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  • posted by newmill

    Type 2 diagnosed 26 October 2015. Floundered around trying to make sense of conflicting advice from doc, practice nurse and dietician.

    All advice was on the lines of- you’re diabetic, get used to it. Take your Metfortin and prepare for the inevitable misery.
    Discovered Prof Roy Taylor’s work while trawling about to find the wonders I had to look forward to. It sounded no different to any of the other idiot diets I had heard about since the 70s, until I read deeper.

    I read Dr David Cavan’s “Reverse Your Diabetes” in November 2015 and it then hit me that Roy Taylor’s research made more sense than that which the NHS currently have us believe. I started 800 cals per day on 3 January.

    I was given Micheal’s “8 week blood sugar diet” yesterday 15 January and read it from cover to cover before bedtime!

    Fetched up here 16 January 2016.

  • posted by Natalie

    I’m prediabetic but very close to a diagnosis of diabetes (and I’d had gestational diabetes) so I went along to the diabetes information sessions. They were still promoting up to 60 grams (4 serves) of carbohydrate per meal! I would have felt like an idiot saying “but I read on the internet…” I mean the information is so contradictory you can find “evidence” for any advice you prefer, so I didn’t argue with them except to say even 45 grams (3 serves) made my blood sugar spike. We were taught about slow release low GI, which is important, but not to dramatically reduce carbs. I started testing myself regularly to find out what works for me, and low carb/low processed is definitely to way to go for me.

  • posted by Mandypad

    I am not diabetic but have a waist measurement of 45inches. Other diets just aren’t workink mainly because soon after eating a large low fat meal I am hungry.

  • posted by Louise


    Good luck with this, it seems like such a good plan.

    I’m the same as Mandypad, not diabetic (as far as know) but large waist size and inability to lose weight on low fat diets after 20 years of faffing around on them.

  • posted by Jo

    I’m not diabetic either, but my father had type 2 and my sister has it, so there’s quite a good chance i’ll become diabetic too.
    I have high blood pressure and i’m hoping this diet will help me off the medication.
    I’m also large around the middle and i’m hoping this will kick start a healthier way of eating.

    I’m starting tomorrow, but I just have a couple of questions:
    Can I eat oranges on this diet or do they come under the heading ‘sweet tropical fruit’?
    do you need to calorie count vegetables and how many grams of veg should we be eating a day?

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