Recipe Query – Pepper with Jewelled feta

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  • posted by Teapotcosy

    setting is one up for lunch.

    serves 1 – 220 cals

    I thought there were a lot of seeds from 1 pomegranate and I checked the calories on a nutrition web site. 235 cals for 1 pomegranate. myfitnesspal quotes 160

    quite confused as to how much of a pomegranate should be in the recipe?

  • posted by veggie2

    Started yesterday. I bought a little pot of pomegranate seeds so I could use some for lunch and some for the lamb dinner. I hadn’t realised there were so many calories in them! I used a tablespoonful for each recipe.
    My confusion is to do with the dinner: it says the aubergine with lamb serves 2, but states the calories as 490. I’m assuming that is for a single serving. Hope so, as then it will bring my total for the day to 800. Husband and I have both avoided red meat for 30 years, but I’m back eating it for this programme. So I have to save the other part of the dinner for tonight and hoping the calorie intake will be correct.
    Lost 2 lbs so something must be working!

  • posted by KayGee

    website calorie counter states 104 calories.. I made this this week and used left over pomegranate from the aubergine and lamb meal. There were a lot of seeds but I’d never eaten pomegranate before so not sure what “normal” amount would be.

  • posted by Hush

    I started this diet last Sunday, just over a week ago, and am planning on having the Pepper Jewelled Feta for lunch tomorrow so I calculated the calorie content on Myfitness Pal.

    Assuming the use of 1/2tspn oil to brush the peppers, to stay within the 220 calorie level given in the book, the quantity of pomegranate seeds comes up as needing to be 20grams.

    Hope this helps anyone who might be wondering.

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