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  • posted by Mctlan

    Today is day 4 and so far I’m learning to juggle with food to reach 800kcal.
    Until today I was below that, but now with the app fatsecret it’s much easier.
    So far so good, I hope it stays like that, I have lots of weight to loose and belly fat accumulated over the last 18 months. Until then I was to heavy but it was more thyroid problems than diet and I exercised a lot just to keep it under control
    My knee got hurt in a hiking incident and since I’m struggling to exercise, and I put on more weight and it went right to my belly, lots of it.
    I have to loose weight fast but it will take more than 3 months, I have 32kg to loose.
    I opted for 800, no keto for now,low carb around 50/65, fasting I don’t know yet, but I’d rather keeping it for later on.
    I don’t eat meat, no eggs either and, but I’ll try to eat some. And will go with no starch, no legumes, but will keep a couple fruits per day, a bit of seafood, salmon, and tofu is my stapple along with veggies.
    I’m a bit afraid of the impact it will have on my work, It can get a bit physical.
    I will get supplements, but how do you go on with your daily activities without passing out at every corner?

  • posted by florob85

    MctIan welcome to this diet and forum!

    In answer to your work question the lightheaded ness usually abates after a week or so, I found drinking lots of water helps (at least three litres) and a bit of added salt helps. I also found sipping on herbal tea helps a bit – not sure why as no calories but something to do with it being hot just sort of peps you up!


  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome Mctlan, be assured once your body has adjusted to running on fat instead of carbs, you will have plenty of energy and won’t notice any I’ll effect from your new nutrition regime.

    Could I suggest dropping one of your daily fruits, for extra veg? Fruit is surprisingly high in sugars and therefore carbs. You didn’t mention dairy, but if you eat this, full fat yogurt and cheese make very useful additions, helping you to feel sated and stay feeling that way for a longer period.

    There is a weekly thread on the forum, a new one started this evening in fact. This is a good thread to be part of, as it is populated by old hands, established BSDers and new comers, all sharing their experience, advice, support and encouragement. You’d definitely get a warm welcome, so just drop in if and when you would like to.

    Whatever approach you settle on, all best wishes for every success.

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