Dr Michael Mosley

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  • posted by bloodsugardiet (BSD Admin)

    We pay tribute to our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Mosley.

    Michael was an integral part of our lives, bringing a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and compassion to his work.

    Throughout his distinguished career, Michael made significant contributions to his field, earning respect and admiration from all walks of life. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his innovative approach to science and health have left an indelible mark on the lives of many.

    Michael was not only a remarkable professional but also a kind and generous individual. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, share his wisdom, and support those around him. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for others made him a beloved figure in our organisation.

    We will remember Michael for his outstanding achievements, his compassionate nature, and his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others. His legacy will continue to inspire us all.

    Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, friends, and all who had the privilege of knowing him. He will be deeply missed.

    Rest in peace, Michael.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    I would like to repost my earlier thoughts for this thread.

    I cannot say how very sad and full of tears I am. He was not just someone we heard of on TV. I am sure to all of us here and those following the diet for medical reasons, he was a hero. When I was crying at night because my BG was seriously high and my doctor had given up hope of me ever understanding my own condition – yet still advising carbs with every meal. When things were bleak and I lost the feelings in my toes and searched the internet to be face with snakeoil salesmen and magic pills from a secret island where no-one gets diabetes, only to find it was a sales ploy. Suddenly I heard about Dr Mosley, Michael to us so familiar was he to all of us. He gave me hope, he taught me how to look after myself and my condition and without a word of exaggeration, he saved my life.

    Deepest condolences to Clare and the children. God bless you Michael, I hope this site will continue and your legacy will be the thousands of people you have helped.

  • posted by Wendy1947

    I was so shocked & upset to hear that Michael Mosley was missing which has been compounded by having his death so sadly confirmed. He was such a likeable presenter of complex medical information & research & also wrote in such an accessible way enabling so many people including my Type 2 Diabetic husband & I to evaluate & take action to improve our health but most importantly to better understand the cause of Type 2 Diabetes. His many books & tv programmes covering a wide range of health problems have helped many people to help themselves in a unique & accessible way and I will much miss his ongoing contribution to this work.
    My thoughts & deep condolences are sent to his family at this time & how sad & devastating this must be for them.
    Rest in peace Dr Michael Mosley & thank you for all you did to help so many people!!
    Margaret Thompson

  • posted by Yowzer49

    What a sad and worrying time it has been,first hoping and praying for good news,then hearing the sad reality of what happened.
    Hard to believe that such a well loved figure is no longer with us,he has been part of our lives for a long time. For me,the last eleven years – first with the 5:2 plan,and later with the low carb way of eating,helping me make healthy changes in a new and better way than the 1000 calories/ Slimming World/ Weightwatchers regimes I had followed before. I have two dear friends that I made on the fasting forum,who I’m in touch with on a daily basis,and I have made many friends here on the BSD forum as well,with whom I have shared good times,bad times,advice and support,laughter and commiserations- whatever is needed!
    So,thank you MM for enriching my life in several ways over the years!
    How much more difficult it must be for his wife and children than it is for us,sad and shocked though we are. What an enormous loss in their lives.My thoughts are with them.
    Rest In peace Dr Mosley,safe in the knowledge that you did so much good while you were on this earth,and helped so many people.
    Thanks to admin for setting up this thread.

  • posted by Verano

    Really devastating news.
    Obviously a very sad loss for his family and friends but also for so many people from many different walks of life.

    I first came across Dr Michael Mosley in 2016 when I ventured upon his book the “Blood Sugar Diet”. At that time I was on the highest dose of metformin and threatened with an extra ‘drug’. Within 6 months of following the ‘Blood Sugar Diet’ I was drug free and have remained so for almost the last 8 years.
    I for one am part of his legacy. I will be forever grateful to him for showing me the way to control/reverse my T2.

    My sincere condolences go to Claire , their children and friends and family.

    A truly good man may he Rest in Peace in the knowledge that he helped so many people to lengthen their lives whilst his was cut short so tragically.
    His legacy will live on

  • posted by SunnyB

    Reposting my contribution from another thread earlier today…
    “Hugely saddened to hear of Michael’s death. Cannot imagine how awful the past days have been for his wife, family and loved ones and how difficult the coming days will be.

    Michael’s legacy will live on in all of us he helped with health and weight issues …. his approach to eating well and properly has had an emense impacted on those if us who have followed it.

    My condolences to Claire and family, as they navigate their lose and sympathy to all who have been affected by Michael’s passing. May he rest in peace.”

  • posted by Tulip1

    Michael Mosley has made such a huge difference to my eating, lifestyle, health and confidence- my pre-diabetes has gone and I know how to lose and maintain weight loss and feel so much better when I stick to this WOE……I love his books, and I recommend his teachings to lots of other people…..I am so saddened by his untimely death, and that we won’t learn more from him, he who had so much to give and was so motivating. Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with his family.
    Tulip1 xxx

  • posted by Californiagirl

    RIP Dr. Mosely.

    I found your book at a time when I had lost the belief that I would ever be able to control my weight. Your book inspired me to try again and nine years later I am still a healthy weight and free of sugar addiction. It was literally a life-changer for me and I thank you for your efforts and dedication in spreading the ideas and research behind this way of eating. Your legacy lives on in all the people you helped.

    It has been said that all things pass into mystery and so it is now with you.

    Wishing your family strength — a very shocking event. They can take great comfort in knowing how many people benefitted from your life and work.

  • posted by Jenni from the Block

    repost from another thread

    A man who contributed so much to medicine by bringing it to the ordinary person. Michael contributed phenomenally to we who have or had blood sugar issues with our health. Vale. Condolences to the Mosely family and friends.

  • posted by ClarinetCathy

    Rest in Peace Dr Mosley.
    Such tragic news which has upset me immensely. When I read your blood sugar diet book in 2017 it changed my life. Thank you for educating us over the years in such a kind and delightful manner. I have been a part of this forum since my BSD journey started and made so many friends along the way. Your advice and this forum of friends has been a huge part of my success.
    My sincere condolences to your wife Claire and to your children, family and to all your friends.
    Thank you for everything you taught us.

  • posted by JGwen

    I came across Dr Mosley’s work in 2017. I had piled on weight after 6 months of inactivity from a broken ankle followed by more than years of stabbing pains in my leg if I tried to walk on uneven ground or for long distances. Private physiotherapy eased the pain, but counting calories didn’t touch the kg’s of blubber.

    Dr Mosley’s book promising rapid weight loss from 8 weeks of following his plan was given to me by a friend. it was the starting step for me to the road to a full life. The first step in the ladder of years of reading research articles, the work of scientists such as Dr Bikman and fasting experts such as Dr Fung and helping me to not only help my own body heal from Long Covid, but also have the knowledge to help those who were new to the idea of counting carbs not calories.

    I am very sorry for the loss to his family, friends and colleagues. But I am also so thankful that he lived his life like a large boulder thrown into a lake, the ripples from his common sense advice will continue to spread out helping people for decades to come.

  • posted by 1960smp

    So , So sad to hear of Michael’s unexpected passing so soon after hoping he would be found !
    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones ..

    His impact on the world of health and medicine will never be forgotten.

    Thankyou Michael . you gave so much , Night & God Bless xx

  • posted by Dreamscometrue

    Dear Michael

    I never had the chance to meet you but you have been a constant source of inspiration in my life for over 10 years now. I will always be grateful for all I have learned from you.

    I started following the 5:2 diet after your Horizon programme Eat, Fast and Live Longer in 2012/2013 and started to see a bit of a difference. I then gave the Blood Sugar Diet a go in early 2017 and, to my amazement, I managed to stick to it and it worked! I lost a couple of stone pretty quickly then several more pounds over the course of the next few months. I have kept most of the weight off since then and whenever I’ve needed fresh inspiration, your books and TV programmes have helped me to refocus. Your warmth, energy and “can do” approach – coupled with your wealth of wisdom and common sense – always helped me to achieved results.

    I can’t believe you are no longer with us, but know that your positivity, adventurous spirit, and wisdom will live on in the thousands of people whose lives you have transformed.

    Sending love and condolences to Clare and the rest of your family. I only hope that it is of some comfort that so many share their loss and grief, and are wishing them strength and peace at this difficult time.

  • posted by wendleg

    I have just returned from a wonderful family gathering in Greece, a time of great joy and happiness and yet also the scene of such a shocking , tragic event on the island of Symi.I too was desperately hoping for a positive outcome and felt immense sadness at the loss of such an inspirational man .My journey is similar to many on the forum, discovering the 5.2 programme and then the Fast 800 which completely changed my way of eating after years of yo yo dieting , trying everything to lose weight . Michael’s sound advice linked to his own experience was a total game-changer and enabled me to lose 30 kilos in 2019 .

    Michael’s legacy will live on and I hope this will be a comfort to his wife and family as they readjust to life without such a kind, personable man. Our experience is testimony to his will and drive to make our lives better and healthier and he will never be forgotten .

  • posted by arcticfox

    I have been deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Mosley, and the tragic circumstances surrounding his last hours and death. Although I never met him, I felt, like many others, that I knew him.
    I first came across him with his program on the science of exercise where he explored HIIT. It made an enormous amount of sense and explained why the one period of my life where I was able to lose weight and get healthier was as a result of HIIT.
    Then came fasting and the 5:2 diet. I never thought I would be able to fast due to reactive hypoglycemia. This and the BSD showed me that I am able to fast and that there was an alternative to what the dieticians had been telling me for years that was increasingly making me gain weight and become less healthy.
    I am so grateful for Dr. Mosley and his contributions to helping people understand the science of health and how they can help themselves. I hope to honor his memory by continuing on my journey to being healthy.
    Condolences to Clare and family and to all the work colleagues and friends who really did know him.

  • posted by marie123

    I haven’t been active on the forum for a number of years but wanted to pay tribute to Dr Michael Mosley. Thank you, BSD admin team, for providing that opportunity here.
    In 2017, I started experiencing symptoms which I suspected were linked to Type II Diabetes. I remembered the Horizon programme Eat, Fast and Live Longer where Michael Mosley talked about his blood glucose levels and I went seeking him out. By the time the GP confirmed that l had Type II, that my high HbA1c numbers suggested I’d had it a long time, and that it was a chronic progressive disease, I knew from reading the Blood Sugar Diet that there may be a different possibility. I was less scared and anxious than I would otherwise have been. I can’t tell you what that meant to me.
    I started the BSD 8-week plan, joined this forum, kindly provided by Michael and yourselves, where I received lots of advice, support, and read of people’s successes with reducing their blood sugar levels. That gave me hope.
    I systematically home-tested my blood sugar levels, signed up to access my medical records and reviewed my blood panel tests before each GP/nurse appointment. I’m smiling at this because my doing that was all down to watching Michael on lots of his TV programmes. The BSD worked. I now have normal blood glucose levels and I’m 4 stone lighter and so much healthier and happier.
    Michael also taught me how to be continually curious about my health and wellbeing. I research around any new health issues I have now, and my relationship with doctors feels more equal.
    I love Just One Thing. I think it’s genius. A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling back through the episodes on BBC iPlayer looking for the Just One Long Thing episodes that Michael did around Christmas (which I also loved) to play. I came across an episode called Read a Poem. Without thinking I went and got an old anthology of poetry, took it upstairs and put it by my bedside ready for when I listened to that episode.
    It’s reflecting back on that now, I realise how long I’ve had the voice of this kind, clever, funny, caring man in my ear over the years and how much I, like so many people, owe him. God speed, Dr Michael Mosley.
    Heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

  • posted by Violinist

    So very sorry

  • posted by Violinist

    So very sorry to hear of Michael’s passing. He was an inspiration to me as I found my way thru pre diabetes. My prayers go out to his family in these hard days. I thank him for all he has done to help us all be healthy.

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