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  • posted by FloraDora

    Just completed my first week, and I am astounded with the results.

    Diagnosed as a T2 diabetic in September 2015, I have been following a low carb diet and had already reduced my weight, and my blood sugar readings. (I test regularly with a meter). My blood sugars had reduced considerably from the initial reading of 29, but were not low as I wanted, and there were still plenty of peaks.

    Since swapping to the 8-week diet plan my blood sugars have dropped further and really steadied. They are now consistently in the 6’s, and my early morning fasting readings have come down (having remained stubbornly high).

    The food is delicious – have enjoyed the Sardine Dip, Chicken on white bean mash, Spicy Bean Burgers, Pea and Spinach Omelette, Portobello ‘Toast’, No Carb Ploughmans. Cant wait to try the Skinny Kedgeree and the Courgetti Prawns. Veg curry for my husband tonight while I enjoy a steak and salad. What’s not to enjoy!

    Weight loss has continued. I take two Metformin a day, but am now wondering if the day will come when I can stop and manage with diet only. That would be wonderful!

  • posted by pmshrink

    That’s fantastic floradora. And in one week!

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