This thrilling rollercoaster – and it's only day 6!

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  • posted by annieds

    I posted this morning feeling pretty darn low and got some lovely, supportive responses. Thank you. You’re lovely! I now can’t find my post (brain fog anyone?), but I took on-board your advice to hang on in there, did a spot of reading about it, had breakfast and went out for a cycle. I feel wonderful again. Knowing that I’m just having a to-be-expected carb crash helps. I’ve been lucky, I think. No carb cravings (although I’ve been virtually toast-based for months), no hunger, no headaches, one day-long mood dip, and lots of great vibes. I know there’ll be days and days, and that all the good days and all the bad days won’t be due to the diet, but everything will be a little better when my liver doesn’t feel like it’s processing for a football team. I feel as good as I did when I gave up alcohol 6 years ago. Unfortunately, I think I replaced alcohol with sugar, so my liver’s delight was short-lived.
    I’m off to devise something delicious with an aubergine and goats cheese for my well-earned lunch.
    Have a wonderful day. A

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