I’m not saying this in any angry or upset way, just helping set the scene for my previous post. Hope this helps, please don’t feel guilty for trying to help, after all, I asked for advice!

    Having said that, I am finding that now I’m starting to obsess about carbs and I don’t want to do that. I don’t really understand the science behind it, as when i was on Slimming World for almost two years I lost 5 stone very successfully, and that was not cutting out carbs (I could still eat baked potatoes, rice etc). But as I said earlier, I didn’t want this way of life forever as it encouraged a lot of artificial sweetener and low calorie stuff and NO good fats, and I know nuts, avocado, full fat yogurt etc are good for you and satisfy you much better, so I knew it wasn’t a lifestyle choice I personally wanted to follow. That’s why I’m trying the BSD as the WOE further down the line really sits well with me, it’s a good diet for life, and I’d be happy to stay on the 5:2 once I get there.

    I can’t possibly keep all snacks out of the house though, as the hubby and kids want them and it wouldn’t be realistic to expect them to chuck it all out, I need to be strong enough not to go for them, which in general I can manage, that’s why I was asking for ‘allowable’ or sensible snacks as an alternative. I love your suggestion of sprucing up an egg with a bit of mayo and wrapped in lettuce!
    I think I’ll probably switch to weighing myself every week now, as daily can be disappointing.

    When we cook an evening meal for 4, and the allowance for me is obviously 1/4 of it, it’s hard to know exactly what that is, but I just estimate as best as possible as that’s life (I did this for the Spicy Spinach and Lentils we had last night from the recipe book).

    Ah well, that’s me for now. Thanks again.

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    Hi Scott, no need to feel frustrated and please don’t give up – you’ve already seen the benefits in your BP and blood results, the weight loss will happen.
    I’m sure sunshine-girl will provide better advice from a diabetes perspective, so I won’t comment on the cordial and insulin and fat burning.
    Do you weigh every day?
    Someone on here had great advice re. weighing and a lot depends on what is in your gut at the time of weighing, plus the water balance etc.
    Don’t let an apparent gain of 1lb take you off track – keep on it and even if you do weigh every day, expect some fluctuation and chart the losses over 1 week – so this week you have lost 6lb which is great!

  • Thanks sixturkeys, it was quite a revelation to realise that the most filling part was the naan and rice, and I felt good passing on them and didn’t feel stuffed after the meal like I would normally. I feel that on occasions like a birthday, it’s counter productive to not have what the others are having, it just makes you feel more deprived, so for me the important thing was finding the best option that is most BSD friendly in the Indian takeaway range.

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    So today is Day 6 of week 1 for me on the BSD and after pretty steady weight loss of 7lbs, I stepped on the scales this morning to discover I’ve gained 1lb which is very frustrating!
    However, my blood sugar level has been in the normal range for the last 3 days (I’m T2 diabetic) and has only once been in the diabetic range since I started the diet. I’ve lost an inch round the waist, my blood pressure is back to normal (was 140/100 now back to 120/80) and I’ve increased my exercise significantly.

    I think I have a couple of ideas what may have caused the weight gain – haven’t had a bowel movement since Monday when I had some unpleaset runs from the metformin (I think!) and I didn’t appreciate or understand the relationship between sweetners and insulin – I’ve been finding drinking water (even with a slice of lemon or some berries in it) very bland so had some Robinson’s Apple and Blackcurrant juice yesterday as the bottle listed negligible carbs but I wonder if that spiked my insulin to prevent me from burning fat. I am not a fan of black tea, so have been having 1 cup with some milk after dinner (and accounting for the calories) but I’m still averaging the 800 cals a day.

    Not intending to give up, and I’m looking at the positives but I’m still finding it a bit disheartening today!

    *edited for spelling*

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    I’m taking a leaf out of your book and planning a date night as it’s our 49th wedding anniversary!
    We will have a glass or two of fizz probably followed by a glass of wine with our meal.
    I am cooking scallops with prawns, duck legs and homemade plum sauce with tray baked vegetables followed by a lemon pot. Lowish carbs though higher in calories.
    I was so excited all those years ago and although dear hubby’s memory is so poor now, he managed to recall some of the day.
    The sun was shining as it is today although it was much warmer. Happy memories!
    X B

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    Weigh-in today:
    Hubby 18st 12.2lb (averaging 3lb per week, which is great)
    Me – 12st 5.4lb (so about 1.5lb per week which I am happy with) (the last time I saw this weight was well over 5 years ago).
    Although I have written all quantities down in my little black book, I have not entered anything in MFP for a week now, but no carbs and generally keeping the portion sizes where they need to be, so I’m happy with the sustained losses.

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    Hi Stilltrying, I do know what you mean, so I’ll try to answer from my limited understanding.
    I don’t think a standard keto diet counts calories, the focus is on very low carb.
    BSD is about an initial very low calorie 800cal per day for anything up to 12 weeks, followed by maintenance on a low(ish) carb diet. In some of the BSD plans and recipes you will find carbs, including things like pulses and brown rice etc. Some of the recommendations are anything up to 100g carb per day.

    Following standard keto with no focus on cals may work from a blood chemistry point of view for some people, but if I eat unlimited low-carb cals I know I don’t lose weight, and I do gain weight (Christmas cheese and charcuterie anyone?)

    My hubby and I have been following the BSD of 800cals per day but also keeping our carbs below 50g per day, and his weight loss has been consistent at about 3lb per week (He has lost 3st in 3 months) and his BP has improved dramatically (he hasn’t had blood tests done since before the BSD but theoretically they should be better).

    I think everyone needs to find their own limits as to cals and carbs.

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    Hope you’re feeling a bit better florob85.
    Regarding your post the other day about what you don’t like to eat – try to focus on what you do like and which fits into the plan. It is a mindset thing, focus on what you can eat, not on what you’re missing.
    So for instance on a Saturday night we have started to have a steak – good quality steak, cooked well, and instead of chips we have a simple side salad. The main point of that meal is enjoying the steak, which we do, very much. Also, because our appetites have adjusted to 800cals per day, we physically can’t eat the same quantity anymore, so sometimes it’s leftover steak and salad for lunch the following day.

    You said you will eat eggs with ham? Try this – line a muffin pan with 2 slices of square ham overlapped, drop in a whole egg, sprinkle on some paprika and/or oregano and black pepper and bake in the oven until cooked enough for you. Delicious and carb-free. I often make these if we are doing a road trip or going on a picnic etc.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Mosaic
    Sorry I’ve just realised I missed your reply – I came back on to the forum after a short break on the 9th Jan, posted my reply to you and a couple of others, and then went off again. Hope things are still going well.
    I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2016 and started the Blood Sugar Diet pretty much straight away. The results for me were brilliant; my blood sugars normalised, I lost almost 6 stone, my achy joints disappeared, my cholesterol improved and I felt fantastic – like you say, with loads of energy. Since then, I’ve stayed low carb so my blood sugars have always been good but at different points I’ve put some of my weight back on (2 st at one point, and 10lbs during the March lockdown). so have come back and done the 800 cals again. I’ve just got back to my 9st target weight again so for me at the minute it’s about getting the maintenance right – getting those portion sizes right!
    Have a good weekend
    Jennie xx
    Oh, and I also rediscovered my ankles which I’m still thrilled about.

  • Hi Barefoot Girl.
    I lost 6 lbs in the 1st week and then average 2 lbs per week after that- not as much as some, but I was happy personally with that as we are all different, it was the fastest I’ve ever lost weight on any diet, and I was often eating more like 900 cals or so.

    My go to snack when I am out is unsalted nuts (about 6-7 g, so 6 almonds or 2 brazil nuts) – I prefer whole almonds or brazils, and aways have them with me to cope with any sudden lows/ wobbles and prevent me looking for cake or whatever, especially at work in the mornings. If I am at home, I like a small piece of cheese (I find having cheese triangles in is extra handy as they are portioned already, but also weigh myself other cheese depending on time), and very occasionally (like once every couple of weeks or so, if I really feel I need some chocolate), I have a square of 85% choc.
    You will find your way, it’s a learning curve all the time xx

  • Wendleg ( Wendy ) , thank you for that email address , much appreciated. Have been to an exercise class today , so came home feeling very hungry & felt drawn to a carb fix , but suppressed the desire & cooked myself bacon and egg , had a cuppa and a rest & feel some energy returning !
    Barefoot Girl , glad you had a laugh about the mince pies , we’ve certainly got to keep laughing that’s for sure , do hope you are having a good week , there’s certainly lots of support & heaps of information for us all to learn from as well as adding to the knowledge we may already have , so thanks for all who contribute , and keep contributing , it all helps 👏👏
    🙂Hello 66

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    Wise words SueBlue. I was irritated with myself for choices I made last night- I went out for Trivia and the special was Lobster Au Gratin. A half lobster, when I haven’t had lobster for ages. So even though it was in a white sauce I chose it and even ate some hot chips and it was so delicious. It’s my first deviation for more than a fortnight and I was cross with myself this morning but you are right, it’s more productive to celebrate that there haven’t been more stumbles than to obsess about that.
    Otherwise I’m plugging away. We have a heat wave ahead of us; I don’t mind the days so much but trying to sleep when my bedroom is still 28deg is impossible, even with a fan. Each summer I decide I’m going to get air conditioning in my bedroom and each winter I decide it’s not necessary 🙁 At least when it’s so hot it’s easy to drink lots of water and I won’t have much of an appetite, looking on the bright side.
    My heart goes out to you all in UK and Europe, your lives have been tossed around so much, it must seem surreal. Best wishes that the vaccinations help to alleviate the situation soon.

  • Hi Wendy and all the wonderful posters this week and newbies and returners. Thank you for the shoutout Wendy. I have been here reading and keeping up with all the goings on.
    Hello Skittle – you are back in the good place and you are motivated and really ready for this. I like your tea suggestions – I really enjoy licorice tea which several people here have recommended.
    Adipose – your plan for your whole family sounds great. Taking out the big carbs will help everyone, and involving your daughter in new food ideas and preparation is a good step for her future.
    Thank you EC for the note about adipose tissue and inflammation! That had me read through a few medical articles on the topic last night (interesting bedtime reading!). I *KNOW* that low carb reduces my pain levels (from arthritis, aging, etc) – and I have had a wonky painful right knee and also sciatica that I want to make feel better – so you have spurred me on to jump into a 6 week 800/20 burst to try and help my knee. One of the articles (which was actually on lipedema- which I don’t have) discussed the postive effects of keto diet (KD) on adipose tissue etc and says “Researchers have suggested that due to shared mechanisms of seizures, neuropathic pain, and inflammation, the effects of therapeutic ketosis induced by a KD may also reduce pain and support the management of chronic pain. ”
    I do keep to mostly low carb and 16/8 – but since our easing of lockdown in Melbourne I have been out to a few dinners/drinks – and need to slow this down 👩‍🦱👩‍🦱
    So this week is meal planning, and the wine cabinet is locked! A few hot days coming – so salads and grills will be on the menu.
    And for those Australians here – check out this years fun Lamb advertisement “Share the Lamb” – very funny about border closures etc which we have had right across Australia.

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    Yowser, loving the sound of that scarf. Glad your beau has got his jab appointment.
    🌥 saw only a little sunshine here today, but even that was better than nothing.
    👩‍🍳 made a batch of twice bake cheese souffles … two for tomorrow’s date night and two to freeze for a future date.
    That’s it for today, it’s been a quiet one with nothing much happening …. which in some ways is a third positive I guess.

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    No worries florob85, you would be amazed at how many people make the mistake of thinking the recipe is for one person. Even had someone who made a 4 person meal and ate the lot and thought the diet was great until they realised 🙂 I know you were doing the right thing but we can all make mistakes and I still do stupid things, in my case because I am so used to it I think I have got it sussed and then something catches me out. Keep on keeping on…

  • Hello everyone. I was on the forum for a short time 2 years ago while home alone with a new baby and thanks to all the amazing support I reached my goal – 21kg discarded! All was well and very easy to maintain until I was undone by lockdown comfort eating and drinking. Put 11kg back on. Sigh. What a spanner. So I’m back on Fast 800 for 8 weeks. I thought I’d pop back here to get, and give some support. Massive love to everyone doing this – my God if there was a tough time to be doing strict low sugar (AND NO WINE, SOB) it’s midwinter pandemic. You’re all legends. I’m really inspired by the posters talking about coming out of their chrysalis in spring. That is absolutely my plan. I am NOT spending another summer unable to fit into almost all of my clothes and feeling like crap.
    As for progress, I’m in week 3. Week 1 discarded 3.3kg (whoo!), week 2 0.7 kg (er…) but as my husband helpfully pointed out if it had been 2kg a week I’d have been delighted. Which is true. Week 3 seems to be very slow again. And by slow I mean nothing. I KNOW it’s all wonky and not linear but I am hopelessly impatient and do find it hard to be putting in so much effort, in this stage when it all still feels so restrictive (I found it does get much easier, almost effortless in fact, but that’s not right now!) and not seeming to get anywhere. Heigh ho. The only disaster is giving up, so onwards.
    Sharing a tip that has helped me – I’ve recently got into T2 teas and tisanes. They are not cheap, but some of them are wonderful for feeling like a treat. Some of them are not “free”, in that there is a carb count e.g. 1.5g per large mug (just made with water no milk or other adds) but obviously that matters if like me you are aiming for under 20g. But I factor them in, and they are making everything much easier. I love this, maybe you will too:
    or for a pure zero carb or cal hit, rose buds make a delicious brew:
    Stay strong everyone!

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    Hi all, I’m back doing the BSD again after a relapse 🙁 This may be a really stupid question…but I’m slightly confused as to the major differences between keto and BSD…would it not be easier to just follow the keto diet? It seems much easier in terms of what you can eat?
    Forgive me if my question doesn’t make sense!

  • Barefoot girl don’t be disheartened. First of all you’ve lost 4.5 pounds that’s great. When I first started last year, I remember my weight loss was initially slow and then it just suddenly fell off. Sunshine Girl is right, you do need to be strict and you do need to plan. No carbs means no carbs, so cake is a no go. This diet does work, but you have to stick to it rigidly. I found it really helped me to use the 4 week diet plan in the Michael Mosley book. It took the thinking out of it gir me. I used the plan to make my shopping list and stuck to it. I also encouraged my boyfriend to do the plan with me, which has been super helpful. I appreciate it might be more tricky if you have kids. I know it is hard, but whilst on the 8 week Blood Sugar diet, I also avoid getting take aways or eating out, as I don’t have any control over what is in the food.
    And my biggest tip, if you’re not already doing this, weigh your food, understand your portion sizes. Keep at it, you are down 4.5 and you will see more losses.

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    Happy Friday all 🙂
    Well it’s Friday morning where I am (Sydney) anyway!
    After 17 days on my latest attempt I am down 2.6kgs. I was the same after 5 days I think but then had a gain and have now lost that again.
    The last week wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t all bad either. This got me thinking, and I wonder sometimes if we are too hard on ourselves. So for example my goals/aims for this week were to have 5 x 800 calorie days, eating 16:8 TRE and 6 alcohol free days. As usual things didn’t go to plan but instead of dwelling on what I DIDN’T achieve, I thought I’d try and change my thinking and focus on what I HAD achieved – 2 x 800 calorie days, TRE hours of 14:10 and 12:12 all week and 5 out of 7 days with no wine.
    I thought back to when I was at school and although I used to put a lot of effort in to my work, I never expected to get 100% in my assignments and exams, I was always happy to get 70% and above – so why now as an adult do I expect perfect results 100% of the time?
    Sorry this is rambling a bit! But anyway this is going to be one of my goals now, to focus on achievements, no matter how small they are 🙂

    I’m enjoying all of the talk about flowers, sunshine and butterflies. I like the idea of emerging as a beautiful butterfly – much nicer thought than emerging as a big, ugly bogan moth anyway! There’s plenty of sunshine here at the moment, we are heading for a heatwave over the next 5 days or so.
    My favourite flowers are daffodils, they always remind me of spring England. I do also love the flowers on my red flowering gum tree, I sat in the garden yesterday evening and was watching the parrots and lorikeets feeding on them, they make such a racket but i enjoyed watching them for a whole. Afterwards I realised I had practiced some mindfulness, which is something I’m trying to do more of.

    Jennie – so sorry to hear about your brother, take care and be kind to yourself x

    Also sending love and my thoughts to all of my friends in the UK and Europe that are being hit so hard with Covid and lockdown. Everyone was so glad to see the back of 2020 but 2021 isn’t shaping up any better sadly.
    Things have settled down again in Sydney, masks are still mandatory in some indoor settings which I am grateful for. Although there has been zero community transmission for a few days, I worry that it is only a matter of time before there is another outbreak.’As I have impaired immunity I’m still living under lockdown conditions – I can’t believe I have been doing this for 10 months now, it really has become a way of life for me, as I’m sure it has for many of us now. Take care all x

  • Hi hope I didnt give the impression that I thought Barefoot Girl should have felt disappointed in herself. 4.5 lbs in two weeks is a good loss and it is a loss. I think it is difficult when you see others losing lots of weight – I am not a fast loser and only lost 13lbs in the first 8 weeks, and Barefoot Girl was asking for help. I did say that just by being on the diet she was on the right track, just making a start can be the hardest part. She said she was new to this and knew she needed some help so not much point me just saying keep doing what you are doing. She did ask for some help and advice which I hope I was able to give.

  • posted by  Yowzer49 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Just a quick hello before making my dindins and watching MAFS!
    Thanks SQUIDGE for yr support, and I agree with you… lovely to have a dry sunny day after torrents of rain and sleet…thats my first positive today!
    *~ second positive…I feel so fortunate today after seeing on the news all the floods devastating peoples houses. Plus,it was snowing quite heavily as they were evacuated 🙁 and some were elderly folk who havent been outdoors for months…what a way to return to the great outdoors… I’m full of gratitude to the services who helped rescue them.
    *~ and numero three…Im enjoying my latest meditation ,which focuses on one chakra per week. This week,the solar plexus. Im wearing the colour of the chakra each week..this week its yellow,so im wearing a yellow top and yellow scarf embroidered with golden bees! 🐝🐝🐝🐝 xx
    “ Despite the forecast,live like its Spring! “🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸
    (Lily Pulitzer)

  • posted by  California Sunshine on Looking for a diet buddy.
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    Thanks for the encouragement! I am able to be on tract with my eating, but I am losing very slowly. I am a senior so I think that is normal.
    I have been pretty much in lockdown since last March 11. At first, thinking it would be temporary, I ate as I pleased. However, as time has passed, I realize that this is the golden opportunity to shed some weight. Lockdown or lock-up,
    has created kind of a controlled environment. No invitations from family or friends to dine out, and no invitations to anyone’s home.
    I need to take longer walks on good weather days.
    Good luck to you too!

  • posted by  florob85 on SOS!!!!
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    PS Sorry sunshine girl I know you were trying to help, I didn’t mean to come across as snippy

    Just to clarify – MY recipe for cowboy beans which I divide into four portions is:

    236g tinned haricot beans (236 cal)
    1.5 teaspoons olive oil (58 cal)
    1 onion (40 cal)
    250g passata (69 cal)
    Garlic x 2 cloves (4 cal)
    1 tbspn Worcestershire sauce (5 cal)
    1 tspn paprika (1 cal)

    Total – 415 cal for four portions
    Just over 100 for one portion
    11.1g total carbs for one portion, 6.2 fibre and 5.6 carbs

  • Hello. Checking in, I didn’t do great yesterday… although not as bad as I had been, just ate some graham crackers with my daughter. I need to find a replacement treat for her.
    After this week, I’m going to try to lead my family towards a diet closer to the one I want to do; for my husband, I will continue to feed him rice or whatever carbs her wants, but I talked to my daughter about her eating BSD style, except for the calories restriction. I don’t want her to experience the tough life of being obese. It’s going to be quite a shift because most of our regular meals are carb heavy- spaghetti, tacos, lasagna, stroganoff, pizza, etc. But if I don’t buy it or don’t make it, then my family can’t eat it. I am thinking about how I can help her adjust- perhaps making taco lettuce wraps to replace the tortilla, serve the meatball and marinara sauce over tofu noodles, maybe cauliflower pizza crust. My coming skills and equipment are limited so I need to really plan the new meals out.
    I ordered a scale from Amazon that should be here tomorrow so I will start tracking my weight then.

  • posted by  RedRooster on Looking for a diet buddy.
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    I hope you are managing to do ok – I’ve done it once before 4 years ago, and have used intermittent fasting generally since (Until lockdown in the UK where I ate and drank whatever I wanted) hence the need for another 8 week go – My blood sugars skyrocketed and insulin was threatened – It certainly focusses the mind

  • Hi barefoot girl, it is possible, as you say, you just havent got this right yet. Doing something is better than doing nothing so you are on the right track. There is a bit of science to this diet and you have to get rid of the carbs. They (or that cake in your case) are what hang onto the fat, the carbs hold fluid with weigh as pounds and they cause the hanger you feel in the afternoon. 4.5lbs in two weeks is disappointing but you have said yourself you havent completely stuck with it. Once you get the motivation going you will be fine.

    First ask yourself why you are doing this, what you want from it, how much does it mean to you. Have a goal in mind but have some small goals along the way. Try to get other people on board for support so they dont derail you. Let them know how important this is to you.
    Try not to have anything in the house that you shouldnt have or would be particularly tempting to you. I guess you have family so that might be difficult but keep things out of sight if you have to have them in for others.
    Plan everything – write a weekly (or couple of days) menu and check the cals and carbs before you shop/cook/eat it.
    You already know to drink lots of water to replace the fluid that leaves the body to flush out the fat and also which will be released by the lack of carbs.
    Have a pinch of salt every couple of days, just a dip of the finger or a bit on an egg or whatever.
    Make sure you have some fat in your diet, it makes you feel fuller – olive oil, rapeseed oil for cooking, foods containing good fats/oils, like avocado, a few nuts, oily fish (yuk not for me).
    Try to make your meals interesting and exciting – use the cook books with care as the cals etc can be way out. Check yourself putting the ingredients into an app, or type each item into google and, as I do, use a pen and paper, just add them up.
    There is so much more I could say but take it one stage at a time.
    What to eat when you are hangry. Have something satisfying like an egg, a square of cheese, a few slices of ham or chicken. I wouldnt thank you for some spinach leaves as a snack but a boiled egg wrapped in a lettuce leaf with a small amount of mayo would be very nice, thank you…
    You asked how many carbs are okay, I personally find it difficult to go lower than 50g though some people do. Just read on the Dr Becky site that under 100g is considered low carb. Dont forget it is what those carbs are – never white starchy carbs, there are carbs in almost everything else we eat except meat (I think), even an apple is 20g.

    Keep asking questions and keep going. I am sure others with have lots of advice for you.

  • posted by  florob85 on SOS!!!!
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    No problems sunshine girl, I don’t pay any mind to the calories in the book as they are all wrong, I just look for inspiration for recipes and then calculate myself. those calories in the book include the whole meal bread which I didn’t have, and I only had a quarter of the recipe which i made with less oil and less passata – everything weighed out and put into MFP! The breakfast bread recipe was about 120 a slice I think, beans 91, feta about 50 and I do TRE so don’t eat breakfast so eating 300-400 for lunch is fine for me.

  • Hi All, just wanted to add a few thoughts, if anyone has advice/motivation for me: It’s now been two weeks on the BSD, and I’m only down 4.5lb. I had hoped for a lot more, I must say, as it does say that the AVERAGE loss in 8 weeks is 14kg (30.8lb), so I was hoping for at least 3.5kg (7.7lb) in two weeks.

    I am new though, so perhaps some days I’ve not been eating right, and it hasn’t all been plain sailing, as my son’s birthday was on Tuesday and I made him a whopper of a 4 layered chocolate peanut butter cake🎂, and I made cinnamon buns for them all for breakfast that morning and didn’t eat any myself (now that’s hard core!!), but somehow a very thin slice of cake did find its way down my food pipe 😁(my son seemed quite disappointed when he realised I wasn’t planning to eat any!). We also had Indian takeaway that night but I did keep to a lamb bhuna with cauliflower rice, and didn’t have any rice or naan (it was amazing to realise that what had always made me feel stuffed after an Indian meal before was obviously the rice and naan).

    I have drunk lots of water every day (I keep a bottle of fizzy water by my desk, i love the bubbles), and have kept tabs on my Fitbit app (haven’t managed to get my head around another one yet) of my calorie consumption. I am struggling in the afternoons though, it’s when I start to feel hangry!! I need to know what I can turn to to munch if I need to eat something, what do people turn to as their go to snack? Spinach leaves/celery/cucumber/berries/anything else? I have frozen shoulder which is currently agony, so haven’t been able to do any strength exercises, but have been walking 5km most days.
    I’m struggling to know how many carbs are acceptable. I know @lifediet said to count macros, I do intend to do that but just haven’t got round to it yet.

    My aim was to do the BSD on 800cal per day for 12 weeks and then go to 5:2, but the next 10 weeks are looking LOOOOOOOONG unless I can find a way to manage this better. I guess it’s just a case of seeing what works for me, as this is all totally new. The last time I lost weight, it was on a completely different plan where I never went hungry, but I want to conquer that, as I don’t want food to control me, but not sure I can handle the tiredness and light headedness in the afternoons. Sorry this has ended up being so long… if you’ve made it this far, THANKS for sticking with me!!👍

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    Florob85 – just in case you have made a very common error… The cowboy beans recipe is for 2 people so half of that is for one and comes in at 309 calories and 41g carbs, so very high in cals and carbs. Even if you ate half of the single portion you would have had 160 cals and 20g carbs plus the bread, plus the feta. Around 250 cals and 50g carbs. Sorry….

  • Hi sprox, welcome to the site and your new way of life. If you are not going to weigh you might want to take some measurements so you can plot your progress but you might just be happy to feel better or fit into small sizes of clothes. You do it your way.

    Alipetunia, Wendy is absolutely right. You will stop craving carbs. You eat carbs, it gives you a high and then a very quick low which knocks on your brain saying ‘I want more carbs’. Everytime you feed the addiction, cos thats what it is, you make it shout louder. Once your body gets used to going without it stops looking for them and gets its nourishment from other sources like protiens and fats – dont avoid the fats (good fat) they are very important in keeping you full and giving you that feeling of having something nice. Another reason for eating fat is ‘fat soluble vitamins and minerals’. You can eat as much lettuce and salad as you like, full of good vitamins, but they cant be released into the body without a carrier i.e. oil. That is why an oil and vinegar dressing is perfect on a salad. Just a bit of the science for you.

    Well I managed to get past Wednesday with just a tiny increase of 0.1kg and I didnt actually change anything I did or ate. Our bodies are funny things. Hopefully my weight tomorrow will have got over the hump and I will be back under 77kg. Not giving up and never giving in. Keep on keeping on…
    Sunshine /Denise

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    Sunshinegirl our posts crossed! I resonate with what you are saying about the long term effects of Covid. How could we possibly have imagined all this just one year ago.

    I’m so pleased your hubby has dates for his vaccine, and hope you can get yours as soon as possible afterwards. As you say, it brings a bit of hope that there is a way out of all this.

    Love the butterfly choices, and from former holidays in France I can just visualise all those beautiful sunflowers. And I loved the lavender too. We have lavender in the garden but it never smells – or even looks – as gorgeous as the French lavender!

    Stay well X

  • posted by  Dreamscometrue on Easter Bus Tour
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    Sprox hello and welcome! It’s so exciting that you’re just starting out on this WOE. Wishing you every success in achieving your goals.

    Jennie I was so sorry to read about your brother. You and your family have been going through a terrible time, and I just hope that all your friends on the BSD forums can be of some help and comfort at this time.

    Like others, I love the butterfly analogy. I think it’s so relevant not just to our weight loss journey but also the difficult times we are living through. I dabble in music and songwriting, and during the first lockdown wrote a song called Butterfly that compares these dark days to being trapped in a chrysalis, but emerging stronger and better at the end. If I ever get round to recording it I’ll send you a link!

    Hope everyone else on here is ok and managing to make some kind of progress? Every small step counts. Talking of small steps, I’m just off to do my weekly shop. I always remember someone on here (caronl?) saying that it’s easier to say no to a tempting item once in the supermarket than repeatedly in the kitchen. So I’m going to do my best to buy all the right things and none of the wrong ones!

    Hope you all have a good few days X

  • posted by  sunshine-girl on Easter Bus Tour
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    Hi all, Jennie so sorry to hear of your loss. These are terrible times and some of us will never recover even if we personally dont catch the virus. So much loss, family, friends, jobs, confidence. So much taken away from us. I want to be optimistic and see a way out of this now. Hubby is booked for his first jab on 1st Feb and 2nd jan on 25th Feb. I cant book mine yet as I am too young but diabetes sufferers should be close to the top of the list. France almost gave up on the old peoples homes as so many people refused it or couldnt legally (French beauracracy) consent so they opened it up to people over 75 in the general population. At least that way they know the people booking actually want it.

    We have tiny blue butterflies around the lakes here but I dont know what they are called . If I were to be a butterfly I might be a Monarch Butterfly as they live a long time. As for flowers, here in France we are surrounded (not literally) by sunflowers and they are lovely to see but they are left on the plant to die so they can dry out and be harvested for their seeds. At least they are useful as well as beautiful.

    Keep on travelling all…