Does Anyone Know if Dr. M will be Updating his Fast Diet Book?

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  • posted by little_ella

    Hi everyone! I am returning to 5:2 after being gone for far too long. This time it’s 800 calories, which I feel is more sustainable, and also doing a Med style eating plan, which I know is better for my health.

    My question is this. I’m really committing to 5:2. I have the good doctor’s books on the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet as well as the books/cookbooks on clever gut eating. They are wonderful, but will Dr. M ever be revising his Fast Diet book? I do have his last revised version from a few years back, but so much has changed for 5:2 since then. If Dr. M would update The Fast Diet, I feel there would be a huge audience for it. A lot of people are hungry for 5:2 along with the good nutrition Med style eating brings.

    If anyone knows about any updates, please chime in!

  • posted by SaltySeaBird

    Hi Little_ella, I am coming back to 5:2 as well after time away. I have done some BSD and also some keto- I am almost where I want to be with my weight but I would like to lose a little bit more and also have a long term plan for a healthy future. The most updated version of The Fast Diet seems to be 2014 but I think the BSD 5:2 has kind of overtaken – I’m guessing partly because the 5:2 works better if the ‘feed’ days are also Mediterranean/low-carb even if you’re not counting calories.
    It is also worth reading Jasón Fung’s books on fasting and diabetes (he quotes both MM and Prof Taylor) and he has more long-term results for fasting.
    I think for me, the reason I want to come back to 5:2 is that constant very low-carb and especially keto just end up making me obsessive about everything I eat and I end up almost scared to eat anything – that can’t be good!
    So I am back, so we can do this!

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