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  • posted by wendleg

    It’s early October folks. These are not easy times. However, even if is difficult to project ahead and have something to look forward to, let’s not waste this time ! You don’t want to look back and wish you had made a difference earlier on . 13 weeks until the end of 2020…
    I would love to keep this weekly thread going !! Come and say Hi !
    Wendy xx

  • posted by wendleg

    I always wonder if I should post this list …and then I do it anyway !!! 🙂
    Where are you all ?

    Niamh and Dean ( Neegan)
    Clarinet cathy
    Olive 1

    Double Dutch
    JGwen (of course !!)

    Tulip1 (Clare)

    Jeremy Fisher
    Kevlondon and Mrs Kev
    sunshine-girl !!!
    Violinist ( Catherine)
    Sarah 1968
    Delabodge( Clive)
    Calliope Swan
    EclecticRajistani !!!
    Mumof4in France
    Squidge !!
    No more banquets
    The other me
    AMZ !!!!!!!
    Stephen J
    Nhatha 3432 (Nick)
    Reuby 19

  • posted by Verano

    Hi Wendy!

  • posted by caronl

    Hi Wendy! Yes still here. Doing a sober October and hope to report some progress. Hope you are enjoying your retirement – though it sounds quite full on!

  • posted by wendleg

    It is a bit busy as you say, caronl ! I am enjoying the freedom from work constraints but still seem to be very busy with various other commitments !!! I’m fine though and hope sober October is successful for you ! xx
    Hi V 😉 !

  • posted by Energisedby800

    Hi, I hope it’s ok to join you on this forum.

    I started the fast 800 diet 4 weeks ago and have kept to the 800 each day. It feels like a miracle. I managed to reversed my prediabetes diagnosis and have lost 2 stone.

    I have a very (very!) long way to go but I am feeling hopeful that I can do it. This diet makes me feel good again. I like the concept of taking each week as it comes. I hope it’s ok to join your community here.

  • posted by wendleg

    Of course it’s OK Energisedby800 ! Welcome and very very well done on your discard after just 4 weeks !! It sounds like you are doing everything right but just shout out if you have any queries.Don’t get discouraged if the discard slows as it probably will but just keep going ! It’s about establishing a sustainable new way of eating so don’t worry about how long it takes. You have made a life changing decision. Hope to see you checking in !

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Hi all and thank you for the thread Wendy! What a great start Energisedby800! 🙂 I’m struggling a bit today but am trying to keep to things. My mobility is improving slowly and my meds have been keeping pain levels under control…just about. I think the main problem I have is just the same as lots of people atm….the situation with covid has felt so isolating, but also I think that cooking and eating meals felt like an ‘activity’ during full lockdown ie something to be shared and enjoyed. But now we’re still isolated but not cooking/eating in the same way and I guess it has left a bit of a gap…where my day just blurs into hours of work and non work and that’s it. I guess I also have a sense that things are going to be the same for many months to come. I’m not upset exactly, just feeling…uninspired I guess is the word. I know I need to lose weight, but also am annoyed that I have to lol. I know things will get better…I just need to keep on and be consistent enough to see some changes. Anyway, sending big hugs out into the universe to all who need them xx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, great to see you Energized and well done. Ellie, I guess we are all feeling the strain not knowing how long this is going to last for. Just take it one week at a time like the thread and it too will pass.
    Thanks for the weekly thread Wendy, hope the old and new come flooding in. Not quite tomorrow (Tuesday) for me yet so will report back when I have had some sleep and another day out of the way. Not moping but …. Try to stay motivated.

  • posted by Mifoz

    New week here we come! Wow Energisedby800, great work! I’m only two weeks in, but hoping to keep going like last week, lost just under 3kg! I know it will slow down but I’ve not found it too hard so far, so fingers crossed
    Our weekend catch up with friends went well. They were all really supportive, and I stuck to my 800 mostly, and some very weak vodka and Sodas kept me going all night. A big swim on Sunday afternoon helped, I’m sure.
    I’m a bit over salads already, but I’ve got some good meals lined up for the week. I’ve always meal planned and grocery shopped weekly, so that part wasn’t much of an adjustment. It’s the exercise that gets me, as I’ve never been a sporty person. I did some online workouts and Pilates from YouTube last week, as well as walking. I also don’t drive so getting to a gym isn’t really an option. COVID makes me hesitant to use public transport. Does anyone have some good online in home workouts they can recommend?

  • posted by EC

    so-I managed to miss posting ALL last week….which was a huge mixture of success and abject muck-up on my part!!
    Last Thursday a friend commented how slim I was looking…then Friday I (prematurely as it turned out as we’ve just had a huge cold snap!!) I packed away a lot of my winter wardrobe and brought in lots of my summer stuff….delighted to find that LOTS of thing I haven’t worn for a couple of years (too tight) now fit well with a little room, and also a beautiful silk dress that I bought a couple of years ago (to lose weight to fit into and have never worn!!) now fits!!

    then, after a pretty good week, I somehow took those successes as permission to let loose on the weekend!! Nothing unhealthy, just WAY over what I needed and ended up with an uncomfortable belly! 🙁
    Anyhow, back on track this week-made a double batch of the fishcakes from the BSD recipe book and lots of kasundi and chermoula to tide me over(as well as the first asparagus of the season from the farmers market on Sunday…YUM!!!) and going forward for more of those lovely little NSVs I hope!!
    We’ve been building a greenhouse as I’m seriously keen to grow aubergines this summer….lots of other veg are already in and doing well despite the cold snap (but loving the recent rain) No sign of the seeds sprouting yet, but sure they’ll start popping up soon….it’s a very fecund time of year in the garden!!

    wishing you all “old” and newbies a wonderful week!

  • posted by arcticfox

    Thanks for the video link, JGwen. It is a good reminder for sure. What Dr. Bikman discovered about cereal is pretty close to what I discovered about frozen pizza when I was wearing my continuous glucose monitor, except that due to my reactive hypoglycemia, I was having some pretty scary lows overnight while I was sleeping as well as my bg being on what looked like a rollercoaster for almost 24hrs after I ate it. It scared me so much that I haven’t eaten it again since.
    EC – nice to read about your NSVs and your gardening ambitions as well. Here in the opposite hemisphere, I spent yesterday covering my little seedlings with floating row cover to try to keep them a bit warmer. We were in the low 20’s during the day last week, but only in the mid-teens this week. I need to source some poly for an outer cover to go over them in a couple of weeks when we can start to expect some frost.
    Thanks for the suggestion about batch cooking, Wendy. I’ll have to do some meal planning and come up with some things that are easy to do in a big batch at some point. Being back at work has really been cramping my style as I just don’t have much time at all. Today I was out at 7am to an equipment rental place to organize renting a lawn mower this week, came home and did a half hour of leaf raking before work, then out again on my morning break, back out at lunch to rake some more and pick up windfall fruit, then after work I was collecting up all the leaves and putting them on the compost pile and watering my plants and coiling up hoses. I did get in a bit earlier this evening (6:30) so did have a bit of energy for cooking. I had one of my rare times of eating seafood and had some Spanish prawns using a recipe off the Diet Doctor website and had them with fresh parsley, chard and beet tops from the planters I had for my balcony garden at my flat. It was quick and quite delicious. My dad came over to drop off some fuel for the lawn mower and also very nicely brought some green beans from his garden that he had blanched and frozen, so that will help with some quick meals in future as well.

  • posted by EC

    thanks Arcticfox-I’ve likewise been vicariously enjoying your gardening and farm-based adventures in the Northern hemisphere-you sound too busy to eat though!!! It sounds as if we’re experiences similar temperatures right now….but ours will rise as yours go down!

    Batch cooking for me is pretty key to staying on track-my freezer was full of soups through winter as well as always having mini-fritattas and frequently fishcakes in the fridge…… and I’m still eating basil pesto from the freezer from January (hopefully just enough to last till Dec when it’s in season again!) As a pesco/vegetarian I also batch cook chickpeas and black beans in the pressure cooker and freeze to throw some easy protein into a stir fry or similar

    Tonight will be braised asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli with feta and aforementioned pesto from the freezer with a few slivered almonds.

    Mifoz-I TRY to do yoga as regularly as possible with a couple of DVDs I have ….but walking is my non-negotiable exercise as I have an active border collie -I think exercise preference is a very individual thing.

    Anyhow, after last week’s radio silence, I’ve been “on” twice today so again-wishing everyone a great week!


  • posted by wendleg

    Good to see the posts this morning ! 
    Hi EllieA ! There are so many reports of low carb helping to manage pain and increase energy levels so you really are doing the best thing for yourself. Maybe source a few recipes to keep things interesting when inspiration is flagging ? Have you had a look at the dietdoctor website for ideas ? Keep going , it really will be worth the effort.
    The uncertainty of this ongoing Covid situation is unsettling for sure. Let’s not lose focus, folks.
    Hi Mifoz ! About exercise.I am not that sporty either.My thought is that exercise only works if you enjoy it. I love my yoga and aquagym….and it doesn’t hurt !! I have started pilates but I am not sure what I am doing as yet  I won’t give up though !
    As you are in Australia and the weather will be lovely maybe just getting out for a walk would give you a boost ? I am not an expert on online workouts but Joe Wicks was well received by Brits during lockdown 😉 Sunshine Girl does online workouts and can no doubt recommend something.
    Good to see you EC ! Yes the weather is a bit fickle there for sure ! Pretty fresh in SW France for this time of year too . Massive well done on your clothes fitting ! That is a great ‘feel good’ moment ! I continued to wear clothes that were too big for me for ages then I either got my sister to alter them or sell . It’s nice to no longer be at the limit on online sizes. Your food always sounds amazing EC ! I understand the joy of fresh veg. The farm up the road grows aubergines and they produced a variety called ‘aubergines baguettes’ which are long and skinny and very good chargrilled on a barbecue.Good luck with the green house !
    Crikey you are SO busy articfox ! As long a you don’t have carbs in the house and you can avoid temptation with your family you will be fine. Love the sound of those chard and beet tops.We have lots of chard and kale here which is very hardy.

    Good to ‘chat’ this morning and looking forward to seeing lots of friends checking in ! xx

  • posted by James3891

    Been sticking with this now a few days and finding it ok. Dr Atkins crispbreads and tuna and soup so far today. Maybe a small steak and veg tonight. On holiday so makes it a bit tougher but determined to stick to it and will look to include maybe one shake a day when home to make it easier to plan for. Determined to get at least 2 stone off by end of the year and get me sub 20-stone for first time in a while.

  • posted by SamG67

    First week in, finding it easy to keep to. Do get a mid afternoon slump but getting round this with a handful of nuts. Any other suggestions?

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Good Morning (lunchtime) everyone, had a successful week and weekend – not doing sober October but no alcohol since last weekend in Sept, so technically sober Oct so far. Managed to get down to a new low for this particular diet period so 77 kg. Next goal is to be 76.5 kg by next week. Slowly, yes, but steady. Several weeks ago I set a target for Christmas and just looked at it again and noticed I am only 7.5 lbs away, so that is still my goal even if Christmas might not be as planned. Hey, it was a stone to lose so I have lost 6.5 lbs, not lots but I am not a newbie with big initial losses that come when just starting the diet. This is extra to what I have already lost (weight) and what I have already gained (health-wise). Play on words.

    Mifoz, you are already doing Youtube. I can recommend Adriene for yoga, she does all levels. I particularly like her 30 day challenge for beginners as it gives me something different every day (or each time I do it) and I can see improvements. Just looking on YT and just by typing in Exercise there are lots. You can whittle it down according to age, preference etc. First 3 I found are 1. 30 min Morning Exercise Routine, 2. Standing Exercises for Older Adults (not for me but some people need that) and 3. 20 Full Body Workout – Beginners Version. Lots to chose from. Do you have YT hooked up to your main TV – much easier than trying to watch on a small screen.

    Hoping for a good week. Hugs to everyone, especially if you are struggling right now. Come and join us. Oh forgot to say, I will look at Dr Bikman video – thanks.

  • posted by nhatha3432

    I didn’t weigh myself for two weeks because I wasn’t at home, I travelled to Bangkok on 19th September for a small medical procedure and was there for 7 days, even so I managed there or thereabouts to stick to the diet, even with the excellent hospital food. At the hospital, on 21st September, my Fasting Blood Sugar level was recorded lower at 87mg/dl. However, my weight on 28th September:

    5th + 6th week I lost 1.4 kgs = 104.4 kgs (BP 120/75)

    Friday 2/10/20: following three days of low BP readings (109/63, 103/65, 108/70) I have stopped taking the BP medication, this was previously agreed with my doctor. I now only take Aspirin.

    My weight yesterday:

    7th week I lost 2 kgs = 102.4 kgs (BP 111/73)

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Thanks sunshine-girl, Wendleg and all the other lovely folk on here. I’m feeling much more positive today and have kept on track with my food and shake choices. I’ve also ordered myself a couple of new items of clothing as some of my winter stuff is looking a bit tatty. I’ve ordered my current size and will look forward to things becoming baggy in the near future (which shouldn’t affect the styles anyway). I’ve also treated myself to some Christmas leggings to brighten up my days working at home (I’m a big fan of Christmas 🤣). Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been able to do a little more around the house today which has felt very productive, even though it was only a bit. Anyway, great to see lots of people being so determined to take care of their health, both when things are going well and overcoming things when they’re not…you’re all an inspiration! xx

  • posted by Verano

    Just popping in to say hello.
    Good to see lots of posts from new and persistent travellers.
    Sunshine-girl sounds all good, keep up the great work.
    Well Tuesday is my historical ‘weight in ‘ day but today was pretty grim! Anyway, it’s a new week so a new start. I have my HbA1c results next Monday and in a bizarre way I hope my figures have increased because that will give me the ‘kick up the bum’ I need to get back on track at full speed, and not just carry on with the wishy -washy regime I’ve been following this year!
    Just want to say ‘well done’ to all who are doing well and to those who are struggling, like me, just try to ‘ dig in even deeper’ … there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • posted by arcticfox

    Oh my, speaking of exercise, I certainly did my share today. It took me 4.5 hours to mow the lawn! Not all at once as I was working as well, so I did some before work, lunch time and after work. I’m so happy to have finished it in one day as I don’t need to rent the mower for another day, but I am very tired and a bit sore through my arms and shoulders.
    EC – I definitely didn’t have much time to eat today. Survivied mainly on whey protein shakes to keep me going, but then came in to a nice dinner of eggs scrambled in butter with some cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Made myself a hot chocolate with stevia as a treat as well.
    Mifoz – I started a paid online fitness programme last year and it has been well worth it. Once I was through the first programme, I was invited to suscribe to the online gym which gives you access to all the programmes you’ve paid for plus a huge number of HIIT and yoga workouts for an incredibly low price. The one I use is very specific to horse riders, but there may be others out there that are similar. I’ve fallen off the wagon right now as I’m just too busy and getting in lots of activity anyway, but it will be good to get back into it once the weather gets colder.
    Wendy – definitely keeping the carbs out of the house. When I finished up tonight I was craving ice cream and chocolate brownies, but filled up on eggs instead. One thing about living in such a rural environment is that all the shops close by 6pm so there was no way of giving into the temptation to go and get something even if I wanted to!
    A couple days of rest for me while I recover from my lawn mowing. All I have to do is prepare for some of my windows to be replaced on Thursday, and that should be quite easy as I just have to move a few things out of the way. Oh and I need to remember to get the sprinkler on my plants. Off to bed early, I think I should sleep well!

  • posted by Mifoz

    Thanks for the exercise tips everyone. I’ll be trying lots of them out to find what suits, and hey, even one go at one is a day’s workout! I do have YT on the TV, so that makes it easier.
    I usually struggle quite a lot with exercise because of lack of fitness, but yesterday I actually walked further than I usually do and didn’t feel puffed or achy by the end, so that’s a good sign. Might need to step it up a little even!
    Erin- lucky you with an active dog. I walk with a greyhound. She’s good for a block or so, then she slows to a snails pace. Yesterday I practically had to drag her home. Elite athletes apparently, but only for short bursts once every day or so 😂 Lucky Im more of a plodder myself.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi all, dont know why but I have had 2 weight increases in 2 days, first up to 77.4 which I put down to fluid as I had a bite (and just a bite) of hubbys flatbread then again today another 0.3 so up to 77.7. Can only think that when hubby made a dinner of chicken with red peppers in a spicy chicken stock his idea to add some chorizo was a good idea but he added as much as the chicken. I cant complain as it has taken lock down for me to get him to share with the cooking and any criticism will have him in a huff. Seems cruel that maybe an extra 200 cals can put me right out of sync. I am glad I did’nt give in to a couple of drinks last night after a tearful chat with daughter about us going back to the UK. It breaks my heart to leave my home here in France but it breaks my heart to not be able to see my family. We had said when we reached a certain age (2 years away) we would go back but this blasted virus might make up push our plans forward. Anyway, I didn’t give in and have a drink so I cant blame that for the weight gain. Will just have to keep going knowing it will sort itself out.
    Verano, I hope your BG test are still super good and you can use your successes for motivation rather than waiting for a kick up the backside. Keep the faith my friend.

  • posted by Verano

    Sunshine-girl thank you for reminding me that I really should be looking for good results …. the die is cast!
    I don’t have to tell you how easily weight fluctuates …. the saying ‘ teaching granny to suck eggs’ comes to mind. Just keep doing what you’re doing …. it’s working!
    Oh I really sympathise with your dilemma because it sounds so much like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The present situation will pass, in time, and we will reach a new ‘normal’ where travel will become easier again. I guess we all have to avoid knee-jerk reactions in these unprecedented times. We miss our children and grandchildren who live in other parts of the country, but we aren’t separated by the Channel so, psychologically, probably doesn’t feel quite so bad.
    Not sure what your restrictions are now but we all just need to keep some perspective and try to dwell on the positives we have ….. difficult but not impossible!

  • posted by Lulu16

    Hello all and thanks for including me on your list on names, Wendy. I’ve just checked back in because I’ve noticed my weight creeping up recently and I don’t want it to get any worse. I lost twenty pounds earlier this year and have regained nine of those in the last couple of months… I’d like to get them off and keep them off this time.
    So, I go on daily walks with my dogs but am going to add yoga into the mix. I’m going to make a meal plan for the next few days and do my best to stick to it. And I’ll be following this forum closely to pick up any more ideas! Thanks everybody for being so generous with your help and advice.

  • posted by Lily

    Hello! Just popping my head around the door to say I’m still here! It’s been madly busy at work (albeit working from home) so lots of early starts and late finishes but I’m pleased to announce today is Day 10 on 800 and it’s going well. Have no idea what the scales say but I’ve vowed not to weigh in October so that I don’t get discouraged by any slow downs. Pretty sure it’s working as my clothes are getting looser.

    Sending good wishes and hugs to all—keep going, we’ve got this!

  • posted by Butterlover

    Hi Everyone.Im still around .I have been busy trying to get things done.I went through a stage of not dealing with house work ,dealing with bills following up health appointments.etc etc At last, we had a few sunny days and I achieved everything on my list.I discarded 1.5kg but sorry to say it’s been regained possibly water weight .I had a binge yesterday as I was worried about my son who is stuck in Qld while we are in west australia.So today I’m target is 80kg by Chrismas.Which should be a reasonable expectation and I will not give up.Back on track today and back to the gym.Ihope everyone is on track and doing well

  • posted by EC

    Hi all
    still having a pretty good week here (though can’t believe it’s Thursday already!!)
    Wendy, re the clothes…have also just sold two dresses online (yeah!!) and am putting the money towards having favourites altered. (I also want my wardrobe to be “slimmer” too (as in less of it) so determined to alter, rather than buy as much as possible (and I still have things I’ve kept for decades that require several more (probably 5-10) kgs loss to fit back into)
    and food….one of my best friends always tells me I’m fussy, but my second eldest stood up for me and said “discerning”! I’m owning that!!
    and OMG the weather is SO changeable-we’ve gone from over 20 degrees a couple of weeks ago to pouring rain and 11 degrees today! (1 degree the other morning at 7am!!!)
    Mifoz-yes, the border collie does keep me pretty active (though even I’m refusing in this weather and she looks uninspired for a second walk today 🙁 ) There are several greyhounds waked on our track and yes, the owners do say that they’re mostly happy couch potatoes!!-lovely dogs, though (and they wouldn’t shed like mine!)
    SG-thanks for the new yoga tips (just need to warm the loungeroom first!!)
    hopefully, we’ll all head happily towards the weekend!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, cant remember where you are EC but here in France we have gone from 10 degrees over the last few weeks up to 23 today (should have put a wash on). It is forecast like that for the next few days. I find I like a cool room to do my exercise as I soon get warmed up.
    Despite my worries yesterday I have now lost part of the gain, so back down to 77.3kg. I know that if I am doing everything right something will happen in the right direction.
    We have just cancelled our cruise to Iceland in June. I know it is a long way off but we said that about easter when we locked down at the beginning of March, then again about May for family coming out, then for September and now Christmas. I am sick of living for ‘just in case’ and always playing a waiting game. It is cancelled, there will be others in the future but, not only that, we are saving a bucket load of money.
    Thank you Wendy.
    Good vibes to all of you.

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi everyone!
    Agree EC – the weather has been crazy. Just when I decided we were over cool temp, back they come. But perhaps next week will be sunny again. Glad you have your garden to enjoy during this stage. We will hopefully be able to travel to Tasmania again in the new year.
    Extra hi to Butterlover, Calliope Swan (fantastic results!!), SueBlue and any others in Melb or Aust. So looking forward to Oct 19 when maybe some of our restrictions will be eased.
    So this week has been good for me – concentrating on loosing a couple of kg before we get “to go out”. Good week of keto – doing 4-5 days of being in keto/ around 800 cals – with a bit easing Friday and Sat. I have a meal with my “single bubble” buddy each Friday, with some wine. That breaks up the weeks of being at home and cooking for one. And the good news is I have 3 hrs work tomorrow after 14 weeks of stand-down. Yipee! No face to face contact with customers yet (which I miss) – but arranging at -home or pickup deliveries of books (I work in public libraries).📚📚 Finally a reason to take off my slippers and tracky daks.
    And for folks just starting out – remember that this way of eating is not all about the scales. As usual I have seen changes in clothes being looser etc over the last couple of weeks before there is any change on the scales.

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone !
    It’s Friday already !
    Glad you are feeling better Ellie.
    Yes, I hope you manage to get a bit of rest after all that physical activity, arcticfox. It must be so satisfying to think that you are working on YOUR place, though !
    You will find something that suits, Mifoz and you can build up slowly. I have started Pilates, only 4 classes under my belt and I am not very good, lacking muscle and flexibility but I will not give up !
    V I hope your HbA1c results are not too worrying . You will know what to do.
    SG , you know what I think. Sending you a big hug xxx
    Hi Lulu ! Good to see you checking in. Yes, plan for the week so you are less likely to be thrown off track. Just ask if you are struggling with anything.
    A bit of trivia…I have successfully weaned myself off the copious amounts of Greek yoghurt I had been consuming. Never buy those big pots !!! I have discovered home made yoghurt and I love it. It’s very satisfying waking up in the morning to see my little pots grinning at me ….all set and creamy white !! I’m still doing my fermented veg . I’m turning into a domestic goddess    !!!!!
    So pleased to hear things are going well for you Lily ! We know you are incredibly busy at work.Just pop in when you can . I agree, not weighing too frequently is a good plan .Some people need daily weigh ins for accountability but you know how you react. I’m sure your results will be great !
    Hi Butterlover . Sorry about your anxiety. I was relieved when my son was able to leave Melbourne to join his brother. It doesn’t matter how old our kids are we still worry. I doubt the binge helped . Just come and chat to us when the stress starts to build up. All the best for your Christmas target.
    Hi EC ! You are allowed to be fussy/discerning !! I certainly won’t compromise !! I have been steadily selling or giving away lots of clothes but I am becoming addicted to preloved bargains so my wardrobes are slowly filling up again !!! I am hopeless.
    Hi Merry ! Always good to see you ! Yes, would be lovely to plan for travels…but we will appreciate it all the more once it becomes possible again. Fingers crossed that restrictions will soon be eased for you, Merry. So glad you are gradually getting work. Our local library in the UK holds many, many fond memories for me as I was growing up and the joy of finding much awaited books unexpectedly on the shelves was magic .
    I hope everyone is feeling positive as the weekend beckons. No special events for us. I still need to tackle the mess in the study.I have cleared out all the worksheets I accumulated in 30 years and given away textbooks to a young student but there still seems to be a lot of stuff !
    I hope any ‘absentees’ find the time to check in with us.
    Keep going everyone and remember, things WILL get better xxx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, I am still working hard dietwise and back down to the magic 77kg. So don’t know what caused the blip but back on track. Haven’t done any exercise today as I have pulled my shoulder. I can almost pinpoint when it happened. Reached up for something in the supermarket and, didn’t have a big crack but started to feel uncomfortable. Last night turning over in bed was agony. I have had a rub with some Volterol and will take it easy for a couple of days but doing some loosening up exercises.
    Still thinking about a move back to the UK and the more I think about it the more it makes sense. The more my husband thinks about it the more panicked he gets. We have to take it slowly and do things a bit at a time. For that reason I have arranged for a decorator to come and give us a quote for some external painting. It would need doing if we were staying or going so might as well get it sorted. It will be another box ticked. Guy coming round on Wednesday afternoon, so expecting a very big expense.
    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Hi everyone, it’s a chilly day here today, which has inspired me to start digging out some soup recipes. I’m not doing too badly and have been vigilant about tracking everything. Hopefully I can keep that going over the weekend. Anyway, hope everyone is staying safe and well 🙂

  • posted by Verano

    Just want to wish everyone a happy weekend. Keep the faith!

  • posted by Rainey


    I haven’t posted here before but I’m a (lapsed) veteran of 5:2 trying to undo 3 years of indulgence. I’m 73. I live in Los Angeles. I’m very overweight with a BMI of 32.

    I know how to do 5:2 and once I get in my groove I can stick to it pretty well. All the balances and restrictions of BSD elude me tho I’m sure I’m minimally pre-diabetic and want the advantage of speedy weight loss. At 73 years I don’t *have* forever to get this done. Plus, my joints are old and creaky and could really use the boost of carrying around less of me.

    I’ve got an exercise regimen going. I do 30 min. of treadmill (low speeds/high incline), 45 min of intevals on a stationary bike and about 15 minutes of Pilates on a Reformer pretty much 6-7 days a week. I got a FitBit and I’m monitoring that I get all my steps in and drink all the liquids (unsweetened iced tea) that I need.

    It’s food that’s tough for me. I discovered this site that provides recipes with the nutrition and carb balance info. I made the tuna cakes from it for lunch. I hope it will help me plan meals and limit my calories to 800 while providing a good relationship of carbs/protein/fat.

    Looking forward to meeting you all and following your progress.

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Rainey – glad you made it to this thread!
    There is also a recipe section on this site – over on the right had side of the page you can search recipes. Also – if you haven’t already – look at The site has lots of useful info on the nutritious foods to fill you up, and also lots of recipes. You don’t need to join the dietdoctor program to access most of the recipes. (some are high calorie so just check the nutrition info).
    Also for some fun have you watched Nurse Cindy? This one tells of the start of her journey (and carb addiction) and may inspire you:

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Wendy – can you tell me if you use a yogurt maker to make your yogurt? Or just magic it up on your own?
    What’s your favourite fermet? I have been doing a bit of simple pickling – new for me. If you like something spicy you might like this. I made some 3 weeks ago, and had some last night with some Indian food. Tasty and spicy.

  • posted by Rainey

    OMG! Thank you for that link to Nurse Cindy. Except for the fact that she’s a nurse, got to 300 pounds (200 was my top) and is younger than me, That. Is. My. Story. I even have the daughter named Rachel! And I started crying at the same point she did.

    Thank you again. Seeing what she’s accomplished is completely inspirational and reassuring. I just have to make this a way of life. And maybe if I do, I can be the same kind of inspiration for my daughter who needs this too.

  • posted by Tulip1


    Still here with the programme- slowed up on the weight loss now as looser on the calorie count but still coming off- dieting from 3rd June, lost 2 st 4 lbs now, yeeesss- 13 lbs left to reach my initial goal of top of normal BMI…

    Punpkin and squash- do we approve on this diet? I love it roasted in olive oil.

    Mental health not good- bipolar mixed episode atm but not letting it interfere with my diet and exercise, so I feel like I have really formed some healthy habits,

    Love to all,

    Clare xxxxx

  • posted by Rainey

    Making yogurt is very simple and you don’t need an appliance to do it. In fact, most of the yogurt makers I’ve ever known don’t “make” the yogurt. Making it is a matter of taking milk through several temperature stages and you have to do that yourself before you let the milk mixture incubate in the yogurt maker. You can incubate it yourself by putting your milk mixture in your microwave overnight. The critical step of getting the liquid milk to form the thick yogurt matrix is just to hold it at the target temperatures and then let it cool VERY slowly. Since your microwave is an insulated box it will do that part for you.

    Here’s my recipe for whole milk yogurt. I think flavoring it with vanilla, would probably be OK.

    Whole Milk Yogurt with Vanilla

    This homemade yogurt is so good and so easy there’s no reason to buy commercial yogurt. It comes out as thick as Greek yogurt without the issue of straining it.
    The amounts are really pretty flexible and so is the timing but the progression of temperatures is important. Also important is not to disturb the milk once it’s in its jars incubating. Everything else is pretty approximate and bulletproof.

    • 1/4 cup non-fat milk powder (check and see if this is Keto smart but it makes the yogurt thick and ups the protein content)
    • 1/2 cup active culture yogurt, if you’ve got some; if not the culture will do the job (powdered culture is available online)
    • 1/2 vanilla bean, seeds and pod (optional)
    • 1 quart whole milk
    • 1/8 teaspoon commercial dry yogurt culture for insurance if you’re using reserved active yogurt for your starter or a whole packet if you don’t have active yogurt
    • straight-sided canning jars (any old tub will do as well)

    1. Prepare six 8-ounce straight-sided jars and one 4-ounce straight sided jar and their lids by sanitizing them. Set them aside.
    2. Combine the milk powder with the reserved yogurt in a small bowl or measure. It will be hard to evenly wet the milk powder at first. It may be very lumpy and some will cling stubbornly to the spoon but it will hydrate while the milk heats if you continue to stir at intervals.
    3. If you’re using the vanilla beans, scrape the beans into the milk and stir to combine. Reserve the pod to steep in the milk.
    4. Pour the milk into a heavy 1 quart pot. Add the vanilla pod. Place the pot, uncovered, over a medium flame and heat to 180˚-190˚ stirring periodically to avoid a skin developing. If a skin does form, just stir it back in and continue.
    5. When the milk reaches a point between 180˚ and 190˚, turn off the heat. Then let it sit checking the temperature occasionally until it reaches 110˚-120˚. (120˚ is a little higher than conventional yogurt recipes but the cooling milk will be added to a larger volume of cool ingredients so it works just fine.)
    6. When it reaches the target cooled temperature, pour it into the reserved yogurt and milk powder mixture. Remove the vanilla pod. Stir to combine and add the powdered yogurt culture if you’re using it.
    7. Immediately strain the milk mixture into the jars and cap them.
    8. Transfer them to the insulated bag and place it in the cavity of a microwave or oven that is — and remains — turned off. Allow the milk to incubate for 5-8 hours then remove the jars to a counter to come down to room temperature. At that point you should refrigerate them. Put the small one aside in the fridge to act as the active culture for your next batch.

    I have an insulated gel-lined lunch bag I put the jars into before I place them in the microwave. If you have such a thing it’s extra insurance and slows down the cooling. It’s insurance but it’s not necessary.

    The milk can be homogenized or not but non-homogenized will separate during the long incubation period and leave a thin non-objectionable fat layer on the top. It’s barely noticeable and will taste just as great but there is a color difference. If you see that, you’ll understand that it’s just a cream layer and nothing’s gone wrong.

    Canning jars can be sanitized in your dishwasher or placed on a cookie sheet in a 220˚ oven for 20 minutes and then cooled while you prepare your yogurt mixture.

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi all, very late coming into this week’s thread. It’s a upsidedown week for me. My intention was to do three 24h fasts this week (Mon, Wed, Fri -all starting the night before). Wednesday I overdid it slightly with one hour PT training in the morning, and going our for heavy duty gardening after dinner. Came down with migraine that lasted until Thus afternoon. So wasn’t feeling great and started to get a stomach ache in the evening. Put it down to the migraine or something I had eaten but it kept getting worse during the night – hardly no sleep. Friday was awful, trying to work (from home), could hardly eat even though wanted to – severe stomach ache and nausea. Called the hospital who told me to come in. Spent 12 hours (!) in the ER with various procedure to get a confirmed inflamed appendix that would have to come out stat. Was admitted and had surgery on Sat morning. Because of elevated levels of inflammation and high temp I had to stay, so am still in hospital. Am starting to feel better though and hope to get to go home tomorrow.
    Lucky that I’m used to fasting! Only had some greek yogurt on Fri morning and nothing to eat or drink (!) the next 12 hours (due to CT scan that kept getting delayed) but finally got some IV drip.
    Keep thinking that I’m probably getting through this easier than I would have 18 kgs ago. I keep getting told that apart from the appendix I’m very healthy and doing well. Also there is not a big blobb of fat on top of my stomach to go through in surgery (still some though).
    So greateful for our excellent healthcare here in Sweden – totally free.
    Take care all and remember this way of life helps in more ways than what the scales and mirrors tell you.

  • posted by Jeremy Fisher

    I haven’t been here for a few weeks feeling sorry for myself and a bit guilty after a bad few weeks. I haven’t weighed but I will have put on weight.

    Then I read Olive’s post to realise that things could be a lot worse and putting on a few extra pounds really isn’t the end of the world!
    I hope you start to feel better quickly Olive.

    Tomorrow I intend to do my first ever fast day (water only) to find out if I can manage to do it as I’d like to start doing it for the long term health benefits (autophagy and all that!). I’ve been inspired by David Sinclair’s book, Lifespan, which I’m currently reading, which espouses fasting as a way to lengthen life (he’s a Harvard Professor who researches how to reverse aging). Somehow I doubt I can fast consistently, but for my long-term health it would be great if I could manage it.

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for well wishes.
    It took me a couple of months of low carbing before getting into fasting, starting slow with 16:8 and gradually working up over several months. Longest I’ve done is 36 hours, but there are several people here on the thread who are real experts.
    I would really recommend to look into Dr Jason Fung (if you haven’t already). His book “The Obesity Code” is a real eye opener, and there are lots of YouTube videos.

  • posted by wendleg

    I hope everyone is having a decent weekend
    Hi Rainey !
    Glad you found us .Your exercise regime sounds impressive . Embarking on low carb should mean a rapid weight discard for you if you can find a food plan that suits you every day rather than the 5.2 you are used to. You have made a good start with your planning.
    Hi Merry ! I watched Nurse Cindy too ! What a lovely lady.I totally related to everything she said ….that sense of freedom is magic.
    Merry a friend passed on her unused yoghurt maker to me and after a bit of research on a favourite website I sent for a well recommended ferment called Fernand le Ferment in France but no doubt there are equivalents in Aus. I added the sachet to a litre of slightly warmed farm milk here ( pasteurised not UHT ) and left it for 10 hours in the pots in the yoghurt maker.It set perfectly and tastes good .
    Rainey I was very impressed by your description of yoghurt making …this is without doubt the way to do it ….although a bit scary for me as I am starting a bit modestly . I don’t have a thermometer to check the temps. I have printed off your instructions for when I feel more confident to have a go.
    Merry I watched your lemon achar recipe video and I am definitely trying that..Not sure what the equivalent of Thai chilis would be here but any chili will do no doubt. I also need a sunny window which could be a bit tricky at the mo !! I see the recipe was adapted from a book recommended by Essie : Fiery Ferments.
    Hi Tulip/Clare ! Your results are inspiring and well done for sticking with it despite struggling with your mental health. I tend to avoid starchy veg like pumpkin, sweet potato, squash etc as they are higher in carbs but by all means add some in now and again .
    Oh crikey Olive ! That was a scary incident. Hope you feel better soon and great that you were able to get rapid ( and free !) treatment. Hope you get home soon and back to normal. Take care xx
    Good to see you Jeremy ! Totally agree with the benefits of fasting but would suggest building up slowly if you are new to it. It definitely gets easier and you could be pleasantly surprised. Don’t be despondent have adapted well and remember this is for long term …don’t focus unnecessarily on a few extra pounds to beat yourself up .You know what to do…banish the guilt. Yes, totally agree with Olive’s recommendations…and Jason Fung is the main man 😉
    Sorry about the shoulder SG ..ouch. Yes, the house painting sounds expensive but better than sending your hubby up any ladders !! You can always get several quotes if the first one is horrendous.
    Hope you are having a good weekend Ellie.
    We haven’t heard from WindyJulz this week ? Bryla has gone quiet too ? I haven’t heard from my buddy Eclectic Rajistani for a while either … Amz ……
    Sending big encouraging hugs to everyone xx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi all, Wendy no idea what it is going to cost, it is all the fascia boards around the house plus 5 pairs of shutters. Expecting a couple of thousand but not done this before. We have one quote coming and have a couple more we can contact.

    I have had a good weekend so far, shoulder still a bit stiff but at least I can now turn over in bed. Might try some exercise tomorrow, just not flinging my arms about too much.

    I logged onto the carbmanager site and it appears you cant get any into unless you pay. So clicked onto a nice recipe and it asked me to subscribe and gave me various prices. No thanks.

    Hope the rest of the weekend goes well for you all.

  • posted by Rainey

    “I logged onto the carbmanager site and it appears you cant get any into unless you pay. So clicked onto a nice recipe and it asked me to subscribe and gave me various prices. No thanks.”

    How odd! I’m not paying anything. I just click on the “Keto Recipes” tab at the top right of the screen and it takes me to a variety of recipes. Could be I’m somehow into the “free trial” and access will be cut off at some point, but, for now, I find the recipes useful.

  • posted by WindyJulz

    I’m still here. Had last week off work which was totally needed and a lovely break. But it meant i had a lot less screen time (also good) and didnt log in to here.
    I’ve been merrily ‘maintaining’ (eating mostly on plan, mostly over 800 with the odd slip). It was our 10th Anniversary and as we couldnt hold a bit of a party as we’d have liked we treated ourself to a night in a lovely local hotel with dinner, cocktails and all the jazz. Top time….although the cooked breakfast was not really required!!

    Anyway…. all my excuses are over – working away, birthday, holiday, anniversary, my dads 85th birthday so I am 100% back in the game and looking for a good run up to christmas.
    Meals planned, agreement with OH that his birthday will no be something that derails me (thankfully he likes stuff i hate so i will “treat” him with things I wouldnt want to touch anyway!)
    My motivation is back – generally and for Fast 800ing.
    I’ll try to be more active on the new thread tomorrow!

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone ! Good to see you Julz ! Sounds like you really needed that break and congratulations on your anniversary ! It’s great that you managed to have a celebration and you sound all charged up ready for this week 🙂
    I will be back later ! Have a good day/evening depending where you are

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Rainey – thank you for all the yoghurt information. Sounds good – but I think I would need to downsize the recipe as I couldn’t get through that much 🌺
    And I got the keto recipes OK on carbmanager – thanks for the link Glad you liked Nurse Cindy – I like her non nonsense approach.
    Re your tummy issues – the dietdoctor site has an article covering diarrhea/constipation. Hope your tum settles soon.

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