Who should do the Blood Sugar Diet?

Given that there are so many diets out there, how do people work out ‘What is the right diet for me?’

Maybe you already have raised blood sugar or you are heading in that direction and want to do something about it other than start on medication. Perhaps you have a family history of diabetes or raised lipids, or maybe your weight is creeping up and more significantly your waist line is expanding. You might be a TOFI – Thin on the Outside Fat on the Inside, with a normal weight, yet storing fat in and around your internal organs where it is most damaging. The majority of people whose blood sugar is raised are unaware of it.

The Blood Sugar Diet, based on the latest research is designed not only to help you improve your blood sugar but for many it will even reverse diabetes or the metabolic syndrome. And if you are simply at risk of diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, this diet should keep your sugars down at a healthy level.

Why blood sugar matters

Blood sugar levels are normally tightly controlled by your body because if they are too high or too low this can be seriously bad for your long term health. Most people will have heard of type 2 diabetes, where the body is no longer able to control blood sugar levels and rates are soaring, people are getting it younger and many don’t know they have it.

Symptoms include feeling tired, thirsty, passing more urine than usual or having wounds that are slow to heal. The only reliable way to find out if you have it is to do a blood test.

Rates of type 2 diabetes have increased 10 fold in the last 40 years, up from 30 million in 1985. to over 300 million today. But even more alarming has been the rise in prediabetes, people who have raised blood sugars but aren’t yet diabetic. In countries like the UK and US more than 35% of the adult population are pre-diabetic and less than 1 in 10 know it. It is a serious problem and one that is getting worse.

Fortunately, it can be reversed if caught. Are you at risk? Do the NHS Type 2 diabetes self assessment and see.


“The 8-week blood sugar diet is possibly the first common sense book on managing your diabetes risk factors that offers clear up to date advice on both exercise and diet. By following Dr Mosley’s advice there is no reason why most people shouldn’t avoid type 2 diabetes. The 8-week blood Sugar Diet book has a striking and persuasive message: we are in control of own health”

Dr Jamie Timmons, Professor of Precision Medicine, Kings College, London