Moving on from Fast800 onto 5:2, still some weight to drop

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  • posted by LouiseKangooroo

    Hi there,
    I have completed 5 weeks of fast 800 and have now moved onto 5:2 – well actually it’s more 4:3. So 3 days of fasting and 4 days of eating MSD without counting calories. I am keeping my carbs below 20gr each day as I still need to drop 4kg so that my waist measurement shrink below 80cm/31.5 inches.
    I have been losing ~1.5kg/3lbs per week on the 4:3 which is massive for me. I’m hoping to reach my goal by mid September. I have a week of holidaying in Bali next week so expecting a stall/gain but I will get back to 4:3 straight away.
    Would love to chat to other people on the 5:2 protocol.

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