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  • posted by Jacko77

    Good Afternoon,
    I’m new to this, I’ve just had my 1st day…enjoyed the meals. Ive got everything for the next few days but after that to use the ingredients up can i repeat a day?
    Some of the days meals i wouldn’t eat so am i ok just to follow a different days meal??

    Thanks x

  • posted by Birdy76

    Hi Jacko and a very big warm welcome. I am Birdy and I have been on the plan for just over a week now and loving it. You can mix your meals up, but you must be careful of you carb/fat/protein intake. So when mixing it up make sure the three or two meals don’t go over what is recommenced that you eat in a day. I am no expert but there are rookie mistakes and I am still making them🤣🤣

    There are ladies on here who have been on this way of eating for a long time and are in maintenance they know a lot more than me and I am sure one of them will be along shortly to answer any questions you may have. They are guru’s to me and most.

    So you have made the right choice joining our community, it is friendly, insightful, helpful and not judgemental at all. No question is a stupid one ( I should know as I ask a lot🤣) and there are loads of threads on here where whatever question you have will probably have the answer also. Remember we are all in the same boat and here for the same reason, so fill your boots as there is always somebody around to help you have an amazing WOE journey. Oh I have discarded 16lbs so far and I have never been able to do that no matter how long I stuck a diet. Good luck hun. Birdy💞🦜

  • posted by Jacko77

    Hi Birdy, Thanks so much for getting back to me.
    Well done for your weight loss sounds like you’re doing great.

    i’m a little worried im gonna mess it up…but i shall keep going, i’m doing 3 days of week one then i might have to change the menu or repeat one of the 1st 3 days, but i’ll make sure i’ll stick to 800 calories.
    Rach x

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Rach,
    It’s great that you’ve started.
    Don’t worry, you’re not going to mess it up. Like you, when I first started I kept finding I had so many ingredients left over I ended up having to repeat Week One meals a few times. In the end I gave up on the weekly menus and made my own meals, only adding in a recipe from the BSD book every now and again. There are a lot of people on here who have never used the recipes. As Birdy says, as long as you keep to the 800 cals and keep your carbs low-ish, you can switch meals around, or use your own recipes. It still works.

    One of the food trackers (e.g. fatsecret or myfitness pal) will help you keep track of your daily cals and carbs, and help you plan your own daily/weekly meals if you want. Also, quite a few people go for 2 meals a day – lunch and dinner – so you’re only having to split your 800 cals by 2 not 3.

    MM doesn’t really go into how many carbs you should have, but reducing them really helps with both the weight-loss, putting diabetes into remission, and other health issues e.g. PCOS, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, reducing blood pressure, etc. I’ve never had PCOS but it helped me sort out all of the others.

    Remember to drink plenty of water.

    Best wishes

    Jennie xx

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