This is working brilliantly – for my husband!

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  • posted by Steph2

    Hi there

    We started this diet (800) 11 days ago

    Starting stats: DH 98kg, now down to 93kg (Freakishly fast, eh?)
    Mine starting weight 86kg, now down to 83kg.

    He’s doing great and the weight is falling off, I’ve been at this weight for three days now. No cheating at all and we both burn about 2000 calories a day.

    I have NAFLD or at least the beginnings of and really need to be at the 65-68kg mark. I’m 5’9. I’m also generically susceptible to diabetes (no sign as yet).

    We didn’t measure body fat but I know mines basically 40% lard. We both did our waist measurement and I’ve lost 4 inches but from 42 inches (how???) to 38 in my case so, again, a long way to go.

    Men lose faster than women, I know, plus I’m post menopause which slows it all down further I gather. Any tips from anyone about a woman my age losing weight consistently? I’m mid 50s. What do you use to monitor fat loss as well as weight?

    Is what we’re seeing usual? Is a three day stall on one weight normal this early in the diet?

    Many thanks

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Steph2 and welcome to the site and the diet. Everything you are saying here is typical of the difference between men and women dieters. First thing is stop comparing yourself. Next you say you have ONLY lost 3kgs (as compared to your hubbys 5kgs), again, stop comparing and wow, 3kgs is great – thats nearly half a stone in old money.
    You say you are burning 2000 cals a day – how do you know, is the BMR or extra from exercise. Calories in have no realy correlation with calories out. It is outdated – although so many doctors, nutritionist, personal trainers etc still believe that. You need to look at some up to date research and I am sure someone will guide you to some good UTubes, I cant remember whether it is Dr Fung, Bikman or whoever but do a search in YouTube – you will find lots of info. I am guessing you have some super duper scales that measure everything. Also, have you been increasing calorie intake to compensate for the 2000 cals. You shouldnt, even if you are exercising madly. It is better to keep calories low and forego exercise in the first couple of weeks as it is always the food that counts.

    You say you have the start of NAFLD – you have come to the right place. When I started this my triglycerides were over 2.00 and should be under 1.50. Doctor was convinced I was a big drinker – I like a drink but I am not that bad. Follow the principles of this diet and you will get your liver back into good shape. My last test (3 weeks ago) showed tri’s of 1.17. Also my cholesterol was up in the high 6’s and is now commonly 4 or just below.

    You say you have lost 4 inches from your waist during your time doing this. That is exactly the effect you are looking for. That shows that your visceral fat has decreased even if body fat is still there. That will have done your liver a power of good and will also reduce your triglycerides and NAFLD.

    Finally, having a stall is quite normal. You would normally weight once a week and not notice the up and down blips. Weighing daily shows everything but not everything is true. Increase could be water retention or food in the gut and so on. Just as having a stagnant 3 days is normal as your body adjusts to its new normal. It might have just realised you are losing weight and try to hang onto it. We are very primative in our body responses and expect ‘famine’ but when, like on a diet, you dont do a ‘feast’ to compensate your body goes into a panic and hangs on. It will start up again. Be warned around week 3 or 4 you might get and even longer period of no weight loss, see above, your body is adjusting.

    Hope that calms your nerves and helps you to accept you are doing things right. Just keep going.

  • posted by Steph2

    Thanks so much that’s really reassuring. I’m getting my calories out measurement from my FitBit. But most focusing on keeping calories in at 800. Getting easier! Using the excellent recipes in Fast800 books is helping too.

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