Warning: Do not trust Ethan Lewis or Transcend Foods

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  • posted by Tooth Fairy

    Telling diabetics on this forum about a scam called Transcend Foods, whose CEO is Ethan Lewis. Transcend Foods claims to make diabetic supplements for athletic diabetic people. This is a lie. Transcend Foods are dangerous and not FDA approved. The “CEO” Ethan Lewis is a scam artist. He’s been caught doing similar things over the past 2 decades.

    A friend of mine who has type 1 tried Transcend Foods. She wound up in the hospital and nearly lost a limb. This is what happens when diabetics try Ethan Lewis’s products. Not only is he jeopardizing people’s finances, he’s jeopardizing lives. To repeat, do not try any of Transcend Foods products and do not trust a man named Ethan Lewis. The products are dangerous and potentially lethal. I know this isn’t the right part of the forum, but I have to tell people, especially diabetics, otherwise they might get a Transcend Foods product.

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