There is a zen like calm in the Mindfulness forum… reboot April 2021, 5 yrs on

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  • posted by Jackie WilsonSaid

    Woke up and realised it is time for an 8-week BSD reboot, beginning right now with a Music For Airports meditation.

    ~ Meditation intermittent – sometimes regular, sometimes stopped.
    = Mindfulness – ever present.
    = HbA1C – stable at 39 since BSD April 2016
    > Weight – regained half the losses
    > Lockdown treats & drinks now a daily thing but do not bring contentment.
    = Exercise – Keiser bike / Peloton app a revolution. Concept 2 rower intermittent, but recently more fun with RowAlong.
    ? Intermittent fasting – bursts of either 16/8 or 36 hours a week seemed to provide some balance, though stopped when…
    < Covid got my mother, age 97
    + There’s more to life than records, but not much more; Gaucho or Aja? still undecided. Probably Gaucho.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi JackieWS, been reading your profile and you are a real success story. Well done on the blood works. Yes carbs are the enemy. With you on the gaucho although I didnt know it had a specific name – something new learnt today – similar sound to Santana, Smooth which is great for salsa or ceroc dancing.

  • posted by Jackie WilsonSaid

    Thanks sunshinegirl, I remember you posting from the early days…
    The main truths for me about BSD are:
    rapid weight loss worked to reset my body to lower blood glucose, hence it helped me avoid diabetes
    lower carb maintains that loss
    low carb is what the insulin resistants amongst us really need
    when temptation knocks most people answer [John Hiatt song about wine, cheese, sourdough bread & occasional vanilla cream slice]

    enjoy your journey

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