Worried about the weekend ahead

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  • posted by Katniss

    Hi all. I have commented on a couple of posts but this is my first attempt at my own thread so please bear with me!
    I started this woe on 1st April and am 12lbs down as of this morning. I have about another 1st 11lb to get back to a healthy weight and I know that maybe doesn’t sound a huge amount to some of you, but it feels like a mountain to climb for me. I’d already lost 2st when I started this and I just want it gone now.

    I’ve so far found it fairly straightforward, I had been following a lot of the clever guys advice and also that of Dr Chatterjee from the 4pillar plan and so the fast 800 has just complimented this, but given me a clear focus.
    However, this weekend is my brother’s birthday, my brother in laws birthday and my sister in laws birthday and it’s the bank Holiday weekend in the UK. So Saturday we’re going to a Spanish tapas restaurant for the afternoon, Sunday we’re at a big family barbecue and Monday we’re going for a pub meal.

    How do you manage these social situations? Tapas and the barbecue are the biggest concerns for me as my issue is always my portion sizing and knowing when to stop, I have no off switch! Even when other people say they’re stuffed I know that I could eat more. Everyone is also already encouraging me to have a drink, we have a toddler so I will drive Saturday and Monday and not touch a drop and that’s fine, but the barbecue Sunday is walking distance. I’m trying not to make a big deal about ‘dieting’ and I just feel concerned about my willpower in these situations. I don’t want to undo my achievements over a weekend! Any advice gratefully received.

  • posted by alliecat

    Advance planning, katniss! Many eating establishments have online menus, so make your selections, and stick to
    them when you’re in the restaurant 🙂 If not, look for tapas selections with protein and vegetables. Avoid the rice and
    potatoes, or anything that is clearly not BSD. Pub food is notoriously bad, with the smell of chips wafting through
    the air. If you order steak, have the chips removed from your plate, and a simple salad seem the safest choices to me.
    Your family is probably fairly consistent when it comes to what you might expect at the barbeque. I’ve navigated this
    situation by just having the protein off the grill (avoid bbq sauce, as it’s loaded with sugar), and bring a gorgeous
    platter of grilled vegetables for everyone to enjoy. We eat with our eyes first, right?! Things like red and yellow
    peppers, courgette, eggplant, chunks of sweet onion, …you get the picture 🙂 Throw a few black olives around,
    dress with an olive oil type of vinagrette, and some fresh basil. Voila! Stay as vigilant as you can with alcohol.
    It really can be a nasty shock at your next weigh in, even if you’ve stayed well within your calorie allowance!
    Others will be along to share their strategies too. Best wishes,


  • posted by Scottishgal

    I’m afraid I can’t give much advice Katniss as I’m the same and really struggle with willpower……especially where chocolate is concerned……and this being Easter weekend with lots of chocolate about……..
    However, I would say try to make informed choices and if you do come off the wagon look on at as choosing to come off rather than falling off. I think this psychology makes it easier to get back on track after the weekend is over.
    My favourite chocolate is galaxy and I found a new one in asda the other night that is dark chocolate. I resisted the temptation to buy it but have asked OH to get me that instead of a huge egg. I know it’s still wrong and I should do without but if we deny ourselves all the time then it is easier to completely give up, so this works best for me. I want it to be a way of life that I can stick to forever as, being diabetic, I’m more concerned with BG control than losing weight.
    Interested to read other peoples opinions and strategies.
    PS. My OH is completely supportive of me following this WOE so I’m not entirely sure he’ll buy me it…….but no harm in hinting lol

  • posted by Mindley

    I am going up to the Lakes this weekend with the whole family, brothers, wives/partners, their kids and my parents. My family are foodies and there will be lots of it. I am a veggie so used to adapting to fit in with others eating habits. My plan is to drink lots of water, take protein shakes for lunch, eat whatever is on plan for my evening meal and avoid obvious carbs. I religiously log everything on MFP and will keep it as near a dammit to 800 cals.

    For the bbq take something you know is on plan and counted. Fill up on water and veggies.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Katniss
    When I go out for a meal, like Allie, I check to see if there is an on-line menu and decide what to have beforehand.

    If I just have to pick in the pub, I usually go for the protein – plain fish e.g. seabass, if they have it, steak, or gammon and eggs (almost all pubs have gammon). The steak and seabass are usually more pricey but if it keeps me on track I go for it.
    If it comes with below ground veg, I’ll check if there is any above ground veg on other dishes on the menu (which means they’ve got some cooked in the kitchen) then I’ll see if they’ll swap. (I don’t always bother with this last bit). I always ask for salad rather than chips (and/or salad instead of veg). In 3 years I’ve never had a problem with asking this. If anyone around me asks I just say I’m on a diet. We don’t have dessert, but if I was with people who did, I’d have a coffee with cream while they ate their ‘pud’. Generally, I’ve found most people are more interested in what they’ve eating to notice what I’m having.

    Again, at the barbeque I’d have the protein and avoid the bread, dips etc. Sometimes, I’ve eaten beforehand so I’m not desperately
    hungry, or I’ve smuggled in something small I can eat in my bag (e.g. a couple of hard boiled eggs) which I’d eat quietly somewhere, to stop me picking.

    I remember when I first started someone on here said if you do have a ‘break-out’ it’s better to have too many calories than too many carbs. I found that thought really helpful.

    Good luck with it and enjoy yourself. Forecast for good weather – hurrah!
    Jennie xx

  • posted by Katniss

    Thank you so much all for your replies. Really really appreciated! I don’t know why I’m so worried about the weekend really, I am a coeliac and I’m really used to planning ahead and asking restaurants / pubs to accommodate my dietary needs. Really this shouldn’t feel any different as I often can’t have the chips etc. I guess maybe the issue is that I do not have a choice to be gluten free and yet somehow I feel that this woe is a choice even though I intend it to be my forever. I guess my concern about the Tapas and the barbecue is that it’s very much an all-you-can-eat scenario… And I can eat! The Tapas place is also my favourite place to eat and resisting will be tough. The too many calls rather than too many carbs does make sense though, if I can get through the weekend maintaining my weight I’ll be so thrilled.

    I think the other thing that is weighing on my mind is that my husband is not that supportive of me following this w o e. I really don’t know why, he is usually my biggest cheerleader in anything I take on whether that is work, health or anything else. I don’t know whether it’s related to the fact that he has put weight on this year and is struggling with the motivation / willpower to do anything about it but I’m finding it very difficult without his support.

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