Please help with advice about root veg please?

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  • posted by Somerset Lass

    I am confused about root veg such as carrot, parsnip, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, swede and turnip. Should I be avoiding them at all costs? I though sweet potatoes have a low GI. Can’t find and guidelines in the book or on this website. Thanks :o)

  • posted by Elvis Jones

    This is something i have an in interest in also as we use sweet potato in our chilli, cottage pie and with steak !

  • posted by Eureka

    Hi Somerset Lass & Elvis Jones, welcome

    The original Newcastle diet with Prof Taylor ( see Newcastle uni Magnetic Resonance Centre) low calorie diet prog. & , is essential reading I think

    Print out the diet & recipes, reply from prof Taylor & info sheet for your dr. & give it to him/her!
    No root veg like potatoes, sweet potato, turnip during That 8 week diet

    Also read Michael’s blood sugar diet book again re his recommendations of 800 calories. Page 88 re good vs bad carbs & GI (glycemic index )& GL (glycemic load)
    GI scores carbs according to how quickly they convert into blood sugar. Pure cane sugar scores 100. Baked potatoes, chips, white bread, white rice score between 70 – 100. I go below 50 GI

    GL gives values according to the effect on blood sugar of a Normal Portion of the food.
    Protein & fats slow down the digestion of carbs. High GL = 20 or more. Med GL= 11- 19. Low GL = 10 or less

    I use Collins gem GI book, & Calorie counter book too. Apps as & when I need

    BSD diet book – use it as a constant reference & mark all the bits salient to you.. It’s your bible at the moment

    Potatoes bread rice & pasta really spike me. I’m steering clear until I know my individual toleration of those carbs

    Eg: Sweet potatoe = 130g has carbs 27g & kcal 109. Med GI value
    Parsnips boiled= 80g has carbs 10.3g & kcal 53. Med GI
    Carrot grated = 40g has carbs 3.2g & kcal 15. MedGi

    Carrots a no brainier for me. You really have to do some looking & learning as to what suits you. Beating Diabetes is so important that we all need an army of knowledge. And this ever growing group of BSD dieters is fighting with all we’ve got. Knowledge is power. Pass it on

    I signed up in the first batch. I’m back off hols & started yesterday. 3lb lost in one day!

    Keep going x


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