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  • posted by wendleg

    My faithful old notebook tells me there are 14 weeks left in 2020. That is enough time to make a profound difference . Christmas may be a bit different this year but without focusing solely on that ‘celebration’, we can still make a difference to our health and establish better habits . Remember that we can look forward to seeing the back of 2020 feeling better in ourselves.
    Please continue along the road with us and if you are hesitating about starting and posting…just jump in and join us !
    Sunny is enjoying a relaxing break in Turkey but checks in on us regularly.
    All the very best for this coming week !!
    Wendy x

  • posted by wendleg

    Yes…here it is !!

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  • posted by Riccoh

    Hi Everyone,
    Starting W3D2 and I am 5.8k down. I can’t believe how easy it’s been. I’m actually enjoying this way of eating, planning the meals, weighing in each morning. I’ve stuck to under 800 and TRE and the principals of the diet. My husband is doing this with me. I think its the only way I could have kept going. He has T2 diabetes and his blood sugar is way down.

    Waitaminute. How is your dog doing? You must be devastated.

    Wendleg, thanks for continuing to set up these threads. I do read them although I don’t often post.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • posted by Waitaminute

    Hi all,
    Thanx for the new thread Wendleg😊
    Riccoh my fur baby is doing lots better now 😊
    There’s no way in the world will she ever be going back to that boarding kennel.
    I think I’m going to have to transfer my photos from my phone to my laptop to post photos on here, I’m not very tech savvy at times🙄
    Now that we are over the stressful 2 weeks and I’ve discarded weight I have to be very careful of the carb monsters trying to take over. It’s very easy for me to self I need to keep busy.
    Yesterday my hubby made a pizza.. I only ate the cheese and vege topping wasn’t tempted by the base at all which was good.
    Dinner was tuna patties, cauliflower and broccoli mash with oven roasted capsicum, quite yummy.
    The weather most days is in the 30’s so the swimming pool is getting used.
    I saw on the other thread someone, I can’t remember the name, sorry, was saying about heart burn…anything yeasty sets off mine, although for the first couple of weeks of doing this way of eating I suffered quite a bit with it. Maybe my stomach was adjusting or something . Eventually it went and now if the carb monsters take over or I take anti inflammatories its the only time I get it.
    I noticed yesterday my shoes are looser again..this happened a few years ago when I lost weight..I never thought I had fat feet but I must have 🙃
    We are off to Queensland in 9 weeks to spend just under a month with the hubby’s dad is having his 80th birthday and we will stay for Xmas with them. I would love to be around 60 kilos by then so I need to work hard on achieving this.. I could say I can do this, but I’m going to say I’ll try my best instead, just incase 😁.
    Right I’m off to start the day.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy😊🖐️

  • posted by Lily

    Hello lovely people!
    It’s late here in the U.K. so I won’t write lots tonight but just wanted to sneak back after a few weeks of being AWOL (really sorry I disappeared). But I did my usual thing of overthinking things, put back all the weight I lost, got really cross with myself, looped the diet loop (800 cals—low carb—intermittent fasting—reintroduction of carbs—rampant overeating—800 cals) and here I am again.
    Unusually for around here, I’m going to go with meal replacements for a bit and revert back to 800 kcal real food when I can be trusted with it!
    Happy to report I’ve successfully got Day 1 under my belt. Have awful back pain at the moment so I really must stick with it this time.
    LookIng forward to catching up with you all (thanks for remembering me on last week’s weekly thread! Meant a lot to me xx). Hope everyone’s doing well.

  • posted by Butterlover

    Hi Everyone, I didn’t post last week as I joined the group counting down to christmas.Also I was sick last week.I think it was a mild tummy bug.I felt nausea and sleepy so I slept mostly for a couple of days.I couldn’t face any food and got quite dehydrated.Im back to normal now and I’ve lost 1.5kg I feel really great.Ive broken my carb addiction.No bread or butter for a week and I’m not looking for it .So I will start at the gym again this week and weather permitting more walking as I know that I’ve lost my fitness.Im now omitting breakfast everyday and focusing on reducing snacks in the afternoon.goodluck to everyone.Alittle bit of success is amazing.

  • posted by Mifoz

    Hi all, I’m new here, from regional New South Wales Australia. I just started the BSD yesterday after a wake up call from my GP. After latest blood sugar tests signalled prediabetes, she’s basically given me three months to sort out my blood sugar or I’ll have to go on meds. The BSD was her suggestion, so I’ve decided at 49 years of age to finally properly take control of my health.

    Background – a family history of heart disease (my brother died 9 years ago aged 41 from a sudden heart attack) was always my major concern, but my recent health checks show heart is fine thank goodness! Blood pressure is high mostly due to stress I think. Aren’t we all these days? I’m hoping easing into daily walking and strength exercises after a very sedentary lifestyle will clear my head as well as the other health benefits. Luckily I have a lovely greyhound to keep me company as I meander around the suburb. My husband is also getting a little on board. I’ll be looking for some tips to meals that adapt for families who aren’t doing the diet, because our 20 year old son lives with us.

    Everyone seems really friendly and supportive in the forums, so I’m sure checking in here regularly will help keep me on track.

    Cheers Mif

  • posted by SunnySideUp

    Hi all – old and new!

    Welcome Mifoz!

    I’m glad to see every-one determined to make their best this week – starting, restarting or continuing!

    I’m also happy to hear that your dog is ok now, Waitaminute!

    I hope every-one is having a good week!

    Myself I’m feeling a bit under the weather and actually decided to skip my 800 calorie days this week. Instead my focus this week is maintenance and a well-balanced diet everyday (inspired by stage 3 in MM’s latest books). I’ll also continue registering all food as this helps me stay on track.

  • posted by nhatha3432

    Hi there,
    I didn’t weigh myself for two weeks because I wasn’t at home, I travelled to Bangkok on 19th September for a small medical procedure and was there for 7 days, even so I managed there or thereabouts to stick to the diet, even with the excellent hospital food. At the hospital, on 21st September, my Fasting Blood Sugar level was recorded lower at 87mg/dl (down from the original of a prediabetic 10mg/dl, and the last time I took it was 88mg/dl.
    However, weighing in today
    5th + 6th week I lost 1.4 kgs = 104.4 kgs (BP 120/75)
    I am happy that I lost some weight but I did expect a little more, such is life.

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi all,
    I’m still here. Have had a good week last week – lost 0,5 kg. This takes me to a loss of 2,5 kg in September with is above my average so happy with that. All in all, I’m down 17.5 kg from January. Am getting closer to what could be target weight – haven’t quite decided on what that will be. Another 5.5 kg down will take me to normal weight BMI which is what I set out to do. Now I’m thinking that I should aim a little lower to have some wiggle room. And also, I don’t believe the muffin top will be gone in 5.5 kgs 🙂
    Wendy – I am back to foraging again! Picked some lovely wild mushrooms (porchini) that I have now dried. In the old days I would have had them with a risotto or possibly homemade pasta – but what to have them with now? Any good suggestions? I know there are lots of good chefs on here…
    Lovely to see you post again Lily – it’s great that you are back here and on track again.
    As some may remember I stated out with quite a bad pain in my hips, was getting cortisone injections for it at the start of the year. That lasted a bit, and meanwhile I was able to start very slow at some rehab training with a PT at my gym. I’m really talking baby steps. No weights, only my own body in small exercises. I told myself I was happy with myself only going through the doors at the gym – that was a win. The cortisone wore off, and for a while it was getting worse again, but then it turned, and it’s been getting better ever since. Now I can actually run! (could hardly take walks last Christmas without needing medication for pain after). I still go the gym – now I’m in with the “big boys” and I’m doing deadlifts with quite some weight.
    I tell you – anything is possible with this way of eating/living! My health and quality of life has vastly improved. I whish the same for you all. And a good week too.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, my weight keeps blipping up and down but I am still 1lb down from last week. I always slip up at the weekend and thought I could get away with a couple of small vodkas on Sunday after being good all weekend. I must last that one extra day and that is my promise to myself for this week. Not yet started up with a new exercise routine as the pool is 16 degrees so deffo finished for the season. Was going to do aerobics this morning but a cat decided to sleep on my legs and you can’t disturb a cat – can you???

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Olive, how lovely to forage wild mushrooms (hopefully knowing good from bad/potentially fatal). I can see a lovely mustardy/creamy sauce on top of steak/chicken/pork with green veg on the side. Yummm!

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Hi everyone – had a very stressful time of it due to pain and then one of our fur babies was taken seriously ill….thankfully, the vets have been amazing and she is now slowly on the mend. I’ve been all over the place eating wise…gained more weight (almost back to where I started) and have also had a tummy bug…although it could be from all the stress of the last few weeks. Anyway, like my old coach used to say (I played a lot of sport when I was young and fit!)…”You only fail if you stop trying”. So, despite heading in the wrong direction healthwise lately, I’m going to keep on trying to sort myself out. I’m unfit, morbidly obese and have lots of health issues, but I know if I give up, I’m headed for trouble. I hope this post doesn’t sound depressing…it’s meant to be positive. I’m told I’m usually ‘annoyingly positive’ lol and people tell me they don’t know how after the challenges I’ve faced (I think it’s because of them). I’ve never hated my body, despite what it’s put me through (and me, it), as I’m so grateful to still be here and feel blessed for the wonderful people in my life. But I do know that reducing my weight can only be a good thing….I just need to find a way that I can do it, healthily and consistently. I hope that between now and Christmas I can take back some positive control of my choices and start feeling better in myself again. Anyway, sorry for such deep musings. Hugs to everyone xx

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone !
    Good to see you Riccoh ! Great result.I am often surprised about not feeling hungry ( after being a constant grazer) I did an extended fast from Sunday evening which I expected to end on Tuesday morning after 36hours but I was so busy yesterday there wasn’t much time to eat and my fast ended when I had my evening meal so 48 hours. Really weird because I usully do have some challenging moments when I push through any hunger pangs but it didn’t happen this time. It’s my once a week fasting routine.
    Hubby made a meal of duck breast and green beans and broccoli fresh from the farm….delicious.
    That’s great that your hubby is managing his blood sugar.

    So pleased your fur baby is doing well Waitaminute. It’s lovely having travel plans to look forward to. Lovely weather too so this is a good time for you now.You know what to do Waitaminute and you can get where you want to be.We will support you all the way.

    Oh Lily we are so pleased to see you. Sounds like you are still battling a few demons which are hampering your efforts. You really do know what to do ,Lily, you are very knowledgeable about the process. I don’t know what is holding you back right now and wish I could advise. I know you have had a really tough time and you still seem reluctant to focus on yourself…it’s ok to do that , Lily ! I hope the meal replacements help you to reboot and please stay with us. The idea that you can’t be trusted with food is disturbing….it’s a very insiduous thing but carbs are not your food friends and will make you feel yuk, you know that. There are foods you can enjoy which will enable you to find peace with it all if you give it time and you won’t need to worry about not trusting yourself ….you will be in control !!

    Oh that’s great Butterlover ! Sorry you were sick but if the result has been that you have cracked the carb addiction, brilliant ! Definitely elimintate the afternoon snacking now you are feeling upbeat. Really pleased for you .

    Hi Mif and welcome ! Lovely to see another Aussie and it’s fantastic that your doctor is promoting BSD. You can have no greater motivation than to improve your health and we will give you all the support you can. Just shout out if you have any questions. As far as family meals are concerned I would suggest not to put yourself under pressure to prepare separate meals.If your son is healthy and has no blood sugar issues he can eat more starchy veg, bread and cereals if he needs them to supplement the meals. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The Fast 800 recipe book has lots of ideas for meals which can be made lower or higher carb. The website is very useful too.

    Sorry you are feeling under the weather, SunnySideUp. Yes, listen to your body and ease off the 800 cals as you recover.

    nhatha3432, I think you are doing great, you are down from 118kg !!! Now 104kg and your blood pressure meds have been halved !!! Crikey that sounds pretty good to me so no need to be disappointed AT ALL . Just keep going !!

    That is a really uplifting post, Olive ! Fantastic that this way of eating is showing massive beneficial effects. Love the foraging !! You have to be careful in France. You are likely to be shot if you inadvertently venture onto a private mushrom foraging patch 😉 Ceps are well protected ….truffles are like diamonds !!! The French would just whizz mushrooms around in a pan with a bit of duck fat and garlic. My boys’ grandmother used to make cep preserves and bring out a jar to accompany any meat dish. I used to love the small crispy ones, not so keen on the floppy bigger ceps 😉

    Hi ElleAllegra ! Good to see you and I know you struggle with your health. Added to the stress of a fur baby being ll, that’s even tougher.

    « So, despite heading in the wrong direction healthwise lately, I’m going to keep on trying to sort myself out «

    EllieAllegra you can do this…you know your WHY, you know the benefits are there and will make a massive difference to you. If the stress has eased now is the time to focus on you and your health and well being. Maybe not think about « trying » but be confident that you can ??

    Hi SG…yes I am glad to still have access to a heated pool for the next few weeks until our leisure centre closes for the season, than I have to go further afield. It’s also a bit uncertain as we are waiting to see if they decide to close swimming pools in our area even though we are not a big city.
    Have you seen the Sober October challenge in the UK ?
    Not that you are a heavy drinker but maybe having a target like that would be motivating for your weekends ?Tell me to shut up if you want 😉 😉

    Hi 6T ! Always good to see you on the thread !

    Anyway that’s enough from me. Hope others will check in as October begins. 3 months before the end of 2020 !!! All the very best to everyone xx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, no worries here, my weight is back down again so an even bigger loss than it was yesterday. Yes Wendy I will be doing Sober October although I have noticed the ads are calling it soberish October because people in lockdown have not been able to control themselves. I also do Dry January every year. On that subject, during the whole of September I have had a drink on 2 occasions, a total of 2 glasses of wine (went out for a meal) and around 3 (home measures) glasses of vodka over a 2 weekend period – not a lot in a whole month. I think the problem is that whenever I do lapse it is always a drink. I so often hear people say ‘oh I bought a bar of chocolate and ate the lot’ or ‘bought my childrens Easter Eggs and eaten them’ or ‘couldn’t resist that cream bun’ and nobody bats an eyelid. Whereas I am thinking, what the hell, how could you do that???? I guess it is horses for courses and I would probably do the same execept I am so lucky not to like sweet things, not even chocolate. Next time I slip up I will say it was chocolate or cream cake and everyone will nod with understanding and empathy. End of subject.
    My main problem is as JGwen says on the Christmas thread, we have lost our WHY, nothing to look forward to – not even Christmas. No holiday clothes to get into, no beach bikinis (I wish) or office parties, meeting people and showing off our new figures and dresses. I think we have to find other reasons to lose weight. I am always more interested in maintaining my BG and staying healthy and losing a few pounds – or maybe a stone – would be nice but not top of my psychological health requirement. I did well when my daughter was doing it with me as she is a very significant other and I wanted to help her too. Right now she is facing her annual insurance medical and wants the numbers to be at least better than last year so we might be having another big push for two weeks.
    Thanks for the concern and advice, i will never stop keeping on. Take care everyone.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi again, just want to say to newbies who are trying so hard to lose weight and hopefully doing really well. There are a mix of people on the weekly thread from newbies and maintainers and we are not all hoping for the same goals. So don’t be disheartened by people like me who are not so weight focussed as I concentrate on my diabetes numbers rather than how much weight I lose. The diet does work and you will lose weight and for those with diabetes problems, it works for that too. Some are at different stages in the diet. It says a lot for it that I am still here after 4 years and still able to dip in and lose weight easily when I put my mind to it.

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Thanks Wendleg and wise words sunshine-girl 🙂 So good to hear how people are getting on x Lily – I think I’ve decided to go down the meal replacement route too for a while. It’ll still be 800 kcals and nutritious, but with my current pain etc I think it will be easier for me to plan and reduce the need for food preparation atm, which will be a great help whilst I recover. Given a choice, I’d normally favour actual food, but at present, shakes and soups etc will be an easier way to help reduce my portions and appetite whilst still getting enough nutrients. Hopefully my pain and mobility will improve soon and then cooking will be back on the cards 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well. Seeing how covid is still causing issues, the better shape we can get into, the better xx

  • posted by Lily

    I’ve definitely found it easier, EllieAllegra. I’ve been so stressed at work this last couple of weeks (while working from home—I’m a Civil Servant and everything’s gone barking mad in terms of Covid Response) that I know that if I’d had to plan food I wouldn’t have managed it. Meal replacements are very “grab and go”. Hopefully when things settle down a bit I’ll feel able to substitute one or more meal replacement for real food. But right now, with 5+ stones to lose to get anywhere near a healthy BMI, this feels right. It’ll be Day 5 tomorrow so I’m through the worst of the Keto-flu and it wasn’t too bad at all, just a couple of headaches.

    Wendleg, I know—it was perhaps a strange thing to say that I can’t be trusted with food. But it does feel like that sometimes. I’ve got almost 40 years of food hang-ups to contend with and I seem to be constantly in a state of famine or feast. My poor body. I need to work on that. As you say, I know a lot about how this works—but that’s also a curse. I know too much and overthink. Meal replacements stop the overthinking—it’s easy. There’s no choice-making involved—it’s non-negotiable when I’m in the zone. Becomes a bit Yoda-like. “Shake or no shake, no real food there is.” 🙂

    I’m also avoiding the scales. I know what I weighed on Monday and I’m going to go as long as possible before climbing on the sad step again. It messes with my head.

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Hi everyone 🙂 So, I managed a day on 800 kcals 🙂 It may be more challenging over the weekend, but I’m determined to give it my best. I’ve had lots of water today too and am hoping I’ll keep that up – I find it’s easier to hydrate in the summer but more of a challenge when it’s cold and damp like today. I may try to up my green tea…might help me stay warm! Hope everyone is doing well xx

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Hi Lily – I think our posts just crossed lol. Sounds like you’re doing very well and staying motivated. I’ve not done badly today….part of my issue is I find some meal replacements too sweet (I don’t have a very sweet tooth)…I’m also allergic to chocolate, so ironically some of my products are limited lol. Still, it has really helped today as I’m still struggling with my mobility and having something very easy has been helpful. I see a low carb Mediterranean diet as my way of eating for life, but for now, this should help me get things kick started again and reduce my stress whilst my health improves! I’d much rather my quick, convenient food fix be a meal product rather than a takeaway! Still, I hope I’ll be back to cooking real food soon 🙂

  • posted by Mifoz

    Thanks for the family meal advice Wendleg. Makes perfect sense. We had salmon and a cabbage recipe I found on the Diet doctor site last night, and I added a small amount of mashed potato for the “boys” and they were perfectly happy. Luckily my daughter has already moved out of home as she is a fussy eater and one of those skinny carbaholics – lives on pasta and potatoes.

    ElliaAllegra I hear you about weekends being more difficult, and it’s a long weekend here too. We will be visiting friends on Saturday in the Hunter Valley who we do enjoy having a feast and a drink with. I will take up a small amount of vodka and Soda water and do my best. (Usually I’m a beer and red wine gal, so this will test me!) Another couple coming have been doin g the 5&2 for quite a while, so I’m sure I’ll get lots of encouragement.

    Good luck everyone!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi folks, have been losing more weight so very happy. I have started up my indoor exercises with a DVD Shaun T HipHopAbs which is quite tough but only half an hour. When I am on my winter programme I like to get my Wii Fit out after each session and found I had no battery life on my first session. Today, new batteries, 30 mins exercise. Out comes the Wii Fit and had a small bonus. First it told me off for not using it for 248 days (don’t use it in summer) and then it asked me to jump on and see what I weighed. Holy smoke I had lost 1.2 kg since my last weigh in so I hadn’t gained as I thought. I have set a new 2 week goal of 1.2 kg and will see how it goes. We don’t give ourselves credit for how hard we work and soon forget our successes when there is a minor fail. We are all better than we think. It certainly gave me a boost. Weekend coming up and even more determined not to have that glass of chocolate cake (ooops). 🙂 🙂

  • posted by wendleg

    hee hee well done SG ! I can’ t imagine anyone or anything daring to tell you off 😉 :-):-)
    You have got a good exercise routine going there. I was asked at aqua gym last night if I wanted to join a gym class in a nearby village ( average age 65 I was told ) .I already do yoga and pilates and aqua gym will be reduced to one session a week soon but I am conscious that my week is rapidly filling up !! I suppose it would motivate me to get up early !
    I have somehow managed two fasts this week..not totally intentional but one day was so busy I just continued . I have a lunch date with the Pilates group next week and when I rang to enquire about the menu they were very accomodating and said more and more people are shunning carbs these days. I think that has been your experience too, SG ?
    It is a bit dreary here with grey skies and rain but fortunately where we are we avoided the fall out from Storm Alex.
    How is everyone doing ? Hope the shakes are going well Lily and EllieAllegra. Yes , why not start like that if it gives a manageable starter boost.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Gosh Wendy am I that scarey. Dont thing anyone will remember but on the 1st Sept I started a regime of facial exercises (4 x 10 daily). I took photos from 3 angles (front and 2 sides). On 1st Oct I took another set of photos and I can see a slight improvement, especially in loose skin, what I call my turkey wattle. Will keep doing them but increase to 15 reps – it takes a few seconds and I do it while watching TV.

    Last night hubby was watching a programme on Yesterday channel about factories in WW1 and there was my grandad. Great to see him and have his story and bravery recognised. It was all kept a secret until about 10 years ago when war secrets could be revealed (75 years I think under official secrets act). He saved 11 or 12 girls from a bomb making factory which exploded. Just a small aside.

    Weight is still the same as yesterday but keeping on…

  • posted by arcticfox

    Hi everyone,
    It has been a very busy week for me. I was back to work (although working from home) and trying to fit in tasks around the farm before and after work and even on my lunch break some days. The weather was pretty spectacular so it was quite difficult being inside working away on the computer when there is so much to be done outside. I think I have figured out one more thing that drives me eat. I know JGwen had said that for her she would have liked to move around when trying to write something and that was what drove her to eat when working in an office as it was frowned upon (correct me if I’m not getting this right, JGwen!) to move around. That didn’t quite fit the bill for me as I always worked in an office where I could move around and could walk a big loop all around the 2nd floor offices without anyone being the wiser that I was just going around in circles and not headed anywhere important (also helped that my boss was in another office in a different city for the last few years). But after spending this week inside after the last 2 weeks doing so much outside work, I have realized that I am just an outdoors person. I always knew that growing up, but how we surpress and forget things as adults!
    I have not done so well on the food front this week, partly due to the fact that the frustration of being inside drove me to eat more than I have been, and I think also after OMAD for so many days last week, and being rather unispired about cooking this week, I just finally got too hungry. I think I’m still holding steady weight-wise though. Still getting plenty of exercise in spite of spending a good part of the day sitting. Yesterday I planted 100 daffodil bulbs and continued my work cutting back an out of control hawthorne hedge that runs down one side of the property. Today I was sanding the kitchen door frame to prepare it for painting and started work on insulating under the bay window in the lounge. It might be my imagination, but I think it is already less draughty. Bonus was that I figured out where the house flies were getting in and it seems like I’ve sealed it off as this is the first evening that I haven’t had any flies keeping me company as I sit in the lounge.
    Hopefully I can get back on track food-wise now.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, happy Sunday. It is amazing how good I feel about myself when I am doing well, so quite strange that I can easily sabotage myself. Not done that this weekend even though hubby had pizza for lunch yesterday and I had a No carb ploughmans. Then he opened a bottle of wine in the evening and asked if I wanted a glass. Want to smash his head in sometimes – not really but….. Anyway, I stayed strong and today my weight it the lowest it has been this year at 77.2kg. Can’t wait to see a 76 appearing on the scales. I was 77.3 a couple of weeks ago but messed it up having a drink on the Sunday so no chance of that happening again.

    Still doing face exercises but at 15 x 4 reps and will compare photos at the end of the month. Keep on keeping on…

  • posted by ADD6605

    Hi Everyone,sorry haven’t posted for a few days.After feeling poorly last weekend I spectacularly leapt off the wagon and (further to Windy making obscene gestures to the wagon whilst circling it last month) I just stopped short of selling tickets and putting on a firework display!Needless to say,after a week of eating carby/sugary food I feel yucky and have gained weight(I decided only the shock of the scales would get me back on track).I think I am one of those people who has been so addicted to sugar that I need to stick 100% to the food plan as just a small blip brings my cravings back immediately.I feel full of determination today and know that there is plenty of lovely food I can have which isn’t carby or sugary so this is totally doable.Hope everyone is having a good day.Dawn

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi folks, not official weigh-in today but have lost more weight and reached a milestone i.e. a round number on the kg scales. So glad temptation stayed away last night. It didnt really but I fought it bravely and finally went to bed not having given in. So glad when I got weighed and the results spoke for themselves. 30 mins aerobics this morning and still doing facial exercises.
    Daughter is still mithering us to move back to the the UK and has opened us an account with Rightmove and bombarding us with houses. It is showing that there are things we can affourd. She seems to not be thinking of us sharing a property with them but maybe in a few years when the boys have left home and we are older – we prefer to stay independent right now.
    New week, new determination everyone – keep on keeping on…

  • posted by wendleg

    No, SG …you are not scary at all….just a plain speaking Yorkshire woman 😉 Well done on your continued tenacity and determination….and results ! I can’t really imagine you being dependent either and I get that you want to prolong that.

    Yes I remain determined too. Would like to shed a few more kilos and although I am not weighing often, I like that my charity shop size 14 jeans are feeling a bit looser. I can’t remember when I was ever smaller than a size 14.

    Hi articfox ! I love reading your enthusiasm about your farm renovations. You most certainly are an outdoors person ! All that physical activity is bound to be beneficial. You will soon get back on track food wise.Maybe plan ahead and batchcook/freeze a few meals so you don’t have to think about cooking at the end of your busy working day ?

    Hi Dawn ! Sorry you have had a tough off the wagon episode. At least we are learning all the time on this WOE. You know what the carbs and sugar do to you.You’re right, there are so many delicious low/no carb foods out there . I keep saying it but the key is not to feel deprived .

    How are you WindyJulz ?
    I saw Calliope Swan reported her success after 12 weeks on another thread ! Well done. It’s good to know that people haven’t disappeared.
    How are you finding the meal replacements, Lily ? Are you ok Elle Allegra ?
    We didn’t seem to have so many contributions this week ? Thanks for your posts SG !
    Is there a reason for the drop in motivation ?
    Just shout if there is anything we can do to help you maintain the momentum.
    I will set up the new thread !

  • posted by wendleg

    Feeling a little sad and concerned that the Weekly Thread is limping a bit at the moment. Maybe you are happy to do your own thing or posting elsewhere on the forum ? I just hope we haven’t lost too many contributors . !! I am about to set up the new thread !

  • posted by wendleg

    The new thread is ready !
    One Week at a Time beginning October 6th 2020
    It seems to be flagging a bit but I hope we can keep it going as this forum helped me so much and I want to give back a bit xx

  • posted by Verano

    Wendy you are doing a brilliant job. A one week at a time thread is a great idea (even if I say so myself!!!). Please don’t get disheartened all the threads on this website are suffering at the moment …. who knows why?
    Could be ‘diet’, ‘low carb‘, ‘lockdown’ fatigue.
    Or maybe just ‘need some excitement in life’, ‘want something new’, ‘would love a holiday’ syndrome.
    Let’s all just keep going till we get through this present situation and be there for whoever needs a helping hand.
    Haven’t checked, but if you haven’t, then you must set up,the new thread otherwise we are all lost!

  • posted by wendleg

    Awww thanks for that V . Yes, I think you are right.It’s not always easy to be upbeat and motivated right now as you say but I will do my best to help where I can ! The new weekly thread is up and running xx

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