Dr MM Theatre Shows – Anyone Going?

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  • posted by AuroraMagic

    I have been wondering about going to one of these shows.
    But non of the contacted Theatres can say IF a double price VIP Ticket at (approx £46) will even allow you to meet Michael ?
    Anyone know if this is the case?
    Also is anyone else going?
    In one way it sounds like a repeat of ‘all’ his findings so will I learn anything new to so to speak?
    He has mentioned in passing on his twitter feed I think it was that people can ask questions at the event (why isn’t that mentioned on the blurb about it?) … !
    From what I can see so far, most tickets still seem to be available!

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi AuroraMagic,
    Just thought I’d let you know I’ve just booked a ticket for one of his February shows. I did hum and haa about it, but decided in the end to go. I’m going on my own and I get a concession ticket so the ticket was £23-ish. I hope people are able to ask questions at the end because I’d be interested to hear what people ask. Are you still thinking about going?

    By the way, I’ve just seen a review of the new book on Take A Look At This thread (by salty sea bird I think) and that was positive. Lots of new research – maybe that would have been the better option!!!

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