8 Week Blood Sugar Diet?

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  • posted by reniwqwil5

    Has anyone done the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet (800 calories/day, low carb Mediterranean-style diet), or something similar? How did it work for you? Any downsides, aside from potential hunger?

    My weight has usually been within healthy range, but I eat like absolute garbage. I’ve mostly been ok because I’m pretty active, have a decent metabolism, and tend to forget to actually eat food for a day once or twice a week. However, recently moving in my with partner has somehow magically packed 20 lbs onto me. He eats a ton (he’s insanely active), feeds me (crap) when I forget to eat, and while he’s in great shape, I’m getting squishy. I went to the doctor, and apparently I’m also bordering on pre-diabetic. I’m otherwise healthy, and the doc said go for it provided I find a more sustainable diet plan for maintenance. My Fitness Pal is giving me a daily minimum of 1358, is the drastic calorie reduction something that is going to have unintended side effects?


  • posted by freester

    Hi replying to this rather late. Most people on here have done the 8WBSD or the Fast 800.

    I did the 8WBSD. It 100% worked for me. 2 stone lost within 6 weeks following 800 cals a day. A further stone lost over a lot slower time period by sticking to the way of eating but not counting calories. For me it was about reducing a borderline hypertensive blood pressure which miraculously came down within a week of following the diet.

    For me during the 800 cals phase I felt a bit tired / cranky for a few days but that was it. As for hunger it really wasn’t that bad. The diet change, good fats etc eliminates a lot of the hunger pangs caused by a higher carb diet (I’m sure there are others on here that can explain that better). Other people have reported other side effects, ‘keto flu’ etc but it normally passes.

    My advice would be go for it. Clear the cupboards of crap. Plan your meals and shop for just those ingredients.

    Good luck!

  • posted by Squidge

    Clearing out the cupboards and only having the foods you’ll need to follow the diet is a great tip. That way even if we do over eat a little, we won’t do too much damage.

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