Who runs on the 800 plan !

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  • posted by Lawman51

    Hi I run 3-4 time’s a week 5K on average a run
    Does anyone else run in this as worried I won’t have enough energy as I run for depression ?

    Thanks x

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Lawman51, lots of people on this plan manage to continue with their exercise programmes although most tend to give it a miss in the first couple of weeks until your body gets used to the reduced calories. There is a science that means when you stop carbs your body starts burning fats for energy which is much more efficient for exercise. Also, can you time your exercise so you are not exercising on empty, so within a reasonable time after eating or save some snack calories for exercise time. There are always ways to do this. If the exercise is necessary for your depression you might want to try something else for those first couple of weeks, something less energetic but mind soothing like yoga, meditation and so on. People who do this diet find it is good for lots of other things besides weight loss so it might help with your IBS. If you put key words into the search box i.e. exercise, you will find lots of other people asking and getting replies on this subject. Good luck.

  • posted by freester

    Not a runner but a cyclist. When I embarked on the BSD I just didn’t feel like cycling the first 2 weeks. Energy levels were low.
    First time I got back on the bike I felt like I had done 40 miles in my legs before I started!
    I took things easy and gradually. Upping the mileage / time on the bike as the weeks went by. The only time I felt insatiably hungry during the 800 cals phase was after a bike ride!!!
    I’m now 10 months in happily maintaining and my riding mileage is back to where it was before. One of the things that is good is previously for the long rides I had to snack regularly keep the fuel up. Now my body is trained to process fat I don’t need to take a mountain of carb loaded bars and food in my back pocket. Handful of nuts and I’m good for 100km+.

    Also 3 stone lighter so flying up those hills!

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