Positive Thoughts Thread Anyone?

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  • posted by Yowzer49

    Yes SUNNY,Rioja,Merlot,gin,Baileys,voddie!whatever yr favourite tipple!
    * Heaven..hot cross buns for breakfast! Two small ones,toasted and buttered,enjoyed every bite πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    * Cyber friend told me she has buttercups and violets in her Tennessee garden..and a mockingbird comes to be fed..doesnt that sound lovely?
    * Thinking of my tum again..I have some choccy to look forward to on Sunday!
    Hope everybody is well and happy today and enjoying sunshine xx 🐝🌷🐝🌷🐝🌷🐝🌷🐝🌷

  • posted by wendleg

    Yowzer, I made nettle juice today, probably doesn’t have the same appeal as Sauvignon blanc though πŸ˜‰
    Here are a few more simple positives

    1) I absolutely love this season and every day our garden/field looks so vibrant and happy
    2) Hubby is planting kale , rocket and other seeds as we having a very mild spell. He is due to collect some more plants from the organic nursery in the village next week.
    3) I made a spinach and sunflower pesto today which was a bit heavy on the garlic so I will be well protected from vampires πŸ˜‰ Fortunately noone is likely to visit so I won’t offend anyone πŸ˜‰
    4) Part of my online order the other day included some natural cleaning products and they smell absolutely delightful. I cleaned the hall and stairs and everything smells of peppermint !
    5) The kitchen is also looking very clean and tidy
    6) I did a pile of ironing.
    7) I may have already mentioned this but I have a passion for French linens and all of my kitchen towels are white and made of linen or a very sturdy cotton/linen mix from old heirloom sheets found on French vide greniers/car boots. They looked splendid drying on the line yesterday and today I ironed them all which is quite satisfying and probably a bit OCD πŸ˜‰
    8) School has stayed quiet so I can have a proper break. Still another week to go
    9) My lovely yoga teacher dropped off some fresh veg ( chard, spinach and carrots)
    10) She also gave me half a white cababge so I am going to have a go at lacto fermentation. If all goes well it should taste like sauerkraut.
    11) The farm up the road has 8 hens who are laying like crazy right now so I found 18 eggs deposited at our door. Eggs and veg, I don’t need much more .
    12) Yes, I do ! Decent choc and I am looking forward to my special order arriving soon !
    13) We really don’t need to go out for ages now
    14) I am still enjoying my foraging videos online
    15) Still loving my daily Qigong sessions
    16) Looking forward to a family Google Meet this weekend and lots of laughs.
    17) Apparently Killing Eve is due back on BBC 1 very soon. Season 3
    18) I have some splendid asparagus to eat tonight
    19) I still think nettles are an amazing discovery and I will never see them as a painful irritant, ever again
    20) Last but definitely not least.I know I repeat this one constantly but it’s so important . We are healthy and family are safe and well. My boys accept their mum has to constantly check on them πŸ˜‰

  • posted by SunnyB

    I agree Wendy, this is an especially magical season.
    Positives for me today ….
    1 Another gloriously sunny day.
    2 Took a little walk and photographed my favourite tree, now that it’s coming into leaf.
    3 Enjoyed garden time this morning, establishing two more containers, feeding roses and dealing with weeds.
    4 Had the company assistance of a neighbour’s cat whilst gardening.
    5 Two separate video chats with two old friends, lovely to catch up on news face2face
    6 Called Dad to wish him happy 85th birthday.
    7 Cocktails on the patio this evening … The Sakura slings worked very well 😊
    8 Very pleasant meal with OH
    That will do for me right now ….

  • posted by Patricia1066

    So many positives! I love reading about your successes and keeping connected with family.

    1. All of the family ring mum several times a week, and she accepts our worries as natural. No reserve or pride about her problems, and when she has a bad day we sympathize. Total lockdown for the over 70s is so bad psychologically that we need to compensate.

    2. On our street we are chatting over the fences, overcoming the reserve or whatever it was that made us less than friends before. We may depend on each other soon.

    3. The wonderful warm weather in SE England is bringing out bees and wasps. They are a great sight when last year I didn’t see any.

    4. I’m weeding. I’m cleaning the house. I’m singing along to Gregory Porter. (Only 2 of these are considered a positive by my husband. πŸ˜„)

    5. OH has set up home working and can have lunch and dinner with me every day. We love that.

    6. For Easter, we will raise a glass of wine and video call our mum and sibs. We all are well and it’s good to see each other.

    7. I am cooking an occasional meal for my nearest neighbour in her 80s who is self isolating. She has so many convenience meals to finish up that she doesn’t want to share daily.

    8. I have discovered a fellow fan of Gone with the Wind in this neighbour. It’s such book of its time, with none of the mysogny and brutality to Black people hidden. Scarlett’s philosophy “Tomorrow is another day” is one to reflect on.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    WENDY,SUNNY,PATRICIA I really enjoyed reading ALL yr positives! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– so refreshing!
    * Im doing puzzles of all kinds to stop my brain from turning to mush!
    * Listening to the Top 20 from this day in 1964. So many good songs….Heady teenage days! Wish i could get into a time machine and revisit!
    * Loving how people are getting together and making their own Easter fun!!!….friends having virtual dance party tonight ..a β€˜pub’ quiz tomorrow
    Heres a couple of questions for you all…
    Can you name 3 consecutive days without using Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
    2) A doctor and an architect are both in love with the same woman. The architect had to go away on a long journey that would last a week. Before he left, he gave the woman seven apples. Why?

  • posted by SunnyB

    Yowser …. I’m thinking ….
    1 yesterday, today and tomorrow
    2 an apple a day keeps the doctor away

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Ten out of ten SUNNY! Go to the top of the class!!!!
    You got them more quickly than I did!
    My friend in Tennessee made me laugh today..she has cats and also feeds feral cats. She loves them all,but sometimes they can drive her mad…this is what she wrote..
    β€œI have decided there is a kitty handbook somewhere that tells them how to do it. The rules I have figured out so far go like this….
    1. Be sure to test your humans reflexes by running in front of them, stop and turn side ways to check their brakes and balance.
    2. If your human is standing at the sink or cooker, lie down quietly behind them as close as you can without touching. Humans love a surprise.
    3. Check hearing numerous times a day by screaching in their ears while clinging to their shoulder.
    4. Demand feeding EVERY SINGLE TIME they pass through the kitchen. Oh, and sniffing the food you demanded at 4 am and walking away is a good touch.
    That’s all I have deduced so far. Updates as I figure it out. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ xxxx

  • posted by Verano

    Good afternoon and what a wonderfully sunny one it is too!
    Sorry I’ve not been contributing much lately but a week ago I got the dreaded letter from the NHS ….. so it’s now at least 12 weeks lockdown …. can’t quite take it in!
    Anyway, I’m so thankful for all your contributions which are keeping me smiling. But I do have some positives……
    1. Having much more telephone contact with friends which is much nicer than texts.
    2. Have had email contact with some old friends too which is also good.
    3. Have just finished lockdown jigsaw number 2. A scene in Amsterdam of two bicycles resting against a bridge over a canal …… so so brown. So glad it’s finished!
    4. My apple tree is bursting into blossom and looks lovely. We are usually away at this time of the year and miss the blossom ….. something good comes out of everything!
    5. Actually getting used to this β€˜stay at home’ order now and despite the odd mad moments we are settling into this β€˜new’ life. Still can’t wait to get back to the β€˜way we were’ though!
    6. I’m thankful, and grateful, that we have a garden to sit in and that all my family and friends are coping and are well.
    Keep safe, keep well and thank you for keeping me smiling!

  • posted by SunnyB

    V, good to see you posting again😊. Like you, we shouldn’t be at home at this time if year … frustratingly we should be driving cross Europe and two days off arriving at our apartment in Turkey. Still, being at home is giving unexpected positives …. I too am appreciating blossoms etc. which I normally wouldn’t witness. Hope we will see you posting a little more frequently Verano, now that the shock of isolation is settling.

    My positives for today are …..
    1 The final cupboard has been installed in the bedroom.
    2 A little more pottering in the garden today.
    3 Finding several plants in the garden close to blooming, so lots of little treasures to come.
    4 The red boots I bought online arrived today.
    5 Similarly new bedding also bought online, has started arriving too …. just waiting on a duvet cover and a pair of pillow cases.
    6 A gloriously sunny and hot day.
    7 OH has promised to install the chandelier in our bedroom tomorrow, which will complete the makeover.
    8 Heard from g/son and he’s doing okay, even though he and his girlfriend couldn’t celebrate their anniversary because of the current restrictions.
    Well, think we all know that even when things are upended and life is unsettled, there are positives to be found. It certainly makes you think about how you view and evaluate them at the very least. And actually I think that in itself is a positive 😊.

    Have a good Easter folks …. not too much choccie remember 😊.

  • posted by caronl

    Happy Easter everyone – even in these times we can enjoy the renewal of life around us. Lime trees near here are almost fluorescent. Butterflies and bees in the garden. The crab apple is in full frothy pink and white blossom. Still trying to appreciate the beauty despite everything!

    1) We are all still well. Every morning without symptoms feels special.
    2) I have a sparkling kitchen and a pretty tidy garden.
    3) My favourite shoe shop is having a 30% sale – just as my dog-walking shoes are starting to fall apart. So a pair of shoes and boots are on their way. I am following your example SunnyB!
    4) Looking forward to garlicky entrecote as a special Easter treat. No chocolate eggs to resist. πŸ™‚

    Take care one and all. xx

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hey Caronl, good to see you posting here and that you’re finding positives even during this strange new ‘normal’ we’re experiencing at the moment.

    My positives for today are …..
    1 Another lovely day and another opportunity to get out in the garden to tend plants.
    2 Saw a bee fly for the first time ever … Very cute, like a miniature humming bird.
    3 Lots of things now stowed in the new bedroom cupboard.
    4 Made a tasty Indian celery dish as part of dinner this evening.
    5 OH did a ‘rebuild’ on my laptop today, so I’ll be able to put that into use again.
    6 Really wonderful meditation session.
    7 All family remain in good health.
    8 Might be an unusual Easter, but it’s proving pleasant enough for all that.

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter and please drop by and share your positives if you have a moment or two.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    I read the entries on here and think,how marvellous to be alive. Even in these days which seem to be partly terrifying,partly magical
    I feel this is aPLANdemic rather than a pandemic. To me, its not a coincidence its happened,but I dont know if theres sthing sinister or sthing benevolent behind it ..thats my humble opinion anyway,but time alone will tell
    My good things for the day..
    * DD delivered a piping hot roast dinner and a glass of wine with a home made brownie for afters . How she juggled carrying it all and a brolly too in the rain,I dont know. So grateful to have her and SIL only a minute away.
    * listening to music on the radio..all the way from New Zealand!..my friends there have a radio station,and have just given me a mention and played a song for me.
    * Friend in Holland sent me a lovely quote from Tolstoy..
    β€œI have lived through much, and now I think I have found what is
    needed for happiness. A quiet, secluded life in the country,
    with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy
    to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them;
    then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature,
    books, music, love for one’s neighbour – such is my idea of happiness.
    After all, the only certain happiness in life is to live for others.”
    That last sentence seems so relevant right now xxx
    Love to all and Easter Bunny hugs xxx🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Thinking about some Beatles songs…..

    Day Tripper……( sadly, not at the moment!)
    Ticket to ride ( ditto)
    I ( dont) wanna hold your hand ….(Keep your social distance!)
    I feel fine….. ( and hope it stays that way!)
    The long and winding road…..(my route on my daily walk )
    Get back!….(what we shout when people come too close)
    Across the Universe….( all in the same boat, sadly)
    We can work it out!…..Let’s leave it on a positive note! Xx 😻😻😻😻

  • posted by Patricia1066

    Listening to Andrea Bocelli recording in the empty Cathedral of Milan; beautiful music to soothe our troubled mind and renew our hope.

  • posted by WindyJulz

    I love this thread! Good work everyone. Some Monday morning positives….
    1. By 07:45 on a Monday I’d turned out horses, mucked out, logged on to work and completed one very useful task! Being productive is a lift for sure.
    2. I’ve learned there is such a thing as a bee fly….thank you SunnyB… though as a recovering bee phobic and current wasp wimp I’m not sure it falls into the cute bracket yet – bumble bee I can see as fuzzy, mini yellow panda so convincing myself they are cute…. bee fly is too pointy…. πŸ™‚
    3. Survived a chocolate free easter and feel good for it. Managed fine when dad brought out a chocolate cake which he adn hubby enjoyed. I just had a coffee with a splash of cream!
    4. I managed to make roast beef, yorkies, roast tatties, roast veggies, gravy and an apple oat crumble without too much drama…. I am no Sunday roast expert -that was my late mum’s speciality!
    5. All fit and healthy here still – totally with Caronl – waking up every morning and having a wee cough that clears the lungs but does not persist is a relief!
    6. Planning another half day today so should have an opportunity to get some more jobs done!
    7. Rescued a butterfly from the cat yesterday – she’s so agile and quick poor butterfly was pounced on for flying too close to the ground!
    8. Continuing with the mediation and getting a lot from it, relaxation and peacefulness doesn’t come easy to me and I find this is helping. Would not have expected it of myself!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Julz, well done on kicking off the week with positives on a Monday morning! You’re sounding very upbeat and focused 😊

    My positives for this bank holiday Monday ….
    1 OH managed to repair the collapsed drain under his garage/workshop.
    2 The chandelier is now installed in our bedroom and I’m delighted with it.
    3 Two lilacs in bloom, one to go 😊
    4 Started planning a new flower bed across the front of the workshop.
    5 Although it was very windy today, it was much sunnier than we’d expected.
    6 Made the effort to put make up on and dress in something other than gardening clothes!
    7 Thankful that all family and friends remain well.
    8 Warmer weather promised again in a day or two…. yippee!

    Hope everyone has had a lovely positive Easter, but even if you can only identify one little positive, please come and tell us about it 😊

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Youre really getting there with yr renovations SUNNY and i applaud you for make up and dressing up! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
    WINDY! Well done on resisting the Easter baddies! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    * My kitchen looks sparkly and twinkly..worked hard on it today and rearranged the contents of my kitchen cupboards
    * Ate delicious brownie made by SIL..think the choc was90%…also have had biccies…today my slogan is,
    the more you weigh,the harder you are to kidnap!
    Will be happy to get back to low carbing tomozz
    * Lovely weather today and despite everything,the people I saw passing by my windows looked in good spirits xx

  • posted by SunnyB

    Okay, let’s see if I can find some positives for today …..
    1 Although it’s been chilly today, it has been beautifully sunny.
    2 Decided to revisit chanting meditation today. Very calming and grounding.
    3 Two loads of laundry done 😁
    4 Swapped messages with daughter …. she and g/son have been planting veggie seeds.
    5 Haven’t needed to go to the supermarket again yet.
    6 Sussed out a way to attach large crystals to the bottom of the light switch pulls in the bedroom.
    Think other than being thankful for the blessing, that all family and friends remain in good health, that’s my quite of positives for today. Hope to be reading about your’s soon.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    The crystals sound lovely,SUNNY!
    * Ive had cabin fever today but reminded myself how fortunate I am..
    all I am asked to do is Stay Home..I dont have to risk my health and my life like all those working to keep the country ticking over ..not much to ask is it
    * Pleased that I managed to motivate myself to do some more sorting and decluttering
    * Listened to a serial on the radio and loaned an audiobook from online library..now listening to some songs…
    at the moment,Scott McKenzie..If youre Going to San Francisco…memories of the Summer of Love and Hippiedom!
    β€˜ With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts β€˜ ( Eleanor Roosevelt)

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Staying positive helps keep the motivation going and the focus on good health….. so here we go….
    – Its Wednesday, I dont technically work on a friday so I’m more than half way though the working week. Working from home is getting tedious but its comfortable and Im managing to be reasonably productive.
    – its a cracking day, sun sun sun and due to be very warm this afternoon – working from home gives some flexibility so I will be sure to get me some vitamin D today!
    – I have been dabbling with a bit of running (did start a bit before lockdown) where we live it is easy to go out for 45 minutes and not see anyone. Anyway, running is NOT my thing – I’m definitely built for comfort, not for speed, but yesterday i did 5k in 28:48 which i reckon is ok. Not gonna lie – it was hard, but i felt great for it. I’ll take that!
    – Motivation still doing well after i think 14 or 15 days of being secured to the wagon….. long may it continue
    – still getting a lot from the meditation Ive been doing. Surprise to myself but hopefully keeping my mind calm adn my motivation high.
    – chocolate cravings are not a thing! No problem letting easter supplies pass me by! Crisp salad has more appeal – who knew!

  • posted by Bryla

    Some mid-week positives.

    Reassured and uplifted to have seen my parents through the window during yesterday’s delivery drop. Long queues at the supermarket yesterday, but great to see the majority of folk taking it all in their stride and behaving with consideration. Had a chuckle to myself about those queuing in shorts and t-shirts at 10am when it was only 5 degrees, even if the sun was out. Some behaviours are remarkably and reassuringly resistant to any change in circumstances!

    Loving the sunny weather and the dog is too! Seems to give us both an instant boost, no matter what. The birds are singing in celebration of spring for all they are worth. Beautiful.

    It is my beautiful niece’s 5th birthday today. She’s so excited. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and videos later today.

    Took delivery of a folding exercise bike yesterday. Eventually put said exercise bike together after a couple of hours of turning the air blue and slightly remodeling my thumb. Such a sense of achievement! Had a short pedal to test it out, but was exhausted already from the full-body workout involved in construction. I have 2 washers left over, but just can’t find where they belong. Have thoroughly enjoyed a gentle cycle this morning.

    Looking forward to something involving goat’s cheese later. Not sure what, yet. It has become a real food treat since starting this WOE.

    Love to everyone

  • posted by Yowzer49

    BRYLA,thats so impressive assembling yr bike! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
    And happy bday to yr niece..xx

    * I know three or four people who are celebrating bdays today..lovely to have a spring birthday!
    * Waiting for a delivery,not sure which one it is,as have ordered a few things online,its not food as i havent been able to get a supermarket delivery slot….love how these days we can track where our parcel is..my parcel is now very close by,but apparently half an hour til the driver due here…so he must have quite a few drops nearby. Enjoying the anticipation!
    * Watching the little birdies eating crumbs ive thrown out..ive run out of the wild bird seed i usually have,so have crushed up cream crackers…theyre surprisingly hard to crush! Ended up putting them in a bag and bashing them with a hammer! Yes i have turned into a mad woman!xxx

  • posted by SunnyB

    I so admire those that can find positives to post in the mornings … not being a morning person, I always need the day to accumulate some😊!
    That being the case, here are mine for today …
    1 Successful supermarket visit this morning and not much queuing, which was a bonus.
    2 Glad to have new stocks of fresh veg, yogurt and goats butter.
    3 Loving that the roads are so empty on the rare occasions I go out these days.
    4 Chatting with a neighbour … at the appropriate distance of course.
    5 Have some bluebells beginning to flower at the bottom of the garden.
    6 Messaging with g/son who seems to be quite upbeat.
    Those will do for me today. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the thread and hope to be reading more positives soon.

  • posted by WindyJulz

    SunnyB – I think i like a morning positive to set me up for the day in a positive frame of mind……and before anything goes wrong !

    I had a bit of a snaxident last night for which im still feeling bad but i shall be positive anyway….
    – I am learning to recognise my ‘triggers’ for bad food choices….this is good….
    – had what felt like a social gathering….. spoke to 2 neighbours at once, at a safe distance and from the road. But that was exciting
    – we have run out of other basics before the fresh veggies, so no panic required and whoop for the fresh stuff!
    Ok…. I’m struggling a bit this morning…

    Stay safe peoples

  • posted by Patricia1066

    My positives

    1. Another lovely day, with the chance my neighbours will look over the fence for a chat.

    2. The trees are blooming, cherry blossom, apple blossom. It’s lovely to lie on the grass under the trees.

    3. Those size 12 jeans look great with knee high boots. I dress up some days just for me, wish I had a concert to go to.

    4. I have enjoyed the Royal Ballet daily videos showcasing their dancers. What dedication from these magnificent dancers and orchestra who prepared for performances that will not be held now. They continue to practice, preparing for whenever we can join them.

  • posted by caronl

    A morning challenge!
    1) Just had a lovely walk on the beach with bouncing labrador. The walk in deep sand feels like a very good work-out.
    2) The sycamore (:-( ) at the bottom of the garden is leafing up – so will enjoy the extra privacy. Beautiful fresh green against the blue blue sky.
    3) Had a lovely evening of bridge yesterday with UK friends. It’s amazing what technology can achieve. Maybe my bidding will also miraculously improve!
    4) Just enjoyed a lovely breakfast of Gk yoghurt and defrosted summer fruits. I have found a new combination that includes blackcurrants and blackberries and (mercifully) no strawberries. Yum.

    Have as good a day as you can. And enjoy finding the positives!

  • posted by JGwen

    Another sunny day forecast, so will have the time and opportunity to spend time sat out in the sunshine with a good book letting the dogs have a run around the garden.

    I had a delightful, (warning geek moment) time over the weekend. I went through every regular expenditure checking if I am getting the best price, – We all know that swapping electric / broadband etc suppliers we can save money, and moving to the best interest rates on savings can improve returns but often there just isn’t the time to do it and with each one its only a few pounds saved / gained a year. – Then the real geek fun started. I played around working out how much I would save over the life of my mortgage paying the money saved off the capital. Which meant lots of working out the impact on compound interest – (Told you it was a geek moment. – I confess when I was a child I used to spend time working out mega times tables by hand , using offcuts of wall paper to get it wide enough to have all the columns) – There is a positive, if I pay all the extra small amounts of money saved / earned to reduce the capital of my mortgage every year from now on to the end of the mortgage, which isn’t a hardship because I don’t make the savings at present so it isn’t money I will miss. It will snowball to make thousands of pounds difference to my mortgage. I feel like one of those people who have just won the money on a TV quiz. (Without having the spend the money for a new outfit for the TV cameras.)

    The forecast for rain coming in tomorrow is another positive. – The grass needs it. And its about time I got on with some housework.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Hi folks! JGWENI enjoyed reading yr post tho it made my brain hurt!im not as good with figures as you,but that sounds like a n excellent moneysaving plan! Isnt it great when we get some free time and can sit down and work out such things? Xx
    CARONL Oh I long to walk on sand again ! Even in the good old days tho,i cdnt walk barefoot on sand,as I have lymphodema and have to be careful not to get cuts on legs and feet. But I think one of the best things in the world is to walk on a beach,specially if you can go barefoot,get that connection with nature..and if you have a bouncy dog πŸ• all the better!Xx
    PATRICIA,The jeans and boots combo sounds fab,and well done dressing up for yrslef..its too easy just to slob around
    In our scruff at the moment..i try each day to dress colourfully to keep my spirits up and those of neighbours/ passers by who may catch a glimpse of me! Xx
    WINDY i love yr word,snaxident,thats deffo going to be in my vocabulary now! Xx
    SUNNY Im not really a morning person either,deffo not a lark..evening is better for me,Im more a night owl Xx
    Bluebells! How lovely! Xx
    A saying for the day for anyone ( like me) struggling not to nibble all day and have β€˜ snaxidents!’
    β€œRemember how far you’ve come, not just how far you’ve got to go.
    You may not be where you want to be,but neither are you where you used to be!”
    ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~

  • posted by SunnyB

    Thank you for the inspiring posts everyone. I’m definitely NOT a lark, Yowser! I used to have a boss who wouldn’t bother speaking to me before what he called “the 11o’clock watershed”.

    The positives for today from my little corner are ….
    1 Scales read dead on target weight this morning😊
    2 Another lovely bright and sunny day
    3 Bleating of lambs and sheep in the field at the end of the road
    4 Enjoyed the NHS applause this evening …. people seem to be getting much more creative in their noise making πŸ“£πŸ₯
    5 Lovely long face2face chat with a friend using tech
    6 Planning another cosy candlelight dinner for two tomorrow evening
    Keep posting those positives everyone 😁

  • posted by Yowzer49

    SUNNY how fab about yr scales results….Good work,not easy in lockdown ..respec’!
    And i love that youre having another candlelit dinnner tomorrow! πŸ’œπŸ’–
    That 11 oclock watershed remark made me laugh!
    Wd you love to be a lark? I would, this time of year,be out in the early morning sunshine,making the most of it.
    But I guess we’re at the mercy of our personal body clocks
    My Beau wakes up wide awake,is jumping around by 7 a.m.at the latest,but then he is falling asleep by 930 pm…
    And yes,I thought same as you at 8 pm..i was still doing plain old clapping,but many people were being much more imaginative! Pots,pans,whistles,beepers and bangings,shouts of NHS! NHS!
    My DD and SIL always bring my shopping round not long after the 8 oclock applause, and as they walk back home,I get out on my balcony again and clap my thanks to them! X
    Goodnight all xxx sweet dreamzzzzzzzz πŸŒ™β­οΈπŸŒ™

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Good morning ..its a beautiful one..Im awake early to tune into a friends radio show…streaming from New Zealand,so its Fri evening there,our Friday morning..enjoying some great music with my first cuppa
    ο»Ώalready thankful today for…
    ο»Ώ* Captain Tom Moore..you are a legend Cap’ n! What a guy xxx 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    * Grateful to wake up to full fridge and freezer,courtesy of DD and SIL. When they delivered it last night,two young women were next door delivering to my neighbour. Its lovely to be looked after,even tho longing to be out and about as normal..tho it will never be the same normal again. A better normal hopefully!
    * Have got an audiobook to read online thru my library membership,and a book i bought from ebay has arrived. Yippppeeee!
    Have a grrroooovy day xx
    ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~ ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~ ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Yowser – β€œRemember how far you’ve come, not just how far you’ve got to go. You may not be where you want to be,but neither are you where you used to be!”
    You posting this really was perfect timing – I have not had a perfect couple days and beginning to feel like its all too hard – my standard 2 week issue! I REALLY need to get through this!

    But I shall be positive anyway!
    – its still sunny – this will wear off as the ground will need rain soon but will enjoy it in the meantime
    – Its Friday and our fridge is full of good stuff!
    – indeed – Captain Tom is amazing! What an inspiration to get up and be the best me that i can.
    – Young horse had a good day yesterday after an anxious day on Wednesday – hoping that shows learning!
    – being forced to have lark like skills due to dependant horses – i do really get to enjoy the early mornings – I have to go outside, notice the dew, the birds chirping, the grass growing and all that is natural and beautiful…… makes me feel lucky to inhabit the planet and even luckier to live here during lock down!

    800 calories of top food – today I’m gonna nail you!

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Oh i forgot – one other extra exciting positive – yesterday my lockdown treat to myself of a Sodastream arrived! I now have fizzy water on tap without having to destroy the planet with plastic bottles! I am so disproportionately happy about this!!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Missed posting positives yesterday, as I was preoccupied with the cosy dinner for two. However because of that, there are a good few to post todayπŸ˜€.
    1 Steady rain yesterday was just what the garden needed.
    2 The cheats duck confit recipe I used yesterday, worked really well … will definitely use it again.
    3 Lovely evening with OH.
    4 Dancing in the living room with my man to Van Morrison.
    5 Tended orchids this morning, including repotting a few which were struggling.
    6 All family and friends remaining well.
    Hope you are having a positive weekend and will tell us about it soon.😊

  • posted by Yowzer49

    * SUNNY i love how youre having dinnerdance dates with OH!
    * Just had lovely blunch..lots buttery greens sprinkled with pumpkin seeds,followed by berries and a little greek yog,a few more pumpkin sprinkles. I feel brimming with goodness! πŸ˜‹
    * Raining but hey we need it sometimes dont we! And cosy to sit and read, listening to the rain on the windowpanes!
    * About to start a new paperback book ..its been in quarantine for 72 hours..think they say virus can last 72 hours on cardboard? And I received it Wednesday a.m.
    Have also wiped the cover over with thyme oil diluted in warm water..thyme an excellent anti viral…then dried it off. Gonna snuggle down now and read,thankful i dont have to disinfect every one of the 415 pages,i hope not anyway!
    * Have been ordering some meals from a local restaurant,tryIng to keep them going,and just been browsing all the cafes/ restaurants doing home deliveries…will try to support a few more. Its critical all our lovely independents can keep afloat ..they have served me and Beau well in the Good Old Days when we could saunter in for coffees,treats,snacks,meals, and sit and watch the world go by for hours…now its time for us to help them if we can.
    The Good Old Days will return and we will all enjoy them more than ever x
    Happy Saturday everybody!
    ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~ ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~ ~~ ~~ β˜…β™₯.β€’Β° β™₯ Β»β˜† ~~~~

  • posted by SunnyB

    Here are some positives from today ….
    1 OH managed to fix our leaky shower.
    2 Spices roasted and ground ready for a curry this evening.
    3 Tidied up a few more orchids.
    4 Planted in a some plants I’d bought online. Still searching for more😊 there might even be another rose bush on the horizon.
    5 Received a very amusing video clip from a friend. A hearty chuckle is a good way to start the day πŸ˜€.
    6 Looking forward to what promises to be a week of good weather 🌞

    Keep watching out for those positives and please let us know what you find.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Howdy everyone! SUNNY I hope you enjoyed that curry! X

    * Enjoying the One World ..TogetherAt Home programme on tv tonight ..a thank you to NHS and all key workers πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    * Nibbling some lovely M nS almonds,theyre delicious!and a few strawberries..is it strawb season now? As these are full of flavour. Yum! Another day of being β€˜ good’ carbwise. Want to look and feel good when we are set free again!Whenever that may be!
    * Went round the corner to post a bday card. Thankful that I have some cards and stamps at home,so I dont have to miss sending bday greetings….also thankful for a postbox close by. Spoke briefly to two lovely neighbours and enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sunshine 🌞🌞🌞

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Good morning all,as we enter yet another week of this strange new life we’ re currently living!
    We are all in this together,so reach out to one another
    A virtual Hug is almost as good as the real thing,so keep in touch online and with texts and phone calls.
    Take note of of what’s happening,but don’t get absorbed in all the news,it can get confusing
    Listen to music🎡, watch old films,exercise,draw,paint,sew..whatever brings you joy..
    at times just BE ……………..” πŸ’œ Let LOVE be the Light, by which you see πŸ’–β€ xxxxx
    Ps sorry,this was meant to go in the positive thoughts πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Good morning monday! Strange times continue but theres still plenty to be positive about.
    – the weather is glorious, ok a touch chilly but for April in NE scotland its just beautiful!
    – we went for a walk and to drop something off for a neighbour at the bottom of our road yesterday – 1.5 miles away, we took some detours and walked best part of 10k. IT took a long time as we managed to stop and chat to so many of our neighbours who were outside as we went. All be it from a sensible distance. Normally we dont see many people or no one has time to stop and chat….. these strange times have brought a slower pace to life which is rather soothing.
    – still working and still healthy and food in the cupboard. All to be appreciated!

  • posted by caronl

    Good Morning WindyJulz, Yowzer, SunnyB, V other positive thinkers and Monday!

    1) Had another glorious tiring walk on a sunny fresh beach. Dog now asleep in his basket.
    2) Cut my husband’s hair for the first time with a hair trimmer. And he is still talking to me!
    3) Washing and vacuuming up to date. So a veg-ing out day with the gardening and a puzzle. Could be a lot worse!

    Have a good healthy day everyone.

  • posted by Verano

    Good afternoon!
    It’s so good to see so many positives. Forgive me for not posting but I feel like life is so surreal at the moment and it makes me not want to continue with what was my β€˜normality’. Hope that doesn’t sound too odd!
    Yowzer I saw your quote on the weekly thread ….. well said …. we all need to take note and apply the same thoughts.
    But anyway I just wanted to pop in say β€˜Hello’ and wish you all well.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Yowser, really love the ‘let love …. ‘ quote.
    Julz, sounds like you’re making good use of this lovely weather.
    Caronl, well done on the successful hair cutting.
    Verano, am I reading between the lines that you are struggling a bit? These exceptional times are certainly challenging, so be gentle with yourself and please do drop in whenever you feel you can. Big hugs πŸ€—

    My positives for today are ….
    1 Picked a sprig of lilac and a few bluebells from the garden, which are now wafting perfume in the living room. Mmmm, heavenly!
    2 Lovely walk …. not far but in beautiful sunshine.
    3 Posted a little gift to g/daughter, just as a little surprise during lockdown.
    4 Made a rhubarb and rosemary sauce to go with pork chops …. yummy☺
    5 Warm enough for dressing in cropped trousers and t-shirt, instead of jeans and jump.
    6 Time spent in the garden, mainly to assess and water, but it’s so nice to spend even a little bit of time out there.
    Keep posting those positives everyone!

  • posted by Verano

    Hi Sunny yes you probably are reading between the lines pretty well. It’s just a bad time of the year for me anyway, which is only accentuate by the current problems. BUT, i know it will all pass and with time the sun will shine on us all again ….. in fact that could be today!
    Take care and stay well.

  • posted by Yowzer49

    Hi all x VERONA,I echo SUNNYS words xx sending hugs with my long elasticy arms,all the way up my road and along Eggy Rd to you! πŸ’œ hi CARONL and WINDYJ and everyone xxx

    * Had my first cappucino in over 4 weeks..my SIL made it and handed it to me thru their kitchen window,along with a big slice of just made banana bread..i said no but he insisted and it wd have been churlish to reject it!πŸ˜‹ lovely to see them all,even tho at a distance,my DD and SILand my grandson ( the cat 😻)
    * Im not much of a one for the sun,as Im allergic to it,cant remember the long name for it,but basically I come out in a big rash very quickly if not covered up…but I sat and had my coffee and cake ( just half,saving the other half for tomozz) outdoors. Weather just right for me,sun not too hot,and a gentle breeze.Topped up my Vit D..My Gp prescribes it for me monthly but nice to get some from a natural source. And I saw a neighbour I havent seen for a while,been a bit concerned about him,but he’s fine.
    * Got a grocery delivery this morning 7 O clock. Nothing that nice to eat,just basics,but it will save DD shopping for me on thursday. Iceland ( other smarkets available) have just started online deliveries and i was lucky enough to get a slot,just by chance,it said no slots available,then one popped up. V good service,only ordered yday afternoon,3 pm, was here early next day.
    I find anything,any little diversion,quite exciting at the moment,so I was on a high this morning waiting for it! My happiness was a bit dampened tho when later a neighbour from down the road told me that her grocery delivery had gone to another address by mistake πŸ™

    β€œ ~ β€œMay everyone be happy and safe, and may their hearts be filled with joy ~ β€œ (Buddah)

    ΒΈΒΈ 🐝*β€’.¸🌼¸¸.β€’*Β¨πŸ¦‹Β¨*β€’.ΒΈΒΈπŸ’žΒΈ.β€’*β€’ΒΈπŸŒΏ.β€’*¨¨*β€’ΒΈ 🐝*β€’.ΒΈ ΒΈΒΈ 🐝*β€’.¸🌼¸¸.β€’*Β¨πŸ¦‹Β¨*β€’.ΒΈΒΈπŸ’žΒΈ.β€’*β€’ΒΈπŸŒΏ.β€’*¨¨*β€’ΒΈ 🐝*β€’.ΒΈ

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Hello everyone. Verano, sad you are struggling a bit in general, things will pass and dont stay the same forever, I hope the sun starts to shine for you and you look after yourself. Lovely to see updates from Sunny and Yowser and Caronl.

    I can be positive…..
    – I have realised i quite like black coffee – who knew? This is a revaluation and I’m quite chuffed. Feels a bit like learning to like good red wine, or when i first learned to have coffee with no sugar. This will mean TRE is actually very very nearly totally calorie free. This has to be good!
    – fizzy water from my new soda stream is helping me get water intake up….with no single use plastics. Bonus!
    – I have a packet of the Fast800 shake meal replacement thingies… discover that one of these, with crushed ice and smashed frozen berries makes a really good, satisfying, nutritious tasty lunch!
    – Im back in the zone! Long may it continue
    – Sun is shining, horses are happy outside for longer, we are healthy and have the most adorable cats!

  • posted by lisa-martin

    Quotes is a very good way to spread positivity like I love this quote “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”. There are many ways to work at home with positivity but when I work with positivity I think comfortableness is a must and heater is doing this job very well for me.

  • posted by Verano

    Thank you girls!!!

  • posted by SunnyB

    V, we’ll be happy to see you posting whenever you are able and meanwhile, please take care.
    Yowser, your al fresco coffee sounds idyllic.
    Julz, it’s surprising how the more we get into this WOE our tastes change along with our approach to what we consume.
    Lisa, thank you for the quote.

    My positives for today are ….
    1 Went to s/market and it was pretty much deserted…. straight in, round and home again within the hour.
    2 Drove to farm shop 8mls away and it felt like freeeeeedoooomm!!!! Furthest I’ve been in over a month.
    3 Bought some ossobucco at said farm shop, which will be the core of Friday night’s candle light dinner
    4 Also bought a new pot and plant at the farm shop. Will be gardening tomorrow.
    5 Was feeling a bit hemmed in, so we visited our friend’s woodland to get out in nature proper for an hour.
    6 Woodland currently full of real English bluebells …. stunningly beautiful! Was so uplifting to immerse myself in such tranquillity.
    Hope whatever your day has brought your way, it has included plenty of positives.

  • posted by Bryla

    Hi everyone.
    Another glorious day! So thankful for the sunshine.

    Today was my weekly treat of being able to wave to my parents through the window and deliver lots of tasty food plus daily essentials, so I know they are well stocked for another week. I feel so lucky that I moved closer to them a few years back so I can do this now.

    Had a lovely surprise phone call from a friend who I get in with like a house on fire, but usually only see in a work context. It was so uplifting to chat with her. She works at a place I contract to and it was a bonus and really reassuring to hear that they have work lined up for me once it becomes possible for us to get things moving again.

    Still besotted with my exercise bike. I feared it might gather dust, but it’s already become an important part of my daily routine. Blimey, I needed those endorphins!!!!

    Very excited to receive a notification that my click and collect new bras are ready for collection. Ridiculously excited about the prospect of some underwear that fits. I ummed and ahhed about whether they counted as an essential purchase, but it feels pretty critical and justifiable after weeks getting by without, especially since I can pick them up at the same time as doing my next weekly shop.

    Just had to Google ossobuco. Another valuable addition to my culinary horizons and vocab. Thanks, SunnyB! It sounds amazing.

    Lots of love to everyone. Am reading and relishing your positives every day, even when I’m not posting x

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