Adventures in Mindful Eating … Yours, Mine

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  • posted by shalimar

    I watched the Mindful Eating video with the raisin. Of course i had already purged the house of raisins … i think i ate them!! 🙂

    So i did an experiment with a snap pea pod … one of my BSD snacks of choice. Usually i can eat the whole bag …. or a goodly portion of it.

    I did enjoy the freshness of the sugar snap pea pod …. i thought i could even taste it’s green-ness!! AND i only ate a few and enjoyed them to the full.

    Was my day to have some deep fried wontons. I did not hold the wonton to my ear in the restaurant though …. but i tried them without a ton of plum sauce. I usually cut them in half so i can enjoy them longer.
    But it revealed a lot about my eating …. i’m usually putting the next bit in my mouth before i’ve swallowed the previous one. I just looked around the restaurant or out the window at the shivering cold trees …. and didn’t try and read at the same time.

    This was a good respectful thing to do … I know the wontons in this restaurant we home made. The mindfulness reading also made me realize that it was a great thing to know how many people were involved in making my meal and day enJOYable … from the farm to the table. And i felt proud to pay and leave a nice tip for the poor tired Yvonne — a lady who is trying to make her business a success …. and has a husband and children to “do for” as well.

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