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  • posted by  arcticfox on Fabulously Frugal February
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    Hi Patricia and Louise K, great to hear that you are managing to maintain at your lower weights. Gives me hope for when I finally get there.
    Patricia, whole rye bread works for me to without spiking my blood sugar, so I have some occasionally and may be able to have it a bit more often once I reach my goal weight. I have 2 kinds that I have. One is a Dutch Roggebrood that is easy to find here
    And the other is a sourdough rye bread made by a local bakery that is owned by some Dutch people. It is chock full of seeds so really only has enough rye flour just to hold it all together. Favourite toppings are cheese at the moment, but sometimes a light smear of hummus with avocado hits the spot.

  • posted by  Patricia1066 on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Hi SunnyB, Yowzer Verano
    I’ll add my positives before I get distracted.

    1 Family time was lovely, I had a lovely time in Ireland
    2 In the photos I have a waist!
    3 When I fly I don’t mind taking the middle seat ; )

  • posted by  Patricia1066 on Fabulously Frugal February
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    Hi LouiseKangaroo, you have put it really well.

    After six months counting carbs and feeling good on a restricted diet (no bread, no potatoes or simple sugars) my appetite was trained so in maintenance I ate to fullness. I was 82kg in June yet now on my first anniversary I am usually between 76 and 79kg. This feels comfortable, and I can maintain without calorie restrictions or more exercise. I still don’t eat biscuits, potatoes or sugar but I eat a wide range of fruit and homemade bread in small quantities. I like to take the food pyramid and upend it, so that bread and fruit are at the apex, while protein and fat rich foods are at the base.

    I do like baking, so finding a bread that doesn’t spike my insulin has been important. Of course I am speaking for myself only as we all have different metabolism, and response to carbohydrates.

    I tested, and continue to test my blood glucose two hours after eating. Raspberry jam on wholemeal wheat bread is definitely off limits for me.

    100% Rye wholemeal bread with peanut butter and a smear of raspberry jam is my idea of heaven. I know I will have a long slow release of sugars after eating so I eat it for breakfast, and eat eggs without carbs for lunch and keep. to a 6 hour eating window.

    That works for me, I don’t feel bloated nor hungry and I don’t feel deprived.

    Aren’t we all so different!

  • Hope you get on okay at the Doc’s, Amz. I’m sure an early night will help with the tiredness. Think you’re doing amazingly well, those are excellent results for week one, no need to pressure yourself to get down to 20g carbs unless you are really keen to get down there. Keep posting, it’s good to know how you are getting along.

  • Welcome to the newcomers.
    One of the reasons for the tiredness could be a need for extra salt. – Our bodies store water to help it process carbs, as our body releases that stored water it releases electrolytes. which we need to replace. This initial stage is often referred to as keto flu. It passes after a few days.

    The reason for the hunger is that the bacteria in our gut which digest sugar have the ability to send signals to our brain. They really want us to eat carbs because if we don’t they starve. – This type of bacteria are the fastest to die off if you don’t feed them. They are also the bacteria that are the worst for our bodies, responsible for causing inflammation. So it can be helpful to imagine any hunger feelings as being the little voice of these bacteria, and again, after a little time this phase will end.

  • Hello. Still doing okay. Did a short workout today. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow because I think I have a pinched nerve in my thigh and it is kinda painful now. I am struggling a lot less than I was, but I do feel hungry, especially at night; I am going to try to go to bed earlier anyway since I am constantly exhausted staying up to 3-5 AM, so hopefully that will help. Upping my water as proven to be quite a challenge, but I will keep working on it. I would like to start aiming for under 20g carbs again.
    WEEK ONE: 207.6 (2/15), 206.2 (2/16), 204 (2/17), 202.2 (2/18), 200.2 (2/19)

  • posted by  SunnyB on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Good to have you home, Verano. Pleased you had a wonderful trip. Nice
    not to be the only one posting positives, so will look forward to more positives from you now that you’re back. The reason I keep this thread current, is because it does me good to seek out those positives each day.
    Re: orchids, I have been successfully keeping phalaenopsis (moth orchid) for around 20yrs and have some that are probably almost as old as that. I always water with tap water and water when the growing medium is almost dried out, regardless of root colour. This may not be the purists’ modus operandi, but it works for me. Phalaenopsis are surprisingly easy to keep … hence my success … but I have struggled and had limited success with dendrobium, cymbidium and meltonia.

    My positives from today are …..
    1 delish fish dish for dinner
    2 nice long chatty email from friend in Turkey
    3 bracelet I ordered for granddaughter’s birthday has arrived phew! … birthday is on Monday.
    If something positive came your way today, please take a few minutes to share it with us.

  • posted by  Verano on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Hi Sunny no you’re not alone! It’s really great that you keep this thread going because without you I’m sure it would just disappear into the ‘ether’ like lots of threads and posters.
    Anyway to my positives …….
    1. Home safe and sound but very very tired just at the moment. I’m hoping one good nights sleep in my own bed will have me back to top form tomorrow.
    2. Lovely trip with lots of exciting food even though carbs featured too highly at times.
    3. Nice to come home to lots of daffodils in flower ….. there’s nothing quite like an English spring although I know were not quite there yet.
    As an aside Sunny, I was reading about keeping orchids and I know you are very successful. The writer suggested that tap water was poison for orchids and they should only be watered with room temperature rain water. Also only to water when the roots are no longer green but have turned grey. Not sure about any of this but maybe you could share your secrets with us.
    Hope everyone is feeling ‘positive’ it only takes one bright spot to make a great day.

  • Welcome to the weekly thread, SineadinCH. You seem to have a good handle on what you should be doing. This phase of hunger and fatigue will soon pass … once you are through it, you’ll probably find you have more energy than before, which will be useful with a baby to look after. You’re pitching your carbs at a good level, so you should soon be reporting good discards. Please be sure to keep us posted on your progress and yell if you have any questions.

  • Hello everyone- I am new too. @russianroulade I am genuinely going to bed earlier so I’m not tempted! I feel absolutely exhausted today, so much so that I had a 2hr nap, although I have a young baby so I can’t blame the diet completely!

    I read a lot of advice on here and one common story is it’s the carbs that really matter. The last two days I have been aiming for 35g carb per day whereas I would have only looked at calories before. Protein and good fats fill you up for longer. The MyFitnessPal app is brilliant for helping with this.

    We will do this x

  • Hi Russianroulade and a warm welcome to the weekly thread. Sorry you are struggling, but the hunger and exhsustuon is your body demanding the carbs it’s been used to.

    Try to make sure you are including plenty of fat on yoir meals, this will make you feel full for longer. Hydration is also important, so when the hunger strikes, have a drink – water, coffee or tea perhaps. As long as you are holding down your daily intake of carbs, if you desperately need a BSD friendly snack, allow yourself a few extra cals and have something small. In the scheme of things it won’t make any difference to your end result – this is a marathon not a sprint. As your body adjusts, there will be days when you’re below 800 cals, so it will all balance out.

    Stick with it and come and vent to us whenever you need to. It will get easier though and those pounds will soon start to drop.

  • Hi all, this is my first week and I need some moral support. Have been sticking rigorously to the diet, am on day 3 and am starving and exhausted. Having weighed myself, I’ve only lost 1/4 of a pound. I can deal with that, as I expect the weight loss may show on the scales later, but any tips on how to combat the hunger would be most gratefully received. Thanks

  • Welcome to the weekly thread, Naelle, good to have you on board. It takes awhile to get your head around fats not being the enemy anymore, so there is a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. Important thing to remember is to avoid carby foods, drink plenty as hydration is important and weight, measure and record all you consume and yourself too, so you can see your progress.
    You can use the search box in the top right corner of the page, to look for posts on particular topics. However, please shout if you have any specific questions and someone will respond.
    We’ll look forward to being part of your journey and to reading about your progress.

  • Good to have you on the weekly thread, Budgie. Stick with it, be gentle with yourself and the ‘carb flu’ will pass in a few days. Looking forward to reading about your progress and am confident that you be reporting good things soon.
    Articfox, those lovely brown trousers will see use before the fall. You’re making great progress.
    Butterlover, good progress seems that extra exercise has paid off.
    Gill, I’m sure you’ll get that small gain kicked into touch on no time.
    Amz, pleased you gave yourself a break on the exercise front. Congrats on those results too, you’re doing great!👍
    Olive, enjoy the rest of your break and come back to us once you’re home again.
    Keep on keeping on …..

  • posted by  LouiseKangooroo on Fabulously Frugal February
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    Pretty much anything but def not all the time! There was time of feasting with wine, sugar, carbs… balanced with time of fasting (skipping breakfast and lunch). My weight was stabilised around 66-67kg without much effort at all on this regimen.
    However I do not like the way carbs/sugar are making me feel. I don’t have any health issue like diabetes so can technically have them – yet when I do, it doesn’t take long to feel sluggish, tired, bloated, irritable. So will keep them at bay outside of exceptional circumstances (holidaying in France for instance 😉).

  • posted by  chrissierichards on Fabulously Frugal February
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    That’s interesting about maintaining weight whatever you eat Louise, do you really mean whatever? I’m looking to lose 6 more kg to get down to 60kg, lost 4 since beginning of the year. I love this woe but would like more chocolate and the occasional glass of wine or 3!

  • posted by  LouiseKangooroo on Fabulously Frugal February
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    Hi all, just checking in. I have been away from the forum as life got very very very busy. I’m working on a new business venture with a friend and that sucks up the little time I had left for me but it’s a lot of fun 🙂
    Weight wise, I’m back to my initial goal after the Xmas feasting. Very pleased to have bounce back so quickly. Now I’m working towards my ultimate goal, which is 4kg lower.

    I feel like my baseline weight has reset – it’s super easy for me to maintain at 66-67kg at the moment, regardless of what I eat. I used to be easily maintaining 10kg over that so it’s a big success. However I’m going to keep pushing and reset it to 61-62kg as that’s my happy comfortable weight.

    Speak soon!

  • posted by  Notlosingweight on Over 2 weeks and put on weight
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    Hi all, looking for some help/advice.
    Started on the 800 diet on the 3rd February, now the 19th, so over 2 weeks since I started.
    A bit about me: 59 year old male, type 2 diabetic, active, not a sedentary job, walk 5+ miles as I have a dog, and have an active job.
    Follow Med diet a lot of the time anyway, as that’s where I’m from.
    I weigh and measure everything, and check my meals/menus on Fatsecret.
    Within 48 hours of starting the diet, I had GAINED 4 kgs. Two weeks later, I am still 2 kgs above my starting weight.
    I drink 2+ litres of R.O. water a day + tea and coffee so plenty of liquids.
    1 glass of wine a week, and 1 square of 80% chocolate every evening, otherwise nothing for breakfast, 2 x eggs a day, and lots of green veg either cooked or raw, virtually no fruit because of the sugar.
    The only consolation is that my blood sugar reading first thing is now 5 to 6, but that may be partly because I started taking Berberine recently (highly recommended!).
    Any ideas/help welcome, thanks.

  • Morning all W5D1 and I put on 2lbs this week 🙁
    I had Saturday off as my husband, son cooked a valentines diner for me and Daughter in law, one of the M&S specials, so we had a 3 course meal and Prosecco, it was very nice but back on track now so fingers crossed I will have shifted that by next Wednesday. I have gone down another inch off my waist and hips, I really wish I had taken measurements when I started but waited until week 3.
    I am away for 8 days from next Thursday, off to Sunny Spain and really looking forward to the break and some winter sun!
    Welcome back Angelsand, best of luck to you, I am reasonably new and this forum are great for support and advice.
    I am having the same problem with my jeans! It’s nice in one way but wish they were not so baggy round the thighs and backside! I can also take the off without unbuttoning then when before Christmas they were so uncomfortable I couldn’t wear them!
    I do like chaffles! Only done them Garlic Bread style and plain for breakfast so far, but am going to get more adventurous!
    Welcome back and thanks for the encouragement and good luck with your op, wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Best of British everyone for the week ahead.

  • Hi all! Just a quick check-in from sunny Tenerife. Holiday is going great – eating and drinking less so. It’s really a high carb world out here! So difficult to stay away from temptations and make good choices when eating out most of the time.
    Anyway, I did decide already when starting this WOE in Jan that I would give myself a break this week, so will deal with whatever it brings when I’m back home.
    Angelsand – I’m so impressed by you getting yourself and daughters out of bad situation, that takes true strength, courage and a lot of energy. It’s no wonder that you have a backlash some time after when you all are safe. Don’t see it as a failure. You are doing great for starting again!
    Take care all!

  • Thanks for the cheerleading, Wendy. I hope your proceedure goes well.
    JGwen, thanks for the reminder about what is happening when the scales don’t go down but we get slimmer. I sure hope I’m building muscle mass as that will help with rebuilding my metabolism. I’ve been looking more into iron deficiency literature as well as I was a bit depressed that my metabolism seems so slow and that if I go off piste, I can regain so much so quickly, and it occurred to me that a lot of the symptoms that come with iron deficiency seemed similar to metabolic rate slowing down due to calorie restriction, and of course they are exactly the same. The body does not have enough oxygen delivered to cells or enough iron to turn fat into ATP through the electron transport chain, so it is really similar to eating less calories or triggering an insulin response all the time as the body cannot access energy in fat stores, but for a different reason. Likely why I absolutely crave carbohydrates when I’m low iron and can’t stop eating them.
    My ‘pants’ are not falling down at the moment, but really that is only because the ones I’m wearing at the moment for work are some ones that I purchased in ‘curvy’ form so that they fit smaller in the waist and larger in the hips and legs. I was thrilled to find them as I’ve always struggled to find a good fit in trousers. The waist was a bit too snug before Christmas, but is now fairly loose. I’m only disappointed that they don’t do this curvy fit in smaller sizes 🙁 . They also seem to be fitting looser through the leg though, so I decided to try on my next goal trousers this evening which are nice brown wool ones with a very non-stretch satin lining, so I can really tell better than with stretchy ones if I’ve lost even some mm rather than inches. They do seem to be fitting a bit better through the leg. I dare not sit down in them yet though, so a ways to go before I can wear them. I would love to be able to fit into them before the weather warms up, otherwise it will be fall before I will get any use out of them.
    On a food note, one of the things I was craving when I was sick, for some unknown reason was macaroni cheese. I found some shiritaki penne when doing my food shop at the weekend and decided to try making a low carb macaroni cheese. All I can say is that I really don’t recommend it. Think I will stick to cauliflower cheese from now on.

  • I stayed pretty much on plan… Though maybe over calories slightly since I added some avocado to dinner at the last minute, but I think it will be okay. I took today as a rest day from my workouts; it was actually supposed to be tomorrow, but I wasn’t feeling well so I switched it. Still trying to up my water intake, but doing good otherwise.
    I hope Wendy is okay and looking forward to hearing her encouraging nudges again soon.
    207.6 (2/15), 206.2 (2/16), 204 (2/17), 202.2 (2/18)

  • Hi Everyone. Welcome back to Wendy.Ive been havent been posting for a while.I got completely involved with going back to work with no time to post or even plan really good meals.I stayed off the scales and I ate quite a lot off plan.mimi muffins.bread etc etc.Today Im surprised to be down to 86.7kg a good 1kg down.I think the extra activity of work has done the Im resetting the meal plans and imagining how good it would be if , sorryu when I get the meal plan and the work in sync yesterday a friend that I havent seen for a while insisted that I look fabulous and skinny .I don’t believe her but I did feel my pants are a bit looser.I hope everyone is progressing.Have a great day.

  • posted by  SunnyB on Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?
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    Surely I’m not the only one with a few positives to report …. sincerely hope not! Mine for today are…..
    1 Sorted out a birthday present for my Mum, which will now be delivered direct to her in time for her special day next week.
    2 Spent some time editing photos today, one of those things I keep meaning to do, but don’t get around to.
    3 Got two lots of laundry done, so it’s almost up to date for a change.
    Please let us know what positives have appeared in yoir day.

  • Hi Angelsand, sounds like you’re doing fine. Prob ably best to avoid the Graze boxes. If you think in terms of 800 calories, 139 is quite a considerable chuck of that and that’s before you consider the carbs. Don’t know what level of carbs you are aiming for, but even at 100g 16g is still will over 10%. Would suggest if you need a little snack, go for a few unsalted nuts … almonds or walnuts are good, or even a small portion of full fat yogurt and some seeds or berries.

    Why not set yourself a mini goal to aim for, so that you have something other than what you used to weigh, to focus on? It helps to make the while thing feel more doable and gives you something to celebrate as you go along. I’m sure you’ll have something good to report on Friday.

  • Such great support on here x thanks so much already for the positive messages.

    Day 2 done and ive tried so hard with the water today. Eaten well and sticking to the two meals format really. My urge to snack is hard to break but ive done it so far.
    Was going to ask what peoples thoughts are on the small Graze boxes of peas/corn and beans. Are these best to avoid totally? 139 cals and 16g of carbs I think.

    Anyway heading into day 3 and still torturing myself with how i used to look and yes its not productive. :0(
    My overall aim is 9st 7lb i think. Will post my weight on Friday morning… X thanks everyone.

  • Hi there, DoubleDutch! What great progress for you so far.
    Really looking forward to seeing your dress, Amz. Sounds beautiful and I know you are going to feel a million dollars in it.
    Don’t worry, Wendleg, not feeling remotely ‘dereailable’ at the moment. Hoping I can remain in my current state of embracing the whole experience with curiosity and a good dose of humour. 1.5lbs had gone this morning. Thank you for the info, JGwen – I really do find this all fascinating – and incredibly logical when you and others open our eyes to the research and theory. Whatever I look like and what size I might or might not end up wearing, I firmly believe it would take something quite extraordinary to make me jeopardise feeling better physically and mentally than I can ever remember. And my pants (even in the UK sense) really are falling off, which is amazing, if slightly undermining of my sense of authority at times! Actually looking forward to buying some clothes – unheard of – that I like, rather than ones that will hide me.
    I do sympathise, PhoenixB. Although I won’t be ready for maintenance at the end of 8 weeks, I have thought about it a bit because it won’t be that much longer and realised that a really strict regime can give me sense of security, even if it is onerous at times. You mentioned a while back that there were some changes coming up for you, so it sounds like you will be making the adjustment to maintenance with plenty of other things going on, which can’t be an easy prospect. But it is you, and each of us, who have been making the good choices all along, not the BSD, and I am confident we can continue to do that, even with a bit more freedom, with a bit of help from each other.
    All good wishes for tomorrow, Wendleg. Well done, everyone!

  • DoubleDutch, a warm welcome to you, good to have you on board. You’re doing really well and it is a good idea to work to mini goals, as that gives a sense of achievement when you hit them. So having ‘getting into double figures’ as you next goal is a good one to aim for and it shouldn’t be too long before we’re celebrating that win with you.

    JGwen, thank you for the quote, it certainly makes me more comfortable about my current situation. I will still be looking to get back to goal weight, but will perhaps be a bit less anxious about doing so.

    Finally, thank you for the comprehensive post Wendy, we wish you well for tomorrow. I will endeavour to take care of the thread whilst you are unable to and we’ll look forward to you coming back to us very soon.

  • Hi SunnyB and Bryla,
    A quote from Megan Ramos, IDM Program Director for Dr Fung may be helpful – (remember being low enough in carbs so you are in ketosis is having the same impact on your hormones as fasting)

    “While you’re fasting your body produces human growth hormone (HGH) that can help you build muscle and rebuild bone mass. I have always noticed that women gain a significant amount of muscle and bone mass when they start fasting. This is fantastic because we want to be strong and sturdy as we age. The one catch is muscle and bone come with a mass. A lot of women will come in dancing because they’ve dropped three dress sizes, but then end up in tears when they step on the scale and see the number really hasn’t shifted that much. In some cases, it has even gone up. Often a woman’s view of her success is tied to the scale more than anything else, but the scale is often very misleading. If you’re pants falling off, then you’re clearly losing the bad stuff – body fat.”

    Hi Phoenix, what I have learned about transiting into maintenance is that the key to success is continuing to keep carbs low and increase the calories from healthy fat. Facebook groups which are people who stick to a keto diet recommend working out the number of calories you need for your daily maintenance, (excluding exercise) as the base line for the number of calories, and just use the calorie defect from exercise to discard fat when you need to.

  • Hi all,
    First, all of you: thanks for all the input on this forum! I’ve been lurking since I started on January 6th and Wendy finally convinced me to come forward!!
    I’m SO in for this week. It’s W7D2 for me and I’ve discarded over 10 kilos now.

    I’m tall, 1m82 and my current weight is 103.2. I aim for around 90 kilos, but I take it step by step. So, double digits first!

    I struggle to stay under 800 and usually end up around 900. I walk and exercise a lot, I’m currently at 35 grams of carbs and still in deep ketosis according cheap breathalyzer. Will try 40 next week.

    I love this WOE, my mental addiction to chocolate is still not over, but I successfully resist. So far, except for a few days with 1200 calories, but still low carb, I’ve been on the wagon. No alcohol or non BSD foods. My energy has been trough the roof.

    So, after all this lurking, some sharing from my part!

    xxx DoubleDutch

  • Angelsand, don’t be too hard on yourself !! You have a major victory to celebrate in your personal life and torturing yourself is not helpful or good for your well being. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Here you are now , you haven’t let yourself down, you have been brave and determined !! You have made the decision to return , you know what to do so look forwards, not backwards ! We are here to support you !! PhoenixBurns is so right.You don’t need to hurt yourself anymore.

    Phoenix, don’t go away ! This is not the end, just the beginning ! The fact that you have changed your attitude to food will stand you in good stead so you don’t need to fear losing control. I accept that processed and high carb foods are no longer part of my life but I don’t feel deprived at all because there are so many more healthy options available which are good for me. We love your posts and contribution to the thread !
    Not long till the family wedding now ! Have you bought your suit yet ?

    Bryla, take that non scale victory !! Don’t let anything derail you. You maybe know that I don’t weigh that often but I concentrate more on my clothes feeling comfortable and the fact that I can tramp around a foreign city without discomfort 😉

    Amz ! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself ! You don’t have to punish yourself to get results. Maybe concentrate on establishing good, sustainable habits with your food choices so you don’t get derailed in difficult moments ? Your vintage dresses sound fab ! I love hearing you motivated and positive ! Just keep going and stay with us .

    Good to see things are going well for you articfox ! You will reach that milestone ! You are adjusting well to fasting too ! Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney have written about the benefits of low carb on athletic performance.

    Look forward to seeing everyone checking in !
    Sixturkeys !!! Come and talk to us !
    Sunny has called out to Budgie . Fly over to us, Budgie ! We will help you beat those demons xx
    Looking forward to another delightful post from Yowzer !
    MumofStig are you ok ? Capricornia ? Red-Riding ? Kimeliz where have you gone ?
    QueenHLK ? How are you doing ? Remember you have support on here
    Gill33Uk have you been chaffle making ? I have ( with ground up tiger nuts from Valencia !)
    SunnySideUp how are you doing ? Did you break that plateau ?
    Hello Olive_1 ! Come back to us after your holiday !
    Hi caronl , JGwen and all our ‘regulars ‘ .I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

    I have to go into hospital for a little op tomorrow which means an overnight stay so I won’t be able to post for a couple of days . Sunny will be around as always providing lots of support and encouragement. I will be back very soon xxx

  • Hi all, I’m in for another week too. After my 36 hr fast, I am back down to 92.1kg, so the 1.5kg damage from being sick seems to have been reversed. The scales even thought about registering me at 91.9kg for a second before flipping back up. So I’m going to try to be really committed this week and see if I can shift down towards 90kg. Getting below that would be a significant milestone, but I’m not sure I can get there in just one week.

  • posted by  Jennie10 on TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ……
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    Reason for LDL Increase for Some on a Low Carb Diet

    I’ve just posted this short video clip on another thread and thought it’d be useful to post it here, too. I found it helpful as my cholesterol initially went up when I started BSD (during the weight loss phase) and then dropped down and lower after my weight had stabilised, so this explanation makes complete sense.

    It’s not a great recording so it might be worth putting the words up. There’s also a summary slide at the end of the clip.

  • posted by  Jennie10 on So impressed with my doctors surgery
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    Hi Bailey
    It’s really great to hear how supportive your nurse was and fantastic to think they’ve got copies of MM’s book and Jason Fung’s. Isn’t that something!

    I was just reading what you were saying about your cholesterol concern and being retested in 3 months and thought I’d mention my experience.
    When I was diagnosed with Type II, my cholesterol was 6.2. I started the BSD, and at my first follow-up meeting with my nurse (4 months later) my bgls were normal again (hurray!) but my cholesterol was up at 6.7 which caused a bit of concern all round. I was offered statins but declined, and decided to wait and see. Next time my cholesterol was taken about 8 months later my cholesterol was 5.6 – lower than when I started BSD.

    I researched it and found that this can be a quite typical response when you’re losing weight on a low carb diet. While you’re losing weight, the cholesterol circulating through your system increases. Then when you’ve stopped losing weight i.e. your weight stabilises, your cholesterol reduces again, often ending lower than it was initially. That’s exactly what happened with mine.

    Here’s a video clip where either Phinney or Volek (can’t remember which one is which – but both well-respected) explain what’s happening. It’s not a brilliant recording (mind, I’m slightly deaf so could be perfect!). I put the words up, but there is also a summary page at the end.

    nb. I’ve just re-watched it and it mentions it happening when people are losing increasingly large amounts of weight, so this may not apply to you, (or happen to you), but I thought it’s worth mentioning because my healthcare team definitely didn’t know anything about it . Forewarned, etc.

    Glad to hear you’re going well too, Gill
    Jenny xx

  • posted by  Jennie10 on Would you like to share your success story?
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    Hi Pauline
    That’s a brilliant result. It’s always great to hear another success story. It’s genuinely heart lifting. I feel the same as you as it changed my life too. But, don’t forget what you’ve achieved, it’s impressive, so a very big pat on the back, congratulations, and well done that woman!!
    Jennie xx

  • posted by  Jennie10 on Help me please.
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    Hi dotti1966,
    I wasn’t on the forum last week so have only just seen your post. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It’s a real shock I know, but it’s great that you’re doing the 8-week BSD because it does work. I was diagnosed with Type II in 2016, did the BSD, and my blood sugars (which were very high on diagnosis) were back in the normal range within 4 months. They’re still in the normal range. No meds. Lots of people have done the same both on here and on other forums.

    Yes, the response from your healthcare team is like mine, both in 2016 and now. In the UK, standard advice for people with T2 is the general healthy eating advice (incl. low fat and carbs with each meal) which is not good. Sounds the same in Spain. Initially, I bought a copy of the BSD book and gave it to my GP. I don’t know if MM has produced the BSD 800 in Spanish, but it might be worth contacting him/his team and asking. If you scroll down to the green band at the bottom of the page there is a Contact Us where you can send a message. People don’t do it often, but when they do, they seem to have had a response. Also, at the top of the page (grey band this time) under Resources there is a section called Information for Professionals. It has a printable pdf which explains about the BSD, the evidence and managing coming off meds etc. It’s in English but it might be worth getting it translated into Spanish for your doctor/healthcare team.

    For lots of different reasons I never took Metformin, but if you are on Metformin if you use the search box (top right) you can search for ‘reducing metformin’, or ‘coming off medication’ and read what people have said, it might help. But if you’re on a mix of drugs, best do it all with your GP.

    Some other positives from my personal experience (but also link to what experts say).

    If you stick to the BSD (800 cals and reduced carbs), your blood sugars start to come down quite quickly – mine started coming down within days/weeks. (I used a home meter so could see this happening)
    You don’t need to have lost all your weight before your blood sugars get back into the normal range. I was back in the normal range long, long before I got anywhere near a healthy BMI.
    It helped with lots of other health issues too. I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, my cholesterol was higher than it should be (there was talk of statins at T2 diagnosis meeting) and my BP was getting up there. My fatty liver is now resolved, my BP is normal and my cholesterol is lower. Oh, and my joints don’t ache!

    Some other (as well as MM) useful experts for starters:
    Jason Fung – The Diabetes Code (book) – also lots of videos on YouTube.
    Roy Taylor – Life Without Diabetes: The definitive guide to understanding and reversing type 2 diabetes (book) – also can find info at Newcastle University UK
    Also, as JGwen says, lots of other stuff on the Take A Look At This thread.

    One site lots of people on here recommend (including me) is They focus on low carbs and have some great information and visual guides e.g. carbs in different veg. (There is a subscribed bit but no need to do that, there’s lots of free info). I noticed they now have a Spanish version of their site. You can access it from here

    Apologies for this being so long, but I know what it’s like for you right now. Hope this helps.
    Jennie xx

    Edited: if you have any more questions I’m happy to help if I can. Also, keep posting and join in the threads, it really helps.

  • Hi everyone. I bought MM book in September 2019. In jan 19 I was told I was pre diabetic with my blood test at 42. So, I went on a diet but did not really restrict my carbs. It was all calories and low fat. In September 19 my bloods came back at 45, even though I’d lost weight my health was not improving. So, after research I understood that I would need a different approach. Higher good fats, low carb and MM’s 8 week plan. Today, 18th fab 2020, my bloods are 39. No longer pre diabetic. I lost another 1.5 stone and although still a stone overweight, the results are amazing. Now continuing with the Mediterranean way of eating I undertook from the start. Thank you, thank you thank you. It has changed my life.

  • Really pleased you have a plan for managing your maintenance. I understand now, that you are just eager to get to the end of this initial phase and get on to the business of living in harmony with food on a long term basis. I believe you are well equipped to transition without falling back into old patterns and of course, you have all of us here to help you …. assuming you will remain with us. We are hoping you will stick around and continue to be part of the community, offering advice and support to newcomers.

  • Thanks for your concern SunnyB, it’s not so much the end of this way of eating, I have tasted the light, more the end of a period of absolute control. If I stuck to this rigid calorie intake beyond the 8 weeks, I would probably pop out the other end of the BMI spectrum before long. It is like going for a long walk in the mountains, you feel great all day full of energy but once you can see your destination the weariness sets in. The wonders of the day are behind you and beginning to fade from memory, and its always just a bit further than you think to your goal. You begin to realise that once you get there reality bites and you are going to have to deal with all of the stuff you had been able to ignore.
    I have a plan, I will still have a smaller amount of fat to shift and muscles to build, and I am looking forward to having more energy to do the things I love. But I am fearful that once that control is gone, and a greater food freedom sets in I will return to a prior place of making poor choices.
    But I have learned a lot in a short period of time. Food is fuel, not a love replacement. Listen to my body, it’s pretty good at determining if I am hungry or need a hug. Take time to walk, the impact from walking keeps the bones strong. Watch the carbs, they are sneaky little devils.
    I have finally lived the truth of a saying I saw pinned to a tree in a Buddhist temple in North-East Thailand 20 years ago and I don’t want to go back: Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

  • Good to see others determined to march on for another week.
    Bryla, I’m sure we’ll have a positive result soon. Just need to keep ‘walking the walk’ and eventually the scales will agree with our waistlines.

    Phoenix, what a truly compassionate post, it almost made me cry. Concerned that you are struggling though, could I suggest trying to adapt your thinking re: ‘the end of this’ approaching? Do you think if you could start to think in terms of ‘the beginning of the rest of your life’ approaching, it might make things easier? After all, if we wish to maintain what we have achieved, there is no going back to old patterns of eating. As your eight weeks will be up soon, maybe start planning you strategy going forward, so that you have a game plan to keep that new suit fitting beautifully in the weeks and months to come.

    Amz, there really is no need to be pushing yourself so hard on the exercise front. The fact you are doing any is enough. Those outfits for you and your daughter sound fabulous and having a great dress and a special event to work towards, make good motivators.

    My scales showed a small decrease today, but I still have more to achieve, so let’s get this done together folks.

  • Glad you had a good time in Valencia, Wendy and that you’ve made it home safely after that ordeal.
    SunnyB, the result of my cold and going off piste a bit was a 1.5kg gain, but I too feel that the scales may not be telling the full story. I was wearing some corduroys today that I hadn’t worn since before my cold and they seem to be fitting a bit looser. In fact, I had to hike them up every now and again. So yes, hopefully the scales will catch up for us both.
    I managed two 24 hour fasts last week and am in the last few hours of a 36+ hour one now. My body has adjusted well to the fasting and I find it quite easy to transition between eating and fasting now. I even walked 5km round trip to and from the local home improvement warehouse while fasted today and felt really good doing it. I always thought in my athletic days that I was quite good at burning fat as my natural endurance is very high, but always thought that I had to exercise lots to get into fat burning mode (of course because I was always told by the sports nutritionists to eat 65-70% carbs, so no wonder I had a difficut time getting there). Whenever I got there though, I always felt good and that I could just keep exercising forever. I remember some Saturdays I used to go fencing for 5 hours. At the beginning of the session I would struggle to do well, but towards the end when everyone else was exhausted, I would hit my stride and start winning bout after bout. So this makes me wonder if my body really does prefer to burn fat as its fuel. I may try a bit of an experiment with very low carb/high fat in the near future to see how I go.

  • Hello. Checking in post Day 4 of FB Fit. Phew! What a challenging workout! I had to call my coach (my daughter :D) into the room for the last ten minutes to get some encouragement to continue, but it just ended in a mini snuggle instead. I finished afterward though. I fasted until about 2 PM this afternoon since I had to work anyway and I felt too lazy to cook. I will probably make some sort of chicken and veggies saute for dinner, likely to be spicy and delicious… or at least the former. I skipped my daily weigh-in as I felt bloated because of my cycle and it was just too cold to get naked, lol.
    Feeling pretty good, spent last night and this morning looking for accessories for the matching dresses my daughter and I will be wearing in April, which is currently my inspiration. They are lovely vintage-style lace dresses, mine in dark turquoise and hers in light blue. I found some awesome floral shoes that came in both pumps and mary janes so our shoes will match too! I will share a picture when the big day arrives.
    Also, I am so envious when I read about your guys’ traveling. I have never been out of the US! I have wanted to go to France since I was six, but I have yet to make it. *Sigh* C’est la vie. I told my little darling we will try to go abroad when she is a little older. Anyways, going to shower and eat. Cheers for you all.
    207.6 (2/15), 206.2 (2/16), ???.? (2/17)