Help! BSD day 2!

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  • posted by Frances388

    Hi everyone! So I have just started the BSD, looking to loose about 3 stone and live a healthier lifestyle.

    I can’t afford the books right now but I am wondering should I be intermittent fasting whilst doing the BSD 800 cals or can I eat my cals whenever I want through the day?

    Appreciate any tips, thanks!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Frances388. Just popped in to say hello and welcome. Do you understand the principles of the BSD in that you are not supposed to eat any white starchy carbs. If you dont have the book is there enough information on this site to get you started – must admit I havent read things like the Getting Started and FAQ pages for years now. Your question about intermittent fasting is out of my area of expertise as I am diabetic and fasting is a no, no. However, considering the ‘normal’ diet of most people 800 calories is considered to be a form of fasting. Maybe you should just do that for a short time and see how that goes. As you dont say you are diabetic or have any other health problems, when you can afford it, buy the new Fast800 book rather than the BSD 8 weeks 800 cals book which is really aimed at diabetics. The principles are the same but Dr M does go more into the Time Restricted Eating and Intermittent Fasting in the Fast800 and it would save you reading through all the diabetics symptoms, medications etc in the other book. Good luck.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi Frances and welcome. I’d say in the early days, while your body is in the initial stages of adjustment, it’s probably best to just eat when you’re hungry and stick to the 800 cals and monitoring the carbs, avoiding the high carb foods.
    Once you have adjusted and your body is used to the new regime, the Time Restricted Eating (TRE) will happen almost automatically and you can look at intermittent fasting too.
    Meanwhile, be gentle with yourself and get settled into this way of eating (WOE) before pushing yourself too hard.
    Keep posting and let us know how you get on.

  • posted by alliecat

    A warm welcome from me too, Frances! Advice from Sunny and sunshine is always solid gold. With regard to
    intermittent fasting, a reasonable place to begin is to refrain from eating from dinner to the following morning,
    i.e., 12 hrs. Just dispensing with evening snacking is a wonderful habit to get into. When you are well adjusted,
    you can explore 18:6 or 16:8. Eating low carb curbs hunger for most of us, and it’s not too difficult to get into a
    routine of having 2 meals a day, instead of 3. Please have a look at the busier threads and join any that appeal
    to you. “One Week at a Time” is an excellent one for connecting with the experienced, as well as those at all stages
    of the journey. You will receive a heartfelt welcome. Very best of luck to you 🙂


  • posted by Frances388

    Hello all! Thank you all for your advice I really appreciate it! I think having others to speak with will really help me on my journey.

    I am not diabetic but my GP suggested the BSD and then move into the fast 800 after 8 weeks as I have really been struggling with my weight recently.

    I understand the concept of low carb and 800 cals but I just wasn’t sure if I had to consume all of my meals within an 8 hour window or anything.

    Happy to hear I don’t need to add that in right now as this morning I woke up pretty hungry and struggled to wait until 12 to eat, which normally isn’t a problem for me.

    I think I will find 2 meals rather than 3 alot easier and I will definitely try to not have an evening snack (although that is my downfall lol)

    Really determined to do this, trying to stay hydrated and surprisingly I already feel like I have more energy today!

    Thank you for the forum suggestions any more you guys really like please let me know 😊

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