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    Hi everyone, just catching up.

    YOWZER well done on your ongoing loss. I’m really pleased for you and you’re right, it’s really inspiring to show that it can be done, especially when many of us have been on this journey for a while now.

    CATHY I’m so sorry you have Covid. Please take care and look after yourself. And as you say, at least you should now be immune for your cruise.

    ARCTIC FOX I’m glad you are starting to see results, and the elimination diet sounds like a good idea if you can find a time to make it work. I hope your cat is ok too.

    I’ve lost 1lb so far this journey. I head off on holiday on Wednesday, rather heavier and flabbier than I’d hoped to be by this stage, but I’m being kind to myself. It’s been a tough year, and the main aim of the holiday is to spend time with my daughter, rest, relax and get a bit of sun . . . not to be comparing beach bodies! I will do my best to try and maintain and then really want to throw myself into low carb and high fitness once I get back. I’ve been feeling very weary and flat recently so I’m hoping to get back bounding with energy and enthusiasm for a fresh start.

    I’l try and check in again before I go. Meanwhile, hope everyone else is doing ok?

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    Sorry to hear you’ve got Covid, Cathy. Cases and hospitalizations have been on the upswing here again too, unfortunately. I just had a new order of masks arrive as I’ll start wearing them in the office, etc. again. Unfortunate because summer has finally arrived with sweltering heat (high of 38 forecasted for a few days next week), and it’s really too hot to be masked up.
    Self-care with kindness continues. Some of the dietary changes I’ve made this week (really, just being consistent and making healthy, vegetable-based meals) seem to have made a bit of a difference. My abdomen doesn’t feel as bloated and I’m maybe slightly smaller around the waist too. My legs and joints don’t hurt as much either. I’m considering doing a full elimination diet to try to figure out if I’m sensitive to certain foods that might be making me bloat and swell (and possibly causing the gastritis). I think it will take a fair bit of planning and organizing though.
    Having a lazy afternoon as I was interrupted in my morning work in the garden due to having to take the cat to the vet suddenly. She’s stable for now, but might have to go back on Monday for more tests. Anyway, by the time I got home again, it was already over 30 degrees. Normally I would already be adapted to working in those temperatures, but this is our first real hot spell so far this year, so haven’t had time to adjust yet. Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow morning while it is still relatively cool.

  • Pootle if you like dark chocolate go for the 85% or 90% I’m sure you won’t be able to eat a whole bar of that! I once tried 100% but that was one step too far for me!

    Lucia I love the idea of you ‘embracing’ your plateau. We all have weird body images but maybe you should just concentrate on the positive at the moment. You’re doing really well.

    Samana I can only repeat what I’ve said to Pootle, carbs are the secret rather weight loss per se. Take a look at the graphics in you will be shocked at the carb content of some of the foods we have always considered as ‘healthy’ in the past. My only other tip is to stay away from processed foods as much as possible as they often contain lots of sugars but by other names … fructose, glucose, lactose etc. etc. Best of luck.

    Well, I’m sat in the shade looking out over the ocean relaxing whilst ‘they’ are watching football! Hard life!

  • Sunshine-girl we missed our birthdays! Here’s to a successful ninth year !

    Pootle I wrote a long response to you but lost it! Suffice it to say carbohydrates are the key to reversing T2. Bread, pasta, rice and potatoes are the real ‘baddies’. Weight per se isn’t the whole story. You have probably read about TOFI’s, thin on the outside fat on the inside, you can be thin but still be diabetic. So, my one recommendation to you would to just become aware of the carb content of all the foods you eat. You will be surprised by some foods such as apples. If you feel like nibbling maybe a square of 70% plus chocolate will do the trick and may be more satisfying than a Ryvita thin with probably similar carbs.

    There are lots of good websites and one I would recommend is which has brilliant graphics of the carb content in most foods. Wonderful to see at a glance which are the better fruits etc. Best of luck with your journey. It is possible to beat T2 , s-g and I are just two of the many who have succeeded.
    Low battery will come back later!

  • Thank you Sunshine girl. That really is encouraging.

    I have been being very strict over the last 3 weeks, and lost over a stone. But I do think that is mostly due to losing water retention from wrong meds. Now I have had a correct diagnosis for the old problem and had meds changed, I am up and running again…BUT the new diabetes diagnosis has knocked me for 6!
    I attended the diabetic clinic yesterday…and found them very condescending and patronising! More or less telling me I was doing all the wrong things by following the Blood Sugar Diet, and treating me as if I was a child, who had to be ‘gently bullied into behaving myself’!
    I have cut out all bread, pasta and potatoes. Eating much more healthily than I have since Christmas. I have always eaten a good variety of food and it is only in the last 4 months that I have become inactive and indulged my sweet tooth!
    Watch this space…if I can reverse it I will! I am extremely determined! The only part I am finding difficult is the evening. We eat about 6pm…by 9pm I am desperate to nibble!! Sparkling water helps but I am losing that battle, and started eating a 38 calorie Ryvita Thin!

  • Hi
    I am the same weight … no movement on the scales . 😳
    THE plateau . So I am embracing it. Smothering it in kisses and hugs so it will soon get bored and leave me alone!
    I am focusing on my mind today . Sometimes I think I am skinny and I look in the mirror an see how wide I am or have problems hitching up my trousers. Other times I think I am big as a house. Aren’t brains weird?
    How easy it is to give up… but… I knew I would plateau so it’s marked on the diary, all I have to do is ignore it and carry in. It will soon go, then I have to get to 14th then 31st
    I am fixing my squishy bits eg my heart, liver, kidneys, veins, arteries etc etc making them healthy and shiny again.
    Not far now
    Love Lucia xxx

  • Hi Pootle, I guess I am a successful member of this group and have been on the plan for just over 8 years. Yes, for me it is for life. I have not reversed my diabetes but I was a long term diabetic and had already been using insulin. My story is that before this diet I was running at around 200 BG and using 44 to 46 units of insulin, plus on other meds as I have high BP, high cholesterol. At around 3 weeks of being really strict my BG was down to around 120 and I had cut insulin to 24 units. My first HbA1c was 14.0 and my next one after 3 months was down to 8.0 now usually around 6.0 so still diabetic. Also cut out some of my other meds but over the years these have crept back in as I get older. Currently I run at about 80 BG in the morning and using 16 units insulin. Although not a total success I really believe I would be in a much worse state of health without the diet.

    Verano is another success and has reversed her diabetic diagnosis although most doctors don’t believe it is possible. It is more of a state of remission and we know if we go back to our old diets the condition can quickly return. That is why Verano and I are still here after all these years and mainly still sticking to the very low carb diet although not always having to count calories unless we want to lose a bit of weight for a holiday etc.

    If it was just for weight loss many of our members have lost a lot of weight, Wendleg who does this thread is one such person. Unfortunately, lots of people leave the site when they succeed and we don’t usually here how they are getting on. Sometimes people come back when they have regained some of the weight knowing this plan really works.

    Hope that give you some encouragement.

  • Hi, I am new to the diet and group. I have been using the 8week blood sugar diet books for 3 weeks now and have cut out bread and potatoes completely. Following the advice and adapting the recipes (I cannot stand spicy food so chilli is definitely off the menu) I have been eating well and losing weight. I really hope that when they next do a Hb1Ac test in September I will have reversed the 1 point from pre-diabetic to diabetic, and 🤞 even lower!!
    Please is there anyone out there who can share a success story with me?

  • Hi all, well it is sods law, yes I had a couple of glasses of the fizzy stuff last night but in all my diet is on the right path with scrambled eggs breakfast, a shake for lunch and pork schnizel with charred courgette and carrots for dinner, lost half a pound. This diet is so ingrained that even when I relax a bit I still can’t bring myself to eat the carbage crap. Today had 1.5 eggs scrambled, roasted halloumi salad and hubby is cooking some sort of stew tonight which will be one meat and the rest good veg, so still on the right track.

    Welcome to Samana, sorry about your diagnosis. Do you know what your numbers are and what meds you are on. I am diabetic and can help you on your journey. First advice is get rid of the carbs and sugars. Don’t try to replace them with what is known as ‘dirty keto’ or foods that are slightly better like brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta – they are still rice, bread and pasta. Dirty keto are foods that producers try to kid you are good for you like keto bread which is bread with slightly less gluten or weight watchers replacement foods. They are ultra processed so, just for that reason are not good for you.

    You might get what is known as carb flu as you withdraw from carbs and your body still craves them. Yes they are addictive, mainly because the give you a feel good high but that drops very quickly making you want more.

    Enough of the preaching for now but let us know if you need any help or advice. So 3 questions, what were your numbers that make you diabetic, has your doctor told you, are you testing your BG first thing in the morning before food and what meds are you on,

    Good luck and good for you.

  • I’m about the start the blood glucose diet on Monday 8th July and just joined the group. I’m going to do my best each day. I’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and on meds. So I’m aiming to reverse it and stay there. I know it may be a challenge and need to lose weight but I’m going for it, one day at a time.
    Good luck to you with tweaking things and doing your best, enjoy! Samana

  • Good evening!

    Just want to say ‘welcome’ to our new posters and welcome back Lucia and well done!

    I’m away at the moment and after two days of ‘holiday eating’ I’m back to low carb! Bread, a few potatoes and a chocolate mousse sent my finger prick bloods into the 7’s! Bad news. So today lunch of mainly salad and dinner fillet steak and salad. Hoping tomorrow BS will be in the low 6’s at least.

    For me at the moment it’s not a ‘weight’ thing per se but rather blood sugar control. Will just see how it goes..

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Hi all, well done Lucia on taking your time, slowly so it is not too much of a shock. When I get the munchies I try to have some cold meats, chicken breast and just have a bit, maybe some cheese (20g square) although my latest is olives and also the hummous with carrots to dip.

    I am giving myself a break for the weekend and will then have a 3 week run before the family come out. I just seem to have had so much on with gardeners, plumbers, appointments – I just want to relax and not have to worry about food. I know I wont go mad but might just open that bottle of Cremant. If you don’t know what it is, the Italians have Prosecco, the Spanish have Asti, the French have Cremant – in place of champagne and much smoother and less acidic and only around €7 a bottle.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • Hi
    216.2 okay another tiny tiny loss but surely I can lose a stone a day ha ha if only!! No , seriously I will take any loss.
    Today I drank water or tea when I got hungry and had one meal BUT I had my meal early do I am prowling around wanting to graze. So my mental note is to eat at 5pm .
    I also walked today.
    So feeling good.
    After the week of salads once a day I will then start one the official 800 fasting way.
    I couldn’t go ‘ cold Turkey ‘ ( why is it always food?) so this first week was me slowly nudging myself in the right direction . I am nearly there. And hopefully it will stick. I am hoping that the weight loss knows it needs to get itself organised.
    Question: when you get the munchies or cravings what do you reach for please?
    Love Lucia xx

  • Well the plumber has gone and I have the job of putting everything back that went into a rather large double sink unit. Now we have a single sink unit with two large drawers underneath but nowhere near the size of the old one. To compensate we have bought a columb cupboard which is standing at the side and I can put in all my shampoos, conditioners, etc etc etc. I know it will all fit but just didn’t realise how many towels I have, so some are going to the charity shop and some are going in my swimming cupboard for when the kids come out. It will get sorted.

    Saffsam, I can only agree with what Heidi24 has said. Maybe cut out the Coke zero as it cause an insulin response, how about 3 a week. Nothing wrong with coffee with Almond Milk and the sweetener although that could also give an insulin response, just count the milk in your calorie allowance (whatever you are doing). The only reason I mention insulin response is because your body will be expecting sugar and might be hanging on to calories when it doesn’t get what it wants. I can’t preach as I have one coffee per day with a quarter teaspoon of stevia (one of the good sweeteners with no insulin response). Sorry but also no shop bought keto bread – it is not a real thing, it is still bread – are you logging your carbs on an app to see how many your are getting – you should be looking at around 50g per day. Tell us the keto bread brand and someone here will probably have tried it. There are some good recipes if you must have bread and they can have around 2g per slice which is good.

    Besides that, a lot will depend on some of the things mentioned like your current weight. How long is it since you were last on a diet. Yes weigh and measure everything, at least for the first week or so, you can kid yourself so much and not realise how much you are actually eating – also, finally how many calories are you on – 800 is the norm at the start of the BSD or the Fast800. It is very low but you soon get used to it.

    Keep posting and don’t get disheartened.

  • Hi all, day 2 went well. Didn’t post because I went to bed early to avoid temptation! Lucia it sounds like you have made a great start. There are plenty of good things out there to eat, so try to think of those and not the carbage as Wendy calls it. Even if the weight loss slows, if you eat healthily you will be doing yourself a huge favour. That said I had a major wobble this morning at coffee with friends, so will have to be very strict for the rest of the day!

    SaffaSam, can you give a bit more detail? Do you have a lot to lose, or just facing the last few pounds? Are you drinking enough water? Maybe tot up one day’s consumption (and check portion size), so you have a better idea of the calories you are consuming. If they are way out, then maybe weigh for a few days so you get a better eye for a sensible plateful? Just some thoughts.

  • Hi all July-ers,
    I’m new to this site and forum but am reading the BSD book and am on week 3 but am losing weight so slowly that it’s depressing! Perhaps if I share what I’ve done, you’ll spot my pitfalls – I removed all bread, crackers (my absolute favourite) pineapple juice, crisps, rice, pasta, potatoes etc, you get it… BUT I cannot give up my coffee with almond milk and 1 small tspn of zylitol (up to 3 a day) or Coke Zero (never more than 1x 330ml can a day)
    I am eating more “good” vegetables than ever, adding salads with homegrown tomatoes and lettuce to all of my lunches, have made some amazing keto bread which is very low carb and have felt full, am sleeping better and am not fixating on food when I go into the kitchen, so why the slow weight loss? I also do 3x 1 hour classes of aerobic exercise a week. I am also not diabetic or even pre-diabetic with blood sugar levels of 5.4!

    Do some of us just adapt slower to the changes or do I seriously have to weigh out and count everything I eat?
    Thanks so much 🙂

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    Yowser well done on your incredible and inspiring weight loss in just four weeks’! No matter how hard I try I dont seem to lose much weight these days. I can be up and down the same pound for a whole month!
    I am testing positive for Covid today and feel achy with a raging throat. My husband is still in bed sleeping but I got up to feed Monty and to do a test because I felt so unwell. Not a welcome Glastonbury present but now I’ve got it it should give me some immunity for a few months so I can go away in September without having to be nervous of catching Covid pre holiday.
    I’ll be listening to my body for the next few days. I won’t be walking and I’ve no biscuits or treats in the house so I’ll be on the straight and narrow!
    Be careful everyone as Covid seems to be on the increase.

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    Thats a great idea CC! Really encouraging when theres something nice awaiting just over the horizon.
    Ive now lost 16 lbs in just under 4 weeks,6 june – 1 july -not boasting,but hoping to inspire anyone like me who has a lot left to lose,and is feeling a bit defeated…I did…
    low carb does seem to get the best results,specially in the first weeks,when you really need that incentive to keep going.
    Im so sorry about yr husband getting covid and hope you escape it. Hope he will soon be better. I wonder how many other people came home with it

  • posted by  ClarinetCathy on Jump On Board in July!
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    It’s seems a few of us are thinking along the same lines and finding the years and years of dieting taking its toll. I am up and down the same two pounds. My husband has come back from Glastonbury and tested positive for Covid so I am bracing myself for a positive result any day soon. It’s two years since I had it last. I have come up with a plan for myself which Is exciting! My son and his wife are staying in a lovely spa hotel in Buxton after being at Glastonbury for some pampering . I’ve decided that when I get to 140/142 lbs I am going to book myself in for a two night spa break for a treat. 10lb away from a treat!!! What an incentive. These little things will keep me inspired as we move along. It would be ideal for me to go in October/November.
    Hope everyone is feeling strong as we work hard to do our best before the end of the year.

  • Hi everyone, my house is going to be turned upside down tomorrow as we have the plumber/electrician coming to fit a mascerating toilet and new sink units into the bathroom. We really need a second toilet with family coming out but it will be handy for us when one of us is reading the newspaper 🙂

    Lucia, you are doing so well and have lost over 3lbs in as many days. Yes it will slow down but it shouldn’t go backwards unless you are like me and take the odd day off. When I first started I stuck to it religiously for a full 8 weeks and lost 1 stone – I am slow because I am injecting insulin daily as it adds on the pounds. It is really worth it to getting a really good start. Not sure what you mean by 14 and 31 coming soon, though. Make sure your salad is dressing free, it can really pile on the calories but good for you in making alternate choices in your life.

    Hope everyone else is super motivated and finally enjoying summer (if you are in the north).

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  • Hi
    216.8. It’s still a loss but I think the hump is coming soon , when my weight doesn’t move and I think about giving up.
    These blogs/diary entries are mainly for me so I can say out loud to the universe I will have a dip but I know about it and will recognise it when it happens.
    I’m typing it here then later re-reading it , I can chew it over (wrong expression) and tweek the day to give me all the tools , tips, hints and affirmation of releasing the blubber.
    I think after a week of salads and fasting and drinking water…. I hope to have broken the pattern of not looking after myself
    There is no bread , no cake , no biscuits, no chocolate , no sweets in the house. I am locking the front door and sellotaping the letter box down do they cannot get in again . If I want them I have to go two miles on foot for them, (nearest shop) in this case I am hoping I AM tooooooooo lazy to go get them.
    Looking ahead, after the salads , I think I will start using a free app on my phone called life. It has i timer so i can see how long my fasts are
    Also there is a free app called carb manager. I can enter all my foods and it tells me the calories and carbs I have had so far that day. I know it won’t be accurate but a guide line is better than nothing. You have to be honest with them as if you don’t put all the food down…. Then what’s the point? I am hoping that before I put anything in my mouth I enter it on the app. It’s is surprising how you can turn a blind-eye to all sorts of bits eaten (lease forgive the expression) I can then focus on carbs, making sure I don’t overdo them.
    As you can see , I am feeling a little stronger in my will power to do this WOL ( way of life as the other one -,way of eating spells out WOE). Positive thoughts !
    Love Lucia xx

  • Hi
    So I am doing ok. Water or decaf tea to replace meals.
    One meal at 5pm chicken wrapped in bacon with baby carrots. I am fine with carrots, it’s my baby step to the right foods. Steamed baby carrots instead of a takeaway is a step in the right direction.
    Been doing stretching exercises etc which is better than couch potato.
    Feeling mentally ok and know my weight will plateau or go up soon, I just have to get past it. I think if you know it WILL happen you can handle it better.
    I have found a sandwich shop that does salads for £4 that has lettuce tomato cucumber onion grated carrot sweetcorn beetroot olives celery spring onion gherkins boiled egg and a filling like ham cheese chicken etc
    So if I have a daily salad with topping as my meal each day it’s giving me another nudge towards better food and £4 x 7 days = £28 cheaper than takeaways. As the meal is just for me, I think it will be cheaper than buying it from a supermarket and it won’t turn stale and bad.
    I may try it for a week
    14 and 31 coming soon
    Love Lucia xx

  • Hi 1960, I have cut and pasted to save time – Enjoy

    I have just made the best ever hummous using the recipe by Phil Vickery. Smooth as silk and lower in calories. The secret is to use some of the water from the chickpeas rather than olive oil and whiz for a long as possible – 10 minutes – although that would have burnt out my nutribullet so had to do it in spurts. Also, one hell of a job to get it out so might use a proper mixer next time. Recipe:

    one can (400g) chickpeas or fresh soaked overnight and cooked for 15 mins – plus some of the aqua fava
    lemon juice, 2 cloves garlic and 2 tablespoons tahini. Whiz and put into serving dish. For serving use a little olive oil and sprinkle with paprika.

    If it is too thick add some more aqua fava or a bit of water. He says to serve it warm but I’m not sure how to do that without causing it is split or go crusty, so cold for me with lots of carrot sticks. If you are missing the olive oil you can pour a little on top of the hummous and sprinkle with some cayenne pepper or paprika to make it more authentic.

  • I must get out the recipe books, 1960smp, you sound inspired! I have had a good first day – and am posting now to make sure I don’t blow it… mushroom omelette for breakfast, greek yoghurt, strawberries and some almonds for lunch. That is it, Have poached some salmon for a riceless poke bowl tomorrow. Both dishes today looked lovely so not feeling at all deprived.

    How was your day 2 Lucia?

  • posted by  1960smp on Jump On Board in July!
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    Am getting on and staying on…thanks DCT!! Always lovely to see fellow travellers too…
    I am restarting and have picked recipes out of the several BSD books I own and planned a menu around them because I know I NEED to do this.
    I look forward to seeing those numbers reduce…o yes! I am off on annual holiday in 5 weeks so have a goal…altho am not putting a figure on that just yet…

  • Good afternoon all. So nice to see others jump in and join us.
    I have spent all afternoon planning a menu for this coming week as hubby now wants to join me which is pretty awesome! I forgot how many lovely recipes there are in the MM BSD books! I actually feel my mojo making a good appearance….YAY!
    This month is busy with birthdays but am sure I can plan food around these events..
    SG, would you mind pointing me in the direction of your homemade hummus? I might have a go. I love the fish pate ones in the recipe books,
    We CAN all do this, I am telling myself this as I trip so easily but once am rolling I roll….( not literally haha )

  • Hi all, Lucia 3 lbs is great no matter what it consists of. I have had an inevitable gain (food and wine) but know it will be gone in a couple of days. Because I just don’t like the taste or small of fish I tell restaurants I have an allergy. Good thing as the starter last night was fish and seafood terrine – I got half an avocado fanned out on a small salad and topped with cream cheese and a sprinkle of chilli flakes – it was delicious. Any tips on stopping avocados going black, I always leave them too long. There is a frozen food store here that sells avocado quarters frozen in a bag. Maybe that is the answer.

    Before I go, my snack food now is olives or carrot sticks with homemade hummous so no oil. So easy to make and I keep batches of it in the freezer.

    Another dull day but just nice and comfortable. I won’t be swimming again as the pool has dropped to 21 degrees.

    Have a good week.

  • Hi
    Great news for me 217, I don’t care if it’s water or wind it’s a loss. That means I have stopped adding to my blubber. And I am back here for my health and sanity .
    Yesterday I was going to eat three meals a day so I stop the grazing and snacking. But I had a drink of tea when I was ‘hungry’ and I ended up my eating one meal. That means I have started not to rely on putting food in my mouth ALL the time.
    I also took myself out of the house for a walk. Lockdown seemed to have stopped me going out the door and it cut me off from the world. When it ended I was still in the pattern of staying indoors so I am trying to do small changes, I feel a bit scared or weary of going out, this is all in my mind but I can’t change overnight so baby steps.
    Today I am going to have water when I am hungry. I am finding that video to exercise to. I am going to try and have one meal today. I am not going to stress out.
    I am also looking to change what I eat by the end of the week. I need to swop good for bad, I am taking all of this real slow so it sticks or lasts as it is a way of life.
    Heidi24 – bless you for your reply. Please keep sending nice warm slimming thoughts over to me, I will take ANY help I can get. Please cope with me as I feel using this space as a diary or confessional may be the biggest help. Thanks also for the menu suggestion , I will look at it today. I am not a person that can just do 180 degree turn around. I am more of a three point turn.
    14th and 31st – looking forward to smashing you both
    Love Lucia xx

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    DAWN we will miss you. Good luck and let us know how you are 1 st Sept. If you ever feel like calling by to say hi,please do!
    ARCTICFOX im glad counselling is helping. XX

  • posted by  arcticfox on Jump On Board in July!
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    Hi everyone, please count me in, and thanks DCT for setting up the thread.
    I don’t think I made much progress weight wise on the last journey, but I do finally feel like some things are starting to click for me. I have been distressed about not being able to be consistent with healthy meals or being able to fast, but I am starting to figure out what I can and can’t eat, and some aspects of the counselling I’ve been having are also starting to make a difference in my ability to just cope with the overwhelm of my life. I have had a bit of a change in my mindset this weekend following my last session on Friday that has suddenly had a big difference in how I am looking at things like self-care. Less of being an authoritarian disciplinary, and more of being kind and compassionate towards myself.
    So I’m hopeful moving forward on this next part of the journey. I would like to lose some inches around my waist by September, if not weight.
    Keep on keeping on everyone. Good to see so many people on board!

  • Hi all, thanks for the welcome Tulip and sg, and a special call out to Lucia. Your first post made me smile in a sad way. We have all been there. It sounds like you have had a very determined start today. Which way of eating are you following? I am going to do the Mediterranean diet and aim for 800 calories a day. When I did this last time, I genuinely did not feel hungry after the first few days. As soon as you get some control of the carbs – particularly the sugar, flour, rice, potatoes – you genuinely feel better. is a good source for healthy recipes, as are the BSD books of course. I am preaching to myself as much as to anyone else! Very best wishes.

  • Hi
    It is a total reboot for me.
    It’s the end of day one . I decided that today when I am hungry I would have a drink instead and see if I was hungry half an hour later. So I have had about six decaf tea with semi-skimmed milk. I have had one meal today. So my goal tomorrow is to drink water and not tea.
    My mind does go to the ideas of meals , treats etc so I say have a tea and DO something with my hands and take my mind off food.
    I walked today or should I say waddled 🦆. Not fast, just at my own speed. About two miles , not bad.
    So I am off to a good start.
    I have my eye on the 14th and in the distance the 31st.
    Thanks for listening
    Love Lucia xx

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    Hello everyone thanks Dct for setting up this bus trip u also have climbed on board the bus i need to loose a stone my blood tests came back I am still pre diabetic it’s my own fault too many carbs !! I am going to really try and by the end of august when I go to Switzerland 🇨🇭 to see my sister I want to look and feel better
    I just have to remember all mm taught us so here goes I am strapped firmly in my seat 💺 and not getting off till the stone had gone 🤣goodluck everyone
    Lv nokiexx

  • Hi everyone, thank you for the new thread Wenday. A month will be well long enough to get yourself back into the swing of healthy eating before your next lot of visitors. Summer is for enjoying after being hunkered down during a long winter.

    Managed to get below my pre-cruise weight so quite pleased with myself. (72.4) Although not complacent as I have a night out for a quiz which includes a meal which is never very carby but there will be wine.

    Welcome to new faces and some not so new and returners. Hope you have a successful July and it brings you everything you would want it to.

  • Wow Tulip very well done with your weight loss.👏👏
    Thank you Wendy for the new thread & I am on holiday in Devon & not actively dieting but trying to eat fairly sensibly. The cottage has limited cooking utensils etc so I will do my best. Stir fry in a small frying pan or a large saucepan? 😂
    My low carb eating will return after I am home in two weeks!
    Well done everyone keeping on track or getting back into this WOE👍
    Keep on going!
    Margaret xx

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    Hi everyone and thanks DCT for setting up this new thread,
    Well done Yowzer and Cathy on your great results.I’ve weighed myself this morning and haven’t lost anything on the last trip.Yowzer your post about dieting off and on since your 20s really resonated with me.I’m 58 now and have done the same and when I started dieting I weighed less than the goal weight I have in mind now!!!When I look back at photos from that time I wish I had just accepted the weight I was and had known about the damage carbs can do as the only ‘overweight’ bit of me was probably a pudgy tummy, the rest of me was pretty slim.After a long hard think I have decided to sit out this next bus trip.I am just going to write a healthy food plan at the start of each week and do my best to stick to it.I intend not weighing myself again until 1st September.I’m hoping this approach will stop me from thinking about food ‘all the time’ which I think has become a bit of a problem for me.I think the maintenance bus sounds like a brilliant idea and would love to be in a position to join that🤞🤞🤞
    Good luck for this trip everyone.Dawn XX

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    Hello everyone
    Thank you dreamscometrue for setting us up once again.
    I’m in my seat and will be staying on the bus until 31st August. I go on my two week Mediterranean cruise on 1st September so anything I can lose beforehand will be welcome. I hoped to start this leg of the journey at 149 but I can’t seem to lose the fat! I am starting at 151 and aim to be less than 145 by the end of this bus journey. 6lb in two months doesn’t sound much but I can’t tell you how difficult it is to lose weight at the moment. I am going to be eating low carb healthy food as I also have to attend for a repeat blood glucose test in august and hope to have reversed my pre diabetes. I will be doing everything I learned from Michael Mosely to help me. Eating well, walking, fasting, low carb. If I can just get under the 150 lb mark in the next two weeks I will be thrilled. I started this year at 163 lb so I am heading down into a healthy weight. My BMI is currently 28.5 so I am making slow progress.
    It will be lovely to share this journey with so many friends and it looks like many of us are going to be committed until the end of this year. Let’s see what we can do.

  • Hi All,

    Ready for another month!
    I’ve lost 9.5lbs of the 2 st 7 I needed to lose to get to top of normal BMI again…, I need to keep going with it! I’m not sure yet if I’ll get back into my beach/ swimwear by my hol so may need to get a slightly bigger size and possibly some shorts, but not sure yet, and at least I’m going in the right direction.
    If I can organise it I try to cook the sunday roast at lunchtime so I don’t then need to eat again…giving a longer overnight fast- this worked yesterday, hooray 🙂 Unfortunately with work/ cooking for the fam, this usually doesn’t work on the other days of the week, but I am trying to keep low cal, with the longest stretch overnight I can manage and sticking well to MM med diet also.
    Hope everyone’s ok, lovely to hear all news and resolve etc.
    Welcome Lucia and welcome (back) Heidi.
    Love to all,
    Tulip xxxxx

  • Hi
    I NEED help
    Struggling without support of family
    I am only saying this number once 220 pounds
    All clothes are extremely tight and uncomfortable – can’t and won’t buy the next size up so will feel like a trussed up turkey until I lose some blubber off me
    In mid 60’s so if not not now when?
    Sooo bruised after falling off the wagon soooo many times , I seem to do great then after a fortnight I wander off and through the night someone adds another layer off blubber on me so I give up.
    So with that being said….
    Aim for today 1/7/2024 is walking somewhere anywhere. Stop grazing so eat only at breakfast lunch and teatime. No chocolate no biscuits so sweets in the house do let it stay that way.
    Use a side plate not a dinner plate so portion control .
    Don’t sit idle and allow cravings to control me… potter in the garden, brush the path, hoover, write, draw, sew
    Finally … only for research purposes.. find a handsome young guy on you-tube showing me how to exercise. I can exercise with him, alone in the living room, catch my breath on the settee, swoon over him as I run out of breath. And for co-ordination learn how the hell to do Jane Fonda grapevine steps. My legs always get in a tangle and I give up, this should keep me quiet for hours.
    So as you can see I am at my lowest mood, I come open handed needing all your help, giving myself small doable goals. I KNOW that if I eat it , I know I have to burn it off or watch those seams burst open. But ( big but and big butt) I don’t seem to last more than a fortnight. So I ask you all for your help, patience, love, firmness, and one bloody big cheer if I am still going on 30th July and have lost ANYTHING even if it’s a pound. Me and my trousers will thank you.
    Love Lucia xx

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    Hello and welcome to the latest 2 month thread, following on from Marvellous May and Joyful June. It will run from Monday 1st July until Saturday 31st August.

    Many of us have been on this ongoing thread for sometime, but anyone is very welcome to join in at any stage. It would be lovely to see some new passengers . . . . for some reason we tend to refer to the thread as a bus journey, which will hopefully help move us towards our individual destinations in terms of our own weight, health and fitness goals.

    We’re a friendly, honest and supportive bunch, all aiming to be lighter, trimmer and healthier by the end of August, and have fun together on the journey. So if that sounds like something you’re aiming for too, please jump on board!

  • posted by  SueBlue on Marvellous May and Joyful June!
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    Hello everyone
    Just jumping in to say although I haven’t been contributing much lately I do enjoy reading your posts and hearing about your progress 🙂
    Well done Yowzer and Cathy and all the other ‘losers’!
    I’m loving the sound of a happy bus for maintenance! I turn 59 in 3 months time and don’t want to be dieting through my 60s.
    I’ve been a bit of a slacker of late – feeling sore and sorry for myself with my fractured ankle, together with the cold winter snap we’re having and work and family issues, I have been comfort eating and moving less.
    But I can stop wearing the moon boot in less than 3 weeks, and my ankle appears to be healing.
    I’d really love to lose 6kg by September, and then another 4kg by the end of the year, and I would be happy to maintain then. I’d still be officially “overweight” but as long as I’m healthy and happy I could live with that!
    We’ve had a family trip away for my daughter’s 30th this weekend, and despite the boot I’ve been managing to walk 14,000 steps each day. Also eating 2 reasonably healthy meals each day, and keeping my alcohol intake lowish, so I’ll hopefully not have put on any weight.
    I’m going to re-start properly when we’re back home tomorrow. Take care all and see you on the next bus!