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  • posted by Claire2024

    Morning everyone, well I started this journey because I was diagnosed pre dietetic on boxing day ! It was a shock but my sister in law said have ever watched that program Micheal Mosley done? So I looked it up and I ordered the recipe book. I started the diet on the 2nd January, I found it incredibly hard the first few days cutting out carbs and sugar but stuck with it. My GP also referred me to Oviva which is a 9 months free coach to follow me through my journey of being healthier. This app has helped me also, they have their own thoughts on what I should be eating but I am following the BSD but still document everything I eat.
    In my first week I lost 12.5 lbs !!!! I had to stand on the scales about 3 times as I could not believe what I was seeing !
    I’m in my second week now and I can feel the benefits I’m more flexible bending down to even put my socks on feels better, I have more energy I’m not so tired and I feel the changes in my body and the way I look.
    The food is delicious and even my partner is enjoying it also feeling the benifits from the recipes. Drinking lots of water also I know I never drunk enough in a day but know I think I’m addicted to it 😂
    I still have a way to go but thought I would share my story so far.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Claire2024, sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you have been put on the right track from the beginning. Well done on the weight loss. Yes it is hard but well worth it. As well as the recipe book you should also read the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet that goes before the recipes. It will give you more of an insight into what diabetes is and does and how to combat it. I know you will manage to come out of the pre-diabetic diagnosis if you continue with the plan but must also emphasise that you will always have to be careful with your carbs intake because they can creep up on you.

    I have never heard of Oviva and might take a look but there are so much information out there, some good some not so good. Join us on one of the regular thread where we are all at different stages of the diet or some with diabetes some with other medical problems but we are all in this together.

    Good luck.

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