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  • posted by Donnadoobie

    Hi. I found this diet by following a 5:2 forum on Facebook.
    Started 5:2 last January and then in March I had an Hba1c blood test come back at 49 which was tipping into type 2, reduced carbs and second test 3 weeks later showed 46. I have since gone on to lose 33lbs by low carbing along with 5:2 and my last test in October was 43, so improving but just not there yet.
    I am really hoping this will help blood sugar levels as I really want to get them back into normal,levels and start seeing normal fasting levels in the morning, mostly they are around 5.6 -6.2.
    I have been doing this diet since Monday but have only lost 0.5lb but feel this is probably because Imhave been losing weight for a year already.
    Good luck to everyone following this 8 week program and hope it brings you what you are working for.

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