What is a fasting day

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  • posted by Chubbs1975

    I am just transitioning from the BSD to the 5:2
    At present I am trying to eat my final meals at about 7pm say on a Monday and then restricting my calories through to 7pm on the Tuesday.
    I’m having about 300 calories during my waking hours, (post exercise as I train first thing in the morning) and then not really needing to eat until after the 7pm / 24hrs mark when I’ll have a main m al of about 4-500 calories.
    My question is this
    Is this an acceptable period of fasting? Should I actually be restricting my calories for a 36hr period? (Monday 7pm – through to Wednesday 7am and only having 600 calories during that period?)
    Or is my version. (I’m only in the first week), ok??
    Thanks for any advice given

  • posted by Jackie WilsonSaid

    I’m no expert but am trying 16:8 fasting myself this year on 3 days per week, having completed the BSD last April – May.
    If your new routine is working for you then I guess it should feel natural and easy and you can maintain it as a norm. The original Mosley 5:2 was to restrict calories on 2 separate days per week, e.g. Monday and Thursday, and that would allow you to achieve and maintain weight loss.

    Here is my experience. An overall concern for me after BSD was that somehow it would all be forgotten and I’d slide back into carbdom again. I worried about needing ‘special’ 5:2 routines, so decided to do what feels right and that I can do without too much extra thought. Fortunately during the BSD my tastes changed pretty significantly, such that simple carbs no longer appeal and I gravitate towards healthier foods. I eat plenty, drink a few beers and have a few glasses of red wine each week, but find I can easily skip many carbs that no longer appeal: toast/pasta/sandwiches/potatoes. I have substituted Biona ryebread, veg pasta, dark chocolate etc., with occasional indulgences for old times’ sake and novelty. I modified my exercise pattern to 3 half days per week of pretty intense spin and gym, burning around 850 calories on each of those sessions, with bonus bike rides in nice weather.

    Having read about 16:8 fasting, via Jason Fung and others, I don’t eat for 16 to 18 hours from dinner to a late brek/lunch the next day on the 3 exercise days. It seems a sensible thing to burn fat instead of carbs on those days and it is helping me maintain.
    As a reminder to my brain and body I did a 2 week refresher BSD last autumn and lost a bit more. I intend to do another 2 weeks refresher in April, having knowingly put on a few lbs in winter. Overall I weigh 2 kg less than after the BSD last May.

    Good luck [or rather, good habits].

  • posted by Chubbs1975

    Thanks Jackie
    I’m tweaking how it works for me at present, and I think I’ll either end up settling on what will be a restriction for about 36 hours or toying with a Monday to Friday restriction of about 1000 calories. It’s all trial and error for me at the minute. I was Interested to read about you dipping back into the BSD, i was thinking I would do the same, two weeks every few months or so, but as I say, I’m still at the trial and error phase.
    The biggest help is my change in attitide to food and what I will and can’t eat now, so still a learning curve.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply

  • posted by LindaA

    Hi Chubbs1975
    Check out Jimmy Moore’s ‘Fasting Talk’ on podcast. They do a heap of question and answer sessions and I tend to listen to them whilst I’m walking or during housework or cooking. I subscribe on my iPhone and they automatically download each week and best of all, they’re free! Here’s an example.

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