I live in Australia and have had s problem with weight most of my life! I'm going to lease enough weight that I won't be the short, fat mother of the groom at my son's wedding in September!

Two and a half weeks in and it's looking encouraging. I've lost 4.5kg and though the tape measure days no change I have had to go down a size in my work pants and my clothes are looser, don't know how that works but I'll take it :)

Mostly sticking to 800 a day but going over occasionally when out to dinner but not a single white food has passed my lips and i'm not even tempted which is amazing for a bread and potatoes girl! According to the ketostix I am finally in ketosis so I'm hoping for steady progress now.

My aim is to consistently walk 10000 steroids a day. Currently averaging 8000 so some work to do there. This forum is so helpful and the people are so encouraging, I don't know I could have done it alone.

Week 3 day 4
I'm going to set some mini goals is I have something to celebrate along the way.
1. Break 72kg barrier. 700g to go but that's been my next goal since I got to 75. As a reward I'm going to buy a new belt to hold up my jeans :)

2. Get to BMI 28- that will be 69kg.

3. Decide on my weight goal. Originally I hoped to get to 68 but maybe try to keep going and reach 62 and a healthy BMI

Week 5 Day 3

Weight loss continuing but seems to be slowing down. Last week only 300g but then a 500g overnight loss. Keeping carbs between 20 & 30 of I can and remaining in ketosis though only just. My biggest problem is not hunger or cravings or carbs, it's getting enough protein. I'm going to have to work out how to fix this because my food proportions sometimes show nearly 70% of my diet is fat :(

Current weight 70.8, 2.6kg from my 1st goal. I don't think I'm going to make it this 8 weeks but hopefully well before my cruise in mid June. Hoping to get to 62 by my son's wedding in mid September.

12/4 Week 7 day 2
Weight 69.5, BMI 28.2. Slow going the past couple of weeks though sticking to the plan. Sudden loss of 800g in the last 2 days and people are starting to ask how much more I'm going to lose 😀
Considering I have at least 7kg to go until I'm at s healthy weight it'll be a while yet.

Week 9 25th April
68.2kg. This marks 10kg lost and I do like round numbers!

Blood results yesterday. Cholesterol is 7.8. It's a huge jump up from a year ago and a wake up call. I'm going to try to incorporate some avocado and reduce the oil I cook with from 1tblsp to 1/2. Don't want statins! To be retested in August.
I had a sudden drop in lower belly fat overnight this week from 97to 91cm after remaining unchanged for 5 weeks so that's encouraging.

24/5 I've lost count of weeks but I think it's 13 or 14. Still plugging away, keeping to it 95% of the time and slow weight loss is still happening. Now 66.4kg, my lower weight for well over 10 years. I've bought lots of new clothes for my up coming cruise and was so skied to find I am now reality l easily fitting size 10. In fact done I may exchange for 8! Belly fat is the slowest to go but getting there. With one more kilo I will have lost 25% of my body weight from my start in January 2016. It's been the easiest way of eating I've ever tried and for me it's how I want to live for the rest of my life.

My current end goal is 62kg and I don't mind how long it takes to get there, there may be a blip upwards from the cruise but I'm confident it will come off again in time fir my son's weeding in September. Then to keep it off for my daughter's wedding the following June!

9th June
Weight 65.30g. 12.9kg gone from this WOE, more than 2 stone and still finding it natural to eat this way.

I have a complete new wardrobe and feeling a bit smug when I look in the mirror!

As always I need to constantly work on activity. Its winter and rainy and that amass saps my resolve but keeping at it.