Glucofort anyone?

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  • posted by Flashf

    Hello, I’ve just watched a long video introducing a product called Glucofort which claims to be a herbal remedy which can reverse Type 2 diabetes. This was entirely new to me and I’ve been T2 diabetic for 10 years, now on insulin 4 times a day and at the moment, glucose isn’t under good control.
    I’ve taken part in several posts on this forum, though not for a couple of years.
    I thought there might be some mention of Glucofort on here, and I expected to to be rubbished!.

    But there’s nothing at all, as far as I can see, so does anyone have any thoughts… or knowledge.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    It is the miracle we have all been waiting for. Not rubbishing you, just the product. I have watched countless videos which promise to cure my diabetes. The only thing that has actually worked is the blood sugar diet (BSD800). If there was a miracle cure dont you think the whole world would know about it. A bit like miracle weight loss – a dream.

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