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  • posted by Get_On-With_It

    Hi Everyone, I purchased the BSD book this week and am still reading – I’m a slow reader! My BS is typically about 12 and I have 100lbs to lose. I was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago at my surgery after signing up for a free health check – unfortunately I already had full on diabetes and some liver malfunction. I am on Metformin SR which I tolerate perfectly well – unlike the regular Metformin that made me feel nauseous. I suspect I have a genetic tendency to diabetes as even at 7.5 stone my waist was thickish. Anyhow, I am very unfit but gonna try some HIIT walks – that is walk as fast as I can up hill for 1 minute then slow down to a relaxed pace for 1 min – and try and keep going. Also gonna try and complete at least 10k steps daily. I usually do about 200-400 steps a day so quite a change. For food I am planning on eating soups from The Soup Cleanse by Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vellaa. I’m thinking I won’t bother with breakfast and try and keep my eating window to 6 hours (midday to 6pm) – that’s fasting for 18 out of 24 hours. Fingers crossed.

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