Week 23 and still going strong.

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  • posted by Alibobs

    Hi forum users
    I’m not a regular forum user but this place was invaluable to me in the early weeks. Some users always encouraged us to post updates form time to time, so here I am, hoping someone benefits from me sharing. I really want to encourage others on a similar misson.

    This is my 23rd week. With trepidation, I switched from Fast 800 to 5:2 in week 9 and I’ve tried to stick to that regime ever since. I feared it wouldn’t work but it did! Some weeks I’ve lost as much as 5lbs (whoosh effect I guess). In total, I’ve now lost 4st 5lb (61lb or 28kg). I have between 1 and 2 st still to go, depending on what that looks and feels like. I am so pleased and have little fear of relapse, throwing old clothes away with gay abandon! I’ve never felt confident of weight loss like this before.

    I owe real gratitude to alliecat and californiagirl for their realistic and encouraging advice. They also got me motivated to read ‘Why we get fat’, and they were right, I’ll never think of food in the same way again. Reading that book also filled me with righteous anger, because the messages and evidence in the book isn’t widely promoted by national health agencies who still peddle the old, mainly useless, advice. It has become a bit of a soapbox for me, and I share the message whenever I can.

    Like users advised me to, I’ve monitored my body and adapted the range of WoL eating techniques to find a comfort zone where I can sustain losses. The principles work for nearly all of us but the specifics we need find for ourselves.

    Best wishes everyone,
    Alibobs x

  • posted by toddy_67

    Thanks so much for sharing Alibobs and congratulations on your amazing weight-loss. I hope you’re feeling great, I found myself smiling when you told us about throwing your clothes away – I sooo hope that’ll be me some day in the not too distant future. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to wear normal clothes and it’s really dented my confidence.
    I’m just beginning Week 4 of the Fast 800 and have lost a stone (14lbs) so far but have another 3-4 to go. It’s really encouraging to hear from others who’ve made a success of things and transitioned to the 5:2.
    I’m just getting into, “Why we get fat” it’s certainly an eye-opener.

  • posted by Californiagirl

    Oh Alibobs! This is wonderful news! Thank you so much for coming back and posting your update! It will help so many others who are just starting.
    Wow, your loss is fantastic! You must feel on top of the world. You rocked this!
    And yes, the “Why We Get Fat” book by Taubes literally saved my life — Allie and I never stop recommending it here on the forums. I share your righteous anger that the guidelines promulgated by my own government are not the healthiest way to eat — it is unbelievable that they are so off base but I think are pressured and dictated by big corporate interests and money.
    I also worry sometimes that they also aren’t sure how we would feed the world if we started to recommend another way of eating.
    Anyway, huge congratulations on your success. Please keep posting when you can! Your success is a beacon of hope to the people just starting or struggling.

  • posted by alliecat

    Hi Alibob. From one “Ali” to another, I’m over the moon for you! Your story is nothing short of inspiring, and
    you’ve given us all a gift in visiting us to share what you have achieved. You’ll be happy to know that california
    girl and I are a 2 woman tag team, and we are relentless in recommending Taubes book to every new member
    that we can catch up with 🙂 I hope that you will continue to check in periodically, for I know that you have
    much wisdom to share. The last sentence of your post certainly resonates with me. The specifics of this
    WOE is something that we discover by trial and error, but we are all so fortunate to have a community
    where wisdom and knowledge prevail in helping us to find what is successful for us, not only for reversing
    BGL problems and weight loss, but the greater “prize”, maintaining it! Thank you for posting today. I
    am truly overjoyed for you….Much happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • posted by Alibobs

    Hi guys 😘
    Fantastic to hear from you!
    Toddy_67 I am pathetically pleased that my message has encouraged one person! Keep going, the time will pass and the goal will draw nearer. Be kind to yourself on the way though. It sounds like you have a similar weight loss goal to me. If so, you may find some similarities with these observations: the drop through the first 2 dress sizes seemed really slow, and then I plummeted through the next 2 dress sizes; most people didn’t comment on my weight loss until I has lost about 3 stone (I have in-laws living with me and across the road who have STILL never commented). It’s a shame because it’s the earliest weeks that are the most challenging and when you probably invest the most time and effort, so praise and reinforcement are invaluable then. But you might have to praise and encourage yourself or come here for it. You’re doing an amazing job so far!!!

    I learnt not to worry about seeming boastful, and to tell/message my most loved ones when I reached each stone loss, and then they would do their ‘job’ and congratulate me. It does help it feel real and motivates a little. Best of luck.

    Californiagirl, I hear what you’re saying about feeding the world. It worries me too. The powers that be, need to give that a lot of thought but they can’t start that discussion if their heads are still buried in the sand.

    Alliecat, it’s strange to think I might have useful advice to offer when – in some ways – it feels like I only started this yesterday! How time flies.

  • posted by maddogi

    Just starting week 3 and I have lost 4.5kg in total. 3kg week 1 and 1.5kg week 2. Loving this way of eating i feel so much better. Have another 13kg to go. ☺

  • posted by Alibobs

    Great start! On the 5:2 is that? Hope this week has hone well too. I’ve found the 5:2 can be even more flexible than I expected. It’s amazing when you feel good about yourself and the way of eating. Keep on keeping on!

  • posted by Tonebalone

    Hi fellow forum folks.
    I am really new to this low carb eating plan.
    I’ve started by cutting out all bad carbs, white bread, potatoes, white rice and pasta and replacing this with loads of veg, protein, good fats, quinoa etc etc. As suggested in the BSD book.
    I’ve lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks with no calorie counting. I am easing my self into this gently as it is quite a big change for a carb lover like me.
    I am a 16 stone bloke, previously 17st 10. I lost weight slowly and traditionally over a few months but am really struck by the health benefits and speed of weight loss as promoted by the BSDiet.
    I am planning to try the 800 calorie diet for a two week stretch and then go on to the BSD 5;2 regime.
    I am wondering if on the 2 day of 800 calories if I should fast for 12 hours and have one meal etc or if the 800 calories can be split over the course of the day.
    Also, has anyone tried the low calorie diet shakes supplemented with veggies? I think I would find this easier for the initial 2 weeks of low calories.
    I plan to start mid September as I have a clear 14 weeks to really stick to this.
    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance and well done to all of you who have succeeded!

  • posted by wendleg

    Hello everyoneI am a newbie too, starting out on the 800 cal BSD tomorrow. I have posted on a couple of other topics as I find it a bit confusing to navigate the forum …
    I have just done my measurements, yikes !!! Big Numbers but I console myself by telling myself that I am hourglass 🙂
    I have my recipes researched and ready to go.
    I expect to skip breakfast tomorrow and see how I go lunchtime. My main meal will be early evening.

    I have mentioned on another post that I live and teach English in SW France with my 2 sons out in Cairns, Australia for the moment. The plan is to be fit and healthy ready for retirement. I turned 60 this year . I have struggled with my weight all my life and although I understand and adopt pretty healthy eating principles here in France ( I don’t eat red meat, sweets, cakes, biscuits, white pasta etc ) , I don’t lose weight easily. I avoid adding sugar etc but I think I kid myself as I can consume loads of fruit. That will now be seriously restricted to berries. The chia jam in the BSD recipe book is great by the way.
    I also reckon my metabolism is slooooow . I can’t do aqua gym or yoga at the moment as I had surgery in June but walking is ok .

    Looking forward to this venture and will update. Very impressed by the success stories on here. Well done Alibobs and everyone who has posted on here. Good luck Tonebalone.

    Have a great day everyone

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