Buddhas wife is back.

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  • posted by Buddhas wife

    Hello my very very dear friends! One year has past and time for me to join this precious forum again.
    With my heart filled of gratitude for 2018 I’m longing to be a part of your group again.
    With your help I was very successful in loosing about 18 kg, moving from obesity 102 kg to overwheight 83 kg and finding so many new friends! From Mars to June, it was amazing. Then I lost track. You know, life moving unpredictable…
    But almost all the gains achieved is still here! I gained weight and was 90 kg in mars. Struggled hard and is now at 86 kg. So. Time to remember! How happy I was one year ago when I joined here! Loosing kg was still hard but fun together! Does anybody here remember me? And what tread to join now?
    Buddha’s wife

  • posted by alliecat

    HaHaa! I do remember you, Buddha’sWife! Sweden is it? That’s what I remember, anyway. WELCOME HOME!
    You will find many of the old regulars still here, when you begin to hop from thread to thread. We have a very active
    thread known as ONE WEEK AT A TIME, where old and new members congregate. I’m sure you will find many names
    that you recognize. New weeks begin on Tuesdays! Stop by and we will give you a warm welcome 🙂


  • posted by caronl

    Welcome back Buddhas wife. And congratulations on keeping 16 kilos discarded. You will find quite a few old faces here, as well as many refreshing new ones. So dive right in! ONE WEEK AT A TIME is a very good thread to start with.

  • posted by Buddhas wife

    Hello Allie!!! Thank you! I remember you too!!!
    You are absolutely right! Here in Sweden, still snow, my window sills are bursting with seedlings longing out. It’s all food!😋 I hope they will help me loose weight. I’m longing to.

    Hello Carol!!!
    Thank you! Wonderful, I love One week at a time. They made the trick for me last year! I will check it right away!!
    Thank you both🌺 You make my heart smile.🤗🤗🤗

  • posted by Tululah

    Well Hello Buddahs wife! (And Allie!) I remember you but Im not sure if you remember me? I have just re joined today after a year in the wilderness also. I have posted today but I cant find where it is! I wonder if anyone can help me with that??
    Feel like its kismet we have jumped back here in the same week after a year!! Looking forward to sharing your journey my lovely.
    Sending lots of warm postive thoughts your way!

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