So disappointed with my appointment with diabetic nurse today.

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  • posted by sheilaslims

    Today I had my first appointment with the diabetic nurse. I am pre diabetic with an entry of 44. It seems that in 2015 my number was 47, in 2016 it had gone down to 45, 2017 down to 43, 2018 up to 45 and 2019 it is 44. The first I heard about this was just over a week ago via a letter after a routine blood test. I hadn’t realised the was included in my blood tests and asked why I hadn’t been told about the numbers before and she said that “we didn’t really do much about pre diabetes then”.
    The advice was 3 meals a day, with a snack in between if necessary. I asked about lowering carbs and she said just swap white for wholemeal. I pointed out that I already did that and cook from scratch every day as I enjoy cooking. I had taken the Fast 800 book with me and showed her and asked if she thought it would be OK for me to try this. To say she was ambivalent is an understatement. Her response was “but you haven’t got diabetes so you just need to lose weight really”.
    To cut a long story short, I decided that Fast 800 was the way I was going to try and better my health especially as I have obviously been pre diabetic for the past four years without knowing. The nurse has referred me to a year long prevention programme which I am grateful for and said she will see me in a year. She felt that the hot feet and tingling on the ball of my left foot was unrelated.
    So I am committed to reversing the pre diabetes, losing 3.5stone, it sounds a little better than 49 pounds.
    On a more positive note, try the beef rendang in the book, delish!!!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Sorry you have had this shock and that your experience with the medic was rather negative, but well done on taking control for yourself. At the risk of speaking out of turn, the advice to swap the white stuff for wholemeal is floored, as the carbs are just as high in both. Following the BSD way of life, you should soon be seeing positive results. I’ve not been pre-diabetic myself, but there are a good number on the forum who have been and have turned things around, so take heart, by this time next year things will be very different!

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Sheila,
    Like SunnyB, I’m sorry you’ve had such a shocking experience – I had a very similar experience – not great.

    As for the dietary advice, I was diagnosed with Type II three years ago and pretty much all the advice I’ve had from my health care team (dietitians, practice nurses, diabetes educators, etc) since I started until now, has been focused on eating carbs and is diametrically opposed to the way of eating which got my blood sugars back into the normal range and keeps them there i.e. the way of eating people describe on here. I think things are changing but right now any new info isn’t filtering down to anywhere near me.

    This way of eating works for people with pre-diabetes as well as people with Type II diabetes. As SunnyB says, there have been many people on the forum, past and present, who have got their blood sugar levels back into a normal range as well as improving all sorts of other health markers. I’m really glad you’re taking your health into your own hands.
    Jennie xx

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