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  • posted by Kittenwits

    Hi everybody,
    I looked into this way of eating months ago but have not managed to get started. I have a lot of food intolerances, suffering from salicylate and oxalate sensitivity and you guessed it, all the good fruit and veg are high in either or both. I also have low stomach acid/possibly atrophic gastritis, so cannot eat anything acidic such as citrus, tomatoes etc. So I’m kind of between a rock and a hard place not knowing what to do, what to eat or how to work out the calorie content. Also I am under a lot of stress and simply eat to relieve the tension. I need to lose at least 28lbs, but am afraid if I do this rapidly, I will end up with gallbladder problems. My GB is already iffy, so I don’t want to make matters worse.
    I also have B12 deficiency and although I’m taking B12 daily, I cannot exercise as the B12 burns off very quickly and I then go into a state of fatigue and depression which can take days to recover from, so as I said above, I am caught between a rock and a hard place.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • posted by Rainey

    “There are some people with certain health conditions who might not be able to get maximum benefits from intermittent fasting. Instead, the most popular diet fad of this time might take a negative toll on their health.

    When a person goes on an intermittent fast, fats in the body start breaking down. Due to this, excessive cholesterol is released from the liver into the bile. This might create complications for the gallbladder, the organ which holds bile within it until it is required for digestion. Research does not deem intermittent fasting safe for people dealing with gallstones. Therefore, if you wish to take it up, check with an expert if it is safe for you or not.”

    That’s from this site:

    Best to ask a doctor before you do anything. I’m sure people here want to you to have a good result but not to do damage to your body and no one here can give medical advice over the internet.
    Hope you find the person to give you the reliable advice that can get you your best outcome.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Rainey, I have just read the article and totally agree. Although it did say, here are 7 reasons why you shouldnt fast – then only listed 6. Can I add a 7th with diabetes, especially if it is insulin controlled or if it is not well controlled. So easy to drop into a hypo and you dont always see it coming until you are unconscious.

  • posted by AnnieW

    Hi kittenwits. I’m not medical in any way but I do have recurring, not continuous, low stomach acid that I took renatidine for for years. I then discovered Apple Cider Vinegar (the organic type containing the “Mother”) and haven’t looked back. When I have problems I take a desert spoonful in a glass, around 150-20ml of warm water before a meal. I seem to be having longer periods between attacks.

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