The Fast800

A Word From Mike

Bringing together the latest science in what we eat, how to exercise and mindfulness

This year I’ve been reviewing the research to combine the latest of what we know about healthy lifestyles in a way that can be easily adapted to suit most people.

My core areas of interest – the Mediterranean diet; intermittent fasting; and high intensity training – are still my keen focus but I wanted to bring this work together so that it can address a variety of health goals; ie. whether you need to get your blood sugars under control; whether you have a little bit of weight to lose; or whether you need to do something more rigorous; this new plan can offer you a guide map.

To share all my findings, I’ll be launching a new book later this year however, I have had many people contact me to ask for more support and guidance for implementing the right plan for them. Together with my team – which includes doctors, nutritionists, mindfulness experts and exercise specialists – we have taken the latest research and created a brand new digital programme for people who would like extended guidance and support to achieve their health goals.

The new programme will be personalised for the individual ie. you complete an assessment to work out how many days per week you would like to fast as well as your level of exercise, amongst other things. Features of the programme includes:

  • Menus tailored for a 5:2, 800 calories per day, or a Mediterranean-style plan (ie. no fasting), all with vegetarian options. The programme will tell you which plan is right for you via your online personal assessment!
  • A meal planner tool that enables you to switch meals in and out, as you like.
  • Shopping lists fully integrated with your personal meal plan.
  • Nearly250 recipes (many of them brand new) designed with an emphasis on easy-to-make and efficient for your lifestyle.
  • Exercise plans(high intensity as well as resistance) designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced members.
  • Your personal tracker recording your weight, waist and goals.
  • Mindfulness activities, with meditation audios and video guidance.
  • All-new handouts / education content which focus on the latest science-based information.
  • A community forum monitored by dedicated health professionals geared to support your success.

We say that it’s “Based on science. Designed for people.” And we do hope that you enjoy the all-new Fast800 platform.

Best wishes,