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  • posted by James3891

    Going to give the 800 calories a day a bash for the 12 weeks.
    Have had a weird summer where I had breathing issues for the first time in my 30’s.
    Ended up at A+E, checked for Asthma, Covid etc but nothing.
    Dr was then brutally honest and said I think it’s weight, a slightly sluggish liver probably part of it.
    6ft and 22 stone 5 was too much to handle (put 2 stone on post lockdown).
    I’ve been doing strict keto and lower calories for a couple of months and found the keto side of it very frustrating to stick to.
    Dropped a stone and breathing manageable but still get bad days. Anyone else had breathing issues due to weight?.
    Have a family history of T2 and need to see it off. Low calorie doesn’t seem to bother me, can even fast.
    But keto such a fine line, low-carb Med style seems to suit me better. I’ve stocked up on supplements, vitamins etc to top me up.
    I’m walking for a few miles daily.
    I got down to 21 stone 2 but have rebounded to 21st 10 currently. Hoping to get 7 stone off long-term. This would be a start.
    Do you find just shakes is better than trying to do 800 on real food?.
    I’m already on Baxters beef consomme soup at 68 cals a can lol.
    I hope this works and will give it my best shot. Nice to know others are doing it also.

  • posted by Lily

    Hi James3891, welcome aboard.

    I think it’s fair to say that most people around here use real food to make up their 800 calories but tend to keep it lower carb (not necessarily Keto). Mediterranean diet food encompasses a much wider variety of food than you’d eat on strict Keto so it makes it easier to stick with.

    That all said, I’m currently on meal replacements but only because I’ve had a few weeks of fairly chaotic off-plan eating and needed to rein myself in (it’s amazing how great broccoli tastes when you’ve had a few weeks on milkshake 🙂 ).

    I think it’s definitely possible that being overweight can cause breathing issues, equally, I think this generation of doctors struggle to diagnose patients if there’s nothing to see on a blood test or X-ray. It’s all a bit “doctoring by numbers” these days. I’m sure there are a few great doctors left but it feels like a long time since I saw one…

    However, whether the breathing issues are due to your weight or not, you’ll probably find the change in diet (as in the food you eat) makes a big difference.

    Hope everything goes well for you—the first few days can be the trickiest but after that everything gets a whole lot easier. Good luck!

    There’s a weekly thread where those of us who are actively 800-ing keep up with each other. Anyone can join, you’d be really welcome. Think we’re on a week that starts “29 September”—it switches to a new thread on a Tuesday to keep things manageable.

  • posted by James3891

    Thanks for all the info. Will definitely look at the weekly thread.

  • posted by Verano

    Have reported Bluekicker

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