ONE WEEK AT A TIME beginning October 6th 2020

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  • posted by wendleg

    Thanks for travelling along with me this week, folks !
    Time to set up a new weekly thread !

  • posted by Riccoh

    Hi all. I’m half way through week 5. I’ve lost 7.35kg (16lb) and have hit a plateau. No change for 5 days. I have stuck to the WOE for every day except one, last Thursday, when we were visiting friends,
    . I thought I ate well but when I got home and calculated my calories, they were over 1700. 2 lattes,, homemade pizza ( 2 small slices-homemade), salad, a sliver of cake, healthy dinner of fish and veges, etc. It goes to show how easy it is to go over the 800. I wouldn’t have thought twice about this before. We even did a long walk around a botanic garden. This would be what I suppose maintenance would be, what people eat who don’t have a weight problem.
    I don’t think this would have been the cause of the plateau. I’m exercising hard, walking 6k every day and strength training. I did measure yesterday and I’m happy with that. Loving this WOE. Take care everyone.

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