Two weeks in and I feel fantastic

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  • posted by Parole 1964

    Oslo Norway, 1st Sept. 2019
    Hi all,
    I’ve done two weeks on the BSD. Actually I started with 5:2 end of July after buying a book on the subject at a fleamarket. My wife had at the same time seen a Swedish Television program where several couples tested different diets, and the 5:2 came out as the most effective. I found the 2 days of fasting easy, so I decided to learn more about intermittent fasting. I then found the BSD and bought not only Michaels books on this subject, I got them all 🙂
    I am 55 y/o and lives in Oslo Norway. I am diagnosed with type 2 diabets, hypertension and sleep apnea. I am on metformin, victoza and insulin in addition to medication for my hypertension. And yes my BMI is > 40.
    So what have happend over the last two weeks – frankly a lot. My blood preasure is down from an average at 145/95 and a puls rate at 85 or higher, to an avarage around 130/80 and a puls rate lower than 70. My bloodsuger levels are down and typically 6.4 mmol/l in the morning, and constant below 8 mmol/l any time of the day. Highest today was 7.4 mmol/l. Just eight weeks ago my bloodsugar levels were all over the place. even if I then took max insuline doses back then. I’ve now reduced insulin and victoza and I have actually not taken either of these for the last couple of day – and the BS levels are still down. I can’t really believe the quick response. I’ve also lost weight, but since I’ve not been on a scale for many years, I did not weigh my self before I started (against Michaels advise I know) But my clothes are noticably wider and I will need to re-new my wardrobe very soon if these results continues. Most importantly – I find the BSD program easy to follow. Even weighing everything I put on my plate and calculating the calories before I eat is already after two weeks a normal thing to do. I feel fantastic and finally I think I have found a way out of my years with obisity and the shame that follows, although I have a lot to work to do before my weight is normal. Most importantly I feel that I have taken control over my type 2 and my hypertension. I really believe I will be able to reduce my medication and eventually reverse my diagnoses. Loosing weight at the same time is just a fantastic and very welcomed side effect.
    I wish you all a fab sunday evening and I look forward to discuss ups and downs over the weeks to come.
    Cheers, Parole from Oslo, Norway
    PS. Just wondering if there are any from Norway on the BSD?

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi Parole,
    Welcome, I am glad to hear you are having such a positive result. It is freeing to find this Way of Eating, but can be tinged with disappointment that we didn’t find this path early in our lives. I am sure there will be other people from Norway on the BSD, but I don’t think there is anyone else on the forum. There are however other people who were on medication and have now got their T2 in remission, while others have chosen to stay at a level where they have reduced their medication.
    There is no active moderators on the forum, but there are a wide range of people from newcomers right through to people who have been successfully in maintenance for a couple of years who support each other. There are a few threads where most of us gather which would be the best place to join in the conversations and ask for help if you need any. – There is a weekly and a monthly thread where people post their aims and report progress. The weekly thread changes each monday/tuesday. and the new September thread has just started.
    The other thread you may find particularly helpful is the Take a Look at This thread, where we tend to post links to articles and podcasts that we find helpful. Not just those produced by Dr MM, but also to the latest research and work by other Dr’s with programs to use diet to reverse Insulin Resistance and T2D.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Parole and welcome from me, too.

    What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it. My experience was very similar except I wasn’t on meds. Within those first two weeks, my blood sugar levels dropped quickly, my blood pressure improved, I lost a chunk of weight and I felt fantastic. Like you I didn’t mind the weighing and calculating that goes with the BSD because of the results I was seeing (in fact bizarrely l found the weighing and measuring quite liberating – didn’t have to think just had to do it). Glad to hear you are on top of reducing your meds because as you say things can drop quickly.

    I started the BSD in May 2016 with an hba1c of 12% and 4 months later my hba1c was 5.5%. (I did 800 calories/20g carbs). My hba1c has been in that normal range ever since. My fatty liver has disappeared, my blood pressure is normal and altogether I’ve lost nearly 6 stone. (Btw, just to say my bgls and hba1c were normal long before my weight reached a healthy BMI – again I think that’s pretty typical for many). It’s a similar experience for a lot of people on here – past and present. Fantastic, isn’t it.

    I’ll enjoy hearing how you go on.

    Jennie xx

    Btw, in case you haven’t come across them a really good book on diabetes is The Diabetes Code by Jason Fung and the diet doctor website has some really excellent info, visual guides and recipes, and as JGwen says, the Take A Look At This thread holds or links to a whole load of other great resources.

  • posted by arcticfox

    Velkommen Parole og godt gjort med å forbedre diabetes! I hope that is correct 🙂 I don’t live in Norway, but I spent a year of uni there 10 years ago. I am not fluent in Norwegian, but speak a little. I do not have diabetes, but have reactive hypoglycemia and have been struggling with my weight over the last several years, so I am trying to take control before it results in serious health issues as I do have diabetes and heart disease in my family. The forum has been a great support. Lykke til!

  • posted by Parole 1964

    Hi JGwen, Jennie and articfox,
    Many thanks for your kind welcomming words. It is great to know that I have this forum to turn to for support. Not being pessimistic, but I expect not only happy days are head as I am old enough to know that there is a viable risk I will hit a few gloomy days as well. But for the time being I will continue to enjoy the euphoric feeling of finally be in control .
    @ articfox: Din norsk er veldig bra. Hvor i Norge var du for 10 år siden?
    ** Google translate will help those curious 🙂 **
    @ Jennie, I will for sure try to find the book you mention. I have not heard about it, but to be honest ; until recently I have not been particulary interested in my diabetes type 2 diagnosis and obisity. I have just swollowed the medication given to me and at the same time the pain&shame&stigma that my weight problem comes with.
    Best wishes,

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