Am I too far into Ketosis?

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  • posted by ohmightyone

    Firstly, this Fast 800 diet has changed my life. I’m sticking so far quite easily to 800 calories a day, not eating till lunchtime. I’m beginning my third week this week and so far I’ve lost 13lbs. Really really delighted with my progress.

    My one reservation if you like is that I’m wondering whether I’m too far into keto. I know we’re meant to be in ‘moderate’ keto, however my Ketosticks are now reading at about 8.0mmol. I know this is an estimate from the sticks, but is this too high? I’m worried to introduce too many more carbs into my diet incase I get my cravings back!

    Thank you!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome ohmightyone – haven’t seen you on the forum before, so good to have you aboard. Re your question, do you know how many grams of carb you have a day? Most here aim for around the 50g mark, but some of us need to pull that figure lower to 20g or even below to be successfully discarding the weight. If you can give us a picture of your daily carb intake, it will be easier for us to estimate if you have pushed too low. To be honest though, given that carbs hide in surprising amounts of carb in almost all foods, it’s unlikely you are in any danger of being in any danger from your level of ketosis.

    Big well done on results so far and hope you continue to discard the pound at a steady rate. Do consider joining in on other threads on the forum, as there is a wealth of knowledge, experience out there to draw on, as well as huge support and encouragement.

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