Insulin Deficient – should I still give BSD a go?

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  • posted by Mornhy

    I am Type 2 Diabetic and been advised that I am insulin deficient rather than resistant. I’m on Metformin and just started insulin (1 dose 10 units daily, I’m on day 4). I’ve talked about this diet and Professor Roy Taylor’s work with my doctor and insulin nurse a couple of times now and they are not keen at all but I really want to give it a go. I’d obviously prefer to do it with medical support but as I am not overweight and my blood pressure is low (my only really good statistic). My body fat is a bit on the high side which must mean there is some fat in liver and pancras surely?. Any advice on how to approach insulin nurse next week in my first check up since going on insulin? I was thinking I could give it till the 2 week review to convince them.


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