Mindful eating videos and the BSD plan

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  • posted by shalimar

    I’ve started the Palouse online mindfulness free online training. One of the videos today was the Raisin meditation (didn’t have a raisin but after watching did something similar with a snap pea pod …. good!)

    But that lead me to watch a few other mindful eating videos …. http://palousemindfulness.com/selfguidedMBSR_week1.html under videos one click lead to another and i found these interesting

    Introduction to Mindful Eating by Michelle DuVal / The Mindful Center

    TEDxChandler – Michelle May – Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

    My conclusion is that we have totally lost touch with our bodies telling us why we eat, what our body is telling us about what nutrition it needs, what our body is telling us about when to stop.
    How we eat is important as well …. are we distracted, eating automatically and from habit …. eating for emotional reasons. And food only temporarily comforts our emotions …. and what does the body do when we give it food that it doesn’t need?

    I think of the 8 weeks as retraining us to listen to our bodies. When we are stabalized …. with blood sugar, weight, fat on our internal organs …. we will be at a point where we can make conscious decisions about the why, what, how etc. and really feed our bodies and ourselves and then Eating what you love and loving what you eat?

    Do you have some favorite videos???

  • posted by shalimar

    The Palouse Mindfulness online training is also 8 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was watching a Jon Kabat-Zinn videos …. where he talks about some of the research into mindfulness training/practice having an effect on the brain in 8 weeks!!

    I had previously noted information that the time it takes to change a habit is …. 1 month at a minimum.

    Blends in with my earlier thoughts today …. that the BSD 8 week plan … is a kind of training or retraining program … to get us back in touch with our bodies … and what our bodies and spirits kind of naturally want from food??

    I was watching this long video where the research is mentionned :


    but in this long video there is a longer explanation of the research (among other things) on the Palouse site …. the introductory videos are very interesting …

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