Totally forgot i was BSD-ing

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  • posted by shalimar

    Lunch …. was okay. Enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant, noted the old Blue Jays baseball games on the TV’s. Decided against an alcoholic drink. The calories were posted for the meal … grilled chicken and salad, 340 cals. I thought it through and decided to spend the carbs on sweet potato fries.


    in the Walmart checkout line, with plain fat yogurt, big box of sweet kale, raspberries, Stash’s Chia tea and enough toilet paper to last until Christmas and beyond …..

    i totally forgot BSD and mindfulness and decision making ……… and bought my favorite chocolates …….. and YES …. i did eat them …. and not at all mindfully!!


  • posted by Natalie

    Oh dear. Oh well, time to pick yourself up and move on! I certainly plan to incorporate chocolate into my long term diet, if I told myself “no more chocolate ever” I wouldn’t be doing it at all! May even sneak some dark chocolate into the BSD if I ever have enough calories left at the end of the day.

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