Jubilee Journey

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  • posted by Yowzer49

    Waaaarrrrghhhhhhh! I had no idea there was stuff to catch up on here ! I didn’t get any notifications!
    Will be back to read but for now,I just want to say …
    mea culpa,I have been awful! MY CARB MONSTER is dizzy with delight and my Inner Chimp is running wild. I have been making such terrible food and drink choices that I’ve now caused a worldwide lettuce shortage as I’ve been whacking myself with them for many days but still it hasn’t made me change my ways.
    I deserve to be frogmarched off the bus,but I promise to do better from Monday or whatever date our new venture commences! Sorry guys I am a disgrace to the bus fraternity,I must do better,I am looking very tubby!
    Love to all xxx

  • posted by Nokie

    Hi yowzer49
    You are so funny 🤣 are you sure you are not writing about me !! Everything you said I could relate too infact shops have sold out of lettuce 🥬 I have bought so much!!🤣
    We have to commit to sitting on the bus 🚌 and not keep jumping off let’s pretend it doesn’t make any stops that we want to get off at 🤣
    See you all at the final ✋ stop
    We can do this
    Here’s to tomorrow guys
    Lv nokie 🚌🚌🚌🚌

  • posted by Dreamscometrue

    Good to see you back Linda, and I hope that the next journey goes better for you. How exciting you were at the Golden Jubilee concert! My daughter was lucky enough to get a ticket for last night’s concert and met Sam Ryder. Many memories to last a lifetime.

    I’m setting up the new thread now for those that want to join. Look for The In-Betweeners 😀

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Thanks DCT! I love the name,I’ll be at the bus stop first thing tomorrow xx
    NOKIE what a great idea! We can’t get off coz the bus is Express Service and makes no stops!👍xx
    CC! Be proud of yrself..lbs down and into two pairs of cecks despite going through a rough time! Thunderous applause!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏xx
    LINDA loved hearing about your 2022 adventure xx
    DAWN Gaviscon ( or cheaper chemist and supermarket versions) great for indigestion and heartburn. Or peppermint capsules from H and Barrett ( other health stores available) xx
    JGWEN thanks for the link! So sorry about long covid. The symptoms seem to be the same as ME/ CFS which I ve had for a long time but made big improvements. Pacing yrself and listening to yr body helps,meditation,mindfulness..I know I’m preaching to the converted as you’ll know all this.
    I can’t remember what else ive read without turning back to previous page and risk losing this ( have already lost it three times) so good luck to all as the curtain falls on this thread and see you in the next! XX
    Thanks for travelling with me xx

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