RSA research – mindfulness and eating

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  • posted by SunnyB

    Like you, just gave it a cursory scan, but looks like it could be really interesting. Will try to find time to give it a proper read through in the next couple of days.

  • posted by Jackie WilsonSaid

    I dipped out of the forums in summer so missed this post until now – thanks Frog. There is section in the report on mindful eating which is of interest.
    A couple of suggestions I noted:
    To think of BSD as adding to your eating habits rather than taking away calories/carbs – that veg, healthy fat, extra water etc will crowd out bad choices, is useful.
    And to eat with full attention. Just eating slowly and without distractions helped me through. It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to start feeling full and for that signal to go back to the brain. Often ‘hunger’ masquerades as thirst.

    The overall theme of the paper that key behaviours can often stimulate change in other areas and produce a virtuous circle of change is also interesting and worked for me. To include major healthy living behaviours they use the mnemonic WEST: Walking, Eating, Sleep and Talking.
    A change of diet [E, eating], consolidation of meaningful exercise and adding stretching [nearly the W], doing a mindfulness course simultaneously and recognising an ongoing need to interact with the world, even when semi-retired [T, talking] were all things I experienced. The sleeping [S] component improved as a result of all the above.

  • posted by shalimar

    Just browsing through the article ….. i may try and print it out at the library … i find it difficult to read online. Although i very surface perusal leads me to believe this is about useful strategies rather than mindfulness … but certainly both may be employed for our

    I was browsing this topic : Commitment devices, where we make it very unattractive to not follow through on an intention;
    when i was reminded, i think, of something Carolyn Myss, talked about.

    Keeping promises … especially to oneself. i.e. I’m going to quit playing online Mahjongg after this game …. it’s good practice for your promise/commitment keeping “muscle” to grow stronger.

    I frankly try NOT to make promises … or to “be here now” and keep them.

    I’ve been on diets where i eat a meal and 2 hours later i remember i was supposed to be on a diet.

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