5th week on BSD and getting tireder and tireder

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  • posted by MandaC

    I started the BSD with my husband 5 weeks ago and he is loosing weight and feeling good. However I am loosing weight at a slower rate and am loosing energy every day, I feel tired and grumpy all the time and loosing motivation for everything. My husband did need to loose more weight than me but I have been diagnosed as prediabetic. Can anyone shed some light on what is happening to me?
    Thanks Manda

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Hi Manda. I think it is generally accepted that men may generally discard weight more “easily” than women, and that’s just down to basic genetics. So don’t compare yourself with him. If you are are losing weight, however slow you see it, then that is great (although you don’t give much away re starting point/where you are now). I think the general consensus on here both from those who are vastly more experienced but also me after just a few weeks, is that after initial carb flu, which not everyone gets, feelings of general wellness increase. I’ve “only” discarded ard 7 kgs since 6 Jan, which is actually not that bad at all, but inches have gone in addition, and my hips no longer ache every time I stand up – it can’t be the lesser weight load, because it is not that huge, I think it must be that what I eating before led to inflammation. I don’t know if your diagnosis might have picked up something else, or what other dynamics might be in play in your life, at home or at work, in terms of what you have to manage day to day. Or hormones (I remember those from my pre-menopause days)? Sorry you feel down. But please look out for other posts – which will come!

  • posted by alliecat

    Hello Manda, and welcome to the community! There are many very experienced BSDers here, and we are always
    delighted to make suggestions and share our experiences with anyone who will listen to us! 🙂 If you feel comfortable
    sharing a bit more information about how you are doing the BSD, i.e., what your meal plan looks like, whether or
    not you are weighing and measuring and counting calories and even more importantly, carbs, we’d be in
    a better position to consider how to advise you. There are so many variables to consider, it’s rather like driving
    with a blindfold on, it would only be speculation, and of no real value to you. By far, most people feel fantastic
    and full of energy when they are fat adapted. It is a fact of life that all men lose weight at a faster rate than women
    do. Our hormones are responsible for this, I think, so please don’t compare your losses to your husband’s 🙂 Another
    question that I have is how much water you are drinking each day? Lastly, what were your expectations in terms
    of your goals when you made the great decision to follow this way of life?

    The very best to you, Manda. This is a caring and kind community without judgement, and we’d be so very happy
    to help you diagnose what needs to be changed for you to know the success that so many of us have enjoyed.
    I hope to hear more from you!


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