Information for professionals

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Many health professionals have contacted us to enquire how to support their patients whilst doing the blood sugar diet to lose weight, reduce their blood sugars, and where possible, reverse their diabetes. For many it is important to have the support of their health professional, whether they are doing the programme using the book and the recipe book, with support from the forum, or with more personalised guidance via the 12 Week Online Course developed with input from both Dr Michael Mosley and his wife, GP Dr Clare Bailey.

If you are a professional and would like to know more about how to support your patients whilst on the Blood Sugar Diet, we have included what we hope is useful information to download or print in the ‘summary information for professionals’ link below.

We would also encourage all patients to discuss this diet with their usual doctor, particularly those on medication or with medical conditions. We aim to work with all health professionals involved in the patient’s care. It may be helpful to print out the information sheet below to share with your professional.

Click to download summary information for professionals (pdf)

Contact us for professionals

If you are a professional with an interest in this area and would like to be involved or hear more about any aspect of The Blood Sugar Diet, then please let us know using our contact form here and we look forward to being in contact.