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  • posted by KnittyKitty

    Hello all,
    I’m feeling uninspired…
    I’m getting stuck with what to take for lunch.
    I’m a student teacher & typically get 15 – 20 mins at lunch time. I was taking soup and fruit but the que for the microwave means that’s not always practical. I’ve just gone back to wholemeal ham/cheese sandwhiches because they’re quick easy and low prep (and require no thought). I know I could buy a thermos but would like some ideas please!



  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi KnittyKitty – Welcome to the forum. Couple of possibilities for alternative lunches occur to me.
    You could try making a batch of egg muffins or crustless quiche. Both are basically beaten egg cooked in either a muffin tin or tart tin and you can make all sorts of additions, like a little chopped ham or bacon, finely cubed or grated cheese, pretty much any chopped veggies or cooked meat, flakes fish etc. This can be a great way of using up small amounts of left over food. These keep well in the fridge and can be eaten cold or warmed a little in the microwave.
    You could also make some cloud bread, which also keeps well in the fridge and can be used just like bread, but with fewer calories and way fewer carbs.
    Another option is a simple boxed salad, full of various leaves and other salad veggies, plus some protein element and even a few seeds and/or nuts. You could take a small container of pre-measured dressing separately, as pre-dressed salad tends to go limp.
    Or you could make some almond and seed crackers to have with a little cheese or pate.
    Hopefully if nothing else, the above will set you on a path to think outside the box when planning lunches and you’ll find something that works for you. I would encourage you to try to ditch the sandwiches though, as bread – even whole grain – is very carby.
    Please take a look at other threads on the forum and join any you think would be helpful to you, I’m confident you would received a warm welcome on any of them. Best wishes to you for quickly getting to your desired goal …..

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